WORLD CUP 2018 DAY 5 LIVE #FansEyeView #FootWall

The next-best thing to being here. Russia 2018 has already exceeded everyone’s expectations. Ask any fan. Or better still, watch them live here.

Hordes from around the world are taking to the streets to support their teams in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, bringing a party atmosphere to the biggest event on Earth. Watch our #FansEyeView live feed and scroll through the social #FootWall below (vid tip: tap to load then tap to play)!

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The Occult World of Asia Argento – Anthony Bourdain’s ex-Girlfriend

Vigilant Citizen–A look at the life, career, and bizarre social media posts of Asia Argento – the girlfriend of Anthony Bourdain at the time of his death.

Warning this article contains images that might be shocking to some.

After the unexpected news of Anthony Bourdain’s apparent suicide, many eyes turned to his girlfriend Asia Argento. While some sent her love and support, others outright blamed her for Bourdain’s death.

The main reason for these accusations is the fact that she was spotted being “romantic” with her friend Hugo Clement on the weekend before Bourdain’s death. Weeks prior, Clement, a French journalist with Konbini news, had reported on Argento’s speech against Harvey Weinstein at Cannes.

Several pictures of Asia Argento and Hugo Clement surfaced on the weekend preceding Bourdain’s death.

After Bourdain’s death, Rose McGowan acted as a PR agent for Argento and wrote a letter on her behalf, stating that Bourdain was depressive and that the couple had an open relationship. Here are parts of it:

“Anthony and Asia had a free relationship, they loved without borders of traditional relationships, and they established the parameters of their relationship early on. Asia is a free bird, and so was Anthony.

Do NOT do the sexist thing and burn a woman on the pyre of misplaced blame. Anthony’s internal war was his war, but now she’s been left on the battlefield to take the bullets. It is in no way fair or acceptable to blame her or anyone else, not even Anthony.”

Considering that fact that a very few people know exactly what happened to Bourdain, outright blaming Argento for the death is not an appropriate thing to do. However, one cannot ignore the fact that Bourdain was fully invested and involved in Argento’s life and world in the months leading to his death. And this world is pure occult elite.

Born in the Elite

Asia Argento is the daughter of the movie actress Daria Nicolodi and of the famed Italian director and producer Dario Argento (who is the son of film producer and executive Salvatore Argento). Asia’s father is best known for his horror films in the 1970’s and 1980’s, notably in the subgenre known as “Giallo” which mixes elements of gore, occultism, eroticism and psychological horror. In short, his movies were, well, horrific. Asia Argento would soon star in a few of his productions.

A symbolic pic of Dario and Asia Argento from 1998.

Asia began acting at age nine. At age 18, she starred in her father’s movie Trauma which features her escaping from a psychiatric hospital, people being decapitated and her mother being electroshocked after the death of her baby. Monarch mind control stuff.

Later, she starred in the Three Mothers trilogy which is about “a triad of evil, powerful witches stationed across the world to manipulate humanity on a global scale”. It also a coven of cannibalistic witches. This “crazy” story is not as fictitious as some would believe.

Coincidentally enough, Asia Argento has claimed on social media to being a witch.


A look at Asia Argento’s social media accounts reveals a plethora of occult-elite related images.

Asia posted on IG the cover of the book “The Red Magic” by G. Frank Ripel which is about the ceremonial magic of Aleister Crowley and the Rosicrucian Order. Asia wrote the caption “Red Magick for the Red Witch”. I guess she’s a “red witch”, whatever that means. The book is a gift from journalist Filippo Brunamonti.
The day of Bourdain’s death, author Amber Tamblyn called on witches worldwide to cast a spell for Asia.
Asia does the “as above, so below” hand sign. Appropriately enough, her caption says “As Above So Below”.
This hand sign is extremely important in occult circles. It can notably be found on Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet and on the “The Magician” tarot card.

Some posts are a little less subtle.

One of the comments: “Evil looks good on you”.
Asia with Marilyn Manson. The symbol on his hand is the sigil of Lucifer.
Speaking of the devil…
A drawing of Asia by artist Joe Coleman.
An actual painting by Joe Coleman “Auto-autopsy”. I’m not going to analyze this.
Asia holds two deformed babies in a jar while visiting Joe Coleman’s Odditorium which is his personal collection of the creepiest stuff you can imagine.
Wonder why she posted this on IG…
“Blood Sisters” … I’m pretty sure that’s real blood.
A 1970 documentary about witchcraft.

Considering all of this occult-elite stuff, would you be surprised if I told you that Asia does the one eye sign all the time?

Devil horns + one eye hidden.
One eye sign. Notice the yellow Illuminati drawing above her son’s head.
One eye sign before Cannes.
Asia with her son and daughter doing the one-eye sign. The comments got real.
Hiding one eye of her daughter.
A pic of her daughter with a spiral symbol on her face. Why is there a spiral symbol on her face?
The spiral is similar to the “little boy lover” symbol on this FBI file.
Why did she post this specific image? Why?

In Conclusion

This post is not about blaming Asia Argento for Anthony Bourdain’s death. It is an examination of the occult context with which Bourdain found himself to be associated to in the last months of his life. We might never know what actually lead to Bourdain’s death. However, like Kate Spade, who died the same week, Bourdain was surrounded by lots of occult elite people. And, in this kind of twisted and depraved context, things can get very dark, very fast.

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Heavy-duty support: Peru fan puts on 24kg to guarantee World Cup seat

Some fans at the World Cup this summer have gone to pretty extraordinary lengths to watch their teams in Russia – although one Peru fan might just take the biscuit.

The fan from South America was apparently so concerned that he would miss out on a ticket due to the huge demand in his homeland, that he gained an extra 24kg (52lbs) to apply for the special seats provided by FIFA for larger fans.

“There was a guy who was worried he wouldn’t get a ticket for a Peru match, so he said he would try to put on 24kg so that he could apply for one of the special [easy-access extra-width] seats that are much easier to get,” said Peru fan Guillermo Espinoza, according to the Sun.

READ MORE: Peru fans storm tiny World Cup host city Saransk before Denmark clash (VIDEOS)

“You get a good view as well from those seats,” he added.

Peruvian fans have been a particularly prominent presence in Russia this summer, with thousands of them flocking to watch their team at its first World Cup in 36 years.  

They were out in force last week before the tournament had even started, filling central Moscow and unveiling a giant Peruvian shirt which fans could write messages of support on.

Peru officially sold just over 43,000 World Cup tickets to fans, but some estimates put their number in Russia at closer to 80,000.   

Yesterday the red-and-white-clad crowds took over the city of Saransk – the smallest World Cup destination – marching en masse to the stadium ahead of the team’s first group stage game against Denmark.

They suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat in that game, after midfielder Christian Cueva missed a first-half penalty which could have given the Peruvians the lead.

The defeat is unlikely to dampen the spirit of the Peruvian fans, who will take their World Cup party on to the next game against France in Ekaterinburg.

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Mass of Mexico fans take over Moscow ahead of World Cup game against Germany (VIDEO)

Mexico fans are taking over central Moscow ahead of their team’s opening World Cup game against Germany at the city’s Luzhniki Stadium later on Sunday.

The Mexicans have been out in force in Russia since the tournament began on Thursday, being a prominent presence on the streets as well at matches featuring other teams.

Today ‘El Tri’ finally get their tournament underway when they meet reigning champions Germany at the 80,000-seater Luzhniki Stadium, and the Mexican masses in Moscow are gearing up for the game in style.

Huge crowds of sombrero-wearing supporters were spotted outside Frunzenskaya Metro station just south of the city center, knocking a giant beach-ball around while chanting in unison and waving the Mexican tricolor.

The Mexicans are among the largest foreign fan groups in Russia this summer, with around 50,000 tickets officially being sold in the country and many more coming from the 80,000 tickets sold in the USA.

They took over Russia’s opening game party on Thursday, celebrating outside the stadium and capturing the hearts of local fans with their colorful attire and willingness to take photos.

READ MORE: Wave of Mexicans steal hearts by posing with disabled Russian fans at World Cup opener

Mexico open their Group F campaign against Germany before taking on South Korea in Rostov-on-Don and Sweden in Ekaterinburg.

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The 3 best moments of the World Cup so far… and they are all Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo delivered a sporting riposte to his financial strife, scoring all three Portugal goals in a classic World Cup encounter against Spain – a performance which will etch his name into World Cup history.

The World Cup is still in its relative infancy, but it will take some doing between now and the final match to eclipse the performance Cristiano Ronaldo delivered against Spain in the opening match of the tournament which will most likely be his final appearance at football’s top table.

Ronaldo, who will be 34 on his next birthday, is at an age where his skills are supposed to be declining, but judging by the evidence in Sochi on Friday evening, this man is no mere mortal. On the back of another 40+ goal season (his eighth in succession, by the way), Ronaldo didn’t miss a beat against the Spaniards, tormenting the opposition with the type of display which can really only be delivered by a true artisan of the game.

Portugal had three efforts on goal, each of them from the boot of Ronaldo, and each resulted in David De Gea’s net rippling amid a collective Spanish sigh.

The first, a penalty won and converted by Ronaldo following a clumsy challenge courtesy of his Real Madrid colleague Nacho, was one of the tournament’s first true talking points. Was there contact? Did Ronaldo embellish his tumble to the Russian turf? Either way, the Portuguese captain held his nerve, sending his side into the lead.

The second – eerily reminiscent of the Loris Karius’ blunder in the Champions League Final against Ronaldo’s Real Madrid – was an anomaly for the usually uber-reliable Manchester United shot-stopper, David De Gea, as he allowed CR7’s low drive to slip past his grasp.

READ MORE: ‘There are players for special matches. He is a great example’: Mourinho on hat-trick hero Ronaldo

The third? Well, that was pure magic. With his side 3-2 down in the final minutes of the match, Ronaldo stood over a dead ball, pulling his shorts high on his right thigh as if to provide himself with as much torque as possible. Choosing to use his instep instead of his usual ‘laces’ technique, Ronaldo guided the ball into De Gea’s top left corner, rescuing a valuable point for his team in the battle of the Group B heavyweights.

A lot more is to be revealed between now and the World Cup’s conclusion, but for now, in the early days of Russia 2018, the main talking points center around the Portuguese ace.

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World Cup Russia 2018 Day 3: Fans-eye-view #FOOTWALL

It’s the next-best thing to actually being there. Russia has been buzzing the past two days as hordes of excited fans from around the world take to the streets in all their glory to support their teams in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Here, RT Digital brings you a curated wall of social media you won’t see on TV, giving you the fans’ perspective of this incredible event.

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‘This is Ronaldo’s last World Cup, Messi’s final chance to make difference’ – Mourinho (VIDEO)

Jose Mourinho says “superman” Cristiano Ronaldo won’t feature at Qatar 2022, and believes that both he and Argentina’s Lionel Messi will look at Russia 2018 as the last chance to lead their country to the World Cup trophy.

“I am not saying the best players always make a difference, but they are the ones that can make a difference. Both Messi and Ronaldo arrive at this World Cup, probably as the last one,” Mourinho told RT during a live broadcast in Moscow ahead of the opening ceremony on Thursday.

“Of course Cristiano from a physical point of view is a superman – he can be there in Qatar if he wants, but four more years at the highest level, to come back to the next World Cup, I feel it will be hard,” said Mourinho of the Portugal striker, who turned 33 in February.

“Lionel is younger and he can, perfectly possibly be in the next World Cup,” the Manchester United manager said of Messi, who turns 31 during Russia 2018. “But I also think that to play two or three matches every week – La Liga, Champions League, and so on – and to arrive in Qatar in four years in top form will be difficult.”

READ MORE: Jose Mourinho predicts Ronaldo vs Messi cliffhanger in World Cup final

Mourinho earlier predicted that the two attackers, who have ten Ballon d’Or trophies between them, would meet in the final of the current tournament on July 15.

“They are going to both put everything they’ve got into this World Cup to try to finish their careers winning the only thing they don’t have,” said Mourinho.

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WASTE: Bitcoin to use half a percent of the world’s electric energy consumption by the end of this year

Image: WASTE: Bitcoin to use half a percent of the world’s electric energy consumption by the end of this year

(Natural News)
New research published in the journal Joule warns that the energy consumption needed to mine and process Bitcoin could end up being far higher than anyone ever imagined before the year’s end.

The latest estimates suggest that the Bitcoin network may end up sucking down half a percent of the world’s total energy output by the end of 2018, which some say could end up making it too cost-prohibitive to even use the cryptocurrency.

This peer-reviewed paper is among the first to take a comprehensive look at Bitcoin’s impact on the energy grid, which researchers hope will provide a greater understanding as to how the cryptocurrency will likely evolve over time.

Utilizing a new methodology designed to pinpoint precisely where Bitcoin’s energy consumption rates are headed, financial economist and blockchain specialist Alex de Vries, the author of the study, believes that his discovery will lay a groundwork for understanding the future of Bitcoin.

“We’ve seen a lot of back-of-the-envelope calculations, but we need more scientific discussion on where this network is headed,” de Vries, founder of the Digiconomist blog and employee at the Experience Center of PwC in the Netherlands, is quoted as saying. “Right now, the information available is pretty poor quality overall, so I’m hoping that people will use this paper as a foundation for more research.”

Bitcoin already uses as much electricity as Ireland, says expert

In his estimate, de Vries says Bitcoin’s right-now total energy usage clocks in at around 2.55 gigawatts, which is almost as much electricity as the entire country of Ireland. And a single Bitcoin transaction, he says, sucks up the same amount of energy used by the average Dutch household in a month.

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But Bitcoin’s energy consumption levels could more than triple over the next six months, he says, to as much as 7.7 gigawatts. This is roughly the amount of electricity used by the entire nation of Austria, or about one-half of one percent of the world’s total consumption.

“To me, half a percent is already quite shocking,” de Vries says. “It’s an extreme difference compared to the regular financial system, and this increasing electricity demand is definitely not going to help us reach our climate goals.”

Should current trends continue, Bitcoin’s energy consumption requirements could someday reach five percent of total global use. In de Vries’ view, this “would be quite bad,” and is something that crypto experts need to address – especially since much of the energy that Bitcoin consumes comes from the burning of coal and other fossil fuels.

Because there’s no central governing body that keeps track of Bitcoin transactions, the Bitcoin community at large has to maintain it using a peer-to-peer model that’s updated every 10 minutes or so. This requires thousands of computers all around the world to be transacting and updating the blockchain on a near-continuous basis.

In order to perform quintillions of calculations per second, this collective of computers requires plenty of energy – more so than other financial instruments that are centrally maintained. Bitcoin’s mining incentives are also driving up energy use, as miners are filling literal warehouses full of computers that process math problems all day in the hopes of being rewarded with new Bitcoins.

“I think everyone agrees on the minimum energy consumption. But the future estimate? That’s actually quite debatable,” says de Vries. “We don’t really have a common approach to getting to a future estimate of electricity consumption right now, which is why I am hoping to get this conversation started. I’m doing this research, but a lot of people should be doing it.”

To keep up with the latest Bitcoin news, check out

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Celebrate World Meat-Free Week For A Healthy Planet And A Healthy You

Young adults preparing vegetarian food together with vegan cuisine maestro Domen Kavcic. Mitja Kobal / Greenpeace

By Dawn Bickett via EcoWatch

It’s World Meat-Free Week! People all over the world will celebrate by eating plant-based meals. And in communities around the world, people will come together to celebrate with delicious, healthy food.

Why World Meat-Free Week?

Intensive meat and dairy production is destroying our forests, polluting our water, and warming our planet. It is causing deforestation on a massive scale, with over a quarter of the Earth’s landmass currently being used for livestock grazing! It is driving global warming: greenhouse gas emissions from livestock are equal to all emissions from cars, trucks and airplanes. And while many places are experiencing water shortages and droughts, livestock are the single largest consumer and polluter of water on the planet.

Changing our diets from meat-intensive to more plant-based alternatives is also essential to our health. High red meat consumption has been linked to cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Five million deaths each year could be avoided by 2050 if people all around the world shifted to healthier diets with more veggies and legumes and less meat.

But the good news is that there’s something we can do about this. All over the world, people are taking action in their own lives and communities, by eating more veggies and less and better meat and encouraging their friends and family to do the same.

And on June 11, the first day of World Meat Free Week, people everywhere will stand up for healthy food and a healthy planet by choosing not to eat meat or dairy. Discover how you can get involved and sign up to join in.

Try New Things on World Meat Free Day

Want to eat less meat but don’t know where to start? Check out our online cookbook, Recipes for a Healthy World.

Spread the (Veggie) Love!

You don’t have to do it alone! Host a veggie meal or potluck with friends and family. Savor good food, have a great time with the people you love, and do the right thing for our planet.

Get Your City on Board!

Cities and other local governments, from Mexico to Denmark, are getting in on the plant-based action, too! They’re serving vegetarian meals in schools, hospitals and other public institutions. They’re teaching public employees and students about the joys and benefits of a plant-based diet. Maybe your city could be next! Check our guide to the cities leading the way in this effort, and a toolkit that will help you make this happen in your town.

Join the global movement and sign up for World Meat-Free Week!

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