Trump squirming over Russia sanctions ties White House in knots

Carol Leonnig, national investigative reporter for The Washington Post, talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump’s panicked concern about appearing to sanction Russia more than other countries and turning back his own.

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Watch: Jack White performs single ‘Connected by Love’ on ‘SNL’

Jack White has been making a flurry of promotional appearances in continued support of his chart-topping studio album Boarding House Reach, which dropped March 23 via Third Man Records. The 12- time Grammy winner made a return TV guest appearance on April 12 to “Saturday Night Live” and performed two songs “Over and Over and Over,” as well as “Connected by Love.”

Fans who missed the multi-platinum seller’s appearance can catch a stream of White’s scorching performance posted here and here via SNL’s YouTube channel. The ex-White Stripes frontman last appeared on the popular NBC late-night comedy show back in 2012 while promoting his debut solo studio album Blunderbuss.

Along with performing two songs from Boarding House Reach, the “Icky Thump” hitmaker also appeared in comedy skit “Wedding Toast,” playing the part of wedding musician. The skit was cut from the show, but can be viewed here.

In the 4:50 video footage posted above, White and band serve up a steaming version of the Boarding House Reach lead single “Connected by Love.” The song opens with a stripped down bass and drum rhythm section and is later expanded with the full band and a gospel choir as White sings, “Woman, don’t you know what I’m suffering from/Ease my pain/Make it wash on with the rain.”

The veteran blues-rocker’s “SNL” performances received some fellow celebrity fan accolades from St. Vincent. The art-rock songstress posts via Instagram that White played the unique Ernie Ball electric guitar, which St. Vincent designed. White’s “SNL” performance of his latest single “Over and Over and Over” can be view here.

White will kick off his highly anticipated 2018 North American tour on April 19 in Detroit at Little Caesar Arena and wrap up with a two-night Aug. 23 – Aug. 24 in Las Vegas at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan. Grab your tickets right now at AXS. For more information on Jack White, click here.

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White Castle becomes first fast food chain to serve plant-based Impossible Burger

When I wrote about my local gastro-pub/grass-fed burger joint serving the plant-based Impossible Burger, I kind of assumed we’d be seeing a broader roll out in the not too distant future. And given that McDonalds is serving vegan burgers and Sonic is going the part-beef, part-mushroom route, I figured it wouldn’t be too long before a major fast food chain started doing, ahem, the Impossible.

And now we’ve reached that point. Specifically, White Castle—home of the original slider—is aiming to lure vegetarians and flexitarians alike with a slider made from Impossible Foods’ burger mix. According to Grub Street, the initial launch covers 140 restaurants around New York, New Jersey and Chicago, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see it spread further from there.

White Castle is certainly going all out on promotion, if the launch party is anything to go by. Hannah Goldfield of the New Yorker reports that the party featured Quest Love spinning tunes, and it gave her an opportunity to try the slider itself. Her response hints at why I myself find such developments encouraging. Contrasting her first, somewhat underwhelming experience with The Impossible Burger at David Chang’s Momofoku, Goldfield recalls it not really holding its own against the high-end, grass-fed beef being served. In White Castle, the opposite is true:

…if I were presented with the choice of a burger made with cheap beef—probably inhumanely raised, definitely bad for the environment—or a plant-based alternative that tasted this close to the real thing, I’d go for the Impossible burger.

It’s intensively-raised, fast food beef that we most need to replace. And happily, intensively-raised, fast food beef may be the easiest to replicate.

Let’s see if White Castle can make this slider stick.

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AP Repeats Discredited Claim Scalise Was Speaker for White Supremacist Group

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NBC Comedy: ‘All White Guys Insensitive,’ ‘Brainwashed by White-Run Media’

Vince: Hey, guys, you’re never gonna believe what Michael accused me of last night.

Britney: Wearing the same jeans for too long between washes? We’ve all noticed.

Vince: He said I was culturally insensitive. That’s crazy, right?

Shabaz: [Laughter] Well, you did spend my entire first week here trying to figure out if I was Muslim or not.

Vince: No, I didn’t. What? No. I wanted to know why you didn’t eat bacon. You know, I love Muslims. It’s the vegetarians I don’t trust.

Bud: Look, truth be told, when I wanted to take Columbus Day off to celebrate my Italian roots, you–you laughed right in my face.

Vince: Come on, in New York, Italian’s not an ethnicity. It’s, like, normal.

Britney: You just called Italian normal, like everyone else isn’t normal. Am I not normal, Vince?

Vince: Okay, no-no-no, for–for one thing, it’s a whole different system for hot girls.

Shabaz: Whoa. Man.

Ruby: That’s not really…

Vince: Okay, look, guys, I just wanted him to have the best time possible in high school, like I did. Now he’s really upset, so… maybe I should just cancel the camping trip.

Ruby: Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa, whoa, whoa, cancel-

Britney: What? What? What?

Ruby: Cancel the trip?

Vince: Yeah.

Ruby: No one’s calling you a racist. They’re just saying you’re being insensitive, like a–like a patriotic grandparent.

Britney: I mean, we dated. Would a racist person date me? Or Michael’s mother, Priya? You’re not racist; you’re a fetishist.

Ruby: Exactly.

Bud: Perfect.

Vince: What?

Ruby: Shabaz, do you have anything encouraging to say?

Shabaz: Not really.

Ruby: I just–think you do. Come on.

Shabaz: Look. All white guys are a little bit insensitive. But it’s not your fault. You’ve been brainwashed by the white-run media. And it’s not just them. It’s the government; it’s school systems. In some ways, you’re the real victim.

Bud: You get it, Shabaz.

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Dr Duke: The Next Days in Syria Will Determine Whether the White Race & Your Children Live or Die!

Dr Duke: The Next Days in Syria Will Determine Whether the White Race & Your Children Live or Die!


Today Dr. Duke provided a brilliant analysis of what is going on with Trump and Syria. He noted that President Trump is tweeting that the cause of the bad relationship between Russia and the United States is the Mueller investigation, which is absolutely correct as it is prevented Trump from holding a summit meeting with Putin where the two men could work on the many shared interests of their respective populations. This statement is extremely important, because he is not blaming the bad relations on Russia behavior, but rather on his domestic opponents, and one can certainly hope he won’t go to war just to please the people who are trying to destroy him.

Dr. Duke also invoked the 1962 Cuban missiles crisis, when the US and USSR came to the brink of nuclear war. Of course, our weaponry 56 years later is that much more lethal, so the situation is really much more dangerous. Still, the Cuban missile crisis ended without a military exchange and with an upgrading of communications between the two superpowers. One can hope that Trump will take the advise of former USSR President Mikhail Gorbachev and meet with president Putin in order to extricate humanity from this Jewish-created crisis.

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Here is Mark Collett’s most recent video:

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04-10-18 — James Babb – Bob Stanley, David Mondrus, Matt White — LISTEN LIVE on LRN.FM, M-F

Bob Stanley
, David Mondrus

FreonCoin and FreeNet Movement
, Trive
, Pirate Communications

Hour 2 – Bob Stanley (Founder/Chief Evangelist of the FreeNet Movement/, David Mondrus and Matt White (Trive) on Pirate Communications and their social science global consensus engine that researches and clarifies Truth through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom 


Hour 2

Bob Stanley (Founder/Chief Evangelist of the FreeNet Movement/, 

David Mondrus and Matt White (Trive) 

TOPIC: Pirate Communications and their social science global consensus engine that researches and clarifies Truth through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom 



BOB STANLEY = Founder and Chief Evangelist – FreeNet Movement and 

(Ernest met up withBob at Anarchapulco 2018)

Bob Stanley red pilled and woke in 1994 while working in the data mining world. He realized the potential of this technology and the newly born worldwide web to destroy privacy and make the Internet a tool of the Thought Police. In 1998 he founded Global Network Privacy to give individuals ownership and control of their private data. GNP went down in 2001 with the dotcom crash and we lost the first round of the Internet Privacy Wars. Bob went back to selling software for years until the stars aligned to found the FreeNet Movement to replace the current #ThoughtPoliceNet with a freer crypto currency based ecosystem. #FreeNet is the key to mass adoption of crypto currencies by global Truth Seekers and freedom lovers.


About Freon Coin and the #Freenet Movement

The Internet was designed to be a place for free, open communication and commerce for everyone.  Unfortunately, today’s Internet continues to stray further and further from that ideal. 

Welcome to the Home of the Freon Coin and the Internet Freedom Movement. Our goal is to give the Internet back to the people by providing access to the Internet safely. 

Stay tuned for more about the Freon Coin and the Internet Freedom Movement.  Please sign-up for our mailing list below if you would like to find out more.  


Bob’s previous interviews on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock Radio Show:



David Mondrus = CEO  The truth is the truth no matter who speaks it

Kiev born, NYC raised, coding since 13, First blockchain wedding, Columbia MBA


Trive - Stop Fake News


Trive™ is a Nash Equilibrium Global Consensus engine that researches and clarifies Truth through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom using blockchain based rewards and verification mechanisms.

Using crowdsourced research, game theory and cryptocurrencies it will enable people all over the world to research, verify and score the truth of almost any piece of knowledge. We implement this by using game theory, blockchain and cryptocurrency to incent rational behavior. The resulting effort is hashed/stashed to the blockchain via a smart contract to ensure the sanctity of the Truth Hive (Trive™) process.


Matt White = COO @ Trive


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MSNBC Covers Black Police Shooting Victim 10-1 Over White Victim; CNN 2.5-1

As the dominant news media inform viewers of controversial police shooting cases in which there is debate about whether the officers acted lawfully, there has been a blatant double standard in spending substantially more time on victims who are black, even though blacks only make up a little more than one out of four suspects who are killed by police, with whites outnumbering blacks in the count by 2:1.

An examination of recent CNN, MSNBC, and FNC coverage of the aftermath of black shooting victim Stephon Clark in Sacramento, contrasted with the aftermath of white victim Justine Damond in Minneapolis from July 2017, finds that MSNBC has spent almost 10 times as much time on the Clark case while CNN has spent about 2.5 as much time.

FNC was closer to being balanced as it devoted about 22 percent more time to the aftermath of the Damond case, versus that of the Clark case.

Similarly, going back to the Philando Castile shooting from July 2016, when it was announced in November 2016 that charges would be pursued against the officer involved, CNN and MSNBC both updated viewers, with CNN providing more than 27 minutes worth of updates, while MSNBC gave it about 2 minutes 25 seconds.

But, when it was announced in March 2018 that charges would be pursued against the officer in the Damond case, CNN only provided a total of 56 seconds as the story was buried in two news briefs during the Early Start show, one of which aired on March 21 and the other on March 22, airing around 4:20 a.m. ET on both days. This means CNN actually devoted 29 times as much time to the charges in the Castile case in contrast with the Damond case — even though both cases raised serious questions about the behavior of the officer involved, and even happened in the same geographic area.

MSNBC did not update viewers on the Damond story at all. FNC did not run updates after charges were filed in either the Castile story from November 2016, or the Damond case in March 2018, as it awaited the final outcome of the Castile story before revisiting it.

An examination of MSNBC shows in recent weeks that run between 5:00 a.m. and midnight ET finds that the Clark story received just over 235 minutes, while the Damond case received almost 24 minutes in later part of July.

And on CNN, the shows that air between 4:00 a.m. and midnight ET gave stories about Clark, including the protests in Sacramento, just over 272 minutes in recent weeks, whereas the Damond story was given about 109 minutes in late July.

And, in the time period between 4:00 a.m. and midnight ET, FNC spent almost 70 minutes on Clark, and just over 85 minutes on Damond.

The dominant media’s disproportionate fixation on police shooting victims who are black creates the illusion that nearly all victims are black, and implicitly suggests widespread racism by police officers, even though statistics show that white suspects shot and killed by cops outnumber black suspects by about a 2-1 margin. According to the Washington Post, around 27 percent of police shooting victims are black, and, if one looks at FBI crime statistics from the past several years, including those compiled by the Obama administration Justice Department, the numbers are not wildly inconsistent with patterns of crime.

Such selective coverage has helped lead to public figures like CNN’s April Ryan and veteran singer Harry Belafonte wrongly claiming that police shooting victims are mostly black.

Any police shooting should be taken seriously by those who are responsible for making sure officers are acting appropriately, and cases where there is serious room for debate about whether deadly force was necessary, or whether unnecessary mistakes were made, are worthy of some level media attention. But it is also important not to make Americans of any race unreasonably fearful of police officers, or to incite demonization of law enforcement.

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