Cryptocurrency Billionaire Trying to Split California Into Three States…

Tim Draper, the billionaire venture capitalist and legend in the world of cryptocurrency, has an idea: Let’s split California into three separate states.

There are at least five reasons why this idea is doomed from the start, but first, here’s his case:

The way Draper sees it, smaller states would be run by more efficient and less bureaucratic governments as they compete for residents and business. Education, safety, infrastructure and health care would improve. Taxes would be lower. And the investor who made a name for himself funding tech giants like Hotmail, Skype and Tesla Inc. says he “won’t have to think anymore about moving myself, Draper Associates, the Draper Venture Network and Draper University out of California.”

Draper — who scored a huge windfall a few years back when he bought a load of bitcoin that had been seized by the U.S. government— has gone from being a Democrat to Republican to Libertarian to, well, his own party that believes California’s government’s problem is that it lacks competition. The party platform is simple: break up California.

Draper says he’s already gathered more than 600,000 signatures for his initiative, almost double the number he needs to get his plan on the ballot come Election Day. He still needs to get the signatures verified and confirmed by counties by June 13.

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Leopard snatches, eats three-year-old boy at a safari lodge in Uganda

The hunt is on with the intention of capturing the leopard and removing it from the wild,’ said a spokesman


‘Once it has tasted human flesh the temptations are high to eat another human being,’ says the Uganda Wildlife Authority

A leopard snatched and ate the three-year-old son of a ranger at a popular national park in Uganda.

The animal attacked the toddler – named in local reports as Elisha Nabugyere – at a safari lodge near the shore of Lake Edward on Friday night.

Ugandan authorities recovered the child’s skull the following day.

The leopard is now being hunted down before it kills again.

“Once it has eaten human flesh the temptations are high to eat another human being, it becomes dangerous,” said Uganda Wildlife Authority spokesman Bashir Hangi.

The boy was in the care of a nanny at the unfenced staff quarters for the Uganda Wildlife Authority at the Queen Elizabeth National Park when the leopard struck at around 7.30pm.

“The maid was not aware the child followed her,” Mr Hangi said.

“She heard the kid scream for help. She intervened but it was too late – the leopard had vanished with it in the bush.

“A search was mounted until we got the skull the next day. The hunt is on with the intention of capturing the leopard and removing it from the wild.”

The boy’s father, Francis Nabugyere, a police officer, told The Kampala Post his son’s remains were presented to him in a coffin for burial.

Last week in South Africa a filmmaker was killed by a giraffe at a safari lodge, and the British owner of a wildlife park was mauled by a lion he had raised since it was a cub.

In India a man was mauled to death by a bear after reportedly stopping to take a selfie with the animal.

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Three Cops Busted Having Sex With Opioid Thief In City Hall—Not Arrested, Not Even Fired


Three police officers were suspended without pay after their department learned that they were having sex while on city property—serving as a reminder that if the average citizens were caught having sex in city hall, they would have been arrested for lewd behavior while in public. But because police have one standard for themselves and another for the general public, the officers were given only a few days off without pay.

Investigators in Billings, Montana, were not looking to find their officers engaged in sex on city property, but while investigating the theft of drugs from the department’s evidence storage facility by a former employee, Rawlyn Strizich, the sex acts were discovered, presumably by video camera footage. The three male officers were seen having sex with Strizich who was fired in February for stealing oxycodone from the evidence storage facility.

All three of the veteran male officers admitted to having sex with Strizich. Police chief Rich St. John confirmed with KTVQ the suspensions did, in fact, take place. According to KTVQ:

St. John said two of the officers were suspended for two weeks without pay because they had sex with Strizich while on duty and on city property — in the basement of City Hall, which is used for records storage. The third officer was suspended without pay for one week because he was off duty but on city property at the time. St. John said that officer had sexual relations with Strizich in a police patrol car.

“We’re talking really good officers who made a bad decision — a really, really bad decision,” St. John said. The entire incident has critics scratching their heads and wondering if they too had been caught at city hall having sex, would they have gotten a citation and a court date or such a generous pass like St. John gave the three male officers?

Apparently, the fact that the Billings PD is short-handed was enough of a reason to keep the men on the police force. Surprisingly, the police chief does not even know if they have actually served their suspensions or not, leaving some to wonder if they were even suspended at all.

St. John said, he gave the commanders who supervise the officers discretion on when to allow the suspensions to be served, but the suspensions have to be served all at once, not one or two days at a time. St. John said he ordered the suspensions three weeks ago, adding, “I don’t know if they served their time yet.”

If the media had not been alerted to the incident, it is unclear if anything would have been done to the officers who still remain unidentified. Several news agencies know their identities but refuse to report their names.

“I look at the work that they have done, whether they’re salvageable, the time that’s elapsed with this thing,” St. John told the Billings Gazette. “We have a lot of money invested in these people, and if they’re salvageable, we want to do that. I also want them to learn that this isn’t acceptable behavior and send a message to the rest of the department that this is unacceptable.”

This week KTVQ reported that the City of Billings is planning to release the names of the three officers. The resulting shame will certainly rock the lives of the officers, their families, and the community.

Sadly, this story is not the first story published by The Free Thought Project detailing sexual, possibly criminal, actions by officers while on duty. Most often, the officers are suspended, with or without pay, and allowed to remain on the police force despite being guilty of the very thing for which the average citizen would be arrested.

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Gunman kills four, injures at least three more in Nashville, US

Four people have been killed and at least three others wounded following a shooting at a Waffle House in Nashville, Tennessee. A shooter opened fired at about 3:30am local time at the Waffle House on Murfreesboro Pike in Antioch. Witnesses described the gun as an AR-15. A customer managed to take the rifle from the man, who was reportedly naked under his green jacket at the time. Police continue to search for the suspect. At least one of the wounded is in critical condition. 

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Three quarters of Russians support development of nuclear energy industry

According to a recent public opinion poll conducted by the independent Russian agency Levada, the proportion of people who think that the further development of nuclear energy industry is important and necessary is currently 73.9 percent. The share of such people in large cities was even higher: 77.2 percent in Moscow and 82.4 percent in St. Petersburg.

In addition, 50.3 percent of the poll participants told researchers that they considered nuclear power plants to be “a green and clean way to produce energy.”

Levada’s experts told RIA Novosti that Russian citizens demonstrated high and growing support for the nuclear energy sector for three years in a row.

Russia currently has 10 nuclear power plants with combined generating power of slightly under 28 gigawatts. In 2016, the government approved a state program to build eight more nuclear power plants before 2030. In addition, Russia’s state agency for atomic energy, Rosatom, has built power plants in Iran, India and China, as well as securing contracts to build such facilities in Belarus, Finland, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt and Hungary.

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Under a false flag, UK attempts three chemical attacks in the Ghouta

On 17 March 2018, the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergey Lavrov denounced the presence of the US, British and French Special Forces in Syria; this is something that both London and Paris deny. He drove home the point, insisting: “What this presence means is that the issue is no longer a war by proxy but direct intervention in a war”.

Mr. Lavrov then went on to give a stern warning to Washington, London and Paris, should they take the decision to bomb Damascus. The documents seized by the Syrian and Russian Secret Services confirm the existence of a plan to attack Damascus along similar lines to the plan conceived against Bagdad in 2003. Part of this plan includes killing off President al-Assad. Allied ships have been positioned to enable them to carry out this attack from the Mediterranean.

On 19 March 2018, the Syrian and Russian armies warned of a new chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta instigated by the United Kingdom under a false flag. The Syrian and Russian armies have already seized two chemical laboratories on 12 and 13 March. On 20 March, during a meeting of the Leaders of the Russian Armed Forces, the Russian Minister for Defence, General Sergey Shoygu, referred to three attempts to use these weapons during the week in Eastern Ghouta. While he explicitly avoided inculpating London with backing these attempted bombings, the way his words were couched, removes any possible doubt from his listeners’ minds.
He continued:

“We are hoping that in the current situation, our Western Partners will allow good sense to guide their decision-making; that they stop flirting with terrorists and come together with Russia in their peaceful initiatives in Syria”.

In five days, more than 79 000 prisoners of armed groups in the Ghouta have successfully sought refuge in the Syrian Arab Republic. This is thanks to the humanitarian corridors of Muhayam al-Wafedin and Hamouriyah.

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Top three likely first-round playoff matchups for Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights only need six more points to clinch a National Hockey League postseason berth in their inaugural season, which is amazing for an expansion team. Despite a two-game losing streak currently at T-Mobile Arena, the team definitely wants to secure as many home-ice games as possible in the Stanley Cup playoffs ahead.

Sunday’s game against the Calgary Flames (35-27-10) has significant meaning for both teams, as the Flames are trying to catch the three teams ahead of them in the Western Conference chase for the final wild-card spot. Meanwhile, the Golden Knights’ lead in the Pacific Division is down to six points over the San Jose Sharks, even though Vegas has a game in hand.

A first-place finish in the Pacific means home-ice advantage for the first two rounds of the playoffs, while a second-place division result means only home-ice advantage for one round of the postseason. The good news is the Golden Knights have an 11-point lead over the Los Angeles Kings for that third position, with an extra game to play as well.

Vegas obviously wants as much home ice as it can get for the playoffs. While the Golden Knights have lost two straight and six of their last ten, the Sharks have won four straight. The two teams also play each other twice more this season: March 22 in San Jose and March 31 in Las Vegas in the Vegas regular-season home finale

A first-place division finish means the Golden Knights would take on the first Western Conference wild-card team in the first round, while a second-place division finish means Vegas would play the third-place Pacific team. Based on these parameters, these are the three most probable first-round matchups for the Golden Knights in the Stanley Cup playoffs next month.

1. Colorado Avalanche: Currently in the top wild-card sport with 84 points and a game in hand over the Dallas Stars, the Avs and the Golden Knights actually play twice more this season as well. The matchups come in back-to-back games on March 24 in Denver and March 26 in Sin City. The two teams have played once this season, a 7-0 win for the Golden Knights back on October 27 at T-Mobile. The two remaining games will play a large role in determining each team’s playoff position.

2. Dallas Stars: Vegas went 2-1 against Dallas this year, winning the first game on the season on the road and another game in Dallas on December 9. However, the Golden Knights lost at home to the Stars, 3-0, on November 28. That was the first shutout loss in Vegas franchise history. Technically, Dallas is tied with Anaheim for that final Western Conference playoff spot, but the Stars have the tiebreak advantage over the Ducks based on regulation/overtime wins (34-32).

3. Los Angeles Kings: The two teams played four times this year already, with the Golden Knights winning the first two games and the Kings winning the last two (on back-to-back nights, no less, late last month). This is not a preferable matchup for Vegas, as Los Angeles has an experienced and playoff-tested goaltender in Jonathan Quick. He backstopped the Kings to Cup titles in 2012 and 2014. Strangely, L.A. also is tied with Anaheim for the third spot in the Pacific, but again, the Ducks lose the tiebreak to the Kings (by an even larger margin, 37-32). 

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Suspected shooter and three women dead after standoff at veterans home

The community in Yountville, California are remembering the victims of the standoff: three staff members at the nation’s largest veterans home, one of whom was seven months pregnant.

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