Trump makes ANOTHER BAD CHOICE, Nominates Globalist Acosta who supports Amnesty


First we have Mike Flynn which Trump shouldn’t have fired, now we have Alexander Acosta… a globalist puppet and a Bush family henchman who supports amnesty for tens of millions of illegal Mexicans and cheap foreign labor. Yeap! Drain the Swamp! Make America Great Again! It is becoming quite clear by now that Trump has scammed each and every single one of us. He made us all believe that he is a nationalist and that he will truly put America First but look at who he is appointing now as secretary for the Department of Labor! Trump also gave up on Hillary Clinton. What about “Lock her up?” Does it ring any bell Mr. Trump? Do you remember? Why aren’t you doing anything? Ohh well maybe we will have better luck in France with Marine Le Pen or in Netherlands with Geert Wilders. We already lost in Austria with Norbert Hofer against the socialists despite no one expecting that but if those fail as Trump is failing in the US well at least we all have Hungary as a last safe heaven for white European people.

So Breitbart is now reporting that US President Donald Trump’s new nominee to run the Department of Labor is an accomplished lawyer and a rising star in the GOP’s Hispanic and pro-diversity wing. That’s just great! That’s exactly what we need, more DIEversity, more Mexicans and more minority rights and special benefits.

The nominee, Alexander Acosta, is a Harvard graduate and a former senior justice department official under George W. Bush. From 2005, he served as a federal attorney in Florida, where he successfully prosecuted a series of high-profile cases and is now a university dean.

If confirmed by the Senate to run the Department of Labor, Acosta will play an important role in overseeing and regulating the annual inflow of roughly 1 million contract workers. Those contract workers fill white-collar and blue-collar jobs throughout the economy and they also lower wages for American graduates and unskilled workers.

However, he’s likely to clash with Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a populist who is expected to push for reduced use of foreign workers. Throughout the 2016 campaign, Trump called for reforms of the contract-worker programs, including the H-1B program, and declared his policy would be to “Buy American, Hire American.”

On Wednesday, Jan 15, Trump’s first nominee for the job was withdrawn after a few GOP Senators said they would not vote for him in the closely divided Senate. The first nominee, restaurant CEO Anthony Puzder, was damaged by his pre-nomination support for cheap-labor immigration.

Acosta has worked in multiple legal jobs

He was appointed by Bush to the five-member National Labor Relations Board from December 2002 to August 2003. Next, he served as assistant attorney general for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights division until June 2005, and then became U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida until 2009. He then moved to become dean of Florida International University’s College of Law.

Acosta supports amnesty for illegals and a continued inflow of foreign workers

In January 2012, at an event organized by former Gov. Jeb Bush’s Hispanic Leadership Network, Acosta urged politicians to create “a pathway to legal immigration” despite strong public opposition. He said:

They [the illegal aliens] go nowhere. As the Secretary said, they’re not meant to go anywhere. We need a solution. Several individuals here on the panel were involved in finding a solution several years ago under President [George W.] Bush, and we need someone who’s going to say, we have to enact immigration solutions. Part of that means figuring out what we do with all the individuals that are already in our nation. We need them here. They provide construction jobs. They provide agricultural jobs. We need to figure out a way to address that. We need to figure out a way to then have the pathway to further future legal immigration. If we do not take it all at once, we’re not going to solve it. You cannot solve part of it without solving the other part. You cannot address immigration without answering, what do you do with the individuals that are already in the United States? So let’s just get it done, and let’s get it done quickly.

Perhaps Trump doesn’t wanna be revolutionary and doesn’t wanna really change anything. Maybe the goal was only to become president out of ambition and for his brand, or maybe he just wanted to be remembered in history books as a president, BUT unless you do stuff really great and truly revolutionary no one is going to remember you. How many of the 45 presidents do you remember? Excluding the recent ones? Well lets see just those who did great stuff such as Lincoln, Franklin, Washington but who will remember Jimmy Carter for example after 100 years? Who remembers Gerald Ford, Henry Wallace or Jesse Jones? So unless he starts doing really revolutionary things, no one is going to remember Donald Trump after a few hundred years. The bad part is that he won’t even be able to finish his mandate normally because Demonrats are already scheming to impeach or assassinate him. While there may not be any reason to, because Trump is proving himself to be a normal president without any revolutionary actions (as of yet) once you get on the Jews blacklist as a “racist nazi evil anti-semite” there is no way to get off that list so no matter what Trump will do they will still always hate him and try to overthrow him.


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