Twitter just silenced PJ Media’s terrorism editor in latest censorship scheme to eliminate non-liberal points of view

Image: Twitter just silenced PJ Media’s terrorism editor in latest censorship scheme to eliminate non-liberal points of view

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A veteran journalist from the popular independent media website has had her personal Twitter account removed from the social media platform indefinitely, and there doesn’t appear to be any legitimate reason for this besides Twitter’s continued assault on conservative free speech.

Bridget Johnson, who specializes in covering issues related to terrorism, was reportedly suspended from Twitter not for posting an offensive tweet or for arguing with anyone, but just because – as Twitter has offered Johnson no explanation for this sudden act of censorship. It has been over a week, in fact, since Johnson was last able to access her Twitter account, and many of her followers and supporters are demanding answers.

As explained in Twitter’s Help Center, there are only two types of suspension that the social media giant imposes on its users. One is a “temporary timeout” that results in a user’s account being reinstated rather quickly, usually within just a few hours. The second type of suspensions is more “permanent,” and is considered to be a much more serious mode of action.

By all appearances, Johnson’s Twitter account was subjected to the latter form of suspension, which is something of an anomaly as Johnson has always acted professionally and with dignity while using her Twitter account. She has furthermore not been observed engaging in abusive or otherwise unacceptable behavior, which begs the question as to why she was apparently targeted for removal.

“While many Twitter users engage in abusive behavior on the platform, Bridget does no,” writes colleague Paula Bolyard for

“Nor does she brawl with other users or engage in flame wars. She’s a veteran journalist who, prior to joining the PJM team, worked at The Hill, the Rocky Mountain News, and the Los Angeles Daily News. She is an NPR contributor and has also been published at USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, National Review Online, Politico, the New York Daily News, The Jerusalem Post, the New York Observer, The Washington Times, and RealClearWorld. Bridget is a respected terror analyst and is known for her fact-based, impartial reporting.”

The technocracy’s sinister crusade against free speech strikes again

A quick perusal of Twitter’s terms of service regarding all of the potential causes for account suspension reveals that, once again, the social media platform is in violation of its own guidelines. The only reasons given as to why Twitter might suspend an account permanently is if they appear “spammy” or fake, if they pose a security risk, or if they include “abusive tweets or behavior.”

An archived view of Johnson’s Twitter account activity shows none of the above – unless, of course, Twitter has once again decided to arbitrarily apply its own definitions of “abusive” to condemn content that its employees or shareholders (which include Saudi leaders like Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, who was recently arrested) find objectionable or that go against their personal agendas.

This seems to be the only possibility, in this case, as to why Johnson’s account was suspended. Somebody didn’t like what she had to say, so they targeted her account for removal with no explanation as to why. And as of this writing, she personally has yet to receive a response from Twitter providing any input on the matter.

As we reported earlier in the year, Twitter, along with other social media giants like Facebook and Google, decided to implement new free speech restrictions to silence users presenting politically “incorrect” views. Following Twitter’s implementation of this policy, the company had this to say in apparent contradiction of what it’s actually doing in reality:

“We stand for freedom of expression and people being able to see all sides of any topic. That’s put in jeopardy when abuse and harassment stifle and silence those voices. We won’t tolerate it and we’re launching new efforts to stop it.”

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CHA-CHING!!! Trump U.K. Visit Postponed After Twitter Spat With May

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‘Islamophobes’ exploiting terrorist attacks for more Twitter followers – study

The group noted that a sample of anti-Muslim UK and US activists, who all push the line that Islam is an “imminent threat,” saw significant growth in their social media followings over the last year. Pamela Geller, a US activist who was banned from the UK for not being “conducive to the public good,” used 102 automated or semi-automated accounts to retweet her posts. The Geller Report, her blog, doubled its monthly audience to 2 million viewers between July and October this year, according to the study.

Between March and November of this year, the accounts sampled saw an average 117 percent increase in followers. The period saw five terrorist attacks in the UK, four of which were carried out by Muslims and one of which was inflicted against Muslims.

Former head of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson, was one of the chief beneficiaries of the trend, gaining 40,042 followers in the days following May’s terrorist attack in Manchester. Now working for the far-right Rebel Media network, Robinson arrived in Manchester after the attack and told his YouTube followers that the city’s Muslim residents should be treated like “enemy combatants.” Robinson also gained 22,365 after the Westminster attack in late March. On November 24, Robinson was forced to delete tweets in which he suggested that a “Jihadi attack” had caused a panic in central London.

Following the London Bridge attack in June, the study notes that 32 out of the top 100 most shared tweets about the incident expressed anti-Muslim sentiments. An example cited by the study was the now notorious picture of a Muslim woman walking beside a group of people helping the victims of the attack. The picture was prominently shared by a Twitter used called @Southlonestar, who posted that the image depicted the woman’s indifference to attack. The account was presented by Twitter to the US House Intelligence Committee as an example of a fake account created within Russia to influence US and UK politics.

In a statement to the Guardian, Patrik Hermansson, researcher for Hope not Hate, said: “The growth among Twitter accounts and websites spreading anti-Muslim hate is alarming. In such a key area of public interest, it is an indication of increased interest in these views and, as each account or site grows, more people are exposed to deeply prejudiced anti-Muslim views.”

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Not a ‘Public Square’: New York Times Promotes a Tough New Regime of Twitter Discipline

Twitter should begin to think of itself, and its users, as a community, and it should look to the community for determining the rights of people on the platform…The better you used the service — where ‘better’ is determined, as much as possible, based on how others react to your account — the more status you’d earn, and the more you’d be allowed to do.

It ought to consider a radical, top-to-bottom change like this: Instead of awarding blue checks to people who achieve some arbitrary level of real-world renown, the company should issue badges of status or of shame based on signals about how people actually use, or abuse, Twitter. In other words, Twitter should begin to think of itself, and its users, as a community, and it should look to the community for determining the rights of people on the platform.

Is someone making a positive contribution to the service, for example by posting well-liked content and engaging in meaningful conversations? Is an account repeatedly spreading misinformation? Is it promoting or participating in online mobs, especially mobs directed at people with fewer followers? Did it just sign up two days ago? Is it acting more like a bot than a human? Are most of its tweets anti-Semitic memes? Can the account be validated with other markers of online reputation — a Facebook account or a LinkedIn profile, for instance? And on and on.

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Necon Bill Kristol gets roasted on Twitter for converting to "liberalism"


Bill Kristol admits to his “Inner Socialist”

The Duran has consistently noted that one of the strangest occurrences in political ideology during the Obama Presidency was the fusion of neo-liberal and neoconservative dogmas.

Though on opposite sides of the political spectrum, under Obama, neo-liberals found common cause with neoconservatives, working hand in glove to destroy Libya, Syria, Iraq (again), and Ukraine.

With Trump’s election victory over “Crooked” Hillary Clinton, who was the ‘chosen one’ to reconcile neo-liberal and neoconservative dogma under one umbrella, we have seen an endless parade of war criminal neocons come out as neo-liberal sympathizers.

No neocon has been more vocal for his hate for Trump, and his hidden passion for neo-liberalism, than arch-necon chief Bill Kristol…the man who is believed, by many, to have packaged and sold the Iraq WMD war to the American public.

Via Gateway Pundit

Never Trump hack Bill Kristol finally admitted publicly what we knew to be true all along-he’s a liberal.

The Never Trump freak show tweeted, “The GOP tax bill’s bringing out my inner socialist. The sex scandals are bringing out my inner feminist. Donald Trump and Roy Moore are bringing out my inner liberal. WHAT IS HAPPENING?”

War criminal Bill Kristol was applauded by liberals and slammed by Trump supporters.

It’s an upside down world, and exposes just how ignorant and dumb the liberal left truly has become.

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Another verified Twitter lunatic runs amok


Twitter’s been on a rampage of drawing clear battle lines. They’ve been deleting verified check-marks and entire accounts of people who can be considered right-wing, while allowing every single liberal and SJW, like Emily Lindin, free reign on the platform to curse, insult and form hate mobs against people with whom they disagree.

This is no conspiracy theory; this is out in the open, broad daylight, and can be tracked. And it’s the reason that people like Emily Lindin say stupid sh*t on the platform. They know there are no consequences for doing so.

The Story of the Insane Emily Lindin

This is a story in three parts.

Part one: It all starts when Emily Lindin leaves a provocative tweet, in which she’s virtue signaling to people a variation of “listen and believe” and damn the torpedoes because men’s lives being ruined over false allegations is something she seems to find hilarious. Lying women? Protect them. Innocent male victims? Burn them!


She calls it an unpopular opinion, and speaking of people in totality, just like the nonsense wage gap numbers are calculated, she’s correct. Though speaking for her bubble, and the people who like and retweet this, it’s not only a popular opinion but the exact right way to look at it. Men are horrible! She’s a feminist, a sex-positive feminist! This means she’s against slut-shaming and fatherhood and masculinity in any form and believes women need to dominate. She’s not just a modern feminist; she’s a radical feminist.

Comment: As Piers Morgan says, “She is the very worst kind of radical feminist, the kind that hates men so much it blinds her even to basic fairness and justice.

Part two: Oops! Another verified liberal, Geoffrey Miller, sees this tweet and takes umbrage. Why? Because he’s an SJW too and they need to have the battle of the virtue signal. You see, Geoff believes that false allegations disproportionately affect black men, and he needs to be a good ally by reminding Emily Lindin that black men suffer. Oh, sh*t! Blacks are the original victims in America! If you’re a feminist, even a radical feminist, intersectional black feminists will rip you a new asshole for not putting black people first.


Part three: So, we naturally get Emily Lindin back-tracking and amending, saying the right buzz words by stating it was an oversight on her part. When she said “men,” what she really meant was “white supremacy,” and that all of these white people, even if being falsely accused, deserve it. But not you, black man – please don’t kill me!


Emily Lindin is a lunatic. Let’s have a closer look at her, at the type of person Twitter would promote to untouchable verified status while a guy like me gets booted off because he pointed out to feminists that they can’t make demands of black people (which Emily Lindin just ironically backed up by instantly apologizing to black males while making sure to throw “white supremacy” at all white men).

We can see what sort of person, what sort of insane sex-posi feminist, is Emily Lindin. Her big project is “UnSlut,” a documentary film which is seeking to do away with the label of slut being attributed to promiscuous girls. Because, you know, just like women having over 50,000,000 abortions every single year, their choices aren’t hurting anyone, right!? Women are free to do whatever the f*ck they want to do, and you’re the bad one for judging them.

Never mind epidemic rates of single mothers, who objectively raise worse children on the whole. Never mind rampant rates of STDs women are spreading around the nation. Never mind initiating 70% of divorces and ruining men’s lives when they dare try to build a family with them. Women can do whatever the hell they want in society, and we oppress them by judging them.

We should shame women’s bad choices, just as we shame men’s bad choices! Why do you get a free pass just because you slap on “woman” as a shield?

I’ll obviously be called a misogynist and sexist for expecting women to be held to the same standards as men because we all know they want their cake, they want to eat it too, they want you to pay for it, and they want you to stick around and do the dishes while they go eat cake at another person’s house right after. This is modern feminism – women do whatever they want, take whatever the want, and you’re oppressing them if you point out how reckless and selfish and harmful they are. No.

We need to shame them!

You don’t call a poor kid a “prep” or a rich kid “white trash.” You don’t call good girls sluts. Nobody does that. Girls who protect their virtue aren’t smeared as sluts. And girls who sleep around with no thought to anything but their own hedonistic pursuits are – wait for it – sluts!


There’s something to be said about shame. Brilliant men like Jordan Peterson often argue that the structures created by religion have, so to speak, artificially boxed in our truer nature as animals and have kept us creating the facades of rational actors rather than devil-may-care ape-beasts. I think he’s on the right track but is focusing on a single tree and missing the forest. It’s not the religion itself; rather it’s the consequences of not being an adherent of that religion.

A lot of people are dumb. Emily Lindin seems to be an incredibly naive individual of low character and even lower intelligence, no doubt earning some high-interest-rate “studies” degree at a mid-level university. Though people are still smarter than for what we give them credit. It seems fairly obvious to me that people, after the first generation of no gods descending from the heavens to punish them, figured out that the punishments they’d suffer from not toeing the religious line would ultimately be from their fellow man, the strict adherents of the religion.

For many things in life, shame was brutal. Nonbelievers, homosexuals, and on it goes – these people were ostracized and sometimes worse. Though for many, many things in society, people fearing their peers shaming them kept things in line. Kept things controllable. Kept things normalized. Kept society neater than otherwise.

People like Emily Lindin, despite championing nonbinary gender nonsense, have very binary thought patterns when it comes to historical things. This good; that bad. Because the past included slavery and women’s oppression and other cruel tidbits, therefore the past is wholly bad and the future-the progressive way-is subsequently wholly good; holy good, even. This is weak-willed perception, however.

Shaming promiscuous women was a fantastic tool for families and society. Sorry, Emily, but nature dictated that women have wombs and bring forth children, and children need caring for lest they’ll die off or, even more damaging to society, they’ll grow up to became criminals and overall bad people, harming others and society overall.

By shaming sluts, we create a culture that opposes women flippantly sleeping around and getting knocked up and living as single mothers. We all know progressive feminists champion single motherhood. Though just like your white-guilt genuflecting nonsense when you were told false allegations hurt black males, do you care that single motherhood is tearing the black community apart more so than white supremacy has ever done?

No. Of course you don’t. You’re a low-IQ buffoon who believes that blacks are failing because of white people, not that their single mothers are horrible at the job of being single mothers. No. You could never believe that; you cannot allow yourself to believe that because it would be too uncomfortable. Instead, you believe women are empowered and don’t need no stinkin’ man to raise a good child! You believe women should be free to do whatever the hell they want, and that calling a girl a slut and hurting her feelings is somehow worse than the girl actually being a slut and ruining lives and society to satiate her selfish desires.

Emily Lindin believes in the SJW equivalent of paying your Catholic sin tax by incessantly virtue signaling, and doubling down when it backfires.


I won’t call you a slut. I have no idea about your sex life, nor do I want to know. But if you are promiscuous and sleeping around, I would call you a slut. And I’d hope everyone with sense pointed and laughed and draped a scarlet letter across you. Why? Because having your feelings hurt is a hell of a lot better than you having a litter of kids without daddies and pushing mentally deficient criminals out into the world.

Emily Lindin is the poster child for the sort of ideology Twitter wants to promote: Instant gratification hedonism with no thought for anyone but yourself. She can virtue signal about being for black people, claiming they’re oppressed and she does care, but we know for a fact-we all know for a fact-that’s just bullsh*t virtue signaling so that she doesn’t get called out (shamed!) by her own side for being a racist. She wants to do whatever she wants while avoiding the scarlet letter. Sorry, chick, but life doesn’t work like that for anyone. You get judged in this world.

Hey, Emily Lindin, here’s an idea for your follow-up docu: UnRacist – Doing Away With White-Shaming So Ignorant Gender-Studies Majors Won’t Have To Pretend To Care In Public About Blacks.

I’d buy that for a dollar.

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Fox’s ‘Family Guy’ Perfectly Mocks PC Social Justice Warriors on Twitter

Brian: Hello. As you all know, I’m Brian Griffin.
Quagmire: Boo. Boo, Brian Griffin. Boo.
Brian: I want to read a few words…
Quagmire: Boo. Liar. Boo, Brian Griffin, boo.
Brian: Anyway, I-I want to…
Quagmire: Boo. Apologize somewhere else. Boo. Boo, Brian, boo.
Brian: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here today to apologize…
Man: Why did you say “Ladies” first? That’s sexist.
Brian: It’s just, it’s just a-a standard greeting. Let-let me start over. Gentlemen and ladies…
Woman: Ooh, says the man.
Brian: Okay, sorry, I-I… Um, humans in the audience…
Man 2: I identify as a basketball.
Brian: Humans and basketballs…
Man 3: I’m a parrot who mimics words but doesn’t comprehend them.

Brian: Humans, basketballs, talking parrots, and-and whatever else is out there…
Woman 2:”Whatever”? It’s whoever.
Woman 3: Actually, it’s whomever.
Woman 2: No one likes you, Mary.
Brian: All right, all right, just-just calm down, okay?
Woman 4: Now you’re tone policing us!
Man 4: That makes me uncomfortable. Anything that makes me uncomfortable in 2017 should be illegal.
Brian: You know what? (Bleep) You. I’m not a racist, all right? I just told a bad joke. There’s a huge difference. But nobody on the Internet ever takes the time to ask themselves, “Is this worth freaking out over?” Or, “Are there bigger problems in the world than this tweet?” Well, I assure you, there are. And just for the record, I love black people. I watch tons of black porn. So, what do you all want from me, huh? You-you want to ruin my life? Then congratulations. You did it. Everybody hates me. I can’t leave the house without getting harassed. No one will hire me.
Stewie: That was a problem before.
Brian: I can’t turn on my phone without strangers telling me to kill myself or that they’re gonna kill my family. Leave me alone! I’m the self-righteous, liberal douchebag, not you! I’ve kissed a transsexual before! How many of you can say that?! Where’s my (bleep) medal?! I am so far left, I’m spinning in circles, you (bleep). Instead of killing myself, I should kill all of you!
Man: I’d like to see you try. Ow! Jeez.

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MOSCOW, 8 NOVEMBER, 2017— RT’s international #1917LIVE Twitter project, a large-scale historical re-enactment that marks the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution by recreating the events “in real time”, is a finalist at the 2017 Epica Awards, one of the most prestigious awards competitions honoring excellence in the fields of advertising and marketing.

#1917LIVE is a finalist in two categories. In the “Media” category, a promo for the project featuring the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II informing his Twitter subscribers about his recent forced abdication will compete with projects designed by major advertising agencies such as BBDO and McCann for companies like Yahoo, National Geographic, HBO, Netflix, and Fox Latin America.

In the “Online Social Networks” category, RT’s “#1917LIVE: What if Twitter existed 100 years ago?” project is competing alongside projects by Ford France and SKY Italia.

Other competitors for this year’s awards include advertising campaigns by some of the world’s largest brands: Google, Unicef, Honda, HP, Volkswagen, Audi, IKEA, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet and Adidas.

In late 2016, RT launched one of the biggest historical re-enactments on Twitter ever. Brought together under a fictional media outlet feed called The Revolutionary Times (known as the “Russian Telegraph” before the “revolution” on the 7th of November), the innovative project consists of dozens of Twitter accounts set up as key historical characters of the time period, from Nicholas II and revolutionary leader Vladimir Lenin to common workers and soldiers. The project includes a series of specially produced promos recreating the events that took place 100 years ago, including the abdication of Nicholas II, the starvation in Petrograd, and Lenin’s famous speech.

Historians from the US and UK have taken part in the project, as has the world-renowned Brazilian author Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist, Veronika Decides to Die, The Zahir). There are close to 100 accounts in total, tweeting in real time, with nearly 200,000 followers.

RT’s project sparked the interest of audiences across the world, and inspired many followers to join in. Any Twitter user can create an account to participate in the project under #1917CROWD.

RT’s #1917LIVE historical re-enactment on Twitter caught the eye of various public figures, journalists and academics in Europe, the US and elsewhere in the Americas.
#1917LIVE participants or followers include British and Italian MPs, the Spanish ambassador to Russia, the British ambassadors to Estonia and Ukraine, and the Russian Mission to the UN. Journalists at the Guardian, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, and France 24 are following the project, while stories about #1917LIVE have been published in more than 10 languages.

As part of the #1917LIVE project, RT filmed an eight-part “Revolution 360” series with each episode telling a different story of life in the revolutionary era in 360 degrees — from the trenches of World War I to the tumultuous streets of the capital. All videos are published on the #1917LIVE website, as well as on RT’s social media platforms and RT’s VR app RT360 (Google Play, App Store, Oculus).

In October 2017 #1917LIVE made it to the finals of The Drum Social Buzz Awards in the “Most Innovative Use of Social” category, the finals of the 2017 Clio Entertainment for “Best TV Promo Campaign”, and the finals of the Shorty Social Good Awards.

The Epica Awards, founded in 1987, is a prestigious awards competition in the field of advertising, design and marketing. The jury includes representatives from more than 60 international web and print publications dedicated to the sphere of communications and marketing. The 2017 Epica Awards will take place in Berlin on November 16.

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Twitter Rules Changed

Twitter Rules Changed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Speech, media and academic freedoms in America are threatened – especially digital democracy, the last frontier of open and free expression.

Google, Facebook and Twitter are halting what they call “fake news,” a pretext for online censorship.

Powerful interests in America and other Western societies threaten alternative sources of news, information and opinion.

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Google and You Tube are building an Internet censorship database on the phony pretext of eliminating “extremist content.”

Reporting and opinions diverging from mainstream views risk being labeled fake news or unacceptable extremism – a slippery slope toward undermining First Amendment rights altogether.

After grilling by congressional lawmakers on phony claims of Russian interference in last year’s presidential election, Twitter changed its rules.

No longer does the social network support “speaking truth to power,” the phrase stricken from its rules, a significant change. Under its Abusive Behavior section, they now state:

“We believe in freedom of expression and open dialogue, but that means little as an underlying philosophy if voices are silenced because people are afraid to speak up.”

Speaking truth to power was changed to open dialogue – meaningless if alternative views are censored, a slippery slope toward banning them altogether.

RT and Sputnik News are under attack for truth-telling, possibly facing banishment ahead the way things are going.

Will online independent news, information and opinion sources be next? Changed Twitter rules may be the latest shot across the bow, lots more likely coming.

Fundamental freedoms in America have been under assault for years, notably post-9/11, police state laws replacing Bill of Rights protections.

When people are prevented from expressing views freely and openly on any issues, all other freedoms are at risk of being lost.

Things are heading ominously in this direction in America and other Western societies.

Tyranny is increasingly gaining the upper hand. Criticizing government policies may risk being labeled an enemy of the state ahead.

Is constitutional suspension and martial law another major state-sponsored false flag away?

Will most Americans accept it, believing sacrificing freedoms for  greater security is worth it – not realizing they’ll lose both!

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at

My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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