Fmr Cop Indicted for Conspiracy, Acting as Kingpin of a National Steroid Trafficking Cartel


Edmond, OK — There is no question that many police officers use performance-enhancing drugs. In fact, the problem of police steroid use became so bad, in 2004, the DEA intervened to warn of the “possible psychological disturbances” of roid-raging cops.

The DEA said symptoms included:

  • Mood swings (including manic-like symptoms leading to violence)
  • Impaired judgment (stemming from feelings of invincibility)
  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Extreme irritability
  • Delusions
  • Hostility and aggression

Eventually, a few years later, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, made up of 16,000 members worldwide set a standard that “calls upon state and local law enforcement entities to establish a model policy prohibiting the use of illegally obtained steroids” by officers.

However, this policy never happened.

Not only do cops vehemently resist being drug tested by their departments, claiming it is a violation of their civil rights, they are also frequently caught selling steroids, as the case below illustrates.

Former Edmond police officer Christopher Thomas Caplinger served the citizens of Edmond, OK for over 20 years. During this time he was likely building up his customer base as well as his steroid empire which he would grow to epic proportions.

The indictment, filed earlier this month, alleges Caplinger, 55, was “the head of this drug trafficking organization, which manufactured and distributed anabolic steroids throughout the United States.”

According to the indictment, Caplinger made so much money that he was burying it in his backyard like a scene out of a mafia movie.

Caplinger wasn’t only selling steroids but he was importing products and ran his own manufacturing enterprise. As News OK reports:

As part of the conspiracy, Caplinger rented a commercial space in Oklahoma City to manufacture and distribute the steroids, according to prosecutors. The business front was reportedly for an auto sales company, “but, in reality, had little to no involvement in the automobile trade.”

Caplinger obtained raw steroid product from foreign countries, including China, according to the indictment. The raw product would be sent from the foreign countries to individuals in the United States who then “reshipped” the product to Oklahoma City, grand jurors allege. Schott was an alleged “reshipper.”

Along with Caplinger, Donald Ray Vincent Jr., 54, of Edmond; Deborah Ann Crawford, 46, of Oklahoma City; and Michael Brandon Schott, 34, of Newport News, Virginia, are charged in Oklahoma City federal court with conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute anabolic steroids.

If convicted, Caplinger faces the possibility of spending years in prison. However, if history is any indicator, all too often, police use their “exemplary” records as public servants to avoid jail all together—even when they rape society’s most vulnerable.

Unfortunately, as TFTP has reported at length, cops are frequently busted for dealing in and taking steroids.

“This is one of the dirty little secrets of American law enforcement,” says Gregory Gilbertson, a former Atlanta cop who teaches criminal justice in the Seattle area and works as a legal expert on police standards and practices, according to Alternet. “Steroid testing is declining, and I think there’s an attitude in all these agencies of ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ because they don’t want to know about it. Because if they know about it, then they have to address it.”

While anyone should be able to ingest any substance they want, the idea of public servants—whose jobs involve physical interactions with innocent citizens—taking drugs known to induce rage, hostility, and aggression is chilling, to say the least. However, as Alternet pointed out, the cases of cops using and selling steroids are anything but isolated.

These are some of the cases that have made news in the past year, though there likely are others that have not been revealed publicly:

  • In June, a Jeffersonville, Ind., cop, Anthony Mills, resigned after pleading guilty to possession of steroids. His attorney told the media that Mills did not consider steroids to be illegal drugs.
  • This spring, authorities in Edmonton, Alberta, revealed that a handful of police officers had been involved in the use or distribution of Stanozolol, the steroid commonly sold as Winstrol. More than 30 officers in Edmonton have been implicated in steroid use in the past few years, according to press reports there.
  • In January, a Portland, Ore. cop who faced firing for a positive steroid test was allowed to resign.
  • Last fall, a scandal rocked police in the Augusta, Ga., area when a man arrested for steroids possession gave authorities a list of steroid users among local law enforcement officers. At least one deputy resigned; authorities denied that the list included as many 30 others.
  • Also last fall, the Miami New Times revealed that Miami-Dade police officers had been customers of Biogenesis, a South Florida steroid clinic at the heart of professional baseball’s ongoing doping scandal.

The dangers of cops taking steroids are obvious, as the rage associated with their use can become uncontrollable. All too often, we see police officers immediately escalate situations to violence when de-escalation would have been far easier and safer. Steroids could be the reason.

“I keep seeing all of these cases where the level of anger and violence shown by officers makes no sense,” Gilbertson says. “And when things don’t make sense, they don’t make sense for a reason…Maybe steroid rage is a reason so many police officers seem so angry and aggressive.”

Cops on the juice feel indestructible as if they have superhuman strength.

Or as the DEA puts it, “The idea of enhanced physical strength and endurance provides one with ‘the invincible mentality’ when performing law enforcement duties.”

Starting to make sense now?

“Reasonable suspicion should be raised if they shoot somebody or beat the living daylights out of somebody,” Dan Handelman, a founding member of Portland Copwatch told Alternet. “In some of these recent cases, the officers seemed to be pumped up and were not necessarily working in a calm and level-headed manner. We wonder how much of this was coming from natural adrenaline and how much coming from other substances.”

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WHISTLEBLOWER: Leftists have a secret plan to legalize child sex trafficking… all in the name of "love"

Image: WHISTLEBLOWER: Leftists have a secret plan to legalize child sex trafficking… all in the name of “love”

(Natural News)
The rapid rise of anything-goes liberalism – the idea that absolutely nothing is off-limits, so long as it defies conventional norms in some way – has driven at least one self-identifying feminist to ally with the unlikeliest of bedfellows: a prominent Christian magazine.

Natasha Chart, a 43-year-old board chair of the radical feminist group Women’s Liberation Front, recently spoke to The Christian Post reporter Brandon Showalter about some of the growing divisions within leftist circles. One of these divisions centers around the legalization of child sex trafficking, to which Chart is diametrically opposed.

One would think that wanting to keep young children out of the sex trade would be something that everyone supports, extreme leftists and devout conservatives alike. But Chart apparently found out the hard way that child sex trafficking is one of the left’s newest “virtues,” and that opposing it, even as a far-left feminist, simply won’t be tolerated.

In a nutshell, Chart says she was fired from her political advocacy job at a company known as RH Reality Check, now known as Rewire.News, for expressing opposition to the growing push to legalize allowing children to sell their bodies for sex.

As a former Jehovah’s Witness, Chart says she’s well-versed in cult-like behavior and manipulative tactics, insisting that all of this is present in the feminist circles where child sex work is supported. Those like herself who oppose it either have to keep it to themselves or else face ostracization and other repercussions.

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The full details of Chart’s tempestuous journey in liberal la-la land as an opposer of child sex work are available at But suffice it to say that Chart was basically driven out of her work for essentially exposing the secret mission of extreme leftists to normalize child sex slavery.

“The progressive press won’t touch it, the regular press doesn’t seem to follow these issues, and self-publishing a story like this would likely have been pointless,” Chart told The Post.

“And I know most of the audience of a publication like The Christian Post might not sympathize with my political views, but I would rather hope that everyone reading would look beyond me, and to the institutional rot of a political edifice that was so easily taken over by a sex industry advocacy that’s alien to its founding principles.”

Mainstream liberal feminist is diametrically opposed to freedom of thought

What’s interesting about the whole thing is that, despite all the rhetoric about giving the marginalized a “voice,” the feminists and liberals working within the confines of organizations that are pushing for the legalization of child sex work are prohibited from using theirs.

Chart says that she came to realize that not only was she prohibited in her former job from speaking her own opinions on the matter, but so were her colleagues. Those who hold “unpopular opinions” in opposition to child sex trafficking are routinely marginalized and muzzled, similar to what she experienced as a former Jehovah’s Witness.

“There was this really intense policing about who you are allowed to talk to, who you are allowed to know,” Chart says about what goes on in some of the more mainstream feminist circles, “whose arguments you are allowed to respond to, who is allowed to quote whom. It was a disturbing sort of social experiment.”

After repeated attempts to try to reason with both her colleagues and superiors, Chart learned that there simply isn’t room for free thinking in these liberal feminist echo chambers, especially when it comes to opposing anti-women movements like transgenderism. Everyone is expected to fall in line or else leave, which is ultimately what drove Chart to seek refuge in telling her story at The Post.

Chart also says that what’s calling itself feminism these days is more of a reactionary movement of people who hold an “oppositional, rebellious son perspective” of life. “Women have been bullied into accepting this Anything Goes mentality as feminism because you get criticized as a prude if you don’t.”

Be sure to read the full article at this link.

Sources for this article include:



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Billionaire-Backed Sex Trafficking Cult Partied With Richard Branson on His Private Island


Last week, The Free Thought Project reported that a celebrity sex cult backed by billionaires has been accused of trafficking children. The leaders of the organization, Keith Raniere and Smallville actress Allison Mack were arrested and charged with child sex trafficking and slavery.

Now that Raniere is in jail and Mack is on bail and ordered not to have any contact with other cult members, Clare Bronfman has taken on the role of leader within the organization. Bronfman and her sister, Sarah, are the primary backers of the cult, funding the organization with hundreds of millions of dollars. The Bronfman sisters are among multiple heirs to the Seagrams liquor fortune.

One of the main whistleblowers in the case is Frank Parlato, a former NXIVM publicist who has been leaking verifiable information to the press through his blog Frank Report. In a new post this week, Parlato provided evidence of another interesting connection in this case—Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson.

According to Parlato, the organization hosted multiple events on Branson’s private island, Necker Island. Although Branson denies any connection with the group and claims that he was not present at the events on the island, he is quoted in an endorsement on one of Raniere’s websites, and there are photos of him with NXIVM members.

“The tools you have for compassionately dealing with complex ethical and global issues are not only unique but also extremely valuable. This, along with a program of coordinated, organized resources, makes for an innovative approach to transforming our society. I think your founding event will be extraordinary and potentially world-changing!” Branson said of Raniere.

Parlato says that this quote was given in connection to one of Raniere’s events on Necker Island, which was also attended by Allison Mack, and the Bronfman sisters. Parlato also provided photos of Branson with NXIVM members on the island, including Sara Bronfman.

However, before this evidence surfaced, Branson vehemently denied any connection with the organization. Many news sources initially reported on the events at Necker Island, but Branson forced multiple outlets to retract the information.

After removing mentions of Branson, many sources published his statement, which read:

“There is no association between Keith Raniere and Sir Richard Branson and Sir Richard has no recollection of ever taking part in a seminar hosted by NXIVM. Clare and Sara Bronfman did hire Necker Island several years ago and we understand they hosted a gathering for team members of NXIVM. The island is available for hire by the public and this was one of many gatherings held on the island over the years by various groups from across the world. Sir Richard was not aware of any of the allegations against NXIVM or its leader whatsoever and did not himself host any intensive courses for the group.”

According to Parlato, Nancy Salzman was at one of the events and saw Branson there.

“Nancy said she did the teaching by day. But she said he became increasingly restless and hosted really crazy parties that started earlier and earlier. The classes started at 7 a.m. and were supposed to run to 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. but everyone was up late at night and no one wanted to show up on time. Salzman said that at Sir Richard’s parties some of the women gave pole dancing performances,” he said.

Parlato also said that the Bronfman sisters were hoping to recruit Branson into the organization.

“Part of the reason they staged NXIVM seminars on Necker was NXIVM hoped to recruit Branson into the organization. Branson would have been the biggest score they ever had—a billionaire businessman. Several group members, including co-founder Nancy Salzman, Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Emiliano Salinas and others went to Necker for two seminars in 2007 and 2010. They partied hard with Branson too,” Parlato said.

Branson’s island is a popular vacation destination for politicians and celebrities. Just last week, Kanye West talked about hanging out with Barack Obama on the island. Sara Bronfman reportedly paid $250,000 per visit for use of the entire island.

While it is possible that Branson had no clue about the group’s illegal activities, it is interesting that he was so quick to deny any connection to the group and its members when he was obviously a present participant in at least one of these events at Necker Island.

Since the grim details of the cult have come to light, more high-level connections, both big and small, continue to be revealed. Last week it was reported that former Trump adviser Roger Stone worked as a lobbyist for the group for two months in 2007, however, Stone claims that he broke from the group after refusing to take a class.

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Former New Jersey Cop Busted in FBI Sting, Charged with Child Sex Trafficking


Hazlet, NJ — A retired NJ police officer who was drawing nearly $80,000 a year in pension has been arrested on child sex trafficking charges. James Keenan, 47, was arrested this week for sex trafficking a teenage girl.

Keenan was indicted for the following crimes: Sex Trafficking of a Child, Attempted Sex Trafficking of a Child and Attempted Enticement. Considered a fugitive from justice, Keenan was apparently on the run when his fellow boys in blue caught up with him in NJ.

According to the Beaverton Police Department bulletin on the case:

The indictment and arrest follow a month long investigation by detectives from the Beaverton Police Department and the FBI Child Exploitation Task Force. This is an ongoing investigation. The underage victim is being provided services to help during her recovery process.

While few details concerning the victim in the case have emerged, the arrest was a collaborative effort involving the FBI and several state and local law enforcement agencies. According to the bulletin:

Portland FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force, CETF, is a law-enforcement partnership that is dedicated to identifying and arresting child predators, recovering minor victims of sex trafficking and on-line exploitation, and addressing sexual exploitation. The CETF consists of FBI agents, detectives, and officers from Portland-area agencies that have a firm commitment in addressing child exploitation. The member agencies are Beaverton Police Department, Portland Police Bureau, Tigard Police Department, Hillsboro Police Department, and the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office.

How the alleged child sex trafficker was caught remains a mystery. However, as TFTP has reported extensively, the FBI allegedly maintains a child pornography website for those purposes.

According to the Dallas News Daryl Pawlak was caught up in the FBI’s sting operation. His attorney cried foul when he learned the FBI was the purveyor of the images his client was accused of downloading. In court documents his attorney decried the entrapment scheme:

Not only was the government the largest distributor of child pornography … it was also the largest exploiter of children…This conduct is the essence of outrageousness, and a serious need for deterrence exists.

Few victims of pedophiles and child-sex predators and traffickers will likely have any sympathy for neither Keenan nor Pawlak, but the overarching question remains. Should the FBI be in the business of exploiting children to catch online predators and pedophiles, or should they be shutting down such sites?

TFTP’s Justin Gardner addressed the question with more facts about the FBI’s operations. The agency ran a kiddie porn site for two weeks in 2016, disseminating disgusting child pornography to over 215,000 individuals. Later, the agency only arrested 25 people on child porn charges. Are the number of arrests valuable enough to warrant the federal government’s involvement in distributing child pornography?

In 2017, TFTP uncovered a loophole some lawyers are using to allow their clients, accused of possessing child pornography, to walk free. Jay Michaud’s lawyers successfully argued in court their client should not be held accountable for his child pornography possession charges since it was the FBI which was running the sting operation.

When Michaud’s lawyers asked the federal government to turn over its Network Investigative Technique (NIT), judge Bryan then suppressed all evidence the government presented using the NIT and Michaud was allowed to walk away a free man.

When it comes to pedophilia and child pornography, there are absolutely zero scenarios where the exploitation of a baby, child, or adolescent is tolerable under natural law. At the same time, under no circumstances should the FBI be in the business of disseminating child pornography to American citizens in the hopes of luring someone, tempting someone into giving in to their sick curiosities.

Keenan now becomes one of countless other government agents and former government agents to be arrested for crimes against children.

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Cult Leader Charged with Sex Trafficking

Cult Leader Charged with Sex Trafficking

March 29th, 2018

Via: BBC:

Keith Raniere, the leader of an elusive US self-help group, has been arrested by the FBI in Mexico and charged with sex trafficking.

Federal prosecutors allege Mr Raniere oversaw a “slave and master” system in his group called Nxivm, where female members were expected to have sex with him and were branded with his initials.

He is expected to appear in court on the charges in Texas on Tuesday.

Mr Raniere left the country last year after former members spoke to US media.

A number of women came forward for an investigation published in the New York Times newspaper in October, which led to the United States attorney’s office in Brooklyn opening an investigation into the group.

After the piece, a letter by Mr Raniere denied any such practices were sanctioned by the group and said an independent investigation found “no merit” to the allegations.

What is Nxivm?
On its website Nxivm (pronounced nexium) describes itself as a “community guided by humanitarian principles that seek to empower people and answer important questions about what it means to be human.”

Based in Albany in upstate New York, the group was founded as Executive Success Programs in 1998 and says it has worked with more than 16,000 people.

Members of the group are reported to include wealthy heiresses, the son of a former Mexican president and Hollywood actresses.

Research Credit: Eileen




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Investigation of Massive Child Trafficking Ring Exposes Police Facilitating Horrific Abuse of 1,000 Kids


A jaw-dropping independent investigation has revealed that hundreds of children, some as young as 11-years-old, are estimated to have been drugged, beaten, and raped over the last several decades in a single town. According to the investigation, the abuse was allowed and is continued to be allowed because authorities look the other way.

The investigation claims that allegations dating back to the 1980s were mishandled by authorities, who repeatedly failed to punish a network of abusers, according to the Telegraph. 

Countless victims and former victims have come forward detailing their abuse and the current abuse taking place in the British town of Telford.

In what is being referred to as “Britain’s biggest ever child abuse scandal,” the evidence is so damning that Lucy Allan, the Conservative MP for Telford, has called for an inquiry into child sexual exploitation. According to the Telegraph, Allan calls the latest reports “extremely serious and shocking.”

This is the second time Allan has called for such an investigation.

“There must now be an independent inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford so that our community can have absolute confidence in the authorities,” she told the Sunday Mirror.

However, according to the victims, they have very little confidence in the authorities as they have looked the other way for the last four decades.

As the Telegraph reports:

The investigation claims that allegations dating back to the 1980s were mishandled by authorities in Telford, who repeatedly failed to punish a network of abusers. Victims claimed that similar abuse, which has been linked to three murders and two other deaths, has continued in the area.

According to the investigation, social workers were aware of the abuse in the 90’s and did nothing to stop it. Furthermore, police allowed the abuse to continue for more than a decade before they launched Operation Chalice which looked into child prostitution in Telford but only led to the arrests of a handful of men.

The abuse continued because government officials considered the sex-trafficked children “prostitutes” so they didn’t care about them. When asked why they didn’t keep details of the abusers, the council allegedly claimed that they did not want to be accused of racism.

It is also claimed that abused and trafficked children were considered “prostitutes” by council staff, that authorities did not keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of being accused of “racism” and that police failed to investigate one recent case five times until an MP intervened.

“These children were treated as sexual commodities by men who inflicted despicable acts of abuse. The survivors deserve an inquiry,” Dino Nocivelli, a specialist child abuse solicitor said. “They need to know how abuse took place for so long and why so many perpetrators have never been brought to justice.”

A dozen victims spoke with the paper and accused more than 70 abusers. A 14-year-old girl detailed her abuse, describing how she became pregnant twice as she was being trafficked and forced to have abortions.

“Hours after my second termination, I was taken by one of my abusers to be raped by more men”, she said.

“Night after night, I was forced to have sex with multiple men in disgusting takeaways and filthy houses. I must have been getting the morning after pill from a local clinic at least twice a week but no one asked any questions.

“I was told that if I said a word to anyone they’d come for my little sisters and tell my mum I was a prostitute.”

Martin Evans, Assistant Chief Constable for West Mercia Police told the Sunday Mirror that “Tackling such horrific offences is the number one priority for police in Telford.

“We have not only increased officer numbers to tackle this type of offending, but use all of our available resources and technology available to prosecute anyone who sexually offends against children whether that offending took place today, yesterday or decades ago.”

However, according to the victims, the last thing they are receiving is help from authorities.

Multiple victims have come forward to claim they named their abusers and were simply ignored by police. As the Telegraph reports, one (victim) said that she left the investigation because she was not “emotionally supported” by the police. The other claimed officers deterred her from pursuing her request for evidence after they learnt she had contacted the paper.

Child trafficking and abuse in the United Kingdom is a horrifyingly common practice. As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, authorities are either ignoring most of it, or, they are complicit in the abuse.

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CIA Is World’s Biggest Drug Trafficking Organization, Expert Warns

CIA Usurped Military Guarding Opium Poppies Afghanistan

The CIA has been one of the world’s biggest illegal drug trafficking organizations in the world for decades, a leading American analyst has warned.

The Central Intelligence Agency has involved itself in drug trafficking since the spy agency was formed in 1947, journalist and political analyst Stephen Lendman claims. reports: “It has billions of dollars in its budget already through conducting mischief on a worldwide basis…and it gets more money by trafficking drugs, selling to people who harm themselves egregiously by using this stuff,” Lendman said.

Juan Pablo Escobar, the son of Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, a Colombian drug lord who was one the wealthiest criminals in history, says his father “worked for the CIA.”

In a new book, “Pablo Escobar In Fraganti,” Escobar explains his “father worked for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the [US] fight against Communism in Central America.”

Africa ~ This diamond gold area made famous in James Bond’s “Diamonds Are Forever” ~ a diamond smuggling operation that still goes on financing CIA’s al-Qaeda

“What the CIA was doing was buying the controls to get the drug into their country and getting a wonderful deal,” he says.

“He did not make the money alone, but with US agencies that allowed him access to this money. He had direct relations with the CIA,” says Escobar, who lives under the pseudonym, Juan Sebastián Marroquín.

“My father had an active participation, among them with the American CIA,” he said in a recent interview.

The CIA’s alleged role in trafficking cocaine into the United States was revealed in 1996 in a controversial investigative series “Dark Alliance” by journalist Gary Webb for the San Jose Mercury News.

The investigation exposed ties between the CIA, Nicaraguan contra rebels and the crack epidemic that ravaged black communities in the US from the late 1980s until the early 1990s.

The investigation sparked massive protests and congressional hearings, as well as criticism from the mainstream US media to discredit Webb’s reporting.


Related News:

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Washington Just Legalized Human Trafficking, Babies Can Now Be Bought and Sold Commercially


“House Democrats voted to legalize the purchase and sale of human babies.” – 42nd District Rep. Luanne Van Werven, R-Lynden.

Washington — When most people think about surrogacy, they imagine a loving infertile or same-sex couple, unable to have children, who need a surrogate mother to give them a baby. Surrogacy has long been an amazing gift for those unable to have babies. However, when laws are passed that commercialize the separation of babies from their birth mother, very real risks to children arise.

When it comes to surrogacy laws in the United States, Washington is proving to be a third world country. Over the years, as countries have legalized “commercial surrogacy,” once they realize the horrors that it creates, they proceed to ban it as it creates a market for children to be bought and sold like commodities with no oversight as to where the babies end up.

After watching children being openly sold to human traffickers, in 2015, both Thailand and Nepal banned the act. In 2016, Mexico also banned commercial surrogacy, followed by India last year, and Cambodia this week. 

The bans are a result of watching what happens when such laws are in place as it quite literally legalizes the buying and selling of children and creates a market for human trafficking. In spite of these bans, however, the “baby buyers” don’t go away, they just move their lobbying to other markets—and their sights have been set on Washington state.

As the Lynden-Tribune reports, last week, the Washington State House of Representatives approved legislation modifying the procedures for determining certain aspects of the legal parent-child relationship, known as the Washington Uniform Parentage Act. The bill makes changes to surrogacy agreements, allowing for “commercial surrogacy,” say 10 House Republican women including 42nd District Rep. Luanne Van Werven, R-Lynden.

Many legislators called the bill the most disturbing policy they have ever considered in their careers.

In a press release this week, lawmakers voiced their dissent, noting:

“The exchange of funds for carrying and giving birth to a child undermines the human dignity and rights of the mother and child. This type of business transaction is very different from altruistic surrogacy, which is a compassionate act of generosity and sacrifice that does not involve for-profit payment.

“In an effort to protect women and their children, Republicans offered 14 amendments that would have shielded women from this type of exploitation and prohibited the sale and purchase of children in our state. Sadly, they were all rejected on party-line votes.”

In spite of the disturbing nature of the bill, it passed the house by a vote of 50-47 and is now on the governor’s desk.

After the bill’s passage, house member Van Werven did not mince words when she noted that the bill quite literally legalizes the sale of babies.

“I would say that ‘human decency’ died in the dark this morning around 1 a.m. at your WA State Capitol. House Democrats voted to legalize the purchase and sale of human babies. In the six years I’ve served in the WA State House of Representatives, I have never been more disgusted by such a sinister piece of legislation,” Van Werven wrote.

“Currently in WA, any woman can offer to be a surrogate mother for couples who want a baby. Today, it is done out of altruistic giving, love, compassion and caring on the part of the surrogate mother. … For House Republicans, this bill was a matter of conscience. We all voted ‘no’ to protect the womb from being monetized and commercialized. This bill sets virtually no limits on the amount people will be able to sell or purchase a human baby for.”

What have we become as a state, selling human babies to the highest bidder? Is this who we are? I asked these questions on the House floor during the final debate. In its current form as it passed out of the House, the bill even permits convicted felons to purchase human babies.”

While it is certainly any mother’s right to give her child up for adoption, or to have a surrogate child for an infertile couple, removing the commercial incentive serves as a barrier to breeding babies for the sole purpose of trafficking.

Because of the loopholes in commercial surrogacy laws, the “parents” who purchase the babies do not undergo the same screenings as parents who are trying to adopt. Instead, they simply create a contract, pay money, and purchase a baby. Anyone with enough money—including human traffickers—will be able to go to Washington state, starting on Jan. 1, 2019, and purchase a human baby, no questions asked.

As the website ThemBeforeUs points out, we will never be able to track who is buying these children and where they are being taken. We won’t know the outcome for a child/children purchased by a man, grown in the uterus of a woman desperately in need of money. We won’t know that he left with the child, or multiple children, with the sole intent to sell them for sex. We won’t know that he has turned to surrogacy instead of plucking children off the street at the Port Authority bus terminal in order to prostitute them. Conveniently for him, “intended parent” offers far fewer entanglements than does kidnapping runaways.

If you think this sounds alarmist, consider the fact that people have been caught using commercial surrogacy ‘‘for the sole purpose of exploitation.’’ A couple in Austraila was sentenced to 40 years in prison after they were found to have bought a baby through commercial surrogacy and then sold him for sex almost immediately after he was born. This little boy was born into a world of sexual abuse that went on for years all thanks to the commercialization of children.

Ironically enough, lawmakers across the United States and in Washington are pushing for stricter background checks when people purchase guns but as this law illustrates, if you want to buy a baby, no background check is needed. A crisis of consciousness indeed.

If you’d like to call Gov. Jay Inslee to urge him to veto SB 6037, the governor’s office phone number is 360-902-4111.

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