Lunatic Left eats its own: Transgender pink wig-wearing YouTube star accused of African cultural appropriation… HUH?

Image: Lunatic Left eats its own: Transgender pink wig-wearing YouTube star accused of African cultural appropriation… HUH?

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A biological male who thinks he’s a female of Mexican and Asian descent is the latest target of lunatic leftists who are accusing this he-she of “appropriating” black culture with its unusual fashion choices.

“Nikita Dragun,” who currently has around 2.3 million Instagram followers and another 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, drew ire from fellow LGBT fanatics after posing in a photo wearing a pink wig. While pretending to lick a giant puff of cotton candy in the shot, Nikita is seen donned in what appears to be salmon-colored dreadlocks, which apparently represents theft of native black culture.

Besides just the wig, Nikita is also seen in the photo wearing Harajuku attire, which some leftists might also argue represents Japanese cultural appropriation. It was a similar Asian outfit, after all, that landed a Utah teenager in the news over the very same “controversy,” as her Asian-inspired prom dress choice got her accused of being racist.

But in that instance, the girl who wore the Asian dress was straight, making her an easy target of the left. In this case, Nikita is a minority transgender person who one would assume gains automatic protection from other LGBT leftists – but this obviously isn’t the case.

“Really cute, but your hairstyle is definitely appropriation,” one leftist commenter wrote in response to the photo. The inference, of course, is that unless Dragun is at least part black, she has no business sporting locs – even though many white people have what you might call “nappy” hair that, if styled appropriately, can also be made into dreadlocks.

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“Ur [sic] just fully appropriating,” wrote another commenter in semi-English slang. “Nikita I love you but I hate the dreads! Not cool. That’s what cultural appropriation looks like.”

Styling one’s hair into “cornrows” is apparently also racist

This isn’t the first time that Nikita has come under fire for hair styles that some say belong only on black people’s heads. Another photo of Nikita with what looked to be “cornrows,” a hair style often adopted by black people, created its own firestorm of controversy from people who say that the transgender shouldn’t have chosen this look.

The 22-year-old gender dysphoric was similarly accused of racism over this incident, with some people, presumably blacks, saying that it was “disgusting” and “not cute.” Even though Nikita had been attending the infamous Coachella music festival when the photo was taken – attendees wear all sorts of crazy clothing and hairstyles to Coachella, it’s important to note – Nikita’s critics didn’t skip a beat in screaming “APPROPRIATION!” the moment the photo was uploaded to social media.

Hilariously, some have come to Nikita’s defense, not by calling out the cultural appropriation police for being insanely ridiculous, but by claiming that Nikita’s hairstyle in the most recent photo wasn’t actually dreadlocks. Some are calling the hairstyle “twists,” which they say “hold no cultural value” and are thus permissible.

Since when did it become “racist” or “inappropriate” to adopt another culture’s fashion sense or hairstyle anyway? Almost everything that people do is appropriated from somewhere – heck, these black critics’ use of social media is cultural appropriation, seeing as how black people didn’t invent either the internet or social media platforms that they’re now using to grill other people like Nikita for apparently “stealing” their cultural relics.

Black people also drive cars made by companies that they didn’t create, using technologies that they didn’t invent. All of this and more represents major cultural appropriation that apparently needs to be called out publicly for representing black racism against non-black culture. After all, we can’t have double standards, right?

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Leg wax lawsuit: Muslim beautician refuses to serve transgender woman

The Mad Wax beauty parlour in Windsor, Ontario has been hit with a legal complaint over the incident, which happened in March.

According to CTV Windsor News, the owners of business could now be hauled in front of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

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The provincial court of Canada handles claims of discrimination. According to the filing, seen by the local news channel, a female employee refused to provide the unnamed woman with a leg-wax treatment.

The transgender woman alleges the waxing was denied “because I am a transgender woman, and their disclosing my gender identity and personal information to various media outlets has left me feeling threatened, with my rights violated.” She is reportedly seeking up to $50,000 in damages.

Mad Wax Manager Jason Carruthers has denied the company displayed discrimination, adding that the woman who refused the waxing did so because of her Muslim beliefs.

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“I once again reiterate and state my position of Mad Wax Windsor Inc. that all clients regardless of sex, gender identity or sexual orientation are welcome,” he told the Windsor Star.

“However, we also welcome staff members and respect their religious beliefs and feelings of safety and dignity in regards to the right not to perform waxing services on males or male genitals.”

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American Medical Association now pushing for transgender troops on the front lines of war

Image: American Medical Association now pushing for transgender troops on the front lines of war

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The nation’s largest physicians organization has made it a top priority to demand that men who think they’re women, and women who think they’re men, be allowed to brandish high-tech weaponry and fight on the front lines of America’s proxy wars around the world.

According to the American Medical Association (AMA), there’s “no medically valid reason” why transgenders shouldn’t be allowed to fight in the military alongside soldiers who accept their own natural biology. Excluding transgenders on the basis that they don’t know their proper gender identity is needlessly discriminatory, the AMA insists, and needs to stop.

“We believe there is no medically valid reason – including a diagnosis of gender dysphoria – to exclude transgender individuals from military service,” reads a letter recently sent by AMA CEO James Madara to United States Secretary of Defense James Mattis. “Transgender individuals have served, and continue to serve, our country with honor, and we believe they should be allowed to continue doing so.”

Back in February, Mattis issued a public memo explaining that transgenders should not be allowed to support the efforts of the military-industrial complex because of the “substantial risks” they pose to military readiness on the battlefield. Not long after, President Trump signed a separate memo banning most transgender individuals from military service, “except under certain limited circumstances,” it added in a caveat.

“Exempting such persons from well-established mental health, physical health, and sex-based standards, which apply to all Service members, including transgender Service members without gender dysphoria, could undermine readiness, disrupt unit cohesion, and impose an unreasonable burden on the military that is not conducive to military effectiveness and lethality,” reads Mattis’s memo.

However, the AMA vehemently disagrees. The organization has since classified Mattis’s memo, and the subsequent Trump memo, as representing “mischaracterized” research on the costs and burdens associated with “transgender medical care.” The AMA insists that both Mattis and Trump have rejected the “wide body of peer-reviewed research” that supposedly demonstrates “effectiveness” in support of the “needs” of the transgender community.

Catering to the whims of transgender soldiers would cost the military nearly $4 billion over a 10-year period, expert warns

The AMA also claims that providing “transgender medical care” to transgenders in the military isn’t as costly as its detractors claim it is. The medical group says the financial burden is “negligible,” and constitutes little more than a “rounding error in the defense budget.” But others disagree, including Retired Army Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, a former U.S. Army Delta Force commander and executive vice president of the Family Research Council.

“The military has been reduced to stripping parts from museums, which is why it makes no sense to spend more than a billion taxpayer dollars on new body parts for anyone who joins the military and identifies as transgender,” he explains, adding that, all in all, as much as $3.7 billion would have to be allotted for transgender “medical care” over a 10-year period, which is hardly a negligible sum.

And truth be told, most of the gender-confused “snowflakes” demanding access to the military don’t actually want to face the possibility of being maimed or killed in the horrors of real-life war – something most of them could never in a million years stomach, were they to actually be thrust onto the front lines of battle. They merely want to feel included in a theoretical sense because of their pathological lust for attention and “equality,” which of course stems from their deeply-rooted mental illnesses.

And the AMA is capitulating to this politicized crusade for “equal rights” because it apparently has nothing better to do these days than join the ranks of radical groups like Planned Parenthood, which recently decided that offering more transgender “medical services” represents a good use of organization funding.

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The rich, white men institutionalizing transgender ideology

human rights shop


As an environmental activist who was deplatformed from a speaking venue by transactivists, in 2013 I developed curiosity about the power of this group to force this development. A year later, when Time magazine announced a transgender tipping point on its cover, I had already begun to examine the money behind the transgender project.

I have watched as all-women’s safe spaces, universities, and sports opened their doors to any man who chose to identify as a woman. Whereas men who identify as transwomen are at the forefront of this project, women who identify as transmen seem silent and invisible. I was astonished that such a huge cultural change as the opening of sex-protected spaces was happening at such a meteoric pace and without consideration for women and girls’ safety, deliberation, or public debate.

Concurrent with these rapid changes, I witnessed an overhaul in the English language with new pronouns and a near-tyrannical assault on those who did not use them. Laws mandating new speech were passed. Laws overriding biological sex with the amorphous concept of gender identity are being instituted now. People who speak openly about these changes can find themselves, their families, and their livelihoods threatened.

These elements, along with media saturation of the issue, had me wondering: Is this really a civil rights issue for a tiny part of the population with body dysphoria, or is there a bigger agenda with moneyed interests that we are not seeing? This article can only begin to graze the surface of this question, but considering transgenderism has basically exploded in the middle of capitalism, which is notorious for subsuming social justice movements, there is value in beginning this examination.

Who Is Funding the Transgender Movement?

I found exceedingly rich, white men with enormous cultural influence are funding the transgender lobby and various transgender organizations. These include but are not limited to Jennifer Pritzker (a male who identifies as transgender); George Soros; Martine Rothblatt (a male who identifies as transgender and transhumanist); Tim Gill (a gay man); Drummond Pike; Warren and Peter Buffett; Jon Stryker (a gay man); Mark Bonham (a gay man); and Ric Weiland (a deceased gay man whose philanthropy is still LGBT-oriented). Most of these billionaires fund the transgender lobby and organizations through their own organizations, including corporations.

Separating transgender issues from LGBT infrastructure is not an easy task. All the wealthiest donors have been funding LGB institutions before they became LGBT-oriented, and only in some instances are monies earmarked specifically for transgender issues. Some of these billionaires fund the LGBT through their myriad companies, multiplying their contributions many times over in ways that are also difficult to track.

These funders often go through anonymous funding organizations such as Tides Foundation, founded and operated by Pike. Large corporations, philanthropists, and organizations can send enormous sums of money to the Tides Foundation, specify the direction the funds are to go, and have the funds get to their destination anonymously. Tides Foundation creates a legal firewall and tax shelter for foundations and funds political campaigns, often using legally dubious tactics.

These men and others, including pharmaceutical companies and the U.S. government, are sending millions of dollars to LGBT causes. Overall reported global spending on LGBT is now estimated at $424 million. From 2003-2013, reported funding for transgender issues increased more than eightfold, growing at threefold the increase of LGBTQ funding overall, which quadrupled from 2003 to 2012. This huge spike in funding happened at the same time transgenderism began gaining traction in American culture.

$424 million is a lot of money. Is it enough to change laws, uproot language and force new speech on the public, to censor, to create an atmosphere of threat for those who do not comply with gender identity ideology?

Transgenderism: A New Medical and Lifestyle Market

It seems obvious now to look at the money behind transgenderism. Many new markets have opened because of it. The first gender clinic for children opened in Boston in 2007. In the past ten years, more than 30 clinics for children with purported gender dysphoria have arisen in the United States alone, the largest serving 725 patients.

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion in transgender medical infrastructure across the United States and world to “treat” transgender people. In addition to gender clinics proliferating across the United States, hospital wings are being built for specialized surgeries, and many medical institutions are clamoring to get on board with the new developments.

Doctors are being trained in cadaver symposiums across the world in all manner of surgeries related to transgender individuals, including phalloplasty, vaginoplasty, facial feminization surgery, urethral procedures, and more. More and more American corporations are covering transgender surgeries, drugs, and other expenses. Endocrinologists seeking the fountain of youth in hormones for more than a generation, and the subsequent earnings for marketing those hormones, are still on a quest for gold.

Puberty blockers are another growing market. The plastic surgery arm of medicine is staged for an infusion of cash as well as organ transplants, especially womb transplants for men identifying as women who may want future pregnancies. These surgeries are already being practiced on animals and the first successful womb implant from a deceased female donor to another female has already been a success. Biogenetics is poised to be the investment of the future, says Rothblatt, who has headed a massive pharmaceutical corporation and is now heavily invested in biogenetics and transplants.

Transgenderism has certainly made its way into the American marketplace, so it seems important to consider the implications of this as we pass laws regarding transgender individuals’ and our civil liberties. Transgenderism sits square in the middle of the medical industrial complex, which is by some estimates even bigger than the military industrial complex.

With the medical infrastructure being built, doctors being trained for various surgeries, clinics opening at warp speed, and the media celebrating it, transgenderism is poised for growth. The LGB, a once-tiny group of people trying to love those of the same sex openly and be treated equally within society, has likely already been subsumed by capitalism and is now infiltrated by the medical industrial complex via transgenderism.

Who Works to Institutionalize Transgender Ideology?

Much more important than funds going directly to the LGBT lobby and organizations, only a fraction of which trickles down to assist people who identify as transgender, is the money invested by the men mentioned above, governments, and technology and pharmaceutical corporations to institutionalize and normalize transgenderism as a lifestyle choice. They are shaping the narrative about transgenderism and normalizing it within the culture using their funding methods.

This article will use the Pritzker family as a case study, both to reduce length and because they are emblematic of how this works. Those funding trans organizations and normalizing transgenderism are channeling funds in the same ways and invested in the same medical infrastructure. This can hardly be a coincidence when the very thing absolutely essential to those transitioning are pharmaceuticals and technology. It is also important to note that though the trans lobby has sewn itself to the LGB umbrella, LGB people as such are not lifelong medical patients.

Comment: Unless you count the AIDS scare: The Health & Wellness Show: What’s the deal with AIDS?

The Pritzkers are an American family of philanthropic billionaires worth approximately $29 billion, whose fortune was gestated by Hyatt Hotels and nursing homes. They now have massive investments in the medical industrial complex.

Examining just a few of the Pritzkers in this article will give you some indication of their reach and influence as a family, especially as regards the transgender project and their relationship to the medical industrial complex. As you read, remember, transitioning individuals are medical patients for life and the Pritzker family are not an anomaly in their funding trajectory or investments in the medical-industrial complex.

Jennifer Pritzker

Once a family man and a decorated member of the armed forces, Jennifer Pritzker now identifies as transgender. He has made transgenderism a high note in philanthropic funding through his Tawani Foundation. He is one of the largest contributors to transgender causes and, with his family, an enormous influence in the rapid institutionalization of transgenderism.

Some of the organizations Jennifer owns and funds are especially noteworthy to examining the rapid induction of transgender ideology into medical, legal and educational institutions. Pritzker owns Squadron Capital, an acquisitions corporation, with a focus on medical technology, medical devices, and orthopedic implants, and the Tawani Foundation, a philanthropic organization with a grants focus on Gender & Human Sexuality.

Pritzker sits on the leadership council of the Program of Human Sexuality at the University of Minnesota, to which he also committed $6.5 million over the past decade. Among many other organizations and institutions Pritzker funds are Lurie Children’s Hospital, a medical center for gender non-conforming children, serving 400 children in Chicago; the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago; a chair of transgender studies at the University of Victoria (the first of its kind); and the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto. He also funds the American Civil Liberties Union and his family funds Planned Parenthood, two significant organizations for institutionalizing female-erasing language and support for transgender causes. Planned Parenthood also recently decided to get into the transgender medical market.

Jennifer Pritzker funds strategically, as does his family, by giving to universities that become beholden to his ideology, whose students go on to spread gender ideology by writing pro-trans articles in medical journals and elsewhere. Jennifer’s uncle and aunt, John and Lisa Pritzker, gave $25 million to the University of California at San Francisco for a center of children’s psychiatry. Jennifer likewise funds hospitals and medical schools where the alumni go on to create transgender specialties and LGBT medical centers, even though lesbians, gays, and bisexuals don’t need specialized medical services.

Here are just several current activities of Pritzker-funded medical school alumni and recipients of Pritzker money.

Jennifer Pritzker has also helped normalize transgender individuals in the military with a $1.35 million grant to the Palm Center, a University of California, Santa Barbara-based LGBT think tank, to create research validating military transgenderism. He has also donated $25 million to Norwich University in Vermont, a military academy and the first school to launch a Naval Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program.

Pritzker’s funding is not confined to the United States, but reaches other countries via WPATH, in conferences for physicians studying transgender surgery and funding of international universities.

Penny Pritzker

Cousin to Jennifer Pritzker, Penny Pritzker served on President Obama’s Council for Jobs and Competitiveness and Economic Recovery Advisory Board. She was national co-chair of Obama for America 2012 and national finance chair of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. To say she was influential in getting president Obama elected would be an understatement.

As Obama’s secretary of commerce, Penny Pritzker helped create the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL), by facilitating an award of $70 million from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the first funding of its kind. Obama made transgenderism a pet issue of his administration, holding a meeting at the White House (the first ever) for transgenderism.

The administration quietly applied the power of the executive branch to make it easier for transgender people to alter their passports, get cross-sex treatment at Veteran’s Administration facilities, and access public school restrooms and sports programs based on gender identity. These are just a few of the transgender-specific policy shifts of Obama’s presidency.

Soros and Gill are two other major transgender movement funders who generated millions of dollars to get Obama elected, and Stryker was one of the top five contributors to Obama’s campaign. Under Obama and President George W. Bush, the federal government also funded the Tides Foundation $82.7 million, which in turn donated $47.2 million to LGBTQ issues over the last two decades.

Penny has funded the Harvard School of Public Health and, with her husband through their mutual foundation, The Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation, are funding early childhood initiatives as well as providing scholarships to Harvard University medical students. The Boston Children’s Hospital Gender Management Services wing physicians are all affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Penny Pritzker also sat on the board at Harvard, where student life offices teach students, many of whom go on to lead U.S. institutions, that “there are more than two sexes.”

J.B. Pritzker

Penny Pritzker’s brother, J.B. Pritzker, is an American venture capitalist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and business owner. He is co-founder of the Pritzker Group, a private investment firm that invests in digital technology and medical companies, including Clinical Innovations, which has a global presence. Clinical Innovations is one of the largest medical device companies and in 2017 acquired Brenner Medical, another significant medical group offering innovative products in the fields of obstetrics and gynecology.

J.B. provided seed funding for Matter, a startup incubator for medical technology based in Chicago. He also sits on the board of directors at his alma mater, Duke University, where they are making advances in cryopreserving women’s ovaries.

J.B. is running for governor of Illinois in 2018 and put $25 million into an Obama administration public-private initiative totaling $1 billion for early childhood education. J.B. and his wife, M.K. Pritzker, donated $100 million to Northwestern University School of Law, partly for scholarships and partly for the school’s “social justice” and childhood law work.

We have to look at why this is framed as a civil rights issue when the main issues seem to be capital and social engineering. There doesn’t seem to be a sphere of influence that is untouched by Pritzker money, from early childhood education and universities to law, medical institutions, the LGBT lobby and organizations, politics, and the military. If they were the only ones funding the institutionalization of transgender ideology they would still be fantastically influential, but they are joined by other exceedingly wealthy, influential white men, who also have ties to the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Pharma and Tech Giants All-In for Transgender

Along with support by pharmaceutical giants such as Janssen Therapeutics, the health foundation of a Johnson and Johnson founder, Viiv, Pfizer, Abbott Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, and Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, major technology corporations including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Dell, and IBM are also funding the transgender project. In February 2017, Apple, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Yelp, PayPal, and 53 other mostly tech corporations signed onto an amicus brief pushing the U.S. Supreme Court to prohibit schools from keeping private facilities for students designated according to sex.

As these corporations were pushing for transgender bathrooms, they were fighting President Trump’s travel ban and immigration policies. In reporting the incidents simultaneously, CNN News made the obvious connection between the corporations’ interest in the immigration ban and commerce, quoting a legal brief signed by the companies that said, “It is inflicting significant harm on American business, innovation and growth.” It made no such equivalent connection for the corporations’ interest in transgender rights. The obvious question would be: Why do they care? The obvious answer is: money.

Comment: Surely money is one reason, another could that a world where body dysmorphia no longer effects just a minute fraction of the population but instead plagues great swathes of confused people who in turn deny objective fact and make for, not only good customers, but also malleable people with no anchoring in reality at all: Post-nihilism, a template for where we are heading

Melding this manufactured medical issue with civil rights frame entails the continuance and growth of the problem. Transgenderism is framed as both a medical problem, for the gender dysphoria of children who need puberty blockers and are being groomed for a lifetime of medicalization, and as a brave and original lifestyle choice for adults. Martine Rothblatt suggests we are all transhuman, that changing our bodies by removing healthy tissue and organs and ingesting cross-sex hormones over the course of a lifetime can be likened to wearing make-up, dying our hair, or getting a tattoo. If we are all transhuman, expressing that could be a never-ending saga of body-related consumerism.

The massive medical and technological infrastructure expansion for a tiny (but growing) fraction of the population with gender dysphoria, along with the money being funneled to this project by those heavily invested in the medical and technology industries, seems to make sense only in the context of expanding markets for changing the human body. Trans activists are already clamoring for a change from “gender dysphoria” to “gender incongruence” in the next revision to the international register of mental diagnosis codes, the ICD-11. The push is on for insurance-paid hormones and surgeries for anyone who believes his or her body is in any way “incongruent” with his or her “gender identity.”

Bodily diversity appears to be the core issue, not gender dysphoria; that and unmooring people from their biology via language distortions, to normalize altering human biology. Institutionalizing transgender ideology does just this. This ideology is being promoted as a civil rights issue by wealthy, white, men with enormous influence who stand to personally benefit from their political activities.

It behooves us all to look at what the real investment is in prioritizing a lifetime of anti-body medical treatments for a miniscule part of the population, building an infrastructure for them, and institutionalizing the way we perceive ourselves as human beings, before being human becomes a quaint concept of the past.

Jennifer Bilek


Jennifer Bilek is an artist, environmental activist, writer, and an engaged citizen. Photo Reinhard Dietrich / Wikimedia

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The Education Department Officially Won't Deal With Transgender Students Experiencing Bathroom Discrimination

The Trump administration’s Education Department will no longer investigate complaints filed by transgender students who are kept from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity, a department official told BuzzFeed News.

HuffPost previously reported that the Department of Education had already started telling students who submitted these complaints that the issue no longer fell within its jurisdiction, but this marks the first time an official has referenced a concrete policy change. The news comes almost a year after the departments of Justice and Education rescinded joint, Obama-era guidance that any school receiving federal money must treat a student’s gender identity as his or her sex, which included allowing individuals to use the bathroom conforming to their identity. 

However, since that time, the Trump administration has been mum on information about how the Education Department’s civil rights division would officially handle these cases. In June, an internal memo from the department’s Office for Civil Rights told attorneys that these cases could be dismissed, but it was not necessarily a requirement. But a spokeswoman for the Department of Education told BuzzFeed that the administration does not interpret Title IX, the federal law prohibiting sex discrimination, to cover these types of cases.

“Where students, including transgender students, are penalized or harassed for failing to conform to sex-based stereotypes, that is sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX,” Liz Hill told BuzzFeed. “In the case of bathrooms, however, long standing regulations provide that separating facilities on the basis of sex is not a form of discrimination prohibited by Title IX.”

Hill told the outlet that transgender student complaints could still be investigated, just not those centered around the use of intimate facilities. 

The Obama administration interpreted Title IX to include discrimination based on gender identity. Notably, a wave of recent court decisions have also interpreted the law this way.

In January, HuffPost learned of at least three recent cases in which the Office for Civil Rights dismissed complaints filed by transgender students regarding access to bathrooms, locker rooms and gender specific sports teams. The Office for Civil Rights wrote back to complainants and said their office was no longer required to deal with this type of discrimination.

HuffPost also previously learned that the number of complaints filed with the Department of Education related to the treatment of transgender students dropped precipitously, by about 40 percent, between January 2016 through January 2017, and January 2017 through January 2018. At the time, advocates for LGBTQ students told HuffPost they worried that the Trump administration was having a chilling effect on the students who would otherwise submit complaints of discrimination.

Upon rescinding the Obama-era guidance last year, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos met with a small group of transgender children and families to discuss issues facing this group of students. Vanessa Ford attended the meeting with her six-year-old transgender daughter, Ellie. During the meeting, DeVos mentioned that she had a young granddaughter, just like Ellie.

Ford told HuffPost that she found the news today “mind boggling.”

“We put our family at risk meeting with her in hopes it would make change. She now made the decision for the Department of Education that my daughter and thousands of daughters and sons shouldn’t have the protection her grandchildren should be afforded,” said Ford.

Eliza Byard, executive director of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, said that after the Trump administration first rescinded the student guidance last year, they saw school districts who had been supporting transgender students suddenly change course. She is now focused on making sure they feel supported and affirmed across the country.

“They are not alone,” said Byard. “It is ultimately most important right now every transgender student understands right now that this is wrong.”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Bozell & Graham Column: The Book Against Transgender Extremism

When secular leftists express frustration at how practicing Catholics (your humble servants) and evangelicals could ever vote for Donald Trump, the first thing they refuse to concede is the horror of the alternative.

They refuse to admit that Hillary Clinton clearly, forthrightly stood for abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason and even supported it having it funded by pro-life taxpayers. It’s what she and her husband called “safe, legal and rare.” Hillary and her crew even dismissed the videotaped baby-organ-selling grotesqueries of Planned Parenthood as somehow fictional. And they refuse to admit that Hillary Clinton represented the creeping extremism of the LGBT movement, with its emphasis on redesigning all the nation’s bathrooms, not to mention human nature.

Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation has a new book called When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment. He explains that you can see the swift descent into the denial of reality by reviewing tracts of the Human Rights Campaign. In 2005, they declared that transgender people “identify” as something that “does not match their physical sex.” And with that the bottom fell open.

By now, the HRC (not to be confused with Hillary Rodham Clinton, though HRC is HRC’s best spokeshuman) expresses an intolerance for the idea that we should speak of “real” or “biological” men and women. “Contrasting transgender people with ‘real’ or ‘biological’ men and women is a false comparison. They are real men and women, and doing so contributes to the inaccurate perception that transgender people are being deceptive when, in fact, they are being authentic and courageous.”

There is so much Orwell packed into that last sentence. Hiding your penis or your breasts is not “deceptive,” it’s “authentic”? Christians see all this as pretzeled logic. You simply cannot deny the reality of the Creator’s design without going into tortured explanations like that. There’s an easier out, of course. Just deny His existence — and it all falls into place. So they become their own God and redefine humanity according to their own whims. Those whims then become “authentic.”

The denial of gender reality frightens people — yes, even many liberals — and it should. Anderson suggested in a Weekly Standard interview that his liberal friends are suggesting the LGBT folks are walking into a backlash because their deconstructionist agenda is just… that.

One pointed out a viral video in which someone who describes herself as an “queer girl” and “intersectional feminist” declared that having “genital preferences” is transphobic, and that “preferences for women with vaginas over women with penises might be partially informed by the influence of a cissexist society.”

We don’t really know what that means. Anderson added: “This was not satire.”

His liberal friend objected to being judged as “transphobic” because he only dates biological women. The folks who fought for “sexual freedom” now say you can’t have a “genital preference”? You can’t just tolerate transgenders, you must date them? Lecturing lesbians that they’re bigots if they don’t want “women with penises” doesn’t exactly bode well for keeping the “LGBT” together.

Anderson’s book is dismissed as “hate speech,” and let’s not kid ourselves: the LGBT folks would like to ban a book like this, especially when he discusses that which they wish silenced. He writes that 41 percent of people who identify as transgender attempt suicide. People who have had the “joy” of transition surgery are 19 times more likely than average to die by suicide. They have gender dysphoria, and Christians should respond with compassion

But the LGBT crowd sees it otherwise. They define “compassion” as meeting all of their demands, including requiring every insurer to pay for “gender confirmation” surgery and every Catholic hospital to perform it. Worse yet, they demand their ideology be taught to children, confusing and scaring millions of them about the simplest, undeniable facts about who they are.

That’s a strong reason for the church-going conservatives to look past the Access Hollywood braggadocio and Trump’s affairs before he became a politician and vote against the extremism — the evil extremism — that Hillary Clinton endorsed.

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‘Science Says He’s Male:’ Transgender Teen Confuses Autistic Doc on ABC Med Drama

It was only a matter of time before Dr. Shaun Murphy received his first transgender patient. In the February 5 episode of ABC’s The Good Doctor titled “She,” like most of us would, the autistic surgical resident had some difficulty understanding transgenderism. The story concentrates on how the doctors at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital deal with the patient’s family.

A teenager is brought to the emergency room for internal pain by a grandmother but, unbeknownst to her, the teen is on puberty blockers. By outward appearances, the patient, Quinn (played by trans child actor Sophie Giannamore), is a girl, so imagine the doctors’ surprise when a penis is discovered. Naturally, Dr. Murphy (Freddie Highmore) is confused as to why a biological boy would claim to be a girl. “Quinn has XY chromosomes like Jared and me, not XX like you. Science says he’s male,” he reasonably insists.

Quinn challenges, “Other than biologically, how do you know you’re supposed to be a boy?” Dr. Murphy replies, “Your question doesn’t make sense. I’m not supposed to be anything. I am a boy. Biologically, that’s it.” Hollywood being Hollywood, though, they use the autistic doctor to teach us all understanding about transgenders while the other docs act as though this is normal and happens every day. Funny how the “party of science” rejects this basic biology.

The script tries to make the real villain in this episode the grandma, Ruth (JoBeth Williams), because she insists at first that Quinn is only going through a phase. Ruth is shocked to learn that her daughter and son-in-law have not bothered to let her know Quinn is taking puberty blockers.

The diagnosis for Quinn is testicular cancer. His left testicle has a mass that must be removed. A puberty-blocking drug is the cause of the mass and the doctors tell him he must stop taking the drugs. Since the left testicle should be removed, Quinn demands that both be taken since he wants “gender confirmation” surgery anyway.

When Quinn’s parents arrive on the scene, they are just fine with this young teen making the drastic decision to castrate himself. Ruth, however, files charges against the parents with Child Protective Services in hopes of stopping any drastic action. At this time, Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) tells the anguished parents that she will testify in court that they are not bad parents.

When mediation with Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) doesn’t go too well, Quinn’s mom throws the ultimate guilt card – they insisted Quinn dress as a boy outside of the house and this brought on depression. Quinn tried to commit suicide a year ago. Poor Ruth. She explains that she wants Quinn and the parents to consider the possibility that Quinn may change his mind and want children in the future. Reasonable, right?

Quinn’s symptoms worsen and emergency surgery forces a final decision to be made – do the parents let a child make a life-changing decision about his developing body or do they finally come to their senses and be the adults in the room?

Fortunately, the parents tell Dr. Lim to only do what is necessary and not to amputate both their son’s testicles. And Dr. Andrews (Hill Harper), Chief of Surgery, at first takes credit for the surgical decision instead of the parents taking responsibility. Then, finally, the parents step up. A disappointed Quinn despairs that he is “going to turn into a boy,” but is told he can take hormone treatment instead of puberty blockers until he has surgery at 18, if he chooses.



Quinn: Did you do it? Did you remove both?

Dr. Lim: No. Just the cancerous one.

Quinn: What? Why not?

Dr. Andrews: That’s on me. I couldn’t, in good conscience, remove a healthy organ.

Mom: Quinnie. This was our decision.

Quinn: No! You said you were on my side!

Dad: Hey, we are. Always. We haven’t had enough time to talk, not with each other, with your therapist, with your doctors.

Quinn: So I’m gonna turn into a boy.

Dr. Lim: Well, not right away. Your endocrinologist will talk to you about the right timeline for starting feminizing hormones.

Dr. Andrews: You know… the thought of having your own kids someday is a big decision, but you never know what you will or will not want once you get older.

Quinn: Cis people are always so worked up about having bio kids. If I really want a kid that bad, I can just adopt. You know, I’ll be back when I’m 18 for my gender confirmation surgery.

Dr. Andrews: And when you do, I’ll be here to help you.

Fortunately, in this story, the child is not the final voice in the medical decision to sterilize himself.

But Quinn can’t “turn into a boy,” Quinn is a boy. Removing testicles, taking puberty blockers and adding feminizing hormones won’t remove the Y chromosome Quinn has. Science says he’s male, as Dr. Murphy said, biologically, that’s it. Sorry, science trumps ideology again, liberals.

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Transgender beauticians arrested in Indonesia for "teasing", given "manly" and "moral" training amid LGBT crackdown

Indonesia transgender arrested man training


Indonesian police forcibly cut the hair of a group of transgender women and made them wear male clothing, authorities said on Monday (Jan 29), amid a crackdown on the LGBT community in the world’s biggest Muslim-majority nation.

The incident happened after police raided several beauty salons in conservative Aceh province on Sunday and rounded up a dozen transgender employees over claims they had teased a group of boys.

Police accused the employees of violating the province’s religious laws.

Dozens of locals tried to attack the group of beauticians as they were hauled off to the police station, but they were pushed back by authorities, they said.

Police then lopped off some members’ long hair with scissors as well as forcing the group to wear male clothing and speak in a masculine voice.

“We have reports from mothers that their sons were teased by the transgender women,” local police chief Ahmad Untung Surianata told AFP Monday.

“Their numbers are growing here – I don’t want that,” he added.

Aceh on Sumatra island has been ruled by Islamic law since it was granted special autonomy in 2001 – an attempt by the central government to quell a long-running separatist insurgency.

This month a Christian was publicly flogged for selling alcohol in the conservative region, making him only the third non-Muslim in Indonesia to suffer a public whipping.

Flogging is a common punishment under Aceh’s religious law and local police are also known to shave the heads of those accused of anti-social behaviour.

The transgender women would be detained for several days followed by a five-day “training” regimen including efforts to make them walk and speak in a more “manly” way, as well as “morals teaching” by local clerics, police said.

“We want to change their mentality so they can be better people,” Surianata said.

Homosexuality and gay sex are legal everywhere in Indonesia except in Aceh.

But police have often used the country’s tough anti-pornography legislation to criminalise members of the LGBT community and there have been a recent string of arrests.

Prejudice against transgender people has long been widespread in Indonesia but the discrimination is particularly acute in Aceh where Islamic law rules.

“It’s very strange that officers (in Sunday’s incident) would arrest innocent people and cut off their hair,” said gay rights activist Hartoyo, who like many Indonesians goes by one name.

“It’s barbaric.”

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Transgender woman on hunger strike in UK male prison because Ministry of Justice refuses to recognize her gender



A 50-year-old transgender woman has gone on hunger strike in an all-male prison in Lancashire, in the north-west of Britain. A petition has been started to have Dean, diagnosed with gender dysphoria, moved to a female facility.

The trans woman, who is being held at HMP Preston, is protesting over the Ministry of Justice’s “nightmare” refusal to recognize her gender. She is serving a sentence of indeterminate length for public protection (IPP) after being convicted of repeated burglary and voyeurism.

Among other crimes, Dean broke into several homes and filmed herself wearing underwear belonging to teenage girls, and reportedly maintains that prison officials refused to give her “hair straighteners, [an] epilator or any makeup,” among other things.

“I decided yesterday that I don’t want to be alive any more [sic],” said Dean’s letter of January 17, written from inside the jail and published in the Guardian.

“I stopped eating and drinking and should die in about three, maybe four weeks. I think three [trans] girls have killed themselves now, but I think they did it too quickly. I remember Bobby Sands years ago, not eating and drinking until he died. His belief drove him to succeed,” she added, making reference to the IRA hunger striker who died in the HM Prison Maze in 1981, aged 27.

Family and friends have not heard from Dean since receiving the letter.

A petition has been started to have Dean moved to an all-female facility, calling on the government to “stop the inhumane and degrading treatment of transgender women within the justice system.”

“We specifically request that Marie Dean has her identity as a woman immediately returned to her and that it is respected by all staff, to be given back her clothes and her makeup to allow her to maintain her dignity and for her to be moved into the female estate as quickly as possible. Leaving her in the male estate will subject her to yet more abuse, distress and transphobic behavior,” a statement from friends reads.

“The truth is it appears that the Ministry of Justice [MoJ] are unwilling to give up judging for themselves what gender a person is regardless as to how long the person has lived in their chosen gender.

“In Marie Dean’s case, her harrowing ordeal has been both long and traumatizing, she has now given up and wants to die and it’s not surprising.”

Dean was given some allowances, such as being allowed to wear female clothing, according to MailOnline.

“The welfare of those in our custody is a top priority. There are stringent procedures in place to ensure transgender prisoners are managed safely and in accordance with the law,” a Ministry of Justice spokesperson told the tabloid.

In 2016, the MoJ introduced new guidelines for the treatment of trans prisoners, stating that “all transgender prisoners (irrespective of prison location) must be allowed to express the gender with which they identify.” Transgender prisoners “must be asked their view of the part of the prison estate that reflects this. Those who wish to be placed in a prison location which is not consistent with their legally recognized gender must provide evidence of living in the gender with which they identify,” it noted, adding that assessments are to be made on a case-by-case basis.

Harrowing details emerged last month of how a group of several transgender prisoners at HMP Doncaster agreed a suicide pact, protesting against their alleged abuse inside the all-male facility. One of the women, 49-year-old Jenny Swift, was found hanged in her cell days after pulling out of the pact. Another woman told Doncaster Coroner’s Court that trans prisoners were “bullied by staff” at the prison, but “no-one was listening.”

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