Memo to Merck CEO Ken Frazier: Your company has easily killed 100,000 times the number of those killed in Charlottesville violence

Image: Memo to Merck CEO Ken Frazier: Your company has easily killed 100,000 times the number of those killed in Charlottesville violence

(Natural News) In case you haven’t heard, Merck CEO Ken Frazier resigned from President Trump’s manufacturing council, blaming Trump for the violence in Charlottesville that killed one protester and two police officers (whose helicopter fell out of the sky for yet-unknown reasons).

Yet Ken Frazier himself should be arrested and imprisoned for carrying out mass chemical violence against all Americansthrough the fraudulent sales of toxic, deadly prescription pharmaceuticals and vaccines manufactured and sold by Merck on a daily basis. Nearly all of Merck’s drugs are “approved” by the FDA through an utterly fraudulent process of fake science, cherry-picked clinical trials and regulatory corruption and fraud. Remember, Merck is the same company whose own virologists filed a False Claims Act with the federal government, explaining they were ordered by Merck management to fake vaccine trial results in order to “trick” the FDA. Merck’s entire mumps vaccine operation is a complete and total fraud.

Merck has also been caught committing widespread scientific fraud by disguising its in-house propagandists as “independent science” authors for medical science papers that were published in mainstream science journals. Merck is to medicine, in other words, what Monsanto is to the food industry: They’re both steeped in evil, scientific fraud and deep deception.

The number of deaths in Charlottesville absolutely pales in comparison to the number of Americans killed each year by Merck and other pharmaceutical giants. As documents in real time, chemotherapy drugs have killed 17.6 million people since the year 2000. SSRI drugs have killed over 700,000 people, and the generic category of “prescription drugs” shows at least 400,000 deaths. Merck’s share of these deaths is substantial. So why aren’t millions of Americans marching in the streets to demand Ken Frazier’s scalp? (The answer, of course, is that public outrage is entirely manipulated by George Soros and the mainstream media to be directed at their political targets. It has nothing at all to do with the truth about which corporations or people are actually doing the most killing of innocents…)

Merck is also heavily involved in profiting off the opioid addiction epidemic that’s now ravaging America while generating record profits for companies like Merck. If anyone is committing mass violence against America, it’s people like Merck CEO Ken Frazier, a person who belongs behind bars for his continued sacrificing of human beings for corporate profits. The violence in Charlottesville is nothing at all compared to the violence carried out by Merck’s vaccine division alone, not to mention its other drugs.

Trump tweets it’s time to “lower ripoff drug prices!”

In response to Ken Frazier’s leaving the President’s manufacturing council, President Trump tweeted a sharp response:

Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President’s Manufacturing Council, he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!

And he’s right about that: Merck, Pfizer, GSK and other drug giants have all ripped off America for decades with sky-high, monopoly-enforced drug prices that are bankrupting this nation (while poisoning people to death). Big Pharma is the primary reason why health care is so unaffordable in America, and it’s companies like Merck that are routinely caught bribing doctors, price fixing drugs, defrauding Medicare, faking drug trials, corrupting regulators and buying off media outlets to push more pro-drug propaganda. Just search Natural News for “Merck” to see dozens of articles document all these crimes and violations over the years.

In all, the violence witnessed in Charlottesville doesn’t even register compared to the chemical violence committed against millions of Americans every year by Merck and other drug giants. Yet have you noticed how the bought-off mainstream media never covers prescription drug violence? That’s because they’re all prostitutes for the pharmaceutical industry.

In a truly just society, people like Ken Frazier would be arrested, indicted for widespread fraud and corruption, and spend the rest of their lives behind bars. Instead, he’s probably paid a $100 million salary to keep poisoning America while claiming Trump is somehow responsible for violence in America. Ever notice how powerful corporate CEOs never go to jail in this country? No, according to the fake news media, poisoning children with mercury in vaccines is “loving” and good, but trying to dismantle the Big Pharma price monopolies and make medicine more affordable is “bad” and evil.

CEOs whose products murder millions of people are “good people,” we’re told, while President Trump is somehow a “racist” even though he had nothing at all to do with the events in Charlottesville. That’s how twisted things have become in this country. And of course, there’s zero media coverage of this anti-Trump activist who just shot his neighbor in the head at point blank range. When Leftists shoot Trump supporters, the left-wing media pretends it never happened.

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'We Just Didn't Know' — NY Times Won't Take Responsibility for Its Error on Climate 'Scoop'

In April of 2004, New York Times White House correspondent Elisabeth Bumiller rudely challenged President George W. Bush in a televised press conference: “Two and a half years later, do you feel any personal responsibility for September 11?” Bumiller is now the paper’s Washington bureau chief, and she can’t even take personal responsibility when her newspaper falls flat on its factual face.

The Times is under fire for its un-factual report that the Trump administration was suppressing a draft of a climate change report that, oops, had been posted on the Internet in January, making it comical to read the boast “A copy of it was obtained by the New York Times,” as if the Internet was a secret hideaway. The Times removed that sentence from its report, but maintains the language that anonymous scientists are afraid Team Trump will suppress the report.

The only thing suppressed are the identities of the anti-Trump activists. What the Times created was….Fake news.

Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple wrote a surprisingly critical blog headlined New York Times guilty of large screw-up on climate change story.” Wemple thought the paper’s understated correction should be posted with flashing red lights. an audio track, and the sentence “This story once peddled a faulty and damaging premise.” He felt the charge of suppression, given Trump’s spotty record on transparency, was explosive, and hence, the stakes are higher to get the facts right.

The lowlight of the piece was Bumiller professing that the newspaper’s ignorance was a defense:

New York Times Washington bureau chief Elisabeth Bumiller says of the draft report’s status: “We were just not aware that somebody involved in the report had put a draft on this nonprofit Internet site,” she says. “It was not a well-known site to us and the point is that the people who shared the draft with us were not aware of it either. That doesn’t change the larger point that scientists were worried that the government wouldn’t approve the report or release it through normal channels.”

When pressed on [Sarah Huckabee] Sanders’s criticism, Bumiller said, “We spent a lot of time trying to sort out where it had appeared before,” said Bumiller. “Again, we just didn’t know. The reporter just didn’t know and the editors didn’t know and once it was brought to our attention, we sorted it out” and ran a correction.

Keep this in the file when the Times reporters and columnists slip into high dudgeon about the White House displaying a lack of curiosity or a lack of respect for the importance of getting facts right. 

The irony of the liberal media is they adore a story about “scientists” warning of planetary doom getting suppressed by Republicans and their fossil-fuel financiers, while they fervently believe in suppressing opposition to the doomsayers as dangerously unscientific. 

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Bitter NY Times Joins With UAW Union, Accuses Nissan of Racial Bias, Scare Tactics

The union accused the company of waging an unusually aggressive fight against the organizing effort. “Perhaps recognizing they couldn’t keep their workers from joining our union based on the facts, Nissan and its anti-worker allies ran a vicious campaign against its own work force that was comprised of intense scare tactics, misinformation and intimidation,” Dennis Williams, the U.A.W. president, said in a statement after the vote.


The election campaign at the plant, where a large majority of workers are African-American, frequently took on racial overtones. Some employees alleged that white supervisors dispensed special treatment to white subordinates, a charge the company emphatically denied.

For their part, anti-union workers highlighted the U.A.W.’s contributions to local civil rights and religious groups, accusing the union of seeking to buy support in the African-American community.

In the end, though, basic economics combined with a fear of change may have carried the day. Veteran workers at the plant make about $26 per hour, typically only a few dollars less than veteran workers represented by the union at the major American automakers, and well above the median wage in Mississippi.


At one point leading up to the vote, managers delivered a slide presentation warning that in the event of a strike, most employees who walked out would not be guaranteed jobs afterward. Many workers appeared to find the presentation alarming, even though strikes are rare in the industry and replacing production workers could be difficult.

Another manager emphasized in a meeting that Nissan could decide not to automatically deduct workers’ union dues, in which case the union would end up sending workers a regular “bill.”

“It was just to deter people from joining, was what I’m getting out of it,” said Earnestine Mayes, a union supporter. “No one wants to sit there and pay that bill every week.”


Coinciding with the vote on Friday, the union filed a round of new charges about the company’s behavior, including providing the union with faulty voter information, keeping workers who were engaged in organizing activity under surveillance and rating workers according to the extent of their union support.


Over all, the union was hobbled in its ability to respond to the company’s message to workers. Beyond the question of its contributions to local groups, which the union said were similar to contributions it has made to civil rights and religious groups for decades, anti-union workers dwelled on the indictment last week of a former Fiat Chrysler labor relations official accused of skimming millions of dollars from a training facility to benefit himself and a former U.A.W. counterpart.

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NY Times Editor Criticizes Women's March's 'Embrace of Hate' in Op-Ed

When Progressives Embrace Hate

… The image of this fearsome foursome, echoed in more than a few flattering profiles, was as seductive as a Benetton ad. There was Tamika Mallory, a young black activist who was crowned the “Sojourner Truth of our time” by Jet magazine and “a leader of tomorrow” by Valerie Jarrett. Carmen Perez, a Mexican-American and a veteran political organizer, was named one of Fortune’s Top 50 World Leaders. Linda Sarsour, a hijab-wearing Palestinian-American and the former head of the Arab-American Association of New York, had been recognized as a “champion of change” by the Obama White House. And Bob Bland, the fashion designer behind the “Nasty Women” T-shirts, was the white mother who came up with the idea of the march in the first place.

What wasn’t to like?

A lot, as it turns out. The leaders of the Women’s March, arguably the most prominent feminists in the country, have some chilling ideas and associations. Far from erecting the big tent so many had hoped for, the movement they lead has embraced decidedly illiberal causes and cultivated a radical tenor that seems determined to alienate all but the most woke.

Start with Ms. Sarsour

There are comments on her Twitter feed of the anti-Zionist sort: “Nothing is creepier than Zionism,” she wrote in 2012. And, oddly, given her status as a major feminist organizer, there are more than a few that seem to make common cause with anti-feminists … She has dismissed the anti-Islamist feminist Ayaan Hirsi Ali in the most crude and cruel terms, insisting she is “not a real woman” and confessing that she wishes she could take away Ms. Ali’s vagina — this about a woman who suffered genital mutilation as a girl in Somalia.

… just last month, Ms. Sarsour proved that her past is prologue. On July 16, the official Twitter feed of the Women’s March offered warm wishes to Assata Shakur. “Happy birthday to the revolutionary #AssataShakur!” read the tweet, which featured a “#SignOfResistance, in Assata’s honor” — a pink and purple Pop Art-style portrait of Ms. Shakur, better known as Joanne Chesimard, a convicted killer who is on the F.B.I.’s list of most wanted terrorists.

Ms. Mallory, in addition to applauding Assata Shakur as a feminist emblem, also admires Fidel Castro, who sheltered Ms. Shakur in Cuba. She put up a flurry of posts when Mr. Castro died last year. “R.I.P. Comandante! Your legacy lives on!” she wrote in one. She does not have similar respect for American police officers. “When you throw a brick in a pile of hogs, the one that hollers is the one you hit,” she posted on Nov. 20.

Ms. Perez also expressed her admiration for a Black Panther convicted of trying to kill six police officers: “Love learning from and sharing space with Baba Sekou Odinga.”

But the public figure both women regularly fawn over is Louis Farrakhan.

… (Farrakhan’s) views, which this editorial page has called “twisted,” remain as appalling as ever.

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Teen inmate shot with stun gun 4 times while strapped to chair (VIDEO)

The release of CCTV footage has prompted Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove to investigate allegations of police brutality at the facility.

Three deputies are seen restraining 19-year-old Jordan Norris in a chair while he is shocked with a stun gun at least four times in the torso and legs.

READ MORE: UK police taser blind man after mistaking his cane for a gun

At one point, Norris can be heard screaming in pain as one officer holds a piece of white material under his mouth.

The incident took place last November at Cheatham County Jail in Ashland City.

According to the Tennessean, Norris, who was detained on drugs charges in November 2016, has now filed a lawsuit citing a civil rights violation.

Breedlove has since moved to reassure Tennessee residents about the jail’s use of force and confirmed that an investigation into the incident is now underway.

READ MORE: Taser-wielding cops accidentally set naked man on fire during arrest

“After seeing the media report and videos not previously viewed, I immediately directed supervisors to examine the Sheriff’s Office’s current use-of-force policy,” sheriff Breedlove said in a statement released to News Channel 5.

He added: “As sheriff, I want our citizens to know that any inappropriate behavior that may have violated an individual’s rights will not be tolerated. I have place [sic] the employees involved on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted.

“We will work closely and cooperatively with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and District Attorney’s Office to ensure all facts are provided and all angles of this incident are thoroughly investigated.”

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Seven Years Later, NY Times Still Boils ObamaCare Opposition Down to Hate, ‘Rage’

The closing argument was a curious one: Vote yes, Republican leaders told the holdouts in their conference. We promise it will never become law.

After seven years of railing against the evils of the Affordable Care Act, the party had winnowed its hopes of dismantling it down to a menu of options to appease recalcitrant lawmakers — with no more pretenses of lofty policy making, only a realpolitik plea to keep the legislation churning through the Capitol by voting to advance something, anything.

They ended up with nothing.

By the early morning hours of Friday, the animating force of contemporary Republican politics lay in ashes, incinerated by three Republican senators — John McCain of Arizona, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. But the spark can be traced back to the hot summer of 2009, and to Winterset, Iowa.

It was there, and at town hall forums that tested fire marshals’ collective patience across the country, that the Republican rage ignited in earnest. Senator Charles E. Grassley, the state’s senior senator, was scorched after protracted negotiations with Democrats on what would become the Affordable Care Act. He peeled away, other Republicans followed, and Democrats were left to pass the health law on their own.

The anger persisted. Cohesive policy never came.

“You had 300 to 700 people and one time 900 people” at the town halls of 2009, Mr. Grassley recalled in an interview on the history of the Affordable Care Act. “We had to hold the town meetings outdoors, and the audience, I never had that sort of anger.”

In Winterset, Mr. Grassley fanned the flames about so-called death panels, saying, “You have every right to fear.”

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Let’s go camping! In tense times you need tents

My tent is in that photo, I think on the far right at the rear in the Icelandic fog on the Laugavegurinn trail. I had carried my little MEC tent on my backpack for the previous ten hours and almost got blown away setting it up (the stuff bag it came in did blow away, never to be seen again). Tents may be among the most minimal shelters one can have, but they are very sophisticated and provide a lot of protection.

Over the years we have shown quite a few on TreeHugger — some classics and some that are arguably not tents at all. Here is a slideshow (sorry, you have to click the button to advance) of some of our most interesting ones.

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Strange animal behaviour: Killer whale rams boat several times, grabs anchor line and moves vessel around near Sitka, Alaska


Victor Littlefield, his 14-year-old son and two of his son’s friends were on his 33-foot aluminum boat Sunday as it lay anchored near Little Biorka Island when the boat suddenly lurched violently to one side.

Littlefield’s first thought was that he was being attacked by a great white shark.

“I had just watched ‘Jaws’ the day before,” he said.

But it wasn’t a shark. It was a killer whale, which had just rammed the side of the boat.

The orca hit the boat several times before it grabbed the anchor line and yanked on it, moving the boat around and then swimming toward the boat and slapping the bow with its tail.

“I was pretty much in shock,” Littlefield said. “I couldn’t believe it was actually happening.”

Littlefield was out fishing with his son Hunter and his two friends when the incident occurred. They had just anchored up and had landed a rockfish.

When the orca attacked, one of the boys was able to get some of it on video, and Littlefield posted it on the Facebook page Sitka Chatters Sunday. In the video, the black and white whale is seen swimming around his boat with the anchor line in its mouth. After Littlefield was able to clip a buoy onto the line the whale tugged it out of his hands.

“There was some cursing,” he said. “I thought it would rip the bow down.”

Before Littlefield was able to attach a buoy to the anchor line, the orca had pulled the rope so taut he couldn’t untie it from its cleat. Littlefield ended up taking out more line from the anchor box to release the tension. The whale took the line, got tangled in it and released it a few times.

“I was able to clip a buoy onto the anchor as it took off with it,” he said.

When the whale wouldn’t let go, Littlefield considered shooting it, but he dropped that idea, figuring it wouldn’t have much effect.

“I never harassed it in any way,” he said.

The whole encounter lasted only a few minutes, before the whale swam away with the anchor line, he said. They eventually recovered the anchor.

“Today I think it was cool but definitely at the time I was afraid it was going to take us down,” he said.

Fortunately, Littlefield said, no one was injured and his vessel was OK.

“It lost some paint but there was no damage to the boat,” he said.

When he went fishing on Sunday, Littlefield thought he was ready for anything.

“I was prepared for bears, injury and storm but not prepared for that,” he said.

“I had no idea what to do. You just don’t plan on killer whales attacking a boat.”

Littlefield said he has had previous encounters with orcas while out fishing but none of those were aggressive like the one on Sunday.

“It was an assault on the boat,” he said.

Al Duncan, assistant special agent in charge of NOAA Fisheries Law Enforcement in Sitka, said he hasn’t come across any instances of aggressive orcas like this one. There have been some reports of orcas going after commercial longline fishing boats for food but this one was attacking a vessel.

“It wasn’t trying to steal a meal, which is normally the behavior we’re familiar with,” Duncan said.

He said Littlefield did the right thing by trying to remove himself and his boat from the situation.

“It’s very rare,” he said about what happened. “With killer whales there has never been a recorded incident with a fatality in the wild.”

Littlefield posted the video of the encounter online as a cautionary tale, he said. His 11,000-pound aluminum boat held up to the orca, he said, but a smaller vessel or a wooden boat probably wouldn’t have stood a chance, he said.

“I wanted people to be aware it’s a possibility,” Littlefield said. “It’s always an adventure out there but this wasn’t one I was prepared to deal with.”

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