Video of pit bull lunging at seven-year-old boy and breaking his wrist in savage attack in Taiwan

Money, a pit bull pup, is said to have felt threatened by a seven -year-old boy who was throwing treats in his direction in south-western Taiwan


CCTV footage captured the heart-stopping moment a pit bull pup attacked a young boy who tried to feed it biscuits and broke his wrist.

The months-old pit bull mix named Money is believed to have felt threatened when the seven-year-old child who lives next door threw the snack in its direction.

Security video from the alleyway in Kaohsiung City’s Hunei District in south-western Taiwan shows the boy trying to back away from the pooch, which continues to charge at him.

Money, who according to neighbours is known for being ‘aggressive’, then knocks the child to the ground and begins biting the boy’s arm and shaking its head.

The footage shows the pit bull, despite being a puppy, overpowering the victim. Even the 11-year-old boy whose family owns it is unable to stop the attack.

The older boy, surnamed Hsu, said: ‘I sat on the ground trying to pull it away, but it wouldn’t let go.’

Hsu’s mum, the owner of the pit bull, eventually runs up to separate the dog from the victim, who walks away crying.

According to the seven-year-old’s family, he suffered a broken wrist and required surgery, but they have decided not to press charges against their neighbours, who are close friends.

The victim’s mother said: ‘It was accident, and the owners have been very apologetic about it.’

Money is said to have gone to dog training classes for two months after attacking passing schoolchildren in the past, but they seem not to have worked.

The family has sent Money to a farm, where it will be a guard dog.

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WATCH: Cops Get Slap on the Wrist for Trying to Beat Compliant Man to Death


Pinellas Park, FL — Sheriff’s deputies in Pinellas County have been under an internal affairs investigation after alarming dash cam video was released that clearly showed them beating and choking a man who appears to be complying with their orders. Wednesday afternoon, nearly 7 months after the incident, the cops finally finished investigating themselves and they received their slaps on the wrist.

For nearly killing a surrendering man, beating him, yanking out his dreadlocks, needlessly tasering him as he complied with their commands, and turning off a body camera to cover it up, Deputy Alexander Edge and Deputy Jason Fineran will get two very short vacations.

As WFTS reports, 

As a result of the investigation, Deputy Edge received a 15 day suspension without pay for using improper technique/police practices.


Deputy Fineran was suspended 5 days for turning off his microphone during the encounter.


The Sheriff made it clear the suspensions were not for striking Reed, but for violating other department policy.

The dash cam video starts with a police cruiser driving around 70 mph down the street, racing past surrounding cars at 11:30 p.m. on May 25. Fox 13 reported that deputies were responding to a call about a man with a gun in a residential neighborhood.

To be clear, Reed is the legal owner of two pistols. However, during this stop, they were not on his person. Also, it is clearly not against the law to be in possession of a legally owned gun.

When the police cruiser reaches a stop, 25-year-old Jimarez Reed can be seen crouching down by the side of a parked car. He looks shocked by both the bright headlights speeding down the dark street and by an officer who is already on the scene approaching him with a gun drawn. But even as Reed hides near the car, it is clear that both of his hands are raised, and he is not holding any weapons.

“Get on the ground!” one of the deputies yells, and Reed complies.

While the camera continues to capture the scene, one of the deputies mutes the audio, and it remains off for several minutes. As Reed lays flat on the ground with both hands out, a deputy jumps on top of him and punches him SEVEN times in the head.

Reed’s attorney, Michele Rayner, told Fox 13 that she believes deputies used excessive force while attempting to arrest Reed. “You see the video, you see the officer, the first thing he does he jumps on him and just starts wailing on him,” Rayner said.

“Don’t kill me, please. Let me go, let me go, bro,” Reed pleads, as the deputy responds by pulling Reed’s head up by his hair.

Another deputy joins in and punches Reed as he tries to force his hands behind his back. A bystander then enters the footage and appears to try to help police handcuff Reed. The first deputy responds by placing Reed into a chokehold. The officers continue to hit and choke Reed until two more officers pile onto his body, which had been face down on the ground the entire time.

WFLA reported that according to neighbors, the first deputy on the scene “chased Reed for some time” before the other deputies arrived and began recording the scene on dash cam.

Reed was ultimately charged with battery of an officer and resisting arrest with and without violence. After he was arrested, he required medical attention and needed stitches for the cuts on his face.

“They are roughing him up. They are pulling his hair. And he’s not resisting” Rayner told WFLA. “When I watched this, it was like air was sucked out of me. And I looked at my client, I said, I don’t even know how you are alive.”

Rayner also noted that if the officers believed Reed was armed, they do not appear to be following protocol. “They have standard operating procedures to deal with people who may be armed and I don’t think that was their standard operating procedure,” she said.

Once Reed was handcuffed, the dash cam footage shows five deputies searching for the gun he reportedly had in his possession. According to Fox 13, a gun was eventually recovered, but it was found in Reed’s locked car. However, the dash cam footage paints a different picture.

“You physically saw a gun?” one deputy asked.

“Yes, sir,” a deputy replied.

“He ain’t got no gun,” another deputy said.

While the information has not yet been released showing Jimarez Reed’s conduct leading up to the time when the Dash Cam began recording, the fact is that Pinellas County Sheriff’s Deputies were using excessive force by repeatedly hitting and choking a man who was clearly surrendering, and they should be held accountable for their actions. Sadly, as their weak suspensions show, that will not happen.

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Cop Gets No Jail ‘Slap On The Wrist’ For Plot to Burn Down Captain’s House

EDISON – A suspended township police officer accused of scheming to set fire to his captain’s house avoided prison Friday after agreeing to testify against a former cop convicted in a series of vengeful plots.

Christian Pedana, 45, was fined $1,125 for obstructing the administration of law as part of a deal that Superior Court Judge Benjamin Bucca said could be perceived as a “slap on the wrist” for an Edison officer involved in misconduct.

Although the plan never materialized, authorities said Pedana plotted to burn down Capt. Matthew Freeman’s home in April 2013 with Michael Dotro, the former Edison cop who admitted to a series of misconduct charges, including setting fire to another supervisor’s home.

“Your cooperation, ultimately, was the key moment in the successful prosecution of officer Dotro,” Bucca said of Pedana’s deal, which downgraded his initial charge of conspiring to commit an aggravated arson.

After more than four years and dozens of charges a former Edison cop pleads guilty to attempted murder and arson

Middlesex County Assistant Prosecutor Russell Curley said Pedana’s cooperation was integral to the county’s case against Dotro, who was sentenced to 20 years in prison as part of a plea deal that wrapped up numerous misconduct charges against the former officer.

Pedana’s defense attorney, Jeffrey Garrigan, said Pedana agreed to testify against Dotro at trial.

Pedana, a 24-year veteran of the force, became aware that Dotro had “hatched some sort of scheme” to burn down his supervisor’s home, but did not report the plan because he did not believe Dotro would go through with it, his defense team said.

The fire was never set and the supervisor was not injured.

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No Justice: Cop Gets Slap on Wrist for Murder of 6yo Boy—His Dad’s the Asst. DA


Marksville, LA — Norris Greenhouse Jr. has reached a plea deal with Louisiana Attorney General’s Office.  For this cop’s role in murdering 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis, an innocent young boy, and shooting his father, he will only be receiving a sentence of seven and a half years.

The plea was offered in exchange for Greenhouse’ guilty plea, who, along with fellow officer Derrick Stafford, killed Mardis and attempted to kill Christopher Few, Mardis’ father, in a hail of gunfire following a low-speed vehicular chase. Given that Greenhouse initiated the chase and shooting, the fact that he is getting off with such a slap on the wrist is an insult to justice.

Stafford was convicted in March following a jury trial and was given 40 years in prison. Greenhouse, whose father is the assistant DA in Avoyelles Parish, LA, is obviously tapping into the special privilege of being so well-connected. As TFTP recently reported, Greenhouse came under fire for being allowed to leave the country to take a Caribbean vacation to St. Thomas while awaiting trial and out on bail—a privilege only well-connected children of government officials enjoy.

Infuriatingly enough, the person who seemed to have caused most of the conflict was Greenhouse, yet he was the one who got the more lenient sentence. It’s unclear why. Many believe it’s because his father is a member of the local district attorney’s office, and was somehow given a sweeter deal than Stafford. At any rate, Greenhouse will only have to serve a maximum sentence of 7.5 years according to the

Greenhouse, at the time of the November 2015 killing, was not even allowed to be a police officer, but was with Stafford, an Avoyelles Parish officer. Greenhouse had reportedly been fired for having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old. He was also accused of attempting to get a 16-year-old girl to sext him by sending him nude photos of her breasts. With respect to Jeremy Mardis, Greenhouse was reportedly obsessed with Few’s girlfriend, Megan Dixon.

When Few discovered Greenhouse had made more than a few unwanted sexual advances toward Dixon, Few reportedly told Greenhouse to stay away as any man would do. Greenhouse may have taken the threat so literally that he attempted to carry out his assassination on Few in an effort to clear the way for him and Dixon to have a relationship.

When the facts came out that there was no reason for the stop—at all—the above scenario makes perfect sense.

According to the Greenhouse and Stafford, the officers decided to conduct a traffic stop that night because Few had an outstanding warrant. However, the Clerk of Court, the District Attorney’s Office, Marksville Police Department, and City Court noted that they did not have any warrants against him. The officers also claimed Few had a weapon, that was also a lie.

The only reason Few ran from Greenhouse that night was to catch up with Dixon so he could give her Jeremy in case he was arrested.

“The whole reason there was even a chase was for his well-being,” he said.

The sick and twisted way Greenhouse not only supposedly led his life, but hid behind his badge in order to do it, ended in a hail of bullets which left Mardis dead, Few wounded, and two former officers charged in connection with the child’s death. How Greenhouse was even allowed to bail out was a mystery to many. His lenient treatment coupled with the confirmation the out of control former cop had been allowed to enjoy a vacation in the Caribbean, led many to predict this son of an assistant DA would enjoy a bit of immunity. You can’t make this up.

Greenhouse was charged with 2nd-degree murder and 2nd degree attempted murder in the death of Jeremy Mardis and the attempted murder of Christopher Few. His trial was previously scheduled for October 2nd, but with Greenhouse accepting the plea deal, he will avoid trial, do his time, and then be released sometime within the next 7.5 years.

While we at TFTP are happy the seemingly deranged and child sex-obsessed former police officer will do time behind bars for Mardis’ killing, many questions still remain. If the judicial system is so effective in the U.S., how is it the person with the most number of sins in the case the one who gets out first? Stafford received 40 years for his trigger work that fateful evening, but Greenhouse, who arguably bore most of the moral burden for the crimes, only got 7.5 years. How in the world is that fair?

The case further illustrates the justice system in the United States is flawed, irreparable, and favors the well-connected with financial resources.

Greenhouse should never have been allowed into the police cruiser that evening. How was he allowed to make bail? Why did the court allow him to go on a vacation to the Caribbean? These questions, if they remain unanswered, will lead many to believe true justice is dead in the United States.

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Victims Sue Federal Govt for Slap on the Wrist Given to Billionaire Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein should have been locked up and the key thrown away, according to some who believe the “billionaire pedophile” got off easy. Epstein, who pleaded guilty in 2008 to state charges of solicitation of prostitution and soliciting minors, avoided federal charges, only had to spend his nights in jail, and was allowed to live as a free man during the daytime.

Now, as a part of a separate lawsuit against the government, prosecutors are having to defend their arrangement in the so-called “sweetheart deal” for Epstein.

Epstein only served 13 months of an 18-month sentence, while work release allowed him to go to his office and work as a money manager during the daytime hours. After his short stint in jail was over, he was forced to register as a sex offender and spent just another year on probation.

The arrangement angered at least two of his more than 30 known victims, who decided to sue the federal government for the slap-on-the-wrist plea deal to which the federal prosecutors agreed. They say they were lied to and were never notified of the plea deal’s details.

According to the Palm Beach Post, prosecutors critical of the plea deal have called it, “One of the most extraordinarily lenient plea deal arrangements in modern history.” The Post discovered, by reading court documents, Epstein may have victimized upwards of 40 girls.

Attorneys Bradley Edwards and Paul Cassell represent the victims in their lawsuit against the federal government. U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra is overseeing the case that accuses the federal government and its prosecutors of violating the federal Crime Victims Rights Act (CVRA).

Edwards and Cassell say their clients (Epstein’s victims) were left out of the proceedings and not properly informed of the plea deal prosecutors were offering. They point to a letter to Assistant U.S. Attorney Marie Villafana sent to the victims.

The letter, sent in 2008, reportedly informed them the FBI had resumed their investigation of Epstein. In other words, the victims believed he was going to be charged with federal crimes, which would have put the billionaire pedophile behind bars. Instead, he was given a plea deal and the victims contend they were not made aware of the details, thereby violating the CVRA.

According to the Palm Beach Post Villafana contended “most of the young women were extremely reluctant — or simply refused — to testify against Epstein, who had paid them to give him sexually-charged massages at his mansion.” It’s implausible to the victims’ attorneys their clients would not have testified, yet that’s the contention Villafana made to Marra in an attempt to get him to throw out the lawsuit.

Attorneys for the victims also claim Villafana didn’t notify them of the details of the plea deal. The Post wrote;

Villafana said she didn’t tell the young women about the terms of the agreement, fearing Epstein’s attorneys would use it to crush them if federal charges were filed and the case went to trial. Savvy attorneys would argue that the women were testifying against Epstein because federal prosecutors told them they would get paid restitution if they did, she said.

Per the CVRA, the victims were supposed to have been made aware of the details of the plea deal. A hearing date was set and Villafana reportedly said she immediately notified Edwards. She said she said she told him to alert his clients so they could be present at the hearing, yet none of the more than 30 victims came to the hearing. All of which resulted, arguably, in Epstein being allowed to get the “sweetheart deal” he’s now accused of receiving.

Epstein was surrounded by high-profile attorneys which included such well-known lawyers as Kenneth Starr and Alan Dershowitz. Star was the independent prosecutor whose investigation led to impeachment proceedings against former President William Jefferson Clinton, who is also alleged to have spent time with Epstein on his “Lolita Express” airplane as The Free Thought Project has reported.

Federal crimes can still be brought against Epstein, and that’s what the victims want, according to reports. The current lawsuit seeks “an official acknowledgment that what happened to them was wrong and assurances it won’t happen to others.” They’re also hoping any fines the federal government is forced to pay will be given to help victims of sex trafficking.

But, it’s not just massages Epstein was supposedly given. His victims contend they were lured into prostitution with Epstein and many of his wealthy friends, including Britain’s Prince Andrew, an allegation he denies. One such victim, represented by Edwards says she was enticed into exchanging sex with Epstein for money when she was 14 years old.

The victim is now 28-years-old and has been in and out of jail but Edwards says, “She’s carrying a heavy weight and is thinking of a class of victims that she went to high school with and who brought her to (Epstein’s) house. She’s trying to do right by them.”

If these girls do not get justice, it should come as no surprise, especially given Trump’s outspoken praise for Epstein, including referring to the convicted pedophile as a “terrific guy,” he is “fun to be with,” and “he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

We, at The Free Thought Project, believe no person, especially a billionaire, should be allowed special plea deals to avoid federal prosecution. As TFTP has contended, there’s a pedophile network at work in the U.S., whose clients extend to the highest levels of government. Any federal charges against Epstein would likely lead to the discovery of how deep and how wide such a network extends. Federal prosecutors, along with the FBI, can and should do their jobs to end such a scourge which preys upon the innocence of our nation’s youth.

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Penn State Officials Get Slap on the Wrist for Covering Up Rampant Child Rape


Justice has finally been served for those now found responsible for covering up Jerry Sandusky’s crimes against children. The former president, vice-president, and athletic director at Penn State have all been sentenced to jail. However, their sentences do not fit their crimes of covering up what was one of the most explosive child rape incidents in US history.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Former President Graham Spanier (68) was sentenced to only two months in jail and eight months of house arrest. Former athletic director Tim Curley (63) only got three months in jail. Former vice president Gary Schultz (67) received just two months behind bars. They all pleaded guilty to child endangerment and will report to jail to begin their sentencing on July 15.

Judge John Boccabella didn’t hold back his feelings at sentencing saying, “They ignored the opportunity to put an end to his crimes when they had a chance to do so.” He added he was, “appalled that the common sense to make a phone call did not occur…sort of robs my faith of who we are as adults and where we are going.”

Assistant Coach Mike McQueary said he witnessed Sandusky molesting a child in the Penn State locker room showers and reported the incident to his superiors who did nothing to prevent the abuse from continuing. Sandusky, who ran a charity and was heavily involved in Joe Paterno’s Penn State football program, had access to children through his charity and was later found guilty of several felony child sex abuse charges.

The number of known victims stands at 10 and he’s currently serving 30 to 60 years in prison. Sandusky’s case, as gruesome as it was, served to expose the horrid nature of child rapists in positions of power. Politicians, police, the clergy — all of these roles attract society’s worst who use their authority to prey on the vulnerable.

As The Free Thought Project recently reported, a Netflix documentary entitled The Keepers described the horrors of rape, gang rape, sodomy, physical and mental abuse over 100 girls at Baltimore’s prestigious Archbishop Keough High School. The girls, all middle-aged now (some have passed away), testify they were torturously abused by Father Joseph Maskell, his well-connected friends in politics, and police.

It wasn’t until the 1990’s that their voices were heard, but not believed. In fact, at least a reported 100 victims gave testimony and depositions Maryland’s state’s attorney Sharon May, who told the filmmakers of The Keepers that there was simply not enough evidence to charge Maskell, even though eye-witnesses stated police dug up enough evidence to put him away for life.

The documentary takes an interesting turn in episodes 7 and 8 when dentist Charles Franz said he, too, was abused in the late 1960’s and that his mother went to the Archdiocese in Baltimore and told them Maskell had raped him as well. It was at that time Franz said Maskell was transferred to Keough, where he continued his reign of terror on countless victims for many years.

Not only was Maskell not held accountable for his crimes, but to date, no one in the Catholic Church has been arrested and charged with any crimes such as the charge of child endangerment for which Penn State’s administration was just convicted.

Adding insult to injury, Maskell’s victims say politicians, police, and others were invited to the school to rape them as well. However, one brave victim said she confided in her teacher, Sister Catherine Cesnik. Shortly thereafter, Cesnik was found dead. To date, no one has been charged with her murder. No one has been charged with brutally raping the teens over decades of recorded abuse — and no one in the Catholic Church has been charged with covering-up the alleged crimes.

The fact that no one has been charged is most likely due to the status of those involved in the crimes. Because Maskell was well-connected within the police department, he was allowed to prey on his victims with impunity as he brought in officers who did the same.

Maskell’s brother was a high-ranking city cop. This connection had two facets. First, it allowed him to cover up their crimes using these police connections. Second, it allowed for these depraved police officers to enter into this dark child sex ring.

It’s time to charge the Church with breaking the law and not reporting the numerous allegations of child sexual abuse as they’re required to do being that all clergy in the U.S. are considered “mandatory reporters.” They should have reported it to police when Franz says they knew about it in the 1960’s.

For now, the church has been protected by Maryland’s seven-year statute of limitations. But that can change with enough pressure being placed on the Maryland State Legislature to abolish statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse. For those Maryland residents who are interested in advancing such legislation, contact MD State Representative C.T. Wilson who is spearheading the effort.

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