Indonesian Woman Lashed 100 Times for ‘Being in Presence of Man She Was Not Married To’

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

A 30-year-old Indonesian woman had to be hospitalized after she was lashed 100 times in public. Her crime? Being found in a private place with a man she was not married to.

The woman, whose name is Mazidah, was watched by thousands of people in Lhokseumawe — a city in the province of Aceh — as she was beaten. The Independent reports that the lashing took place after evening prayers last Friday. Because Mazidah was in such agony, the lashing had to be occasionally paused.

The man Mazidah was found with also received lashings, reports ABC News. However, he did not require hospital treatment. A third man was also found guilty and was reportedly flogged.

The province of Aceh is known to be extremely conservative. Public canings are common there, as they are a punishment for the violation of Islamic law. Last year alone, 339 public floggings conducted, according to the Institute of Criminal Justice Reform. Aceh is the only province in the country where public lashings are used as a reprimand.

Human rights advocates are concerned publish lashings are becoming more common. Earlier this year, two gay men were flogged 83 times for having consensual sex in private. As a result of international outcry over the controversial form of punishment, the local government considered carrying out corporal punishment in privacy. The aim is to avoid poor publicity. However, this recent ordeal suggests that government is satisfied with tradition.

In addition to having sex outside of marriage and gay, consensual sex, Islamic law prohibits other activities, including gambling and drinking alcohol.

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This Indian Woman Claims She Hasn’t Eaten Solid Food In 60 Years

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

When was the last time you ate some food? More than likely, a few hours haven’t passed by since you chewed down a morsel or two. For a 75-year-old Indian woman named Saraswati Bai, the last time she ate solid food was approximately 60 years ago. Apart from one banana a week — eaten only occasionally — Bai says she lives on water and tea alone.

Oddity Central reports that Saraswati stopped eating solid food after contracting a Typhoid infection, which was right after the birth of her first son. That was 60 years ago! Due to the illness, she couldn’t keep any food down and suffered severe stomach aches. As a result, she decided to “give food up” — a concept none of us would likely consider.

As her condition improved, Bai began ingesting small sips of tea. Her appetite never returned, however. Concerned for her well-being and that of their son’s, husband Dwarka Prasad Patikar began encouraging her to eat. Unfortunately, she just couldn’t do it. Modern science says a human can go several weeks without food as long as they have water. Based on that data, it would be assumed that Bai have died — but she didn’t! To this day, she reportedly lives on tea and water, and small amounts of banana.

Bai’s husband persisted in attempting to get her to eat. He even checked her into a few treatment centers, but nothing worked. Because her health wasn’t declining, he eventually gave up. Bai went on to raise a total of five children, and continued working in the fields alongside her husband. Though the 75-year-old eats little to nothing, she says she has plenty of energy. Reportedly, she spends five hours a day tending to her family’s land.

Unsurprisingly, many have questioned the validity of Bai’s story. Because it is close to unheard of, it is hard to believe. However, the elderly woman’s family and neighbors affirm the claim that she hasn’t eaten food in over 60 years.

One of Bai’s sons, Mahendra Patidar, told Wahgazab that the entire family is used to her eating (or non-eating) habits. Ramesh Chandra, one of the family’s neighbors, added that everyone was surprised and concerned when they first learned about her diet. After seeing her in such good shape for her age, however, their feelings changed to admiration. The only food the 75-year-old craves is bananas, and she eats one per week. That’s enough to keep her going.

Saraswati Bai is not the only individual to claim she thrives on a breatharian-type diet. This couple says they haven’t eaten food in 9 years, and 92-year-old Narasamma claimed she hadn’t drunk a sip of water since she was 14.

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I am Luke Miller, content manager at Truth Theory and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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Woman killed by lightning in Port Morant, Jamaica


A St Thomas woman is dead after she was reportedly struck by lightning while at her home in Port Morant yesterday.

She has been identified as 33-year-old Marsha Whyte of Works Yard in the community.

It’s reported that Whyte was at home yesterday when she went to catch water from an outside pipe during the rain and was struck during a lightning storm.

Whyte was taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

A post mortem is to be conducted to determine the cause of death.

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Cops find 5.6-inch-long fully loaded handgun inside woman’s vagina, chambered

BLOOMINGTON, Indiana (INTELLIHUB) — Police say that when the strip searched a woman by the name of Amika Witt, 20, they found a 5.6-inch-long Kimber .380 handgun which was fully loaded and chambered with a round hidden inside of her vagina.

According to Kimber’s official website, the gun is “easily concealed.”

Kimber Micro (DC) via

A picture of the gun reveals that it’s based on the 1911 design.

Amika Witt (McLean County Jail)

Witts was charged with narcotic possession and one felony weapons count.

According to one report, “Witt and a male acquaintance were arrested early Thursday morning after their car was stopped for speeding on Interstate 55 just north of Bloomington. A police search of the vehicle and its occupants turned up heroin and Ecstasy.”

Other Sources:

Cops: Female Drug Suspect, 20, Had Loaded Handgun In Body Cavity — Smoking Gun

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WATCH: Cops Assault Pregnant Woman During False Arrest—Causing Miscarriage—Lawsuit


San Francisco, CA – Body Cam footage has been released that shows Bay Area Transit Police pinning a woman down on the ground as they arrest her, as she warns them that she is pregnant. One day after the arrest, the woman claims she miscarried, and she is now suing police for the loss of her baby.

Andrea Appleton and Michael Smith were arrested by BART Police on July 29, 2016, after another individual on the train called police and claimed that Smith was armed with a gun and attempted to rob him.

According to a report from SFGate, the original complaint turned out to be a lie. However, after Smith’s attempts to get away from police included him spitting at one of them, he was charged with resisting arrest, and battery on an officer, among other charges. At trial, Smith’s jury was hopelessly deadlocked, which exonerated him of the remaining charges. Prosecutors refused to retry Smith. But the damage was already done—Appleton miscarried as a result of the violent way in which officers arrested her.

Body camera footage of the takedown and violent arrest of the pregnant woman was made available to the public and shows Appleton quickly announce to the officers she was pregnant. Ignoring her pleas, they proceeded to keep her in the face down, belly down position in the concrete.

When Smith tried to object to the position in which police were keeping his girlfriend, they quickly pounced on him to restrain him. Now the couple is suing. According to SFGate:

“In a lawsuit filed Sept. 1 at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco, Michael Smith and Andrea Appleton accused the arresting officers — Bryan Trabanino, Wilson Velasquez-Ochoa, Jimmy Chung and Antwinette Turner — of using excessive force when they approached the couple with their guns drawn on July 29, 2016, and forced them onto their stomachs at Embarcadero Station.”

Appleton is suing for an undisclosed amount of money for damages as a result of pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, humiliation and emotional distress. While riding on the train, a man, “told them to move away because they smelled, sparking an argument. The man, who was white, then called police and falsely reported that Smith, who is black, had threatened to rob him, telling dispatchers that Smith may have had a gun, though he did not,” according to SFGate.

The entire incident serves to illustrate modern policing methods do not take into consideration that the one-size-fits-all method of arresting suspects may, in fact, be dangerous to citizens’ health.

In June, The Free Thought Project reported on the story of a Syracuse man who was already badly disabled before he made contact with police on a city bus. Police arrived and then tased the man, and threw him off the bus, breaking his hip in the process.

In August, TFTP reported on the account of a 72-year-old New York man who was so mistreated by police he nearly had his wrists severed from the tight-fitting handcuffs placed on him. When he arrived at the police station for booking on “resisting arrest” charges, he was a bloody mess, even though he posed no threat to the officers and offered no resistance to police whatsoever. He is also suing.

The story of Andrea Appleton’s miscarriage serves as a reminder that pregnant, elderly, young, disabled and handicapped citizens should not be manhandled or violently arrested, especially when they pose no threat to the public. After all, many police officers are more than capable of using psychological skills to get citizens to comply. Violence should always be a last resort.

Watch the full video of the Body Cam footage from the arrest below:

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Jewish Teen indicted for attacking Arab man who met with Jewish woman

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