The N. Korean Distraction Will Free Up China to Invade Asia


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It is well-known that North Korea is a puppet state of China. and they are formidable enough that they can tie up the combined forces of the US, South Korea and Japan. with the US tied up with North Korea they are free to control Asia.

It is also well known that China’s currencies are in crisis. The Chinese desperately need raw materials to boost their industrial output and expansion. They are in a similar situation as was Japan prior to World War II. Will China repeat history and look to conquer Asia for its natural resources?

China is definitely in war mode and has already formed an alliance with the Philippines. China has militarized the South China Sea.  China has already engaged the forces of India with border incursions in a move seemingly predicated on forcing India to attack China as an excuse to invade.

I have run this by several military experts over the past week and they think that if we engage North Korea, China will move on India, with Pakistan’s help.

Following India, China’s next move would most likely be on Vietnam, one of their arch enemies.

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The scenario does not end there. With the US occupied, Russia would likely make a major move to control and Syria. Also, would the unthinkable happen? Would Iran attack Israel if they knew the United States’ had only a limited capacity to respond? The Saudi’s better be asking for the US to supply nuclear weapons, because they would be destroyed in an hour.

The consensus is that China is using North Korea as a diversion.

More detail is contained in the video.




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