Trump warns N. Korea it would 'regret' threatening U.S.

Hours after saying U.S. military options regarding North Korea were “locked and loaded,” President Trump on Friday warned that country’s leader would “regret it fast” if he made any threats against the United States.

“If he utters one threat, in the form of an overt threat — which, by the way he has been uttering for years, and his family has been uttering for years — or if he does anything with respect to Guam or anyplace else that’s an American territory, or an American ally, he will truly regret it and he will regret it fast,” Trump said at his New Jersey golf resort.

And Trump distanced himself from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s comment earlier in the day that she did not “see a military solution to this conflict.”

“Let her speak for Germany,” Trump said. “Perhaps she is referring to Germany. She’s certainly not referring to the United States, that I can tell you.”

Trump’s reference to possible U.S. action in the event of a threat from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un marked a shift from his remarks just a few hours earlier, when he said American would respond should Pyongyang “act unwisely.” All week long, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson have said U.S. actions would come in response to North Korean actions — not the incendiary threats that the repressive regime has made on a routine basis for decades.

The president also dismissed criticisms that his fiery rhetoric has escalated the first serious international confrontation of his barely 200-day-old administration.

“My critics are only saying that because it’s me,” he said. “If somebody else uttered the exact same words that I uttered, they’d say, ‘What a great statement, what a wonderful statement.’”

President Donald Trump President Donald Trump

Earlier in the day, Trump warned on Twitter that “Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should North Korea act unwisely. Hopefully Kim Jong Un will find another path!”

It was not clear exactly what sort of “military solutions” Trump was referring to or what precisely would constitute unwise action by the North Korean leader.

Asked at his afternoon event to elaborate on the tweet, Trump declined to offer specifics. “I think it’s pretty obvious. We are looking at that very carefully and I hope they are going to fully understand the gravity of what I said, and what I said is what I mean,” he said.

North Korea had said on Thursday it was putting together a plan to fire four missiles in the direction of the U.S. territory of Guam, a Pacific island that is home to large American military installations.

Trump’s warning came a day after Mattis told reporters in Silicon Valley that the U.S. effort to “get this under control” was “diplomatically led,” “gaining traction,” and “gaining diplomatic results.”

Mattis emphasized that he wanted to “stay right there right now” and warned that the cost of conflict could be “catastrophic,” but also that when it comes to the U.S. military, “We are ready.”

Tensions have steadily escalated since July, when North Korea fired two intercontinental ballistic missiles — tests that showed its rockets could reach U.S. soil, according to U.S. intelligence officials. The United States responded by rallying an unusual 15-0 United Nations Security Council vote in favor of a package of tough new economic sanctions on the regime. This week, news outlets have reported that American intelligence confirmed a finding by Japan’s defense ministry that North Korea has likely developed warheads small enough to fit on its missiles.

Trump, speaking to reporters at his Bedminster, N.J., golf club, bluntly declared: “This man will not get away with what he’s doing, believe me.”

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Did A Novelist From The 1800s Warn Us In Advance That Donald Trump Would Be ‘The Last President’?

[8/7/17/MICHAEL SNYDER]  I am about to share with you one of the strangest things that I have come across in a very long time.  In the late 1800s, author Ingersoll Lockwood wrote a series of novels which appear to have striking parallels to events happening today.  In his first two novels, The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar and Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, an extremely wealthy little boy with “a very active brain” named Baron Trump is guided on a series of extraordinary adventures by a man known as “Don”.  And if you can believe it, little Baron Trump’s adventures actually begin in Russia

For starters, the main character’s name is the same as President Donald Trump’s son, albeit spelt differently. Trump’s adventures begin in Russia, and are guided thanks to directions provided by “the master of all masters,” a man named “Don.”

Before leaving for his voyage through the unknown, Trump is told of his family’s motto: “The pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers.”

Illustrations from the novels depict Trump dressed in lavish, old-fashioned clothing and jewelry as he departs from Castle Trump and begins his voyage, heading to Russia to locate an entrance into alternate dimensions.

That is strange, right?

Subsequently, Lockwood wrote another novel entitled “The Last President” in which the election of a very unpopular “outsider candidate” sparks huge mob riots by “anarchists and socialists” in New York City.  The following comes from the Daily Mail

The story opens in a New York City in turmoil. It’s early November right after the election of an enormously opposed candidate.

The East Side of the city, which is where the Women’s March began the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, is in a ‘state of uproar.’

The 19th century book says police officers shouted through the streets as ‘Mobs of vast size are organizing under the lead of anarchists and socialists, and threaten to plunder and despoil the houses of the rich who have wronged and oppressed them for so many years.’

‘The Fifth Avenue Hotel will be the first to feel the fury of the mob,’ the novel continues. ‘Would the troops be in time to save it?’

Of course anarchists and socialists would not be rioting if a Democrat was elected, so obviously the president in this particular story would be a Republican.

And today Trump Tower actually stands on Fifth Avenue.

I don’t know if there is any special significance to any of this.  I just found these parallels to be absolutely fascinating, and I thought that I would share them with all of you.  Some people out there believe that Ingersoll Lockwood was trying to warn us about our future, but others are downplaying the parallels that these stories have with modern day events.  For example, this is how Snopes concluded their article on this matter…

Although these books contain some seemingly bizarre coincidences, they are not evidence that Donald Trump has access to a time machine. Time travel conspiracy theories such as this one pick and choose material that supports their conclusions while ignoring everything else. For instance, these books also contain giant turtles, alternate dimensions, a battle with a big white crane, a dog named Bulgar, and a little smiling man frozen in time. Since these aspects have no clear connection to the Trumps, they are omitted from the conspiracy theory.

Before I end this article, let me share with you another “amazing coincidence” that I just came across.

By now, all of you have probably heard about the remarkable solar eclipse that is going to take place on August 21st.  Well, it also turns out that the path of this solar eclipse will almost entirely cross areas of the country that voted for President Trump

A Boston Globe article attempting to make a connection between the solar eclipse and President Trump supporters is being widely mocked on social media.

The article by Globe reporter Matt Rocheleau, titled “The solar eclipse path will overwhelmingly pass over Trump Country,” starts off by asking the question, “Is the eclipse throwing shade at Clinton supporters?”

In fact, of the approximately 240 counties that this eclipse will cross, a whopping 92 percent of them voted for Trump last November…

He said the path is roughly 70 miles wide and spans about 240 counties — 92 percent of which swung in Mr. Trump’s favor, “while fewer than two dozen counties voted for his opponent, Hillary Clinton.”

The article points out that Mr. Trump himself was born on June 14, 1946 — the same day there was a total lunar eclipse, “though it wasn’t visible from the United States, NASA records show.”

To me, that is rather remarkable, but once again many are pointing out that this could potentially be “just a coincidence”.

When it comes to Trump, there seems to be so many of these “coincidences”.  For instance, on his first full day in office Trump was 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old, and that just happened to take place in year 5777 on the Hebrew calendar.

And here are some more extremely strange numbers that I discussed in a previous article

-Israel was 77 days old exactly 777 days after Donald Trump was born.

-Israel’s 70th birthday will come exactly 700 days after Trump’s 70th birthday.

-Donald Trump won the election on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 7th year, 7th month and 7th day in office.

I don’t know what special significance all of these facts may have, but I do know that we are living in highly unusual times.

All of human history has been leading up to the times that we are moving into, and I believe that we are going to see great chaos and upheaval.  But there is no other time in human history when I would have rather lived, and I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on

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On ‘Chelsea:' CA Dem Congressman Would 'Love to Tape Record Republican Members on the House Floor and Play Them Publicly'

The most obnoxious segment of Netflix’s Chelsea airing on August 4th involved two liberal California Democrats and the glimpse they give into the minds of the far left in the early days of the Trump presidency.

The episode titled “Let’s Keep Moving Forward” spotlighted Rep. Ted Lieu (show host Chelsea Handler’s congressman) and Rep. Eric Swalwell. Handler asked them about how Republicans in Congress are handling the Trump presidency and Lieu said, “Eric and I would love to be able to tape-record Republican members of Congress on the House floor and play them publicly, but we can’t do that. What they say privately is very different than what they say publicly.”

The topics of North Korea, immigration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, impeachment and Russian sanctions were covered. The issue of North Korea opened the conversation. With Secretary of State Rex Tillerson open to the possibility of talks with that country’s madman dictator, Swalwell said, “We don’t have friends right now. The President is alienating our friends, and that makes us, I think, less safe, with an unfocused President.” Both Swalwell and Lieu sit on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Lieu said, “There is no strategy with the Trump administration.”

On immigration and the new guidelines put forth by the administration last week, Lieu said, “It’s a really stupid policy. It feels like we are going back 100 years.” Chelsea responded with a line that made me laugh, though she was being serious – “It feels like he’s a revisionist.” Oh, boy. Sounds like Chelsea learned a new word for her political conversations. “It’s a SAT test at the border,” said Swalwell. Because of the requirements of speaking English and being able to support themselves Swalwell deduced, “Make America Great Again I think really means ‘Make America White Again.’” How predictable, right?

When Handler turned the focus to Attorney General Sessions, Swalwell was eager to jump in. “He has to go. He wasn’t forthcoming. Some people think the enemy of my enemy is my friend, but he wasn’t forthcoming with the Senate. He was part of James Comey’s firing. We can’t have a lack of trust for the top cop. I think this is an opportunity for the Senate to put someone in there who’s gonna start putting real checks and balances on the President.”

Lieu, however, prefers Sessions stays in place because it’s all about Special Counsel Mueller. He said, “I have a slightly different view. Jeff Sessions has racist views. He also committed slight perjury before Congress. But he’s the only person right now standing between Donald Trump and Special Counsel Mueller. So, in this bizarre world we live in I am deeply conflicted and I think it might be better to have Jeff Sessions there so that Donald Trump can’t fire Special Counsel Mueller.” Did you get all that? Lieu calls Sessions a racist and claims he perjured himself slightly before Congress. What, exactly, is “slight perjury”?

Now fully into a liberal’s alternative universe, Chelsea turns to impeachment. Both of these men sit on the House Judiciary Committee. Lieu said that since Articles of Impeachment have been filed, the committee needs to open its investigation and get the show on the road. No crimes were cited for justification of impeachment, mind you, but apparently Chelsea thinks lying is an impeachable offense. She asked, “Why isn’t it illegal to lie repeatedly on camera?” (Well, Chelsea, that would put you out of a job and in jail.) “Why is the President of the United States allowed to lie to the American people? Why is that not against the law?” she continued. Lieu assured her that the American people were wising up to the lies of Trump and quoted Abe Lincoln to do so – “Public sentiment is everything,” he said. “The president gets to lie but the public sees that happening.” Swalwell piped in, “When his lies start to obstruct our investigations, that is a problem.” Again, no examples of any high crimes or misdemeanors from the President.

And, finally, on sanctions against Russia, Lieu said, “We [Congress] were imposing our will on him.” “Babysitting him,” agreed Chelsea. “That’s right,” said Lieu. “Basically, we’re saying, ‘We do not trust you, Donald Trump, on doing the right thing with Russia.’”

I’ll leave you with this truly cringe-worthy birthday greeting Chelsea delivers to Barack Obama. Talk about revisionist!

So, there you have it. Another episode of Handler’s show and her Trump-hating guests. I can only imagine the outrage if a Republican congressman had said he would love to tape-record Democrats on the House floor to show their contempt for Democratic leadership. In the bubble of the far left, though, anything goes as long as it’s against a duly elected Republican President of the United States.

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The Nation: Kaepernick Would Be 'Godsend' for Baltimore

Colin Kaepernick finally, finally has a glimmer of hope. Baltimore and Miami urgently need a quarterback and progressives in the media are jumping over each about what a great fit he’d be for either team. But, according to progressive Dave Zirin of The Nation, there’s a “Trump apologist” standing in his way. It’s simply amazing how much power the president of the United States and his friends suddenly have over personnel decisions in the NFL!

Zirin, as far left as they come, writes Baltimore’s “quarterback situation is a shambles and Kaepernick could be a godsend for the organization. Yet the most powerful voice in Ravens-land against Colin Kaepernick has not been ownership, coaches, or fans. It has been Ray Lewis.”

What’s the rub with Lewis, the former Ravens’ superstar, now retired? He refuses to kneel at the altar of social justice with Kaepernick, Zirin and their kind. He’s an African-American who supports President Trump, too.

Last December, Lewis met with Donald Trump, Zirin wrote. Lewis “vouched for Trump’s commitment to the black community: ‘Urban development and job creation are everything,’ he said. ‘What we believe with the Trump administration is if we can combine these two powers of coming together—forget black or white. Black or white is irrelevant. The bottom line is job creation and economic development in these urban areas to change the whole scheme of what our kids see.”

Lewis has been discussing Kaepernick with Ravens’ owner Steve Bisciotti, and Zirin says, “it’s hard to imagine that he is saying anything helpful. Lewis has been on television and social media arguing, in a highly patronizing fashion, that Kaepernick needs to get away from those ‘encouraging [him] to be caught up in some of this [anti-racist] nonsense,’ saying: ‘If you do nothing else, young man, get back on the football field.… And what you do off the field, don’t let too many people know.’”

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“None of this is that surprising,” Zirin writes. “It is part and parcel of Lewis’s post-career makeover as the sanctimonious scold of the Black Lives Matter movement. He is selling himself as a modern-day Booker T. Washington, rejecting any kind of political resistance and preaching the gospel of economic opportunity as a cure for all racial ills.”

Kaepernick would be “a terrific and much-needed presence in the city of Baltimore itself,” Zirin believes.

Lewis could be the voice that moves the Ravens-crazy County part of this equation toward embracing Kaepernick. Instead, he’s choosing to enhance his own brand by building walls instead of bridges. Ray has learned well from Donald Trump: There’s more money to make and power to accrue in the business of division than in unity.

Lewis has remained silent as Trump has said and done nothing about economic development in “urban areas.” He has also remained quiet about Jeff Sessions’ neo-Confederate agenda of mass incarceration, the drug war and anti-affirmative action bombast.

Zirin must be seeing these things through mud-colored glasses. He and the Kaepernick apologists are completely incapable of admitting that their hero has alienated an incalculable number of Americans.

And speaking of “bombast,” Zirin leaves us to conclude — in his convoluted, progressive Ad Policy way of thinking — that if bad people would just get out of Kaepernick’s way, the polarizing star of the left could save any city that would be wise enough to be graced by his presence. And those people in his way magically extend all the way to 1600 Pennyslvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.

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Trump endorses bill that would slash legal immigration

WASHINGTON — President Trump backed a sweeping plan Wednesday to halve legal immigration to the United States, flanked by the two Republican senators who crafted the bill.

“As a candidate I campaigned on creating a merit-based immigration system,” Trump said. He added that the legislation, called the RAISE Act, would be the “most significant reform to our immigration system in half a century.”

The president said that the bill shows “compassion” to struggling American families and that it would “give American workers a pay raise by reducing unskilled immigration.”

Sens. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and David Perdue, R-Ga., first floated a version of the bill back in February. They proposed cutting the number of green cards given to family members of U.S. citizens by half and eliminating the annual visa “diversity” lottery that gives 50,000 green cards to people in nations without significant immigration levels to the U.S.

The bill would allow U.S. citizens to sponsor their minor children and spouses for legal status, but not their parents, adult children or siblings. (Some exceptions would be made for sick older parents.) That would likely reduce the number of new legal immigrants to the United States per year from roughly 1 million to 500,000.

While the senators and Trump are billing the legislation as a way to make the U.S. immigration system more based upon skills and merit, the bill does not route any of the eliminated family green cards into the merit system. In designing the legislation, Perdue said lawmakers were inspired by the merit-based immigration systems of Canada and other developed countries. But Canada, which is nearly 10 times smaller than the United States, admitted more jobs-based permanent residents in 2015 than the United States would under this Trump-backed bill. Asked by Yahoo News about this gap, Perdue said his bill is just the “first step” to fixing the immigration system and he would consider increasing the number of skills-based green cards later.

The revamped bill Trump helped unveil Wednesday goes a step further than the original, transferring the 140,000 employer-based green cards currently given out per year to a points-based system that gives applicants extra credit for language skills, for holding advanced degrees, and other factors. The revised bill also allows for a one-year grace period for the millions of family-based green card applicants who have been waiting for years, and in some cases more than a decade, to immigrate. Most of the people who have been waiting in line for years will still see their petitions erased under the legislation, however, but would be allotted extra points if they applied for a skills-based visa.

“The reforms in the RAISE Act will help ensure that newcomers to our wonderful country will be assimilated [and] will succeed,” Trump said.

Cotton said the current immigration system is an “obsolete disaster” and needs to be fixed.

Later on, White House aide Stephen Miller explained the legislation to reporters at the White House briefing. In response to a question, Miller said Trump would not stop bringing over foreign workers to staff his businesses to set an “example,” because those workers do not receive green cards, but rather visas that do not lead to citizenship. He then got into an extended back and forth with CNN reporter Jim Acosta about the poem inscribed on the Statue of Liberty and whether a merit-based system was in line with American values.

Groups that favor lowering legal and illegal immigration levels praised Trump for endorsing the plan. “Seeing the president standing with the bill’s sponsors at the White House gives hopes to tens of millions of struggling Americans in stagnant jobs or outside the labor market altogether,” said NumbersUSA president Roy Beck in a statement.

The bill faces a very steep climb in the Senate, where nearly all the Democrats and several Republicans have backed paths to legalization for undocumented immigrants. Also, many Republicans see a need for robust legal immigration in order to keep the economy and U.S. population growing. The bill contains no hint of compromise for the other side — neither a modest increase in employment-based visas nor a small-scale legalization.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., tweeted Wednesday afternoon that the legislation would devastate South Carolina’s economy by cutting agricultural and tourism workers. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said he’d be supportive of having “hearings” on the issue.

And pro-immigration groups accused Trump of backing a proposal that targets predominantly nonwhite U.S. citizens who want to sponsor their family members for citizenship. “Let’s call it as we see it: This is a white nationalist agenda masquerading as a bill about skill levels,” said Frank Sharry, the director of the America’s Voice immigrant advocacy group. “Welcome to the Trump era.”

Cotton says the bill would return legal immigration to historical levels, when immigrants made up a smaller share of the U.S. population than they do now. Net immigration right now equals about 0.3 percent of the U.S. population annually — lower than the 0.4 percent yearly average since 1790But the foreign-born population overall is currently at 13 percent — higher than it’s been in recent decades and approaching America’s record high of 14.8 percent set in 1890, according to the Pew Research Center.

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US Sanctions on Venezuela’s PDVSA Would Wipe Out its Oil Revenues, Accelerate Default

SABRINA MARTIN–Donald Trump is continuing to analyze options to suspend the purchase of crude oil from Venezuela; if so, the United States policy would affect a third of the total foreign sales of state oil company PDVSA.

Although the US government has not yet made the final decision to apply said sanctions against Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), the potential consequences for the troubled South American petro-state would be enormous.

A report published by La República reveals that the PDVSA produces and ships about 2.6 million barrels of oil a day, of which it sells to the United States about 780,000 barrels.

Suspending the import of Venezuelan oil by the United States, would cause Venezuela to lose one of its largest trading partners and the only country that pays cash for the product.

According to data from the International Energy Agency, Venezuela has the third largest oil exports to the United States at 9% of national consumption. Only Canada at 41%, and Saudia Arabia, at 14%, rank higher.

According to Ómar González, deputy in the National Assembly, both China and Russia import Venezuelan oil but do not pay it in cash; rather they engage in a curious barter system, paying with “military surplus gear and electrical devices of poor quality.”

Another option contemplated by Donald Trump is a ban on the sale of light crude oil to PDVSA.

This refined product is used by PDVSA and several of its petroleum partners to dilute a large part of the production of extra-heavy crude and convert it to exportable grades.

If sanctions are imposed, Venezuela will have to make a quick strategic move, for not only would it lose 75% of all export revenues that go through US sales, according to figures from the National Assembly, but also because it faces large bond payments in the coming months. This has only been exacerbated by a precipitous decline in its international reserves, which currently sit at a mere USD $10 billion.

The possibility of US sanctions increases the risk of a Venezuelan default.

According to Bloomberg, the probability that Venezuela will not meet a payment in the next 12 months increased to 62% on Monday.

“If the United States prohibits exports of crude oil and products, that would have a serious impact on PDVSA, as its import costs would rise with increased transportation costs as it has to obtain lighter crude and products from more distant areas,” said Risa Grais-Targow, senior analyst at Eurasia Group in Washington.

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But Brian Williams? Chuck Todd Laments: ‘I Would Be Fired for Lying’

MTP Daily
August 2, 2017
5:00:34 PM Eastern

CHUCK TODD: If it’s Wednesday, we’ve come a long way from George Washington and that cherry tree. Tonight, the White House credibility crisis deepens.

SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS: I don’t think it’s appropriate to lie from the podium or any other place.

TODD: More cases of team Trump’s taste for fake news. But are they misstatements, miss directions or simply makes?

GEORGE COSTANZA: Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.

TODD: The line between truth and fiction continues to get blurry.

5:01:31 PM Eastern

TODD: Well, good evening. I’m Chuck Todd here in New York and welcome to MPT Daily. Tonight’s lead is one that we as journalists don’t take pleasure in writing. Folks, it’s one thing to evade. That’s common in politics. But it’s another when you mislead and get caught. And it’s a whole another animal if you flat-out lie.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: Do you see any circumstances where it’s appropriate to lie from the podium?

SANDERS: Absolutely not. I don’t think it’s appropriate to lie from the podium or any other place.

TODD: And it’s a question that had to be asked TODAY of this White House. But cover this White house over the past few days, it has been a mind numbing combination of shocking, frustrating, and depressing because as bad as we thought the credibility crisis was, it’s gotten much worse.

They’ve compounded misleading statements with misleading statements about those misleading statements. They’ve been caught in blatant contradictions and petty fabrications. Where to begin?

5:06:14 PM Eastern

TODD: Why should we or the public or Congress or the world take them at their word at anything?

It’s extraordinarily uncomfortable. As a journalist, we believe we’re referees, we’re calling balls and strikes. When you get lied to as a human being, you immediately look at that person, whoever lied to you, you look at them differently. So, yes, I think us in the press corps, we’re sitting there—we’re more skeptical at anything that comes out of the White House. Trump’s base is very skeptical of us. Herein our dilemma.

DAVID FOLKENFLIK: So, well, this is about credibility. I mean, one of the facets of this when you think about it is that reporters react badly, news organizations react badly when being lied to. As you felt you were perhaps lied to by Jay Sekulow in that clip. Because credibility is the currency of the realm here. Like, we’re not trading things, we’re not doing commodities here. This is what we’re trying to do: We’re trying to traffic in information, context, and truth so people understand the world around them and this defeats that purpose. So the press has a credibility issue in part because of our failing. And in part because of the fact that we have been used as a political target to bludgeon for political purposes by folks on both sides but particularly the right.

5:10:39 PM Eastern

TODD: And I said this yesterday– There is some segment of the population that is, you know, watching, you know, what the politicians are saying, watching the press and thinks: “I don’t know what to believe, and I don’t know who to believe.” And they sort of throw up their hands and say: “I give up.” And I’ve had that conversation with folks and I’m like: “what, are you kidding me?” I always want to say: “I would be fired for lying.”

FOLKENFLIK: You would be, but not everybody believes that.

TODD: I know.

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How to build a body that a Greek Warrior would be proud of!


Today Dr. Duke had a special health and fitness show. He focused on the issues of diet and fasting. Our ancestors had a diet high in meat and fat, which makes the kind of vegetarian diet that has been in vogue in recent years not the most appropriate for our people.

He also talked about his experiences fasting. Contrary to what many people believe, fasting does not reduce your muscle mass. Your body will burn off your body fat before going to muscle. He also talked about age-appropriate weight training regimes.

This is a show that can change your life in a positive direction. Please share it widely.

Please send a contribution to keep us on the air.

Click here and look for the show dated 8-1-17.

Our show is aired live at 11 am replayed at ET 4pm Eastern

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