Mother, Air Force Vet Kidnapped, Sent to Rikers for Traveling in NY with Her Legal Texas Handgun


New York, NY — Mother of two and honorably discharged veteran of the US Air Force, Deanna Jo Robinson had harmed no one, had not taken anyone’s property and was merely traveling peacefully in her car when she was kidnapped by police and thrown into Riker’s Island at the Rose M. Singer Center with violent armed robbers and murderers.

Robinson was driving from Texas to New York to bring her two children to spend some time with their father when she was arrested by the NYPD in the Bronx and charged with “265.03 FC (CRIM POSS WEAPON-2ND DEGREE C Felony)” for having her legally purchased and licensed handgun in her glovebox.

Robinson, who spent five years on active duty, had secret military clearances and also has her active and valid Texas License to Carry.

According to Federal law, an individual is not restricted from transporting legally acquired firearms across state lines for lawful purposes except those explicitly prohibited by federal law to include convicted felons; persons under indictment for felonies; adjudicated “mental defectives” or those who have been involuntarily committed to mental institutions; illegal drug users; illegal aliens and most non-immigrant aliens; dishonorably discharged veterans; those who have renounced their U.S. citizenship; fugitives from justice; persons convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence; and persons subject to certain domestic violence restraining orders. Therefore, no federal permit is required (or available) for the interstate transportation of firearms.

Robinson does not fit any of the restricted person criteria as described above. However, having the gun in the glovebox is likely what the New York police have taken issue with.

Funded Justice page, started by James Gressett, reads:

“Deanna Jo, loving mother of two adorable boys, Veteran, Activist and friend in liberty, was arrested in NYC on Nov 11 while traveling from Texas, when her self-defense handgun was discovered in her vehicle. Please help us free her from Rikers.

Two beautiful little boys are wondering where their mother is after the family of three traveled across the country from Texas to NYC so the children could spend time with their estranged father. Deanna Jo is a responsible mother and a veteran with military clearances and a Texas License to Carry. Concerned primarily with her children’s safety and posing no threat to any other person, Deanna Jo arrived at her destination, where her estranged husband took the children into his house then contacted police, who found her self-defense handgun in her vehicle. No mother should be forced to leave behind her best means of self defense, yet the City of New York sends a clear message: “We do not care about your Constitutional rights or your personal safety, and the only people who have guns here are criminals.” Now Deanna Jo sits in a cage at Rikers Island, stripped of her rights and incarcerated, and her children are missing her dearly. She needs to return to them so they can be with their mother. The city has basically told her that her life and the lives of her children are meaningless and that her right to protect them is trivial. 
We are a group of friends who want to see Deanna Jo reunited with her children as soon as possible.
This fund is to help us do that, plus assist with the legal battle to come.”

The goal set on the fundraising page is $25,000 and as of this writing has reached $6,400. The Free Thought Project spoke with Second Amendment and free speech activist Michael Picard who bailed Robinson out on Friday. He told us that Robinson is going to fight the charges all the way as there was no victim of her alleged crime.

“She served her country in the Air Force, and this is how New York serves her,” Picard told TFTP.

Unfortunately for Robinson, this is the second time she’s had an unjust experience with police. As TFTP reported at the time, Robinson was raided by police who were there to take her children over an alleged custody dispute. Robinson, who had a camera rolling at the time of the raid was seen pinned into a corner by Hunt County Deputy Josh Robinson who began beating the handcuffed 9-month pregnant woman as she screamed out in horror.

Deputy J. Robinson was subsequently no-billed by a Hunt County grand jury and has since been reinstated to full duty. Robinson was cleared of any wrongdoing and CPS later admitted there was no warrant.

If you’d like to call Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark, and peacefully express to him that this woman has been through enough and doesn’t deserve to be locked in a cage for protecting herself and her children, you can so at this number: 718-590-2000. Also, if you’d like to donate to her legal fees, you can do so at her Funded Justice page.



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Texas Police Officer Fired After Sexually Assaulting Woman While on Duty

An Amarillo police officer accused of sexually assaulting a 22-year-old woman while on-duty has been fired, police said in a news release.

Officer Micah Meurer, initially placed on administrative leave, was terminated effective 9 p.m. Monday for “violations of internal rules, including acts which bring discredit to the officer and the department,” according to the release.

The 22-year-old woman accused Meurer on Monday. Detectives with the department’s Crimes Against Persons Unit — conducting a separate criminal investigation with the Potter County District Attorney’s Office — found that Meurer had responded to the woman’s home in Northwest Amarillo on Sunday.

An internal affairs investigator determined that the officer “had sexual contact with the victim while on duty,” the release said. The criminal investigation is ongoing as of Wednesday.

Officers have conducted interviews with Meurer and the victim, the release said.

Investigators collected bodily fluids, towels, clothing, a Walmart receipt and a rape kit, according to an incident report obtained by the San Antonio Express-News.

Meurer had worked with the Amarillo Police Department since Dec. 5, 2013. He graduated from the department’s police academy on June 11, 2014, and began a four-month training shortly after, according to an Amarillo Police Department news release.

A former San Antonio police officer who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman while on duty in November 2013 was hit last week with a $2.1 million judgment in a lawsuit filed by his accuser after he failed to show up at a hearing in federal court.

Jackie Neal, 41, was later fired from the department and is awaiting trial in the 226th District Court.


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Texas Shifts Away From The Federal Reserve: State’s New Silver Gold Bullion Depository

Texas Silver Gold Bullion Depository

AUSTIN, Texas (Nov. 15, 2017) – The Texas Bullion Depository took a step closer becoming operational earlier this month when officials announced the location of the new facility. The creation of a state bullion depository in Texas represents a power shift away from the federal government to the state, and it provides a blueprint that could ultimately end the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

Gov. Greg Abbot signed legislation creating the state gold bullion and precious metal depository in June of 2015. The facility will not only provide a secure place for individuals, business, cities, counties, government agencies and even other countries to store gold and other precious metals, the law also creates a mechanism to facilitate the everyday use of gold and silver in business transactions. In short, a person will be able to deposit gold or silver in the depository and pay other people through electronic means or checks – in sound money.

Earlier this summer, Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar announced Austin-based Lone Star Tangible Assets will build and operate the Texas Bullion Depository.

On Nov. 3, the company announced it will construct the facility in the city of Leander, located about 30 miles northwest of Austin. According to the Community Impact Newspaper, the Leander City Council has approved an economic development agreement with Lone Star. Construction of the depository is expected to begin in early 2018. Lone Star officials say it will take about a year to complete construction of the 60,000-square-foot secure facility located on a 10-acre campus.

The depository will operate out of Lone Star’s existing facilities during construction. It will provide services nationwide beginning in early 2018, with international services to be offered in the future phases, according to Community Impact.

“This state-of-the-art facility will provide tremendous benefits to the citizens of Leander and will give Texans a secure facility right here in the Lone Star State where their gold and precious metals will be kept safe and close at hand,” Hegar said in the press release.

The Texas Bullion Depository has already established an online presence. You can visit the depository website HERE.

According to an article in the Star-Telegram, state officials want a facility ‘with an e-commerce component that also provides for secure physical storage for Bullion.’ Officials say plans for a depository should include online services that would let customers accept, transfer and withdraw bullion deposits and related fees.

U.S. Constitutional Silver Eagle

By making gold and silver available for regular, daily transactions by the general public, the new law has the potential for wide-reaching effect.

Professor William Greene is an expert on constitutional tender and said in a paper for the Mises Institute that when people in multiple states actually start using gold and silver instead of Federal Reserve notes, it would effectively nullify the [zionist foreign controlled] Federal Reserve and end the federal government’s monopoly on money.

“Over time, as residents of the state use both Federal Reserve notes and silver and gold coins, the fact that the coins hold their value more than Federal Reserve notes do ~ will lead to a ‘reverse Gresham’s Law’ effect, where good money (gold and silver coins) will drive out bad money (Federal Reserve notes).

“As this happens, a cascade of events can begin to occur, including the flow of real wealth toward the state’s treasury, an influx of banking business from outside of the state – as people in other states carry out their desire to bank with sound money – and an eventual outcry against the use of Federal Reserve notes for any transactions.”

University of Houston political science professor Brandon Rottinghaus called the development of a state gold depository a step toward independence.

“This is another in a long line of ways to make Texas more self-reliant and less tethered to the federal government. The financial impact is small but the political impact is telling, Many conservatives are interested in returning to the gold standard and circumvent the Federal reserve in whatever small way they can.”

The Texas gold depository will create a mechanism to challenge the federal government’s monopoly on money and provides a blueprint for other states to follow. If the majority of states controlled their own supply of gold, it could conceivably make the [zionist foreign controlled] Federal Reserve completely irrelevant.

State bullion depositories are one of four steps states can take to help bring down the Fed.

Tenth Amendment Center

Texas Silver Gold Depository


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Texas Church Is Transformed Into Poignant Memorial For Mass Shooting Victims

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas ― One week after it became the site of the deadliest mass shooting in modern Texas history, the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs reopened to the public on Sunday.

Gone were the pews. 

Instead, 26 handcrafted chairs marked locations where worshippers were fatally shot. Each chair had a name inscribed on the backrest, and a red rose. An audio recording of scripture readings by church staff played on a loudspeaker. 

The scene of an unspeakable crime had been transformed into a moving tribute to those who lost their lives. 

“Everyone who walks in there will know that the people who died lived for their Lord and Savior,” the Rev. Frank Pomeroy, the First Baptist pastor, said at a Sunday service earlier in the day held under a tent nearby.

On Nov. 5, Devin Patrick Kelley attacked the church with a semiautomatic rifle. He killed 26, and wounded 20 others. As he exited the church, he was shot by an armed civilian. He fled in his SUV and was later found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As soon as law enforcement finished processing evidence, a construction team began renovating the church building, according to a media handout. Chairs, pews, and carpet were removed from the small sanctuary. The walls and floors were painted, and the windows were replaced. 

Before the media was allowed to tour the church on Sunday, a number of family members of victims were escorted inside to spend a few minutes in silence. One woman had to be held up by a chaplain as she exited the worship hall in tears. 

The Rev. Mark Collins, the associate pastor, said in a press release that he hoped it would be healing for the community to be able to enter the church once more. 

“This is our church, but it is not just us that are suffering,” Collins said. “This tragedy has rocked our nation, and has had an impact on all Americans and our country as a whole.” 

The church will be open Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

It is unclear whether the memorial will be permanent, or whether the building will be razed. 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Texas Church Shooter's Ex-Wife Says She Lived In Constant Fear Of Him

The ex-wife of Devin Patrick Kelley, the 26-year-old gunman who killed 26 people in a rural Texas church last week, says she lived in “constant fear” of him during their brief marriage.

In her first TV interview since the massacre, Tessa Brennaman opened up about her relationship with Kelley, saying that the former Air Force member had threatened to kill her and her whole family, according to a clip published Friday on CBS News’ website.

“He just had a lot of demons or hatred inside of him,” said Brennaman, 25, who was Kelley’s first wife. She told CBS’ “Inside Edition” that her short marriage to Kelley was filled with abuse and described one violent interaction she had with him over a speeding ticket.

“He had a gun in his holster,” said Brennaman. “And he took that gun out and he put it to my temple and said, ‘Do you want to die? Do you want to die?’”

Kelley would choke, punch and kick her, she added. “There would be times where I would be on the floor curled up and having to protect my organs because he would be violently kicking me on my side.”

Brennaman contacted her sister and the Air Force about the abuse, but she said that Kelley threatened to kill her and her entire family if she told anyone. He even said to her: “I could just bury you somewhere here in the desert and nobody would ever find you.”

Devin Patrick Kelley shot and killed 26 people and wounded 20 others last week at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. He was later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.Devin Patrick Kelley shot and killed 26 people and wounded 20 others last week at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. He was later found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Brennaman, who married Kelley in April 2011, filed for divorce from him just over a year later. Around that same time, Kelley was charged with assaulting Brennaman and her child from a previous relationship. In November 2012, he pleaded guilty in a military court to strangling, striking and pulling the hair of Brennaman on multiple occasions, as well as fracturing his stepson’s skull. He was sentenced to 12 months’ confinement in a military prison.

After serving his sentence, he received a “bad conduct” discharge from the Air Force in 2014. Later that year, he married his second wife, Danielle Lee Shields.

The domestic violence conviction should have barred Kelley from purchasing firearms from licensed gun sellers. But the Air Force admitted Monday that it had failed to enter the conviction into a national database used by licensed gun sellers to determine whether an interested buyer is eligible to access firearms.

This glaring omission allowed Kelley to purchase an assault rifle from a sporting goods store in April that he would later use at the church where Shields’ relatives worshipped. Her grandmother was among those killed.

The Air Force has pledged to undergo “a comprehensive review of Air Force databases to ensure records in other cases have been reported correctly.” 

This piece has been updated with added details about the abuse Brennaman suffered.

Watch Brennaman’s full interview with “Inside Edition” at 7 p.m. ET on Monday.

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Texas Church Shooter Claimed He Used Dogs As Target Practice, Says Former Colleague

A former Air Force colleague of the man who killed 26 people at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, has come forward with disturbing details about the shooter.

Jessika Edwards told CNN that she and Devin Kelley worked together at Hollomon Air Force Base in New Mexico from 2010 to 2012. Kelley was released from the military on a bad-conduct discharge in 2014 after serving time for assaulting his wife and stepson.

Edwards said that when the two made contact on Facebook in 2014, Kelley said he had been purchasing dogs through Craigslist and then using them for “target practice.” While in the Air Force, she said, Kelley was preoccupied with mass murders and made jokes about killing people.

Edwards clarified that she didn’t know for sure if Kelley’s claim about shooting dogs was true, but the statement prompted her to cut off contact with him.

The U.S. Air Force confirmed that Edwards and Kelley served at the base at the same time, but not whether they worked together directly, according to CNN.

Devin Kelley in an undated Texas driver's license photo. (Texas Department of Safety/Handout via Reuters)Devin Kelley in an undated Texas driver's license photo. (Texas Department of Safety/Handout via Reuters)

In 2014, the same year he allegedly made the gruesome claim to Edwards, Kelley was cited for cruelty to animals in El Paso County, Colorado. Multiple witnesses said they saw Kelley beating a husky with his fists before dragging the dog away by the neck, The Denver Post reported. The county sheriff who responded to the incident noted back then that it seemed like Kelley was underfeeding the dog. 

A woman who was his neighbor at the time told The New York Times that she remembers Kelley keeping his dog tied up outside in the sun with no water.

Kelley also had a history of domestic violence. The assaults that resulted in his Air Force discharge included striking his toddler stepson “severely enough that he fractured his skull,” according to the Times. And the Sutherland Springs massacre occurred after Kelley had sent threatening texts to his mother-in-law, who sometimes attended that church.

Experts say that both cruelty to animals and domestic violence can be predictors of other forms of violence.

Most mass shootings in the United States, many of which never make national news, involve domestic violence. Kelley’s military conviction should have prevented him from legally buying a gun, but the Air Force failed to record it in a federal database.

In recent years, there’s also been greater consensus among animal advocates, social workers and law enforcement that animal abuse is often an indicator of future violence toward humans.

“People need to understand that it is never just the dog,” forensic veterinarian Martha Smith-Blackmore told HuffPost in 2015.

Visitors leave flowers at a memorial for the 26 people killed at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)Visitors leave flowers at a memorial for the 26 people killed at the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Animal cruelty and violence toward people can even be directly intertwined. Domestic violence victims often report that their abusers also threatened to harm or kill the victims’ pets. A 1998 survey in New Jersey found that among homes where child abuse had occurred, 88 percent also had incidents of animal abuse.

In 2015, driven by the evidence of a strong link between violence toward animals and people, the FBI began collecting data on animal cruelty though its National Incident-Based Reporting System. This allows the FBI to analyze potential trends in animal abuse and how they might relate to other types of crime.

But that doesn’t mean that all state and local law enforcement agencies around the country are taking animal cruelty more seriously. A January 2017 report from the Animal Legal Defense Fund found that some states still fail to mandate mental health evaluations or counseling for animal cruelty offenders or to require someone convicted of animal cruelty to give up their animals.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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CBS’s ‘Young Sheldon’ Wants to ‘Destroy’ Pastor of Small-Town Texas Church

When the horrific shooting in Vegas occurred last month, Hollywood rightly cancelled two movie premieres and edited at least one television show out of respect for the victims of the tragedy. But CBS’s Young Sheldon (a prequel spinoff of The Big Bang Theory) felt it was okay to air an episode, immediately after the shooting at a small-town Texas church, that depicted a small-town Texas church service with main character Sheldon (Iain Armitage) stating that he wanted to “destroy” his pastor to prove that God does not exist.

The fact that the show takes place in a small-town Texas church alone is similar enough to warrant placing a supportive message at the beginning or end of the show out of respect for the victims and their loved ones. But they couldn’t be bothered to do even that small gesture.

In the Thursday, November 9 episode, “Poker, Faith and Eggs,” Sheldon attends church with his family and is bothered so much by the obviously not-so-bright pastor’s message, that he felt the need to speak up in the middle of the service:

I have been a Christian all my life and I have never seen a priest or pastor explain faith the way this pastor did. Either it’s a deliberate, disrespectful attempt to make the pastor appear dim-witted and weak on faith, or it’s a sign that Hollywood has no idea what it’s talking about when it comes to matters of the Christian faith. Maybe a little bit of both.

And to have a young child wishing to “destroy” the pastor after the Texas tragedy that left 26 people dead, including more than a dozen children? Just gross. They probably didn’t even make the connection, they were too busy tweeting about gun control and mocking people for their “thoughts and prayers.” Completely insensitive, despite Hollywood’s claims to be all for sensitivity and tolerance.

At home, Sheldon starts researching scientists who believe in God. As he’s reading a book, he tells his sister, “French philosopher, mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal argued a rational person should believe God exists because you have everything to gain if you’re right, and nothing to lose if you’re wrong.”

Suddenly, Sheldon’s mom rushes into the room to announce that she’s taking their father to the hospital. After Sheldon sees his father writhing in pain in his hospital bed, hooked up to wires and tubes with doctors and nurses working on him, Sheldon is visibly shaken up and immediately goes to the hospital’s chapel and folds his hands in prayer.

Older Sheldon’s voiceover then says, “Despite what it looks like, I didn’t pray to God that night. I prayed to Blaise Pascal. My thinking was, if he was right about the existence of God, then he could pass along my request for my dad to get better. If he was wrong…well…in this moment, I needed him to be right.”

This was a prime opportunity for the writers to show how difficult circumstances can often bring people closer to God, especially considering the tragedy in Texas. But promoting their anti-Christian agenda is far more important to them than showing any kind of respect for Christian believers, who most likely comprise much of their viewership.

It turns out that Sheldon’s father suffered a minor heart attack with no permanent damage, and his mother says, “Our prayers have been answered.” Older Sheldon then says, “For a brief moment, I was filled with the healing power of faith. Then the next day we all got violently ill…and I was over it.”

It’s sad that Hollywood leftists don’t understand how faith works. Job 2:10 reads, “…Shall we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad?” The theology behind suffering and its redemptive power is too long to get into here, but God isn’t supposed to be a “sky fairy,” as atheists like to call Him, who works according to what we humans believe God should and should not do.

The show wasn’t done with the faith-bashing yet, unfortunately. We still had to witness one more scene of Sheldon in church disrespecting his pastor and interrupting the church service, challenging him on creation and the “big bang theory” – get it?

So, Sheldon got his wish. He is so brilliant that even his pastor, who doesn’t know how to defend the faith in the first place, can’t handle his questions, and Sheldon figuratively “destroyed” him. And rather than teaching Sheldon about respect, discipline, and proper worship, and answering his questions privately, as most Christian parents would, his parents fake another heart attack to escape.

The writers and producers of Young Sheldon owe the victims and loved ones of the Texas church shooting tragedy, as well as every Christian, a huge apology.

Understanding that Jesus suffered immensely and died for ALL of us, so that we could have the promise of eternal life if we simply believe, is a basic tenet of faith that most Christians know and defend well, especially pastors. It’s what brought those believers in Texas into their church on that fateful Sunday morning, it’s what brought those who died there to everlasting life in Heaven, and it’s what will bring those who survived peace and strength beyond all human understanding or ability as God carries them through the pain and suffering brought on by the unthinkable sin of another human being.

Hollywood, you’re missing out on something really special when you deny and disrespect faith. But it’s never too late to accept this free gift. All you have to do is believe.

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Stephen Willeford, Who Shot At Texas Church Gunman, Speaks Out: 'I'm No Hero'

The man credited with firing the shots that chased off the gunman who killed 26 people in a Texas church on Sunday is speaking out. 

And Stephen Willeford wants people to remain focused on the victims. 

“All I want to stress today is the people in that church, they’re friends of mine, they’re family,” Willeford told 40/29 News, an ABC-affiliated station in Arkansas. 

He said: 

“And every time I heard a shot I knew that that probably represented a life. I was scared to death. I was. I was scared for me. I was scared for everyone of them, and I was scared for my own family that just lived less than a block away.” 

Willeford said he grabbed his rifle from a safe and ran barefoot to the church when his daughter told him about the shooting. Once there, he confronted 26-year-old gunman Devin Patrick Kelley and the two traded gunfire. 

“I know I hit him,” Willeford said.

When Kelley fled the scene, Willeford flagged down a pickup truck belonging to local resident Johnnie Langendorff.

“The gentleman with the rifle came to my truck as the shooter took off, and he briefed me quickly on what had just happened, and said that we had to get him and so that’s what I did,” Langendorff told KSAT.

Langendorff said the chase eventually reached speeds of 95 mph. En route, the pair of good Samaritans contacted 911 to update authorities on the direction the gunman was heading.

During the pursuit, Kelley reportedly made his own call. 

The suspect used his cellphone, notified his father that he had been shot and didn’t think he was going to make it,” Freeman Martin of the Texas Department of Public Safety told NBC News. 

The chase ended when Kelley’s vehicle flipped into a ditch.

“It’s like he just gave up,” Langendorff told KSAT. “He just kind of went off in the ditch, hit a hay bale from what I could see and then he just never moved after that.”

Police said Kelley was found dead with three gunshot wounds: two likely from Willeford and a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. 

Despite the gunfight and pursuit, Willeford insisted that he was not a hero. 

“I’m no hero. I am not,” he told 40/29 News. “I think my God, my Lord, protected me and gave me the skills to do what needed to be done and I just wish I could’ve gotten there faster.”

Read Willeford’s full interview here

Sunday’s shooting was the deadliest in Texas history and the fifth-deadliest in recent U.S. history. 


For more news videos visit Yahoo View.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Texas A.G.: Churches should consider armed worshipers or private security

After a mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, left 26 people dead Sunday, state Attorney General Ken Paxton suggested that institutions have to decide either to allow firearms or to hire private security to defend against future carnage.

“In Texas, you have to actually post, if you’re a church, telling people not to carry guns — otherwise you could carry a gun,” Paxton said on “Fox & Friends” on Monday.

He continued: “I think we need to look at that, because I think we need to have churches, schools, businesses start thinking about their policies — because obviously we can’t have first responders at every location — and so they need to think about whether they want private security or whether they want to make sure that some of their own people are armed to prevent this from happening again.”

Texas penal code allows property owners to post signs banning either concealed or openly carried weapons on site. It was not immediately clear if First Baptist Church, where the massacre took place, discouraged or banned congregants from bringing weapons on the property.

Although two armed men did pursue the gunman, 26-year-old Devin Kelly, during his rampage, neither were attending the church at the time. It was not clear whether he was killed by them or by a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Paxton suggested even more explicitly on Sunday that churchgoers arm themselves. When asked by Fox News how to “stop this insanity,” Paxton responded, “As far as what we can do in the future, I mean, the only thing I know, because you can’t necessarily keep guns out of the hands of people who are going to violate the law.

“If somebody’s willing to kill someone, they’re also going to be willing to violate a gun law,” he continued. “And all I can say is that in Texas at least we have the opportunity to have concealed carry. And so if it’s a place where somebody has the ability to carry, there’s always the opportunity that the gunman will be taken out before he has the opportunity to kill very many people.”

The Sutherland Springs shooting is believed to be the deadliest shooting at a house of worship in U.S. history, and is the deadliest shooting in Texas history, the state’s Gov. Greg Abbott said Sunday. Police said the victims ranged from 18 months to 77 years old.

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Texas man travels to White House to ‘kill all white police’, arrested by Secret Service


A man who was arrested Monday in Washington, D.C. allegedly traveled to the nation’s capital to kill “all white police” at the White House.

Michael Arega, of Dallas, Texas, was arrested Monday afternoon after the Secret Service Protective Intelligence Division received an alert just before 3 p.m. from the Montgomery County Maryland Police Department to be on the lookout for Arega.

He reportedly traveled from Texas to kill “all white police” at the White House, according to a statement from the U.S. Secret Service.

Secret Service at the White House searched for Arega until he was arrested without incident around an hour later. He was found on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue near Lafayette Park.

A Facebook profile that appears to be Arega’s shows him “checked in” at the White House on Monday, and also includes posts with statements such as: “Now i am going to there to white House make sure kill All white POLICE !!,” “I remove the power of darkenes [sic] from USA in the powerful name of Jesus Christ !!,” and “Put Him on Jail Donald J Trump in Maighty Name of JESUS CHRRIST !!”

Arega, who was not armed with any weapons during his arrest, was brought to the Metropolitan Police Department and charged with making felony threats.

Source Article from