Trump Campaign Chair & Fmr State Sen. Indicted for Child Sex Trafficking and Child Porn


Moore, OK — This week, former Oklahoma Sen. Ralph Shortey was accused in a federal indictment of multiple counts of child sex trafficking and child pornography offenses. He is now facing the possibility of a minimum prison stay of 15 years.

After the federal grand jury meeting in Oklahoma City returned their four indictments this week, Shorty, 35, pleaded not guilty. He wiped away tears as officials read out his child sex trafficking and child pornography offenses.

Despite being caught in the act Super 8 motel room in Moore, Oklahoma, Shortey was released after agreeing to a series of stringent conditions including wearing an ankle monitor and having his computer monitored. He also must stay away from all children except his own.

As TFTP previously reported, the charges came after Shortey was busted in a motel room in March with an underage boy.

The investigation was launched when the teen boy’s parents called police after finding disturbing text messages between him and their son. When police began their investigation into the texts, they found Senator Ralph Shortey in a motel room with the boy.

As KOCO 5 reported at the time, police obtained a search warrant that was served during the investigation. Using the search warrant, police said they found the juvenile’s Kindle Fire tablet that contained conversations between him and Shortey pertaining to sexual activities in exchange for money. The tablet was seized as evidence.

During the raid on the hotel room, the boy admitted to selling weed to Shortey in the past and said he had known him for about a year. When police searched the Kindle found in the room, they found evidence of Shortey attempting to solicit “sexual” stuff from the underage teen.

Police also noted that they smelled marijuana and found a backpack with a bottle of lotion and condoms, according to the report.

Shortey, who has been a senator since 2010, is no stranger to media coverage, as his controversial bills have garnered him quite a bit of attention over the years. Shortey was also the state chair of President Donald Trump’s campaign during the primary elections.

“I am proud and honored to have been tapped as Chairman of the campaign for Oklahoma,” Shortey wrote on his Facebook Sept. 2015, according to The Lost Ogle. “We are very excited for the opportunity to have Mr. Trump here,” he said, announcing a rally for Trump at the Oklahoma State Fair.

Shortey resigned only weeks after the scandal began to unfold and he maintains his innocence despite the horrific child pornography found on his devices. According to News Oklahoma,

The federal grand jury accused Shortey in the first child pornography count of using his smartphone in October 2013 to email a video of a man engaging in sexually explicit conduct with a prepubescent girl.

He is accused in the second child pornographic count of using his smartphone that same month to email sexually explicit videos of young boys.

He is accused in the third child pornography count of persuading the boy he later took to the Moore hotel to send him an inappropriate picture.

He is accused in the child sex trafficking count of soliciting that boy in March to engage in a commercial sex act. The boy is identified in the indictment only as “John Doe.”

Since he was elected in 2010, the senator has led a secret double life, according to the indictment. For over seven years, through a series of fake names and fake email addresses, Shortey dealt in child pornography and began soliciting minors.

As news Oklahoma reports, federal prosecutors revealed in a court filing Wednesday that the investigation found Shortey communicated “with numerous individuals, many of whom appear to be underage boys.”

While Shortey faces a minimum of 15 years behind bars if he is convicted of one charge, if he is convicted of all the charges against him, he will be in prison for life— a charge fitting for a man who takes pleasure in watching the suffering of young children.

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National Crime Agency: Slavery and human trafficking in ‘every large UK town and city’


Forced prostitution “could be happening on your street,” the National Crime Agency (NCA) has warned, as it revealed modern slavery and human trafficking in the UK is far more prevalent than previously thought.

The NCA released figures on Thursday showing there are currently more than 300 live policing operations targeting modern slavery in the UK, with cases affecting “every large town and city in the country.”

Modern slavery includes those who have been trafficked, held in forced labor, or criminally or sexually exploited. It said previous estimates that there were 10,000-13,000 victims in the UK were just the “tip of the iceberg.”

“The more we look, the more we find,” said William Kerr, the NCA’s director of vulnerabilities.

“The growing body of evidence we are collecting points to the scale being far larger than anyone had previously thought. The intelligence we are gaining is showing that there are likely to be far more victims out there.”

The NCA says the growth in modern slavery is being driven by international gangs recognizing the amount of money they can make by controlling people within a huge range of economic sectors rather than just dealing drugs.

It warned that the key sectors for slavery now included food processing, fishing, agriculture, construction, domestic and care workers, and car washes.

“This is a crime that affects all types of communities across every part of the United Kingdom. It is difficult to spot because often victims don’t even know they are being exploited,” Kerr said.

A surge in operational activity focusing on labor and sexual exploitation coordinated by the NCA through May and June led to 111 arrests in the UK, and some 130 people being encountered who may be considered as victims.

Linked activity also took place on mainland Europe, resulting in around 40 further arrests and the launch of 25 further investigations.

The announcement comes as the NCA launches an advertising campaign raising awareness of the signs of modern slavery in everyday life.

It says these can be the manner of a person’s dress, visible signs of injuries, signs of stress, and the manner in which they had come to work in a particular area.

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Massive US Sex Trafficking Bust Ensnares Over 1,000—Including Law Enforcement and Clergy


From Seattle to Tuscaloosa, police arrested more than 1,000 people in just one month — including a law enforcement officer and pastor — as part of a sweeping crackdown on child sex offenders, and juvenile and adult sex trafficking in the United States.

Police from 37 departments in 17 states participated in the annual National Johns Suppression Initiative — a regular effort to ostensibly crack down on human trafficking and illegal sex work — rescuing 81 adult and child victims and arresting 1,020 people from Seattle to Chicago, and Texas to Tuscaloosa in the month-long effort spearheaded by Cook County, Illinois, Sheriff Thomas J. Dart.

Harris County, Texas, saw the largest number of people arrested, 170, while police in Seattle nabbed 160 alleged perpetrators and authorities throughout Cook County, seat of Chicago, arrested 141.

“Three brothels were shut down in Cook County by the sheriff’s office and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the sheriff’s office said. Three people were charged with operating brothels and four others were charged with patronizing them. Six adult victims were offered help,” CBS News reports.

Meanwhile, CNN reports, “In Arizona, officials said more than 400 people were discouraged from buying sex when they received texts, calls or Web browser redirects informing them about the impact of the illegal sex industry.

“Dart announced Thursday that his office will begin efforts to create a public database that lists sex buyers who are caught for a second or subsequent time.”

Reports say more than 8,000 people have been arrested during the National Johns Suppression Initiative — just since 2011 — as the project continues taking aim at human trafficking and prostitution by arresting patrons, johns, pimps, and other sex offenders, while finding victims the assistance they may need.

On the surface, the news of more than 1,000 arrests sounds productive, if not sorely needed; but, scratch the gilding from this supposed payoff, and controversy — particularly that surrounding what many now view as an anachronistic view of sex work — bubbles furiously to the top.

As Elizabeth Nolan Brown pointed out sardonically for Reason, following a previous johns bust in 2015, “These coordinated efforts to entrap people around the country lead to large initial arrest-counts, ensuring them prominent placement in U.S. media. But few outlets ask questions about specific charges, merely accepting police PR that these were predators arrested and not largely adult men and women trying to have consensual sex. Nor do many folks follow up on the results of these stings. If they did, it would become clear that the ‘National John Suppression Initiative’ has naught to do with stopping sexual exploitation of minors.”

Charlotte Alter, who accompanied police during stings for the initiative in Cook County for TIME Magazine, notes, “some human rights organizations, most recently Amnesty International, advocate for the decriminalization of all aspects of sex work, including buying sex.”

Indeed, the International watchdog organization published its policy on protection of the world’s sex workers in 2015. Reiterating the contents of that policy in May last year, Amnesty wrote,

“The policy makes several calls on governments including for them to ensure protection from harm, exploitation and coercion; the participation of sex workers in the development of laws that affect their lives and safety; an end to discrimination and access to education and employment options for all.

“It recommends the decriminalization of consensual sex work, including those laws that prohibit associated activities—such as bans on buying, solicitation and general organization of sex work. This is based on evidence that these laws often make sex workers less safe and provide impunity for abusers with sex workers often too scared of being penalized to report crime to the police. Laws on sex work should focus on protecting people from exploitation and abuse, rather than trying to ban all sex work and penalize sex workers.”

One approach against the illicit sex industry, called the “Nordic Model,” developed in Norway and practiced by authorities in Canada, combats the entangled issues of human trafficking and consensual sex work — by arresting and penalizing customers and pimps, rather than prostitutes, who receive job and other assistance instead of jail time.

Authorities across the U.S. have employed the Nordic Model — including the head of the initiative. TIME reports,

“Dart only has jurisdiction in Cook County, but he’s encouraging officers from all over the country to try the buyer-focused approach. Some cities, like Seattle, have developed their own versions of this strategy but traded notes with Dart. Others, like Phoenix, Cincinnati and Houston, followed Dart’s lead on demand suppression. More than 70 agencies have participated in at least one of Dart’s operations, with more than 2,900 buyers arrested across all jurisdictions since 2011. […]

“Some human rights groups take issue with this approach. On August 11 [2015], Amnesty International voted to recommend the complete decriminalization of prostitution, both for the buyers and sellers, saying that criminal laws against the consensual adult sex trade violates the human rights of sex workers. While UNAIDS and the World Health Organization have previously called for the decriminalization of sex work for public health reasons (in order to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases), and other groups have advocated the same, Amnesty International is the first major international human rights group to issue a full-throated global public policy recommendation for lifting laws against buying and selling of sex purely on humans rights grounds. Amnesty can’t make or enforce laws, but its recommendations carry international weight.”

Fraught doesn’t begin to describe contention internationally over sex work, human trafficking, child exploitation, and similar issues; but, while heavy-handed operations like the Johns Initiative perform a vital role in rescuing victims who might otherwise have slipped through the cracks or gone unnoticed, human rights advocates maintain the only means to combat sexual, criminal exploitation of youth and adults is to legalize sex work — making regulation, health screenings, insurance, and other benefits available to adults in a voluntary profession — theoretically freeing authorities to target child predators and other offenders.

Theoretically, decriminalization of sex work would play out similarly to that of drugs — a decade-long attempt by Portugal to stem violence, curb prison populations, and rein in an addiction epidemic proved taking punitive drug laws off the books works: the nation achieved all three goals and more. Advocates of legalized sex work posit a similar result, with police free to throw resources at cases of true exploitation and trafficking.

Detractors contend elevating prostitution to acceptable will exacerbate the issue by orders of magnitude, by fueling a parallel black market — similar to reports legal cannabis areas of the U.S. have reinvigorated illicit sales.

Undoubtedly, dragnets targeting prostitution and human trafficking serve victims by connecting them to the appropriate aid and locking true abusers and exploiters away from further criminal activity. Indeed, there are enough stories on a weekly basis, in America and across the globe, that show an epidemic of child exploitation is fostering and in dyer need of being brought to a halt.

However, it’s imperative to keep in mind corporate media’s penchant for shock and awe to deliver a criminally oversimplified version of exceedingly complex truths — and the National Johns Suppression Initiative has thus far been no exception.

Disingenuously presenting a law enforcement operation as only good cheats the child and adult trafficking victims who could have been rescued — were consensual sex work not a focus of policing at all.

“We realize that decriminalization is not a magic bullet for all of the harms faced by sex workers,” wrote Margaret Huang, Amnesty International USA’s interim executive director, in response to a criticism appearing in Rolling Stone of the organization’s advocacy of legal sex work, in June 2016. “Which is why our policy also calls for governments to protect sex workers from harm, exploitation and coercion, and calls for education and employment options for sex workers. Sex workers must also have a say in developing laws that affect their lives and safety. But without decriminalization, they cannot expect equal treatment under the law to achieve these ends.”

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German Migrant Ship Seized in Italy for Human Trafficking as Invasion Reaches 116,246


The pro-invader ship Iuventa, organized and run by the crypto-communist German organization “Jugend Rettet,” has been seized by the Italian police guard in connection with charges of aiding illegal immigration, just as the nonwhite invasion force which has landed in Europe this year reached the 116,246 mark.

The Iuventa has long been involved in ferrying thousands of African scroungers pretending to be refugees into Europe, under the guise of “helping refugees”—even though none of the sub-Saharans are refugees in any sense of the word, and are merely aiming to parasite off the European welfare system.

Jugend Rettet is one of several non-government organizations (NGOs) conducting the illegal invader ferrying service in the Mediterranean that refused to sign a new code of conduct at the Italian interior ministry this week.

The code states that all NGOs have to allow an Italia police official to travel on each boat and a ban on moving rescued migrants from one aid vessel to another while still at sea. This simple procedure will stop the boats, all run by fanatic leftists intent on importing as many nonwhites as possible into Europe, from taking part in the ongoing invasion process.

According to a statement issued by the Italian ministry of the interior, the Iuventa was seized at the port of Lampedusa “for aiding illegal immigration.”

The statement said that the seizure had followed investigations “conducted using sophisticated techniques and investigative technologies,” which had shown that the “ship was habitually resident in the Libyan Sea and engaged in transhipping migrants on other ships, including in international waters.”

In other words, the shop had been tracked taking invaders from boats near the shore of Libya, and transporting them to other ships which then relayed the Africans to Europe.
“In most cases,” prosecutor Ambrose Cartosio explained, “operations are used to carry people escorted by Libyan traffickers.”

According to the United Nations’ International Organization for Migration (IOM), at least 116,246 nonwhites pretending to be refugees had invaded Europe as of July 30, 2017, since the beginning of this year.

Of this number, some 114,287 had landed by sea, and 1,959 by land.

The countries of first arrival, according to the IOM, were Italy, Greece, and Bulgaria. The main nationalities of the invaders were, in descendant order: To Italy: Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Gambia; To Greece: Syria, Iraq, Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Afghanistan; and to Bulgaria: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran.

In 2016, some 387,739 nonwhite scroungers had invaded Europe using these routes.



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Largest Sex Trafficking Ring in Western US Busted — Children Openly Sold ‘In Plain Sight’

[7/29/17/JAY SYRMOPOULOS]  A report of a missing teenager in Tulare County, California, in late 2016 culminated into the uncovering of one of the largest sex trafficking rings in the Western United States, according to an announcement by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday. Thirteen young women and girls, including the missing teen, were freed from captivity as a result of the extensive investigation.

The missing teenager’s disappearance, and subsequent discovery in a West Hollywood apartment in January, led investigators in the LA Sheriff’s Department to discover an extensive human sex trafficking network that extended from Nevada to California. During the course of the investigation, detectives discovered the ring used apartments in dozens of communities, including Burbank, West Hollywood, and Las Vegas, as brothels.

“Years ago, a human trafficking case of this magnitude was not likely,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said in a news conference in downtown. “We knew the more we looked, the more we would find.”

According to a report by the Los Angeles Daily News:

The six-month investigation by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force, and the California Department of Justice, has led to two arrests so far. Quinton Brown, 30, of Highland, and Gerald Turner, 32, of Fresno, were arrested on suspicion of 54 charges relating to sex trafficking, pimping, pandering, grand theft and identity theft.

The complaint, filed Wednesday by the California Attorney General’s office, alleges that Brown lured victims from the Central Valley as far back as in October and trafficked them throughout the state. Investigators also said:

• The 13 victims include eight minors who were sold for commercial sex.

• A 2017 Maserati Ghibli, a 2017 Maserati Levante, and a 2016 Porsche Panamera, all confiscated by investigators, were used in the ring and obtained through fraudulent means.

• Eight people were victims of identity theft.

• 16 sites across California and in Nevada were used as brothels as part of the ring.

Mia McNeil, 32, who police believe rented the apartments/brothels remains at large, according to McDonnell. Additionally, law enforcement believes she also leased high-end luxury vehicles to transport the ring’s sex slaves without raising suspicion.

McDonnell said that detectives uncovered that Brown and Turner “would traffic the victims in plain sight,” using the Internet to advertise the women they were attempting to sell.

“They are as young as 15 years old, bought and sold for commercial sex,” according to McDonnell.

Surprisingly, most of the victims of sex trafficking are born and raised in the U.S. At the news conference, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said 72 percent of the victims found in California say they are American.

“Human trafficking, which includes sex and labor trafficking, is one of the fasting growing crimes in the world. Its reach is not limited to foreign countries,” Becerra said. “In California, human trafficking is reported here in our state more than in any other.”

Law enforcement said the investigation is ongoing, as they attempt to uncover and arrest the individuals who solicited the young women and teenage sex slaves.

“The predators online that are looking for an 11 year old … these people are not the traditional johns that most people think of,” McDonnell said. “These are predators. These are child molesters that are out there taking advantage of some of the most vulnerable in society.”

The Los Angeles Daily News reports that:

Since the Los Angeles Regional Human Trafficking Task Force was established in 2015, there have been 697 arrests, and of those, about 30 percent were male buyers. In addition, there have been 185 victims rescued, a majority of them youths who were sex trafficked.

Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux said he has since met with one of the victims rescued, and she has received help and is back in school. But he implored parents to watch their children carefully, especially while they are on their mobile phones.

“To the parents, be vigilant,” Boudreaux said during the press conference. “Pay attention to what your children are doing online. Social networking is an environment for predators to prey on and exploit the innocence of our children.”

Of course, when even those tasked with protecting children — such as Raymond Liddy, 53, a California deputy attorney general — are arrested on charges of possessing child pornography; who is left to actually look out for the welfare and safety of the children?

In addition to being a California state prosecutor, Liddy is the son of a prominent Watergate figure—G. Gordon Liddy—who was an operative in President Richard Nixon‘s campaign attempt to burglarize the Democratic National Committee.

Raymond Liddy was arrested at his home and was charged in federal court with possessing images of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct, according to federal court documents obtained by Heavy. He was subsequently released from custody and placed on home detention with GPS monitoring after posting a $100,000 bond during his arraignment.

Even after taking down “one of the largest human trafficking rings on the West Coast,” there is a virtual certainty that this bust only barely scratches the surface. When high-level officials, tasked with prosecuting those that break the law, are accused of being the ones preying upon the innocent and weakest in society it makes one seriously question who is actually looking out for the victims.

Please share this story in an effort to raise awareness about the extreme scope of this constant and pervasive societal problem of the sexual trafficking of children!

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Italy gets OK from Tripoli to deploy boats to combat human trafficking operations from Libya


The Italian government has been officially invited by the UN-recognized government in Tripoli to assist in anti-human trafficking operations designed to help stem the flow of migrants across the Mediterranean in an unprecedented move.

A plan for the rapid deployment of Italian ships could be presented to the Cabinet in Rome as early as Friday, with a parliamentary vote on the issue possible as early as next week, Reuters reports.

Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni held a meeting with military chiefs and ministers Thursday to discuss “security, immigration and the Libyan situation.”

“It pleases me to know there is a lot of support in Europe to this new possibility,” he said.

Libya has continually refused access to EU ships, including those involved in Operation Sophia, which began in 2015 and targets smugglers operating in the area.

An estimated total of 600,000 migrants have reached Italy via the central Mediterranean route since 2014, a 7 percent increase for the same period year-on-year, reports the FT. Over 93,000 have arrived safely this year alone, but 2,208 people have died making the crossing since January, according to statistics from the International Organization for Migration.

Under the Law of the Sea, migrants rescued in international waters are brought to Italy and not returned to Libya as the country is not considered a safe place. To counteract this, Italy is calling on the UN to increase its presence in Libya and operate migrant camps that respect human rights.

Libya’s UN-backed Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj met with General Khalifa Haftar, who controls vast swathes of eastern Libya, in Paris on Wednesday in an effort to establish a peace deal that would pave the way for peaceful elections next year.

French President Emmanuel Macron chaired the meeting, which resulted in a ceasefire agreement being signed.

“It is very relevant news in the fight against human trafficking in Libya, if we respond positively. I believe this is necessary,”said Gentiloni said, playing down rumors of a rift between France and Italy over the proposed measures.

“If steps forward are made in Libya, the first country to be happy about this in Europe will be Italy,” he added.

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Over 100 Children Just Disappeared in UK – Sex Trafficking Fears Have Govt Scrambling


A child trafficking crisis in unfolding in the UK with over 100 children recently gone missing and experts warning that number is likely far greater. Charity and government officials are now frantically working to put the breaks on the problem as children are being bought and sold into slavery and sexual exploitation.

As the refugee crisis began to spike, as a direct result of Western foreign policy in the Middle East, the UK came up with the Dubs Amendment to allow children whose parents had been killed, a fast track route into the country to ensure their safety. However, the government grossly underestimated the difficult nature of placing so many children and the Dubs scheme was halted.

This inadequate planning led to hundreds of children being routed all over with government losing track and many of them falling into the hands of child traffickers.

“Now that the Dubs scheme has closed down and family reunification referrals are extremely delayed, these kids’ only real option is to jump on lorries,” Michael McHugh, the RYS coordination and child protection officer said to the Independent. “There are people here now who are doing business facilitating this, and they speak the children’s language.

“Young people are becoming more and more emboldened in their pursuit to cross, with many considering ‘work’ as a way to do it. One child here recently told me he was told by an adult male that if he could do some work he would be taken to the UK.”

This ‘work’, however, is little more than sex abuse and slavery. Authorities have found children working as slaves and some as young as 11-years-old, addicted to heroin.

“This is the tip of the iceberg,” said McHugh, who says the number of trafficked children is likely far higher.

Christine Beddoe, an adviser on tackling child trafficking who co-authored a report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trafficking and Modern Slavery, said children and young people in Calais are turning to smugglers “in desperation” to help them get out of their current situation, which she said ”can very quickly turn into a trafficking situation,” reports the Independent.

“Both in Calais and once they reach the UK, children and young people are falling victim to sexual exploitation, labor exploitation, criminal exploitation – it can be all three,” she said.

“Very high prices are demanded and if they don’t have families who can pay, then those young people are expected to do something to pay back that money, and then that turns into an exploitation situation.

“You can either pay your way if you’ve got money, or if you haven’t got money, the very same opportunistic criminals will still try to get you there. But then these children are locked into having to repay that debt.”

“One of the biggest problems that is hidden in the UK with victims of trafficking is the sexual exploitation of young boys,” she said. “Because in a lot of the countries they come from there is so much stigma about sexual abuse of males, victims are very reluctant to talk.

“But rampant sexual abuse that goes on, not only on the journey, but also here in the UK. This level of abuse is so hidden here that when the British Government under the Dubs scheme talked about the vulnerability criteria, they didn’t even mention about sexual abuse of male children,” Beddoe explained of the government’s lack of effectiveness.

“It’s hidden on a policy level. The whole political framework overlooks the vulnerability of boys from all sorts of different backgrounds being sexually abused, and that is one of the crises in this situation.”

Kevin Hyland, the UK’s Anti-Slavery Commissioner admits that the government is not doing enough to stop the rampant exploitation of children in the UK, according to the Independent. “We need to stop playing the blame game. It’s time to move from a culture of condemnation to one of responsibility. We have UN global goals – now is the time to put them into action,” he said.

The time for action is certainly now. As the Free Thought Project reported, according to a London top cop, Britain’s capital has become a hotspot for forced labor and sex slavery.

There are an estimated 13,000 victims of forced labor, sexual exploitation and domestic servitude in Britain, according to Government data and the police have no idea how to handle it.

The number of child trafficking victims has risen to a record high, according to data obtained by the UK’s National Referral Mechanism.

Sadly, the government has admitted it has no way of stopping it.

As the state scrambles to deal with the mass influx of refugees, they are missing the point entirely. Their foreign policy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria has created this flow of people who had their homes destroyed, parents killed, and towns taken over by terrorists.

These innocent people are forced from their countries and into European nations where cultural conflicts and trafficking situations arise and war is the underlying cause. No one mentions it either, leading many to believe it is by design.

Until these murderous and senseless wars and occupations are brought to a halt, the West’s refugee crisis will continue to worsen, as will the child trafficking, xenophobia, hatred, and violence.

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Breaking-Many Elite Headed to Prison for Child Sex Trafficking-Liz Crokin on the CSS



child sex trafficking children sold


Did you know that in Trump’s first 30 days in office, his people, mainly Attorney General Jeff Sessions, prosecuted 1,500 sex traffickers? To date, Trump/Sessions have prosecuted 3,500 child-sex-traffickers.

President Donald Trump issued an executive order giving the FBI extra power to crack down on human trafficking offenses.

“This should be one of the biggest stories in the national news. Instead, the mainstream media has barely, if at all, covered any of these mass pedophile arrests. This begs the question – why?” Liz Crokin wrote for on February  25th.

The numbers are “staggering” when compared to the less than 400 sex trafficking-related arrests made in 2014 according to the FBI.

My guest from this previous Sunday night was fired by Townhall, shortly after running this piece on Trump and his intent on going after pedophiles. Liz told me in a private conversation that she was told by Townhall officials that they would never cover the subject again even if the President made it a news item. This opens up a whole can of worms about this publication. What is Townhall hiding? Liz Crokin felt compelled to flee the country for her safety.

I covered this same topic on the same date as Liz Crokin.  The day before, President Trump announced that he was initiating a bold new initiative to go after child-sex-traffickers. I ran a video of the announcement on my Feb. 25th article. However, the video, a major announcement by the President of the United States has been scrubbed from the Internet. Any questions?

There Is Collusion Between the US and Russia- The NYT Is Correct

I tried to meet Liz Crokin for a long time and could not figure out why I could not reach her. The people that we know in common spoke of her professionalism and cooperative spirit. Then one day, my phone rings and it’s Liz Crokin. She had been in hiding as she revealed in the phone call. Why?  Because her life was in danger for covering  child-sex-trafficking and the involvement of the elite. In other words, she was treading on very thin ground, the kind thin ice that got Nancy

I have had a paradigm shift in my thinking regarding the establishment’s incessant and ridiculous Russian-collusion allegations against Trump. There is indeed collusion between Trump and Putin. On a previous interview with Liz Crokin, she stated that she was aware of a clear intent for Trump and Putin to work together to exterminate pedophilia from their respective countries. The previous evidence presented in this article speaks to this clear intent with regard to the direction both leaders are taking. There is the collusion, it is just that the mainstream media will never tell you the truth of what is really behind this collusion. The obvious goal of Deep State establishment is to keep the two world leaders apart on this issue because it exposes the raw evil that permeates our Deep State. Putin knows it, Trump knows, Liz Crokin knows it and now you know it.

The clear intent of the Deep State is not to just get Donald Trump impeached over the Russian collusion allegation, but to keep the 2 men apart.

In the following  interview, Liz stated that her research is telling her that prosecution of the elite is about ready to reach a frenzied pitch and many of them are headed to prison for their crimes against humanity.

This interview should be downloaded and shared among the masses. Here is the interview about the most heinous crime on the face of the planet.



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Police Hold Secret Ceremony Honoring Cops Involved in “Trafficking, Raping” Underage “Sex Slave”


Oakland, CA — An abused little girl was only 12-years-old when she was forced into the sex trade, forever altering the course of her life. For years, this little girl was “exploited by pimps” when she finally broke away and made it to an Oakland police officer. For a brief moment, she thought she was safe — but, according to a recent lawsuit, she was wrong.

When the young girl thought she was getting help, she was actually being brought into a depraved circle of cops from multiple departments who would continue to abuse her for years to come.

Instead of helping her, more than 30 other law enforcement officers “continued to traffic, rape, victimize and exploit a teenage girl who needed to be rescued,” according to a legal claim filed with the Oakland city attorney’s office. “Instead of helping [the teen] find a way out of exploitation, they furthered and deepened her spiral down into the sex trade,” the claim continued.

Now, as a recent report from the East Bay Express notes, some of the officers involved in covering up this explicit case of child sex trafficking are not only being promoted — but honored.

Knowing that if they conducted their honors ceremony in public, they would likely see a huge backlash, the Oakland police department held a secret ceremony in a church Friday.

Several of the officers honored at the ceremony were the same ones involved in covering up, mishandling, or otherwise participating in the sex-crime incident.

As the Express notes, two dozen protesters picketed the ceremony at the church’s entrance, accusing Mayor Libby Schaaf and the department of rewarding officers who should instead be punished.

“They seem to be resisting change,” said Gwen Hardy, a longtime Oakland resident who has been involved in efforts to reform the OPD since the 1980s, according to the Express. Hardy said the Coalition for Police Accountability, which spearheaded the creation of the city’s new police commission, met with Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick earlier this year. Kirkpatrick told the activists she wouldn’t hesitate to discipline, and even fire, bad cops.

“But why promote them?” Hardy asked.

Normally, when police officers honor themselves with awards and promotions, these events are broadcast out into the public light as to bolster their public image. However, when they are honoring those who facilitated a child sex scandal, they have to do it in secret. No media was allowed in the event and, in fact, they were forced to stand 50 yards away from the entrance.

As the Express noted, in the past, media were invited to these functions — not anymore.

Roland Holmgren was one of the officers honored at Friday’s ceremony for his recent promotion to captain.

Holmgren was one of the dozens of cops referred to in a special court investigator’s report as having mishandled the Celeste Guap case, in which multiple Oakland cops raped and trafficked a young woman, and illegally accessed department records, among other crimes, according to the Express.

Several other officers, including Capt. Kirk Coleman, who now runs the Internal Affairs Division, were in attendance. Coleman was also involved in the sex trafficking cover up and named in the report for failing to notify the District Attorney about the criminal behavior of the officers in the case.

The public became aware of the investigation after Guap went public and the investigation revealed a massive conspiracy to cover up the sexual abuse by dozens of California cops.

“It appears to be a cesspool here,” local attorney, John Burris, responsible for a 2003 federal probe into the Oakland police department said at the time. “But you gotta keep working at it to drain the swamps.”

As Oakland scrambles to hold on to what little shred of dignity they think they have left, moves like this one only serve to stoke the divide even further.

With sex trafficking on the rise in the United States, it is no wonder government is admitting they have no way to stop it. After all, if they are awarding police officers for covering up one of most reported on underage sex trafficking cases in the country, why on earth would we expect them to do anything to stop it?

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