Sex offender awarded new trial after Texas judge used electric shocks to punish him

State District Judge George Gallagher


State District Judge George Gallagher of Tarrant County told a bailiff on three occasions to punish an uncooperative defendant with electric shocks, and now the sex offender’s conviction has been overturned and a new trial ordered.

Stun belts can be strapped around the legs of some defendants and used to deliver thousands of volts of electric shock in the instance a defendant turns violent or attempts to escape the courtroom. However, in the case of Terry Lee Morris, who was convicted in 2014 of charges of soliciting sexual performance from a 15-year-old girl, an appeals court found that Gallagher used electric shocks as punishment after Morris failed to answer the judge’s questions properly.

Gallagher, the District 396 judge since 2000, declined to comment, as did a spokeswoman with the Tarrant County district attorney’s office.

After enduring the 50,000-volt shocks, Morris was apparently too scared to return to the courtroom and actually did not attend the remainder of his own trial. He appealed his conviction, alleging Gallagher violated his constitutional rights by repeatedly shocking him for failing to answer questions while showing no signs of becoming violent or being a flight risk.

The Texas Eighth Court of Appeals in El Paso handed down its ruling on Feb. 28. Texas Lawyer first reported the ruling Tuesday. The ruling said judges are not permitted to shock defendants who won’t answer questions or don’t follow the court’s rules of decorum.

“While the trial court’s frustration with an obstreperous defendant is understandable, the judge’s disproportionate response is not. We do not believe that trial judges can use stun belts to enforce decorum,” Justice Yvonne T. Rodriguez said of Gallagher’s actions in the court’s opinion.

“A stun belt is a device meant to ensure physical safety; it is not an operant conditioning collar meant to punish a defendant until he obeys a judge’s whim. This Court cannot sit idly by and say nothing when a judge turns a court of law into a Skinner Box, electrocuting a defendant until he provides the judge with behavior he likes,” Rodriguez wrote.

Miller, 54, remains in the Wynne Unit in Huntsville. Besides the conviction that was overturned, he was convicted in 1992 of causing bodily injury to a child sentenced to 12 years to prison.

His attorney at the 2014 trial, Billy Ray, told the Star-Telegram that he was “scared to death of what Morris might do. I was scared of the way he was acting.

“But I felt kind of sorry for Morris,” Ray said. “I was trying to defuse Morris instead of telling the judge what to do. I felt that if I could have gotten Morris calmed down we could get through this thing.”

Morris had filed a lawsuit against Ray and wanted him to be recused as his attorney.

“Morris appeared to hate me but I think really he hated the situation more,” Ray said. “But you can’t leave a defendant just because you believe he hates you, that’s not the way it works. I was his second or third lawyer.”

‘Hit him again’

Gallagher ordered a bailiff to administer the electric shocks on the first day of his trial. When Gallagher asked Morris for his plea, guilty or not guilty. Morris refused to answer the question.

“Sir, before I say that, I have the right to make a defense,” Morris responded, according to the appeals court.

Morris told the judge he had a pending lawsuit against his defense attorney.

Gallagher became irritated and warned Morris about further “outbursts.”

“Mr. Morris, I am giving you one warning,” Gallagher said outside the presence of the jury, according to the appeals court. “You will not make any additional outbursts like that, because two things will happen: No. 1, I will either remove you from the courtroom or I will use the shock belt on you.”

Morris answered, “All right, sir.”

When Morris continued to talk, Gallagher instructed the bailiff to activate the stun belts around Morris’ legs.

Gallagher asked Morris twice more if he was going to follow the rules. When Morris did not provide a plea, Gallagher said to the bailiff, “Hit him,” according to the appeals court ruling.

The bailiff pressed the button that was to send the electric shock through Morris’ body. Gallagher asked him again if he was going to comply. Morris told him he had a history of mental illness. Gallagher ordered another shock.

“Hit him again,” Gallagher said.

When Morris contended he was being “tortured” for seeking a recusal, Gallagher, according to the appeals court, ordered the bailiff to do it again: “Would you hit him again?”

The appeals court said that 50,000 volts can have cognitive impairment effects on a defendant. Morris’ condition after the three shocks was not reported in the court’s opinion, however.

‘The shock collar didn’t work’

Ray, the attorney for Morris, told Texas Lawyer that he doesn’t believe the stun belts were actually functioning and that Morris was not really shocked.

“And oddly enough, the shock collar didn’t work,” Ray said. “That was the second trial I had where they didn’t hook the shock collar up properly. I know it says he was getting electrocuted, but they didn’t shock him.”

On top of that, Ray said Morris was behaving like a “loaded cannon ready to go off.”

Ray told the Star-Telegram that he said he was afraid that Morris “would do something that might have gotten him hurt a lot worse.

“And Judge Gallagher is not the kind of person who is mean to people,” Ray said.

However, El Paso’s Eighth Court of Appeals ruled that Gallagher shocked Morris as punishment and not for security reasons.

“Never before have we seen behavior like this, nor do we hope to ever see such behavior again,” Rodriguez wrote. “As the circumstances of this case perfectly illustrate, the potential for abuse in the absence of an explicit prohibition on non-security use of stun belts exists and must be deterred.”

Gallagher later stated for the record that he was concerned by Morris’ agitation and movements, suggesting he was within reach of a 200-pound wall-mounted courtroom video monitor that he could have pulled off and used to injure attorneys in the courtroom.

“It was based on the totality of his continuing escalation and his movements that the court ordered the shock belt be initiated,” Gallagher said at the time, according to Texas Lawyer. “It was done for the safety of the lawyers and all of the participants.”

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Cop on Trial After Video Showed Him Break Into Innocent Man’s Home, Taser, Beat Him in Bed


Boyes Hot Springs, CA — Only in police state USA could an argument over a husband failing to notice his wife’s haircut end with police tasering and severely beating a man as he lies in bed. That is exactly what happened to Marine Corps veteran Fernando Del Valle — and he’s got the video to prove it. What is different about this case, however, is that the cop responsible for this bad behavior is now on trial.

This week, the trial for Deputy Scott Thorne begins. Thorne is charged with assaulting without lawful necessity during an alleged domestic violence incident at a Sonoma Valley residence in 2016.

According to, during testimony in Sonoma County Superior Court this morning, a next-door neighbor said she called 911 about yelling and a commotion between Fernando Del Valle and his wife Kirsten Del Valle around 10:30 p.m. She said Kirsten sounded intoxicated and appeared to be the aggressor in the argument.

Aside from police being told that the female was the aggressor, they still entered the home and went after Del Valle—who was lying on a bed—when he was savagely attacked.

“He was beaten, Tased and subjected to a humiliating arrest in view of his neighbors,” the prosecutor said.

Thorne had a gun, Taser, baton, handcuffs and tear gas, “but he didn’t have the soft skills of patience and restraint,” and he used force without lawful necessity, Deputy District Attorney Robert Waner said, according to Patch.

On the night of September 24, Del Valle, 38, and Kirsten had some drinks and got into an argument after he failed to notice her haircut. The argument became heated but never once turned physical.

As Del Valle retreated into the bedroom and locked himself in, the couple’s screaming got the attention of the neighbors, who, in turn, called the police.

Just as the argument begins to calm down, cops burst into the couple’s home. Del Valle, who is trying to go to sleep in bed, is then woken up by the sound of Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies breaking down his bedroom door.

Before the video begins, the deputies allegedly order Del Valle to stand up.

That’s when Del Valle turns on his camera and warns the deputies, “I got you on video. Go ahead. Tase me.”

Remember, Del Valle had committed no crime and had harmed no one. Yet, here he is with three armed men in his bedroom threatening to inflict bodily harm on him. And, within seconds, that just what Deputy Scott Thorne, 40, did.

“Sir, I’m just laying here trying to sleep and you’re …,” Del Valle said. “I’m not standing up. I’m in my house. I’m sleeping.”

As Thorne steps forward, he’s seen on the video aiming his taser at the bare chest of Del Valle who is wearing only gym shorts. He then fires.

When the taser hits him, Del Valle can be heard screaming. At this point, the baton comes out, according to Del Valle’s attorney, and Thorne begins laying into the defenseless man in his own bed.

“He’s not doing anything!” his wife screams as the deputy continuously beats her husband over and over with his baton and taser.

The video then ends as Del Valle shouts repeatedly, “Call my lawyer!”

Del Valle was not able to record the entire encounter, but the beating continued well after it stopped.

According to the Press Democrat, a spokesman for Sheriff Steve Freitas at the time agreed the deputies’ three videos raised concerns from the start about excessive force.

Naturally, Thorne’s defense team is claiming that Thorne acted the way he did because he was in danger.

By not complying with the deputy’s commands to open the bedroom door and get out of the bed, Del Valle forfeited his right to privacy and staying in the room because of the potential for violence, Thorne’s attorney Chris Andrian said.

However, it is clear in the video that at no time did this half-naked man pose a threat to the cops who broke into his house.

As the Press Democrat revealed in their investigation, Thorne should’ve never been a cop as he’d been fired from previous jobs over his track record of excessive force.

However, none of that matters to Thorne’s attorney who is naturally defending the actions of this brutal cop.

“His position is he followed procedure,” Andrian said, noting that he acted in accordance with his training.

As for Del Valle, after he was severely beaten by Thorne — for no reason — he was then arrested and brought to jail. However, once police attempted to charge him with something, they realized they had no evidence of him committing a crime, so he was let go.

Del Valle’s lawyer, Izaak Schwaiger, said, in all, Del Valle was tasered 2 to 3 times and suffered at least 15 baton blows, causing neurological damage and a separated shoulder.

The Del Valles are set to give their side of the story later this week. Below is the disturbing video.

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SpaceX Begins Starlink Satellite Broadband Trial

SpaceX Begins Starlink Satellite Broadband Trial

February 24th, 2018

Via: cnet:

A pair of small satellites named for an adventurous Belgian cartoon character could serve as proof of concept for an ambitious global broadband service envisioned by Elon Musk.

After days of delays, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the two small satellites, newly dubbed Tintin A and B by Musk (but known more formally as Microsat-2a and Microsat-2b), lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force base in California on Thursday morning.




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Nissan to Begin Easy Ride Trial in Japan

Nissan to Begin Easy Ride Trial in Japan

February 22nd, 2018

Via: Reuters:

Facing a future in which self-driving cars may curb vehicle ownership, Nissan Motor Co is taking its first steps to becoming an operator of autonomous transportation services, hoping to break into a segment set to be dominated by Uber Technologies and other technology firms.

In partnership with Japanese mobile gaming platform operator DeNA Co, the automaker will begin public field tests of its Easy Ride service in Yokohama next month, becoming among the first major automakers anywhere to test ride-hailing software developed in-house, using its own fleet of self-driving electric cars.




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CNN hosts a modern-day Salem Witch Trial: Angry Leftists shout "burn her!" at NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch

Image: CNN hosts a modern-day Salem Witch Trial: Angry Leftists shout “burn her!” at NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch

(Natural News)
The country’s leading agitprop network, CNN, held a “town hall” event earlier this week ostensibly to ‘have a conversation’ with politicians and the country’s largest gun-rights organization following another horrific school shooting — this one in south Florida.

Turns out the event was more Salem Witch Trial than conversation. It turned into a forum for angry Leftists to spew hate and venom at Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and National Rifle Association representative Dana Loesch.

The Salem Witch Trial reference is not hyperbole, by the way.

The angry Left-wing hate that CNN facilitated against Loesch in particular culminated in some of the 5,000-plus attendees to the “town hall” rushing the stage at one point shouting “Burn her!”

Not even kidding.

In fact, the hate was so bad (aren’t liberals the ‘tolerant, peaceful’ ones?) that Loesch would tell an audience at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee meeting the next day that she had to be escorted out by private security.

Otherwise, quite literally, crazed, angry Leftists may have actually burned her right there on a stage that CNN built.

As reported by The National Sentinel, Loesch blasted CNN and the rest of the American Pravda media during her speech at CPAC for focusing, again, on exactly the wrong thing as it pertains to actually solving the growing epidemic of school shootings: A Republican senator and the NRA.

Oh, and guns. You know, instead of, say, the FBI for failing to act on two tips that shooter Nikolas Cruz was a threat and planning to do something like what he did.

Or, say, local police, who were called to a home where Cruz lived nearly 30 times in the days, weeks, and months before he allegedly killed 17 people at the Parkland, Fla., school.

Or, say, students themselves, many of whom knew Cruz and suspected he would someday become a threat.

And so on.

“I want to make this super obvious point,” Loesch said. “The government has proven that they cannot keep you safe. And yet, some people want all of us to disarm. You heard that town hall last night. They cheered the confiscation of firearms. And it was over 5,000 people.

“I had to have a security detail to get out,” she said of the Sunrise, Fla. event. “I wouldn’t be able to exit that if I didn’t have a private security detail. (Related: Elaborate MEDIA THEATER: CNN gun control town hall relied on “scripted questions” … 100% staged … fake news theatrics.)

“There were people rushing the stage and screaming ‘burn her.’ And I came there to talk solutions and I still am going to continue that conversation on solutions as the NRA has been doing since before I was alive,” she continued.

As is always the case with the Marxist Left, this particular incident does not come without massive hypocrisy.

During her speech, Loesch also noted that some of the very same people who call President Donald J. Trump an authoritarian-in-waiting now want him to do one of the most dictatorial things he could possibly do. “And then they also call Trump a tyrant but they say they want the president to also confiscate our firearms? Try to figure that one out,” Loesch said.

We can’t figure it out, Dana. It’s the Left; what they say and what they do most often makes little sense.

As The National Sentinel noted further:

Loesch also called out CNN for intentionally hosting such a rowdy event, where most attendees were only there to shout at her and [Rubio], not discuss practical solutions to school shootings.

She also called out the “legacy media” for refusing to hold similar “town halls” for “sanctuary cities” that lose citizens to illegal aliens or “grieving black mothers in Chicago,” where mostly young black men are gunned down daily.

None of that matters to the Communist News Network. They’ve got a witch to burn, no questions asked.

Read more of J.D. Heyes’ work at The National Sentinel.

Sources include:



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Stockholm truck attack suspect’s terrorism trial to begin on Tuesday

The trial of a man accused of killing five people and injuring ten others, when a truck he was driving plowed into a crowd of people in the Swedish capital Stockholm last April, is due to begin on Tuesday. Rakhmat Akilov, an Uzbek asylum seeker, has spoken of wanting to run over “infidels” and had sworn allegiance to ISIS the day before the attack, though the terror group have not claimed responsibility.

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Russian ex-governor gets 13 years in major anti-corruption trial

Apart from the sentence, to be served in a maximum-security prison, the court ordered the ex-governor to pay a fine of 500 million rubles ($8.6 million) and banned him from assuming any official posts for five years after the sentence is served.

The announcement of the sentence took the judge several days. Other suspects in the case – the former adviser to the governor, the ex-deputy chairman of the regional government, and the former Sakhalin minister of agriculture and trade – were also convicted of corruption crimes and received lengthy prison sentences and multi-million-ruble fines.

Prosecutors said they were satisfied with the sentence, while the defense team claimed the conviction was a foregone conclusion. They intend to appeal the verdict.

Khoroshavin and other former officials of the Sakhalin regional administration were arrested in March 2015 and taken to Moscow for investigation. Searches in their homes and apartments yielded around $17 million in cash (in various currencies), expensive jewelry, and a collection of watches worth over $10 million. In addition, investigators said they confiscated around $2 billion in assets that belonged to the ex-governor.

Soon after the arrest, Khoroshavin was sacked due to lack of trust. At the trial, the ex-governor was charged with receiving a $5.6-million bribe for his role in the inclusion of a local energy corporation in a federal investment program. Further investigation uncovered additional episodes of bribery that brought the sum to 522 million rubles. Other suspects faced charges of bribery and money laundering.

After the court sentenced the former Sakhalin officials, the spokesperson for Russia’s top investigative body – the Investigative Committee – revealed additional details about the property seized from Khoroshavin. “Apparently, the [former] governor had a great need in expensive watches. He had 195 in his collection for a total price of 602 million rubles ($10.4 million),” Svetlana Petrenko told reporters. She added that the most expensive piece from the collection cost $700,000 and that shortly before his arrest in 2015, Khoroshavin had ordered a watch for 36 million rubles. 

Petrenko also said that a “significant part” of Khoroshavin’s assets were not properly declared and the court impounded and later confiscated a home, four city apartments, six cars, including a Mercedes limo, two Lexuses and two Bentleys, and numerous pieces of jewelry and expensive watches.

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FAKE MEDICINE: “Randomized” drug trial protocols are frequently altered by industry sponsors who selectively remove participants that get sick

Image: FAKE MEDICINE: “Randomized” drug trial protocols are frequently altered by industry sponsors who selectively remove participants that get sick

(Natural News)
When it comes to making and approving pharmaceutical drugs, the science and procedure behind the process is readily corruptible. It can be manipulated to fulfill the wishes of pharmaceutical companies. A team of researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen has exposed widespread corruption in drug trial protocols.

The research, first published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, exposed widespread redactions in drug trial protocols for commercially sponsored drug trials received from research ethics committees. The trial protocols are necessary for the proper assessment of drug trial reports, which ultimately relay the adverse events and side effects associated with the drug. By redacting trial protocols at will, pharmaceutical companies are able to hide selective information about new drugs they wish to market. The redactions enable Big Pharma to withhold important data from independent researchers and regulatory agencies. This data is important for assessing patient outcomes.

Professor Peter Gøtzsche, director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, came forth with the findings: “We wished to compare the information in the protocols with the information provided to the patients in order to evaluate whether the trials were ethical and necessary and whether essential information about the benefits and the harms of the drugs had been hidden from the patients.”

Using the Danish Freedom of Information Act, Professor Gøtzsche and his team were able to access 78 drug trial protocols approved by a research ethics committee from October 2012 to March 2013.

Of the drug trials they investigated, 36 were not commercially sponsored by the drug industry. Almost every single one of these drug trials was not tampered with. Just two of the trials were redacted. In contrast, there were 34 drug trials sponsored by the drug industry and half of these studies (17) were redacted. Worse yet, the redactions were prominent in the protocol “where there is empirical evidence of substantial problems with the trustworthiness of published drug trials.” In essence, drug companies have the power to hide drug trial results they do not like by tampering with the scientific protocol used to study the drugs.

More specifically, the redactions were widespread when adverse events were detected, when side effects were analyzed, and in determining the definition of patient outcomes. By redacting the protocol, drug companies can make a drug look safer than it really is, artificially reducing the number of adverse events or side effects associated with the drug. Redactions were also made by drug company sponsors whenever they felt that their “access to incoming data” invalidated the protocol. This is an open door for drug companies to manipulate the science for their benefit, blinding the public to the potential harms of new drugs.

Professor Gøtzsche iterated: “The amount of redactions in the protocols we received was so vast that it made them rather useless for assessing the ethical justification for the studies and to identify discrepancies with subsequent publications.”

The Professor said that there was no legitimate rationale for the redactions either. “The current mistrust in industry-sponsored drug trials can only change if the industry offers unconditional access to its trial protocols and other relevant documents and data,” he warned.

When pharmaceutical drugs come out, people are merely lab rats. Even common drugs, such as Tamiflu, cause deadly and debilitating effects that are kept hidden by redacting drug protocols. Across the U.S., children are experiencing severe hallucinations and other mysterious nervous system defects after taking Tamiflu. As families lose their loved ones to drug reactions, we must wonder how much information is being withheld about the drugs, and will anything ever be done to hold malicious medicine and bought-off science accountable?

For more on investigations of science fraud, visit Science.News.

Sources include:



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SAS soldiers face trial over 3 men’s deaths on notorious Brecon Beacons training exercise

The men, known only as 1A and 1B, both deny ‘negligently performing a duty’ to take care of the candidates taking part in the exercise.

Lance Corporal Craig Roberts and Lance Corporal Edward Maher were pronounced dead on the Welsh mountain range while Corporal James Dunsby died at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital from multiple organ failure. The final death took place more than two weeks after the incident in July 2013.

An anonymity order protects the identity of the two men who led the exercise for the notoriously-tough SAS.

On Monday, both men appeared behind a screen at Colchester Military Court, accompanied by their barrister Lewis Cherry. In a 30 minute court appearance the men gave their ranks and numbers in writing.

If convicted they will face up to two years in prison and dismissal from the forces. The charges say they “performed a duty negligently, namely the duty to take reasonable care for the health and safety of candidates taking part in an exercise.”

However, 1B, a former warrant officer who was the chief instructor on the exercise, denied a charge of negligently performing a duty. Serving captain 1A also denied the charge.

Judge Advocate General Jeff Blackett announced the men will face a three-week trial from September 3 at a military court in Bulford, Wiltshire.

A verdict in the trial by court-martial will be decided by a panel of five military personnel.

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