Every 8 Years Venus Creates This Unbelievable Sacred Geometric Shape In The Sky

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

Venus was known by the Romans as the goddess of love, sex, beauty, and fertility and was the equivalent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The planet Venus holds the same character traits as the Goddess and uses the same symbol as we use to represent the feminine and copper. ♀

This symbol could be interpreted as the birthing of man, as the circle is a feminine shape, while the cross is masculine. This could be metaphor for the planet and its inhabitants. Also when you merge the shapes it creates a circle divided into 4 (the earth symbol)- this could symbolise the 4 elements (earth, fire, air and water), the relationship with the feminine to the birthing process of the elements and Venus as the mother of earth. The sentence “as above, so below” from the “Emerald Tablet Of Hermes” could also be applied to this shape- as while the circle and cross are different, they merge as one.

It is interesting in occult, religious and most ancient scripture that we refer to humanity as “man” or “mankind” but without the birth, there would be no man. I think Venus is here to remind us of that.

It gets really interesting when you look at an astrological unfolding that happens every 8 years- Venus creates the Pentagram and this shape is related to what one might call “Christ Consciousness”, Buddha Consciousness” or simply the awakening of one’s full potential. Again 5 is representative of the masculine and feminine as it has straight lines and curves.

This is another reminder that all may not be as it seems and there are many secrets hiding in plain sight! Please share this article!


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AI can detect Alzheimer’s years before symptoms show


The programme could help patients receive medication early to manage the disease.

Researchers have created an artificial intelligence (AI) programme that can detect signs of Alzheimer’s disease up to ten years before symptoms appear.

Developed by a team at the University of Bari, in Italy, the computer system scans the brain for “tiny structural changes” that indicate the early stages of the disease, reports Engadget.

The AI was fed 38 MRI scans from Alzheimer’s patients, and 29 from healthy patients, the website says, to help it learn common patterns in neurological activity and the symptoms of the disease.

Researchers then used the programme to “process brain scans from 148 subjects”. The AI was able to correctly detect Alzheimer’s, with a success rate of 86% – and it could also identify “mild cognitive impairment” 84% of the time.

That suggests the programme could be used to find the disease “almost a decade before the appearance of clinical symptoms”, says International Business Times.

Although there is not yet a cure for Alzheimer’s, early diagnosis and treatment can slow down the progression of the disease.

This isn’t the first study that involves using “cutting-edge technology to help diagnose Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases”, reports Digital Trends.

Scientists at the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam have also been using MRI brain scans to try to achieve earlier Alzheimer’s diagnoses, the website says, while an AI programme being developed by researchers from several universities in California may soon be able to detect the disease through an eye test.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/362400-AI-can-detect-Alzheimers-years-before-symptoms-show

Nonprofits That Tie Hurricanes to Climate Change Got $341M in Two Years

Left-wing environmental groups peddle global warming alarmism all the time, especially during major hurricane devastation. Turns out those same green groups saw a lot of the other kind of green in the past two years — $341 million in donations to just seven organizations.

Groups including the Natural Resources Defense Council, Democracy Now! And Union of Concerned Scientists, which get big bucks from billionaires like George Soros and the Rockefellers, all tried to link Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to manmade climate change from carbon dioxide and “fossil fuels.”

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the very agency that monitors and forecasts hurricanes, said on its website “it is premature” to link hurricane intensity to climate change. That didn’t stop those liberal nonprofits from declaring there was a connection.

During Harvey and Irma, the Environmental Defense Fund, Natural Resources Defense Council, Earthjustice, Union of Concerned Scientists, Greenpeace, 350.org and Democracy now! made sweeping assertions about climate change, including “climate change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly” and fossil fuel use “supercharges” hurricanes. 350.org even advocated creating a new Category 6 for “super storms that are emerging in our changed climate.”

These groups were able to promote their alarmist messages to a wide audience because they are backed by millions of dollars from powerful donors. The seven groups received at least $341,015,472 in donations in 2014 and 2015 alone.

Some of the most notable donors included Open Society Foundations and Open Society Institute (two foundations run by left wing billionaire George Soros), the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Tides Foundation. Many of those foundations gave to multiple left-wing, environmental non-profits. In fact, Union of Concerned Scientists was the only one of the seven organizations Rockefeller groups did not fund in in 2014 and 2015.

Open Society Foundations and several Rockefeller foundations provided early funding for anti-ExxonMobil journalism campaigns that began in 2015. Since then, smearing the fossil fuel industry went hand in hand with linking climate change to natural disasters like hurricanes.

But the same government agency responsible for hurricane forecasting acknowledged the lack of scientific proof that carbon dioxide emissions are impacting hurricanes. NOAA’s geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory said, “It is premature to conclude that human activities–and particularly greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming–have already had a detectable impact on Atlantic hurricane or global tropical cyclone activity.”

Greenpeace, which received more than $17 million in 2014 and 2015, directly contradicted NOAA’s statement on Aug. 28..

“While we cannot say definitively that climate change caused Hurricane Harvey, science tells us with confidence that it has increased the impact of the flooding and heightened the intensity of the storm,” Greenpeace blog editor Ryan Schleeter wrote.

As proof, Schleeter cited climate alarmist Michael Mann, the Penn State meteorology professor responsible for the infamous “hockey stick” graph.

350.org also cited Mann in fearmongering Tweets saying “Climate Change made Hurricane Harvey more deadly.”

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) went beyond the hurricanes to claim climate change also increased the hurricanes’ storm surges.

“This increasing phenomena is due, in large part, to sea level rise, which is triggered by human-caused global warming as warmer ocean water expands and land ice melts,” EDF’s senior climate scientist Scott Weaver said on Aug. 25.

On Sept. 8, days before Irma made landfall in Florida, EDF senior communications director of Climate, Health and Political Affairs Keith Gaby said, “We’ve always had hurricanes, but climate change is making them stronger.” Gaby blasted Trump’s EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt for saying it was “insensitive” to push the climate change agenda during devastating hurricanes.

“The fact is, it’s insensitive to deny climate reality right when people are being so badly hurt by the impacts of it. It’s like telling people to shut up about germs during a flu epidemic,” Gaby wrote.

ThinkProgress, a blog of the Center for American Progress (CAP), also criticized Pruitt, calling his statements “exactly backwards.”

“As horrible as Harvey was — and as Irma is shaping up to be — recognizing the role climate change is playing in this year’s superstorms must help guide recovery and resiliency efforts,” ThinkProgress claimed on Sept. 7.

CAP received more than $39.8 million in 2014 and 2015, but donation records did not reveal how much of was directed to ThinkProgress.

Two days before Irma struck the Keys, the “largest nonprofit environmental law organization” EarthJustice encouraged readers to donate specifically to its “partners on the frontlines,” rather than encouraging donations to neutral relief organizations.

“Right now, millions of people are feeling the effects of the massive storms, flooding and fires of the last few weeks—painful reminders that climate change is real and is already wreaking destruction on communities around the world,” EarthJustice’s Vice President of Development Mollie Fager wrote.

On Twitter, EarthJustice also connected climate change and hurricanes multiple times.

The Soros-funded Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) outdid other environmental groups by claiming fossil fuel use specifically “supercharges” hurricanes.

“As we’ve seen time and again, those who pay the ultimate price for climate inaction are not the people driving this crisis. They are not the CEOs overseeing the reckless burning of fossil fuels, which supercharges storms like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma,” NRDC said on Sept.8. “The people who have always suffered the most from environmental disasters are Black, Brown, poor, and the least resourced to cope with a climate changed world.”

The NRDC received more than $91.6 million between 2014 and 2015, including $709,000 from Soros’ foundations.

Between Harvey and Irma, Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) published a blog asking “What’s the Connection Between Climate Change and Hurricane Harvey?” It then cited warmer ocean temperatures and sea level rise which it said was caused by climate change.

On Twitter, UCS said the media “must make connection” between climate change and hurricanes.

350.org went beyond writing blog posts linking climate change to hurricanes. It created a petition to “tell your members of Congress: Harvey is a climate change disaster.”

It also shared fearmongering memes on Twitter including asking if Hurricane Irma was “the new normal” and proposing “Cat 6” for “the new super storms that are emerging in our changed climate.”

Far-left online television program Democracy Now! helped 350.org spread those messages further by interviewing 350.org founder Bill McKibben on Sept. 7. McKibben told viewers, Harvey was “the kind of storm that’s only possible now that we’ve remarkably affected the climate.”

Of course, that was absurd since there were horrific, intense and deadly major hurricanes in 1900 and 1935 and many more even earlier. Galveston, Texas was decimated in 1900 by a hurricane with winds between 130 and 140 miles per hour (Category 4) and a 15 foot storm surge.

That reality didn’t stop Democracy Now! Host Amy Goodman from encouraging McKibben to slam fossil fuels by asking “what does the whole fossil fuel industry have to do with the kind of severe weather we’re experiencing now around the world?”

McKibben accused the fossil fuel industry of “unreason” and “its inability to deal with the fact that its business model has to change.”

Other liberal climate change nonprofits like DeSmog Blog, InsideClimate News, Grist, and NextGen America (formerly NextGen Climate) also linked hurricanes Harvey and Irma to climate change, but their full donor information was not publically available.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/aly-nielsen/2017/09/20/nonprofits-tie-hurricanes-climate-change-got-341m-two-years

This Chinese Family Has Been Living With A Beehive In Their Living Room For 12 Years

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Few people can tolerate having a bee in their house for a few hours — let a lone a handful of years! Yet, this is exactly what a Chinese family has allowed for over a decade.

For 12 long years, Yongfu Li and his family, who live in Gunagnan, China, have allowed an entire hive to nest in their wooden furniture. The unusual roommate situation benefits all involved, as Li collects the honey and sells it three times a year for a small profit.

Li says the bees moved in the day there was a wedding in the family. The bees gathered at the family’s house and Li perceived their presence as a “good omen.” After consulting with Feng Shui masters, he was convinced it was right to let them stay, so he did.

“The day these bees came was a great day (the wedding), I think they knew it was a great day,” said Li. “Fengshui masters said they came to work for me.”

Three times a year, Li collects about 5 kg of honey from the hive. He then sells the honey for about 100 TMB ($15) a pound. that’s about $450 a year, as Oddity Central reports. Though the video by Pear (below) doesn’t mention any bee stings, we can only image some have occurred over the years.

Watch the video below:

What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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Source: http://www.odditycentral.com/news/chinese-family-has-been-living-with-an-open-beehive-in-their-living-room-for-12-years.html 


I am Luke Miller, content manager at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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Rikers Correction Officer Gets 30 Years in Prison for Deadly Beating of Inmate and Trying to Cover Up Assault

Download your free copy now.

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This Indian Woman Claims She Hasn’t Eaten Solid Food In 60 Years

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

When was the last time you ate some food? More than likely, a few hours haven’t passed by since you chewed down a morsel or two. For a 75-year-old Indian woman named Saraswati Bai, the last time she ate solid food was approximately 60 years ago. Apart from one banana a week — eaten only occasionally — Bai says she lives on water and tea alone.

Oddity Central reports that Saraswati stopped eating solid food after contracting a Typhoid infection, which was right after the birth of her first son. That was 60 years ago! Due to the illness, she couldn’t keep any food down and suffered severe stomach aches. As a result, she decided to “give food up” — a concept none of us would likely consider.

As her condition improved, Bai began ingesting small sips of tea. Her appetite never returned, however. Concerned for her well-being and that of their son’s, husband Dwarka Prasad Patikar began encouraging her to eat. Unfortunately, she just couldn’t do it. Modern science says a human can go several weeks without food as long as they have water. Based on that data, it would be assumed that Bai have died — but she didn’t! To this day, she reportedly lives on tea and water, and small amounts of banana.

Bai’s husband persisted in attempting to get her to eat. He even checked her into a few treatment centers, but nothing worked. Because her health wasn’t declining, he eventually gave up. Bai went on to raise a total of five children, and continued working in the fields alongside her husband. Though the 75-year-old eats little to nothing, she says she has plenty of energy. Reportedly, she spends five hours a day tending to her family’s land.

Unsurprisingly, many have questioned the validity of Bai’s story. Because it is close to unheard of, it is hard to believe. However, the elderly woman’s family and neighbors affirm the claim that she hasn’t eaten food in over 60 years.

One of Bai’s sons, Mahendra Patidar, told Wahgazab that the entire family is used to her eating (or non-eating) habits. Ramesh Chandra, one of the family’s neighbors, added that everyone was surprised and concerned when they first learned about her diet. After seeing her in such good shape for her age, however, their feelings changed to admiration. The only food the 75-year-old craves is bananas, and she eats one per week. That’s enough to keep her going.

Saraswati Bai is not the only individual to claim she thrives on a breatharian-type diet. This couple says they haven’t eaten food in 9 years, and 92-year-old Narasamma claimed she hadn’t drunk a sip of water since she was 14.

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I am Luke Miller, content manager at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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No-packaging grocery store celebrates 3 years in business

In May 2014, a team of entrepreneurs had doubled their fundraising goal with three weeks left in their campaign. Their idea? To build a grocery store in Berlin’s trendy but humble Kreuzberg district which would sell products without any disposable packaging. Zero waste. Zero plastic. Simple. Pure.

It is always exciting to hear about these ideas for changing the world. But do you often wonder whatever happened? In this case, it’s good news. Original Unverpackt opened for business on the 13th of September, 2014. They celebrate their three year anniversary tomorrow.

The concept has proven itself successful. Asked how business is going, Oliver, who was tending the store during our visit, replied:

“Plastic is a trending topic. That is all advertising for us. (Plastik ist ein Riesenthema. Das ist alles Werbung fuer Uns)”

How does shopping work when the products are all unpackaged?

First, shoppers have to bring their containers from home, or purchase some of the reusable containers on offer at the store.
Reusable containers can be purchased at the packaging-free storeC. Lepisto/CC BY-SA 2.0
Each container is weighed empty and its tare weight is noted by the customer. The scale has the option to produce a printed sticker with the tare weight, but currently the system is out of order and the customer can write the tare weight on the container with a nearby marker — perhaps this is less a malfunction than one more source of waste minimization. The current system depends on the customer to honestly report the empty weight.

Bulk goods in hoppers or canisters can then be dumped or poured into the reusable containers. Cloth sacks serve as convenient receptacles for dry goods.
Reusable containers can be purchased at the packaging-free storeC. Lepisto/CC BY-SA 2.0

Original Unverpackt offers about 600 products, ranging from spices to shampoos. The spice selection spurs culinary fantasy and the shampoos on offer even cover hair types from dry to oily and dandruff.
600 products, from spices to shampoos for all different hair types, are on offer at the packaging-free store Original Unverpackt, in BerlinC. Lepisto/CC BY-SA 2.0

Obviously, not selling meat is a big part of avoiding the slice-on-Styrofoam approach to food hygiene. The owner, in talks about her experience, discusses the problematic cases in supplying products, such as tofu which is very difficult to find without plastic. Glass containers with deposits offered a solution to the hygiene and convenience versus plastic problem. The store’s focus is also more on local than organic, when it comes to a choice.

The simple floor plan with aisles on either side of a central island in a back room and produce, baked goods, and smoothies on offer in the front room promotes traffic efficiency through the store. Some of the charm of the old store dates back to its former life as a butcher shop.

The founder, Milena Glimbovski has given several TEDx talks to share her story such asTEDx Munich (German); her presentation at TEDx Berlin on Zero Waste is in English. The store is offering an on-line course on starting a Zero-waste store, in English in how to open a similar grocery store to spread the idea.

If your German is up to it or you are willing to poke around to find the English bits, you can read more about Original Unverpackt at their website Original Unverpackt (German) or at Original Unverpackt on facebook (German).

Source Article from https://www.treehugger.com/green-food/no-packaging-grocery-store-celebrates-3-years-business.html