VIDEO: Psycho Cop Tries to Fight Teen, Threatens to ‘Rip the F**k’ Out of Him with K9 — for Filming

Atlantic City, NJ — An Atlantic City police officer has been placed on administrative leave after he was caught on camera in a profanity-laced tirade directed toward several young black teenagers. The youth, who know their rights, and know it is not a crime to film police, may have been in fear for their lives, before, during, and after the incident. In fact, at one point during the confrontation, the officer threatened to release his K9 attack dog on the young men — for filming.

The unidentified officer was incensed the young men were attempting to film their encounter with police. He can be seen and heard in the video using very threatening language which many have now concluded is quite racist.

He said, “Calm the f— down!…I guarantee you that 90-pound dog is going to come out and rip the f— out of you…Put your hand in my face and I’m going to knock you the f— out.”

“I’m that f—kin guy!” declares the cop, as he epitomizes everything wrong with police in America.

In three small phrases, the ill-mannered officer used profanity, threatened to use his dog as a weapon against the teens, and then promised to hit the youth and knock him unconscious, possibly causing brain damage or death, all for filming the encounter.

The city’s police department responded to the uproar in a statement which reads in part, “The language and tone used by our officer in the video is concerning and is not condoned by this department.” He was reportedly placed on leave while the department conducts an investigation.

But the video, the statement by his superiors, and the internal investigation will likely end in the officer getting put back out on the job, or being allowed to transfer to another department, where he can continue to be a bully with a badge. The Free Thought Project has consistently reported that very few accusations ever end up in a police officer losing their position with the force. More often than not, they’re placed on leave with pay, while the investigation occurs. Some investigations can last well over a year, which means the officer gets handsomely rewarded with a paid vacation while the department determines whether charges be filed, the police officer fired, or is allowed to return to work.

We say it loudly and we say it often. For your safety and theirs, get into a habit of recording police, especially during a traffic stop. The story could have ended in a somewhat different way that it appeared to have ended. They could have been attacked by the dog, shot and killed when they tried to fend off the K9. Whatever your name is, Mr. Officer, you’d do well to stop being the stereotypical bad cop as videos like this only serve to erode public trust.

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