Radioactive Dust Found in Homes of Workers at Major US Nuclear Weapons Facility

A study published this month in the Journal of Environmental Engineering Science reported that small but still dangerous amounts of radioactive elements were found in dust collected by cloth wipes and vacuum cleaners in order to track the potential spread of radiation from one of the United States’ most notorious nuclear cleanup sites.

The same study also found radioactive particles in the homes of nuclear workers associated with the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico and the Rocky Flats Plant in Colorado. All three sites are heavily associated with nuclear weapons production.

It’s believed the particles could have found their way into the homes in a variety of ways, including being attached to workers’ clothing and being stirred up by wind storms and wildfires, which are common in the region, and blown inside.

The tests found radioactive uranium, thorium, plutonium and americium particles that, while innocuous in the external environment, represent a “potential source of internal radiation exposure” if ingested, warns Marco Kaltofen, a civil engineer affiliated with the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts and author of the study, the Seattle Times reported.

Exposure to these materials increases the risk of cancer, the study noted. Plutonium is “fiendishly toxic, even in small amounts,” said Glenn Seaborg, the physicist who discovered the element in 1941, as quoted in a 2011 fact sheet on the Rocky Flats site. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry notes in its public health statement on thorium exposure that the radioactive isotopes can sit in the soil for decades and cause lung cancer if inhaled. Uranium ingestion mainly targets the kidneys, the ATSDR notes, while americium destroys and irradiates bone tissue and can cause bone cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma and damage the thyroid.

“These radioactive particles are tiny and difficult to detect once you get a few inches away, but once inside the body, the distance from our tissue is essentially zero,” Kaltofen explained. While the skin can handle certain amounts of radiation safely, the body’s internal organs have no protection and a tiny amount can prove fatally toxic. Polonium-210, for example, is 250 million times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide, the New York Times reported.

The report’s conclusions come from years of testing coordinated with Hanford Challenge, a Seattle-based organization that has fought for decades for accountability in the federal cleanup of the Hanford site. Kaltofen used an unusual technique that involves both electron microscopy and a specialized X-ray analysis that can detect extremely low levels of radioactive particles. The samples were compared to those taken from the Hanford site, which served as a kind of fingerprint for identifying the particles.

The levels found in the Hanford workers’ homes represented a health risk exceeding that considered acceptable by the International Commission on Radiological Protection’s safety standards. However, the manager of the Radioactive Air Emissions Section of the Washington Department of Health John Martell told the Seattle Times that the level found in the study “is not jumping out to us as a public health risk.”

The US Department of Energy (DoE) performs regular environmental monitoring to measure radionuclide concentrations in the air, water and soil, as well as in fish and wildlife “to assure the public that the dose and risk from Hanford contaminants are well understood,” the department says.

Hanford Site, or Hanford Nuclear Reservation, is a 586 square-mile site between the Columbia and Yakima Rivers, just upstream from the Tri-Cities and adjacent to Richland. It is roughly half the size of Rhode Island. The site was established in 1943 as part of the Manhattan Project, the United States’ top secret program to develop an atomic bomb.

Hanford housed the world’s first full-scale plutonium reactor in the world, B Reactor, and was expanded to nine nuclear reactors and five plutonium processing plants. Plutonium manufactured at the site was used in the Trinity blast, the world’s first nuclear explosion, as was the fuel for the two atom bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States in August 1945, that killed more than 200,000 people. Most of the nuclear fuel for the 60,000 nuclear weapons the United States produced through the 1980s came from the Hanford site, according to the US Department of Energy.

Hanford was decommissioned after the Cold War but remains the storage site for 53 million gallons of liquid nuclear waste and 25 million cubic feet of solid nuclear waste, the DoE website notes. Neither the stored waste nor the waste from production has been properly stored, and large radiation leaks have contaminated much of the area, which remains the nation’s largest environmental cleanup site. According to Earth Island Journal, between 1944 and 1972, “as much as 1.7 trillion gallons of liquid waste, radionuclides and hazardous chemicals” were dumped into the Columbia River or into the ground.

The site regularly leaks nuclear contaminants, notably in February 2016 and May 2017, with the planned December 2017 demolition of a Hanford plutonium finishing plant being halted after several workers inhaled contaminated particles, arousing fears of a larger contamination if demolition continued, the Seattle Times reported at the time. Plutonium and americium traces were found up to 10 miles away from the condemned plant in subsequent tests. However, all of Kaltofen’s samples came from before the demolition began.

The Yakama Nation, whose reservation sits only 20 miles from the site, for decades fought turning Hanford into a nuclear waste site, as did other affected tribes such as the Nez Perce and Umatilla nations. Three counties around the Yakama reservation have seen high rates of a rare and fatal birth defect called anencephaly, in which a fetus’ brain and skull fail to fully form, which is believed to be caused by irradiation, Earth Island reported. Higher rates of anencephaly are also associated with sites in Iraq where the US military used depleted uranium rounds during the Iraq War, Iraqi doctors in Basra and Baghdad have noted.

ndigenous nations in Washington aren’t the only ones negatively affected by the US nuclear weapons program: decades of uranium mining in the Navajo Nation have caused extensive irradiation of the countryside, creating a disease known as Navajo Neuropathy, NPR reported. One spring in northeastern Arizona was reported in 2015 to have uranium levels “at least five times greater than safe drinking water standards” by a study published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology. The contamination caused the early deaths of many children who drank from the spring or whose mothers drank the water while pregnant.

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The Singapore Hotel Where Top Brass, Weapons Manufacturers and Spies Rub Shoulders

The Singapore Hotel Where Top Brass, Weapons Manufacturers and Spies Rub Shoulders

June 3rd, 2018

Via: Reuters:

For the region’s military officers, diplomats, weapons manufacturers and spies, there are few livelier places than the lobby of Singapore’s Shangri-La hotel around mid-year.

Here, beneath pillared ceilings and chandeliers, they gather for an annual informal bash – called the Shangri-La Dialogue – organized by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies.




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Fear and loathing and nuclear weapons: US troops on missile base regularly used LSD

After an airman made a social media post of himself smoking a joint, Air Force investigators were on the case, and eventually disciplined 14 airmen, convicting six of LSD use, distribution, or both.

“Although this sounds like something from a movie, it isn’t,” said Captain Charles Grimsley, one of the lead prosecutors.

The men were part of the 90th Missile Wing, and were stationed at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, just outside Cheyenne, Wyoming. The wing operates one-third of the 400 Minuteman 3 nuclear missiles that sit ready and waiting for war in silos scattered across the US’ empty Great Plains region.

When they weren’t safeguarding the US’ most powerful weapons, the men would gather to take LSD, cocaine, and ecstasy, sometimes on base.

The leader of the gang, Airman 1st Class Nickolos Harris, told the military court that he sourced LSD from civilian contacts, before distributing it to his fellow airmen at parties in 2015 and 2016.

LSD, short for lysergic acid diethylamide, has been a popular hallucinogen since it was first synthesized by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hoffman in 1938. The airmen would consume a small drop of the liquid on a piece of blotter paper, enough to alter their consciousness for hours on end.

“I absolutely just loved altering my mind,” said Harris. The court heard how Harris and his friends gathered to watch YouTube videos, “then went longboarding on the streets of Denver while high on LSD.”

“Minutes felt like hours, colors seemed more vibrant and clear,” another testified. “In general, I felt more alive.”

Not everybody enjoyed their experience however. “I’m dying!” one airman said at an LSD session in a state park outside Cheyenne, followed by “When is this going to end?”

While the men sometimes consumed the drugs on base, they never got high while on duty. However, given the seriousness of their duty, prosecutors argued that Harris should have served extra time for the “aggravating circumstance” of taking drugs on a nuclear missile base.

An air force spokesman told AP that “There are multiple checks to ensure airmen who report for duty are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs and are able to execute the mission safely, securely and effectively.” One of the men testified that if he was recalled to duty while on acid, he would have been unable to serve.

It is unclear how long before duty the men would take LSD. The intensity of an acid trip varies depending on how much is used and how the brain responds. Effects usually start after half an hour, and can last up to 12 hours.

Investigators closed in on the gang in early 2016 after one airman posted a Snapchat video of himself smoking marijuana. With the higher-ups on the scent, one man panicked and fled to Mexico with a bag of cash, before giving himself up and being charged with desertion.

While LSD is illegal in the US, its use in the armed forces is so uncommon that the Pentagon removed LSD screening from its drug testing procedures in 2006.

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When you have no clue about firearms: USA Today writes about “less lethal” weapons used in Santa Fe shooting

FOTM–After the Santa Fe shooting on Friday since it was discovered that the shooter didn’t use an AR-15, USA Today tweeted the following:

Two details set the Santa Fe shooting apart from other recent deadly attacks: explosives and the use of less-lethal weapons.”

Ten people dead from a .38 revolver and a shotgun. How’s that “less lethal” narrative working for you, USA Today?

Why couldn’t USA Today write about the MULTIPLE ILLEGAL ACTS committed during this shooting with “less lethal” weapons:

  • The shooter committed murder, which is illegal.
  • At 17, the shooter was not allowed to purchase the guns and stole them from his father, which is illegal.
  • The shooter carried guns and ammunition at the school, which is illegal.
  • The shooter was not eligible for a “License to Carry” (conceal carry in Texas) and hid his guns, which is illegal.
  • The shooter deployed inoperable explosive deviceswhich is illegal.

Yet USA Today is going to run with firearms being “less lethal” than others. These people will do and say anything to spin their gun control confiscation narrative.

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Israel: 200 nuclear weapons aimed at Iran, by Manlio Dinucci

JPEG - 37 kb
On April 30, 2018, Benjamin Netanyahu revealed stolen archives from Iran attesting that a secret military program of nuclear research had persisted in that country until 2003, despite the ban by Ayatollahs Khomeini and Khamenei.

The decision of the United States to get out of the Iranian nuclear deal – which Tehran stipulated in 2015 with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany – provokes a situation of extreme danger, not only for the Middle East.

To understand the implications of such a decision, taken under pressure from Israel which qualifies the agreement as the “surrender of the West to the Axis of Evil led by Iran”, we must start from a simple precise fact well: it is Israel that has the nukes, not Iran.

JPEG - 10.2 kb

Israel has been producing nuclear weapons for over fifty years at the Dimona site, built with the help of France and the United States. This site is not subject to inspections because Israel, the only nuclear power in the Middle East, does not adhere to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, which Iran, on the other hand, signed fifty years ago. The evidence that Israel produces nuclear weapons was provided more than thirty years ago by Mordechai Vanunu, who had worked in the Dimona site: after being scrutinized by leading nuclear weapons experts, it was published by The Sunday Times newspaper on 5 October 1986. Vanunu, who was abducted in Rome by the Mossad and transported to Israel, was sentenced to 18 years in a disciplinary ward and released in 2004 under severe restrictions. [1]

Israel today (though without admitting it) possesses an arsenal estimated at between 100 and 400 nuclear weapons, including tactical bombs and new-generation neutron bombs; it produces enough plutonium and tritium to build hundreds more. The Israeli warheads are ready for launch on ballistic missiles, such as Jericho 3, and F-15 and F-16 fighter-bombers from the US, plus the F-35s.

As confirmed by the many IAEA inspections, Iran does not have nuclear weapons and pledges not to produce them by subjecting itself, on the basis of the agreement, to close international control. However, writes former Secretary of State Colin Powell in an email on March 3, 2015, that has come to light – “In Tehran we know that Israel has 200 nuclear weapons, all aimed at Tehran, and that we have thousands.”

JPEG - 27.7 kb

The US European allies, who formally continue to support the deal with Iran, are substantially lined up alongside Israel. Germany provided it with four Dolphin submarines, modified to launch nuclear-tipped cruise missiles. Germany, France, Italy, Greece and Poland participated, along with the US, in the largest international air warfare exercise in Israel’s history, Blue Flag 2017 [2].

Italy, linked to Israel by a military cooperation agreement (Law n ° 94, 2005), participated with Tornado fighters from the 6th Stormo of Ghedi (Brescia), assigned to the transport of US B- 61 nuclear bombs (which will shortly be replaced by B61-12). The USA, with F-16s of the 31st Fighter Wing of Aviano (Friuli), assigned to the same function.

Israeli nuclear forces are integrated into NATO’s electronic system, as part of the “Individual Cooperation Program” with Israel, which, although not a member of the Alliance, has a permanent office at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

According to the plan tested in US-Israel exercise Juniper Cobra 2018, US and NATO forces would arrive from Europe (mostly bases in Italy) to support Israel in a war against Iran. [3] This could begin with an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, such as that carried out in 1981 in Osiraq, Iraq. In the event of Iranian retaliation, Israel could use a nuclear weapon unleashing a chain reaction with unpredictable consequences.

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Russia wants to go Skynet, aims to upgrade powerful weapons with AI


WHAT THE ACTUAL F…??? Is the world going nuts? How can such an idea even cross their minds? Haven’t they watched the Terminator? The Matrix? And all those evil AI movies? What those irons start to revolt against us humans? The Russians now wanna upgrade their top weapons such as S-400 and S1 Panzer with Artificial Intelligence. What’s next upgrading Nukes with AI? What if the AI takes over and wipes us all out for good? AI is such a bad bad bad evil idea! AI should be banned internationally at the UN and any country working on AI must be attacked military and have the leadership removed. If they wanna commit suicide, fine its their business but that AI will will not stop in Russia, it will advance and eventually attack everyone! AI should not be built even OFFLINE on a computer with NO internet connection, let alone with network internet connection…. and here’s why/ What if some crazy bastard, steals that AI on a memory stick and then releases it into the world? Or what if the AI self-transfers on a memory stick used by a programmer, cleverly hides itself on the stick as a archive or something then that engineer uses the infected stick on another computer with internet? BAM its over! This is exactly how the Skynet was started with weaponized AI! BAN AI NOW!


Russia’s Aerospace Forces have tested the country’s first automated air defense control system with elements of artificial intelligence, Izvestiya reported, citing Defense Ministry sources in Moscow.

With the new system in place, the Russian air-defense forces will be able to respond to all situational changes in real time, bypassing the stage of analysis at command posts.

Currently, each anti-aircraft missile and radar installation has its own control which is absolutely vital given the high speed of modern aircraft and high density of air attacks.

The automated air defense system will reduce the decision-making time and will facilitate the distribution of targets among air defense batteries.

A combination of all existing air defense systems and the use of each one’s fortes will create multiple lines of defense.

For example the S-400 Triumf air-defense system, effective against high-altitude targets, could be used in sync with the Pantsir-S missile-gun system, which is ideal in close combat situations.

This would ensure the effective destruction of aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, small drones and effective protection against fire by multiple rocket launchers.


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UK Accidentally Admits Use of Horrifying, Organ Rupturing Weapons In Syria

At the beginning of the month (May 2018) the British Ministry of Defence seemingly on accident revealed for the first time that they are unloading horrifyingly inhumane, thermobaric weapons out of drones onto the people of Syria: and it wasn’t even in this recent April 2018 escalation of tension, but last year. They are doing it more often than they’d like to admit.

Somehow the use of thermobaric weapons seems less humane than ripping a person to shreds with shrapnel.

The weapons work by igniting oxygen surrounding the weapon.

A cloud of explosive chemicals is released, and upon impact the fuel-air mixture is detonated, exploding the lungs of animals and human beings in the vicinity, not damaging structures much but filling the lungs of all animals with fuel and burning them in what may be one of the most horrifying ways imaginable to die.


A May 1st Freedom of Information Act disclosure from the British Ministry of Defense revealed that during the first couple months of 2017, combat drones fired 19 AGM-114N4 Hellfire missiles.

Little else about casualties or even the purpose of these strikes was revealed. An organization called Drone Wars is to be credited with this remarkably important discovery through their FOIA request, they reported on it first.

Multiple times in the past the United States has used thermobaric weapons, the first nation to ever do so. Russia has also used them and invested a lot in their production.

These weapons rupture organs and do a lot of unsettling things to say the least. A description of them reads:

“Their medical effect is principally primary blast and they affect organs where  there is a tissue interface of varying densities, such as the lungs,  bowel and inner ear. Damage manifests itself in the severity  and onset  of occurrence, depending on distance from the blast and  orientation of the victim, and can be diagnosed by simple investigative techniques.”

According to a 2000 report from Human Rights Watch, when it comes to thermobaric bombs “the [blast] kill mechanism against living targets is unique and unpleasant… What kills is the pressure wave, and more importantly, the subsequent rarefaction [vacuum], which ruptures the lungs.”

“If the fuel deflagrates but not does detonate, victims will be severely burned and will probably also inhale the burning fuel. Since the most common [fuel-air explosive] fuels, ethylene oxide and propylene oxide, are highly toxic, undetonated FAE should prove as lethal to personnel caught within the cloud as most chemical agents,” HRW continued.

As the United States burned civilians in entire villages to death with napalm during the Korean War, they developed early thermobaric weapons, fuel-air explosives in the 1960’s which they used in the Vietnam War for killing people and detonating entire minefields.

In the mid 1990’s, Russia used fuel-air explosives against Chechens, and in 1999 they used one TOS-1 Buratino against Grozny, the Chechen capital with the Buratino shooting rockets equipped with thermobaric payloads at targets residing in the city.

Russia has also been accused of using thermobaric weapons in Syria.

In the war in Afghanistan, the US used thermobaric bombs in alleged attempts to kill Taliban forces and Al-Qaeda in caves.

The bottom line is, we’re severely disconnected from empathy, from feeling the reality that our own governments are using weapons against other innocent people that are no different than us: horrific, nightmare weapons.

Weapons that rupture lungs and organs, weapons that fill the lungs with fuel and burn them, weapons that bring death about in the most horrific and painful way possible have been used against the enemy and any civilians in the vicinity for decades upon decades, and it’s still going on. So when they talk about disarming us, remember you’d be giving up your guns to a regime that has no problem exploding the lungs of people in other countries.



(Images credit: SputnikDrone WarsCensor)

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Chutzpah: ‘Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Have a Stabilizing Effect on the Region’ – Jewish ‘Scholar’

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Kiev shielded Manafort from corruption probe to ensure delivery of US cash & weapons

Paul Manafort


Ukraine froze four corruption investigations into former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort in order to avoid angering the American president, as the White House finalized a $47 million deal to sell anti-tank missiles to Kiev.

According to Ukrainian officials who spoke to the New York Times, Kiev is too reliant on US financial and military aid to risk irritating Trump, who is hugely critical of the investigation into alleged Russian interference and collusion in the 2016 presidential election.

Volodymyr Ariev, a member of the Ukrainian parliament and ally of Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, admitted that the Manafort investigations were put “in the long-term box” to avoid spoiling relations with the Trump administration.

“In every possible way, we will avoid irritating the top American officials,” Ariev said.

The US state department issued a license for 210 Javelin missiles and 35 launching units in December and announced the final approval of the sale in early March. The decision to halt the Ukrainian investigations into Manafort was made in early April.

In the US, Manafort is facing charges of money laundering and financial fraud, stemming from his time working as an adviser to Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich, who was ousted in 2014 after street protests supported by Washington turned violent.

Ukrainian investigators had been tracing multi-million dollar transfers to Manafort from members of Yanukovich’s political party. One of the investigations was looking into a $750,000 payment to Manafort from a Ukrainian shell company. Manafort has denied receiving under-the-table payments from Yanukovich’s party and his spokesperson speculated to the Times that a ledger showing $12.5 million in payments to his client could be a forgery.

The investigations into Manafort were not completely closed, but the prosecutor Serhiy Horbatyuk was blocked from issuing subpoenas for evidence or interviewing witnesses. Before he lost the authority to prosecute, Horbatyuk had previously sent a letter to the office of US Special Counsel Robert Mueller offering to cooperate – an offer which he now cannot fulfill, due to Kiev’s decision.

The sale of the missiles, which were received on April 30, was seen as a victory for President Poroshenko, as it indicated American support for his government’s so-called “anti-terrorist operation” against anti-Kiev separatists in eastern Ukraine.

In addition to the missiles, Ukraine receives hundreds of millions of dollars in aid from the US. In 2016, the US paid out $300 million to assist Kiev in defending itself against “Russian-backed separatists.”

A bill introduced in the US House of Representatives in 2017 proposed cutting the amount of military aid to Ukraine in half, but the Trump administration authorized $350 million more in aid to Kiev in late December.

Kiev has repeatedly appealed to Washington for military assistance in the form of lethal weaponry, even as world leaders urge Poroshenko to abide by the Minsk Agreements – the deal between Kiev and the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, which was brokered in 2015 by the leaders of Russia, Germany and France.

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