Nikki Haley: I had a 'personal conversation' with Trump about Charlottesville

Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, says she made her thoughts on President Trump’s widely criticized response to the violence in Charlottesville, Va., known to him directly.

“I had a personal conversation with the president about Charlottesville, and I will leave it at that,” Haley said in an interview on CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday. “But I will tell you that there is no room for hate in this country. I know the pain that hate can cause, and we need to isolate haters and we need to make sure that they know there is no place for them, because our country is founded on so much more than that. And I think that they’re a minimal crowd that’s very loud that we have to stomp out every chance we get.”

Trump first asserted that “many sides” were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville, where white nationalists and neo-Nazis clashed with counterprotesters during a rally protesting the removal of a Confederate statue. Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old legal assistant, was killed and others were injured when a man drove his car into a crowd of people opposing the rally. Former high school teachers have said that James Alex Fields Jr., 20, was fascinated by Nazi Germany and “had a fondness for Adolf Hitler.”

Under pressure from Republicans and several advisers, the president made a second statement condemning the hate groups by name at the White House early last week. But a day later, a defiant Trump defended his initial statement blaming both neo-Nazis and counterprotesters for the violence.

“You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent,” Trump told reporters at Trump Tower. “And nobody wants to say that, but I’ll say it right now.”

“I think there’s blame on both sides,” the president continued. “If you look at both sides — I think there’s blame on both sides. And I have no doubt about it, and you don’t have any doubt about it either.”

Several prominent Republicans, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., quickly denounced Trump’s comments.

“We must be clear,” Ryan tweeted, without mentioning the president by name. “White supremacy is repulsive. This bigotry is counter to all this country stands for. There can be no moral ambiguity.”

At a CNN town hall on Monday night, Ryan said Trump “messed up.”

“It sounded like a moral equivocation, or at the very least moral ambiguity, when we need extreme moral clarity,” Ryan said.

The House speaker said he spoke to Trump about “the need for moral clarity” before the president’s second statement on the violence.

“He agreed with that,” Ryan said. “And he did that.”

But Trump’s comments at Trump Tower “were much more morally ambiguous, much more confusing,” Ryan said. “I think he needed to do better.”

However, Ryan also said Monday he would not support a resolution to censure the president.

“If we descend this issue into some partisan hack-fest, into some bickering against each other and demean it down into some political food fight, what good does that do to unify this country?” Ryan said, adding, “It should not be about the president. This is not about Republicans or Democrats. This shouldn’t be about some voting Congress or some partisan issue. This is so much more important than that.”

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Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up-You Can’t Make Deals with the Mentally Ill Left



America has become a sick nation, a nation characterized by mass hysteria and widespread mental illness. Donald Trump’s campaign promised to restore some of the sanity lost to the Neocon George Bush and Marxist/Communist former President Obama.

How is America doing? We have to look no further than ESPN and their mentally ill, Deep State philosophies to answer that question.

ESPN Has Lost Their Mind

I interviewed former all-star pitcher, Curt Schilling, on my radio show after Schilling was fired by ESPN for declaring that America was in danger due to the radical terrorism, many of whom were Muslim. Schilling was correct. We sacrificed the 1st, 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution due to Bush’s promise to keep us safe from radical Muslim terrorists after 9/11.

Curt Schilling stands as a symbol that the lunatic leftist media who would not let one of their employees stand up to one of the most dire threats to the peace and security of this nation, namely ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood.

If you thought ESPN’s attack upon Curt Schilling was bad wait until you hear about what they did to one of their play by play announcers who was scheduled to broadcast the Virginia University football game.

Whites are White, Blacks are Black, Latinos are Latino, but at ESPN Asians are NOT Asian. They are white supremacists. The Deep State network of ESPN confirmed last night (August 22) that it had decided to pull an announcer from calling a University of Virginia football game because his presence behind the microphone could prove offensive to certain groups. The announcer that was pulled is Asian. His name happens to be, Robert Lee, Robert Lee is Asian, but in the eyes of ESPN he is a white supremacist. Lee is an Asian name. ESPN needs a quick and accurate history lesson. How many slaves did Asians own in 1861? But don’t confuse ESPN with the truth and a sportscaster, because he bears an Asian name with one of the most common first names in America, Robert, has suffered a significant career setback.


From the anti-Asian network of ESPN as they try to explain away their overt racism:

“We collectively (Ed Note: How very communist) made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name. In that moment it felt right to all parties,” reads the ESPN statement posted at the popular Fox Sports college-football blog Outkick the Coverage.

What a load of leftist racism at work.

More Overt Racism Directed at the President

In the hours and days of following the deadly riots at Charlottesville, Trump made a variety of statements which included the following statements:

“…We must condemn in the strongest of terms the bigotry and hatred of groups like the NeoNazis, the KKK, and the white supremacists”…

“We must heal as a nation”….have opportunity and protection for the rights of ALL Americans…:”

Yet for these words of condemnation against racism and bigotry, President Trump is being branded as a racist. If Trump is a such a racist, then why does the family of  the greatest civil rights reformer of all time, Martin Luther King, support President Trump?

The Russian narrative has fallen apart. The Deep State has taken a sharp left turn and is irresponsibly playing the race card. But this is to be expected, these people are mentally ill in the literal sense of the term.

Trump Rally In Phoenix

Last night, the Phoenix Convention Center played home to thousands of Trump supporters. Outside were the mentally ill of our society. They were protesting a President who is calling for national unity, a President who wants to keep our jobs in America while overseeing a job growth of 1 million jobs in seven months. If we leave Afghanistan out of the discussion for the moment, Trump has overseen the biggest seven month economic turnaround in American history. And for this, along with his calls for national unity among all people, he is being violently protested.

The Phoenix police are to be commended for their professionalism and restraint as they kept the peace. I watched as the police were pelted with bottles and rocks before opening fire with tear gas and bean bags. They dispersed the crowd, that it is safe to say, would have turned deadly if this rally were to have been held in Charlottesville.

Another example of mental illness was on display by the Phoenix Mayor, Greg Stanton. Stanton wrote a letter to Trump and told him to stay home because his appearance would start a riot. This same mayor, will allow an criminal illegal alien, guilty of a felony, to seek refuge in Phoenix, which has become a wannabe sanctuary city. Meanwhile, this same mayor would not invite the President to Phoenix. Stanton’s mental illness (eg paranoid personality disorder) was on full display for the world to see.


How many people were paid $50 per hour to attend the rally and support Trump? None!  How many people were paid who attended the same rally to protest Trump and participate in violence? According to Craig’s List, thousands of “protesters” (ie agitators) attended after being paid by George Soros.

Trump’s speech set the record straight, that except for his flip-flop on Afghanistan, Trump is on the side of the average American. He is our only voice. He is America’s last hope. He, alone, stands in the gap between individual civil liberties and absolute tyranny from the Deep State. His opponents want to install a Satanically-inspired Marxist/Socialist world government where mob rule, and unrestrained violence is the rule of the day against anyone who speaks an unpopular word or commits the sin of having an Asian last name of Lee.

Donald Trump’s speech in Phoenix was awe-inspiring. Many of us who are approaching our elderly years learned along time ago, you cannot make deals with the devil and that is what Trump did with Afghanistan. He needs to be true to himself. To the rest of us, I realize, more than ever,  I can never back down to the forces of tyranny, because if I do, we  d0, our children have no future.



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Inside Look at the Mind and Personality of Trump-CSS Hrs 2 and 3- 8/20




I recently interviewed Gary Heavin. Gary is best known for being the founder of Curves, the producer of the movie, Amerigeddon, and the tremendous benefactor to the Haitian people when there were over a million lives that hung in the balance.

It is rare to conduct a two hour interview, but the topic was too valuable to not explore the mind and personality of Trump in detail. Gary Heavin knows many “insiders” and he shared the collective opinion of Trump’s personality.

This is a can’t miss interview. Please make this go viral, it is that important.

The two parts of the interview are contained in the following two videos.




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Has Trump Entered the NEOCON Zone?



Trump need to act right now?

Has Trump entered the NEOCON Zone?

It is America’s longest war. It is America’s most unproductive war. The war has accomplished three objectives, none of which helps preserve national security:

  1. The war makes the military industrial complex a lot of money. These are the very forces that are trying unseat Trump.
  2. The war has allowed the US military to protect the drug war lords. This clearly supports the CIA’s drug enterprise which has been in place since the Golden Triangle drug trafficking in Southeast Asia and it was one of the major reasons why the United States fought in Vietnam. This is another case of history repeating itself.
  3. The war protects the future Central Asian pipeline so the oil companies (ie Rockefeller interests), will make a lot of money.

None of these reasons further the national interests of the United States. The war wastes our resources and throws away young American lives in the name of greedy corporate profits.

Broken Campaign Promises

President Donald Trump laid out his military strategy, which represented the 180 degree opposite of what he promised the American people.

Trump is now in support of the war in Afghanistan and said so in his Monday night speech to the nation, saying in his first presidential prime time address that he will not withdraw troops from the region, despite years of advocating for such action.

Trump did not say how many troops he’ll send to Afghanistan, nor did he offer a time-frame for when the troops would leave, vowing not to “talk about numbers of troops or our plans for further military activities,” which he called “counterproductive.”  Trump just handed the military industrial complex a blank check for an endless war and a bottomless pit of American cash.

Afghanistan Is About Aiding and Abetting Terrorism

How many articles have I written with EXTENSIVE documentation which exposes the Obama/Clinton/McCain support for ISIS? Trump hinted at the Clinton connections during the campaign and how he’s joining them? There are a lot of happy drug lords in Afghanistan today.

Trump relied on his physics principles as he justified his actions by saying that pulling out of Afghanistan would “create a vacuum that terrorists, including ISIS and Al Qaeda, and this would instantly fill, just as happened before Sept. 11.” What a pathetically weak explanation. Perhaps the President should right the wrongs of John McCain and Hillary Clinton who helped jump start the origin of ISIS and break the ties of financial and military support for these terrorist organizations. Perhaps Trump should rid DHS of the Muslim Brotherhood personnel that have penetrated the power structure of DHS as a whole. Perhaps Trump’s DOJ should fully prosecute HSBC bank for laundering terrorist/cartel blood money.

Money for Infrastructure

During the Presidential campaign, Trump promised to end these wars of occupation. He further promised to divert this wasted blood money in these wars, to rebuilding America’s crumbling infrastructure. Now, that campaign promise has been shattered in the name of the Neocons supporting drug empires and the profit motives of the military industrial complex.

Meanwhile, our nation continues to fall apart as our roads crumble, many bridges are near collapse and our airports are a joke.

Why the Flip-Flop?

Last night’s speech contained a clear message to North Korea as it communicated “if we go to war with you, it will not involve conventional troops”. The United States cannot maintain a two front war. If the US goes to war with North Korea, it will be nuclear.

Why the flip=flop?. Many think the President has succumbed and we are witnessing a newly created puppet President who has been vanquished by the Deep State. Some think that the President is preparing for war against China. It is true that China is being aggressive toward India. It is true that the Chinese economy needs to find new raw materials that the rest of Asia could provide. And it is true that a base of operations in Afghanistan could oppose such a Chinese expansion.  Is Trump being proactive, unlike FDR was with Japan prior to WWII? Perhaps, but I think this is a stretch.

Suffice it to say that Trump’s base has to be very concerned about this announcement. I pray that there is much more beneath the surface, but at this time, it takes rumor and diminuendo to support Trump on his Afghanistan policies. I pray that there is an explanation because Trump is America’s last hope.

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Orthodox Jewish Resistance to Trump Grows — In Secret Social Media Groups

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Dr. Duke Warns Trump that the Zio DEEP STATE Seeks His total Destruction – No Matter How Hard He Cucks to the Ziocons! Fight Back!


Pastor Mark Dankof joins a show in which he and Dr. Duke address President Trump’s poorly thought out decision to send mroe U.S. troops to Afghanistan. Trump is a hostage president, and the timing of the decision clearly reflects the precarious position he is in after having defended the law abiding Alt-right rally attendees in Charlottesville. However, boosting troop levels from 8500 up to 12,500 is not going to change anything given that previous administrations had troop levels in excess of 100,000.

Dr. Duke also read from in newly resuscitated Twitter account, which is getting millions of reads in spite of Zio efforts to shut it down. Referring to the various internet bans, media slander, and condemnation from public officials that supporters of civil rights for white people are subjected to, Dr. Duke compared it to the Salem witch hunts. Only, back in Salem the witches were afforded the right to speak in their own defense.

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Crowdsourced ‘Trump Forest’ aims to plant 10 billion trees to offset removal of Clean Power Plan

In a bid to mitigate the effects of the current US administration’s anti-climate policies, this campaign is encouraging people to step up the carbon sequestration pace by planting billions of trees.

What began as a project to plant a tree each time President Trump said the words “climate change” (which doesn’t happen very often) is now an effort to enable the planting of a huge distributed forest (A yuge forest? The biggest.) named for the 45th US President. The goal is to encourage and facilitate the planting of enough new trees to offset the additional atmospheric carbon that would result from the Trump administration scrapping the Clean Power Plan.

Yes, that Clean Power Plan, the one backed by Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and other tech giants, which set a goal of reducing power sector emissions by 30% by 2030, reducing particle pollution and other bad actors in the air by 25%, avoiding the release of about 870 million tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere over the next 8 years, and providing up to $93 billion in climate and public health benefits. If put into place, along with the US commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement (another Trump administration casualty), the Plan would have gone a long way toward shaping sensible US climate policies and priorities, in terms of both better health outcomes and a more level playing field for renewable energies. In the absence of both, it’s going to take a heckuva lot of carbon sequestration projects to offset that backward slide.

According to the three founders of Trump Forest, the total number of trees that would need to be planted is in the neighborhood of 10 billion, which is a daunting number, to say the least, and which would cover an area about the size of Kentucky, or some 37,000 square miles, if planted all in one location. But in the absence of a massive plot of land to plant billions of trees on, and the funding to plant them all, growing the Trump Forest will instead be a crowdsourced effort, with people and organizations planting their own trees as they have the resources to do so. The initial effort, which began in March of 2017, was led by British climate scientist Dr Dan Price, American PhD candidate Jeff Willis, and French-New Zealander Adrien Taylor; the founder of Offcut, with the planting of 1,000 native trees in New Zealand funded by Offcut.

“Trump wants to bring back coal despite scientists telling us we cannot afford to burn it, and despite economists telling us there’s more money to be made and more jobs available in renewable energy.

So we’re planting a forest to soak up the extra greenhouse gases Trump plans to put into our atmosphere.” – Trump Forest

Since then, the Trump Forest (with the tagline “Where ignorance grows trees”) has grown to number more than 360,000 trees planted worldwide, with some 1200 backers and almost $50,000 in donations. The founders have no financial interest in this enterprise, other than their own participation, so it’s entirely a crowdsourced effort with no profit motive. To take part in Trump Forest, individuals can make a donation to the campaign’s partner charity Eden Reforestation Projects, after which the pledged trees (which will be planted by the organization) will be added to the global map, or by buying and planting trees locally (vetted by uploading a purchase or donation receipt).

“We don’t want your money. We want you to pay for and plant trees anywhere in the world in the name of Donald Trump and send us the receipt so we can add your generous contribution to the global Trump Forest map. Or you can easily make a direct contribution to our partner Eden Reforestation Projects.” – Trump Forest

Grow a tree or three in the Trump Forest yourself.

H/T Vox

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