Woman detained at airport trying to smuggle diamonds worth $142,000 out of Russia

The detainee, a 53-year-old resident of the Moscow Region, is now facing charges of illegal trafficking in natural gems and smuggling



Police and air security officers on duty at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport have detained a Russian national ttrying to smuggle diamonds worth eight million rubles (over $142,000) to Israel, Russian Interior Ministry Spokesperson Irina Volk said.

“On January 26, jointly with air security officers, a female passenger of the Moscow-Tel Aviv flight was detained in the international departures hall in possession of a batch of diamonds. An examination revealed that the seized gems were natural polished diamonds weighting over 437 carats,” she said, adding that their value was estimated at above eight million rubles.

The detainee, a 53-year-old resident of the Moscow Region, is now facing charges of illegal trafficking in precious metals and natural gems and smuggling of strategically important goods, resources or objects of cultural value.

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Worth a Look: Bill Clinton’s Black Son (and Chelsea’s Not His Daughter)

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Re: India cancels $500m deal with Israel, opts for $72m worth of missiles instead

India has pulled out of a half a billion dollar anti-tank missile deal ahead of an official visit to Delhi by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to Haaretz.

A spokesperson for production company Rafael Advanced Defence Systems confirmed yesterday that the company had received official notice from the Indian government that the deal for anti-tank weapons, also known as Spike missiles had been terminated.

“It should be stressed that the cancellation was done before the contract was signed, and despite the fact that the company fulfilled all its requirements. Rafael was disappointed to receive the decision,” the company said.

In November, David Keynan, vice chairman of the Federation of Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce, warned that cancelling the deal could have serious repercussions on the entire market.

“It is a very noteworthy deal. It will have an impact not only on defence trade, but on all trade,” Keynan said.

According to India media, the decision to cancel the Spike deal was to facilitate the development of India’s own anti-tank guided missile, which is currently under production.

Read: Israel’s Netanyahu heckled over arms sales to Myanmar

However, India mitigated the refusal by agreeing to purchase 131 Barak surface-to-air missiles from Rafael for $70 million. The weapons are designed to be used as a ship-borne anti-missile defence system against anti-ship missiles.

India has longstanding tensions with other regional powers, most notably Pakistan and China, and according to the Institute of Strategic Studies, boasts the second largest army in the world, ahead of the United States.

Last July, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made history by being the first state leader to take an official tour of Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to return to the visit, leading a group of businessmen and diplomatic dignitaries to Delhi later this month.

Representatives from Rafael Defence Systems are expected to be among the delegation.

Israel has become a major defence supplier to India, selling an average of $1 billion of military equipment each year.

The two countries have strengthened ties in recent months, taking part in the first joint military drill in November and easing visa restrictions last month. India has also announced that it has reduced its investment in Iran in favour of Israel.

Read: India citizens urge US to withdraw its recognition of Jerusalem

Source Article from https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180103-india-cancels-500m-deal-with-israel-opts-for-72m-worth-of-missiles-instead/#comment-3692860292

The top ten really big SCIENCE LIES of 2018, all spelled out in advance to save you a whole year’s worth of reading the fake news media

Image: The top ten really big SCIENCE LIES of 2018, all spelled out in advance to save you a whole year’s worth of reading the fake news media

(Natural News)
This year is going to be a banner year for status quo science lies that attempt to push toxic drugs, chemical pesticides, vaccine poisons and other damaging chemicals, all while claiming they’re good for you (and “government approved,” for those who are obedient followers of false authority).

The science “establishment,” as you might have expected, is actually a corporate-controlled cartel of criminals, liars and quacks. Their bottom-line profits are based on the public blindly swallowing their anti-science lies, and they run online black ops campaigns to brainwash the public and discredit anyone who questions their “official” narratives. (Yes, the CDC actually funds anti-science, pro-vaccine groups that spew hatred and propaganda online.)

To save you the time and effort normally needed to wade through all the “science” lies pushed by these propagandists, I’ve collected the top ten science lies of 2018. These are the big lies you’ll hear repeated across the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, TIME, Reuters, USA Today and all the other usual suspects that, at this point, function as propaganda mouthpieces for the deep state. If you thought corruption was bad in politics, take a peek behind the curtain of the science collusion artists…

The top 10 really big science lies of 2018, pre-packaged in a single serving format for your convenience

So here are the top 10 really big science lies you’re going to see throughout 2018:

BIG SCIENCE LIE #1) All the chemicals in vaccines, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and personal care products are completely harmless and safe to consume in unlimited quantities.

No matter how many pollinators die off or humans get cancer, we will always be told by the science clowns in the mainstream media that synthetic chemicals couldn’t possibly be the cause. Chemical companies are responsible, we’re told, and they would never sell anything for profit if those things showed any risk of harm whatsoever. Because, of course, corporations put ethics before profits every time, didn’t you know?

BIG SCIENCE LIE #2) All vaccines are exhaustively tested, proven to work with 100% efficacy, and present no health risks whatsoever.

The flu vaccine is a grand medical hoax. It doesn’t work. That’s why most of the people getting the flu this season are the very same people who stupidly lined up to receive the flu shot. (Just ask ’em, they’ll tell you all about how they’re so smart and obedient to be injected with mercury-based preservatives because the government told them they need vaccine shots.)

The big science lie about vaccines is actually two lies in one. First, the “vaccines are safe” lie is based on a massive, orchestrated vaccine damage cover-up known as the “secret vaccine court” which only pays money out to the families of vaccine victims if they sign non-disclosure agreements. So far, that court has paid out over $3 billion in the U.S. alone. Secondly, the “vaccines work great” lie is becoming such an obvious farce that only vaccine-damaged people believe it anymore. Find the healthiest person you know and ask them if they get routinely vaccinated. The answer, more often than not, will be, “No way.”

It also turns out that black folks often refuse vaccine shots for precisely the right reason. They remember Tuskegee… (need I say more?)

BIG SCIENCE LIE #3) There are an infinite number of genders, and a person can instantly and magically override their gene expression by spontaneously wishing to be something they are not. If you disagree with this, you are an intolerant bigot.

A decade ago, there used to be just two genders. Then there were four, and now we’re told there are an infinite number of genders. This quack science madness is endorsed by none other than Bill Nye, the biggest science clown of our time, who once believed in genetics but now believes in popular delusions, rainbow wishes and flying unicorns. That’s the new “science” of a society gone insane.

BIG SCIENCE LIE #4) Everything in the universe is caused by climate change.

Hot weather is caused by climate change. COLD weather is caused by climate change. Pet constipation is caused by climate change. Your burned toast is caused by climate change, too. In fact, refugees, wars, stock market corrections and lack of sleep are all caused by climate change, according to modern science (which seems deeply invested in climate change narratives to explain absolutely everything). If you read the science headlines like I do each day, you’d be amazed to discover how nearly everything imaginable is being blamed on “climate change.” The insanity is so intense that new scientific studies are now declaring “climate change” caused mass migration events almost a century before the invention of the combustion engine.

Yep, climate change is so bad that it can actually reach back in time and alter historical events that took place long before fossil fuels ever really entered the picture. Wow, that’s some scary climate change!

Climate change is such a threat to all existence, it turns out, that the scientists at the CERN supercollider aren’t even looking for the “God particle” anymore… they’re trying to find the climate change particle upon which the rest of the material universe is apparently based. If they fail to find it, the Big Bang will go into reverse solely because of climate change. And then the entire universe will shrink back to the size of one dark, incredibly dense human [email protected]@hole named Al Gore.

BIG SCIENCE LIE #5) All herbs, nutrients, dietary supplements, chiropractic care and Chinese Medicine treatments are completely worthless and might even kill you, but statin drugs will save your life.

According to the utterly discredited legacy media that’s funded by obnoxious Big Pharma ads, nutrition is worthless, herbs are worthless, Chinese Medicine doesn’t work and taking care of your health is foolish. What you really need, the “science” and “medicine” hucksters on CNN insist, is a fist full of pharma pills to treat all your symptoms.

Yep, you don’t need real nutrition: You need chemicals! That’s what the dumbed-down media tells you during every advertising break, isn’t it? Take more pills and you’ll be healthy, they claim… except that in reality, the more pills you take the sicker you become. That’s Big Pharma’s entire business plan at work: Repeat business.

BIG SCIENCE LIE #6) The brain-damaging fluoride in the water supply is added because the government deeply cares about your dental health.

Oh yes, didn’t you know? The same deep state government that conspires to overthrow a democratic election, pollute the waterways of Native American reservations and wage depopulation campaigns against black people wants you to believe that it cares deeply about your oral health. Fluoride is a gift to you from the government, no strings attached! It’s just the government’s way of doing good in the world by dripping a little brain-damaging poison into the water supply.

Never mind the fact that if the same chemicals were dumped into a river, that act would be a gross violation of federal law. By dripping it slowly into your drinking water, the government has masterminded a way to get rid of toxic waste by filtering it through the bodies of the citizens first. Oh yeah, and they really, really care deeply about your teeth. Maybe next they’ll come up with another chemical that protects your toenails, then dump that into the water too, so that all the citizens of the country can imbibe even more chemicals without a prescription or diagnosis of any kind, just like they do with fluoride.

Did you ever notice that state medical boards insist you can’t have medication without a doctor’s prescription, then they turn around and dump a mass medication called “fluoride” into the water supply, all without a single prescription or diagnosis? Hmmm…

BIG SCIENCE LIE #7) Exposure to toxic chemicals, heavy metals, chemotherapy and pesticides doesn’t cause cancer. Cancer is caused entirely by random chance and cannot be prevented or cured.

According to the for-profit cancer industry, you getting cancer is sort of like winning the lottery. For them, anyway. Because they profit from your disease.

But the last thing they want you to realize is that you have near-total control over your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals in foods, medicines, personal care products and even your immediate environment (indoor air, etc.) Every cancer has a cause for the simple reason that no disease is random and spontaneous. But the cancer industry wants you to believe in “black magic” striking without warning, hoping you will be stupid enough to swallow the lie that you just “got” cancer, rather than the sobering truth that cancer never happens spontaneously or without cause.

If you believe in science, you can’t believe in the cancer’ industry’s “black magic” voodoo explanations that try to disconnect diseases from their causes. Any doctor that tells you, “There’s nothing you could have done to prevent this cancer” is either a liar or a fool. Of course cancer can be prevented.

BIG SCIENCE LIE #8) All the top science authorities and medical experts never lie and never engage in propaganda motivated by politics or profit. They can all be trusted without question.

Science “authorities” always behave with god-like ethics and morality, we’re told, and they never resort to petty tactics like lying, altering data, burying studies, misrepresenting their findings or unfairly smearing their opponents. No, “science” is infallible. Science is your new God. Science is the answer to all things, and it cannot fail because it is proclaimed to be “self-correcting,” sort of like God.

The only thing required on your part is to have faith in science. In fact, you need so much faith that it overrides all critical thinking, rational scrutiny or evidence that doesn’t fit the current narrative. Once you have sufficient faith in “science,” you will be invited into the scientific inner circle, where you too can preach the faith while condemning the heretics who don’t blindly follow your faith-based “scientism” dogma. Because, after all, science cultists already know they’re completely correct. Why would they need any evidence to back up their faith-based beliefs?

BIG SCIENCE LIE #9) It’s perfectly safe to saturated all your food with glyphosate herbicide, because Monsanto assures us all that it’s just as harmless as Agent Orange, which Monsanto also manufactured and insisted was harmless.

Don’t worry about eating glyphosate, the ubiquitous weedkiller branded “Roundup” and sold by Monsanto. It’s completely safe and worry-free. New and improved. Doctor-recommended. Fast-acting, expertly reformulated and government-approved. Glyphosate is tasteless, odorless and harmless, we’re told. It’s so harmless that it is the single most effective “nerve-gas-style” killer of botanical life, which is what makes it such a potent weed killer.

But don’t worry, you’re not a weed, are you? Come to think of it, Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger often referred to black people as “human weeds” … which is why Monsanto is sort of like a chemical abortion manufacturing operation for plants.

Continuing that thought, evil, powerful corporations once used to “round up” black slaves in Africa, but now they just spray all the soul food with glyphosate Roundup and exploit black folks for cancer industry profits. That’s why Dr. Farid Fata, who ran a mostly black cancer treatment center in Detroit, diagnosed every patient with cancer, slammed them into a chemotherapy “treatment” chair and billed Medicare and Medicaid for tens of millions of dollars in treatment fees. He eventually got caught and is now serving 24 years in federal prison. But thousands of mostly black Detroit residents ended up being poisoned with chemotherapy toxins in the process. Anything for a profit, it seems, when you’re running a cancer racket, right?

Glyphosate and cancer go together like milk and cookies. That is, if the milk was laced with arsenic and the gluten-free cookies caused you to keel over and die.

BIG SCIENCE LIE #10) Your baby isn’t fat. You’re not a bad parent.

Hey, new moms! No, your baby isn’t fat. You’re not a bad parent. You’re not completely ignorant on what you’re supposed to feed a human baby. No, your baby just has an extra twenty pounds of “baby fat.” It’s gonna grow up big and strong! Pass the margarine and Rice Krispies. Feed ’em more homogenized, pasteurized milk and sugared-up cookies. Nobody’s actually “fat” anymore; they’re just “oversized.”

It’s good to train them early, too, because once they grow up looking like obese slobs, you can teach them how to “play the victim” and attack people for their “fat shaming.” Your problem isn’t YOU, it’s all those other people who are fat shaming, you see. Obesity isn’t really a disease if you don’t want it to be. Just say you’re “trans-morphic” and claim you now self-identify as a 125 lb. dainty woman, even if you’re a 350-lb. obese man. After all, if men can now claim to be women, why can’t obese men claim to be petite women, too?

Haven’t you noticed the tidal wave of incredibly fat babies across the country lately? Where are all these fat babies coming from? Oh wait, yeah… fat parents. But it isn’t genetic, it’s just trans-generational stupidity and self-delusion. But as long as you feel good about your parenting, that’s the important thing, right? Reality doesn’t matter to progressive society anymore; it’s all about making sure you feel okay about the nutritional child abuse you’re committing.

Oh, and by the way. Your family dog is obese, too. You might want to lay off the rice-based dog food, since dogs aren’t supposed to eat rice in the first place. If your dog gets any fatter, it’s going to cause your fat baby to completely freak out and start screaming in terror. And then fat mom and fat dad will have to waddle down the hallway to find out why their fat baby is beating their fat dog with a dirty diaper. You get the picture…

Wouldn’t it be awesome if doctors just found the courage to tell those parents, “Hey, your baby is TOO FREAKING FAT!” And yes, it’s your fault! Your baby can’t shop for groceries, okay? It doesn’t have a credit card or an ATM. Your baby is fat because you kept feeding it when you should have stopped. Have some boundaries, for God’s sake. If your 12-month baby weighs more than your neighbor’s mature Labrador, there’s something wrong with your grip on reality.

Enjoy 2018, and be sure to spot all the science lies in the fake news media all year long

All joking aside, stay alert and you’ll spot all these science lies in the fake news media over the next 12 months.

Then again, why are you watching the fake news media at all?



Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-01-02-the-top-ten-really-big-science-lies-of-2018-all-spelled-out-in-advance-to-save-you-a-whole-years-worth-of-reading-the-fake-news-media.html

Bitcoin Is Now Worth More Than Wal-Mart (The Entire Company)

Would you rather own 100% of Wal-Mart or every Bitcoin in existence?  At one point such a question would have been completely absurd, but now things have changed.  As I write this article, Wal-Mart has a market cap of 287.68 billion dollars.  Wal-Mart is the king of the retail industry in America, and nobody else is even close.  Bitcoin, on the other hand, is an entirely digital creation that did not even exist until 2009.  No government or central bank in the entire world recognizes it as a legitimate currency, and there are very, very few retail establishments that are willing to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.  And yet at this moment, Bitcoin has a market cap of 310 billion dollars.

When the year began, Bitcoin had just crossed the $1,000 threshold, and now it is selling for more than $18,000.  Of course other cryptocurrencies have been rising at an even faster pace.  We have never seen anything quite like this before, and some are warning that this is a giant bubble that is about to burst

Axel Weber, the board chairman of big bank UBS, has warned of a possible Bitcoin currency crash. With increasing numbers of small investors jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, it is time for regulators to intervene, he says.

Bitcoin has surged from $1,000 (CHF990) at the start of the year to above $16,000.

The risks are due to a design fault, which leads to huge currency swings in both directions, Weber said in an interview with the NZZ am Sonntagexternal link. “We as a bank have very consciously warned against this product, because we do not consider it valid and sustainable,” said Weber.

Of course similar things could be said about the stock market.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up more than 34 percent in 2017 even though underlying economic activity does not support such ridiculous valuations.

Ultimately, the reason why Bitcoin is so valuable today is because people believe in it.

Those that believed in Bitcoin from the very beginning were relentless in promoting it, and that tight-knit community provided the foundation for what we are witnessing today.  The following comes from Wolf Richter

Libertarians flocked to its banner, because of the potential that Bitcoin offered, as a decentralized form of money. Bitcoin was for the community, maintained by the community and was the community.

Community was a key word. It was a word that was paramount to the success of Bitcoin. Without it, we wouldn’t see the staggering numbers we see today. This push ever onward by the community is why Bitcoin was able to get its footing and build the foundation it vitally needed to survive and prosper.

But could it be possible that the powers that be actually wanted us to embrace Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Could it even be possible that blockchain technology will someday be used as the foundation for the coming cashless society that we have heard so much about?

I would like for you to take a few moments to consider what Mike Adams of Natural News has reported

First, take a look at this document entitled, “How to make a mint: The cryptography of anonymous electronic cash.” This document, released in 1997 — yes, twenty years ago — detailed the overall structure and function of Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Who authored the document? Try not to be shocked when you learn it was authored by “mathematical cryptographers at the National Security Agency’s Office of Information Security Research and Technology.”

The NSA, in other words, detailed key elements of Bitcoin long before Bitcoin ever came into existence. Much of the Bitcoin protocol is detailed in this document, including signature authentication techniques, eliminating cryptocoin counterfeits through transaction authentication and several features that support anonymity and untraceability of transactions.


I was stunned when I read that.

And Mike Adams has also pointed out that “the agency is also the creator of the SHA-256 hash upon which every Bitcoin transaction in the world depends.”

The powers that be could have destroyed Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a long time ago if they had wanted to do so.

But they haven’t.

This has always puzzled me, and up until just recently I never had a good answer for why it had not happened yet.  Could it be possible that they have actually wanted the public to embrace this new technology?  Brandon Smith certainly seems to think so…

Ask yourself this: Why is it that central banks around the world (including the BIS and IMF) are investing in Bitcoin and other crytpocurrencies while developing their own crypto systems based on a similar framework? Could it be that THIS infusion of capital and infrastructure from major banks is the most likely explanation for the incredible spike in the bitcoin market? Why is it that globalist banking conglomerates like Goldman Sachs lavish blockchain technology with praise in their white papers? And, why are central bankers like Ben Bernanke speaking in favor of crypto at major cryptocurrency conferences if crypto is such a threat to central bank control?

Answer — because it is not a threat. They benefit from a cashless system, and liberty champions are helping to give it to them.

Once the public fully accepts blockchain technology, all it is going to take is some sort of massive “cryptocurrency crisis” for cries for government control to reach a crescendo.

But for now the cryptocurrency revolution is rolling along, and the general public is enthusiastically embracing a cashless technology that permanently tracks and records every single transaction.  As an editorial on Zero Hedge has noted, the elite could end this experiment at any time, but instead it appears that it may actually be serving their purposes…

Regardless if the blockchain is a distributed network that cannot be stopped, all one must do is outlaw the use and/or conversion of Bitcoin to the local coin of the realm to immediately stop its rapid, and profitable, propagation. Since this has not occurred to date, one must surmise there is a reason for not doing so.

All the police state needs to do is cry national security and the curtain comes down on the Bitcoin stage (d) production. You do not need to destroy the rebel force in order to render it ineffective.

While the deep state and its minions are rarely of one mind about a multitude of issues, witness the constant infighting and jockeying for position, nothing clears the mind or clarifies its purpose like the certain knowledge of imminent demise. If Bitcoin, blockchain and the hundreds of other cryptocurrencies were the mortal danger loudly advertised by the Bitcoin ideologies, it would be squashed in a New York minute.

If the elite had tried to force a cashless system on all of us, there would have been a tremendous amount of backlash.

But now the entire globe is gleefully embracing “the cryptocurrency revolution”, and most do not even realize that this is a giant step toward a cashless society.

As long as “the cryptocurrency revolution” remains outside of the grip of governments and central banks, it will be a good thing.  But once the elite start cracking down and taking control, everything will change.

Michael Snyder is a Republican candidate for Congress in Idaho’s First Congressional District, and you can learn how you can get involved in the campaign on his official website. His new book entitled “Living A Life That Really Matters” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com.

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Disbelief as Boston Globe confirms median net worth of black Bostonians is $8

black women


The Boston Globe had to explain there were no typographical errors in its report about Boston’s black community. Readers contacted the paper after it reported the median net worth of African-American households in the Boston area is a paltry $8.

The Boston Globe’s Spotlight investigation team cited the statistic in its first installment of a series focusing on Boston’s black community and the city’s reputation as one of the most racist urban regions in America.

Sandwiched between other realities facing African-Americans living in the periphery of Massachusetts’ capital, the eyebrow-raising statistic left many readers wondering if the number was a typo, prompting the Boston Globe to write a follow-up article the next day, on December 11, titled: “That was no typo: The median net worth of black Bostonians really is $8.”

The $8 figure comes from a 2015 report authored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Duke University, and the New School. According to the report, the median household net worth in the Greater Boston region is $247,500 for whites, $8 for US blacks, $12,000 for Caribbean blacks, $3,020 for Puerto Ricans and $0 for Dominicans.

The Globe’s follow-up article noted that net worth is determined by subtracting debts from assets, which means that blacks and Dominicans in Greater Boston “owe almost as much as the combined value of what they own – if they own anything at all.”

While the economic security of Boston-area blacks may be conspicuously dicey, studies point to a nationwide trend of African-American households haemorrhaging wealth.

A recent report by the People’s Policy Project, an economic think tank, found that black wealth suffered considerably during the Obama administration.

“Between 2007 and 2016, the average wealth of the bottom 99 percent decreased by $4,500. This decline was particularly concentrated among the housing wealth of African-Americans. Outside of home equity, black wealth recovered its 2007 level by 2016. But average black home equity was still $16,700 less. Meanwhile, over the same period, the average wealth of the top 1% increased by $4.9 million,” the report concluded.

Citing the report, the left-leaning Jacobin magazine said that “the first black president in American history turned out to be a disaster for black wealth.”

Race aside, income inequality continues to balloon in the United States. The richest 1 percent of families controlled a record-high 38.6 percent of the country’s wealth in 2016, according to a Federal Reserve report published in September. That’s nearly twice as much as the bottom 90 percent, which has seen its wealth continue to erode.

Presently, one in five American households now have zero or negative wealth. The appalling statistics have even caught the eye of international human rights watchdogs.

A special envoy of the UN is currently investigating poverty in the self-declared leader of the free world. Last week, The UN investigator said that parts of rural Alabama displayed some of the worst levels of poverty in the developed world.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/371111-Disbelief-as-Boston-Globe-confirms-median-net-worth-of-black-Bostonians-is-8

Woman accused of swapping barcodes at Walmart paid only $3.70 for $1,800 worth of electronics

A Florida woman was arrested on Monday after attempting to carry out one of the most interesting robberies we’ve ever seen.

Cheyenne Amber West, a 25-year-old mother from Fort Pierce, was charged with felony grand theft and felony shoplifting after said she rang up $1,824 worth of electronics for just $3.70 at a Walmart self-checkout, according to the TC Palm.

The suspect and her mom, Alicia West, allegedly picked up several high-priced items from the store’s electronics department, including video games and a laptop, and covered up the barcodes with stickers of merchandise from the store’s clearance department.

A loss prevention officer at Walmart took notice of the pair and stopped them before they could make off with the “discounted” goods.

“I am just trying to get gifts for my son that I cannot afford,” West told a responding deputy. “The computer is for my husband. Since he just got me a Coach purse, I figured he deserved something nice, as well.”

West is currently being held at the Indian River County Jail in Florida on a $3,000 bond.

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/woman-accused-swapping-barcodes-walmart-212521914.html

Hezbollah: one of the few causes worth supporting in the Middle East

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