Police are failing to record thousands of violent crimes, including rape

Three forces were singled out for their “inadequate” crime recording by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire & Rescue Services (HMICFRS). Thames Valley Police and North Yorkshire Police are noting just 80 percent of crimes reported, HMICFRS said. Durham Constabulary fares better, but still failed to record 8.5 percent of crimes reported to it.

The assessment of Thames Valley found that nearly one in five offenses (19.6 percent) were not being properly recorded, which equates to approximately 35,200 crimes a year. The report said there was “some confusion” as to who was taking responsibility for recording crimes.

Thames Valley Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell told the BBC the reports made for “unwelcome reading.” He added: “The matters subject to review were recorded as ‘incidents’ rather than crimes, but there is no suggestion that we failed to respond appropriately to the calls or to deal with the matters in hand.”

North Yorkshire Police “not properly recording” almost one in five crimes is “inexcusable,” according to its inspector of constabulary, Matt Parr. He told the Guardian: “The force has robust processes in place to ensure the safeguarding of victims of these crimes, but too many offenses continue to go unrecorded and therefore not investigated properly.”

He added that North Yorkshire Police was “potentially depriving victims of the services and justice to which they are entitled.”

A look into Durham Constabulary found “approximately 4,700 incidents” were not being recorded each year. These include crimes such as domestic abuse, public order and “young people sharing indecent images of themselves.”

Durham’s Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg said: “Integrity around crime data recording is essential to maintaining public confidence and there is still some progress to be made.”

The findings are the latest from a series of rolling inspections looking at the crime data “integrity” of every police force in England and Wales.

Inspectors launched the program in November 2015 after finding the national average of under-recording of crimes stood at an “inexcusably poor” 19 percent.

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As Tamiflu Hits Record Sales, It’s Making Kids Hallucinate and Turn Deadly Violent


The 2017-2018 flu season is turning out to be one of the worst outbreaks in recent history. Already this year, the flu has claimed the lives of dozens of children and hospitalized countless others. In the midst of the turmoil and sickness, however, the medication to treat the flu—Tamiflu—is also reportedly claiming lives.

As this is one of the worst outbreaks, the makers of Tamiflu are seeing record sales. However, this is not good for the children whose parents are coming forward to expose the horrendous side effects caused by the medicine which—in some instances—have proven to be far worse than getting the flu.

Oseltamivir, the antiviral medication marketed as Tamiflu, is used to treat flu symptoms caused by influenza virus in patients who have had symptoms for less than 2 days. While there are plenty of common side-effects ranging from hives to difficulty breathing, some of the less common side effects have parents crying foul.

Some people using Tamiflu have had rare side effects of sudden confusion, delirium, hallucinations, unusual behavior, or self-injury. Adding to the ominous nature of these side-effects is the fact that these symptoms have occurred most often in children.

Last month, 16-year-old Charlie Harp was given Tamiflu, the entirely normal boy then took his own life hours later.

“Had I known this was an issue, I would’ve never given it to him,” remarked Jackie Ray, Harp’s aunt and guardian.

The parents of a six-year-old little girl gave their daughter Tamiflu and she began hallucinating, ran away, and then tried to kill herself by jumping out of a window.

“She was about to jump out the window when my wife came up and grabbed her,” recalled the girl’s father, who wanted to stay anonymous.

As KRBK reports, the Wallens say their 2-year-old son, Steven, was twitching, hallucinating, and slamming his head in pain after taking the medicine after being diagnosed with the flu.

“When I walked in the room I was greeted with him slapping me across the face, and then continually smacking his head into the pillow saying ‘ouch, ouch, ouch,’” says Andrea Wallen, Steven’s mother.

When they stopped giving him Tamiflu, the erratic behavior stopped.

“Tamiflu, like any medication, has potential side effects,” Dr. Amy Edwards, a pediatric infectious disease specialist at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital explained to News 5 Cleveland.

Among them: “neuropsychiatric” side effects.

Because there are so many people now taking Tamiflu, the side-effects are skyrocketing. “We are seeing the side effects more this year than we’ve seen it in previous years, but that’s just because the total number of kids taking the medication has gone up, not because there’s something wrong with the medicine itself,” cautioned Dr. Edwards.

However, while these dangerous side effects are rare, they are experienced by one to two percent of children. A one in fifty shot that your child may try to take their own life is a pretty big deal. Parents are now faced with the choice to medicate their kids to fight the flu virus or let them ride it out.

Doctors are urging parents to consider their options when their child has the flu, only recommending that high-risk children get the medicine and if they do take it, watch them closely.

“For the parents who are insisting that their kid get Tamiflu because of how scared they are about the pediatric deaths we’ve had, if your kid is not high risk, then you do need to think about the fact that this drug does come with side effects, and so we do not give it to every person that has influenza routinely,” Dr. Edwards explained.

If your child has taken Tamiflu, experts are saying to take them to the hospital immediately if they experience any change in behavior.

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Lebanese actress Salma Hayek claims that the violent, inbred, and deranged Judaic Harvey Weinstein threatened to break her kneecaps

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Inbred, violent and deranged Judaic Rob Reiner–‘Trump would rather have a military parade than defend democracy from Russia’

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Violent, inbred, deranged Jewess Sarah Silverman– ‘Pro-Life Laws Make Me Want To Eat An Aborted Fetus’

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Daredevil’s spine-chilling tightrope stunt above violent waves hits dramatic snag (VIDEO)

A group of highliners, known as Western Riders, connected a wire between two cliffs in Nazaré, Portugal – the location of the biggest wave ever surfed, according to the Guinness World Records. 

Brazilian highliner Emerson Machado pulled off the elaborate stunt as monster waves crashed beneath him.

Drone footage filmed by Máquina Voadora shows Machado stumble and lose his footing as massive waves engulf him. After a brief struggle the daredevil regains his place, however, and continues walking across the rope.

Despite the danger that comes with the stunt, Machado insists he is not crazy; “It’s calculated risk, we are not crazy like it may seems at first sight, in reality everything was planned to the very minor details.”

Dozens of walks were carried out by the group between the cliff of Praia do Norte and Pedra do Guilhim rock before this particular hair-raising crossing was made during a big swell on December 30.

“No-one was ever injured during that time, it’s relatively safe when performed by an experienced crew, working together with planning and caution,” Machado said.

Highlining – a form of extreme tightrope walking involves balancing on a rope that’s suspended above the ground or the sea and anchored between two points.

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A ‘light amongst the nations’–Violent, inbred Judaic lawmaker Oren Hazan says he would kick the face in of Palestinian teenager

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Violent war between Africans and Afghans in Calais, French scared to leave homes


As Europe is nearing total extinction possibly even within our lifetimes, Afghans and Africans are now killing eachother in our lands while French people are scared to leave homes in their own country.

The mass brawls between African and Afghan migrants in the French port city of Calais Thursday have prompted residents to call on the government to step in, telling RT they have been living in fear for years.

Five migrants suffered gunshot wounds after fierce clashes erupted Thursday afternoon. Arguments between Eritrean and Afghan migrants at a food distribution point spiraled into violence after an Afghan man fired shots, seriously injuring some African migrants.

The showdown between the two groups continued in several other locations in and around the city. A total of 22 migrants suffered stab wounds and other injuries during the fracas.

Interior minister Gerard Collomb travelled to Calais in the wake of the violent flare-up and conceded that the situation has become “intolerable for the people of Calais and migrants.” The immigrant problem in Calais has persisted despite the infamous “Jungle” refugee camp being dismantled in 2016.

Calais residents told RT that migrant-related violence has become a common occurrence, disrupting their way of life and forcing them to be on guard all the time. “There is a lot of delinquency here. Vehicles get damaged. Every day we have issues. Young girls can’t go out alone at night,” a local man said.

Another resident described the current situation as “a catastrophe for the French, especially for the people of Calais.”

“The violence is really damaging. Residents of Calais have lived in fear for several years now,” she said.

After the “Jungle” was demolished, about 6,000 migrants were transferred to shelters across France. The move did not solve the problem, however. It’s estimated that up to 800 migrants are still living in Calais, setting up makeshift camps with hopes to cross over the English Channel into Britain.

While the inflow of migrants has dwindled, the ones who remain poses an even bigger threat, a woman told RT. “Those coming here now are a bit different from the refugees who were coming here initially. They are more violent and aggressive. We are vigilant,” she said.

The violence has not subsided over the years, another woman agreed. “People are still being shot. It’s still dangerous. And it’s true that people who live near this area are constantly being disturbed.”

Scuffles between migrants are not new in Calais, but the use of firearms by migrants signals a turning point, since migrants typically have no means to buy guns. “It’s starting to get scary. Firearms. We are not in the United States here. There is still a country where weapons are banned,” a man said.

Authorities suspect that the man who opened fire Thursday was a human trafficker from Afghanistan. Smugglers started shooting when they “got angry” that some of the migrants did not have money, a witness to the incident told AFP.

Collomb laid the blame on “totally organized” migrant gangs and traffickers for inciting the violence. “These networks must be broken up,” he said. In response, Collomb dispatched two extra police units to Calais and said a new migrant bill would be drafted by the government in the next few weeks. The system of meal handouts previously managed by charity groups would be placed under government control to prevent further violent clashes, the interior minister said.

The latest outbreak of violence in Calais comes two weeks after French President Emmanuel Macron secured a deal with British PM Theresa May to bolster border controls between France and Britain. Macron reiterated Paris’ zero tolerance attitude towards illegal migrants, but promised to open new reception centers and to handle the situation in a “humane and efficient manner.”



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Polish president ‘flabbergasted’ by ‘violent’ Israeli reaction to Holocaust bill

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Texas girl suffers violent hallucinations after taking FDA-approved Tamiflu

Image: Texas girl suffers violent hallucinations after taking FDA-approved Tamiflu

(Natural News)
A North Texas family had no idea what was in store for them when they gave their six-year-old daughter a popular flu medication, and now they are trying to warn others of the drug’s very frightening side effects.

It started out innocently enough, with an unnamed family bringing their daughter to a doctor with flu-like symptoms. Upon being officially diagnosed with the flu, her doctor gave her Tamiflu on the pretense of speeding its progression. This antiviral drug, which contains oseltamivir phosphate, is used to reduce the flu’s symptoms and works by keeping the virus from multiplying within the body. It is said to have the potential to shorten a person’s bout with the flu by a day or two.

The girls’ family ended up getting a lot more than they bargained for after giving her daughter the medication, with a range of scary side effects taking hold, including hallucinations and attempts at self-harm.

According to her father, the young girl used a desk to try to jump out of the second-story window in her bedroom. Fortunately, her mother caught her just in time to save her from taking what could have been a deadly leap. She also ran away from school.

When they brought her to the hospital, the doctor there told them that nervous system problems like psychosis are among the potential side effects of Tamiflu, although it is technically listed as being rare.

Texas Health Prosper Emergency Room Physician Dr. Glenn Hardesty told CBS DFW that he has not yet seen this particular complication, but it does appear in the fine print of the medication’s packaging.

Deaths and unusual behavior reported in young Tamiflu users in Japan

In fact, it has happened often enough that the FDA launched an investigation into the matter in 2005 following 12 deaths and more than 100 cases of unusual behavior including delirium, hallucinations, and confusion among Japanese children who took the medication. Five kids younger than 17 died after falling from balconies or windows or running out into traffic, while two youngsters died of brain infections from the drug.

The country issued a warning against prescribing the drug to young people with flu, and South Korea issued a similar warning. However, the FDA somehow concluded in its investigation that there was not a “definite cause and effect” between the medication and these problems. Wonder why that is?

Apparently, they’ve been convinced to ignore the research, like a pair of 2010 studies that found that nearly 20 percent of kids treated with Tamiflu experience nightmares, odd behavior, or another neuropsychiatric side effect.

The girl’s father said: “I don’t think the 16 hours of symptom relief from the flu is worth the possible side effects that we went through.”

According to a consumer information page on the FDA’s website, people taking Tamiflu need to be monitored for any signs of odd behavior, and a medical professional should be contacted immediately if such behaviors occur. That page also reports that nausea and vomiting are the most common side effects of Tamiflu, while other common side effects are stomach pain, headache, fatigue and nosebleeds.

One doctor told Live Science that he generally reserves Tamiflu prescriptions for patients who have particularly high risks. He said that the benefits it provides most patients are not that great, and he avoids prescribing it unless it is for someone who has diabetes, asthma or another chronic condition that makes them vulnerable to acute illness caused by flu.

Even the CDC admits: “Most people who are otherwise healthy and get the flu do not need to be treated with antiviral drugs.”

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Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2018-01-17-texas-girl-suffers-violent-hallucinations-after-taking-fda-approved-tamiflu.html