San Francisco Streets More Filthy Than Third World Slums

San Francisco Streets More Filthy Than Third World Slums

February 19th, 2018

Via: NBC:

How dirty is San Francisco? An NBC Bay Area Investigation reveals a dangerous mix of drug needles, garbage, and feces throughout downtown San Francisco. The Investigative Unit surveyed 153 blocks of the city – the more than 20-mile stretch includes popular tourist spots like Union Square and major hotel chains. The area – bordered by Van Ness Avenue, Market Street, Post Street and Grant Avenue – is also home to City Hall, schools, playgrounds, and a police station.

“If you do get stuck with these disposed needles you can get HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and a variety of other viral diseases,� said Dr. Lee Riley, an infectious disease expert at University of California, Berkeley. He warned that once fecal matter dries, it can become airborne, releasing potentially dangerous viruses, such as the rotavirus. “If you happen to inhale that, it can also go into your intestine,� he said. The results can prove fatal, especially in children.

Riley has researched conditions across the poorest slums of the world. His book titled, “Slum Health,� examines health problems that are created by extreme poverty.

Based on the findings of the Investigative Unit survey, Riley believes parts of the city may be even dirtier than slums in some developing countries.

“The contamination is … much greater than communities in Brazil or Kenya or India,� he said. He notes that in those countries, slum dwellings are often long-term homes for families and so there is an attempt to make the surroundings more livable. Homeless communities in San Francisco, however, are often kicked out from one part of town and forced to relocate to another. The result is extreme contamination, according to Riley.




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Western world leaders caught up in web of lies and war crimes

accusations against Russia made by the US and its NATO


The torrent of reckless false accusations against Russia made by the US and its NATO allies is hitting warp speed.

This week saw more baseless allegations of Russian cyber attacks on American elections and British industries.

There were also crass claims by US officials that Russia was behind so-called sonic attacks on American diplomats in Cuba.

Then a Dutch foreign minister was forced to resign after he finally admitted telling lies for the past two years over alleged Russian plans for regional aggression.

Elsewhere, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson claimed this week during a tour of the Middle East that “the primary goal” of his nation’s involvement in Syria is “to defeat” Islamic State (Daesh) terrorism.

This is patently false given that the US forces illegally occupying parts of Syria are launching lethal attacks on Syrian armed forces who are actually fighting Islamic State and their myriad terrorist affiliates.

Meanwhile, US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley accused Russia of blocking peace efforts in Syria – another audacious falsehood to add to her thick compendium of calumny.

Perhaps the most barefaced falsehood transpired this week when French President Emmanuel Macron candidly admitted that his government did not have any proof of chemical weapons being used in Syria.

“Today, our agencies, our armed forces have not established that chemical weapons, as set out in treaties, have been used against the civilian population,” said Macron to media in Paris.

His admission follows that of US Defense Secretary James Mattis who also fessed up earlier this month to having no evidence of chemical weapons being deployed in Syria.

“We have other reports from the battlefield from people who claim it’s been used,” said Mattis to reporters at the Pentagon. “We do not have evidence of it.”

Yet, only a few weeks ago, the French and US government were condemning Syrian President Assad for alleged use of chemical weapons by his forces. France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also accused Russia of bearing responsibility because of its alliance with Damascus.

But now we are told that the French and US governments do not, in fact, have any evidence concerning chemical weapons in Syria.

This is in spite of US President Donald Trump unleashing over 50 Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Arab country last April in purported reprisal for the “Syrian regime” dropping chemical munitions on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib Province on April 4 2017.

Macron went on to make the absurd declaration this week that “if” chemical weapons were found to be used then he would order military strikes on Syria.

Both Syria and Russia have categorically and repeatedly rejected claims of using chemical weapons, pointing out that Syria’s stockpile was eliminated back in 2014 under a UN-brokered deal.

When Mattis said “we have reports from the battlefield” he was referring to groups like the CIA covertly-sponsored terrorist outfit Al Nusra Front and their media outlet, the so-called White Helmets.

Western news media footage over the past two weeks seemingly depicting Syrian and Russian air strikes on civilian areas is sourced from the White Helmets. This group is embedded with Al Nusra.

The same warped narrative claiming Syrian and Russian violations during the liberation of Aleppo from the terrorists at the end of 2016 is being played out again in East Ghouta and Idlib. And again the Western news media are amplifying the dubious propaganda from the likes of the White Helmets as if it is independent, verified information.

This week in Paris Abdulrahman Almawwas, the so-called vice president of the White Helmets, which also go by the name of Syria Civil Defense, told the Reuters news agency that France and other NATO powers must intervene in Syria.

“It’s time to take real action and not just talk about red lines,” said Almawwas, who was clearly disappointed after hearing Macron’s admission of no evidence for chemical weapons.

Tellingly, the White Helmets’ envoy was hosted by senior French government officials while in Paris, including Macron’s chief diplomatic advisor, according to Reuters.

He also went on to complain – unwittingly – that the White Helmets have received less funding from foreign governments this year compared with last year.

Reuters reported: “Almawwas said the group’s financing for 2018 from foreign governments [sic] had dropped to $12 million from $18 million a year earlier.”

According to the White Helmets’ own website, the foreign governments whom they receive financing from include: the United States, Britain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Canada, among others.

In other words, this so-called humanitarian relief organization is a NATO-sponsored entity, which evidently operates freely in areas of Syria controlled by Al Nusra and other internationally proscribed terror groups.

And this is the same “source” which has been used by the NATO governments and Western news media to disseminate claims about Syrian state forces using chemical weapons against civilians – claims which senior US and French officials are now belatedly negating.

What we have here is demonstrable peddling of falsehoods and lies by Western governments and their news media.

Not just with regard to the war in Syria, but on a range of other international incendiary issues, as noted above.

Accusing Russia of aggression, nuclear threats, sabotaging elections, targeting civilian infrastructure which could “kill thousands and thousands” (British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson last month), or any number of other wild allegations, is symptomatic of sociopathic lying by Western governments.

The reckless falsehoods and lies espoused by the US and its European allies are made possible because of the reprehensible servility of Western media not holding to account the wild claims that they willfully disseminate.

This relentless propagation of lies is an appalling incitement to tensions, conflict and war.

Engaging in war fever is not only irresponsible. It is in fact a war crime, according to Nuremberg legal standards.

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Yet another "World’s tallest timber tower" going up in Norway

It may be treesonous of me to say this, but we should stop this silly competition to be tallest.

If you search TreeHugger you will find eight posts with the words “tallest timber tower“. Here is the latest- an 18 story building in Brumunddal, a small town in Norway.

Brumunddal from water© Moeleven Limtre via Archdaily

When you look at a photograph or Google map of Brumundal, the first thing you might wonder is- why does anyone need an 18 story building here, especially one that is pushing the edge of the technical envelope like this?

The second thing you might wonder is, what happened to Brock Commons at 18 stories, isn’t it the world’s tallest timber tower? Well, no, because evidently the rules, as set by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) that runs the worlds tallest buildings lists, have changed, and it is now calling buildings like Brock Commons “wood-concrete Hybrids” because it has a concrete core of elevators and fire exits instead of being 100 percent wood. It’s not pure enough.

I am wondering if perhaps we are at the point where this competition to be the tallest timber tower is just getting silly, especially when the Scandinavians are brilliant at designing mid-rise buildings that make far more sense in wood.

After meeting Anthony Thistleton and and discussing his Dalston Lanes project, I wrote:

Neither Thistleton or Waugh have much time for the super-tall wood towers that architects are competing to build, and prefer to build mid-rise. I think they are right, that it is a better typology for CLT and wood construction. That’s why I have written that With wood on the rise, it’s time to bring back the Euroloaf. This is what wood buildings want to be.

Writing in Dezeen, Clare Farrow says much the same thing.

In fact, Andrew Waugh’s argument is that we don’t necessarily need to be thinking of wooden skyscrapers in London, however seductive the concept is, but rather of increasing density across the board. He is thinking more in terms of 10-15 storey buildings, which many believe to be the comfortable height for human beings. What is needed, he argues, is a broader political understanding of the potential of engineered timber.

When you watch the arty videos about Mjøstårnet, there is a lot about finding new solutions to old questions, but it never tells us what the questions are. When you read the ArchDaily post, there is a lot about the engineering.

Mjøstårnet has a base width of 16 meters but Abrahamsen believes that it is possible to build taller if this is increased: “It’s mainly the width that determines how tall we may build a timber building. Greater width means the building sways less. A wider building would make it unproblematic to build higher than 100 meters, and even perhaps 150 meters or more….. The main issue in the construction is the lightweight property of the timber frame that can sway up to 140 millimeters at the top when faced with the strong winds of the region. To eliminate this problem, concrete floor slabs will be used on the seven top floors to increase the weight towards the top and slow down the swaying. The building will also be anchored into the ground with piles up to 50 meters deep.

Really, these guys are fighting nature to keep the building upright and in the ground.

Dalston Lane Plan© Waugh Thistleton

Waugh Thistleton had the same problem in London with Dalston Lanes, noting that a problem with such a light building isn’t holding it up, but holding it down. Wind loads become more important. So they designed the building to be low and castle-like, built around courtyards, spread out instead of tall. The form of the building was a reflection of the qualities of the building material. I described it as “the built form that defines great European cities.”

base of building© Moeleven Limtre via Archdaily

Louis Kahn famously asked a brick what it wanted to be, and it apparently responded ‘I like an arch.’ Waugh Thistleton look at the properties of wood, and it wants to be low and wide. Rune Abrahamsen and Voll Arkitekter try to make it tall and skinny and have to load it down with concrete and tie it down with piles. Just because they want to build the world’s tallest building, a title it might hold for a couple of months.

Perhaps we should do a little re-think about this “tallest wood building” thing. Instead, how about designing around the people who live in them and around the nature of the material they are built from, which for hundreds of years has been low and wide rather than tall and thin.

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The UK Signals That World War III Is Here

North Korea does not sneeze without permission from China. Every North Korean provocation is the direct result Beijing’s master plan to unseat America as the dominant trading power in Asia. If the United States goes to war with North Korea, it will also go to war with China.

Good morning, welcome to World War III. It is one thing for two nations to enter into a dispute, however, when the allies get involved, conflict is certainly only a stone’s throw away.

In a clear case of supoosting America’s position in maintaining freedom of the seas in international waters, the UK has decided to take very decisive action toward China within their own backyard.

From Press TV:

British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson told The Australiannewspaper on Tuesday HMS Sutherland, a Type 23 frigate, will travel through the key trading lane after concluding a visit to Australia.

If Britain went ahead with its plan, it would become what is believed to be only the second country after the United States to assert what it calls freedom of navigation rights in waters, which China controls.

Beijing has, on different occasions, asserted its sovereignty over nearly all of the South China Sea, which serves as a crossing for more $ 5 trillion worth of maritime trade annually. The sea is also claimed in part by the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The US has accused China of implementing what it calls a land reclamation program in the South China Sea by building artificial islands in the disputed areas.

However, Beijing has maintained that Washington meddles in the regional issues and deliberately stirs up tensions in the contested waters…

The Common Sense Show has covered China’s increasingly aggressive foreign policy positions like few others.However, even the MSM is picking up on the crisis unfolding in Asia.

Fox News released a report which clearly shows that China is militarizing artificially created Islands in the disputed are of the South China Sea. I wrote about this possibility in previous articles, last year, and concluded that what China is doing is illegal, under international law, and als0 constitutes an act of war.

Previous research indicates that Chinese foreign policy has three main goals at the present moment:

  1. China seeks to conquer most of Asia to support its need for the natural resources of industrialization. This will be the primary topic of Part Two of this series. China is experiencing monumental growth in its industrialization efforts. Suffice it to say for now, China needs massive industrialization materials which it does not have. This need to procure the element of industrialization places China in a similar position to pre-World War II Japan which faced the same dilemma. China has attempted to leverage its position by closing the South China Sea to trade as well taking advantage of the Korean conflict to aggressively move on its neighbors if conflict comes to fruition in North Korea.
  2. China is clearly using the artificially manufactured North Korean situation as a smokescreen to invite conflict in Korea from which they will take full advantage as evidenced by the fact that the Chinese have moved 300,000 soldiers to their border with North Korea. These troops are not gathered on the border to invade NK, they are there, as tomorrow’s article will posit, to tie up American military forces in Korea in order that China can luanch its  planned imperialistic invasion of its Asian neighbors in order to procure the natural resources needed to maximizing their industrialization efforts.
  3. In the event of any Korean conflict, China will immediately move on Taiwan and recapture their “lost province”.  Taiwan knows it could be invaded at any time and they have recently conducted massive military defense drills which rehearsed for this possibility. How do we know of China’s aggressive intentions toward Taiwan, China has already tipped their hand.

The defensive drill conducted by Taiwan was in clear response to China’s drill in which the communist super power rehearsed seizing Taiwan as covered by Reuters in the following press release that largely went uncovered after it was published on December 17, 2017.

China’s air force carried out another round of long-range drills on Monday, flying into the Sea of Japan and prompting South Korean and Japanese jets to scramble, and again around self-ruled Taiwan amid growing tension over China’s assertiveness.

China has in recent months ramped up its long-range air force drills, particularly around Taiwan, claimed by China as its own.

This is where this article began. The Chinese, as evidenced by the following map are militarzing the South China Sea while they are simultaneously shutting down these open water trading routes. What China is doing is both illegal and an act of war.

China's rapidly growing perimeter which will protect Chinese invasion forces when they attack Taiwan.


Vietnam, Malaysia and most of all, the Philippines are impacted by aggressive Chinese action in the region.

In response, US Army is escalating the situation to another level as they are seriously discussing the possibility of sending mobile artillery units to the region in order to challenge the Chinese threat.

In the event of World War III, it comes as not surprise that China will seize Taiwan. When one keeps this at the forefront of their mind, the actions of the Chinese military makes a great deal of sense.

The UK has drawn a line in the sand with regard to the West’s position on this issue. However, what has been reported in this article, is mostly window dressing. The symbolism of the UK action cannot be overstated.

In actuality, the real issue is much bigger than what is reported here. The real agenda and what likely will happen next will be covered in Part Two.


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Bigger spuds: Feminist outrage at gender inequality of ‘world pinnacle in potato racing’

The Robertson Potato Race is held every year in the quaint farming town known as ‘Robbo’ to its denizens and nestled into the New South Wales Southern Highlands. It is described as “the world pinnacle in potato racing” and features competitors scrambling 400 meters around an oval track with a sack of spuds on each of their backs.

The race is part of the town’s Australian Championship Potato Races, founded in 1969 and all part of the festivities at the yearly Robbo Agricultural Show.

However, this year’s race has been clouded by controversy regarding its unequal prizemoney. First place in the men’s event – in which runners lug a hefty 50kg bag of potatoes – would see the winner net a cool AU$1,000 (US$794), with $300 going to the first local over the line.

The prizemoney for the women’s race – in which competitors carry around a significantly-lighter 12.5kg bag – stands at $200, with no such incentive for the first local finisher.

Concerned over the “disappointing” gender pay gap in the potato race, Tait, a Robbo local and journalist for national broadcaster ABC, set out to balance the prizemoney for men and women before the race date on March 3 through a GoFundMe account.

“Okay, so the Robertson Show Women’s Potato Race Prize is $800 less than the men’s prize. I’m pledging $100 towards making it equal. Does anyone else want to kick in? No donation to [sic] small or big!” Tait tweeted after establishing the crowdfunding page.

“People of Australia LET’S UNITE and make the Robertson Potato Race equal in prize money for the women legends hauling a bag of potatoes around a show ground oval. WE CAN DO THIS,” she added.

Her social media campaign quickly gathered steam and at the time of writing donations had far surpassed its $1,450 goal and stood at $1,765 – nearly nine times the original prizemoney.

“That the prizemoney is so unequal makes me so disappointed. Disappointed for the woman who wins. Disappointed for the young girls watching a huge deal being made of the men’s race. Disappointed for the fans of the race who would love to see the women’s race valued as much as the men’s,” Tait said in an interview with the Guardian.

Robertson Show Committee member and former President Rosemary Turner explained that the committee was unhappy with the fundraiser. She said the women and junior races were introduced some years ago to allow participants to carry fewer potatoes than the 50kg load, and the prizemoney was then set according to weight, according to the ABC.

READ MORE: ‘Not just about looking pretty’: Grid girls slam F1 decision to ditch female roles at races

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Nigel Farge Is Correct, the World Needs to Deal with George Soros

George Soros, the godfather of the left, has started into motion the seeds for a racial genocide for White America. He is promoting racial violence in America. He is the driving force behind the sedition that is CALEXIT. Soros is even biting the hand that feeds him. GHe is now trying to promote BREXIT. Nigel Farge is correct, the world needs to find a way to deal with George Soros. What is the answer?



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Svart, a gorgeous hotel by Snøhetta will meet the world’s toughest energy standard

PassiveHouse is for wimps; The Powerhouse standard is crazy tough. And these Norwegians do it in the dark.

The Norwegian Powerhouse energy standard is far and away, the toughest in the world. In fact, I once described it as “crazy talk”– the building is not only Net Zero Energy, balancing energy production and energy purchases over the course of the year. It’s not only Passive House. It is “plus energy”.

A Powerhouse shall during its lifetime produce more renewable energy than it uses for materials, production, operation, renovation and demolition.

That’s the full embodied energy in all the materials and construction equipment and trucks doing deliveries for the construction of the building, paid back over the estimated 60 year life of the building, generated through self-produced solar, wind, and cooling from the sea, air or the ground via heat pump. And this is in freaking Norway, north of the Arctic circle, where the sun barely shines much of the year. Where some would say that Passive House is not practical and solar power is impossible. It’s nuts.

Yet somehow, Snøhetta keeps doing it; Svart is their third Powerhouse or Zero Energy Building. And they are all gorgeous.

Svart is a hotel built north of the Arctic circle at the foot of the Svartisen glacier in northern Norway. The design “is inspired local vernacular architecture in the form of the “fiskehjell” (A-shaped wooden structure for drying fish) and the “rorbue” (a traditional type of seasonal house used by fishermen).” It is built primarily out of wood, and supported on “weather resistant wooden poles stretching several meters below the surface of the fjord. The poles ensure that the building physically places a minimal footprint in the pristine nature, and gives the building an almost transparent appearance.”

Snøhetta’s founder, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, is quoted:

It was important for us to design a sustainable building that will leave a minimal environmental footprint on this beautiful Northern nature. Building an energy positive and low-impact hotel is an essential factor to create a sustainable tourist destination respecting the unique features of the plot; the rare plant species, the clean waters and the blue ice of the Svartisen glacier.

There are many who say that worrying about embodied energy is silly and pointless; that plastic foam saves much more energy than is used in making it, and that concrete lasts forever, so who cares. John Straube has written that “scientific life-cycle energy analyses have repeatedly found that the energy used in the operation and maintenance of buildings dwarf the so-called “embodied” energy of the materials.” In Positive Energy Homes, the authors say that it really doesn’t matter in the long run and that it is not ever lost because everything can be reused if you are careful, “the landfills of today will become the hardware stores of tomorrow.”

So why would anyone develop such a tough standard that makes you pay all that embodied energy back?

The answer is simple. There are many ways to build an energy efficient building, but we have choices about which materials we use. Do we choose materials that take a lot of energy and fossil fuels to make and put out tons of CO2 in a massive hit right now, or do we strive to generate as little as possible and treat it as a loan we pay back? As the Powerhouse people note,

We believe that energy-positive buildings are the buildings of the future. An energy-positive building is a building which during its operational phase generates more energy than what was used for the production of building materials, its construction, operation and disposal. The building is therefore transformed from being part of the energy problem to becoming part of the energy solution.

embodied energy in Larvik House© Snohetta/ Larvik House

It is a lot easier pay back the loan if you don’t use materials with high embodied energy like concrete, plastic or aluminum. It is interesting to note that in Snøhetta’s Larvik House, by far the biggest pile of embodied energy was in the solar panels; the next biggest element was the exterior walls, most probably due to the glazing.

Seriously, PassiveHouse is for wimps and don’t even get me started about PHIUS; Snøhetta has demonstrated once again that they can design stunningly gorgeous buildings, north of the Arctic circle, that meet the toughest energy standard in the world, and do it in the dark. Nothing else even comes close. Here is a link to the full Powerhouse standard (PDF); read it and weep.

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Lacking Self-Awareness, CNN Admits North Korea Manipulated ‘World Attention’ at the Olympics

CNN’s The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
February 13, 2018
5:01 p.m. Eastern [TEASE]


WOLF BLITZER: And family affair. North Korea’s brutal dictator welcomes his sister back from the Olympics. Despite the smiles, U.S. intelligence chiefs say North Korea’s charm offensive may not have worked can. Anything convince the young dictator to negotiate?


5:17 p.m. Eastern [TEASE]

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Coming Up; Dictator’s Sister Returns from Olympics]

BLITZER: And later, North Korea’s brutal dictator welcomes his sister home from the Olympics as intelligence agencies try assess if North Korea’s attempts to manipulate world public opinion actually paid off.


5:25 p.m. Eastern [TEASE]

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Coming Up; Dictator’s Sister Returns from Olympics]

BLITZER: Then later, as Kim Jong-un welcomes his sister back from the Olympics, do the big smiles tell the story or did North Korea’s charm offensive fall flat? 


5:46 p.m. Eastern [TEASE]

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: Coming Up; Dictator’s Sister Returns from Olympics] 

BLITZER: There’s much more news coming in, including the sister of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un returns home after an attempted charm offensive in South Korea. Did the brutal regime score an propaganda points at the Winter Olympics games?


5:51 p.m. Eastern

[ON-SCREEN HEADLINE: New Tonight; North Korean Dictator Aims for Propaganda Victory at Olympics]

BLITZER: New tonight, we’re getting fresh analysis — look at this. This is Kim Jong-un. Watch this for a second. 


It’s a nice reception over there in Pyongyang. We’re getting fresh analysis from intelligence experts on Kim Jong-un’s attempted charm offensive over at the Winter Olympics games. Brian Todd has been following this story for us. Brian, did the North Korean propaganda campaign have any serious impact? 

BRIAN TODD: It did have an impact, Wolf, but officials are telling us don’t be fooled by a lot of this propaganda. Tonight we’re told U.S. intelligence analysts are assessing the North Korean mission to the Olympics. What the North Koreans went there to do and whether they accomplished their goals. Part of that intelligence assessment involves pouring over the images now being released by Kim’s regime showing how he interacted with his sister and other delegates when they returned. With a military officer hailing the return and bands playing, Kim Jong-un’s sister and her delegation returned from their charm offensive at the Olympics. After briefing Kim on their trip, his sister, Kim Yo-jong, is photographed holding her brother’s arm. The other top North Korean delegate to the games, Kim Yong-nam, is holding the leader’s hand. 

MICHAEL MADDEN: This is sort of to express that they’re very confident in their trip. Whatever news they are delivering from South Korea, directly to Kim Jong-un, they had a very high degree of confidence in that — that this was good news. 

TODD: Tonight as intelligence agencies assess North Korea’s mission to the Olympics, a key question. What was Kim’s end game then? 

MADDEN: I think what he wanted to get out of it was the delivery of a message of this invitation to have President Moon maybe had visit the DPRK. He wanted to get things back on track in terms of interacting with the South Koreans and the South Korean government. 

TODD: Kim seems to have accomplish that had goal, analysts say, but they believe he’s also manipulated the South Koreans to an extent and tried manipulate world attention away from the vicious realities inside North Korea. 

JOSEPH DETRANI: I think the conversation now has been on Kim Jong-un’s presence and the cheerleaders and the athletes, not about the gulags that are still in North Korea, not about the 25 missiles that were launched in 2017.

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Ex-Canadian Minister: ‘Small Cabal’ is Running World


According to Paul Hellyer the US government, in cooperation with extraterrestrial forces, have developed new green sources of energy, but the small elitist group withhold it, trying to suck out the last profits from their fossil fuel assets.

Well, that’s something new. It turns out that climate change could have been averted long ago and fossil fuels are already history. There is one small problem – according to former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, a small group of people is withholding crucial green technologies in order to gain maximum profit from their fuel assets. But the real cherry on top of this story is that those technologies were created nearly ten years ago in collaboration between the US and extraterrestrials!

“…At least a decade ago that the United States in cooperation with the visitors from the other planet have developed exotic form of energy that would allow us to change over […] to green energy. But nothing has been done about it and you got a (((small cabal))) […] that managed to keep this technology under wraps until they can cash in […] oil assets,” said the ex-minister.

In his interview to the Lazarus Effect podcast, Hellyer also claimed that the (((small cabal))) (who are also often addressed as the Illuminati the Jews) is literally running our world the way they want. Well, if they can connect with extraterrestrial life forms and develop such advanced technologies, then they are probably capable of doing that. However, Hellyer believes that people can and should resist this group, by banding together and forcing those pesky Illuminati into the open. Easy!

“And it’s not going to change until literally hundreds of thousands of people […] band together and say: “you’ve got to come clean, […] change your priorities to save the world for further generations,” explained Hellyer.

It is not the first time the Canadian ex-minister is coming out with such extraordinary claims. He has often said that aliens have contacted various people on the Earth, warning them about the consequences of the humanity’s actions for the future of planet’s environment.



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