Oklahoma Cop Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison For Killing Daughter’s Teenage Boyfriend

A former Oklahoma cop will spend the next 15 years in prison for shooting his daughter’s teenage boyfriend to death over two years ago.

Ex-Tulsa police officer Shannon Kepler claimed he acted in self-defense when he gunned down Jeremey Lake on Aug. 5, 2014, shortly after the 19-year-old had started dating his daughter, Lisa. But a jury didn’t buy that argument and found Kepler guilty of manslaughter last month after three separate juries failed to indict him on murder charges.

On Monday, District judge Sharon Holmes slammed Kepler with a $10,000 fine in addition to a 15-year prison sentence.

Kepler, 57, testified during his trial that he drove to Lake’s house after a discussion about his daughter’s love life turned heated. He told jurors that he believed Lake had a gun and that “it was either him or me.”

Cops who fatally shot man with pipe did not know he was deaf
But no weapons were found on Lake after the shooting and the young man’s aunt testified that he had extended his hand for a shake when Kepler opened fire.

Lake’s father, Carl Morse, told the judge on Monday morning that he woke up and wanted to “rip” Kepler’s “head off,” but said he eventually came to his senses, adding that Kepler will now have to “pay the consequences.”

“The last three years of my life have been a living hell,” Morse said.

Prosecutors argued that Kepler, who was off-duty, “hunted” down Lake because he was “the boy” his daughter had been sleeping with.

Third mistrial for ex-Tulsa cop accused of killing black man
Lisa Kepler met Lake at a homeless shelter after her parents kicked her out of the house.

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  • Put him in the GP and save nearly 10 years of supporting him.

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BREAKING: Video So ‘Gruesome’ Cop Sentenced to 5 Years For Shooting Into Car of Teens, 16 Times


Chicago, IL — In August, Chicago police officer Marco Proano told a jury that when he fired 16 shots into a car full of unarmed teenagers, that was not threatening him, he was just doing his job. However, the dashcam video was so ‘gruesome’ that a jury did not agree. After only a 4 hour deliberation, Proana became the exception to the rule by actually getting convicted for his crimes.

Proano was found guilty on two felony counts of using excessive force in violating the victims’ civil rights. He was facing a maximum of 10 years in prison on each count but moments ago, he was sentenced to just 5 years. Given Chicago’s irresponsible and incredible ability to utterly fail at holding violent cops accountable, the sentence is surprisingly lengthy and precedent-setting.

During the sentencing, U.S. District Judge Gary Feinerman rejected Proano’s argument that he was forced to shoot at the car to save a teen’s life.

The judge said that at the time of the shooting, Proano “was not a police officer . . . He was the source of chaos and violence.”

As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, Proano’s sentencing hearing followed a week that saw prosecutors drop several criminal charges in state court in connection with alleged police misconduct — including what is believed to be the first mass exoneration in Cook County history.

Daniel Herbert, Proano’s attorney, told the judge that prosecutors “can consider the message received.”

“Every law enforcement officer on the streets would not dare step into the shoes of Marco Proano,” Herbert wrote earlier this month. “Marco Proano was a decorated police officer who now is branded as a criminal. A search of his name does not reveal heroic arrests or public service awards, rather it is story after story about his indictment, trial and conviction. The unqualified anguish that Proano and his family have endured throughout this ordeal cannot be naysaid. His reputation is gone.”

This sympathetic description of a dangerous cop who nearly killed six kids as a hero should come as no surprise given the fact that Herbert is also representing Jason Van Dyke, the Chicago police officer facing murder charges in state court after fatally shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald in his back as he ran away.

The family of McDonald is likely encouraged by this conviction and subsequent sentencing as it could pave the way to hold the man accountable who murdered their son.

Naturally, the Fraternal Order of Police took to expressing their disappointment with the verdict at the time and attempted to paint Proano as a victim of public scrutiny.

“The pressure on the police is making the job extremely difficult,” FOP President Kevin Graham said in the statement. “It seems that the criminal elements in our society are not accountable in our justice system, while the police face an intense scrutiny for every split-second decision they make.”

Given the fact that Proano is the first cop to be convicted in memory, Graham’s claim of scrutiny for Chicago cops is laughable.

As TFTP reported in 2015, the deeply troubling police dash cam video was kept from the public by the city of Chicago which showed Proano fire into a car occupied by six unarmed teenagers. Police did not want the public to see this video, and after you watch it, you will know why.

After the shooting, city lawyers successfully convinced a federal judge to put the video under a protective order, which prevented parties to the lawsuit from releasing it publicly. However, after watching the video, Retired Cook County Judge Andrew Berman was so disturbed by what he saw that he leaked it to The Chicago Reporter. Neither Berman nor the Reporter were subject to the order.

“I’ve seen lots of gruesome, grisly crimes,” said. Berman. “But this is disturbing on a whole different level.”

In March of 2015, the teens won a federal lawsuit against the city and three police officers, using the video as the center of their case.

In the video, Proano shoots into a moving car of six unarmed teenagers. Two of the teenagers were shot – one in the shoulder and the other in the left hip and right heel, according to court documents.

CPD’s policy prohibits officers from firing at moving vehicles that are not a threat. The teens in the car posed zero threat to Proano, who jumped out of his cruiser and immediately unloaded his weapon into multiple unarmed teenagers.

After the shooting police discovered that the car was stolen. However, the teen was found not guilty because prosecutors were unable to prove he knew the car was stolen. Even if they had stolen this vehicle, the actions of Officer Proano would not have been justified.

For nearly two years—because he and his cronies hid the video—Proano was never disciplined and remained an active member of the Chicago Police Department. Thanks to a judge with a conscience, however, all that has changed.

Below is the video you were never supposed to see.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/marco-proano-sentenced-shooting-car-teens/

Witch hunters target 6yo ‘sorceress’ 4 years after her mother was burned alive

O’Neill said violent abuse, largely perpetrated by men, against women and girls accused of sorcery must stop. His call comes after the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation, a charity to help indigenous peoples, revealed the rescue of a young girl from a village in Enga province last week.

The girl had been accused of ‘sanguma,’ a fabled practice of witchcraft. According to the charity, the girl received burns and slash wounds from heated knives.

“Let’s be clear, sanguma beliefs are absolute rubbish,” said Prime Minister O’Neill. “In the modern day sanguma is not a real cultural practice, it is false belief and involves the violent abuse and torture of women and girls by pathetic and perverted individuals.”

He described those associated with ritualistic murder and torture as “cowards”.“These violent acts are against our values as a nation and are completely unacceptable,” he said, thanking the “brave people” who rescued the child.  

“The nation needs more of these unsung heroes who do the right thing, even when it means standing up against people in their own communities,” O’Neill added. “At the same time, any community leaders who allow this abuse to continue are just as bad as the men who carry out the crimes.”

The victim, nicknamed Justice, is now recovering well from her injuries, according to an updated statement from the foundation.

READ MORE: UK explorer ‘didn’t need rescuing’… despite going missing in Papua New Guinea jungle with malaria

“After Justice heals she will be taken to a safe place where she will receive loving care and ongoing counseling for the trauma she experienced. She will not be returned to the village where she was tortured,” it read.

Justice has been targeted by witch hunters before and her mother was reportedly burned alive on Mount Hagen in 2013. On Friday, the governor of Enga province appealed for locals to stamp out sorcery accusations, which he said have resulted in attacks on at least 20 women in the space of one month.

“I condemn this violence and these false accusations. The accusations must stop now. The torturing and murdering must stop now. Enough is enough,” governor Peter Ipatas said.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/news/410501-witchcraft-child-papua-new-guinea/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Fresno Deputy Police Chief Gets Four Years in Prison For Selling Drugs

Keith Foster lacks remorse and has not accepted responsibility for conspiring to peddle heroin and marijuana while employed as deputy chief of the Fresno Police Department, a judge said Monday in U.S. District Court.

Foster, 53, also committed perjury on the witness stand during his trial in May, Judge Anthony Ishii said.

In addition, Ishii ruled that Foster obstructed justice and violated his position of trust.

Yet, the judge sentenced Foster to 48 months in prison, when the prosecution sought a sentence of 78 months.

In announcing the punishment, Ishii said there’s a perception in society that “people with money or in high positions get a break.” But the judge said he had balance Foster’s positive contributions to the community, which include nearly 30 year of police work.

Ishii also noted Foster’s strong family ties and his lack of a criminal record before his conviction.

Foster stood quietly next to his attorney, Michael McKneely, when his sentence was announced. He has to surrender to federal authorities by Jan. 13. Outside court, Foster, surrounded by family and friends, appeared more upbeat, vowing to appeal his conviction and sentence.

The 48-month sentence is similar to the punishment offered in a plea deal that Foster rejected prior to going to trial.

On May 23, a U.S. District Court jury found Foster guilty of conspiring to distribute heroin and marijuana. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on six other charges, including distribution of oxycodone.

E. Marshall Hodgkins, Foster’s lawyer, called the result “a tragedy.” He said Foster was offered a plea deal of four years in prison during the trial, but turned it down.

The verdict put a dark cloud on the Fresno Police Department, where Foster rose through the ranks to become Chief Jerry Dyer’s likely successor, and put a damper on Foster’s image as a role model to the city’s west side community.

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Indian stocks surge on Moody’s first upgrade in 14 years

The step energized the bulls on Dalal Street as the benchmark Sensex shot up over 400 points, and the Nifty50 touched the 10,300 mark in early trading on Friday. Some of the gains were clipped later in the day.

The agency raised India’s rating to Baa2 from Baa3 and changed its outlook on the rating to stable from positive. S&P and Fitch Ratings have India a rung above junk. Moody’s also lifted the national currency’s senior unsecured rating to Baa2 from Baa3 with its short-term local currency rating improved to P-2 from P-3.

“The decision to upgrade the ratings is underpinned by Moody’s expectation that continued progress on economic and institutional reforms will, over time, enhance India’s high growth potential and its large and stable financing base for government debt, and will likely contribute to a gradual decline in the general government debt burden over the medium term,” the agency’s press release says.

At the same time, Moody’s says India’s high debt burden remains a constraint on the country’s credit profile with the government’s reform measures reducing the risk of a sharp increase in indebtedness.

India’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. The country is on the way to growth of up to eight percent next year, according to Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. The minister said the major negative impact from the back-to-back policy reforms of demonetization and the goods and services tax rollout had declined.

According to Moody’s, real GDP growth will moderate to 6.7 percent in the fiscal year ending in March 2018 and will rise to 7.5 percent in the next financial year with similarly robust levels of growth from 2019 onward.

“Longer term, India’s growth potential is significantly higher than most other Baa-rated sovereigns,” the agency said.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/business/410164-moodys-upgrades-india-rating/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Man Who Spent Nearly 50 Years Behind Bars to Walk Free After Judge Throws Out Conviction

A Louisiana man is scheduled to walk free Wednesday after spending nearly 50 years in prison for the rape and kidnapping of a nurse.

A judge threw out the conviction of Wilbert Jones two weeks ago, calling the prosecution’s case “weak at best” and saying authorities had withheld evidence that could have cleared Jones years ago.

Prosecutors said they won’t retry Jones, but will ask the Louisiana Supreme Court to review the decision of State District Court Judge Richard Anderson. Bail was set at $2,000.

“We will have the gumbo ready for him when he gets out,” niece Wajeedah Jones said outside court after the judge’s ruling, The Associated Press reported.

Now 65, Jones was 19 when he was arrested and charged with abducting a Baton Rouge nurse at gunpoint in the parking lot of a hospital where she worked.

He was convicted and sentenced to life without parole in 1974.

The case against him was based on the nurse’s testimony and her “questionable identification” of Jones from a police lineup three months after the attack, the judge said.

The woman also said her assailant had a “much rougher” voice than Jones had. She died in 2008.

Defense lawyers said her description matched a man who was arrested but never charged in the rape of a woman kidnapped from another Baton Rouge hospital parking lot. That attack occurred 27 days after the nurse was raped.
The man was arrested again in 1973 for the rape of another woman, but was only charged with armed robbery in that incident, Jones’ attorneys said. 

The state failed to share this information with the defense, Judge Anderson said.

The Innocence Project New Orleans joined Jones’ defense 15 years ago. 

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Underage sexting has doubled in two years: Authorities concerned about the mental and emotional impact on children

Image: Underage sexting has doubled in two years: Authorities concerned about the mental and emotional impact on children

(Natural News)
Children as young as 10 are revealed to be already “sexting” (sending text messages that are sexual in nature) as police forces in Wales and England have reported that sexting offenses have increased by around 33 percent to 6,238 in 2016-2017 – a rate of 17 every day – from 4,681 in 2015-2016. The latest statistics rose by around 131 percent from 2014-2015’s records, which were tallied at 2,700 cases.

Police reported that children as young as 10 are already involved in the sexting game – either by posting their pictures on malicious websites or sending them to strangers – with the age of the underage participants peaking at 14.

National Police Chief’s Council lead for child protection Chief Constable Simon Bailey reiterated concerns regarding the impact of pornography on the youth. “There is a worrying upward trend in children sharing sexual images, particularly regarding children who pass on indecent images of others.”

I am concerned about the impact that exposure to extreme pornography can have on children so we need to consider if a lack of universal relationship and sex education is compounding the problem. There is also undoubtedly more to be done to remove indecent imagery quickly and robustly from across social media platforms once it has been shared or posted without consent,” he added.

The number of children facing charges in sexting cases has more than halved, initial reports issued. Girls were more likely to be the victims, but perpetrators were evenly divided between boys and girls. Reports of sexting offenses dropped significantly in August, laying groundwork for the assumption that children were more at risk of abuse during the school term.

Sharing and possessing these images is against the law. Once an image is shared with others it can cause deep embarrassment and distress. Forces are risk assessing every case to ensure we are not unnecessarily stigmatizing children and saddling them with a criminal record. But there will always be a criminal investigation where we see that young people are being coerced, exploited, or blackmailed,” Bailey, who is also head of the Norfolk Constabulary, said.

The dangers of posting a nude photo on the Internet

You might think that a diamond is forever. This might be true, but do you know what lasts longer than a fine-cut diamond? A nude selfie.

In a seminar about pornography that the Natrona County Sheriff’s Office in Casper, Wyoming at Casper Classical Academy on Monday, November 6, police officers remarked that some teenagers don’t realize the dangers of sharing a naked photograph online.

The images are never gone,” Natrona County Sheriff’s Investigator Dave Hulshizer told 40 parents at the seminar. (Related: It’s Time for Parents to Stop Worrying About Sexting.)

Sharing a nude selfie can leave a girl – or anyone who shares a selfie – vulnerable to voyeurism, because the person who would be the recipient of the selfie can renege on the promise to keep the selfie for himself or herself, and share the selfie with other people.

What’s worse is that sending a nude selfie to a person via a social media platform, such as Snapchat, is equivalent to letting not only the recipient own a copy of your nude selfie, but also letting Snapchat store a file of your nude selfie, which can be made available to the Dark Net.

Hackers and unscrupulous people can access the Dark Net to download files, bundle the nude photos with other photos, and sell them to child pornographers, sex traffickers, and people who may want to blackmail the owner of the nude selfie.

About two, three years ago we began to see some patterns with the school district dealing with kids in high school, middle school. From there we just began to talk within specifically the investigations and Sheriff (Gus) Holbrook about what we can do to try to curb this. The best thing we came up with is education,” Hulshizer said.

Casper Classical Academy Principal Marie Puryear said the teachers were surprised by the extent of the sexting situation among teenagers. “Our teenagers were, quite honestly, pretty flabbergasted with the information. We generally consider ourselves savvy with technology and think that we’re generally pretty in the know, and found out there was a lot we didn’t know.”

Puryear acknowledged that some of their middle school students have gotten in trouble due to bullying and sending sexually explicit pictures. There are also apps that can be used for communication, such as OMEGLE, and apps that hide files, which look like mere calculators.

For more stories on gadgets and everything high-tech, visit VirtualReality.news.

Sources include:







Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-11-13-underage-sexting-has-doubled-in-two-years-authorities-concerned-about-the-mental-and-emotional-impact-on-children.html

Internet Conspiracy Suggests Eminem Died Years Ago From A Drug Overdose

Apparently, Eminem died in 2006 from a drug overdose. Personally, I don’t believe this internet conspiracy but there are some interesting things you can point out. Eminem is worth millions, if not billions of dollars. Did the government pay big money to create a Marshall Mather’s doppelganger?

After you read this conspiracy, watch this video below that proves Eminem is 100% alive and NOT cloned. Thanks

Via ConspiracyDude

In 2005, Eminem went into a drug rehab for sleeping pill addiction, then the  following year his friend Proof died. This, I believe, depressed Eminem and, as a result, he kept very low key for a couple of years before releasing his Album Relapse in 2009 followed by Recovery in 2010. When Eminem returned he was different man he looked younger, he looked in shape and his fashion style had a dark punisher vibe. Eminem went from a Detroit wigger who would wear baggy jeans, fitted hats with durags to a punisher with a new all black fashion sense.

Around 2012 I decided to compile pictures of Eminem just to see the changes he has gone through. At the time I was doing this I did know that he “sold his soul”  like most of the main stream artists, I did not know how bad his situation was and how it happened. After learning about the existence of androids from a documentary called American Androids and compiling hundreds of Eminem pictures, I deeply suspected and eventually was sure enough about what happened to him to make a public video stating that, indeed, Eminem had been replaced by multiple doubles/clones  and then finally replaced with an Android which is a synthetic programmable human which lacks genuine emotions.

The first video I created was titled Eminem died 100% Proof in 2012. That first video went viral and is no longer available on youtube. Seeing its success I decided to do 8 follow up videos about Eminem being dead. I received tons of Eminem died video responses which you can still find on YouTube today. My video series went on to receive over 2 million views. I became a somewhat popular YouTuber in a span of 6 months but I was mostly despised and didn’t have any real supporters, only people who wanted to see what I would say next.

My channel was eventually flagged down mysteriously. Luckily I had a backup channel which people found and I received hundreds of emails about Eminem and the more I went deeper into my initial 2006 replacement theory the more I realized that Eminem was replaced not in 2006 or 2001 but in 1999. People who listened to Eminem died 100% videos know that I am known for using lyrical proof. Most people ask me how I know what lyrics to take seriously and which ones to discard because Eminem does says a lot of crazy shit as a shock rapper. What I say to those people is that an artist tends to express or paint a picture of their lives through their music. The easiest way to identify which lyrics an artist wants you to take seriously is if the lyrical content is a recurring theme in their songs. In addition, you can look at the person’s real life behavior, their current lifestyle, and their childhood background. So when Eminem says that he had a bad relationship with his mother, he loves his daughter, and he sold his soul to the devil then its most likely true. On the other hand, Eminem saying he swallowed grenades, killed people, or that his mom gave him a food stamp for a pack of cigarettes and book at the news stand, obviously is not true. Let’s look at a quote by the replacement Eminem in Spin Magazine:

Like that cloning thing they’re doing — they should

hurry that up. Then I’d be able to do movies and rap
and produce at the same time and run a label and rip
my hair out.

Finding this quote was a turning point in my research. I asked myself why he would say that out in the open. Well I believe he was telling the truth because he was a replacement or look alike and he was waiting for the higher ups to finish the clone. Yes I know it sounds crazy but let’s look at what his friend Proof said in his song titled Fall Back.

The Devil’s in the next room. Guess who sparks life

out test tubes Special delivery clone vessels.

I’m at a point where it’s not up for debate whether or not Eminem is dead. People in my circle or who follow my work right now are only debating when exactly he was replaced. Now everyone knows that, when an artist is signed, he records hundreds of songs of which a select few are drafted onto the final album. Following that logic we can understand that the real Eminem wrote the entirety of the Slim Shady LP and all his remaining songs were scattered throughout his later albums which could explain the following lyrics from his song which was released in 2006 called Public Enemy #1.

I sense someone’s tapping into my phones why do

I got this feeling in my bones I might die soon
As I stand before you in this booth a walking dead
man Blank stare dead pan look as my face as I gaze
into space As I wait to be scooped up in that van
Mysteriously disappear into thin air.

After listening to Public Enemy #1 I said to myself, “Did Eminem really write that song in 2006?” Well obviously not; Eminem wrote that song a long time ago or perhaps the double just wanted to create fake drama . Either ways, I was enraged because I never heard this song before and never thought to get the album Re-UP because it wasn’t an Eminem only album. Little did I know that my enragement was about to multiply 100 times fold after someone sent me the song Canibus did called Dead by Design where Canibus raps:

You scream for hardcore, I felt it But what you gon’ do

when they kill me on some Eminem and L shit?

What more proof do people need that Eminem is dead and has been replaced? Well let’s look at what the fake Eminem says in the following songs. In the song Cinderella Man he raps:

Send da feller Shady dane came to wrap the game up

in cellophane, Raise hell from hell he came,
But didn’t come to bore you with the Cinderella story,
Nor did he come to do the same

In the song The Monster he raps:

Nobody’s home, I’m sleepwalking’ I’m just relaying

what the voice in my head is saying Don’t shoot the
messenger, I’m just friends with the…

In the song Rap God he raps:

So you’ll be Thor and I’ll be Odin You rodent, I’m

omnipotent Let off then I’m reloading Immediately with
these bombs I’m totin’ And I should not be woken I’m
the walking dead But I’m just a talking head, a
zombie floating.

In the song Evil Deeds he raps:

While I plant these evil seeds Please release me from

these demons I never had any of this shit planned ma,
please believe I don’t wanna be Satan’s spawn, never
got the chance to say I’m sorry

Some people may listen to the Public Enemy #1 Song and say he is rapping about iTunes and September 11th so that can’t be the “real Eminem”. Well you’re right that isn’t the real Eminem rapping. As I stated before the original Eminem wrote albums worth of material but was released in later albums as  re-recordings of the songs with additional rhymes about current events or current associates. It’s also possible that they seized the real Eminem’s rhyme book or recordings and created songs from it, or the imposter was told to re-record and make  incomplete songs into full songs or simply create completely new songs with the “I fear for my life theme”. Ask yourself when did Eminem become Public Enemy #1 in  2006? Why were Darling and Be careful what you wish for being released in 2009 as bonuses? The conclusion that makes the most sense is that these are re-done songs by the imposter that the real Eminem may have recorded fully or incompletely. Now if you listen to the song Demon Inside you’re going to clearly recognize that, that is the real Eminem and you will also find out it is not a full song. Now let’s look at some recent freestyles the replacement Eminem has done and how he has repeatedly exposed the fact he is a replacement. In the video uploaded in  2010 titled “Westwood – Eminem freestyle Radio 1”, at 4:23
minutes he raps:

News flash I’m still trashed them pills should have
killed my ass but they didn’t just made stronger like
they rebuilt my ass like the 6 million dollar man after
the crash.

I thought that was bad but when I heard this following
freestyle I almost vomited from disgust. In the video uploaded in
2009 titled “Eminem – Freestyle with Tim Westwood [Complete] –
HQ” at 27 seconds in he raps:

I wasn’t born mean I was push to treachery I walk
the streets looking for some puss to fetch me. I’m like
a veggie brainist turn from mush I’m edgy. Edgy
enough to give Reggie Bush a wedgie. If he don’t give
me kin things could get messy. So pass that ass to me
let me squash the left cheek and press against the
right one till it squash against me and leave a dead
body in the woods to Mc.

I understand the whole bit about Eminem being a shock rapper but these lyrics are going too far. The freestyle he rapped about him being still trashed and how he feels like he was rebuilt like the 6 million dollar man is very telling. This current Eminem is a fraud who knows he’s a fraud and is gleefully shoving it in our faces.


If you are a person with just one eye you can still clearly see this man has been played by different people throughout the years. All of Eminem’s features has changes throughout the years, such as his ears, nose, hairline, facial bone structure, and even the size and shape of his head. Below is a preview of some of the images of the impostor I have collected.

If Eminem died it would be on the news! I have heard all the rebuttals you can think an Eminem fan could use to argue the case for the original Eminem not having been replaced. Now we keep in mind that these people who are using these rebuttals, for the most part, do not understand reality and already have made their minds up and will scoff at any information you send  their way. When backed into a corner they will resort to asking for Eminem’s dead corpse or a news report that confirms his death and replacement. These types of people I call “zombie slaves”. Let’s look at the first argument which is “your ear structure changes with age”. This argument can quickly be shot down because anyone who takes 2 minutes to do some research will see that your ear structure- meaning the creases and folds that make it unique does not change. See wired.com for their article . Yalescientific.org also has an interesting article you can read . The Telegraph recently wrote an article titled “Ears provide new way of identifying people in airports” you can read the entire article here.

Some people will argue that cloning humans is not possible, and ask who would do it and why would the government waste money cloning a rapper? This is a very ignorant argument but you can easily debunk the cloning aspect by sending that individual a link to Popular Science and CNN. Explaining who and why someone would clone a rapper is  not so easy. Although personally I would simply say to the person that they replace celebrities all the time to control the masses, also money is not issue for the elites who are running this operation. That explanation for most people who want to argue will not be enough so I wouldn’t even bother explaining  any further. Another popular argument is that a clone would look the same or the clone would still be young and not the age that thereal Eminem should be. This type of argument is based on what  they have seen in movies and perhaps in mainstream science.


Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/internet-conspiracy-suggests-eminem-died-years-ago-from-a-drug-overdose/

Never Forget: The US Gov’t Carried Out the Largest Church Massacre—24 Years Ago, In Texas


On Sunday, a horrifying tragedy unfolded as a mass shooting terrorist walked into a Texas church and began slaughtering innocent women, men, and children. The massacre left 26 people dead, according to police, including an unborn child who died inside his pregnant mother.

On Wednesday, the names of the deceased were released along with the heartbreaking photos of the children, two of which were only 5 and 7-years-old. The tragedy is being dubbed the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history.

Sadly, there have been many deadly massacres which have taken place inside places of worship. From the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing to the Charleston Church shooting to Sutherland Springs, over the years, psychotic terrorists have gone into churches and indiscriminately taken innocent lives.

Now, some of those in the mainstream media are calling Sutherland Springs the deadly massacre in a church in US history. However, the actual largest church massacre in history had a far greater death toll.

The US government carried out the deadliest church massacre in history and it led to the deaths of 82 men, women, and children. It all came to a violent end 24 years ago in Texas.

Our source material comes from the FBI’s own vault, which contains two files on the case against Vernon Howell, also known as David Koresh. Koresh was the leader of the “Branch Davidians Seventh Day Adventists.” According to the FBI case file, Koresh was believed to have been holding people against their will at his compound in Waco, Texas, potentially guilty of “involuntary servitude and slavery” charges.

In 1992, Child Protective Services (CPS) was called in to investigate the accusations. After a thorough investigation, CPS concluded no one was being held at the compound against their will, nor any child abuse, and the federal prosecutor, who reviewed the report, saw no reason to prosecute Koresh. On October 16th, 1992, the FBI closed the case against Koresh and the allegations he was abusing children and holding his followers against their will.

Still, however, the FBI proceeded with investigating other allegations the Branch Davidians had converted semi-automatic AR-15 (assault) rifles into fully automatic ones, a violation of federal law. Also alleged was that the group was planning a mass suicide. The FBI concluded, “no information has been developed to verify the accuracy of the allegations.” Still, the FBI put local law enforcement on notice.

Despite having no concrete evidence Koresh, who some have said was delusional, had violated anyone’s civil rights, or abused any children, the investigation into the weapons violations continued. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives pursued the allegations the group was stockpiling weapons and explosives. According to the ATF,  the bureau found:








Wishing to further investigate the compound’s armory, the ATF secured a search warrant and attempted to raid the compound on February 28th, 1993. The Davidians, possibly feeling they must protect their home, property, and persons from the intruders, opened fire on the federal agents, an action which led to the deaths of several ATF agents and compound members.


The raid initiated a 51-day standoff with the ATF as well as the FBI. Koresh released 24 members from the compound, who were mostly children, and continued the stand-off with authorities which was broadcast daily across the country until day 51 arrived. On that day, the government brought in heavy equipment and penetrated the compound with a tank-like machine which pumped the compound full of CS Gas. What happened next, in the minds of many who saw it, can only be likened to a horror film.

The compound became ablaze with a roaring fire. The all-consuming inferno killed 76 people who were huddled inside. Later, it was determined many of those who’d perished were also shot by firearms. Researchers, who later investigated the incident, concluded federal agents were observed shooting from the compound’s grounds into the building already set ablaze by fire. While the official government narrative is those individuals committed suicide, the researchers were able to demonstrate they were likely killed by automatic weapons fired by federal agents, possibly killed as they were attempting to flee their burning compound.

To this day, the ATF maintains the fire was, “set by cult members, as law enforcement attempted to force them out by introducing tear gas into the building.” And for years, following the fiery destruction of the compound, the FBI maintained the same story line. \

However, in 1999, then-Attorney General Janet Reno made the following admission, “I am very, very troubled by the information I received this week suggesting that pyrotechnic devices may have been used in the early morning hours on April the 19th, 1993, at Waco. At this time, all available indications are that the devices were not directed at the main wooden compound, were discharged several hours before the fire started, and were not the cause of the fire. Nonetheless, it is absolutely critical that we do everything humanly possible to learn all the facts as accurately as possible and make them available to the public and Congress.”

Those facts, according to some of the survivors of the fire, who were inside at the time the fire broke out, are undeniable. They are convinced the government used incendiary devices to set ablaze the tear gas which had been pumped into the building. And they’re not alone.

According to CBS News, “Independent filmmaker Michael McNulty came upon some evidence that appeared damaging to the government. He found a shell casing from a certain type of tear gas round that could start a fire – a device the Justice Department had denied using for more than six years – publicly and to Congress.”

That shell casing led to Reno’s acknowledgment, but the government still has not taken full responsibility, as Reno denied the devices were used to penetrate the building. Questions still remain as to why they would be used at all.

Even though it was later determined Koresh had, indeed, molested children, and was by all intents and purposes a pedophile of the worst kind, the fact remains. The government used gas and allegedly fired on its own people which either directly or indirectly led to the deaths of 76 people — inside a church. Sadly, there was no outcry and this incident serves as a brutal reminder of what can happen when the US government makes up its mind to take out those they disagree with.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/media-completely-forgotten-deadliest-church-massacre-us-history-waco/

VENEZUELA: 20 years in PRISON for anyone who instigates hate

Venezuela’s all-powerful constitutional assembly passed a wide-reaching law on Wednesday that clamps down on social media and broadcasters alike by ordering prison sentences of up to 20 years for anyone who instigates hate.

The pro-government assembly passed the law, accompanied by rousing applause and flag-waving on the chamber floor. It prohibits Venezuelans from spreading any message through television, radio or social media that instigates violence or hate.

It drew swift criticism from international human rights advocates, who say the new law cracks down on dissent by criminalizing peaceful protests, the hallmark of a democratic society.

“The law seeks to end free speech in social media — a key space for Venezuelans to express themselves in a country with shrinking free speech avenues,” said Jose Miguel Vivanco of the New York-based Human Rights Watch.

Backers of socialist Nicolas Maduro have often accused opponents of being fascists spreading hateful messages.

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