Who Would Have Thought San Francisco Bay Would Become Ft. Sumter?

An elevated starboard view of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65) passing under the Golden Gate Bridge during Fleet Week activities.


President Trump is spitting in the face of the globalists and their minions who are trying to bring down the United States beginning with the establishment of an independent California who is seeking to become an independent country under the protection of the United Nation.

As I have covered before, If California were to become its own nation 25 percent of the retail of this country would be gone and a severe national food shortage could commence. As appealing as a CALEXIT might be, it would ultimately prove catastrophic to the longevity of the nation and the health and well-being of the people.

This week President Trump is rubbing salt in the wound of the liberals who are running California state government. He is visiting San Diego to unveil the beginning of the border wall.  In typical Trump fashion, he is waving a red cape in the face of the globalists.

In Part One of this series, I clearly laid out the battle lines for the coming showdown in California. To quickly summarize, the forces seeking a California departure from the Union are nefarious and numerous. The range from the drug cartels, to ISIS, to MS-13 (ie the world’s most dangerous gang who double as political assassins), the Democratic Party of California, Governor Jerry Brown, China, a notorious Japanese crime family, Mexico, the United Nations, former key members of the Obama administration (eg Holder and Lynch) and George Soros along with his vast empire of destructive organizations. The other side consists of Americans from every background who support the continuation of America as a strong and viable message and the rule of law as expressed under the constitution.

The goal of the CALEXIT leadership, the real leadership, not the foot soldiers (ie MS-13), is the destruction of the United States as a prelude to the establishment of global governance and economic domination (ie total tyranny).

Sometimes it is more important to notice what someone is NOT saying and doing as opposed to noting the visible pattern of their speech and actions.

In the case of the globalists, I fully expected a tremendous backlash of harsh criticism from the leftist trolls that are paid to harass people like me. However, a funny thing happened on the way to the message boards and the email, there were no visible trolls. The silence was indeed eerie. What would account for the silence, the Deep State globalists are in full retreat and they are stunned, as Paul Preston related to me last night, the New California people, and undoubtedly George Soros, were taken back by the detail presented in Part One.

Mr. Magoo, as I refer to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is actually doing something. He has pledged to go after any California mayor, with the full force of his office if they dare to defy constitutionally based authority as carried out by the federal government. In other words, he has put every California mayor on notice.

You read the subtitle correctly. Jeff Sessions will be replaced in the near future by Trey Gowdy according to Paul Preston via his insider sources. And the people said, “it’s about time and Amen!”

Gowdy will provide the bulldog mentality that Trump will need to carry out the mandate to Make America Great Again and to bring the California rebels to justice.

As stated in Part One, Paul Preston is one of the primary leaders in the New California movement. This has opened up a new world of insider contacts for Preston. The following paragraphs reflect what Paul Preston has learned and has subsequently related to me. If any of the readers are wondering if I have to censor anything, the answer is yes and it is in the name of protecting sources. However, the main ideas behind what is going will appear in sufficient detail in order to convey the seriousness of the situation. Also, if one is wondering on the motivation for the New California people to have me convey the conglomeration of these events, they are hopeful that we can change the course of what is coming and to some degree, that has already occurred. Preston believes that when the chaos ensued, were 3-4 months away from UN intervention with foreign troops, many of whom have already been pre-positioned in this country.

Whoever would have thought that San Fancisco Bay would become Ft. Sumter? That is exactly what is happening. The New California leadership has been told that a carrier is headed to California and then policing actions will commence. Stay tuned, there will be a Part 3.


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