First Vegas Cop Charged Since 1990 as Video Shows Him Choke, Taser Innocent Man to Death


Las Vegas, NV — Earlier this year, body camera video from Las Vegas police showed the horrifying and fatal confrontation between Tashi Brown and multiple cops with the LVPD. One of those cops, Kenneth Lopera was just arraigned this week on charges of manslaughter and oppression under color of office.

Brown had committed no crime. In fact, it was later reported by the department that had the unarmed man survived this encounter, police would’ve had nothing to charge him with.

Sadly, however, because of Lopera’s incompetence and violence, Brown is dead.

In spite of Las Vegas cops killing many people over the last three decades, Lopera is the first LVPD cop to face a manslaughter charge since 1990, according to the AP.

Naturally, Las Vegas Police Protective Association official Steve Grammas said Lopera did nothing criminal and was using a department-approved method to restrain Brown. according to the AP.

When watching the video below, and considering the fact that police would have had nothing to charge him with, the fact that the Las Vegas Police Protective Association can attempt to claim nothing criminal happened is telling, to say the least.

According to the initial police report, Lopera said he thought Brown was about to attempt a car jacking.

As the AP reports,

Police said a sweaty, agitated and disoriented Brown approached Lopera and another patrol officer early May 14 in a Venetian resort coffee shop, said he thought someone was after him, and then fled through employee-only hallways into a parking area behind the hotel.

Lopera’s body camera showed that he gave chase, and police later said the officer reported that he thought Brown was going to try to carjack a pickup truck.

However, the driver of the truck said on record that he did not suspect those intentions, Review Journal reported at the time.

Body camera video, as well as outside security camera footage, feature the chase and attack on the unarmed man. At first, Brown is seen running from a police officer, later identified as Lopera, and approaching a white pickup when the first stun gunshot comes.

Brown, who also goes by the name Tashi Farmer, is then seen lying on the ground as the policeman is heard yelling “Don’t move! Get on your stomach!” While the man cried out “I will,” still lying on the ground and attempting to pull the Taser probe out of his back, he was struck several more times.

The stun gun was used seven times in total during the incident, according to police. Every one of those taser deployments came from Lopera’s taser.

During the tussle on the ground, Lopera, assisted by up to three other officers, also punched Brown in the face and head. As the victim continued to struggle, Lopera applied a “rear naked choke,” a martial arts tactic which is not approved by police authorities, the LVMPD statement says.

The neck hold is not seen on the body camera footage, but it was captured by the outside camera.

When backup arrived, the cops switch out their roles and are replaced by the arriving officers.

During this odd shift change, Brown stopped breathing. Several minutes later an officer realized this and EMTs were called to the scene. Forty minutes after the incident began, Brown was pronounced dead.

Brown left behind several heartbroken children and a devastated mother.

Although Lopera is the first officer to be charged with manslaughter in nearly three decades, the case from 1990, as well as most cases in the US, show that in spite of the charges, he may still simply go back to the job.

As the AP reports, three Las Vegas police officers were indicted on involuntary manslaughter and oppression charges following the July 1990 chokehold death of 39-year-old Charles Bush. Their trial ended when a jury deadlocked, and they were not retried.

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Re: 6 arrested after Morocco video shows woman molested on bus

*** WARNING images below contain graphic content ***

Six teenage suspects were arrested yesterday in Morocco following video footage of a woman being sexually attacked on a bus.

According to a police statement, six men aged between 15 and 17 were arrested after the incident took place in Casablanca.

The video was shared on social media on Sunday and caused widespread outrage in the country. In the video, six teenagers are seen assaulting a weeping woman, who reportedly has learning difficulties, and laughing as they molest her.

Read: 15 Moroccan boys gang-rape rabid donkey

The victim is seen screaming in distress but despite this no one is seen coming to her aid nor does the bus come to halt.

According to transport company M’Dina Bus, the incident happened on Friday. The police statement said the 24-year-old woman had not filed a complaint before the video was released.

The video comes as another incident that was filmed and shared on social media showed a group of men taunting a woman walking alone in the streets of Tangier a fortnight ago. Both incidents have raised questions about the high number of sexual assaults that take place in the country.

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Jewel of a tiny house comes with extra porch & balcony (Video)

For many, the idea of downsizing from a conventionally sized house down to a much smaller house seems like an extreme move to take. Yet, many seem to be taking that leap into the new and unknown, like Jewel Pearson, a tiny house owner living in Charlotte, North Carolina. Pearson took a gradual approach to transitioning from the conventional lifestyle over to tiny living, moving first out of her four-bedroom home into a one-bedroom apartment, and then finally into a 360-square-foot custom-built tiny home sprinkled with lots of great small-space design ideas. Pearson’s story was shared on an HGTV show a couple of years back, but you can watch this interview done by Tiny House Expedition for free:

My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul

Pearson’s 28-foot-long home is an elegant gem that has everything that makes her feel content. She wanted a place with lots of windows, where she could watch sunrise and sunsets, as well as a 4-foot-long screened-in porch and a balcony above that porch where she could enjoy nice weather without too much fuss.

There’s a lot to like about this house: the massive windows flood the space with natural sunlight, making it feel enormous. The regular-sized couch looks quite comfortable, and has a removable wooden surface on the ottoman portion to allow it to be used as a coffee table.

My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul
My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul
My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul

The kitchen is situated off to one side, and is equipped with a two-burner stove and a convection microwave. Also in this area is a huge closet, accessible via a sliding door with a lovely graphic on it. We often hear how tiny houses “lack” storage, but it seems that it depends on the person and the design: here, we see that Pearson made sure to incorporate plenty of storage from the get-go.

My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul
My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul
My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul
My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul

Here are views of the reading nook beside the closet, and the enclosed porch. This is a smart addition, as it expands the usable space, both on the ground level and up above with the small balcony that’s been added on top of the porch structure.

My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul
My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul
My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul

At the other end lies the bathroom, closed off by a sliding door with a convenient full-length mirror. There’s a combination Splendide washer-dryer here, and we like how the bathroom counter has been designed to incorporate it underneath.

My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul

Here’s a view of the reading nook above the bathroom, reachable by a series of pipe-styled rungs above the couch.

My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul
My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul

The stairs going up to the bedroom loft is nicely done — here we see that a rare appearance of the tiny house handrail (a reminder that safety is important when designing a tiny home)!

My Gypsy Soul© My Gypsy Soul

Pearson’s home was designed by her, in collaboration with her sister and friend, both interior designers. As Pearson tells Little Things, it was a gradual but ultimately freeing process getting down to her own personal essentials:

I live tiny, but I’m not a minimalist, so I haven’t gotten rid of everything. Over the course of getting to a one bedroom apartment, I either gave away or sold furniture and clothing to pair down to the items I didn’t want to get rid of. I’ve kept the things that are part of who I am.

It wasn’t an overnight process, as Pearson intentionally started downsizing back in 2005, when she decided to nudge herself toward a lifestyle that would allow her to travel more, and to live with less financial obligations. It’s something she knew she wanted to do since her now-grown daughter was in kindergarten. Pearson’s funny story is that she made an agreement with her then young daughter that if the little girl “made it big,” she would buy her mother an RV. Pearson quips jokingly that: “My daughter graduated from Harvard Law and is an attorney so she technically still owes me.”

Pearson had initially considered purchasing an RV, but after doing the math, realized that it would be quite expensive to buy and maintain. After finding out about tiny houses, something about them clicked with Pearson. She’s since gotten involved in the tiny house community, as well as offering tours and consultations with people interested in tiny living, in addition to launching Tiny House Trailblazers, a website that highlights stories about people of colour who are living tiny.

Pearson’s story is an inspiring one, showing that you don’t necessarily have to give up all your possessions and creature comforts to live in a smaller home — it’s a matter of balancing your dreams with what you think you need to do or to let go to achieve your ideal of freedom. It’s a process, and it can be done at your own pace, and it can be done with satisfying results. If you’re interested in building something similar, you can find plans via My Gypsy Soul and Facebook.

[Via: Tiny House Talk]

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Third Time in Charm City: Another Sketchy Body Cam Video Surfaces in Baltimore

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby’s office said that an officer “self-reported” an incident of  footage that was presented as a “reenactment of the seizure of evidence,” prompting prosecutors to reexamine cases involving that officer’s testimony.

The office said 43 cases are already slated to be dropped.

“The body-worn-camera program was established to fight crime, better protect officers, and foster public trust,” Mosby said in a statement cited by the Baltimore Sun. “Whether planting evidence, re-enacting the seizure of evidence or prematurely turning off the department-issued body-worn camera, those actions misrepresent the truth and undermine public trust.”

The latest video is under review, according to police spokesman T.J. Smith, who did not describe what was shown in the footage.

Pointing out that the officer self-reported the video, Smith said, “This is not an allegation of planting evidence. This is a self-reported situation where the officer felt that it deserved more scrutiny based on the things that have been in the news. We are aware of it and it is something that we are looking into.”

He added, “Officers who mainly work with the utmost credibility, don’t want their credibility challenged because of a misunderstanding … So this is a good problem to have, when you are self-reporting.”

Smith didn’t specify how the officer self-reported, but predicted that the practice will become more common as time goes on, “out of an abundance of caution.”

In July, footage from the body camera of Baltimore City Police Officer Richard Pinheiro showed him staging a drug find, later arresting someone for the fraudulent discovery. The man who was arrested was being held on a $50,000 bond that he couldn’t afford and was released after the video was made public.

A second incident in early August appeared “to depict multiple officers working together to manufacture evidence,” the Baltimore Public Defender’s Office said at the time. Charges against people related to that footage were dropped as well.

The Public Defender’s Office Felony Division Chief Andrew Northrup was surprised by Mosby’s announcement of a third incident in two months, and suggested that the State’s Attorney had ulterior motives.

He suggested that the “fact that the state’s attorney went to the media about these cases without first talking to the defense lawyers involved in these cases speaks volumes that once again Marilyn Mosby chooses political expediency over justice.”

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Video: Black Trump supporter sucker-punched by media promoted leftist thug

(INTELLIHUB) — A leftist counter-protester assaulted and viciously sucker-punched a black Trump supporter during a vigil for victims of illegal immigration in California Sunday night.

The attack, first brought to light by Big League Politics, comes as the mainstream media continues to openly promote and support the same violent leftist groups responsible here.

R.C. Maxwell, the victim of the attack, told Big League Politics that, “The first time I was attacked it was a timed attack, someone tugged at my MAGA hat, then someone else hit me from behind and then tried to drag me into the street.”

Maxwell also noted that he was carrying a copy of Milo Yiannopoulos’ book Dangerous at the time of the attack.

©2017. INTELLIHUB.COM. All Rights Reserved.

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Video Emerges Of US Allowing ISIS Jewhadists To Escape Safely In Syria

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Alleged Video Of Mass UFO Sighting That Took Place in Phoenix 2017

Next Story

An incredible 30 second video clip shows intriguing sky action that allegedly took place on August 18th, 2017 in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We’ve been working to track down the original posting location of the video but have not yet been able to. If anyone knows who took the video below, please contact us as we’d love to ask a few questions. (Updates Below)

In this sighting you will see 5 crafts in the sky in a ‘W’ like formation. They then move around the sky and then the video abruptly ends. As a long time explorer and researcher of the UFO phenomenon let me be the first to say “I really want to see the end of this video.”

This is some of the most clear and intriguing footage I have seen, not to say there aren’t a lot of great videos out there, but more so that this video gives a clear example of the stunning sightings that have been taking place over the last 10 years in increased frequencies.

The first question that popped into my mind when I saw this video was “why hasn’t this been reported anywhere else?” Good question. When I looked around I wasn’t able to find any other videos or articles related to this sighting. But, this was also the case with another sighting we were sent back in April of 2017. It also took place in Phoenix and shortly after our article went out, more experiencers of the sighting reported on it. Soon the mainstream news reported on it, but claimed it was just a meteor breaking up and falling through the sky.

April 2017 sighting in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo: Mauricio Morales

This is the thing with UFO sightings; many people see them and don’t record, report or tell anyone about them. I’ve seen a number of sightings in my life that came during CE-5 expeditions I used to do in my hometown years ago. We never brought cameras and thus never had media of it, yet we would often see between 8 and 10 crafts show up each time. We took the time to learn the difference between satellites, planes etc. so we could properly identify what we were seeing. Some of the most stunning sightings I’ve ever had were done during those expeditions, and yet none were recorded or published.

Think within yourself, how many times have you seen something you thought you were certain was a UFO yet never reported or told anyone about it?

Check out the video of the August 18th, 2017 sighting and be sure to read on below to discover why I think the UFO & ET phenomenon is by far one of the most important things happening to humanity right now.

The Importance Of The UFO & ET Phenomenon

I’ve said this many times over and I will say it again: the UFO and ET phenomenon that is rising heavily into humanities focus over the last 10 years is one of the most important things taking place for us as a whole. Why? Because it represents an evolution humanity direly needs, and gratefully, is experiencing.

In 2011 I began exploring in incredible detail a shift that is taking place on our planet. My work in this shift started back in 2009 when I first learned something grand was taking place on this planet and that things were changing rapidly, but it went full force during the filming of the latest documentary I made called CE3: The Shift, which you can watch for free here.

I explored this shift taking place through a scientific, cosmic, ancient cultural and modern events lens to help prove that we are in fact witnessing something we have never experienced as modern humans on this planet. A big part of this shift relates to humanity opening itself up to a truth that has been hidden from us for decades, one that allows us to realize we are not alone in the universe and one that would change the way we live on our planet entirely. The latter is the reason as to why the UFO and ET phenomenon has been so aggressively covered up.

Imagine for a moment that you are back in the times when humans in what we now call Europe were not aware of humans in what we now call America. Life is being lived and there are sets of traditions, cultures, and ways of doing things that are set. One day, after a very long boat ride Europeans discover the civilizations in America. Suddenly there are a whole new set of humans with different traditions, cultures, and ways of doing things that can now be learned from. Perhaps it could be seen that knowledge for these civilizations has in essence been doubled. This results in changes, evolutions, expansions in ways of doing things and so forth. Now, from a human consciousness point of view it also came with war and fighting, but as explored in the film I made, this is a factor of a primitive level of consciousness, one that we are evolving beyond in our current times. I know how it sounds, watch the film.

Joe Martino during his TEDx talk in NYC. Graph shows how solar cycles affect human consciousness.

Humans are now doing this exact same thing with ET’s. We have been playing amongst each other for thousands of years and we have learned immensely from one another. Just like it was time 60 years ago for us to start interacting deeply with ET’s, it’s even more so now, but we must work past the challenges set before us which are; a deep state controlling information, our ego minds, religious beliefs, and fears.

When we begin to interact with ET’s on a big level we are going to learn and open up to incredible new ideas, in the same way we will share ideas of states of consciousness with other beings. As humans, we often downplay ourselves and believe we are inferior to ET’s. This is of course a very mind and ego based view of ourselves, one that is often reinforced in our society, but it’s simply not true. ET’s do not view us in this manner, and unlike we have been told in many movies out there, ET’s are not an evil force waiting to come harvest or kill us. There are many races out there and virtually all are peaceful in nature.

It’s time to start opening up to them, clearing out our minds of fear and disbelief about a topic that is so abundant with evidence and begin to welcome a huge catalyst in an evolution within humanity that will help bring about peace on this planet.

Update 1: I have found an article showing a drone display of UFOs that took place in Austin, Texas in 2017. There is a chance this video footage is from that same night although I have only found 1 article on this so far.

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