Until there are facts on election meddling, it’s all just blather – Lavrov on Mueller indictment

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Saturday, he said that “Until we see facts, everything else will be just blather.”  When asked to comment on the indictment of Russian nationals and companies in the US over alleged meddling in the 2016 US election, the foreign minister answered:You know, I have no reaction at all because one can publish anything he wants. We see how accusations, statements, statements are multiplying.”

On Friday, a US federal grand jury indicted 13 Russian nationals and three entities accused of interfering in the 2016 election and political processes. According to the indictment, those people were “supporting the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald J. Trump… and disparaging Hillary Clinton” as they staged political rallies and bought political advertising, while posing as grassroots entities.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova ridiculed the indictment, noting that 13 people could hardly have caused any real interference.

“13 against billions budgets of special agencies? Against intelligence and counterespionage, against the newest technologies? Absurd? – Yes,” she wrote on Facebook.

Russian businessman Evgeny Prigozhin, who was among those indicted, also weighed in. Describing Americans as “emotional people,” he said that there was no reason to be “upset.”

“If they want to see the devil, let them,” Prigozhin told RIA Novosti.

Even US Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had to admit that there were “no allegations” that this “information warfare” yielded any results and affected the outcome of the presidential election.

The underwhelming indictment was also slammed in the US. Virginia State Senator Richard Black accused FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller of deliberately dragging out the Russian meddling probe for his own gain. “To a certain extent, I think, Robert Muller is struggling to keep alive his position of a special counsel. The special counsel has already earned seven million dollars. When you become a special counsel, you have an open checkbook for the US Treasury and you are guaranteed to become a mega-millionaire if you simply can drag out the proceedings,” Black told RT.

Despite the lack of significant proof, the accusations of Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election remain a hot topic in Washington, contributing largely to the worst deterioration in Russian-American relations since the Cold War. The US has imposed several rounds of sanctions on Russia, targeting private individuals, companies, and whole sectors of the economy.

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Cops Hold Mentally Ill Man Down on 170 Degree Pavement Until His Skin Melted Off


Sacramento, CA — A California man is suing the city of Citrus Heights and several of its police officers for the horrific injuries he sustained when police forced him onto the ground of a restaurant parking lot when the temperature was more than 100 degrees outside.

The pavement was estimated to have been around 170 degrees, causing James Bradford Nelson III’s flesh to melt and resulting in third-degree burns on his face, torso, legs, and buttocks.

Nelson suffers from schizophrenia and has been in and out of jail since he was a juvenile. While defense attorneys will likely bring up his criminal past as being responsible for the police officers’ use of force, Nelson’s family says his incarcerations have followed a pattern of mental instability, leading to criminal behavior, and then jail time. But, arguably, no human should receive life-threatening burns after a run-in with police.

Police officers were called to the KFC when Nelson was behaving erratically. The shirtless man then fled the restaurant but was taken to the ground, with his bare skin being exposed to the scorching roadway.

Nelson’s mother and stepfather, Tarsha and Barry Benigno, told the Sacremento Bee that they believe the officers were “poorly trained,” and that the injuries Nelson sustained have taken an emotional toll on both him and his family.

Citrus Heights police chief Ronald Lawrence said the case will be tried in court, adding that it is, “something that will involve the judicial system, and will not be resolved in the court of public opinion.” But it will be the opinion of the jury and not the chief which will matter when restitution must be decided.

The lawsuit contends, “During this time on the ground Nelson was screaming and yelling in excruciating pain,” and adds, “the officers forced his head down onto the hot pavement, leaning onto it with such force that Nelson could not move it for relief, exposing the right side of his face and neck to the scorching heat of the concrete.”

This is not the first time police have been accused of burning someone in custody. In 2016, an Arizona man, Marc LeBeau, was held on the pavement for two minutes while an Arizona DPS officer laid on top of him, supposedly struggling to place the man in handcuffs.

LeBeau screamed for mercy, begging the officer to take him to the sidewalk. In the end, LeBeau told TFTP in an exclusive that he also suffered third-degree burns over much of his body, including his feet, as he was not wearing shoes at the time.

Predictably, those who can find no fault with law enforcement tactics stood by their officer and stated he was simply following police protocol. LeBeau told TFTP he was denied his request to put on his flip-flops in the blazing Arizona summer heat and was forced to stand barefoot on the ground. This was the same heat that melted trashcans.

He said he began dancing to keep his feet from burning, an action unscrupulous cop supporters said indicated he was obviously on drugs. But a drug test later showed he was not under the influence of any alcohol or drugs at the time he was stopped for speeding. Below, LeBeau documented his injuries in a YouTube video:

LeBeau went back to the scene of the crime the day after and quite humbly, one could say, explained how hot it was on the day he was assaulted. He did so by cooking a pork chop on the very spot where he was burned.

Instances like Nelson’s and LeBeau’s highlight one of many possible scenarios. Either the police know how hot the pavement is in over 100-degree heat, and they are trying to punish the suspects, or they are simply ignorant about the possibility that their actions could result in life-threatening injuries.

Nelson’s burns were so horrific that he suffered injuries to his liver and his kidneys and required several surgeries. His current hospital bill is approaching $2 million and he is suing for damages both to his body and his state of mind, as well as punitive damages against the officers. Nelson’s lawyers are asking for $26 million in compensation. His injuries will stay with him for the rest of his life and were completely avoidable in the eyes of many who are following the case.

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Students Hate Trump’s SOTU Speech, Until They Realize It’s Obama’s

Home » North America, Politics » Students Hate Trump’s SOTU Speech, Until They Realize It’s Obama’s


Some students reacted negatively to quotes they believed were from President Donald Trump’s recent State of the Union Address, until realizing they were actually quoting Barack Obama.

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips spoke to students outside John Jay College in New York City, who unanimously criticized the supposed Trump quotes, describing them as “warmongering,” “aggressive,” and “immature.”

The quotes, taken from some of Obama’s State of the Union addresses, included threats to destroy the Islamic State, statements of America’s military strength, and attacking China’s economic policy.



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Re: Ahed Tamimi will stay in jail until end of trial

The 16-year-old Palestinian girl, Ahed Tamimi, will remain incarcerated until the end of her trial, reports today The Jerusalem Post.

Israel’s Ofer military court, located west of the West Bank city of Ramallah, extended the teen’s detention to 31 January at the request of military prosecutors.

On Monday, a major from the IDF Prosecution had countered to the Judea Military Court that Tamimi has “a pattern of lawbreaking” which required that she remain in detention until the end of her trial for shoving soldiers and rock-throwing.

Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian girl who was arrested for slapping and humiliating Israeli soldiers - Cartoon [Mahmoud Hendawi]Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian girl who was arrested for slapping and humiliating Israeli soldiers - Cartoon [Mahmoud Hendawi]

Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian girl who was arrested for slapping and humiliating Israeli soldiers – Cartoon [Mahmoud Hendawi]

Israeli forces first detained Al-Tamimi on 19 December during an overnight raid that was carried out in Ramallah’s northern village of Nabi Saleh.
It was not the teen’s first brush with the Israeli forces.

Both her mother and cousin were arrested shortly afterwards. The girl’s father, mother and brothers have also all been repeatedly arrested for their “fierce opposition to Israel’s decades-long occupation.”

The Tamimi family of Nabi Saleh is well known internationally for their activism against the Israeli occupation.

VIDEO: Israel arrests Palestinian teen who forced them off her land

Source Article from https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180117-ahed-tamimi-will-stay-in-jail-until-end-of-trial/#comment-3715408240

Shenzhen to host record $14mn prize money WTA Finals until 2028

Shenzhen saw off competition from Manchester, UK, for the right to stage the season-ending tournament, which sees the world’s top eight players face off against each other. The city will double the prize money of the event, which has been held in Singapore since 2014.

Prague, St. Petersburg and Singapore were the other cities that bid to host the event, in which players compete for the Billie Jean King trophy.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce that the dynamic city of Shenzhen has been chosen to host the WTA Finals, the WTA’s crown jewel season finale, for the next decade,” said WTA chief Steve Simon, AFP reported.

“This will easily be the largest and most significant WTA Finals deal in the 45 years since the WTA was founded and promises to take the event to a spectacular new level,” he added.

The Shenzhen bid was made by major property developer Gemdale Corporation, which ensured the Finals will be held in a new state-of-the-art 12,000 capacity stadium in the city, which is around 2,000km south of capital, Beijing, across the border from Hong Kong.

WTA founder Billie Jean King, after which the tournament’s trophy is named, said it was “absolutely incredible” to witness the growth of the finals.

“Shenzhen will be a fantastic home for the WTA Finals. The record-setting $14 million purse set for Shenzhen reflects the global strength of our sport and how Shenzhen and China have embraced women’s tennis,” she said.

Russian five-time grand slam-winner Maria Sharapova, currently competing in the Australian Open in Melbourne, welcomed the move, which comes as part of a 2008 agreement from the WTA to expand the sport in China and the wider Asia-Pacific

“If you look at the numbers … you want to go to a place that’s willing to invest in women’s tennis. That’s where we’re headed to,” she said in Melbourne, Yahoo Sports reported.

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Couple Beaten, Arrested, & CONVICTED Until Body Cam Footage Proved Their Innocence


Topeka, KS — An innocent couple was attacked by police at their own home, the man thrown to the ground, beaten, both of them arrested, tried, and convicted and the body camera footage that proved their innocence was withheld from their defense. Now, for the first time since that fateful night in September 2014, the video has been publicly released showing the dark side of corrupt and violent cops.

Arthur Morris had done nothing wrong the night police showed up at his house and was merely trying to smoke a cigarette on his own porch when he was accosted by multiple cops.

Police were not supposed to be there. In fact, Morris told them that he had not called 911 and none of his neighbors had either. Someone in the area had allegedly called 911 and hung up, but police never told the couple this fact.

In spite of having no reason to believe Morris or his partner Jeanie Becerra had committed a crime, the cops proceeded to get violent.

One belligerent cop then grabbed Morris, threw him to the ground and proceeded to start dropping fists into the innocent man’s head and back.

“I didn’t do nothing wrong,” Morris can be heard yelling in the disturbing body camera footage.

“I can’t breathe. I have asthma. …” Morris yells at other parts of the video. “I don’t stretch that far. Please stop. … I didn’t do nothing wrong guys. You just … threw me down for trying to light my cigarette.”

Morris and Becerra would then both be arrested and were eventually convicted on charges ranging from assaulting an officer, disobeying an officer, disturbing the peace and interfering with law enforcement—all bogus charges stemming from an illegal police encounter.

They had committed no crime. But it was their word against the police—and the police controlled the narrative—going so far as to illegally keep the body camera footage from being presented in court.

Eventually, the footage would be seen by the judge who would immediately vacate their sentences. However, it was not released in time to make a difference before their trial.

According to a report in the Kansas City Star,

After a judge had found both Morris and Becerra guilty on all counts, Luther Ganieany, a Topeka police legal advisor, raised concerns to the judge that the footage contradicted testimony given by officers. He requested that the judge reconsider the convictions.


Officers with the Topeka Police Department knew about the contents of the video in late September 2014, more than a month before the trial, Ganieany wrote in a motion.


But the department didn’t make the video available to the prosecution until just one hour before the trial “and made no indication that there was anything inconsistent with the officer’s report on the video,” Ganieany wrote.


The officers had no reasonable suspicion to confront Morris at his home, he wrote. The dispatcher had called back after the 911 hangup and the person had said there was no emergency.

As was decided in the Supreme Court case of Brady v. Maryland, a prosecutor in a case must disclose evidence or information that would prove the innocence of the defendant or would enable the defense to more effectively impeach the credibility of government witnesses.

This did not happen, and, as a result, two innocent people were convicted of crimes they did not commit.

In spite of clearly violating the Brady disclosure, no one was held accountable. The office simply got a class on the law they broke.

“The office did some internal training on Brady requirements … following this incident,” Ganieany said of the incident.

Not only was the prosecution cleared of any wrongdoing, but none of the officers who attacked, wrongly arrested, and lied about an innocent couple were held accountable either.

The beating and arrest were reviewed by the Shawnee County District Attorney, but none of the three officers on the scene faced any criminal repercussions, according to Ganieany.

The criminal officers who ruined an innocent couple’s lives are currently on normal duty.

Below is a video that illustrates two very powerful points. The first point is that cops lie. They will weave this web of lies to then cover up evidence of their horrific crimes against innocent people.

The second point proves that body cameras are only effective when the videos they record are in the hands of honest people. In this case, that did not happen.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/couple-beaten-arrested-convicted-until-this-body-cam-proved-their-innocence/

Ignorant liberals think polar bears never grew old and died until climate change came along

Image: Ignorant liberals think polar bears never grew old and died until climate change came along

(Natural News)
Climate change activists apparently have been under the impression that polar bears achieved immortality prior to the advent of global warming.

That seems to be the explanation as to why so many virtue-signaling progressives on social media seemed triggered by a short yet compelling video of a starving and/or sick polar bear in the Canadian Arctic. But melting sea ice allegedly as a result of climate change may have nothing to do with the heart-wrenching footage. Instead, the bear might have been suffering from the adverse effects of old age or from disease or injury.

The Daily Caller explains that the video, which was filmed by the advocacy organization Sea Legacy in late summer, may not be conveying the full story. It has been viewed over one million times in just one week since its release, but it may be using the sad scene to push the climate change agenda.

It has become virtual climate change doctrine that global warming has so devastated the arctic habitat that polar bears are increasingly unable to fend for themselves…the skinny on the skinny polar bear looking for food is that this imagery doesn’t prove an environmental disaster but does illustrate the life cycle of the polar bear.

The National Post of Canada gauged the opinion of several experts. One polar bear biologist told the news outlet via email that “The video shows what appears to be an old male in declining health, but clear clinical signs of starvation aren’t obvious (e.g. convulsions).” He added that depending upon the food supply or other conditions, polar bears can go “from bone racks to obese over a few months.”

A wildlife biologist asserted on Twitter that the animal might be afflicted with bone cancer or another health issue, adding that the “bear is starving, but IMO it’s not starving because the ice suddenly disappeared and it could no longer hunt seals.”

As far as the facts on the ground are concerned, the Post noted that the polar bear population in the Baffin Island area of the Arctic is either stable or a slightly increasing except for the northeastern corner adjacent to Greenland. While acknowledging that that climate change foreshadows an unpleasant future for polar bears, the Post also pointed out that the ice cover shrinks naturally from many polar bear habitats in late summer.

A Sea Legacy official admitted that “he had no definitive proof that the bear’s condition was connected to the global phenomenon” of climate change and that he encouraged people to draw their own conclusions, the Washington Post reported.

Some years back, Natural News revealed that images of four polar bears sinking into arctic seas because of melting polar ice caps as a result of global warming may have been a pseudoscientific hoax and instead their demise may have been caused by a simple windstorm. The U.S. Interior Department began listing polar bears as a protected species pursuant to the Endangered Species Act in May 2008.

Natural News detailed in October that the Arctic sea ice mass has apparently increased by approximately 40 percent in the last five years. [Related: Read more about the global warming movement at ClimateScienceNews.com]

Sources include:






Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-12-19-ignorant-liberals-think-polar-bears-never-grew-old-and-died-until-climate-change-came-along.html

Babies Should Share Their Mother’s Bed Until The Age Of 3, Doctors Claim

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When it comes to parenting, everyone seems to have an opinion, and rightfully so, especially if you are yourself a parent. But what about controversial topics? Is there a right or wrong way to raise your children? Are there certain things that you should or should not be doing? Of course, some things are more important than others. But new advice given by a paediatrician suggests children should sleep in bed with their mothers until they reach the age of three. 

Dr. Nils Bergman, from the University of Cape Town, South Africa, argues that for optimal development, healthy newborns should sleep on their mother’s chest for at least their first few weeks. After that, he believes they should stay in bed with mom and dad until they are three or even four years old.

Because there has been a lot of fear propaganda created around the risk of cot death — the notion that a parent might roll over and suffocate their child — co-sleeping is generally not advised, and in fact, a recently published British study found that almost two-thirds of the cases of SIDS occurred when the bed was being shared.

But, according to Dr.Bergman, “When babies are smothered and suffer cot deaths, it is not because their mother is present. It is because of other things: toxic fumes, cigarettes, alcohol, big pillows and dangerous toys.”

A recent study involving 16 infants monitored the babies while they slept in their mother’s bed. It found that the baby’s heart was under three times as much stress when he or she slept alone. While sleeping in a cot, they had a more disrupted sleep and their brains were less likely to cycle and transition between the two types of sleep, called active and quiet.

In the cots, only 6 of the 16 babies had any quiet sleep at all, and their sleep quality was much worse.

Dr. Bergman continued to explain how changes to the brain that are brought on by stress hormones can actually make it more difficult to form relationships and close bonds later in life.

Another study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry monitored results from 73 premature infants receiving Kangaroo Care, or skin-to-skin contact with their mothers, and another three premature infants received standard incubator care. The subjects of the study were monitored over a 10-year period, and the results were as follows:

KC increased autonomic functioning (respiratory sinus arrhythmia, RSA) and maternal attachment behavior in the postpartum period, reduced maternal anxiety, and enhanced child cognitive development and executive functions from 6 months to 10 years. By 10 years of age, children receiving KC showed attenuated stress response, improved RSA, organized sleep, and better cognitive control. RSA and maternal behavior were dynamically interrelated over time, leading to improved physiology, executive functions, and mother–child reciprocity at 10 years.

The National Childbirth Trust supports bed sharing provided the parents have not been drinking, smoking, or using drugs, or if they are obese, chronically ill, or suffer from chronic exhaustion, all of which could cause them to roll over onto the baby or otherwise impact their health.

Overall, it’s a very controversial issue. Many swear by bed sharing, and it certainly used to be standard practice before cribs became so common and affordable. There are many upsides to this, but it is also important to be aware of and consider the potential dangers.

We all know babies need to be snuggled and cuddled and given love; they need to feel safe and secure, and how could they possibly feel this all alone in another room in a crib? When you actually think about it, it seems pretty backwards.

Every parent is just doing what they feel is best for their baby, but the opinions of others tend to get in the way. We’ve all heard those comments like, Oh you shouldn’t pick up that baby, you need to let them cry, they are going to have attachment issues, how are they going to develop their independence? Well, they are babies; they can’t care for themselves and they need to be taken care of. It is a natural urge for the mother to take care of her child.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you co-sleep with your child? Did you ever feel it was unsafe? Do you prefer your child to sleep in a crib? Let us know!

Much Love


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Jane Fonda Honors Colin Kaepernick At ACLU Gala: ‘Keep Kneeling Until You Can Stand Up’

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Last Sunday evening, some of Hollywood’s greatest stars gathered for the ACLU of Southern California’s annual Bill of Rights Awards Gala. Among those who were honored were Viola Davis, Gina Rodriguez, Jane Fonda and even Colin Kaepernick.

As the Hollywood Reporter shares, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback received the Eason Monroe Courageous Courage Award, in addition to a roaring applause. “He’s been viciously and unfairly criticized,” said Hector Villagra, the executive director of the ACLU. “He’s been called a traitor because too many people in this country confuse dissent for disloyalty. He took a stand knowing some would threaten him and he has had his life threatened, which is why we are profoundly honored to have him here [and] we didn’t publicize his presence tonight.”

As Kaepernick took the stage, audience members jumped to their feet out of respect. “We must confront systematic oppression as a doctor would a disease,” he said in his speech. “You identify it, you call it out, you treat it and you defeat it. We all have an obligation, no matter the risk and regardless of reward, to stand up for our fellow men and women who are being oppressed with the understanding that human rights cannot be compromised. In the words of Frederick Douglas, ‘If there is a no struggle, there is no progress.’”

Kaepernick isn’t the only star using his platform to address social issues. When Viola Davis, the star of How To Get Away With Murder, took the stage, she reflected on what it was like growing up in abject party — and vowed to do something about it.

First, she recalled a heartbreaking story about her father. “He leaves the hospital,” said Davis. “He walked three miles back home. He sits for another three days before gangrene start setting in and he walked back to the hospital and they finally admitted him. That is the dignity being taken away from you when you don’t have any money. You don’t have access to healthcare. You have no food. I scurried in garbage bins for food. I have fallen asleep within 10 minutes of being in school because I had no food. I would walk to school in shoes that had holes in the bottom, so by the time I got to school, I literally was basically walking in my socks.”

The actress knows first-hand what it is like sufficing on little to nothing. It is because of this she vowed to work and fight for the 46 million Americans who live in poverty. “I have two mottos for 2017 and they are, ‘I’m doing the best I can’ and ‘I’m gonna leave it all on the floor,’” Davis said.

Jane Fonda pitched in her two cents, as well, and threw in a few remarks concerning Kaepernick. After receiving the Justice & Equality Award, the Grace & Frankie star stated that she was proud of the professional football player. “Colin,” she said at the beginning of her remarks, “you are woke!” She ended her speech by saying, “Keep kneeling until you can stand up!”

Even though the political system in the US in a state of turmoil, it is heartening to know there are people with a platform who are willing to use their celebrity to change the world for the better. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

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