US hospital kidnaps disabled teen patient for profit

(NaturalNews) Never forget that treating disease in America is a high-profit business. Health care is one of the few situations in which the for-profit business providing services to a customer doesn’t need the customer (the patient) to agree to the price being charged. Instead, hospitals bill the federal government for services rendered to the patient, and the government sends the hospital a hefty check for each service rendered. The patient, meanwhile, never even knows how much was billed to the government.

This is half the reason doctors and hospitals now routinely order a battery of useless blood labs and medical tests on patients. It has nothing to do with medical need and everything to do with padding the Medicare bills.

But what happens when patients say NO and decide to opt out of the whole system? That’s a threat to the profits of the hospitals, doctors and drug companies. So what they’re increasingly doing today is kidnapping patients and forcing them to undergo expensive medical treatments against their will.

Case in point: Teenager Isaiah Rider, the latest victim of for-profit medical kidnapping in the United States of America.

Isaiah was kidnapped by the hospital after his mother requested a second opinion on a medical diagnosis and treatment plan. Because Isaiah has a disability, the federal government pays extra for “treatments.” Isaiah, like many children in America today, quickly became a cash cow for the hospital which was working in conspiracy with state officials to act as the new “parents” for Isaiah.

While Isaiah was held against his will under the custody of the state, here’s what happened, according to the report on

Isaiah reports that a man he had never seen before confronted him and held a gun to his head. He forced him to chew a white pill, and as Isaiah was becoming dizzy, the man forced himself on the boy, sodomized him, and did other things to him, calling him a “pretty boy.” He passed out. When he woke up, he was extremely sore. The man was gone, but he was surrounded by other people who were laughing. The terrified child found his way back to the foster home, but he didn’t tell anyone.

All the while, the hospital was raking in massive profits by exploiting the boy’s body in more ways than one.

This is all described in excruciating detail by the boy’s own mother, Michelle Rider, who spoke with Dave Hodges in this interview. You may not be able to stomach listening to it, as Michelle goes public with horrifying details of the abuse of her son under the “medical care” of hospital authorities and staff.

“Many have speculated that Isaiah’s condition, which is receiving federal grants to treat, is the primary reason that Isaiah was taken from his mother,” writes Dave Hodges of The Commonsense Show. [1] “He was worth too much money to the hospital. Since CPS receives federal money for children taken away from their parents, and even more compensation is granted for children with disabilities, like Isaiah, all the authorities in this case are motivated by the almighty dollar.”

A website called documents many of these cases, and the story describing this medical kidnapping and abuse of Isaiah is found at this link. [2]

There, Terri LaPoint from Health Impact News writes that Isaiah “has come forward publicly with devastating information about the trauma that he experienced as a ward of the state of Illinois. While he was in a Chicago foster home, he was raped and sodomized. Though this has been reported to his social worker, his guardian ad litem and the authorities, nothing is being done about it according to the family.”

See the full coverage of this shocking, devastating story of medical abuse at this page on has also covered this story with radio host Robert Scott Bell, who heads the show of the same name on the Natural News Radio Network.

As this example demonstrates yet again, modern medicine functions as a criminal mafia medical racket that preys upon children and teens in order to generate obscene profits at the expensive of massive human suffering.

The complicit mainstream media, buoyed by never-ending pharmaceutical ad revenues, almost always covers up these stories, pretending this isn’t happening in America. Even while cancer doctors routinely fabricate false diagnoses in order to profit from expensive chemotherapy treatments, the mainstream media usually remains silent.

We are witnessing not just horrific crimes against children being committed in the name of medical profits; we are also witnessing the nationwide complicity of a propaganda media that functions primarily as a network of corporate puppets and White House propaganda parrots. (Kudos to those few local media outlets that do have the courage to cover this story, but as those local reporters know, anyone who dares mention this is happening in America is immediately attacked and threatened. Censorship of medical truth is in full force across the U.S. media…)

Sadly, in the sick, depraved culture of modern America, the systematic abuse of children by the wealthy elite almost seems to be some sort of deviant fetish or pastime. Pedophilia is alive and well at the highest levels of medicine, government and even college sports — remember Penn State? It’s rare that the truth ever comes out at all, especially when children and teens are so easily tormented with psychological and physical abuse to the point where they’re too afraid to speak out at all.

In covering many of the outrageous and criminally-minded misdeeds of the medical, biotech and vaccine industries in America today, I’m convinced there is nothing these people won’t do for profit or power. They have no morals, no ethics, no compassion and no boundaries. They rape and pillage under the banners of “science” and “medicine” even while the Obamacare system that steals money from the working middle class financially rewards medical kidnappers and pedophiles.

The whole corrupt system is so insanely sick and downright demonic that it defies understanding by anyone with genuine compassion for fellow human beings. What kind of system is so deeply infected with evil intent that it would kidnap and rape a teenage boy in order to rack up medical bills for profit?

That system is called “modern medicine,” and it’s the same system that wants you to take useless flu shots (containing mercury), blindly eat GMOs that aren’t labeled and dope up your children on a dozen mind-altering medications. That system is an insult to human dignity and a parasite feeding on human productivity. Much like pure evil from actual Hell, modern medicine is a system that feeds on the pain and suffering of innocent human victims. It is a soul-sucking institution so driven by the desire for profit that it will allow young boys and girls to be kidnapped and raped while calling it “medicine.”

These doctors that allow all this to take place are not really people. They are demons. They have already sold their own souls… and now they are greedily feasting upon others, all under the authority of Illinois state medical licenses and FDA-approved toxic chemical treatments.

As writes:

There is another court hearing on Tuesday, as well as a support rally for the Riders at 1 pm on Tuesday, January 13, at the Cook County Juvenile Court at 1100 S. Hamilton, Chicago. The public is invited to attend and show support for the family.

I encourage all Natural News fans in the Chicago area to attend this rally and show support for this latest victim of medical kidnapping.

Also, visit the Team Isaiah Facebook page at:

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