As Gaza Endures Massive Drought, Israel Turns Off their Fresh Water

Image: Middle East Monitor

Gaza — (MPN) Near the end of last month, Haaretz reported that, according to an expert hydrologist, 97 percent of Gaza’s drinking water has been contaminated by sewage and salt. The UN also confirmed that this was the case early last year, and clearly, the situation has remained unchanged even up until 2018. Robert Piper, the UN’s local coordinator for humanitarian and development activities, has called the situation “really very serious” and stated that “[w]e are falling far behind the demand for clean drinking water for Gazans.”

This kind of mistreatment is part and parcel of an overall package of deprivation that continues to plague the Palestinian people. There are some 2 million residents in Gaza affected by this egregious policy, famously one of the most densely populated areas on the planet. Gaza’s water resources are fully controlled by Israel and the division of groundwater is something that was provided for in the Oslo II Accord. However, despite the fact that under the Accord Israel is allocated four times the Palestinian portion of water resources, it has been revealed that Israel has been extracting 80 percent more water from the West Bank than it agreed to.

In 2009, the World Bank wrote that the responsibility was on the government of Israel to recognize that water and sanitation is a central component of the Gaza Strip humanitarian crisis and make arrangements to facilitate fuel distribution to some 170 water and sewage pumps in Gaza; maintain the Beit Lahiya Sewage Lake; and restore regular electricity supply in order to reduce dependence on fuel for generators.

According to the World Bank, at the time, almost all of Gaza’s population was without running water and was dependent on stored water supplies. The World Bank also noted that nearly all sewage and water pumps were out of operation due to lack of electricity and diminished fuel supplies, something that we will address below. But once again, these deficiencies fall squarely on the shoulders of the Israeli government, which is wholly responsible for Gaza’s electricity and water supply.

In order to rectify the issue, the Deputy UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Maxwell Gaylard, called for the immediate opening of Gaza’s crossings to allow the entry of spare parts and materials critical to the restoration of Gaza’s water and sanitation services. Israel famously closed Gaza’s crossing points in June 2007 and the local population has been suffering ever since.

However, there are many other factors that have helped to create this humanitarian catastrophe. Israel routinely unleashes bombing campaigns on the Gaza Strip every few years, targeting vital infrastructure, including destroying Gaza’s only power plant in 2014. The blockade single-handedly prevents vital materials and equipment from making its way into Gaza, making redevelopment impossible, even some four years later.

According to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), the Gaza Strip endures dry, hot summers that are subject to drought.

Exploiting these conditions, Israel has used electricity as an inventive point of leverage to torture the Palestinian people, while the international community has stayed largely silent. This is the same international community that cites human rights abuses in Syria, Iran, and North Korea to promote military intervention and regime change to suit its geopolitical needs, yet stays silent as 2 million Gazan residents are suffering immensely in what is widely regarded as an open-air prison and the world’s largest ghetto.

On a good day, residents in Gaza over the last six months have been receiving three to four hours of electricity per day, the flow of which is controlled by Israel. However, according to the Times of Israel, Gazans were only able to obtain four hours’ worth of electricity thanks mainly to fuel supplies sent from Egypt. On a bad day, some estimatescite that Gazans have been receiving as little as two hours electricity per day if any at all.

After the Palestinian Authority said it would begin resuming payment for Israeli electricity flows to the Gaza Strip (at a cost of some $2.8 million per month), Israel announced it would restore its share of the electricity supply. However, this will increase Gaza’s electricity supply only to approximately six hours’ worth of electricity per day. The outage of electricity is expected to last for 12 hours a day at least, according to the Electronic Intifada.

One should bear in mind that, with a Gazan population of around 2 million residents, the effects of this stringent electricity supply are felt far beyond just the average household. In August of last year, Gaza’s children’s hospitals also warned of a health “catastrophe,” as power cuts routinely take place during four-hour-long dialysis treatment.

For years, Israel has attempted to shed blame from its inhumane policies and instead point to the debacle solely on an internal Palestinian issue between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Last year, Human Rights Watch’s director for the region, Omar Shakir, told the right-wing pro-Israel publication Algemeiner that because Israel is “legally the occupying power,” it bore the brunt of the responsibility for this crisis. “Israel controls the borders, the airspace, the waters of Gaza, so Israel has an obligation that goes beyond merely responding to a request from Palestinian authorities,” Shakir reportedly said.

The Electronic Intifada also notes that Israel has been using electricity as a politically viable blackmail tool, with Israel’s Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) stating it would restore electricity after Israeli prisoners held in Gaza were returned, as well as the bodies of two Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul. It is also worth noting that Egypt, too, shares a great deal of the blame for this horrific treatment of the Palestinian people.

Rather than heeding the warnings from the UN to open up Gaza’s blockade and allow vital aid, what we have witnessed over the course of the last decade is a periodic all-out assault on Gaza’s vital infrastructure.

Since the blockade was enforced, there have been three major IDF operations in Gaza: Operation Cast Lead in 2008-2009, Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, and Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

Following Operation Cast Lead, the World Bank reported that there had been severe damage to the water and sanitation infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.

Read more by Darius Shahtahmasebi

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Britons want their milk in glass jars

Old-fashioned milk delivery service is making a comeback as Britons move away from disposable plastics.

Who knew the old-fashioned milkman would make a comeback? The milk-delivery industry is seeing an unexpected resurgence in business, according to Mirror. Ever since Britons watched the BBC’s Blue Planet II, which debuted late in 2017 and featured horrifying footage of plastic ocean pollution, UK company Milk&More says it has gained more than 2,500 new customers in the past four weeks.

Milk&More delivers milk (as well as non-dairy specialty milks) in refillable glass bottles right to customers’ doorsteps, up to six times a week. Customers drink the milk and then return empty bottles for sterilization and reuse.

One driver, Keith Adams, says he picks up two or three new clients every week and he attributes the growing interest to “people thinking more about recycling.” Another milk delivery company in London, Parker Dairies, has noticed a similar increase in clients in the past two years, “largely because of people trying to get away from plastic.”

It’s a curious inversion of the times. Glass bottles went out of style as people preferred the more ‘convenient’ option of disposable plastic jugs (or bags, as we use here in Canada, to the confusion of the rest of the world). But now things have gone full circle and it’s hard to understand why those throwaway jugs were thought to be so convenient anyways. After all, what’s more convenient than setting one’s empties on the front step and getting a fresh batch in its place? You don’t even need to leave the house!

Mirror says that, in the UK, a pint of milk in a glass jar costs 70p, compared to 50p for a plastic jug. This is a minimal increase, compared to the price difference in Canada, where a liter of organic milk in a glass jar is in the $6-7 range (that includes a $2 refundable deposit), compared to just over $1 for regular, non-organic milk in plastic (if purchased in the usual 4L bags). In other words, opting for glass is a huge financial commitment where I live.

No doubt commenters will have a few things to say about drinking milk in general, which is falling out of fashion these days — and for good environmental reason — but for those who drink it still, glass is certainly a better option for all those marine creatures that are suffering the consequences of our disposable consumer habits.

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EVERY SINGLE Barnes & Noble location told their full-time employees to pack up and leave

I’ve been chronicling the slow demise of B&N for years now, watching the company bleed out, drop by drop, until it has become a shell of its former value. B&N was a cultural center in places without cultural centers. It was a stopover on rainy days in New York, Chicago, and Cleveland and it was a place you could go to get your kids’ first books.

That’s mostly over now. On Monday the company laid off 1,800 people. This offered a cost savings of $40 million. But that’s particularly interesting. That means each of those people made an average of $22,000 or so per year and minimum wage workers – hourly folks who are usually hit hardest during post-holiday downturns – would be making $15,000. In fact, what B&N did was fire all full time employees at 781 stores. From a former employee:

On Monday morning, every single Barnes & Noble location told their full-time employees to pack up and leave. The eliminated positions were as follows: the head cashiers (those are the people responsible for handling the money), the receiving managers (the people responsible for bringing in product and making sure it goes where it should), the digital leads (the people responsible for solving Nook problems), the newsstand leads (the people responsible for distributing the magazines), and the bargain leads (the people responsible for keeping up the massive discount sections). A few of the larger stores were able to spare their head cashiers and their receiving managers, but not many.

Further, the company laid off many shipping receivers around the holidays, resulting in bare shelves and a customer escape to Amazon. In December 2017, usually B&N’s key month, sales dropped 6 percent to $953 million. Online sales fell 4.5 percent.

It is important to note that when other big box retailers, namely Circuit City, went the route of firing all highly paid employees and bringing in minimum wage cashiers, stockers, and salespeople it signaled the beginning of the end.

Streamlining a bookstore may work in theory but in practice a bookstore is far more than a depot for printed matter. It is a play place, a cafe, and a browsing spot. Small booksellers know this and they make their spaces interesting and welcoming.

A Barnes & Noble without a guy in a pirate suit reading stories is a Wal-Mart without the added benefit of selling more than just media. We assume that the people who dedicated their lives to selling books at B&N weren’t there for they money but instead worked there for the love of books. Now they’ve lost those people forever.

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Mothers share their devastating stories of how this epilepsy drug “poisoned” their children

Image: Mothers share their devastating stories of how this epilepsy drug “poisoned” their children

(Natural News)
An epilepsy drug that has left 20,000 U.K. children with damage after their mothers took it during pregnancy is coming under fire for failing to warn users of this very serious side effect.

The drug, sodium valproate, can control the electrical functions in the brain in a way that prevents life-threatening seizures from taking hold. Also known as Epilim and Convulex, the drug is also sometimes given to people with bipolar disorder or migraines.

According to the U.K.’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the drug can raise the risk of a baby suffering from serious developmental disorders by as much as 40 percent if taken during pregnancy. It also raises the risks of malformations like cleft palates by 11 percent.

Last September, it was revealed during a hearing at the European Medicines Agency that drug regulators were aware of the problem all the way back in 1973 but failed to add warnings to the drug’s packaging until 2015. In other words, they let women take these dangerous drugs and put their babies at risk for 42 years.

Mothers open up about the toll the drug has taken

It’s one thing to hear the statistics, but it’s the real-life scenarios that illustrate the seriousness of the problem. Three women affected by the problem recently shared their stories with the Daily Mail.

Forty-one-year-old Samantha Luton-Hughes said her doctor never mentioned the medication’s risk of causing serious disabilities during her pregnancies. She said that while they mentioned a risk of cleft palates or lips, they did not warn her of the mental side effects. Her children now suffer from heart murmurs, hernias, and ADHD as a result.

Now, she says they stay home a lot because her children have meltdowns and don’t manage well in social situations, nor do they have any sense of their personal safety. Luton-Hughes is angry that drug regulators did nothing to warn people about sodium valproate’s risks for such a long time.

Another mother, Louise Duffy, took the drug every day during her first pregnancy after her doctors reassured her the baby was growing fine. Her daughter, who is now a teenager, cannot enjoy a normal life because of her autistic symptoms and poor speech. She’s disappointed she can’t do what normal teenagers do, and the fact that she was only diagnosed with fetal valproate syndrome last year means she missed out on essential support that could have helped her as a child.

Despite the diagnosis only being recent, she was born early with a hole in her heart, and she experienced developmental delays as a baby. Caring for her has been stressful, and she will never be able to live on her own.

Natasha Mason, age 28, wants the drug banned after it left her three-year-old son unable to speak and suffering from learning difficulties and severe autism. In her case, doctors told her she would risk the baby’s health by stopping the medication during pregnancy.

Her son, Alfie, was born nine weeks early with breathing difficulties and a doctor diagnosed him with sodium valproate syndrome because of his facial features, which include a long forehead, small lips, and a lack of a nose bridge. His mother blames herself for his condition, and he requires one-on-one support at school. Speaking about the drug, she said: “I want to see it taken off the shelf. I feel failed by the Government.”

Stories like these show just how little people can depend on the government and even their own doctors to look out for their best interests. When you’re pregnant, it’s important to research everything you put into your body to ensure it won’t affect your baby.

Sources for this article include:



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This should end well: Delaware students can now choose their own race

Are they really going there? Yes, they apparently are. Too late for Rachel Dolezal, alas. Dolezal identifies as ‘transracial’ a belief that would have been affirmed if she were a Delaware student today

Rachel Dolezal


The state of Delaware is poised to adopt what is known as “Regulation 225.” Approved both by the Delaware State Education Association and Gov. John Carney, Regulation 225 would safeguard children’s “protected characteristics,” such as gender, age, race, sexual orientation and gender identity. Section 7.4(1) of 225’s Prohibition of Discrimination Code states, “All students enrolled in a Delaware public school may self-identify gender or race, which is maintained in the school.”

Gender isn’t news. But race? Are they really going there? Yes, they apparently are.

Too late for Rachel Dolezal, alas. Remember her? The Spokane, Wash., native became a media sensation in 2015 when she was outed as a white woman passing as black. Dolezal looked the part, with her dark skin and Afro-style hair. Come to think, in Delaware I guess nobody can say she was “passing” anymore. Dolezal identifies as “transracial” – that is, she believes she “is” black, and that belief would have been affirmed if she were a Delaware student today.

Dolezal claimed her identity was a direct analogy to that of a transgender person. She even compared herself to Caitlyn Jenner, who had transitioned around the same time as her story broke. As she said in an interview, “Gender is understood – we’ve progressed, we’ve evolved to understanding that gender is not binary. It’s not even biological. But what strikes me as so odd is that race isn’t biological either.”

On the face of it, that’s perfectly logical. If gender isn’t biologically linked, and it’s all about how you feel, then why not race? Trouble is of course, gender is linked to biology. Yes, gender dysphoria is a rare but real phenomenon. But the notion that gender is fluid, widespread and harmless is a theory promulgated by transactivists posing as scholars, and the theory has been bought as settled science by progressive pedagogues. Also bought by Dolezal, a woman sadly afflicted with an idiopathic dysphoria.

Viciously derided for “cultural appropriation” and “white privilege,” Dolezal calmly stuck to her guns. I felt a sneaking admiration for her, because her reasoning hoisted transgender theorists with their own petard. Of course black people were offended by her assertions, rightly so. But so are many lesbians and gay men offended by transactivists. They don’t feel the least bit gender fluid and they resist co-optation of their biology-based identities.

I have a chicken-and-egg theory about the whole trans phenomenon we are witnessing. It only took off in a big way when the chemical means became available to artificially mimic the opposite sex in self-presentation. In other words, the notion that one was born in the wrong body only became a social contagion when the look of the assumed identity could be approximated via medication. Certainly there were true gender dysphorics before the age of hormonal therapy, but they were stuck in their birth bodies. That’s not the case today. Chicken, egg.

Big Pharma must be pretty pleased with this upward trend, since kids who present as trans and are encouraged to transition will spend a lifetime on hormones. That’s nice for pharmaceutical companies specializing in hormones. At the moment, there isn’t a hormone for skin darkening. But what if there was? If I were an amoral Big Pharma executive, I would be asking myself what it would take to create a race “chicken,” a hormone-like easy-popping substance that turned your skin dark and kept it dark as long as you kept popping it. And one that, unlike cross-hormones, didn’t render you sterile.

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Paradigm Shift: City Now Forcing Bad Cops to Pay Victims Out of Their OWN POCKETS—Not Taxpayers


One of the most corrupt policies in place to protect police officers who commit violence in the line of duty is the legal protection that comes when a victim files a lawsuit against an aggressive cop. When a victim of a police assault wins a lawsuit against the police department, the city’s taxpayers are usually on the hook for the restitution fees. However, a new policy change in Baltimore—which will set a revolutionary precedent—will finally have the guilty officers feeling the pain in their pockets for once.

In a memo sent out by police union president Gene Ryan this week, Baltimore City officers were warned about how they could be charged with punitive damage if a jury finds that they acted with malice during an attack on a citizen.

The email stated that:

Many of our officers are sued for monetary damages by individuals they have arrested or have come in contact with.  These lawsuits allege wrongdoing on the part of the officer and oftentimes allege that the officer acted with malice.  Malice means that the officer’s alleged actions were motivated by a personal hatred towards the individual suing him or her.  If the person suing the officer wins on the question of whether the officer committed a wrong, the Plaintiff can recover monetary damages to compensate him or her for any injury and/or expenses incurred resulting from the officer’s actions.  If a jury finds that the officer acted with malice, the jury has the option to award punitive damages which are designed to punish the officer and to serve as a deterrent to the officer not to repeat the alleged wrongful conduct found to have occurred by the jury.

Most times, the officer who is being sued will dispute the allegations made by a Plaintiff and successfully defend a claim for punitive damages. However, many juries award punitive damages despite the lack of evidence of malice even in cases where the police officer has not been charged criminally and been found to have acted within the scope of his/her duties consistent with the rules and regulations of the Baltimore Police Department. In the past, the City of Baltimore has generally supported the officers by paying punitive damages as well as the compensatory damages awarded for the actual injury.  Since Andre Davis has been named as our new City Solicitor, he has adopted a policy of not paying any punitive damages despite the fact that the Police Officer has been found to have acted appropriately by the office of the State’s Attorney as well as the Baltimore Police Department.

What this means is that police officers are now required to pay these punitive damage awards, which can amount to thousands of dollars, out of their own pockets.  Since punitive damages cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, the successful citizen can file an attachment against your wages taking 25% of your net bi-weekly paycheck until the amount of the punitive judgment is satisfied.

Please keep this in mind as you go about performing your duties.

The email was leaked to Baltimore crime journalist Justin Fenton for The Baltimore Sun, who posted the following tweet on Tuesday.

City Solicitor Andre M. Davis responded to the leaked email on Wednesday by saying that the union was lying and that this policy has been in place for decades.

Former City Solicitor George Nilson has confirmed this, saying “In the past, the city law department has appropriately refused to pay malice judgments.”

Davis pointed out that the Local Government Tort Claims Act doesn’t require local governments to pay punitive damages for police officers but most local bureaucrats go along doing so anyway without question.

“The statement was flatly wrong in several respects and deeply misleading in other respects. The statute reflects the ordinary common sense notion that if government employees are told that no matter how badly they misbehave, no matter how maliciously they inflict harm or injuries on their fellow citizens, their employer will pay for that harm, then we can expect an increase in such harm. Employees, including police officers who, no doubt have the most difficult job in government, are not privileged to inflict gratuitous injury on others without also incurring personal consequences.” Davis told WBAL.

Davis also took issue with the fact that the email stated that officers are charged without evidence, which is an obviously false claim considering that police are held to a much lower standard than average citizens in the US legal system.

“Instead of speaking out forcefully to encourage FOP members to police in a professional and constitutional manner, as the Commissioner-Designate [Darryl De Sousa] has promised will be his guiding light, and as the federal court consent decree mandates the Police Department to achieve, the FOP leadership’s message seems to be an attempt to dissuade officers from continuing to do their challenging jobs in good faith reliance on the City’s contractual and state law obligation to protect them from baseless lawsuits. This is unfortunate and troubling. Nevertheless, the Law Department will always stand with our officers and give them the legal defense, counsel, and such additional training as may be needed so that they remain on the constitutional side of urban policing in the twenty-first century at all times,” Davis said.

The Baltimore Sun reported that as many as nine Baltimore police officers could have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in damages for recent cases where they found guilty of attacking someone with malice. These cases are reportedly what provoked this recent tantrum from the police union.

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The Deep State and Their MSM Are on the Run-Sheila Zilinsky Interviews Dave Hodges


Sheila Ziliniski interviews Dave Hodges about how the Deep State is on the run.


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MIT students told to watch "Black Mirror" episodes as part of their studies to learn about the unintended consequences of technology

Image: MIT students told to watch “Black Mirror” episodes as part of their studies to learn about the unintended consequences of technology

(Natural News)
The critically acclaimed TV-show-turned-Netflix series Black Mirror has been on a roll for pretty much the entirety of its six-season-long run. Despite its typically shocking storylines and twists — which prompt viewers to stop watching after every episode to contemplate what they just saw — it is almost universally loved and always near the top of most must-watch lists on the internet.

It has garnered so much attention, in fact, that a top professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Media Lab has gone so far as to require her students to watch all of its episodes as part of their curriculum. With the MIT Media Labs’ history of being an “outside of the box” kind of institution, this should be no surprise. But there’s no denying that requiring students to watch a specific TV show as part of their lessons is quite far from the norm.

According to Pattie Maes, the founder and director of the Fluid Interfaces research group at the MIT Media Lab, her purpose in making the students watch the show Black Mirror is to instill in them a sense of awareness of what vile and despicable things might be possible if technology is driven to advance in the wrong direction. “I just think that as designers of computer technologies that will get into the hands of 2.5 billion people, that anyone who was involved in designing new services and new interfaces should really think carefully about what the impact the technologies they develop will have on society and on people’s lives,” she said.

Maes may not be the first person to recognize that Black Mirror is basically a negative version of how things can go wrong with technology, but she’s certainly the first to make a lesson plan out of it. In her view, it can be useful for all of her students — or anyone involved in the development of new digital services and systems — to watch the show and see the things that happen in it as what should be avoided. The main idea behind the professor’s plan then is simply to expose the students to possible scenarios that they absolutely must keep in mind as they work on developing next-generation technology in their future startups and companies.

Maes herself has plenty of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction, and cognitive augmentation. So many of the show’s most popular episodes have resonated with her, and in her view, it is in the best interest of the students to watch all of these episodes themselves.

“I think the typical engineering education should include more types of activities and courses that teach students to think about why and whether they want to build something,” explained Maes. She points out to Facebook as the quintessential example of a service that was built by a lot of engineers. “I think they made a lot of mistakes and didn’t think enough about all sorts of consequences of choices they made in how they implement things,” she said.

Since she has incorporated the show into the student curriculum, Maes now hopes that there will be a new generation of thoughtful engineers that will be able to harness the power of technology in more responsible ways than their predecessors. And of course, steer things in the right direction at the first sign of danger.

“We need people who design new systems that are more aligned with people’s real, true interests and goals,” Maes said. “We need people who will be changing the future for the better.”

Read more about how technology is advancing and how it will affect human life through

Sources include:





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Trump’s Rogue US Regime Murders Syrians Defending their Homeland

Evil animal Donald “Dr. Strangelove” Trump, who broke rogue US regime record from inauguration to war crimes.

The rogue US regime of the evil animal and fake swamp drainer Donald J. Trump has struck again. At around 2400, 8 February, the war criminal Obama cum Trump coalition targeted 10 positions of Syrian Arab Army soldiers and affiliated militias between the villages of Khsham and al Tabyia in Deir Ezzor countryside.  These Syrian military forces were defending Syrians within their national borders, defending Syrians and the homeland within their legal, national borders.  Scores were murdered, dozens were injured, and material damage was immense.

The Central Command (CENTCOM) of the rogue US regime outrageously issued a public statement, using Newspeak to claim its deadly, atrocious attacks on Syrian forces were in “self-defense.”  Can a burglar illicitly, criminally, enter your house, murder your family, decree that you provoked him after which he arrogant asserts his “non-negotiable right to act in self-defense.”

US strikes in Syria may be lawful if Syria consents to the use of force in their territory.  If Syria does not consent, the strikes would violate international law, unless the US demonstrates that the strikes were taken in self-defense.  — Sarah Knuckey, international lawyer and Professor at Columbia Law School

Rogue US regime CENTCOM lies in its public statement.

There is no Cessation of Hostilities agreement between Syria and the rogue US regime.  Syria has consistently condemned the criminal aggression of the US and its underling coalition of terror states.  There is no “agreed-upon Euphrates River de-confliction line;” the only agreement is the US one the US signed for US troops in Syria. The rogue US regime has no “SDF partners.”  The fraudulent Syrian Democratic Forces is a creation of the US:  An international foreign mercenary militia composed of international human garbage, and a small number of separatist Ziokurd incompetent, traitor-losers.  War criminal Obama had to put this gang of thugs together, because individual wetworkers could not be beheaded, indefinitely, without losing that sociopathic employment pool.  War criminal Trump has expanded, exponentially, these killers (anyone really believes that the Pentagon lost $800 million, through incompetency?  That money is payroll for hired assassins.).

“Then we just bombarded the shit out of it [Raqqa].” “I’ve literally done nothing in my life but jack off before I came here.” — American terrorist & human garbage.

The rogue US regime bipartisanly created al Qaeda, created ISIS, created the terrorist SDF.  No US military base has a right to be in the SAR.  US presence there is a breach of International Law, per the post-WWII Geneva Treaties, to which the US is a hypocritical signatory.

Yesterday’s slaughter of Syrian troops, by American illegals was not the first time the US committed a massacre of Syrians defending their homeland from foreign invaders.  In September 2016, Barack Obama rescued al Qaeda/ ISIS by ‘accidentally’ massacring 83 SAA troops in al Tharda mountain, near the Deir Ezzor airport.  Trump began his war crimes against Syria just 13 days after taking the oath of the presidency, when he bombed two bridges in al Raqqa, ravaging infrastructure that supplied water to the city of 800,000 civilians.  Trump has exceeded Obama’s atrocities against Syria, helping to make al Qaeda great, again. It was Trump who intentionally bombed Syrian soldiers, 10 April 2017.  It was Trump who followed fake news! CNN’s criminal lies from Brit terrorist embedded with al Nusra in Khan Sheikhoun, to bomb Syrian Arab Army soldiers defending their homeland from foreign invaders.

Terrorist UK national illegally in Syria was source of GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun

This is Col. Ryan Dillon, the head of the rogue US regime Operation Inherent Resolve, a subsect of CENTCOM.  The Department of Defense has called him “infamous,” and pretends that he spends his time in Baghdad (the US satrap) or Kuwait (of incubator babies infamy).  It is likely that he is an illegal in Syria, as the various foreign assassins — such as the self-named  jack off and junkie Brace Belden — require some type of direction.

Ryan Dilllon, colonel of the rogue US regime and head of OIRSpox.

Dillon has recently outted the plans of the US to ethnically cleanse al Raqqa of Syrian Arabs.  On the day that the rogue US regime again bombed Syrian soldiers, he tweeted a report from Reuters — gloating about the obliteration of al Raqqa by the US and its foreign mercenary militia — which complained about 60,000 Syrians reported to be returning home.

Reuters, the UN mafia, and the rogue US regime try to dissuade Syrian Arabs from returning to al-Raqqa.

Panos Moumtzis, UN Ass. Secretary-General — whose boss recently demanded that Syria be referred to the ICC, for defending itself against foreign pathogens — ejaculated hysterically and in fear mongering fashion, that “the number of unexploded ordnance in Raqqa is something that we have never seen before. Extreme. Every house, every room, every inch of the city.”  Somehow, the gang was completely ignorant to Russian sappers having cleansed almost 1,000 hectares of explosives left behind in liberated Aleppo December 2016 — left behind by those wonderfully moderate terrorists. Somehow, the humanitarian diplomat was also kept in the dark over the more than 150 million square meters de-mined by Russian and Syrian sappers in Deir Ezzor city, September 2017.

The rogue US regime continues to slaughter with impunity, and with the depravity of killers fueled by Captagon.

— Miri Wood

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Limbaugh Torpedoes CNN’s Brownstein, Lemon Over Their Supposed ‘Objective Journalism’

The Rush Limbaugh Show
February 8, 2018

RON BROWNSTEIN [on CNN’s New Day, 02/08/18]: You have a Republican Party that is following the Trump lead of kind of losing interest in talking to the broad country and feeling on anything to do with Russia and the Russia probe that it is simply enough to just throw out anything over talking points of conservative media. This is all about kind of energizing the base. There is evidence in polling that they are turning portions of the Republican base against the FBI.


RUSH LIMBAUGH: They’re never going to have a bond with their audience like Trump has with his supporters or I have with you in this audience. As such, they can’t understand it and so, in their view, anybody to this day who still supports Trump has gotta be sick. Anybody that still supports Trump has to be deranged, somehow, has to be emotionally not right, psychologically unbalanced. And therefore it is dangerous what Trump is doing. Trump is actually succeeding in turning some of his supporters against the FBI as though that is simply unacceptable and what they don’t understand is that Trump’s got nothing to do with that. What is happening to Trump is why people are turning against the FBI. And they’re not turning against the whole thing. They’re not turning against the whole organization. But these people that support Trump, you people in this audience can think for yourselves, and they’re not mind-numbed robots being driven down the road and told what to say or even what to care about.

They are deeply aware, fully informed. They know full well they have enough information on their own to be suspicious of this entire investigation. They know full well what it is. It’s an effort to throw Trump out of office. It is an effort to overturn an election. But people like Brownstein can’t possibly think that you could come up with that on your own.

The only way you could think that, ’cause it’s so not true, why, they’re just trying to defend the Constitution. They’re just trying to defend the FBI. They’re just trying to defend law enforcement and government in general. And Trump is being dangerously irresponsible by telling his people the FBI is the problem in Washington. I’m sorry, Mr. Brownstein, but Trump voters know that without being told. They think it without being told. You know why? Because they can see. Because they can read. I dare say that your average Trump voter probably knows more about this investigation and all angles of it than people like Brownstein knows. Because Brownstein and others will shut themselves off from media reporting certain facts on this. Those certain facts, the Drive-Bys, the left, the Democrats, don’t even want to entertain because they’re not legitimate.

So now it’s dangerous what Trump is doing. And it’s not just Trump. The Republican Party, following the Trump lead, losing interest in talking to the country at large, simply trying to drum up opposition to the FBI. They are talking to the country at large. Mr. Brownstein, there’s an attempt here to persuade as many people as possible what you refuse to see or report. Here’s Don Lemon, CNN last night, and this is about his idea for a news network, and Ryan Lizza is on this bite.

LEMON: I shouldn’t give my idea away, but there should be a network that is devoted to just going through the opening monologues of conservative media and fact-checking them every single night to debunk — I watch and I cannot believe this. No one is fact-checking, everyone is on same page. They load the deck with people who support them. They never have a dissenting voice. It’s really unbelievable, and many Americans believe the bull crap that they’re spewing.

LIMBAUGH: This is fascinating. Take the fact that it’s Don Lemon out of it. Here’s a guy that not only works at a network, but is a guy who is totally blind to any opposing view. He is in fact exactly what he’s accusing us of being. There’s nobody fact-checking their monologues. They don’t have anybody from the opposition on very often, and when they do, they belittle them, they outnumber them four to one. No one’s fact-checking, everybody is on same page, they load the deck with people who support them, never a dissenting voice. He’s describing the way CNN operates, but he doesn’t see it. In his world, he is the pinnacle of objective journalism, the pinnacle of it, and all of CNN is. I mean, forget for a moment the partisan nature. To me it’s fascinating the two Americas that we have with nothing in common. There’s no bridge. There’s no way to get from one side to the other.

Don Lemon hasn’t the slightest capability of understanding what he hears in a conservative monologue. He doesn’t have the ability to understand it. The fact that there is a point of view other than his own is all he needs to know to reject it. And fact check conservative monologues? Have you ever heard of Media Matters for America? You know what, Mr. Lemon, they have to lie about us when they fact check our monologues. They have to make things up and lie to people about what we’re saying because they can’t refute.

And that’s why there isn’t any fact-checking, Don. You guys really can’t refute us idea to idea to idea. So you don’t even want to take us on in that realm. But just the existence of these obvious two Americas and how do they ever, ever get put together? How is this gap ever gonna be bridged? Because, folks, it is widening. We’re not getting closer together. We’re getting further away. And because that’s the reality, it’s why I keep telling people, it’s a fool’s errand to try to compromise with them. They have to be defeated. And they have to be defeated every day.

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