Raging Israeli Violence on Palestinians

Raging Israeli Violence on Palestinians

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

It’s ongoing daily throughout the Occupied Territories without letup – notably against Gazans on Great March of Return Fridays since March 30.

It raged Sunday at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site. Around 1,000 extremist settlers, along with dozens of Netanyahu regime intelligence operatives, stormed the compound, heavily protected by Israeli security forces.

Islamic Waqf guard Muhammad al-Salhi was arrested after settlers assaulted him, other guards assaulted by Israeli police.

Videos showed Israeli forces violently attacking Palestinian worshipers in the compound. A Palestinian child was brutally beaten and arrested.

On Monday, Washington breached international law and tradition, its Jerusalem embassy opening at 4:00 PM local time – in its consular facility.

Beginning on Sunday, Israel instituted harsh measures to confront Monday Great March of Return and Breaking the Siege protests.

They’re expected to peak later in the day, protesting against Washington’s Jerusalem embassy opening, along with commemorating Nakba Day Tuesday, beginning on Monday.

Along with snipers, Israel deployed tanks, bulldozers, water pumping vehicles and heavy equipment along the Gaza border.

IDF forces established a barbed wire fence dozens of meters inside the existing one. Drones dropped leaflets, warning Gazans not to demonstrate. Aerial firebombs were launched on border area encampments.

Toxic wastewater was pumped on Palestinian farmland bordering Israel. A bloody Monday began early, peaceful Palestinian protests ongoing in Gaza, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho, and Nablus, as well as in other West Bank cities and towns, many thousands involved. 

Palestinians are protesting against the opening of Washington’s Jerusalem embassy, along with Nakba Day, and occupation harshness, blockaded Gazans harmed most of all.

Joint (Arab) List MK Yousef Jabareen said his party members will protest in front of Washington’s Jerusalem embassy, saying:

“Today is a dark day for seekers of justice and peace. Transferring the embassy to Jerusalem is a spit in the face of the international community, and critically impedes the chance for peace in the entire region,” adding:

East Jerusalem has been “occupied territory since 1967,” illegally annexed in violation of international law. The alliance between “pyromaniac” Trump and Netanyahu ruthlessness threatens regional and world peace.

Israel transformed historic Palestine into an apartheid Jewish state harsher than South Africa’s apartheid rule. 

Ruthless barbarism defines it, making equitable conflict resolution unattainable. The so-called peace process was a colossal hoax from inception, remaining this way today.

Despotic Arab regimes are increasingly friendly with Israel, dismissive of Palestinian rights.

The Nakba never ended, facilitated by PA complicity with Israel, the ruling Fatah party serving as its enforcer, betraying its own people.

US support for Israeli ruthlessness, along with international dismissiveness toward Palestinian rights, makes liberation from occupation harshness unattainable.

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Shootings, stabbings & acid attack: London rocked by violence on holiday weekend

Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, 17, was fatally shot on Warham Street, south London on Saturday. The attack took place in daylight, just after 6pm, and police are appealing for information.

The following day, a 15 year old was shot in the head with shotgun pellets in Wealdstone, north-west London, Harrow Police said. Another teenager, aged 13, was found with a wound to the head on the same street minutes later. He had been walking with his parents at the time of the attack, and has since been discharged from hospital. A man was arrested on Sunday in connection with the two Harrow attacks and has been released “under investigation.”

“It would appear that the first victim was approached by two male suspects, one in possession of a shotgun – and shots were fired, injuring him and an entirely innocent member of the public,” Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Rose said.

Also on Sunday, a 22-year-old man was found with gunshot wounds in New Cross Road, south-east London. He was taken to hospital and his condition is not believed to be life-threatening.

Meanwhile, a 43-year-old man was stabbed in Perivale on Sunday, and two men in their 20s were injured in a suspected acid attack in Shacklewell Lane, Hackney.

“The violence used has rightly caused concern and we are doing all we can to address this,” DCS Simon Messinger said of the spate of attacks. “Over the Bank Holiday weekend, additional officers are on the streets across the capital, working hard to keep London safe. They are using highly visible local patrols supported by armed response, traffic motorcycles, dog units, and air support – alongside plain clothes intelligence-led operations.”

There have been more than 60 alleged murders in London so far this year, and homicides have jumped by 38 percent since 2014, the Sunday Times reports.

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Source Article from https://www.rt.com/uk/426039-london-street-violence-stabbing/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Cop Uses Compassion Instead of Violence to Respond to Lost Dog and Something Amazing Happened


It is no secret that hundreds of innocent dogs are shot and killed by police officers in the United States every year, and while the horrific footage captured by body cameras creates public outrage for a moment, the majority of the officers who are responsible for murdering family pets never face charges for their actions.

Each officer who encounters a dog has a choice, and when the Texarkana Police Department received a report about a “vicious dog,” and Officer Travis Frost spotted a dog who matched the description, he could have approached the animal with his handgun drawn, waiting for the dog to make the slightest movement towards him to justify opening fire.

But instead, Frost chose to act like a rational human being. According to a Facebook post from Texarkana PD, when he saw the dog lying on a front porch, he whistled for the dog to come to him while leaving “the door of his patrol unit open so he could quickly jump back in if the dog was vicious and came after him.”

The dog responded by trotting towards the officer with his tail wagging, and Frost said that he was nothing but friendly. In fact, after Frost pet the dog for a few minutes, the dog made itself at home by jumping into the driver’s seat of the patrol car and waiting patiently while Frost took a few selfies until animal control arrived.

While you should always be careful around any dog that you don’t know, you shouldn’t automatically assume that all Pit bulls are bad dogs,” Frost said. “They might be really loving like this guy was this morning.

Image via Texarkana Police Department

The internet loved it. The status from Texarkana PD has received nearly 47,000 shares and more than 96,000 likes. While there were a number of people who simply wanted to thank Officer Frost for his service or to comment on how handsome the dog was, there were also a significant number of comments from people who were thankful that this police call had not ended in another shooting.

This seems like a decent cop, not one who is a coward and shoots animals and unarmed people. Promote officers like this and make them head of training,” Corey Shade wrote in the comments section.

Ana Campos noted that Officer Frost was smart to approach the dog by whistling first and then motioning for him to come closer, and she said she wishes more police departments would teach their officers to “learn to whistle first and not shoot. Shooting an animal is not justified and so many do.”

Grace Rubio also referenced the fact that the officer could have easily opened fire on the reportedly “vicious” dog, and she wrote, “Thank you, officer, for giving this dog a chance and not shooting this beautiful animal on the spot.”

Shout out to Officer Frost for NOT shooting the dog as he was trotting towards him,” Scott Hovdal wrote. “I’m not being sarcastic, you wouldn’t believe the amount of senseless and unwarranted murders of this breed at the hands of Law Enforcement officers.”

While it may seem strange to think that Frost could have pulled out his gun and shot and killed a dog in a residential neighborhood when it was not threatening him, the fact is that it happens all the time, and the officers who are responsible rarely face consequences for their actions.

In a case from Chillicothe, Ohio, Officer Traevon Williams was stopping at a house for a follow-up investigation where he asked two young girls if their parents were home. The girls left the front door open and when the family Pitbull ran eagerly towards the front entrance to see who was visiting, Williams grabbed his gun and fired multiple rounds.

Not only did he endanger the lives of the children at the house and their neighbors but he was caught lying on his report of the shooting, and his department still fully supported his actions and claimed that his conduct was “within department policy.”

In a heartbreaking case from Hammond, Indiana, a pit bull died after she got out of her house and ran to greet a police car in the driveway. Before he had a chance to determine whether she was friendly or “vicious,” Officer Daniel Small pulled out his gun and opened fire on the dog within seconds.

Her owners attempted to save her, but the injuries she sustained from the shooting took her life. They revealed that she was eager to see a police car and the officer because she was rescued by police just two months earlier when she was another friendly pit bull posing for a photo in the front seat of a police car.

In an update to their status, Texarkana PD noted that the story of the dog rescued by Officer Frost has a rare happy ending, and after a night in the animal shelter, “Gold” was claimed by his owner the next day.

Good CopGood Cop
Image via Texarkana Police Department

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Source Article from https://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-responds-call-about-vicious-pitbull-befriending-dog-instead-shooting-him/

UK – Jeremy Corbyn calls to ‘review sale of arms’ to Israel over Gaza border violence

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Israeli violence against Palestinians will never end as a result of UN & US hypocrisy

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Central American MS-13 gang spreading violence across US

migrants crossing


A pattern of violence is spreading across the US, with MS-13 gang related murders directly tied to an illegal immigrant pool of recruits.

MS-13 is a transnational gang from Central America which operates in multiple US cities and engages in list of violent crimes, including drug trafficking, murder, rape, prostitution, robbery, home invasions and kidnapping – with their highest level of concentration in the Northeast and West Coast, according to an FBI report.

Horrendous Crimes

In September 2016, the bodies of two teenage girls – Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens – were found in Brentwood, NY.

According to CBS News, the heads and faces of the girls were mutilated in an “almost unmatched” fashion by 13 gang members – 10 of whom were illegal immigrants.

In late January, Nassau County police found the remains of Julio Cesar Gonzales-Espantzay, a 19-year-old immigrant was found hacked to death by gang members with knives and machetes.

Recently, an illegal named Antonio Cullal defiantly flashed gang signals to cameras as he was arrested for the murder of Gonzales-Espantzay.

Last January, in Fairfax County, VA, the body of 15-year-old Damaris Reyes Rivas was found brutally bludgeon to death as “payback” for her alleged part in the death of an MS-13 member.

Recently, jurors found Wilmer Sanchez-Serrano – an illegal immigrant – guilty of the gang related murder of Rivas. Ten others have also been charged.

It is a pattern of violence throughout the US with a common denominator: many of the violent crimes involve immigrant youths, some of whom are illegal.

ICE turns up heat

Recognizing this, ICE conducted its largest nationwide raid from April-May, netting over 1,300 gang members – 104 of whom were MS-13 members, with another 118 Sureños members who back MS-13.

Of the 10 illegals captured during this raid, nine were MS-13 members.

In June, a separate ICE raid netted 39 MS-13 members – of which 15 were illegals. While just last week, 232 illegal immigrants in the San Francisco Bay Area were arrested, including 180 who were violent criminals.

As of year-to-date, a total of 350 MS-13 members have been arrested in federal raids.

Concurrently, the Trump era Department of Justice has cranked up MS-13 deportations to the point that El Salvador officials are panicking over the flood of gang members returning from the US.

However, the porous border remains a source of the problem.

In Texas, for example, MS-13 has assisted in the trafficking of illegal immigrants into the country – many of whom later join MS-13.

Trumping Congress

“I want these criminals coming into our country to be stopped” said Evelyn Rodriguez, the mother of Kayla Cuevas, while urging Congressional Subcommittee in June to give federal law enforcement agencies the tools they need to combat the violence.

The combination of inner city violence and illegal immigration should have given an impetus to the Senate for speeding up approval of the President’s budget, which included an increase in border patrol agents and $1.6B in funding for the wall. However, as Neil Munro pointed out, the final bill nixed funds for border security.

At a rally recently, President Trump vented his frustration over the violence and the inaction of lawmakers, “One by one we are finding the illegal alien drug dealers, the gang members, the thieves, the criminals and the killers preying on our children…and we are throwing them the hell out of our country…it’s time for Congress to adopt a pro-American immigration agenda…blocking funds to sanctuary cities. I don’t want to give sanctuary cities money. Passing Kate’s law…increasing the number of [ICE] officers, who are fantastic, and border patrol officers so we can dismantle vile criminal gangs like…MS-13 animals.”

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/381946-Central-American-MS-13-gang-spreading-violence-across-US

Netanyahu calls Erdogan ‘a butcher’ in war of words over Gaza violence


Insults and veiled threats have been exchanged between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Benjamin Netanyahu. The Israeli PM branded the Turkish leader “a butcher” after Erdogan called him “a terrorist” over the IDF’s use of force in Gaza.

The hostility between Netanyahu and Erdogan culminated on Sunday, when the Turkish president accused the Israeli prime minister of being “a terrorist” in his televised speech. “We don’t have the shame of invading on us, Netanyahu. You are an invader and right now are present in those lands as an invader. At the same time, you are a terrorist,” Erdogan added, ramping up the anti-Israeli rhetoric.

Netanyahu immediately took off his gloves and responded with an equally fierce riposte. “Erdogan is not used to being talked back to. He should start getting used to it. He who occupies Northern Cyprus and the Kurdish region, and butchers civilians in Afrin, should not lecture us about morality and values,” the Israeli PM tweeted.

The Afrin region of northern Syria is the location of the Turkish operation against Kurdish militias dubbed ‘Olive Branch,’ which is into third month already.

The Turkish president and the Israeli PM started trading barbs after Ankara blasted Israel for using deadly force to disperse crowds of protesters on the Gaza border. On Friday, Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, criticized in the strongest terms “Israel’s attack on defenseless Palestinian civilians who attended the peaceful demonstrations in Gaza.” Also on Friday, Turkey’s Foreign Ministry slammed the IDF’s actions, saying it was deeply worried about the Israelis’ “disproportionate use of force” and “casualties and injuries resulting from the interventions of the Israeli security force.”

Last week, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) deployed live fire and used rubber bullets and tear gas against demonstrators who gathered for the ‘Great March of Return’ event, calling for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to the territories now occupied by Israel.

Over 100 Israeli snipers were on standby and authorized to use live ammunition in case someone attempted to cross into Israeli-occupied territories. At least 17 people were killed during the unrest, and over 1,400 people were injured, according to the Gaza Health Ministry.

Speaking to RT, David Keyes, a spokesperson for the Israeli PM, said the deaths during the ‘Great Return’ protest were the fault of Hamas, claiming that Israel was only defending itself from an “onslaught” of Palestinians trying to cross the border.

Mousa Abu Marzook, a deputy chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau, however, disputed the official Israeli narrative, saying that “all who were killed did not come close to the border fence and did not attempt to take it by storm.” They were killed by snipers from a long distance when they were inside the Gaza Strip, he told RT.

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting shortly after the ‘Great Return’ protest clashes, with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calling for an investigation into the violence. Apart from Turkey, Jordan and Egypt also joined the criticism of the IDF for its lethal military response. Russia also condemned “the indiscriminate use of force against civilians” by the Israeli military.



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America doesn’t have a gun violence epidemic…Democrat cities do

Guns and gun crime are the new climate change: those who know nothing about the subject are suddenly “experts.”

I call this faux expertise Albert Gore-itis, and I discuss it at length in my upcoming first book, 10 Warning Signs Your Child is Becoming a Democrat.

College pottery majors and donkey cheese-eating, Che Guevera T-shirt-wearing trust fund babies fancy themselves firearms gurus (FYI, donkey cheese is the world’s most expensive).  That doesn’t really bother me as much as the lying-by-withholding that the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) and Redcoat gun-grabbing organizations (funded by millionaires and billionaires, such as former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg) engage in when discussing guns and gun crime.

Democrat policies kill

America does not have a gun crime epidemic.  There are, however, epidemics in many locales and cities.  Who do you think runs the vast majority of those cities?

NRA-funded Republicans?


Lobbyists for firearm manufacturers?


The vast majority of those cities have been run by Democrats for decades upon decades.

Here are the top 20 cities with the highest gun murder rates in the U.S. per capita.  Of these, every city except the last one, Tulsa, has a Democrat majority in the mayoralty and City Council or Board of Aldermen.

Here are the non-fatal shootings top 20 per capita.  Notice the overlap of several cities; the cities on the non-fatal list absent on the murder list are also Democrat-run cities, except for the last one, Jacksonville.

Here’s a sampling of five longtime Democrat empires (all days are consecutive and uninterrupted).  All appear in the top 20 lists:

1. St. Louis: only Democrat mayors; 90% Democrat City Council; 15,000 days.

2. Baltimore: only Democrat mayors and only Democrat City Council; 18,000 days.

3. Philadelphia: only Democrat mayors; 90% Democrat City Council; 20,000 days.

4. Detroit: only Democrat mayors; 90% Democrat City Council; 22,000 days.

5. Chicago: only Democrat mayors; 90% Democrat City Council; 30,000 days.

The Democrats have ruled Chicago for longer than Stalin ruled the USSR, the Castros in Cuba, and the Kims in North Korea, and for longer than slavery was legal in the U.S.

Exhausted yet?  There’s more.

These are America’s top 10 most violent cities, according to FBI data.  Violent crimes include homicides, gun violence, gangs, pedophilia, and robberies.

Every city is majority Democrat-controlled.  Several of the cities on the FBI’s list also appear on the aforementioned murder and non-fatal shootings lists.  Because the FBI’s ranking is per capita, several cities such as Chicago and Newark (only Democrat mayors; 90% City Council; 23,000 days) are absent.

Still with me?  St. Louis, Baltimore, Detroit, and New Orleans crack the top 50 for most dangerous cities on the planet.  New Orleans has elected only Democrat mayors for the last 55,000 consecutive days; the United States as a nation has existed for 88,000 days.  New Orleans’s city council is, in theory, nonpartisan; I’ll let you conclude how nonpartisan it is.

Source Article from http://govtslaves.info/2018/03/america-doesnt-have-a-gun-violence-epidemic-democrat-cities-do/

UMN hosting prof to lecture on ‘the violence of whiteness’


“She argues that whiteness poses an existential threat to social, political, and economic life in the U.S.”

The University of Minnesota has invited a professor dedicated to “dismantling whiteness” to speak next week on how whiteness is an “existential threat” to the United States.

The Elephant in the Room: A ‘Grown Up’ Conversation about Whiteness” will be presented by Lisa Anderson-Levy, an Anthropology professor at Beloit College whose teaching philosophy is predicated on the belief that “teaching is a political act.”

During her lecture, Anderson-Levy is slated to speak on a number of issues, including “the violence of whiteness” and how colleges and universities in the United States may be complicit in perpetuating this violence.

“This presentation explores the ubiquity and violence of whiteness and the ways in which academic institutions are poised to either reproduce or interrupt these discourses,” writes Anderson-Levy, referring to herself in the third person.

“She argues that whiteness poses an existential threat to social, political, and economic life in the U.S. and proposes that decentering whiteness is one of the most urgent social dilemmas of our time and demands our immediate attention,” the abstract adds.

Anderson-Levy will also speak on how college administrators can “decenter whiteness” at their institutions, “including in our budgets, our curricula, our disciplinary genealogies, our interactions with students, and our relationships with each other as colleagues.”

Though the lecture appears geared towards college administrators, students are welcome to attend, and UNM spokeswoman Emmalynn Bauer confirmed to Campus Reform that the university is indeed sponsoring the lecture.

“The ICGC Alumni Lecture Series is an opportunity to highlight successful alumni and allow current students to engage with them,” Bauer said in a statement.

Campus Reform reached out to Anderson-Levy multiple times for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication. In her post at nearby Beloit College, her academic interests include “feminist anthropology” and “activist anthropology.”

She is also the co-leader on a $600,000 project to foster “diversity, inclusivity, and equity” at Beloit College, which was funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.



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