CNN Host Finds Nothing But ‘Racist’ Intent in Trump ‘Breeding’ Tweet

Erin Burnett OutFront
April 23, 2018
7:35:53 PM Eastern

ERIN BURNETT: So, April, I want to ask you about today’s press briefing because it was a significant moment. You and Jim Acosta were talking to Sarah Sanders and asking about the controversial tweet by the President, the one where he wrote in part quote, “there’s a revolution going on in California, so many sanctuary areas, want out of this ridiculous crime infested and breeding concept.” And everyone tried to understand what the word “breeding” could mean that was not a racist interpretation. And here is the exchange that you and Jim had with Sarah.

[Clip of interaction]

BURNETT: I mean, April, it’s not funny, but yet I hear this, “it could mean a lot of things to a lot of people.” “The President has recognized this as a major problem.” But we never define what the “this” [is]. She never actually will go there.

APRIL RYAN: Right. And that begs the question, again, what does “breeding” mean. And, you know, I even called California Congressman Barbara Lee. She said it’s disgusting, period. He meant what he said. Because some people are trying to say there was an autocorrect issue with this president. And if it was a problem he would have said: “I made a mistake” or recorrected it or correct it what have you.

BURNETT: What was it supposed to be in autocorrect even? I don’t even…

RYAN: It was supposed to be, according to some people that were talking to reporters, they said “breeding contempt.” Now if it was breeding contempt, you would change it, wouldn’t you? So — and I talked to Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California, she said, ‘he meant what he said in that tweet.’ And I’m still waiting to find out what the President meant by “Breeding.” I don’t want to assume. And I asked her an open-ended question. But so many people can take it so many different ways, I guess. But I’m asking what the President meant.

BURNETT: You know what? If it was an autocorrect, Frank, she should have said. And it wasn’t.

FRANK BRUNI: Well, that would be a great way out of it.

BURNETT: By the way, if there’s autocorrect for him, it would be fixing a whole lot of other spellings errors and other things, which it doesn’t.

[Laughter from the panel]

BRUNI: He needed autocorrect like nobody needed auto correct. This is not a man who is artful with his language. The idea that he used the word breeding as a synonym for growing or spreading, that just doesn’t pass the laugh test. That’s not the way Donald Trump thinks or the way he writes.

BURNETT: And obviously the word “Breeding” here, all kinds of implications, April, that can come from it. And pretty much all of them are pretty racist. In fact, all of them are pretty racist.

RYAN: Yes, because you’re talking about a community that you’re looking down as animals. And it’s — it’s — it’s ugly. It’s an ugly statement. And if this president is a president of all America, if I were a Latino American, I’m a minority American, we’ve heard things before. We heard s-hole comments, we’ve heard things about Charlottesville, we’ve heard the confederate stuff. This just builds on it. It’s not normal. And let’s just say, it’s not normal. Well, for polite company, it’s not acceptable! So if he thinks Latinos breed, that’s what he thinks, but it’s wrong.

BURNETT: And of course, Frank, it’s the context of what he’s said before, about Charlottesville and other things, that make this consistent with that, not inconsistent with that.

BRUNI: This is a President who has been obsessed with anchor babies. And you have to factor all of that in.

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PolitiFact Nitpicks Two Words of Trump Tweet on Illegal-Alien ‘Caravan’ to U.S.

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More advertisers drop Laura Ingraham's Fox News show over David Hogg tweet

At least 15 advertisers say they are pulling their ads from Laura Ingraham’s primetime show on Fox News after the host mocked the Parkland, Fla., teen shooting survivor and activist David Hogg for receiving rejection letters from multiple colleges.

The latest companies to pull their ads from the show are Office Depot, the Atlantis, Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas, Progressive insurance, Liberty Mutual and the global investment group Principal.

In a statement to the Hill, the Atlantis said it “does not support or agree with the recent comments” made by Ingraham, the conservative firebrand.

“Although we are an organization that believes in freedom of expression, we do not condone discrimination, bullying, mockery or harmful behavior of any kind,” an Atlantis spokesperson added. “As a result of these events, we have decided to remove all brand advertising tied to the program.”

The Daily Beast reported Office Depot’s withdrawal on Friday afternoon.

On Wednesday, Ingraham tweeted a link to a story describing how the 17-year-old had been rejected by four University of California campuses, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine, despite having 4.2 grade point average and an SAT score of 1270.

“David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it,” Ingraham wrote.

The tweet drew a swift backlash, with many criticizing Ingraham for attacking the senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School over a personal academic setback less than two months after the massacre at the school.

Hogg, in turn, tweeted a list of 12 of Ingraham’s “top” advertisers, and some of the teen’s 600,000-plus followers responded by contacting the companies and urging that they pull their ads from “The Ingraham Angle.”

Several companies on Hogg’s list — including Nestlé, Hulu, Wayfair, Nutrish, Johnson & Johnson, Expedia, Jenny Craig and TripAdvisor — have done just that.

Ingraham issued an apology on Thursday, saying that “on reflection, in the spirit of Holy Week, I apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the brave victims of Parkland.”

But that wasn’t sufficient for Hogg.

“An apology in an effort just to save your advertisers is not enough,” he tweeted. “I will only accept your apology only if you denounce the way your network has treated my friends and I in this fight. It’s time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children.”

Related: How an ill-advised tweet became a nightmare for a Fox News show

Hogg and many of his fellow Parkland students have become the leaders of the latest effort to reform U.S. gun laws, organizing this month’s massive March for Our Lives rally. They have also become the targets of the National Rifle Association as well as conservative provocateurs like Ingraham, and far-right conspiracy theorists. Hogg and fellow senior Emma González, in particular, have drawn most of the attacks.

Earlier this month, Leslie Gibson, a Republican candidate for Maine’s House of Representatives, called Gonzalez a “skinhead lesbian” and Hogg a “bald-face [sic] liar.” Gibson later apologized.

On Sunday, a message posted on Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King’s Facebook page suggested that González is a communist because she was wearing a patch of the flag of Cuba on her jacket. González is Cuban-American.

On Friday, the Washington Times published an op-ed by Cheryl Chumley who said Hogg “would’ve made a pretty decent brownshirt” — a reference to uniforms worn by members of the Nazi militia under Adolph Hitler before World War II.

Hogg, for his part, is apparently unfazed.

“When you come against any one of us, whether it be me or anybody else, you’re coming against all of us,” he said on CNN’s New Day on Friday. “They cannot push us around, especially when all we’re trying to do here is save lives.”

Read more from Yahoo News:

Cover photo credit: Yahoo News photo Illustration; photos: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images – Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

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Ecuador cut Assange’s internet over Catalonia crackdown tweet

Home » Criticism, Europe, Injustice, Politics » Ecuador cut Assange’s internet over Catalonia crackdown tweet


The move by the Ecuadorian embassy to cut all communication for Julian Assange was triggered by his critical remark on the arrest of Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont, which compared modern Germany to the Nazis, source says.

The WikiLeaks founder, who is stranded in Ecuador’s diplomatic mission in London, found himself in a total communication blackout on Wednesday. The ire of the Ecuadorian government, which chose to leave its embassy staff without mobile connection rather than allow Assange to stay online, was triggered by the fugitive activists’ remarks on Catalan politics, source close to WikiLeaks told RT.

The embassy reportedly installed electronic jammers to block all radio communications on its premises hours after an individual representing Assange’s interests was informed of “strong discomfort and concern that his declarations have caused in Ecuador’s government” in an email obtained by RT. The jammers cause some disruption for embassy staff, who can no longer use their mobile phones due to the communication blackout, source said.

Ecuador earlier stated that Assange’s internet access had been blocked over his breach of a written agreement, in which “he vowed not to send messages interfering in the affairs of other sovereign states.” The existence of such an agreement has been contested by an RT source, who insists the whistleblower never signed up to any such deal.

Puigdemont was arrested last week at the request of the Spanish government as he was returning from Finland to Belgium, where he was living in self-imposed exile. The politician led Catalonia into holding an independence referendum last year despite opposition from Madrid. He is now facing decades in prison for what he calls an execution of the democratic right for self-determination by the Catalonian people.

Assange, who has become a fugitive to avoid arrest and extradition by the UK authorities, is sympathetic to the Catalan cause. The Australian says he had to hide in the Ecuador embassy to avoid a likely rendition to US justice. He says that he may face espionage charges in the US for WikiLeaks’ publication of classified material about American foreign and military policies, and could be jailed for a long time.



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1 Typo Makes Sean Spicer's Rex Tillerson Tweet Unintentionally Truthful

Sean Spicer wanted to show support for ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Twitter, but one typo changed everything.

As a result, the tribute tweet may be the most unintentionally truthful thing the former White House press secretary has ever said.

Shortly after President Donald Trump publicly dumped Tillerson on Tuesday, Spicer posted this message:

Spicer probably meant to write “served our nation,” but “severed” may be more apt, considering the way that Tillerson, among other things, hollowed out the State Department’s diplomatic corps and failed to spend any of the $120 million allocated by Congress to combat foreign efforts to influence U.S. elections.

Foreign policy experts say Tillerson’s tenure did damage to the State Department that could last a generation, according to

No wonder many Twitter users were quick to bust Spicer’s chops about the tweeted typo.

Spicer hadn’t corrected the typo as of late Tuesday morning, which suggests (a) he wrote it intentionally or (b) he was busy doing something else, such as enjoying the gallery below that shows him dressed as the Easter Bunny.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Duke Tweet: Thank You Mr. President for resisting the insane Zionist Warmongers & striving toward peace with North Korea!

Thank You Mr. President for resisting the insane Zionist Warmongers & striving toward peace with North Korea! And now let’s tell the Zionists to go to hell and let’s make a just and fair peace with Iran, Lebanon and Independence and freedom for Palestine!

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Police on ‘poo watch’ over drug suspect’s 22-day toilet strike, officers tweet updates

The 24-year-old man was arrested by officers from Essex Police’s Operation Raptor West, the gangs and street crime unit, in Harlow, Essex on January 17. He is charged with two counts of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply and is allegedly part of a London gang.

He is believed to have inserted a batch of drugs into his body.

Officers tweeting updates said on Wednesday: “Day 21/3 weeks for our man on #poowatch still no movements/items to report. He will remain with us until Friday when we are back at court where we will be requesting a further 8 days should he not produce anything before that hearing.”

They wrote earlier: “We still have no movement, male doesn’t seem to understand that eventually he will need/have to go.”

Officers said the man was being seen daily by doctors and constantly watched, adding: “This is his own choice and so far his health is fine.” 

The police said it had publicized the case on social media in order to challenge the idea that gang membership or dealing drugs was in some way “glamorous.”

Essex Police has made a number of journeys to magistrates’ courts to seek extensions to the man’s detention. Police say they will continue to apply for custody extensions until the man goes for a poo.

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