WATCH: Distracted Cop Forgets to Brake, Clips Child Waiting for a Bus


Anderson County, SC – Disturbing footage has been released that shows a distracted sheriff’s deputy driving a patrol car, swerving and nearly hitting a young girl who was waiting to board a school bus.

Anderson School District Superintendent Joanne Avery said the school bus was stopped with lights flashing and following all protocols when student Jordan Reyes was suddenly clipped by a speeding police cruiser as she attempted to board the bus.

During a press conference, Avery said that the bus driver “noticed a car in her rear-view mirror that was not slowing down even though the amber bus and then red bus lights were flashing,” and was forced to watch the incident unfold.

Driver Ilah Beard told WSOC that she was traumatized by the incident, and haunted by the officer’s carelessness, which almost killed a young girl.

“I haven’t been doing good at all,” Beard said. “I’ve been reliving it every day. I pass by that house several times a day just to know that Jordan almost lost her life. It kills me.”

Jordan Reyes, 15, is in stable condition after she was nearly run over by the police cruiser, and she said she hopes her experience will open the door for a conversation on distracted driving.

“I just wish that situations like these that no one else would have to go through like I did that day, what my bus driver had to go through, Reyes said.

The unnamed deputy claimed she could not keep her eyes on the road because she was checking her GPS at the time of the incident. She has reportedly been cited, suspended and reassigned, although the exact details have not been released.

Anderson County Sheriff Chad McBride has responded by using the incident as a way to improve public relations and market a campaign against distracted driving. “When we go down the road, we see people reading books, magazines, texting on their phones, putting makeup on in the mirror. We see a lot and I hate that this time it was one of us,” he told WSOC.

In a statement, the department revealed that Reyes has agreed to partner with McBride to release a series of instructional videos dedicated to preventing distracted driving:

“Jordan’s experience is a reminder to all first responders of the dangers of driving while distracted and encouragement for them to remain focused, when behind the wheel. Jordan and Sheriff Chad McBride are partnering to develop instructional videos targeted at first responders reminding them of the dangers of distracted driving and later this year, the two will develop back-to-school bus safety reminders for the public.”

In one video, Reyes claims that if she has been looking at her phone or she had earbuds in her ears and was listening to music, she would not have heard the police cruiser and would have kept walking to the school bus—putting herself directly in the path of the car.

While it is true that everyone should be aware of their surroundings, especially when they are stepping out onto the street, it does not take away from the fact that the deputy who caused the incident was clearly in the wrong, and should be held accountable for the actions that almost killed an innocent 15-year-old girl.

If you would like to share your opinion on this incident, contact the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office by calling (864) 260-4400, or visiting their Facebook page.

The incident has since sparked a PSA about distracted driving.

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WATCH: Two Men Arrested for Waiting for a Friend in Starbucks—”While Black”


Philadelphia, PA — A video of two black men getting arrested inside a Philadelphia Starbucks coffee shop this week has sparked outrage online. It has also prompted an “internal investigation” from police after there was no reason given for the arrest other than the men were waiting for a friend.

The video was shared on Twitter Thursday by @MissyDePino, which shows the two men being handcuffed and taken out of the coffee shop at 18th and Spruce Streets. To illustrate the unjust nature of the arrest, the friend that the two men were supposedly waiting on actually showed up as his friends were being handcuffed.

The man who showed up even explained to police that they were waiting for him to get there before they ordered. However, they were cuffed and arrested anyway.

As reports, the identities of the people seen in the video and why they were handcuffed and taken out of the Starbucks by numerous officers remain unclear. District Attorney Larry Krasner’s office, reached through spokesman Benjamin Waxman on Saturday, had no immediate comment on the incident.

However, witnesses say they know what happened.

“The police were called because these men hadn’t ordered anything,” DePino wrote, tagging Starbucks in her post. “They were waiting for a friend to show up, who did as they were taken out in handcuffs for doing nothing. All the other white ppl are wondering why it’s never happened to us when we do the same thing.”

“What did they do?” asks the man claiming to be the friend of the two men. “What are they getting (arrested) for, just being black men sitting there waiting?”

One Philly officer on the scene responds sarcastically, “Exactly, that’s it.”

“What did they do?” asks the friend of the pair now in handcuffs.

“They didn’t do anything,” responds Depino as she films. “I saw the entire thing.”

As the video went viral on Twitter, it prompted users to call for a boycott of Starbucks and also urge them to respond.

On Friday, Starbucks issued a statement noting that they were aware of the video and they are “reviewing the incident.”

“We’re aware of the incident on Thursday in a Philadelphia store with 2 guests and law enforcement, resulting in their removal. We’re reviewing the incident with our partners, law enforcement and customers to determine what took place and led to this unfortunate result,” the company wrote.

Also forced to issue a response to the alleged racism was the Philadelphia Police department whose officers removed the seemingly innocent men from the store while they waited for their friend. They released a statement Friday night noting that an internal investigation was under way.

“We are aware of an incident that occurred on 4-12-18 at the Starbucks Café at 18th and Spruce. The entire incident, including the actions of the responding officers, is under internal investigation. Once we gather all the facts, we will comment further,” the police statement read.

It is certainly the right of Starbucks—as they are a private establishment—to refuse service to anyone they desire especially if they are being unruly and causing a disturbance. However, according to eye-witnesses, these two gentlemen had done nothing wrong, had not disturbed anyone and were merely waiting for their friend, who eventually showed up.

This scenario plays out in restaurants and private businesses across the country as polite friends sit without ordering anything while they await their guests.

If this man was really their friend, the police should have uncuffed the pair and immediately let them go. But this does not appear to be the case.

The Free Thought Process contacted the Philadelphia police department to inquire about the official charges these men faced, however, they did not comment citing the ongoing investigation.

The Free Thought Project also contacted a representative from Starbucks who informed us that their only unofficial policy in regards to people being in the store without purchasing something is no sleeping. The representative told us that people who don’t buy anything can essentially stay in the store all day long and they will not ask them to leave.

In this instance, however, it appears that these men were not granted that privilege.

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Waiting on Trump

Waiting on Trump

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The likely US-orchestrated Douma CW false flag came within hours of the town’s liberation – clear proof Syria had nothing to do with it, for what purpose with victory at hand.

The entire East Ghouta enclave is now freed from US-supported terrorists, a major strategic triumph, another blow to Washington’s imperial project.

Despite Russia’s all-out efforts for conflict resolution since at least 2012, Washington, its rogue allies and terrorist foot soldiers undermined them.

The Douma false flag is the latest example, launched to escalate aggression on Syria, not step back from the brink.

Peace and stability are unattainable as long as Washington rejects them. The centerpiece of its strategy for unchallenged global dominance is endless wars of aggression.

They rage in multiple theaters. Trump’s hardened war cabinet was assembled to escalate wars on humanity, nations not yet attacked on Washington’s target list.

It’s just a matter of time before Russia and China are challenged belligerently – heightening the risk of nuclear war.

On Thursday, Trump is meeting with his war cabinet, Syria the key topic for discussion. A Defense Department statement said more commitments from allies are sought before launching attacks.

Mattis was quoted saying “(w)e are trying to stop the murder of innocent people. But on a strategic level, it’s how do we keep this from escalating out of control – if you get my drift on that.”

The only way to stop murdering innocent people is for Washington and its rogue allies to stop supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups – along with ceasing Pentagon-led terror-bombing.

Fabricated claims about Assad using CWs wore thin years ago, no evidence proving any of them. Yet phony accusations keep coming, Douma the latest.

Pushed by neocons infesting his administration, Trump said he’ll decide “fairly soon” on a strike, adding:

“We’re looking very, very seriously, very closely at that whole situation and we’ll see what happens, folks, we’ll see what happens.”

“It’s too bad that the world puts us in a position like that. But you know, as I said this morning, we’ve done a great job with ISIS.” 

“We have just absolutely decimated ISIS. But now we have to make some further decisions. So they’ll be made fairly soon.”

His remarks sound like he’s unaware of US support for ISIS and other terrorist groups. He knows what he’s told during daily briefings and other information given him.

A geopolitical novice out of his element on the world stage, he likely only knows what his handlers feed him.

Theresa May convened an emergency cabinet meeting Thursday, a decision to be made on allying with Trump’s escalated aggression on Syria coming without parliamentary debate.

Expect it despite Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, saying “(p)arliament should always be given a say on military action,” warning of the risk of confrontation with Russia.

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable said “government must present the objectives of any proposed action to parliament. A unilateral response by any country, outside of a wider strategy, without allies, is not the way forward.”

May likely has majority parliamentary support if she goes this route. Britain virtually always allies with Washington’s imperial agenda.

For now, waiting on Trump continues until he orders escalated aggression on Syria based on a Big Lie.

It’s how all wars are launched, none justifiable except in self-defense – authorized by Security Council members. No other way is legal.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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Millennials Are Waiting For The End Of Capitalism

Yves here. I am cross posting this article because it is the sort of thing that will infuriate many readers for valid reasons. It contains some good information but then connects the dots in ways that reveal assumptions about how things work which are increasingly not operative.

The premise of the article is that Millennials “ought” to be saving more for retirement and are spending way too much. First, paying down loans is a form of saving, and the article gives no credit whatsoever for that. Second, some of the factoids are missing key context. For instance, quel horreur, half say they spend more on nights out that on their mortgage or rent! How profligate!

Now consider: 1/3 of Millennials live with their parents and presumably pay no or only token rent. So that means that only 1/6 are spending more on their nightlife than on what most people would think of when they think of housing costs. Now how many of those might be in high income cohorts, have rich parents (so they know they are getting an inheritance and don’t need to put away as much) or are making dating a priority because they want to get married and plan to cut back once they’ve found a spouse?

Or consider the supposedly damning factoid that “Half of Millennials have made unplanned purchases because of something they’ve seen on social media.” Help me. This means nothing if you don’t know the amounts involved. So someone heard about a new bakery and bought a muffin as a result? And we are supposed to get bent out of shape about that? Moreover, there’s no baseline. How much to older people buy in response to good old fashioned ads? Are social media somehow more magically powerful than Madison Avenue? Another factor that could lead to mistaken inferences is that young people may more candid about their (gasp) “unplanned spending” than older folks.

And the article pointedly ignores the elephant in the room…high unemployment rates and poor earnings among the young, particularly among the college educated who had the misfortune to graduate during or shortly after the financial crisis. Why are so many living at home? Why have so few bought houses? Aside from the high-fliers who land in fast track jobs in Silicon Valley, finance, or increasingly, the Beltway, Millennials face short job tenures and not much reason to expect their incomes to get a lot better down the road.

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ISIS video shows jihadists waiting in French countryside to attack "Paris before Rome"

jihadist sniper


The pro-ISIS group that last month depicted the invasion of Washington this week declared “Paris before Rome,” depicting a terrorist invasion that began with cells in the countryside outside Paris before attacking the city.

Al-Abd al-Faqir Media released what they called “a cinematic film about the invasion of the Islamic State of the capital of degeneracy … in the near future, inshallah.”

The video opened with a man visiting an ISIS social media account on a computer and a recording of deceased ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani: “The time is now — we want Paris before Rome and before al-Andalus, after we make your lives miserable and bomb your White House and Big Ben and Eiffel Tower.” Sacking Rome has been a cornerstone of ISIS theology since the beginning of the caliphate.

Showing a map of France, the group showed a rendering of a drone approaching Paris from the southwest, “type: al-Burraq,” which is a drone used by the Pakistani Air Force, “belonging to the caliphate army – location: the western countryside of Paris.”

The film cuts to a wooded countryside “where the infantry unit of the caliphate lie in wait for their enemies,” and showed a mock-up of a French military vehicle targeted by the drone while “trying to advance toward the military centers of the Islamic State.”

In this live-action part of the film, the “French military vehicle” — with the tagline “Army of Satan” — is portrayed by a beat-up pickup as camouflage-clad jihadists dash through the woods and ambush the vehicle. They blow up the truck in the firefight and set about “chasing and capturing the enemies of Allah” who fled the vehicle.

“They fear the flames of hell and seek a kill that will ransom them, for never will a disbeliever and his killer be united in its fire,” says the narrator. Two people with hoods placed over their heads are led into a clearing and shot in the head. It’s unclear where the footage was shot and whether the executions are real, as they’re filmed at a distance.

“After the soldiers of the caliphate completed the siege on the city of Paris, Allah has guided his soldiers to storm the city from the ground tunnels and surprise the enemy with a direct double attack,” continues the film, cutting from tunnel incursions to “chasing the mass of the French border guards on the outskirts of the city.”

With spliced movie scenes showing New York, the “invasion” then proceeds to the “intervention of Islamic war fighters” being directed from the “Islamic Air Operations Command Room.”

Video game-style footage of an attack at the base of the Eiffel Tower is shown while the words of one of the November 2015 Paris attackers play.

To show the Eiffel Tower being destroyed and falling to the ground, the filmmakers later rip off footage from the 2009 movie “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.”

The film cuts back to the ISIS social media page and promises “the spread of Hesba [accountable] men in the streets of Western Europe.” A video shown on the social media page in the background, though, appears to show a jihadist looking down the street toward the U.S. Capitol.

This is the fourth episode of Al-Faqir’s “conquering” series. The third episode released last month depicted jihadists conquering Washington and renaming the nation’s capital “Wiliyat al-Farouq,” or province of the redeemer.

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This beautiful albino orangutan is waiting for her ‘forest island’

After rescuing the world’s only known albino orangutan from a cage, a conservation group in Indonesia is raising money to build a special reserve just for her.

Meet Alba, a gentle and beautiful 5 year-old orangutan who was rescued from a cage in an Indonesian village earlier this year by the Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Foundation. It’s believed that she had been orphaned, given her young orangutan age, and illegally captured; when rescued she was suffering from a parasitic infection, low weight, and dehydration. She was frail and wary of humans.

Generally reddish-brown, orangutans are lovely and intelligent, and only found in the wild on the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and on Borneo. And depressingly, they are critically endangered. The International Union for Conservation of Nature notes that their numbers have dropped by nearly two-thirds since the early 1970s thanks to plantation agriculture that has destroyed and fragmented their forest habitat.

And Alba stands out as the rarest of rare; she is an albino, and the only one known in world.

After she was rescued in late April, the sweet creature was the inspiration for a naming contest that received thousands of suggestions from the public; “Alba” took the prize, meaning “white” in Latin and “dawn” in Spanish. Thanks to the efforts of BOS Foundation, Alba is now in much improved health.

Alba© Wakaleo/BOSF/YouTube

However, she can not be safely returned to the wild, says the foundation. What with habitat destruction and awful humans, life in the forest would be tough enough, but her condition offers additional threats: Health issues like poor eyesight and hearing, and an increased potential for skin cancer would make her survival a challenge.

So BOS is working to create a special reserve for her, a moat-encircled 12-acre haven near its orangutan rehabilitation center in central Kalimantan on Borneo. Spokesman Nico Hermanu said the foundation is starting a public appeal to raise $80,000 needed to buy land, AP reports. She would share the reserve with three other orangutans she has bonded with since her rescue.

“To ensure that Alba can live a free and fulfilling life we are making her a forest island home, where she can live freely in natural habitat, but protected from threats posed by humans,” the foundation said.

It’s such an incredible story. And while it’s just one primate in a world where so many are suffering, there is something about the appeal for Alba that feels very universal; a sense of compassion that transcends countries, species, and even the color of her hair.

Learn more about Alba in the video below. And to help fund her forest island, visit BOS Foundation.

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