The Lack of a Border Wall Is Costing Americans Their Jobs and Even Their Lives


The great purveyor of political fiction, The New York Times, published an article titled “Immigrants Aren’t Taking Americans’ Jobs, New Study Finds.” Conversely, The Washington Times quoted a study which stated that iillegal immigration should be causing great concern for native-born American. The post was titled Mass Immigration Costs Government $296 Billion a Year, Depresses Wages.” In the study, it was determined that immigrants obtain between $43 billion and nearly $300 billion more in government benefits and support than they pay in taxes based on 2012 dollar calculations. Who is correct?

IF one were to read the economic and demographic reports from either the federal government or the mainstream media (eg CNN), they would have America believe that there are only 11 million illegal aliens inside of the United States. In 1986, the federal government admitted that there were only 11 million immigrants inside the United States. In 2016, the last year Obama was in office, the government stated that there were only 11 million illegal immigrants inside the United States. Only a moron would believe that for the past 30 years, there has not been a net gain in illegal immigration. This is complete fiction and anyone with any degree of common sense can see right through these phony statistics designed to minimize the illegal immigration problem which costs our country more than $113 billion a year according President Trump who stated the following:

“And this is what we get. For the money we are going to spend on illegal immigration over the next 10 years, we could provide 1 million at-risk students with a school voucher, which so many people are wanting.”

Several studies contradict the federal government’s position that there are only 11 million illegal immigrants residing within the United States including a new study from The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine. The study, a 500-page report that gathered statistics from more than a dozen individual economists, professors and immigration-minded specialists found that the “…report clearly states that the America’s immigrant population climbed by more than 70% between 1995 and 2014, when it stood at 42.3 million, accounting for roughly 13% of America’s total population. We could justify the government’s immigration data as saying “Government figures lie, and liars use government figures”.

The sheer volume of illegal immigration clearly demonstrates that illegal immigration creates employment and wage problems for American citizens.

America has been mired in growing income inequality since 2008 as widespread economic stagnation plus the continued lack of adequate healthcare during the same time period. However, there is a new corresponding concern. A new federal report reveals a surging suicide rate among the U.S. population over the last three decades and rate has skyrocketed since 2008.

A division of the CDC, the National Center for Health Statistics published statistics in a new report that concluded that after a statistical plateau in the 1990’s, the suicide rate in the U.S. dhas exponentially increased from 1999 to 2014, with the largest increase taking place after 2008. Suicide remains the 10th leading cause of death in the country.

Sally Curtain, a statistician with CDC, told PBS Newshour, “It’s a broad-based increase in suicide…” The key findings of the report concluded:

  • “From 1999 through 2014, the age-adjusted suicide rate in the United States increased 24%, from 10.5 to 13.0 per 100,000 population, with the pace of increase greater after 2006.
  • Suicide rates increased from 1999 through 2014 for both males and females and for all ages 10–74.
  • The percent increase in suicide rates for females was greatest for those aged 10–14, and for males, those aged 45–64.
  • The most frequent suicide method in 2014 for males involved the use of firearms (55.4%), while poisoning was the most frequent method for females (34.1%).”

According to the Guardian, “This new suicide data underpins recent studies that showed a decline in life expectancy among middle-aged, white Americans – especially women. Such studies attributed the increasing death rate to drug and alcohol misuse, as well as suicide.”

The American JournAd of Preventive Medicine published statistics that demonstrated suicide rates among middle-aged Americans had risen dramatically since 1999, including the same drastic increase since 2007 and this is when the finnancial crisis peaked following the bottom falling out of the economy.

And why are Americans killing themselves in record numbers? The reasons are primarily due to economic factors. And what is one of the primary contributors to our current economic status? It is illegal immigration.

The Net Effect of This Perfect Storm

The global elite are hell-bent on lowering their labor costs. Through illegal free trade agreements, millions of American jobs have been shipped out of the country. This phenomenon began in the early 1990’s. Also, in the 1990’s this article has demonstrated that illegal immigration has spiked and resulted in less available jobs and a declining wage structure. And most tragically, we have seen a corresponding spike in suicide in response to the econmic woes. And at the heart of the suicide spike is the illegal immigration issue.

I am not proposing mass deportation of illegal aliens, unless they have committed serious felonies. However, we need to go to a restricted and merit based system of immigration similar to Canada’s. It is imperative that we stop the bleeding. And we need to do it now. Mr. President, build the wall.


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