Putin orders to end trade in US dollars at Russian seaports

To protect the interests of stevedoring companies with foreign currency obligations, the government was instructed to set a transition period before switching to ruble settlements.

According to the head of Russian antitrust watchdog FAS Igor Artemyev, many services in Russian seaports are still priced in US dollars, even though such ports are state-owned.

The proposal to switch port tariffs to rubles was first proposed by the president a year and a half ago. The idea was not embraced by large transport companies, which would like to keep revenues in dollars and other foreign currencies because of fluctuations in the ruble.

Artemyev said the decision will force foreigners to buy Russian currency, which is good for the ruble.

In 2016, his agency filed several lawsuits against the largest Russian port group NMTP. According to FAS, the group of companies set tariffs for transshipment in dollars and raised tariffs from January 2015 “without objective grounds.”

The watchdog ruled that NMTP abused its dominant position in the market and imposed a 9.74 billion rubles fine, or about $165 million at the current exchange rate. The decision was overturned by a court in Moscow in July this year.

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Trump trade: Offers to sign DACA in exchange for the wall


The promise to build a “big, beautiful wall” on the US-Mexico border continues to be an albatross around the neck of Donald Trump’s Administration as “establishment” Republican and Democratic leaders in Congress continue to push back against his plan for the wall — which was the centerpiece of his unprecedented victory in the 2016 election — despite unyielding pressure from the same voters that brought him that victory, who still expect now-President Trump to keep his promise.

But after meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to discuss plans to give amnesty to the hundreds of thousands of “Dreamers” who came to this country illegally as children, rumors began to circulate that President Trump would not insist on funding for the much-needed border wall as a condition for signing the amnesty bill known as the DREAM Act, which is now favored not only by liberals but by RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) like House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc).

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders pushed back against the rumors in a tweet, saying that by no means was the wall off the table in any discussions of whether President Trump would sign the DREAM Act.

And after Ryan, who reportedly claimed during a private dinner earlier this year that only one member of the House actually supports building the wall, Trump took to his Twitter account to reassure his base that the wall — which is currently under construction — will be built in its entirety.

But despite the President’s optimism towards the centerpiece of his MAGA Agenda, conservative thought leaders are bearish about the chances that the wall will ever get built in the form Trump promised to his loyal base, who remain steadfast in their support of him despite threats to their physical safety by the terrorists of ANTIFA and being constantly pilloried as white supremacists by the unceasing criticism of the liberal media.

Coulter, who made one of the strongest cases for a Trump Presidency in her book “In Trump We Trust,” told The Gateway Pundit that repairing the existing fences on the border — many of which were built during the administration of now-NeverTrumper George W. Bush — is evidence of a complete failure by Trump on border security.

“Oh give up hoping for a silver lining!,” Coulter said in an email to TGP, adding that the hope conservatives expressed that a wall would be built by voting for Trump was a “hail-mary pass” that fell incomplete.

“It didn’t work,” she said.

Coulter also reiterated her scorn for Trump’s decision to place daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner in high-level positions and said that Trump has turned out no better than Vice President Mike Pence (R) would have been in the Oval Office.

“At least Pence is unlikely to appoint Jared or Ivanka to the Supreme Court,” she said.

(your intrepid correspondent jokingly noted Pence’s affinity for electrocuting gays, telling Coulter “I just don’t want Pence to shock me unless it results in the EPA being shut down, a [border] wall, and a better budget proposal,” to which Coulter responded: “I’LL shock you for that deal.” For that deal, your correspondent would let her).

But veteran Republican operative and former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone told The Gateway Pundit he remains optimistic about the prospects for building the wall despite Trump’s pledge to sign the DREAM Act, which would replace President Obama’s unconstitutional Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“With illegal border crossings dropping off substantially because of more vigorous enforcement, it is not clear what real harm a compromise on DACA will to do,” Stone said in a statement obtained exclusively by TGP.

Stone cautioned, however, that the MAGA movement’s support for the President they elected is not endlessly “elastic,” and predicted Trump will discover that ” if you stretch it beyond a certain point it will break.”

“[The] President has a substantial well of good feeling among his supporters because of the improbability and historical nature of his victory, but if he violates the specific principles he ran on he will lose his ability to govern,” Stone warned.

The fact is that despite the decrease in illegal crossings attributable to Trump’s willingness to support the men and women of the US Border Patrol and to enforce our immigration laws, crime along the US-Mexico border continues to be significant problems because the Bush-era fencing does next to nothing to keep migrants, rapists, drug dealers and other criminals out. And while critics often imply that support for the wall is based on racism because MAGA voters don’t want a similar wall along the largely unguarded US-Canada border, the US-Mexico wall remains a necessity due to the ongoing “border war” being fought against Mexican and South American drug cartels and human traffickers as well as the still-significant number of illegal migrants coming across the Mexican — not Canadian — border.

And although President Trump may be correct in assuming that “some of them…are good people,” there are still far too many bad ones bringing drugs and crime for America to abdicate her responsibility to defend her borders against illegal immigrants who take our jobs and drain our coffers. Americans must forever and always come first.



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2 Year Study Supports World Trade Centre 7 Brought Down Via Controlled Demolition

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Tomorrow marks the 16th anniversary of 9/11. A day that can be painful and emotional for some and reflective for almost all. It wasn’t many years after the towers came down that day that speculation began to arise around how it happened and who actually did it. Why? Simply because the official story did not make sense.

We’re almost 16 years after 9/11 and the information is out in the plenty as to how the official story is in fact false and much speculation has been put into what happened, so we won’t spend too much time on that. What I do want to focus on is something that is likely one of the best resources for helping to awaken others to the facts of what really happened that day.

If you are reading this it is likely you already have your suspicions or know that the official story is false, but perhaps are looking for more tools to show others the truth, this is precisely what the interview below will serve well as.

This year I decided to reach out to Richard Gage to chat about the latest findings that support a need for a re-investigation into 9/11. Richard Gage, AIA, is a San Francisco Bay Area architect with 28 years experience. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects, and the founder and CEO of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Richard has had great success in presenting a scientific and logical case to support the fact that the official story around 9/11 is false and has attracted more than 2,900 architects and engineers with verified academic degrees, and in most cases professional licenses, to sign the petition calling for a new investigation into the destruction of World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7.

AE911Truth has cited overwhelming evidence that the towers, including building 7, were in fact destroyed by controlled demolition. Now, new research conducted at the University of Alaska Fairbanks has confirmed that the official NIST explanation surrounding how the WTC7 building fell is completely false. NIST claims the building fell due to fires and this new study remodelled and recreated the entire day’s events around building 7 and proved very eloquently that the explanation is impossible and that the only logical and physical explanation is via a controlled demolition.

The study took place over two years and cost about $300,000 to perform. Leory Hulsey Ph.D., P. E., S.E., was the lead researcher on the study. He is the civil and environmental engineering department chair at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and well recognized in his field. He made a presentation of the findings of the study live on September 6, 2017 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. It included the detailed findings and conclusions he and his team found as well as the next steps for the study which included peer review as well as an open period for feedback and criticism.

Below is our interview with Richard Gage about these new findings and more. You can watch this FULL INTERVIEW in our Explorer Lounge tomorrow.

You can watch  Leroy Hulsey’s full presentation here.

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Moscow hands in note of protest to US over plan to search trade mission in Washington

Anthony F. Godfrey was summoned to the ministry on Saturday, it said in a statement, adding that Russian diplomats have been denied access to the trade mission building despite it being owned by Russia and protected by diplomatic immunity.

We consider the planned illegal search of Russian diplomatic premises in the absence of Russian officials and the threat we have received to break down the door of the building as an aggressive action, which the US intelligence service may use to orchestrate an anti-Russian provocation by planting compromising items,” the statement said.

Moscow has called on Washington to stop violating international law and refrain from compromising the immunity of Russian missions in the country. Otherwise, retaliation may follow, the ministry warned.

Earlier, the US ordered Russia to shut down its consulate in San Francisco and two auxiliary offices in Washington and New York. On Friday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said the FBI was planning to search the general consulate premises, including homes of the diplomatic staff, which would violate diplomatic immunity.

Former US diplomats, who RT reached out to, questioned the reasons behind the searches, saying it will only lead to a further escalation of tensions.

The US authorities are highly unlikely to find “anything of interest” in the Russian Consulate in San Francisco, as there is probably nothing more than “confidential diplomatic materials,” which are supposed to be there anyway, Ted Seay, a former US diplomat, told RT.

“What are our people going to do in your ambassador’s apartments or in the consulate in San Francisco? Look for illegal recipes for borsch? Of course, you have to respond and to go into our consulate in St. Petersburg – looking for what? Perhaps, for too many copies of Doctor Zhivago in the embassy’s library?” John Graham, former US ambassador to Libya, said.

“This foolishness happens [but] it happens usually at the lower levels,” he added. Meanwhile, Seay warned that “things are already too tense between the two countries” and both sides should proceed with “great care.”

“To me, that means again that anyone who is actually planning to raid diplomatic premises in San Francisco, has lost their mind,” the former US diplomat said.

A diplomatic row between Moscow and Washington broke out in late 2016, triggered by former US President Barack Obama, who expelled 35 Russian diplomats and their families, as well as confiscating two Russian diplomatic compounds just before the New Year’s.

The former president accused the diplomats of intelligence activities as well as accusing Russia of interfering in the 2016 US presidential election, even though no evidence has ever been made public.

At that time, the Kremlin denied the accusations and denounced Washington’s actions as a “witch hunt.” However, Moscow did not take any retaliatory measures, as it was hoping to restore relations with the US under the incoming president, Donald Trump.

However, the issue regarding the Russian diplomatic property confiscated in December 2016 has never been addressed by the new administration. In July, the US Congress adopted new legislation that limited President Trump’s ability to formulate foreign policy towards Russia by barring him from easing sanctions on Russia without congressional approval. The new legislation also imposed new unilateral sanctions on Moscow.

This move prompted the Kremlin to finally hit back by ordering the US State Department to limit the number of personnel in Russia and to bring it in line with the number of Russian diplomatic staff in the US. Moscow also ordered Washington to suspend use of a warehouse and a suburban residence in the Russian capital by US mission staff.

Washington responded in late August by announcing the closure of consulates in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, and Vladivostok and suspending all “non-immigrant visa operations” in Russia until September. It also added that visa operations would be resumed only at the main embassy building in Moscow.

On August 31, the Trump administration also ordered the closure of Russia’s consulate in San Francisco, California and two diplomatic annexes in Washington and New York City.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/news/401822-russia-us-mission-summoned/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Brave congressman blows the lid off of U.S. subsidized opium trade in Afghanistan

This week, President Donald Trump, just like his predecessor Obama, promised to continue the utterly corrupt failure of a brutal occupation that is Afghanistan—despite running on a campaign to end it. For decades, the United States has been subsidizing—to the tune of billions of US tax dollars—failed projects, infrastructure, military, police, and yes, even terrorism. Yet Afghanistan is worse off today than they were before the government lied to Americans, claiming they were responsible for 9/11 instead of Saudi Arabia.

In a recent speech on the state of the Afghanistan quagmire, Congressman Thomas Massie (R) KY, exposed some hard truths that very few people in Washington are courageous enough to address. While most politicians cheered Trump’s insane decision to increase US presence in Afghanistan this week, Massie Blew the lid off of it.

For years, Massie has pointed out that the US has blown billions of dollars on failed projects alone. As of last year, the number of failed projects totaled over 100 billion.

To put this number in perspective, the entire amount of money the United States allocates to spend on rebuilding America’s crumbling highways every year is less than half of what it’s blown on failed projects alone in Afghanistan.

Massie noted that hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on a hydroelectric damn that the US thought the Taliban would destroy. However, they did not destroy it. Want to know why, Massie asked, “The get the electricity! We’re paying the light bill for the Taliban now. They get 30 percent of the electricity in exchange for not blowing it up, or shooting the operators who are running the damn.”

But it’s not just the wasted money giving terrorists electricity, the US is also protecting and funding the drug trade.

Of that wasted $100 billion, $8 billion was spent failing to eradicate the Afghan opium trade. Not only did the this massive amount of money not stop the opium trade and production but it doubled it!

Western profiteers are making a figurative killing off of heroin for the literal killing of people in Afghanistan.

former British Territorial Army mechanic, Anthony C Heaford released a report three years ago, and a series of photos, which he says proves that British and American troops are harvesting opium in Afghanistan.

It is also no secret that Afghanistan opium production has increased by 3,500 percent, from 185 tons in 2001 to 6,400 in 2015, since the US-led invasion.

In the video below, Massie explains how he asked the inspector general why they don’t just spray herbicide on all the poppy fields to eradicate the plants. Massie was told they cannot eradicate the plants as the Taliban needs the money from opium production.

“By the way,” Massie explained, “The Taliban used to prevent people from growing poppy.”

If you think that Trump doesn’t know that a continued US occupation of Afghanistan will lead to a larger heroin epidemic, more innocent civilians killed, more troops needless dying, and more terrorism, think again. For years, Trump decried the war on Terror, pointing out the horrific nature of occupation.

But things change, according to Trump, and once he got in the White House, he magically saw the serious need to continue the waste and destruction in Afghanistan.

The lunacy of continuing the occupation in Afghanistan, knowing the only ones who benefit from it are warlords, drug cartels, the CIA, terrorists, and the military industrial complex, is staggering.

Innocent people will die, your children’s children will be forever indebted to the Federal Reserve, and the global war machine—which knows no home country—will be empowered and expanded. For what?

“I had hoped the Afghanistan war would end soon, but now it’s inevitable that babies born during the war will be deploying to the war in 2019,” Massie said shortly after Trump’s speech Monday night.

Sadly, Massie is only accompanied by a handful of people in the house and senate in his stance. The overwhelming majority want more war because their lobbyists tell them that’s what will keep them in their seat.

As you listen to the speech below, remember, every single representative, senator, and adviser, all the way up to Trump, knows these facts, yet they choose to perpetuate them.

This is not only shameful—it’s criminal. Troops aren’t protecting your freedom in Afghanistan, they are being used to enrich a corrupt group of sadistic elites. Please share this article with your friends and family to show them the destructive, deadly, and criminal act of continuing a war in Afghanistan.

Via The Free Thought Project

Featured Image: @9ja_Ninja/Twitter

Source Article from https://www.intellihub.com/brave-congressman-blows-the-lid-off-of-the-u-s-subsidized-opium-trade-in-afghanistan/