Pet vaccines are costly, toxic and dangerous – no WONDER pets die earlier now

Image: Pet vaccines are costly, toxic and dangerous – no WONDER pets die earlier now

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Could it be that most of your pet’s health problems are due to vaccines? Let’s examine the consequences of over-vaccinating your pet, and the pragmatics of this type of healthcare as it affects the pet and your bank account in ways you never imagined possible. Little did you know that pet vaccines create more problems than they solve. Every single vaccine can potentially start the clock for debilitating chronic diseases, allergies and disorders for your pet.

Though most veterinarians will tell you that adverse reactions to vaccines by your pet are much less likely than with humans, that’s simply not true. It’s not uncommon for pets to experience severe health reactions shortly after being vaccinated, and these can continue onward for weeks, months, and even years, including oral ulcers, lethargy, hair loss, immunosuppression, behavioral changes, respiratory disease, facial edema, weight loss, sarcomas, anaphylaxis, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, arthritis, and yes, abortion. Then there’s the cost of these torturous, experimental and unsafe vaccinations.

Did you know that tigers in the wild live twice as long as domestic cats, and wolves in the wild live twice as long as domestic dogs. It’s not “genetic” and it’s not because the owners get tired of their reliable companions. It’s also not due to infectious disease outbreaks, so let’s take a close look at what’s REALLY causing all the chronic health damage and the shortened lifespan of our beloved pets.

You’re worried about infectious disease, but VACCINE DAMAGE is of much greater concern

Most veterinarians ignore research that proves most vaccines do not provide long lasting immunity for animals. When you get your pet vaccinated every year, including booster shots, it’s way too often, and you are thus giving your pet all of the risk with no benefits. Even every three years, according to research, can be too often. Those pesky mailers that come to your home reminding you to get your pet vaccinated are just propaganda and big money makers for “Big Vet Pharma.”

Did you know there are no adjustments in vaccine dosage for the size or age of your pet? The same goes for humans. A 300-pound man receives the same dose of mercury (ethylmercury) in a flu shot that a 6-month young, 16 pound baby gets. A 200-pound Great Dane gets the same dose of aluminum and formaldehyde as an 8-pound Shi Tzu. Your 9-pound housecat or 2-pound kitten gets the same dose of neurotoxins that a 420-pound lion receives. Talk about overwhelming the animal’s immune system! Today, vaccine reactions are at an all-time high. In fact, a U.K. study of 2,000 dogs and cats revealed a shocking 10 percent risk of adverse reactions from vaccines, contradicting the manufacturers report rate. (They lied profusely and said it was 0.015 percent.) Surprise, surprise.

Plus, small breeds of pets are 10 times more likely to experience adverse reactions to vaccines, so that means every vaccine for those animals is a health risk.

It gets worse. Currently, there is NO scientific evidence that yearly jabs are needed. There’s even a vaccine for “feline leukemia” that veterinarians claim helps boost the pet’s immune system. You can’t make this stuff up. If that’s the case, then what’s in the vaccine that helps prevent cancer, and why don’t they have this for humans? It’s a complete farce – that’s why. Of course, Merck manufactures the “Nobivac” feline leukemia vaccine and claims it acts as an “aid in the prevention of lymphoid tumors…” Sure it does, and don’t forget to get the vaccine that keeps your pet pig from flying away.

Meanwhile, overloading pets with unnecessary and unproven vaccines is leading to severe allergies, seizures, anemia and cancer, but no veterinarians discuss this with you or add it to the flyers stuffed in your mailbox regularly.

Here’s a quick inside look at the cost of vaccines for the vet and for you. Rabies vaccines costs the vet less than one dollar, but costs you about $40 plus the “exam” given at the visit. The global vet vaccine market has crossed the threshold of $5 billion a year and continues to rise, and the U.S. is leading the charge (15 percent of most pet clinics’ income is from vaccines). It’s expected to reach $7 billion by the year 2020. Coincidentally, sarcomas (a deadly type of cancerous tumor) are on the rise in cats. Could it be due to toxic vaccines and cheap pet food (toxic meats) imported from China? Did you know that 65 percent of most clinics’ income comes from treating pets from vaccine-induced diseases?

Pet vaccines contain dangerous pathogens and heavy metal toxins

Not only do pet vaccines contain deadly ingredients, but some ingredients are not even listed on the inserts. Instead, the rabies virus vaccines lists “proprietary” and “trade secret” while reassuring you the components not listed are “not hazardous.” Well then why not disclose them? Is it some original recipe like KFC that must be protected from the competition? So when the dog or cat goes into anaphylactic shock or breaks out with severe allergies, we don’t even know if it’s directly due to the “proprietary” blend of top secret ingredients? Is that why peanut oil is not listed in childhood vaccines, even though there are trace amounts? Most pet vaccines contain organ tissue from other animals, including cell tissue derived from monkeys, rabbits, cows, sheep and pigs. Plus, injecting mercury and aluminum is never safe for any animal!

The Canine Distemper vaccine also hides ingredients under the labels “proprietary” and “trade secret.” What’s lurking in those toxic jabs that they don’t want us to know? Doesn’t informed consent include knowing what the doctor and nurses and vets are injecting into the muscle tissue of our babies and our pets? Vaccination cannot be equated with immunization because harmful ingredients interfere with normal immune system reactions, causing damage.

Watch this video and learn the TRUTH about the dangers of pet vaccines!

Check out CBD oil for pets to heal seizures, pain and cancer

Cannabis is not the addictive, violence-driving drug the feds would have everyone believe. Cannabis is now being discovered as a cure for chronic health issues in humans and pets. Cannabidiol (CBD) is actually much safer than prescription medications that are chemical based. CBD compounds are being administered to pets as medicinal marijuana treats to end fits of depression, lethargy, and pain, and in short amounts of time. Some pets on the verge of being euthanized by their owners are now fully functional and happy again. Yes, plant-based medicine is re-emerging because true biological healing comes from plants, not these dangerous synthetic concoctions where they can’t even tell you the full list of ingredients.

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Steinem to Hillary: You Lost, Here’s the ‘Wonder Woman Award’

There’s no such thing as a participation trophy for the left. So they have to make something up.

The Women’s Media Center (WMC), founded by lefties Gloria Steinem and Jane Fonda, created an award this year for the sole purpose of having something to give to Hillary Clinton: the Wonder Woman Award. The press release reads like a remnant of the failed Clinton campaign of 2016: “The Women’s Media Center is presenting its first—and only—WMC Wonder Woman Award to Clinton as she is a hero to millions in the United States and around the globe for her extraordinary accomplishments and public service.”

The announcement came two days after The Hill broke a major story about a Clinton Russian connection. The story revealed that the FBI “had gathered substantial evidence that Russian nuclear industry officials were engaged in bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering designed to grow Vladimir Putin’s atomic energy business inside the United States, according to government documents and interviews.” In addition, an eyewitness account admitted that Russian nuclear officials sent millions of dollars to the U.S. to be given to the Clinton Foundation.

But that won’t stand in the way of the left-wing celebration. On October 26, Hillary Clinton will stand with the rest of the WMC honorees, which include actresses Jane Fonda and Ashley Judd. Apparently, nobody reads the news.

Gloria Steinem is a pro-abortion feminist who was a journalist, but is now simply a full time activist for radical feminism.

Steinem, a long time Hillary supporter, wrote in the announcement, “Hillary Clinton’s actions have inspired and protected women and men on every continent. She has battled negative forces and helped to maintain a fragile peace with her negotiating skill on behalf of this country and peace-seekers everywhere. She has handled all this with grace, grit, determination, integrity, humor, and fortitude while remaining a steadfast feminist, advocate, activist, sister and tireless leader in the revolution. With this award, the Women’s Media Center declares Hillary Clinton our Wonder Woman.”

Does maintaining a fragile peace include allegedly making back-door deals with Russia over uranium? Just wondering.

Who knows how Harvey Weinstein victim Ashley Judd must feel about being honored with her “nasty woman” idol Clinton, especially in the wake of the news that the Clinton Foundation will not return the $250,000 in donations made by the sexual predator. But all this will be ignored, at least in Steinem’s narrative about the “tireless leader in the revolution.”

Even Jane Fonda, who two days ago remarked that “men like Harvey Weinstein should go to jail,” ignored the elephant in the room and instead sang Clinton’s praises. She wrote in the announcement, “I’ve known Hillary for decades and I was proud to be at the historic UN Conference on Women in Beijing when she made her groundbreaking speech, ‘Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.’ Over the years I’ve watched her break glass ceilings, champion women and girls, and fight for human rights domestically and internationally. I celebrate her fierce passion, compassion and dedication.”

The award’s name was most likely inspired by Clinton’s comments from earlier this year, where she compared herself to Wonder Woman in reference to the blockbuster film released this summer. The brutal irony of honoring a woman as Wonder Woman who voted against a ban on partial birth abortions, and defended an accused rapist even though it appears that she knew he was guilty, is something the left will never understand.

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6 Questions About the Vegas Massacre That Will Make You Wonder What They’re Hiding

Survival Saturday is a round-up of the week’s news and resources for folks who are interested in being prepared.

This Week in the News

You know, I tried to keep from going full-on tinfoil with the Las Vegas massacre, but they’re making that completely impossible.

Sure, there were questions from the very beginning. A lot of things didn’t quite add up, but there is an investigatory process in such events. But… how is it that every single thing has been upended? This story is unraveling like a frayed sweater in a basket with a litter of kittens.

Here are the 6 questions about the Vegas Massacre that make me wonder what on earth they’re trying to hide from us.

1.) Why do witnesses keep disappearing?

It is a proven fact that many people who go through something as horrific as this attack don’t remember things clearly. People with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder often experience deficits in accuracy and this event was nothing if not traumatic. Lots of people reported having no idea what was going on. They thought the noise was firecrackers at first. Confusion and fear colored their memories and their only focus was on surviving. We’ve all heard someone describe an event, saying, “It was all a blur.”

But there were a few witnesses who had a very clear recall of the event and they are telling very different stories. Stories of multiple shooters. Stories of shooters right in the crowd. Stories of early police reports that could have prevented the entire tragedy.

Jesus Campo was the security guard who was shot in the leg when he approached Paddock’s room. (One reporter found that Campo either was not in the employee database or had been removed.) He had scheduled interviews with the media and then didn’t show upOne reporter said there was a gag order on Campo and his family but this has not been verified. No one seems to know the whereabouts of Campo.

Another eyewitness was 28-year old Kymberley Suchomel, who had attended the music festival. She told a very detailed story of multiple shooters, actual fireworks as a distraction. She escaped unharmed only to die unexpectedly in her home a week later “of natural causes.”

These people aren’t alone in their stories that don’t match the official narrative. Read this article and watch this video for more eyewitness stories. And guys…be careful.

2.) Why does the timeline keep changing so dramatically?

Obviously, investigations are fluid and we learn things as we go on. But there have been some really dramatic changes to the timeline and a lot of apparent CYA (Cover Your A$$) at work.

The first change was the inclusion of the shooting of unarmed security guard Jesus Campo, mentioned above. This dramatically changed the timeline of when officials were notified about a shooter on the 32 floor.

A veteran from two floors below Paddock’s room tried to notify the front desk and 911 regarding the origin of the shootings and recalls no one answering. He said :

“It seems like it just never stops,” he recalled. “Seconds are going by, minutes are going by, and the rounds are continuously going.”

“Changing weapons, changing calibers,” Bethel continued. “You can hear the difference in the gunshots of the different rifles that he is shooting.” (source)

There were also changes to the story about when Paddock checked into his suite at Mandalay Bay.

If you watch this video, a maintenance man at Mandalay Bay said that he called for help – stating that he and Jesus Campo called in being under fire more than 10 minutes before the shooter began unloading his weapon on concert-goers. It wasn’t until a recording was unearthed of Stephen Schuck calling for help with gunshots in the background that the official timeline was changed…again.

3.) Why don’t the recordings match the official story?

The audio recordings from the shooting are graphic… and many of them don’t match the official story.

This is a condensed version of the audio.

Notice how they mention multiple shooters and multiple locations. How much of that is battle fog and how much is real?

4.) Why were the laptops and phones of witnesses wiped before they were returned?

If you only learn one lesson, learn this one. If you ever witness an event like this, upload your video and photos immediately. If your story differs from the one that authorities are telling, your proof will be gone once they get their hands on your devices.

Workers at the Route 91 festival during which Stephen Paddock unleashed his massacre have reportedly been given back their phones and laptops by the FBI only to discover that all messages and videos from the night of the attack have been wiped clean.

According to a Las Vegas resident who posted a status update on Facebook, “A bunch of people that worked the Route 91 said they got their cell phones back today. They all said that all their phones are completely wiped clean! All messages and info from that weekend are completely gone. Anyone else experience this?”

“A few different people who were vendors there are all saying the same thing,” the woman later comments. (source)

What did these people record that is counter to the official narrative? Do they even know they caught something that they shouldn’t have?

5.) What about these excellent questions that aren’t being answered?

Alternative media is asking the questions that the mainstream is not. From Ann Coulter:

Why would Paddock unload 200 rounds into the hallway at a security guard who was checking on someone else’s room before beginning his massacre?

How can it possibly take eight days to figure out when the alleged shooter checked into the hotel?

Why was Paddock wearing gloves if he was about to commit suicide?

Have any other solitary mass shooters ever had girlfriends?

If Paddock wasn’t making money on video poker — and he wasn’t — why would he be cycling millions of dollars through a casino, turning every dollar into, at best, 99 cents?

As well, check out Brandon Smith’s brilliant tactical analysis, which has many other unanswered questions like:

Paddock called hotel security at least twice to complain about “loud music” on the floor below him the day of the shooting.  Why would a mass shooter care, or take the risk of drawing too much attention to himself?

Why, after so much careful planning, did Paddock expose his position by smashing two separate windows in his adjacent hotel rooms? There are other ways of providing a shooter’s loophole with less exposure?

Who set off this alarm which conveniently helped to give away Paddock’s position early, and why?

Why did Paddock prepare for an escape, use his cameras to allow him to fire at hotel security through his door, equip rounds capable of annihilating any SWAT team that stacked up to breach his room, but decided to shoot himself instead before SWAT ever entered?…No one noticed the man placing cameras about the area?

A witness on site at the concert stated that a woman (and her apparent boyfriend) approached people near the stage 45 minutes before the attack, telling them that “they were all going to die.” She was later escorted out of the venue by security. Who was this woman? Was she trying to menace the concertgoers or warn them? Or, was it all coincidence?

Despite the fact that these questions get right to the heart of method and motive, no one else seems to be asking them.

6.) WHY?

Most of all, WHY? Why the heck did this rich gambler who had no history of hurting anyone or being a hardcore gun guy unload thousands of rounds on 22,000 innocent people?

There is little in his history that would make us think, “Yeah, that guy is gonna go postal one day.”

Everyone who knew him was stunned. Baffled. Gobsmacked. Everyone from his weird brother to his foreign girlfriend to neighbors and fellow travelers were absolutely astounded he had committed this horrific massacre.

Then some stuff arose that has been pooh-poohed by investigators as unrelated.

  • Paddock doesn’t fit the psychological profile of a mass shooter. He had a girlfriend, was wealthy, had no known tactical background, and was described as “kind and caring.”
  • He made numerous trips to the Middle East and Europe.
  • No one really knows how he got so rich. GamblingReal estate? Or something more insidious? Unproven rumors suggest he could have been an arms dealer or a child trafficker.
  • The Islamic State has repeatedly claimed he converted in the past 6 months and did this in the name of ISIS, but the media says this is not true. No one in the investigation even seems to be considering the possibility. As well, a former Trump campaign official said that Paddock made an ISIS video, but nothing else has been heard about this.

Couldn’t you wrap your head around this better if you knew why?

It just doesn’t add up.

I’m not saying that our own government committed this atrocity or that Stephen Paddock was a converted Muslim or that he didn’t actually carry out this shooting.

I have no idea what to say, honestly. I mean, the FBI and the Vegas PD assure us there is “no conspiracy” and “nobody is attempting to hide anything.”


There are way too many things that don’t add up, but what I can say is that we aren’t getting the whole story. And that in itself makes me suspicious. What are they hiding? Was the motive something that would change our perspective on everything we believe?

It’s got to be big to go to this much effort.

Other Articles of Interest

Anything to add to Survival Saturday?

Do you have any news links you want to share? What are your thoughts on the questions above? Now’s the time! Please post your links in the comments section below and join the discussion!

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World’s Most Dangerous Wonder

It’s a question Rio de Janeiro’s residents ask as they gaze up to what has become the most dangerous wonder of the world.

Last Friday the steep 4km Corcovado jungle trail to the giant Christ the Redeemer statue was closed the day after a Polish man was stabbed, one of 58 people to have been robbed along the trail in just 10 days. More than 150 people have been robbed this year.

Young, armed criminals from nearby favelas (slums) have been sneaking in from the mountainside, laying in wait and pouncing before disappearing back from where they came.

Five men aged between 18 and 28 have been arrested and charged over the stabbing.

Locals have become so concerned that they’ve taped makeshift signs to trees and poles printed with a handgun warning in English and Portuguese: “Be cautious. Do not risk your life.”


Dutch student Renate Trinks, 21, told how, two weeks ago, she and two friends had passed tropical plants, waterfalls and monkeys and were close to the end of the hike when they came around a bend to find three young Brazilian men waiting for them.

“When we were closer they showed us their knives and told us to sit down and give them all our stuff,” Ms Trinks said.

“While we were handing over our belongings more tourists were coming and they robbed everyone.

“Some people had a lot of cash on them, and expensive cameras, [the robbers] had two backpacks full of stuff.”

With one of the victims, an American woman, growing anxious, half an hour passed before the gang walked everyone 200m back down the pathway. The robbers then disappeared into the trees behind them.

“They said there was a guy waiting for us with a gun, but we never saw this guy. So I think it was just to scare us,” Ms Trinks said.

“At the beginning when I saw their knives I was a little scared but the robbery itself was not too scary, they were pretty calm. They gave back passports and credit cards.

“I had read online that the hike was pretty dangerous and I already had a bad feeling about it so I didn’t bring my watch and rings. I decided to bring my phone to take pictures.”


The trail’s closure has capped a year from hell for Brazil and Rio since the 2016 Olympic cauldron’s flame was extinguished and the world’s TV cameras left its shores.

Leaving too have been a record number of Brazilians for Australia, tired of the lack of security and worsening prospects as their country suffers its worse economic and political crises in a generation.

As its unemployment rate tripled to over 13 per cent and its first female president Dilma Rousseff was fired by parliament just days after the Olympics ended, over 48,000 Brazilian tourists and students arrived in Australia last year, up 181 per cent from a decade ago.

They make up the fifth highest number of overseas students, the only country in the top five from outside of Asia, many with dreams of permanent residency.

The Brazilian Community Council of Australia estimates that there are as many as 60,000 Brazilians living in the country. Census data revealed the majority were in professional, managerial or trade jobs.

Insurance worker Luciana*, 35, and her husband Marcos*, 40, who works in computing, are two of the latest arrivals, leaving their beachside Rio life last October to escape the violence.

Sydney with its similar weather, beaches and natural beauty was a “dream” come true to raise their two-year-old daughter.

“Rio is beautiful but it is abandoned,” Luciana, who was the victim of two robberies, said.

“When I got pregnant I was sure I didn’t want to raise my child there and the dream to move to Australia came.

“From her birth to moving to Australia I never left her in the car seat alone. I was next to her always thinking about how to get her out of the car in case of a robbery.

“Did you know that I only realized that when I got here? I was so used to the violence that this was normal for me.”

Now in the relative safety of her Lane Cove home she told of a horror list of crimes recently suffered by people she knew back home in Rio.

“After I moved my brother was robbed going to work, my cousin was robbed along with her husband and three children in their car,” she said.

“The children saw the bandits put a gun to their father’s head and threatened to shoot him if he couldn’t get his ring off his finger. The boy vomited in fear, he’s only 5 years old.

“And the father of a friend who was a retired police officer was killed at a Lojas Americanas [supermarket]. And last week two more people I know were robbed on the street.

”In October I’m going back to Rio [to visit] but I’m already worried.”


Many of Rio de Janeiro’s forgotten and dilapidated Olympic venues now stand as a symbol of hard times.

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Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder Push Climate Change During Telethon; Deniers Are ‘Blind or Unintelligent’

Tuesday night’s telethon Hand In Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief was bursting at the seams with celebrities, moving musical performances, and journalists from ABC, CBS, and NBC, so it was all the more disappointing when Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder promoted climate change as having caused Harvey and Irma.

Both lowered the bar when Stevie Wonder deemed those who don’t believe in global warming as “blind or unintelligent” while Beyoncé suggested that earthquakes like the one in Mexico were related to climate change.

Stevie Wonder led off the commercial-free, hour-long broadcast with a performance but not before he declared that “[w]e’ve come together today to love on the people that have been devastated by the hurricanes.”

He added how, “[w]hen love goes into action, it preferences no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious beliefs, no sexual preferences, and no political persuasions.”

Wonder concluded that “we should begin to love and value our planet” and asked God to “please save us all” as there are people who don’t accept this environmental position: “[A]nd anyone who believes that there is no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent.”

Just past the 8:14 p.m. Eastern mark, Beyoncé appeared with a video message in support of the telethon. She began by lamenting:

During the time where it’s impossible to watch the news without seeing violence or racism in this country, just when you think it couldn’t possibly get worse, natural disasters take precious life, do massive damage, and forever change lives, leaving behind contaminated water, flooded hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, and countless families are now homeless. 

She noted that Houston is her hometown, that they’re heavily in need of various necessities, and those struggling represent all types of people because “[n]atural disasters don’t discriminate.”

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“They don’t see if you’re an immigrant, black or white, Hispanic or Asian, Jewish or Muslim, wealthy or poor. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Third Ward or River Oaks. We’re all in this together. Seeing everyone of different racial, social, and religious backgrounds put their own lives at risk to help each other survive restored my faith in humanity,” Beyoncé added.

A brief news clip then aired before the Queen Bey came back to rightfully state that “[t]rue healing is in helping” and “give what you can.”

Next came the climate change reference and the argument that one consequence is earthquakes: “The effects of climate change are playing out around the world every day. Just this past week, we’ve seen devastation from the monsoon in India and 8.1 earthquake in Mexico, and multiple catastrophic hurricanes.”

Yikes. If you thought Beyoncé was the first liberal celebrity/journalist to say this, you’d be sadly mistaken. 

Nine years ago, Joy Behar was a co-host on ABC’s The View when she told the May 19, 2008 audience that climate change must be “look[ed] into because we seem to be having a lot of earthquakes and a lot of things going wrong.”

Speaking of Behar, Vagina Monologues creator Eve Ensler was on Behar’s now-cancelled HLN show on February 8, 2010 and made the same claim:

ENSLER: And I think we just kind of have to walk around the world at this point and look at what is happening to nature and earthquakes and tsunamis.

BEHAR: Right.

ENSLER: And weather changes to just feel it. But I think that idea that she doesn’t believe in global warming and she could actually run for vice president, and we have a country where that is possible, it seems insane.

“Irma alone has left a trail of death and destruction from the Caribbean to Florida to southern United States. We have to be prepared for what comes next. So tonight, we come together in a collective effort to raise our voices to help our communities, to lift our spirits and heal. Thank you,” she concluded.

Other celebrities like Drake were more veiled in their political references, expressing hope that “it’s truly amazing to see our generation be conscious and aware” even though there’s “so much happening in the world.” He stated that people will need to speak up and step up, but Tuesday was a day to “give.”

Scooter Braun spoke about the Hand In Hand initiative as a way to make a difference amid a world he’s been frustrated with:

Over the past years, many of have us been frustrated. We’ve been bombarded with images and news of hate and division. Many of us are trying to figure out how to help, what’s going to be our purpose. We want to know that we can still live by the American ideal that we are our brother and sister’s keeper.

Giving credit where credit is due, Robert De Niro and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart also alluded to the country’s divisions, but used that to make a broader point about who we are as a country:

ROBERT DE NIRO: There are those who say that we are a nation divided, that we are unsure of our way, that we have lost touch with the relief, the beliefs that make us strong. 

JON STEWART: But we say this tonight, we’re all united, and we’re sure of who we are and what matters, and that we’re committed to once again help those in need, even those that we’ve never met. 

DE NIRO: It was on a September day like this just 16 years ago when we joined hands to help and to heal in midst of a deep crisis. We showed the world and each other the enduring values that truly define us as a people. 

STEWART: And it’s only been five years since Hurricane Sandy struck New Jersey and New York and across America, during that time, people had our backs. Well, now it’s time we show the people of Texas and Florida that we have their backs, as well. So dig deep, and make a difference. Thank you. 

In the end, things could have been a lot worse when it came to celebrity telethons. Just ask the networks how things went when Kayne West attacked President George W. Bush in 2005 during the Katrina telethon.

Here’s the relevant transcript from the Hand In Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief telethon on September 12:

Hand In Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief
September 12, 2017
8:00 p.m. Eastern

STEVIE WONDER: We’ve come together today to love on the people that have been devastated by the hurricanes. When love goes into action, it preferences no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious beliefs, no sexual preferences, and no political persuasions. It just loves. As we should begin to love and value our planet, and anyone who believes that there is no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent. Lord, please save us all. 


8:14 p.m. Eastern

BEYONCÉ: During the time where it’s impossible to watch the news without seeing violence or racism in this country, just when you think it couldn’t possibly get worse, natural disasters take precious life, do massive damage, and forever change lives, leaving behind contaminated water, flooded hospitals, schools, and nursing homes, and countless families are now homeless. In my hometown city of Houston, people need food, clothing, cleaning supplies, blankets, shoes, diapers, and formula for babies, and of course, clean water. The elderly need wheelchairs, and kids need books and toys so they can continue to dream. Natural disasters don’t discriminate. They don’t see if you’re an immigrant, black or white, Hispanic or Asian, Jewish or Muslim, wealthy or poor. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Third Ward or River Oaks. We’re all in this together. Seeing everyone of different racial, social, and religious backgrounds put their own lives at risk to help each other survive restored my faith in humanity.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE JOURNALIST: And we’re continuing to see people going in with boats. Many of them are official — acting in their official capacity. Many of them are volunteers. 

BEYONCÉ: True healing is in helping. Please give what you can. The effects of climate change are playing out around the world every day. Just this past week, we’ve seen devastation from the monsoon in India and 8.1 earthquake in Mexico, and multiple catastrophic hurricanes. Irma alone has left a trail of death and destruction from the Caribbean to Florida to southern United States. We have to be prepared for what comes next. So tonight, we come together in a collective effort to raise our voices to help our communities, to lift our spirits and heal. Thank you. 

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