‘You Killed My Son!’: Video Shows Terrifying Moments After Cop Kills Unarmed 16yo Boy


Franklin County, OH — As TFTP reported this week, in juvenile court, a 16-year-old boy intervened after a police officer allegedly pushed his mother against the wall—so the police officer shot and killed him. Now, we have the disturbing video of the aftermath of the shooting. It is nothing short of heartbreaking.

The boy who was killed this week for allegedly intervening to help his mother fend off a cop was Joseph Haynes and he was unarmed.

Video of the aftermath was taken by Constance Gadell-Newton, Juvenile Defense Attorney for Franklin County Ohio who witnessed the lethal altercation and pulled out her camera to document it.

In the video, we can see Haynes’ mother hysterical after her son lay dying on the floor of the courtroom. Infuriatingly enough, instead of attempting to call for help or render aid to the boy bleeding out on the floor, police call in back up to remove Haynes family.

“Oh my god you killed my son!” Haynes’ mother screams in horror. At this point officers then begin to forcibly remove the mother and the grandmother who are in obvious shock after witnessing Joseph’s killing.

On Friday, authorities identified the officer who fired the lethal round as Deputy Richard Scarborough.

When asked if there was surveillance footage of the shooting, Chief Rick Minerd, of the Sheriff’s Office investigative subdivision said that the video doesn’t provide a view of the altercation.

“That video is not as fruitful as we would have liked, in terms of what it shows,” Minerd says. “And so we’re hopeful there’s other information out there.”

According to WOSU, Minerd says they are looking for cell phone footage that may help the case. He says they’ve interviewed about 20 people so far in the case, but are having difficulty collecting reliable information because the altercation began in one location and ended in another.

Below is the report on the original incident.

The single shot which killed Haynes was fired, police say, in self-defense but family members are disputing that claim. The boy’s grandmother Geraldine Haynes said she witnessed the entire incident. In an interview with the Columbus Dispatch, the grandmother recounted the incident.

They had an altercation in the courtroom. The judge gave us another court date and we were leaving. The cop told Karen (boy’s mother) to get out of the courthouse and wouldn’t let her get her stuff or nothing. And then he (cop) started going over and pushing her against the wall.

That’s when she says her grandson, Joseph, allegedly stepped in to defend his mother from the officer’s manhandling.

Joey told him to leave his mom alone, leave his mom alone, so Joey ran over there and grabbed ahold of his (cop) shoulder. The cop let loose of Karen and slung Joey onto the ground. And when he slung Joey onto the ground…he just quit (fighting with the cop). All of a sudden the cop reaches for his gun and shoots him.

The grandmother went on to tell reporters she was mere inches away from her grandson when she saw him get shot and killed by the only man in the courtroom with a gun, the cop. She said she can still recall smelling the gunpowder and being in a state of shock.

And I just said, “You shot my grandson! You shot my grandson!”

When asked if Joseph attempted to reach for the officer’s gun the grandmother emphatically stated the boy had his hands raised in a surrender position. “No,” he did not reach for the officer’s gun she said. She said she witnessed the entire incident and said police ushered them out of the courtroom and wouldn’t let them be with their son and grandson as he lay dying on the floor.

Tragically, first responders and emergency room personnel were unable to save the boy’s life, who was shot once in the abdomen.

Following the shooting, the Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement in support of their police officer. At a press conference Wednesday Executive Vice President Keith Ferrell said:

Whenever somebody attacks an officer, there’s always a weapon involved, always because the officer is always armed…There’s always likelihood, the probability, that that person could get your weapon, incapacitate you with a non-lethal weapon, and then get your sidearm. We’re trained, absolutely that you can’t allow that to happen…It was very clear to me, and in my experiences, that he was attacked and this was a fight for his life at some point.

Not only was Ferrell not present, but the only person giving an eyewitness account of the shooting, the boy’s grandmother, stands by her version of events which led to her grandbaby’s death.

Various news reports have made it a point to mention Hanyes’ prior run-ins with the law, stating the teenager had already been charged with various crimes. But the fact remains. An unarmed boy was killed in a courtroom defending his mother from an armed man who was reportedly running roughshod over her.

Joseph Haynes was the 55th American to be killed by police in America so far in 2018.

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In Terrifying Close Call, Plane Skids Off Turkish Runway And Nearly Plunges Into Black Sea

Terrifying images captured Saturday night at Trabzon airport on Turkey’s northeast coast showed a passenger plane teetering precariously on a steep slope, its nose pointing toward the waters of the Black Sea below, after the jet skidded off the runway as it was attempting to land.

Incredibly, none of the 168 passengers and crew members on board the Pegasus Airlines flight were hurt in the incident, according to Reuters. Everyone was safely evacuated.

Pegasus Airlines is a Turkish low-cost airline with headquarters in Istanbul. (Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)Pegasus Airlines is a Turkish low-cost airline with headquarters in Istanbul. (Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

The Turkish airline said in a statement that the Boeing 737-800 aircraft had been flying from Ankara to Trabzon and “had a runway excursion incident” as it landed.

“We tilted to the side, the front was down while the plane’s rear was up. There was panic; people shouting, screaming,” a passenger named Fatma Gordu told state-run news agency Anadolu.

An investigation into the cause of the accident has been launched, reported the BBC. Provincial governor Yucel Yavuz said the Trabzon airport was closed for several hours while authorities conducted a probe into the incident. 

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/terrifying-close-call-plane-skids-132514328.html

Crash of water and a terrifying ride: Driver glad he's alive

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) — A driver who rode a wave of muddy water down a twisting street in his car during a Southern California flood said he is lucky to be alive.

“I just got pushed down the side of a hill by a wall of water and mud,” Desionne Franklin said in an Instagram video after Tuesday’s terrifying ride. “Rocks flowing, mud flowing everywhere. Barely made it out.”

Franklin, 44, and his girlfriend evacuated a friend’s home in the city of Burbank where they were staying as waves of storm runoff began pouring down a steep foothill street near hiking trails and a golf course. Water, rocks and mud cascaded down from mountains stripped bare of soil-stabilizing brush by a recent wildfire.

Franklin, who is from Dallas, said he heard rumbling around 6 a.m. Tuesday and saw something he’d never seen before: “river rapids in the middle of a residential street.”

But then the rain stopped and the water receded.

“I went back to sleep, not thinking about it,” he said Thursday.

Hours later, however, Franklin was told the neighborhood might be in danger and was being evacuated. He and his friend packed their cars and shoveled away several feet of mud that was caked in front of the driveway.

Then, a neighbor reported that rocks and small boulders were beginning to fall farther up the hill.

Franklin said he told everyone, “‘We’ve got to go now.’ I was a little frantic.”

He said his friend packed his daughter and three cats in a car and left. Franklin and his girlfriend left in a gray Prius.

Franklin drove slowly down the steep, curving road through waves of rock-laden, muddy water. The brakes did little good as the wheels skidded on rubble, the steering wheel shuddered and the surging current pushed at the car.

Then, a wave of water crashed into the back of the car.

“My girlfriend was screaming at the top of her lungs: ‘Go, go, go! We’ve got to get out of here!'” Franklin said.

“There was barely any traction,” he said. “Then the hydroplaning started. I was completely at the mercy of the flow of the water.”

Video by a local firefighters’ union showed the car sweeping down and around a curve on the cascade. For 30 seconds, Franklin lost all control of the car before regaining a little traction.

“‘Oh, this might be how it ends,'” he said he thought.

On the way, Franklin saw other, mangled cars that had been swept away.

“They looked like wadded-up pieces of paper,” he said. “It was terrible.”

At last, the Prius made it to the bottom of the hill. Franklin said he and his girlfriend looked at each other and “just sat there, speechless.”

Remarkably, nobody was hurt in the flooding. The Prius, which Franklin recently had leased, came away with only a few scratches.

“I love the car now,” Franklin said. “It got us through hell and high water, literally.”


This story has been corrected to show that the video was made Tuesday, not Thursday.

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/driver-survives-car-surfs-flooded-california-road-043250070.html

Be Wary of The Wendigo: A Terrifying Beast of Native American Legend With An Insatiable Hunger To Devour Mankind

The Wendigo (spelt also as Windigo and Windego) (the plural form being Wendigoag) is a creature that can be found in the legends of the Native Americans, most notably amongst the Algonquian peoples. These peoples are some of the most extensive and numerous of the Native American groups in North America, and they once lived all along the Atlantic Coast and the Great Lakes Region. However, Wendigo-like creatures are also found in the legends of other Native American tribes, including the neighbors of the Algonquians, the Iroquois. Amongst these peoples, a creature known as the Stonecoat bears some similarities to the Wendigo.

A Wendigo’s Insatiable Hunger

Roughly translated, the word ‘Wendigo’ means ‘the evil spirit that devours mankind’. Another translation, said to be made by a German explorer around 1860, equates the word ‘Wendigo’ with ‘cannibal’. Wendigoag are said to have an insatiable hunger for human flesh – no matter how much flesh they eat, they remain hungry.

This hunger is reflected in their appearance, which, according to some, is extremely thin. Despite their gaunt physiques, Wendigoag are described by some as giants, measuring at about 4.5 m (14.8 feet) in height. Whilst there are slight variations as to the physical description of this creature amongst the different Algonquian peoples, it is generally agreed that Wendigoag have glowing eyes, long yellowed fangs and long tongues. Most Wendigoag are also said to have sallow and yellowish skin, though others say that they are matted with hair or have decaying skin.

Legends say that Wendigoag were once human beings. According to the most popular version of the story, a Wendigo is formed whenever a human being resorted to cannibalism, even if it were done in order to survive. When a person consumes the flesh of another human being, he or she is believed to be overcome by evil spirits and transformed into a Wendigo.


Deals with the Devil and Where to Find a Wendigo

In another version of the story, the first Wendigo is said to have been a warrior who made a deal with the Devil. In order to save his tribe, he gave up his soul, and was transformed into a Wendigo. When peace ensued, there was no need for such a fearsome creature, and the warrior was banished from his tribe, and forced to live as an outcast.

Some believe that the human person continues to reside within the Wendigo, specifically where its heart should be. This person is frozen, and the only way to kill a Wendigo is to kill the human within it as well. A few legends state that the frozen person is successfully rescued from inside the creature; in most cases, however, death is the only way to free a person from the Wendigo.

Wendigo carrying a human 

Wendigoag are believed to roam around the forests where the Algonquians lived, and forest dwellers that disappeared over the years are rumored to have been eaten by these creatures. Many Wendigo sightings have been reported over time, not only by Native Americans, but by white settlers as well.

For example, between the late 1800s and the 1920s, a Wendigo is said to have appeared near a town called Roseau in northern Minnesota. It has been claimed that each time a sighting of this creature was made, an unexpected death followed. The sightings, however, eventually stopped, and things went back to normal.

A Native American woman fighting against a Windigo. 

Amongst the Cree, there is a traditional dance called the ‘Wihtikokansimoowin’, or ‘Wendigo-like dance’. During the dance, the fearsome Wendigo is portrayed satirically by the dancers. In addition to satirizing the Wendigo, some Native Americans even became ‘Wendigo hunters’.

At the beginning of the 20th century, an 87-year-old Cree man by the name of Jack Fiddler was tried for the murder of a Cree woman. Whilst he pleaded guilty to the crime, he defended himself by saying that the woman was on the verge of transforming into a Wendigo, as she was being possessed by the evil spirit. Therefore, she had to be killed before she murdered other members of the tribe. In addition to this woman, Fiddler claimed to have slain at least 13 other Wendigoag during his lifetime.

Here is a video depicting a supposed Wendigo (here called a ‘Rake’) sighting. (Warning: May Not Be Suitable for Sensitive Viewers):

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Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/be-wary-of-the-wendigo-a-terrifying-beast-of-native-american-legend-with-an-insatiable-hunger-to-devour-mankind/

Terrifying 'haunted' restaurant camera shows furniture moving on its own

This viral footage may prove ghost skeptics wrong. 

One local spot in California is making headlines for some spooky incidents — and it was all caught on camera. 

Cronies Bar and Restaurant uploaded two separate videos to Facebook to verify the creepy encounters. One shows the rocking of a chair during business hours, which had some of its customers spooked. The other video shows the toppling of a barstool after the business had closed its doors for the night. 

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“For this to happen it’s pretty creepy,” said Dave Foldes, one of the bar’s co-owners, to a local news station. He continued, “It’s just really weird. We’ve been here 27 years, nothing weird like this has ever happened.” 

Though they don’t know what caused the movements, they’re quick to blame it on the spot’s two originals, Ralph and Don. 

“Ralph and Don. They were our first originals. They actually introduced me to my wife. And they died 25 years ago.Whenever something funny happens, we blame it on them,” he said. 

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Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/terrifying-apos-haunted-apos-restaurant-142249793.html

Government Geologist’s Terrifying Encounter With Extraterrestrials – After Drilling On Top of Their Base 2 Miles Underground

Next Story

“On the Southwest part of the Archuleta Mesa, we built an underground facility the better part of three cubic miles hollowed out underground. And to the southwest of that, we were in the process of the early stages of building, we drilled four large tunnel-like holes, some of them ran two and a half miles underneath the surface. . . . The drilling machines that were used were at the rate of two miles a day, it was fairly rapid. The equipment kept coming up broken. So we wanted to send somebody down there, a human observer . . . to find out what was going on.” 

Above is a quote given by Phil Schneider, who spent two years travelling around the country leaking some very sensitive information. One day, a friend of his named Al Pratt, along with the manager of the apartment complex where Phil lived, found him dead in his apartment. While his death was originally attributed to a stroke, many believe he was murdered for leaking this information.

Phil’s story has gained a lot of attention from UFO researchers, and that’s because his story never changed, and has been corroborated by other people as well. It also aligns with a lot of other information that has been leaked on this subject.

Phil himself claimed to be a government contractor who specialized in engineering and geology. He was tasked multiple times with building underground military facilities.

Now, keep in mind that deep underground military facilities are no conspiracy theory; even in-bottom and under-bottom bases beneath the ocean are most likely a reality. Plans to begin this type of construction began long ago. For example, in 1968, the Stanford Research Institute discussed the construction of dozens of undersea bases in a study titled “Feasibility of Manned In-Botton Bases.”

Programs like these are funded directly by the “Black Budget,” a little-known term that became widespread after Snowden leaked sensitive information about the NSA (and other) global surveillance program(s).  These programs do not exist publicly, but they do indeed exist. They are better known as “Deep Black programs”  and “Special Access Programs.” A 1997 US Senate report described them as “so sensitive that they are exempt from standard reporting requirements to the Congress.”

Schneider continues:

To our total surprise, first of all the government knew all about it, they didn’t tell anybody. When I saw Green Beret and Black Beret people encamped inside of our geologist camp, I knew something was up, the gig was up. First of all I knew all about the alien agenda — I’ll explain that in a few minutes. The large alien greys had been encamped there for, as best, as believed possible, for about 4 or 500 years. It had been one of their internal bases, and we drilled holes right on top of it. . . . Well, that’s when all hell broke loose, really.

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Is This What You Think They Would Look Like? Supposed Pictures of Real Extraterrestrial Beings

The Most Commonly Reported Extraterrestrials By Contactees/Abductees & Experiencers

Phil goes on to describe how he was injured and maimed as a result of this incident. In the lecture, he shows his scars and his missing toes and fingers.

His story also has the attention of several researchers, which says there could be some truth to it, but we can’t say for sure just as we cannot verify his background with certainty. However, the pictures, documents, and support from other colleagues and family in getting his story out there, suggests there is some truth to his claims.

Below is a picture provided from Phil in one of his lectures, where he claims the gentleman in the red circle is actually an extraterrestrial. The men in the back are the world’s most brilliant scientists, and the man to the right of the supposed extraterrestrial is Phil’s father, a high ranking navy officer, Oscar Schneider, who has a verified background.

Phil’s story is a long one, with lots of information and research to do. To truly determine if there is any validity behind these claims, and there very well could be, it’s important to really do your research into this field. A wise man once said “condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” Prior to the Edward Snowden leaks, everybody believed that mere mass surveillance was a conspiracy theory.

When it comes to this subject, with UFOs being verified in the mainstream and talk of intelligent extraterrestrials spreading, it’s always a good idea to keep an open mind. We need to understand that we can entertain an idea without fully accepting it, and we’re living in an age where new information will continue to emerge which challenges and conflicts with old belief systems.

Thanks for reading.

Be sure to check out our UFO/extraterrestrial article archive for more articles and information pertaining to this subject.

You can watch the full lecture, which spans more than hour, here.



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Terrifying Video Shows Cops Put Teen In A Restraint Chair, Torture Him With A Taser

A horrifying video was just released as part of a lawsuit on behalf of an 18-year-old man who was tasered over and over again while strapped in a restraining chair. The video looks like something out of horror movie.

The nightmare for Jordan Norris began last year, in November, when a SWAT team raided his home because he was allegedly selling drugs. Selling willing people a substance they want to voluntarily ingest, however, in no way justified the treatment Norris would receive.

After Norris was arrested, he had somewhat of a mental breakdown and began banging his head against the cell door. So, police dragged him out of his cell and strapped him in a restraint chair.

In the extremely disturbing video, Cheatham County Sheriff’s Deputies are seen holding Norris down with a gag while another deputy sadistically and repeatedly deploys the taser. Naturally, Norris squirmed as 50,000 volts ran through his body. His movement seemed to provoke the deputies who responded with more taser strikes.

At one part in the video, you can hear a deputy tell Norris, “I’ll keep doing that until I run out of batteries.”

Norris said he remembered deputies asking him, “Do you want me to do it again? We got a whole bunch of batteries we can drain into you pretty much. We will do it over and over until we have no more.”

When Norris was released from prison, he was covered in burn marks from the taser. Somehow he made it through the torture without his heart stopping.

Willian Chapman, Norris’ stepfather, said he gave the police the benefit of the doubt when he saw his stepson’s wounds. He thought Norris must’ve been resisting in some way. However, once they saw the video, it was entirely clear that Norris was in no way resisting — as he was buckled down in a restraint chair.

“I said, ‘Jordan what is that?’ It looked like he had the measles. And he said, ‘That’s where they tased me.’ I could not wrap my head around that,” William Chapman said.

Chapman told News Channel 5 that he counted more than forty burns.

“I was actually giving the police benefit of the doubt over my own child because I was thinking he must have been fighting back, he must have been resisting,” Chapman said.

He was not.

“When I found that he was actually strapped to a restraint chair, it was even more mind boggling. It didn’t make any sense,” Chapman said.

When you watch the video below, you will likely agree with Chapman. What the deputies were doing to Norris with the taser did not make any sense at all. Why on earth would they choose to torture this young man repeatedly with a taser?

Thanks to a post on the sheriff’s department’s Facebook page, we now have a possible answer to that question. The sheriff had a personal vendetta against Norris and took to publicly taunting him.

In the Facebook post, the sheriff called Norris “a drug dealer by trade and on the fast track to live the thug Life.” The sheriff even noted that Norris “peed a little bit,” while being handled by SWAT.

Sheriff Mike Breedlove even stood by his Facebook comments, claiming that they normally make humorous posts after busting people for selling substances deemed illegal by the state.

After he refused to back down for taunting Norris, the sheriff went on to justify the sadistic actions of his deputies by stating that it was necessary. He said his deputies had to taser Norris over 40 times because he kept flinching.

In the video below, you will watch — what looks like a scene out of Nazi Germany — however, this is taking place right in our backyard. When police can claim that torturing a man, who is restrained in a chair, is justified, the time for radical change is long overdue.


Founder of WorldTruth.Tv Eddie (13240 Posts)

Eddie is the founder and owner of www.WorldTruth.TV. This website is dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the globe. I have spent the last 38 years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media.

Source Article from https://worldtruth.tv/terrifying-video-shows-cops-put-teen-in-a-restraint-chair-torture-him-with-a-taser/

People Say They Can’t Sleep After Seeing This Terrifying Deep Sea Monster

The vast, confounding, and beautiful oceans of Earth remain largely unexplored by mankind. In fact, the deepest parts of the sea are considered by many to be the real final frontier: they’re as mysterious as outer space, but accessible enough that we rarely stop to think about just how fascinating the world underwater really is.

The immense pressure at the bottom of the ocean tends to make exploration extremely challenging, if not impossible, to a degree. The further down you go, the more apparent it is that the life forms that inhabit those areas have had to evolve in some strange ways to simply exist under hostile conditions.

Occasionally, we’ll catch a glimpse of new creatures as their strange world brushes against our own. Sometimes, it can be really cool, but occasionally, it’s absolutely terrifying!

The ocean makes up a vast area of the world that remains relatively unexplored to this day. That’s why “new” species are constantly being discovered. Just take what this fisherman recently reeled in while out on his boat!

Jaime Rendon and a group of fishermen had been enjoying a nice day out on the Pisces Sportfishing Fleet a mile out near the coast of Mexico when their trip unexpectedly took a sudden turn. He felt a strong tug on his fishing line, and he started to reel in whatever creature might be on the other end of the line…

Jaime eventually managed to pull the sea creature on board, and the other seasoned fishermen instantly presumed it was an alien fish. After all, they’d never seen anything like it before in their long careers at sea.

Jaime eventually managed to pull the sea creature on board, and the other seasoned fishermen instantly presumed it was an alien fish. After all, they’d never seen anything like it before in their long careers at sea.

To this day, they have no idea what type of fish it was. Is it any surprise, really? It just stands as a testament to the weird things you can encounter at sea. That’s why it’s so important for researchers to continue to study all of the world’s oceans; they never truly know what they’re going to find…

Here’s another example of a strange catch from the deep sea. This footage was taken by a remote camera that was deployed on a routine inspection of a deep ocean oil pipeline. Usually its journeys are unremarkable, and the most exciting thing that happens might be some maintenance from time to time.

Marine biologists and other researchers were floored when they finally saw the footage of this mysterious creature. They had some theories about what it could be, but the truth was they had no real answer to that question…

Based on this footage, researchers speculated the creature might’ve been a type of jellyfish called Deepstaria enigmatica, though there was no conclusive evidence to support this theory. Others have suggested it was an alien life form that, like the strange catch mentioned at the beginning of this story, was not of this world…

These photographs provide a glimpse into what it must have been to stumble across this creature in its ocean home. However, if you want to really experience this oddity, just wait until you see how it moves in the video below…



Founder of WorldTruth.Tv Eddie (12975 Posts)

Eddie is the founder and owner of www.WorldTruth.TV. This website is dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the globe. I have spent the last 37 years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media.

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Aerial videos capture terrifying wildfires scorching California

Menacing red-orange flames and towering plumes of smoke smothered parts of California this weekend amid record-breaking heat and bone-dry gusts.

Firefighters and scientists filmed the latest rash of Western wildfires from helicopters, drones, and stationary cameras, offering smoldering views. Dozens of structures have been destroyed and thousands of people fled their homes, though no deaths have been reported.

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Videos taken on Saturday evening from the Oroville Dam in Northern California showed the ebb and flow of the Wall Fire in Butte County, which has so far scorched 4,400 acres.

About 5,000 firefighters are now battling 14 large wildfires throughout the Golden State.

In Southern California, wildfires burned amid record-setting heat. Downtown Los Angeles saw a high of 98 degrees on Saturday, beating out the 131-year record of 95 degrees set in 1886, according to the National Weather Service.

To make matters worse, about 140,000 city residents suffered through the heat wave without air-conditioning late Saturday after an electrical receiving station exploded and caught on fire in the Northridge neighborhood.

Meanwhile, north of the city in San Luis Obispo County, the Alamo Fire ballooned overnight to encompass more than 24,000 acres, making it the largest fire currently burning in California, fire officials said Sunday.

The nearby Whittier Fire, currently the third-largest wildfire, barreled over more than 5,000 acres and engulfed Los Padres National Forest.

Flames and smoke temporarily prevented some 80 people — mostly children — from being evacuated from their campsite on Saturday, authorities said.

The blaze “has real potential for growth” because the area hasn’t burned in around seven decades, Andrew Madsen, the national forest public affairs officer, told NBC News.

Wildfires are scorching California even as the state recovers from five years of severe drought.

Record rainfall and snowpack in parts of the state earlier this year delayed the state of the wildfire season in some places. But it also led to explosive growth of vegetation, which could fuel future fires, the Associated Press noted.

Firefighters battle a wildfire as it threatens to jump a road near Oroville, California, on July 8, 2017.Firefighters battle a wildfire as it threatens to jump a road near Oroville, California, on July 8, 2017.

Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock

While blazes are often sparked by careless campers or arsonists, they’re also striking more frequently, and burning for longer periods of time, due in part to human-caused climate change.

As average temperatures rise, heat waves strike and rainfall disappears, the soil and plants are drying out faster, raising the long-term risk of wildfires, scientists say.

WATCH: Firefighters in Dubai are using jetpacks to put out fires

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Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/aerial-videos-capture-terrifying-wildfires-173508022.html