Many Waves of Terrorists Will Follow the Immigrants Headed This Way

Mexico has stronger immigration laws than the United States. Crossover into Mexico, like millions have done in America, one is likely spend months/years in a Mexican prison awaiting trial.

Traveling through Mexico in an automobile is dangerous enough. However, walking through Mexico is downright suicidal without help. Help that would come from either the government or from the cartels or both. And the travel with a large group, that is growing by the day, especially a group with women and children, it would be impossible to proceed without assistance, official assistance. Yet this is exactly what we see in Mexico.

Here is a tweet from the immigrants’ leader, Adolfo Flores from March 30, 2018. By the way, and quite unbelievably, Adolfo Flores is a national security correspondent for BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles. He focuses on immigration. Contact Adolfo Flores at [email protected]. Buzzfeed doesn’t even attempt to hide its ultra-liberal bias.

Adolfo Flores


The municipality we’re at now is offering buses to get us to the next town. It’s been happening at several stops, I imagine they’re more interested in getting people out of their public squares.

View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Please note that the size of the group, just from this cross-section from the Flores’ tweet. Also, it is very notable that the tweet says that buses are being made available to transport the so-called refugees to the next location. Buses just don’t appear out of thin air. Gasoline is not free and drivers don’t magically teleport to their buses. This is a well-coordinated event that is clearly on a timetable. Please also take note that the Flores tweet does not identify the location or the next stop on this migration.


Migrants practice boarding "La Bestia," the infamously dangerous train that will carry them toward the US border.

Luc Forsyth for BuzzFeed News covering the immigrants practicing on the notorious train that will complete the journey of transporting these immigrants to the United States. This Beast train if you will, was made infamous by the 2014 Central American invasion which ostensibly brought children to the United States from Central America. It also brought a lot of MS-13 and drug cartel members as well. 


Look at the first picture contained in this tweet, listed above. You will see a man in a uniform. This is an official Mexican government event. It is easy to figure out what President Trump has already noted. Trump is prepared to take action against the government of Mexico and he is taking away a centerpiece jewel of the Democratic Party in retaliation for this action. However, before the story relating how Trump is retaliating against the groups responsible for this invasion, it is important to point out that Youtube censors were immediately censoring the free flow of information to the public.

Before MY related videos were fully uploaded and HOURS before they were to be released, Youtube’s liberal censors swept in and demonitied these two related videos before they could even be published

  1.  2:29

What these videos would have told us, is what President Trump is doing to stem the tide of this invasion of our border which grows closer.


NBC News posted the following headline on Easter Sunday:

On Easter Sunday, Trump threatens to end DACA and ‘stop’ NAFTA

Posted: Apr 01, 2018 10:48 AM PDTUpdated: Apr 01, 2018 10:48 AM PDT

No More DACA

In an April 1st tweet, Trump complained that US border agents aren’t allowed to do their jobs properly because of “ridiculous liberal Democratic laws” like “catch and release”. And with more “dangerous caravans coming” to the US border, “Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!”

Donald J. Trump


Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous. “Caravans” coming. Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!


The Presidemt, as I and millions of Americans favor DACA, as we do not want to see innocent people punished for the actions of their parents and we, as a group, favor amnesty for this group. However, the invasion that is coming is so serious, that the Presdent is taking DACA off of the table. The same can be said for the sacred cow called NAFTA. The President’s administration is busy negotiating a redo of NAFTA. However, Trump has had enough and is close to taking NAFTA off of the table and imposing tariffs on American goods. These are two major initiatives of the Trump administration, one cannot overexaggerate how serious he dangrous feels this immigration (caravans) truly is if he is willing to scrap two program that he believes in.


Please note the President’s clear choice of words, “Caravans” coming. Trump did not say Caravan coming (singular), he quite clearly is saying “Caravans” coming (plural). The President is telling the American people what I already know, this immigration wave led by Florea and aided and abetted by the Mexican government and the Democratic Party, is merely the first “caravan (singular)”. This is a distraction! How do I know this?

A Strong Hint From An FBI Source

On March 29, 2018, I had a private conversation with an FBI agent who had to be coy and lead me to some open source intel. This source also advised me to begin paying attention to FEMA camps becauuse they are going to be figuring prominently in the future. Subsequently, I put together a recent article on the topic, the first in a long time.

Saturday evening, March 31, 2018, Paul Preston contacted me told me about the coming invasion. We had a lengthy conversation and both agreed that this REPORTED invasion is merely a small, first wave, that is coming our way. It is a distration. Paul also told me that large amounts of roll-out wire was being sent to the border. Further, I related to Paul that I have been contacted by two employees working in different Oklahoma State Universities and they were advised by the military that Reserves and National Guard would soon be called up for foreign and domestic employment. In other words, it appears very likely that President Trump is fully aware of massive amounts of people that intend to cross our border, not just 1,500 so-called refugees. It also appears likely that the rumors that I am getting with regard to troop movements to the border are more than just rumors. It appears likely that we are going to see the construction of mobile and temporary FEMA camps which will house these attempted immigrants while they wait their deportation hearings before they can just disappear into the night.

I have been told that this is a plot further the unrest in California because the CALEXIT movement is failing. I will be developing this idea in more detail in Part Two.


Would you like get a glimpse of where this is headed? The following video made on Saturday, will provide one with some very pointed directions that this is ikely to follow.


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Syria Destroyed 2 Waves Of 13 Israeli Cruise Missiles Using Russian Pantsir-S AA guns

Pantsir-S1 Russia, Syria, Israel

Syrian force shot down 13 Israeli air-launched cruise missiles during Feb. Israeli Aggression with Russian Pantsir-S1s

[ Editor’s Note: We finally have some officially reported details of the recent Israeli Airforce attack on Syria. The main disclosure is the Syrian had used the Pantsir-S short range system, specifically designed to take down cruise missiles when closing on their targets.

These systems have a variety of missiles to use depending on the altitude and type of incoming threat, plus a 30mm cannon as a last defense for itself.

Behind the weapons is the high tech radar tracking, also design to defend against swarm missile attacks which is the name of the game in modern warfare. We will be following closely the responses we get on this from various capitals.

The Russians had to be involved, particularly in early warning to the Syrian defense crews. A lot of coordination is needed to make sure the attacking force can be properly analyzed so the appropriate gun positions are assigned specific targets.

Timing is critical as in this case, Syrian fire might have been withheld until the Israeli planes launched their missiles. The Pantsirs (I am assuming more then one system) would have engaged those and then other missiles fired on the retreating Israeli planes.

The speed with which all this has to be done is incredible, and one would have to ask were Russians actually manning the Pantsir systems, as they require very highly trained people.

Israel has countered this news by claiming it took our a large part of Syrian air defenses, but without the usual video camera proof, the only one so far showing a panel truck at the T-4 base being struck.

The other big part of the story is how Israel quickly launched a second attack, designed to have empty Syrian batteries as easy targets, but Syria claims to have shot down most of the second wave, showing that the “Russian advised” air defense system had war-gamed for consecutive attacks like this. We should be hearing more on thisJim W. Dean ]

Israel F-16 Syria

The Syrian military shot down 13 Israeli air-launched cruise missiles additionally to the F-16I multirole fighter, which later crashed in Israel, during the February 10 encounter in Syrian airspace, the Russian newspaper Izvestia reported on February 14 citing a source in the Syrian General Staff. MORE ABOUT THE ENCOUNTER

According to the report, the Syrian military used S-200, Buk and Pantsir-S systems against Israeli aircraft and missiles. During the first strike on Syria, Israeli aircraft reportedly launched 11 air-launched cruise missiles. 8 of them were intercepted. During the second strike, Israeli aircraft launched 7 air-launched cruise missiles. Syrian forces intercepted 5 of them.

The report added that the missiles were the key target of Syrian forces. The only aircraft, which violated Syrian airspace, was also shot down.

It was the aforementioned F-16I. Russian and Syrian sources reached by Izvestia did not deny or confirm reports that the F-16I was targeted with an old-fashioned S-200 missile.

The article also provided additional details about the February 7 incident when Israeli warplanes struck the Damascus countryside. According to the article, Israeli aircraft launched 8 missiles and Syrian forces intercepted 6 of them.

Veterans Today

Russia S-400 Missiles Syria

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  2. Russian Aircraft Flying 420 Sorties Destroy Over 910 Israeli US ISIS Terrorist Facilities In Syria In Past Week
  3. Syrian Army Fully Repels US Israeli Proxy ISIS Attack & Recaptures All Positions In Euphrates Valley
  4. Trump & Tillerson’s “Newer Plan” To Violate International Law Against Syria For Banker’s Greater Israel Project aka Promised Land

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Gravitational Waves: ‘We Now Have the Birth of New Way to Look at the Universe’


With the 2017 Nobel Prize in physics having been awarded to three US scientists for the detection of gravitational waves, one of them, Barry Barish, a professor emeritus at California’s Institute of Technology (Caltech), said that the discovery was bound to change mankind’s traditional view of the universe.

Researchers Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne and Barry Barish who will share the 9 million kronor prize (about $1 million) are members of Caltech’s Ligo-Virgo observatories. The observation was made following 40 years of efforts in the area.

“Gravitational waves are interactions with gravity, which is involved very strongly. In space we can imagine rippling distortion changing its shape, like in the water, and projecting out through space. One such ripple that we detected happened 1.3 billion years ago and it managed to get to the Earth with nothing impeding it along the way,” Barry Barish said.

Elaborating on how this discovery can expand our knowledge of space, time and the universe, he said that while the conventional theory of gravitation has explained the Sun’s gravitational pull on the planets, the tides, etc., it couldn’t explain why the trajectory of Mercury around the Sun was slightly different from what was calculated.

“Just like a massive object in the pond distorts the time and space around it, so does the Earth distort the space around it. Now what we can do is to look whether the features of those gravitational waves are what Einstein explained in 1915. So one of our big goals is to test the heart of the general relativity theory and there is no better place to do that than where the gravitational fields are particularly strong. That, by definition, is what a black hole is,” Barish continued.

“The second aspect is that we look at the universe through telescopes and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. However, only about four percent of the universe emits electromagnetic radiation, so everything that we know about the universe comes through electromagnetic radiation.

“This is the first time that we have looked at the universe in a really different way,” Barish said.

“We now have the birth of a new way to look at the universe,” he concluded.

Gravitational waves were first described by Albert Einstein in his general theory of relativity. However, the great scientist himself had doubts about the possibility of measuring them.



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Newly-Developed Japanese Turbines Harvest Energy From Waves While Protecting The Coast

Credit: OIST

By Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Thanks to a team of researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST), it is now possible to harness renewable energy from waves while simultaneously protecting the coastline from erosion.

Normally, tetrapods (star-shaped structures made from concrete) are used to protect coastlines from eroding. With the aid of Wave Energy Converter (WEC) turbines, however, the coastlines can be protected while renewable energy is harvested.

New Atlas reports that the wave turbine’s pairing with a sturdy, anchored structure could “take advantage” of pre-existing infrastructure in Japan. Said Professor Tsumoru Shintake, the lead researcher on the project: “Surprisingly, 30% of the seashore in mainland Japan is covered with tetrapods and wave breakers. Using just 1% of the seashore of mainland Japan can [generate] about 10 gigawatts [of energy], which is equivalent to 10 nuclear power plants. That’s huge.”

Each WEC turbine will feature five blades measuring with a diameter of 70 cm. The blades will be attached to a permanent electric generator which is encased in ceramic to keep seawater out. Electrical energy which is generated will then be challenged through a cable back to shore, where it will feed into the grid.

Safety was a main priority when designing the turbines. To avoid harming wildlife, the speed of the blades is calibrated to avoid hurting any animal that might be caught in them. The blades are also flexible — similar to dolphin fins, and will avoid cracking under the harsh sun and powerful storms. Even the support structure is bendable!

Each WEC turbine is expected to last for ten years before it needs to be replaced. Shintake thinks they might last longer, however. The researcher said, “I’m imagining the planet two hundred years later. I hope these [turbines] will be working hard quietly, and nicely, on each beach on which they have been installed.”

Perhaps soon, this invention — or similar concepts — will be installed elsewhere along coastal regions.

The turbines would be placed in front of tetrapods or coral reefs to harness the fast-moving jets of water created by breaking waves(Credit: OIST) 

Electrical energy is created through a permanent magnet electric generator, and fed back to land through a cable in the support column(Credit: OIST) 

The team members on the project, led by Professor Tsumoru Shintake (far right)(Credit: OIST) 

The turbines have been designed to withstand rough seas and extreme weather like typhoons, while also ensuring the safety of sea life around them(Credit: OIST)

Read more: 105 Year Old Reveals The Secret Behind Living A Long Life


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Key West ravaged, ocean waves crash over rooftops of homes, flooding

KEY WEST, Fla. (Sept. 7, 2017) Capt. Bobby Baker, left, commanding officer of Naval Air Station Key West, listens as staff updates the status of the air station ahead of Hurricane Irma. Non-essential active duty military, Department of
Defense civilians and their families have evacuated the base. Hurricane Irma is a Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of more than 180 mph and is moving west-northwest at 17 mph. The storm is expected to impact the southeastern United States. (U.S. Navy photo by Trice Denny/Released)

KEY WEST, Fla. (INTELLIHUB) — A massive storm surge and Hurricane Irma’s eye wall battered the city and adjacent Keys Sunday morning as wind gusts topped 110 mph.

Most of the city is currently flooded and power in all of the Keys has been knocked out.

Massive ocean waves could be seen crashing over beach homes as the storm continued to surge moving north toward mainland Florida’s west coast.

Severe winds battered anything out in the open.

Ocean water flowed over the top of local docks and boats were rocking violently in the winds.

Flooding… the wind…

One local couldn’t resist a selfie.

Boats riding out the storm.

At least that damn helicopter is not currently spraying for mosquitoes.

©2017. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics ( Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Follow Shep on Facebook and Twitter.

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Rescue Dog Throws Himself From Helicopter Into Giant Waves To Save Lives

Finding yourself trapped in the water without a way to save yourself can be a life threatening situation and when these situations come about, it can be to find a large and furry animal to hold onto until help is finally able to arrive. Did you know that there are special dogs who are specifically raised in order to accomplish this very goal? Thanks to this story, you finally get to meet one of these special dogs for yourself.

Thanks to this astonishing video footage, you can watch a large black Newfoundland spring into action when there are people who need saving. The animal leaped into action and was even willing to lunge from a helicopter in mid air to do so. The tremendous sacrifice that these animals make is something that we should all definitely take the time to recognize.

The man in this story was more than happy to see the dog swimming towards him and this animal provided him with the lifeline that he needed most. Once he was able to latch onto the dog’s body, he was lifted up by the helicopter and the two were rescued from the waters. This amazing rescue was the product of a drill that the dog had been undergoing for months.

These drills are conducted by the good people at the Italian School Of Water Rescue Dogs and the dogs are trained from the age of three months to perform a wide range of training exercises. They are given the tools that they need to conduct rescue missions like the one that you are about to see and thanks to the efforts of their trainers, most of the animals pass with flying colors.

The Newfoundland is an especially useful breed for these sorts of rescue missions, owing to their advanced swimming skills and their webbed feet. Their strength and swimming ability makes them a natural candidate for these rescues and their human counterparts appreciate their presence because of their ability to power through fatigue and reach those who are distressed.

If you would like to find out more about what these awesome animals can do for those who find themselves in distress situations, then be sure to check out this incredible clip in order to learn more. Once you have seen this rescue drill in action, you are definitely going to want to show it to all of your friends and loved ones.

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Global warming alarmists terrorize the public over "heat waves" but never mention how many people die from the COLD

Image: Global warming alarmists terrorize the public over “heat waves” but never mention how many people die from the COLDImage: Global warming alarmists terrorize the public over “heat waves” but never mention how many people die from the COLD

(Natural News)
Whether they’re debating a co-worker in the break room or making a movie with a bunch of oversized powerpoint slides, one thing radical environmentalists always seem to do is conveniently leave out any facts that go against their “global-warming-is-going-to-kill-us-all” argument. For example, they have no problem arguing that sea ice is going to melt and water levels will rise due to increasing global temperatures, but they leave out the fact that Antarctic sea ice has actually expanded in recent years. They tell us that carbon emissions are reaching astronomical levels, but conveniently leave out the fact that the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been much higher thousands of years prior to the industrial revolution. This is how they sell their agenda to the American people – through lies, half-truths and misinformation.

Yet another example comes from a recent study conducted by the European Commission and the Joint Research Center, which found that heat waves with temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius (or 131 degrees Fahrenheit) would begin to emerge if global warming continues. “Heatwaves amplified by high humidity can reach above 40°C and may occur as often as every two years, leading to serious risks for human health,” the study explains. “If global temperatures rise with 4°C, a new super heatwave of 55°C can hit regularly in many parts of the world, including Europe.”

Yet another study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that “by the end of this century, climate change could lead to summer heat waves with levels of heat and humidity that exceed what humans can survive without protection.”

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that these types of “studies” have been routinely published for decades now. Time and time again, these research groups, which are mostly run by leftists and environmental extremists (the people liberals refer to as “climate scientists”) get together, manipulate data, and come out with “shocking” new reports about how doomed we all are if we don’t go green. Then doomsday never comes, and so they publish a series of new “studies” as if to say, “we were wrong before, but we really mean it this time.” Al Gore is known for doing this very thing. In 2006, he famously predicted that the world would fall apart by 2016 unless we slowed the effects of global warming, and yet – surprise! – it never happened.

But even though these two studies make it seem as though the end is near, once again, the whole truth was not revealed. Last year, a study published in the British Journal The Lancet found that cold weather is 20 times more deadly than hot weather, meaning you are much more likely to die when the temperature takes a dip than you are when it rises.

The study analyzed data on over 74 million deaths in 13 countries between the years 1985 and 2012. Of those 74 million deaths, 5.4 million were related to cold weather, and only 311,000 were related to heat.

“Public-health policies focus almost exclusively on minimizing the health consequences of heat waves,” explained Gasparrini, one of the authors of the study. “Our findings suggest that these measures need to be refocused and extended to take account of a whole range of effects associated with temperature.”

The reason why there is so little focus on deaths related to cold weather is because it simply doesn’t fit into the left’s agenda, even though it is a fact that cold temperatures have more of a negative effect on people than hot temperatures do. If the liberals drew attention to the harmful effects of cold weather, then it would take attention away from what they have been trying to sell the people for decades – that a warming world is the single greatest threat to our future, and unless we surrender our liberty, we will lose that future.

What a bunch of baloney.

Sources include:



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Man Snaps Photo Of Bizarre Square Shaped Waves, Quickly Realizes They’re Dangerous

There is no shortage of special effects on our digital screens these days; but believe it or not, there are equally peculiar phenomenons in nature that seem like work of technology rather than Mother Nature.

Isle of Rhe in France is one such destination which is known for being romantic, as well as bizarre. A tiny island measuring just 19 miles long and 3 miles wide, Isle of Rhe is located on the west coast of France near La Rochelle in the Atlantic ocean.

Just like France’s more famous southern coast, Isle of Rhe has fabulous beaches and great weather to lure tourists from all over Europe and the world. But unlike the southern coast, there is something truly unique about the waves that can be seen from many of its beaches.

To the naked eye, the waves appear to be square shaped, repeating over and over again to form a chessboard pattern on the surface of the ocean. The sight is so unusual that each year, residents and tourists alike, often flock to an old lighthouse on the shore to get a better view from its higher elevation.

What seems like the doings of aliens or an equally bizarre outer force, is actually easily explained by science.

Isle of Rhe lies at the intersection of two seas, often referred to as a cross sea. Miles under the surface of the ocean where the two meet, two different weather patterns can produce two wave systems traveling at opposing angles.

When these weather patterns last for longer periods of time, they produce these unusually large, square shapes that make for quite a sight!

While they might look beautiful, they also make the waters very dangerous. The strong currents formed due to a cross sea can be much stronger than any riptide we are familiar with.

In fact, it is not unusual to hear of ship accidents being caused as vessels get caught in these square waves. Thankfully, these square waves are not a constant phenomenon, making the beaches of Isle of Rhe mostly safe during all the other times.

It is truly amazing to see how nature works in the most bizarre ways. Some of the other unbelievable wonders of nature include flammable ice bubbles beneath Alberta’s Lake Abraham, underwater crop circles off the coast of Japan, and the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize, to name a few.

Looks like,  turning off our screens once in a while, and heading out into the world to check out these natural sights, might make for more interesting and memorable times for all of us!


Wikipedia  / Weather Online Buzzfeed   /

Founder of WorldTruth.Tv Eddie (13269 Posts)

Eddie is the founder and owner of www.WorldTruth.TV. This website is dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the globe. I have spent the last 38 years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media.

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Massive 10m waves crash off South Island coast, New Zealand


Towering waves 10m high are crashing off the South Island’s east coast.

Niwa says the huge swells have been recorded off Banks Peninsula and are due to hit the North Island later today.

Ferry sailings have been cancelled and coastal roads around the capital are expected to experience surges as the towering seas coincide with tonight’s high tide.

“We are getting reports off Banks Peninsula there have been waves of 10m this morning. The waves are well and truly there,” said Niwa forecaster Chris Brandolino.

NIWA’s high res model shows sea/swell (we call that sig wave in the biz) will peak btwn 7-8 m around 8 pm in Cook Strait @interislander

— NIWA Weather (@NiwaWeather) June 13, 2017

Forecasters were keeping a sharp eye on the enormous waves, most peaking around 6m, as they moved up the country.

Waves of up to 7m are expected in Cook Strait this evening.

Motorists are being warned to take care on coastal roads, especially around high tide at 8:45pm.

But a reprieve is coming. The MetService said the strong winds were expected to drop off today and had lifted a number of warnings.

Warnings were still in force for Clutha, Dunedin, Port Hills and Banks Peninsula.

A gust of 140km/h had been recorded at Le Bons Bay on Banks Peninsula.

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4 artists making big waves at this weekend’s Splash House

Splash House is about to make waves this coming weekend in Palm Springs, Calif. To get ready for the big event, we want to bring you 4 artists who are absolutely “can’t-miss” because they are on fire right now. Don’t forget, tickets are still available for all the fun in the sun this weekend in Palm Springs (June 9-11). So get your bathing suits on and let those guns out, because it’s time to make a splash at the Splash House. 

4 artists so hot right now they will scorch that Palm Springs sun itself: 

1. Anna Lunoe

Anna Lunoe hails from Australia and has been burning through club sets like there is no tomorrow. She’s appeared at festivals like Big Day Out, Splendour in the Grass, Parklife, Field Day and Falls Festival, and the chance now to see her at Splash House up close and personal is too good to pass up. Just take a listen to her latest track, Godzilla, below and you’ll see why she is front and center on this list. 

2. J. Phlip

This DJ with an engineering degree will bring the beats like no other. After purchasing a deck and mixer for her 19th birthday, Jessica Phillippe, better known as J. Phlip, followed her heart and went full steam into music, winning a DJ competition in 2005. Since then, there has been no stopping her. This is evident on on her remix of Invincible…give a listen below and make sure to stop by her set this weekend. 

3. Nora En Pure

This international DJ from Zurich is a force to be reckoned with. Nora En Pure loves the deep house and loves to get into the minds and hearts of her fans through her music (after all, she has a degree in psychology). Known best for her track, “Come with Me,” take a listen to one of her new singles, “Waves,” below and get ready to make a splash with her in the deep end. 


With a degree in business and a former career at a video game production company, TOKiMONSTA has one of the most eclectic backgrounds of any DJ and producer in EDM these days. Couple this with her upbringing in classical music (she’s a classically trained pianist), and you have a recipe for one of the most unique talents on the circuit today. Just take a listen to her remix of “Last Night in the City” and you’ll see why you can’t miss her set this coming week. 

Splash House hits this coming weekend. Don’t miss out on one of the best parties of the year! Tickets are still available here

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