‘Teen prostitutes back on streets because police won’t give back bus’, charity tells RT (VIDEO)

On Thursday, the bus belonging to Reading homelessness charity The Ark Project, was seized by Thames Valley Police and impounded amid claims that it was being driven with the incorrect license type. The bus had run into trouble the night before, when police threatened to tow the vehicle as it was considered an ‘obstruction’, parked across from the castle.

Thames Valley Police Inspector Gavin Biggs, the Roads Policing officer, was involved in the seizure of the bus. He confirmed that ‘Lenny’ the charity bus had been impounded on Thursday. “A commercial vehicle was seized from Windsor Town centre…It was being driven otherwise in accordance with a licence, a man was reported for the offence and the vehicle was removed”.

On Friday, the charity hoped the bus would be returned to them after the royal wedding. Now, Ark Project CEO Michael Longsmith, said that police are refusing to release the bus until an expert can assess the vehicle. Longsmith said that, despite the charity working closely with police in the past with no issue, officials now need to assess what type of vehicle it is.

“Lenny is the bus is being kept in the compound until police can get an expert out to determine if it’s a bus or a motorhome,” he said. “We’re saying its a motorhome, and they’re saying its a public service vehicle with 64 seats on it. It has 8 seats and 10 beds.”

Longsmith told RT that he has the correct license to drive a motorhome up to ‘Lenny’s’ size and weight. He added that the charity had a bus driver with other bus licensing so they could avoid having the bus impounded, but police refused.

“There is no time-frame, it could be weeks or months before we get the bus back,” he said. “The charity is basically shut down. Why do they need to come down with the full force of the law for a charity trying to do good?”

Longsmith said the on-flow effect has seen their regular clientele pushed out on to the streets of Reading with nowhere to go.

“There are 17-year-old prostitutes, young girls in Reading that the police were doing nothing about. We were doing something about that. We were housing them – now they’re back on the streets,” Longsmith said.

The Ark Project has been raising money to bail out their bus when they can, but have not been told what Lenny’s imprisonment will cost. “We’re back in Reading now, trying to raise money – we don’t know [how much it will cost], they’re charging storage, release fees… no one has communicated with us.”

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Can Dreams Predict The Future? A Legendary Professor Who’s Done The Research Tells It Like It Is

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The world of dreams is a mystery to all. We dream every night when we go to sleep, though sometimes we remember our dreams and sometimes we do not. It can be a lot of fun to relay your dreams to friends and coworkers the next day, but often their significance is only perceptible to yourself and you end up boring your audience with a long, drawn-out recall of the previous night’s adventures.

Have you ever woken up from a dream so real that you were overcome with whatever emotion had been triggered in the dream, such as sadness, anger, bliss, or excitement? How about waking up with a huge sigh of relief that it was only a dream? Dreams can seem so real to our minds that our bodies actually respond as if they were.

Despite all our years of studying and trying to interpret dreams, the age-old question remains, what is the significance of dreams and do they actually mean anything in relation to waking life? Many people dismiss dreams as random thoughts formulated from the subconscious mind, but what about the concept of precognitive dreams — dreams about events or experiences that haven’t yet occurred, but end up taking place at a later point in reality? The very notion goes against what we know to be true of time and relativity; if time is linear, then precognitive dreams simply cannot be possible.

Is It Possible To Accurately Dream About The Future?

Dr. Stanley Krippner, Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University, has devoted his life to the research and experimentation of parapsychology, precognitive dreaming, and shamanism for the past forty years. He claims that this phenomenon of precognitive dreaming is not only possible, but his research can back it up. In an interview with Geraldine Cremine of Vice Motherboard, Krippner explained one of his most significant laboratory studies on precognitive dreaming:

Each night, the subject dreamer would go through an ordinary night of dreaming, with an intent to dream about an experience he would have the following morning. The dreamer was woken 4-5 times throughout the night to relay his dreams to an experimenter. The following mornings, experimenters randomly selected an experience from a number of prearranged options, and the dreamer was subjected to that experience. Dr. Krippner said there was no way for the participants to know what experience they would encounter before it was selected and administered.

The following is a specific example of a dreamer who, one night, had several dreams about birds in various different settings and circumstances. The following morning, the dreamer was exposed to one of the experiences selected at random. “The experience was to have him sit with earphones on,” Dr. Krippner said. “And what was played? Bird calls. He was also played a video. And what was played? Pictures of birds.” After the experiment, which lasted 8 days, was over, outside judges who were not a part of the original experiment were called in to determine the dreams of the dreamers versus the experiences they were subjected to upon waking. For each participant, the judges were able to find at least one match between a dream and the random experience on most nights of the experiment.

Even if we were to accept — at least for argument’s sake — that this phenomenon of precognitive dreaming is possible, we are still left wanting an explanation. And unfortunately, we simply don’t have one yet.

What we do know is that the unconscious mind is capable of having deep revelations during the rapid eve movement (REM) state of sleep, aka: the dream state. One example of such a revelation occurred in 1865, when chemist Frederich August Kekulé was struggling to understand how atoms in the benzene molecule were arranged. After wrestling with the problem for some time, he fell asleep and dreamt about a snake biting its own tail. Through this image, he conceived the benzene ring, revolutionizing organic chemistry in the process. But people come to much more mundane understandings during sleep all the time, as I’m sure you yourself have on one or more occasions, perhaps explaining where the phrase, I’ll sleep on it comes from.

Could Quantum Physics Be The Answer?

Quantum physics offers one theory for precognitive dreams, suggesting that during the uninhibited state of REM, the brain may be capable of identifying some kind of a signal that we aren’t aware of in our conscious state. These signals could assist with awareness of the future. This idea links to theories of quantum entanglement and the idea that two separate particles or points in time can interact as if connected to one another despite being spatially separated.

Dr. Krippner himself elaborated on how quantum physics could potentially explain  precognitive dreaming. “Quantum events happen on a different time scale to what most people live and experience in the West,” he explained. “We have this understanding of time that is: ‘past, present, future.’ But quantum physics gives you a different concept of time.” He says that these same concepts are found throughout the many indigenous cultures he studied during his research into precognitive dreaming and shamanism:

Many indigenous people see time going in a circle; it goes around and around and it’s a spiral. “Then you also have the indigenous North American point of view that people lived in a ‘long body’; they do not end where their skin ends. A person’s long body projects and involves other people and other parts of nature, so everything is happening all at once. For them it’s no surprise that you can dream about the future.

Precognitive & Lucid Dreams

Precognitive dreams are fairly common phenomena and many people have reported experiencing them, including some famous people throughout history, like Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain. While researching this topic I also came across some interesting information on lucid precognitive dreams – the notion that you could actually intend to see into the future by being conscious in your dream and asking questions such as: What are Saturday’s winning lottery numbers?; What will be the best performing stock tomorrow? and so on… Trying this out for yourself could help prove that it works, and would be a fun experiment at the very least.

Dreams are a mystical experience to all who have them, and I think it’s safe to say that few people aren’t at least curious about their nightly adventures. Have you had any dreams you would consider precognitive? Please share with us in the comments below!

Much Love

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Mom of Kid with Down Syndrome Tells ‘The View’: ‘We’re Not Sorry’

In today’s media climate, applauding mothers of kids with Down syndrome is revolutionary. In 2018, writer after writer has supported aborting babies with the diagnosis. But just in time for Mother’s Day, The View is celebrating the lives of children with Down syndrome – and their moms.

On Thursday, The View shared the story how one mom’s life changed after giving birth to a daughter with Down syndrome. The show invited ER nurse Cara Armstrong and her 7-year-old daughter Mia on air. While Cara initially worried about her daughter’s diagnosis, today she says Mia shows her a “different kind of perfect.”

But millions are already familiar with little Mia. That’s because she starred in a viral Teleflora Mother’s Day ad, which boasts more than 7 million YouTube views since April 30. In the one-minute video, Cara revealed that when Mia was born, the doctor responded sympathetically with an “I’m so sorry.” She wasn’t sure how Mia would fit into the “perfect” family she originally envisioned – and she worried she wasn’t the “right woman for the job” of Mia’s mom.



But today, Cara stressed, Mia is the “glue that holds our family together” and the “light of our lives.”

“I think motherhood is about embracing who they were created to be,” she concluded. “I was given this daughter to change my heart and to show me a different kind of perfect.”

And if Cara’s words weren’t clear enough, Mia demonstrated her loving and joyful nature on The View as she sat between her mother and big brother Jack. Co-host Sara Haines immediately took a liking to Mia.

“I got greeted by Mia with a full blown hug and then an order to Jack to hug me too,” Haines said. “So she’s my kind of people.”

But Mia didn’t just hug Haines. As her mother talked, Mia told Jack “I love you,” while giving him little kisses and hugs throughout the show. Mom explained that “she loves her big brother.”



Haines admitted to Cara that her “story really struck a chord with so many of us because I think everyone has an idea of what a perfect family will look like.”

But Cara’s idea of perfection changed after she discovered Mia might have Down syndrome at her 11-week ultrasound.

“A doctor just bursts through the door of the treatment and said the three words that we hear over and over again over the last seven years [of Mia’s life], and those three words were, ‘I’m so sorry,’” Cara remembered.

But she disagreed.

“What I want the world to know is that we’re not sorry,” she urged.

“It was a definitely time of fear,” she added, but she later discovered that “Down syndrome is not something to fear, as a matter of fact. In our family, it’s something we’re very proud of and it’s something that we celebrate.”

While Mia has “regular intelligence,” she also has an “emotional intelligence that I have just never encountered before,” Cara continued. “She knows what we need when we need it. She loves us the way that we need to be loved.”

Like Haines, co-host Sunny Hostin called Mia “spectacular.” But she turned her attention to Jack for a moment to ask him what makes Mia “so special.”

“There isn’t really one thing. It’s everything that she does,” he said. “I love her for everything. Not just one thing. It’s not that she – every time I walk down the hall and she’s there, that she gives me a hug. It’s not that she nonstop kisses me. It’s everything. And God put –”

The audience interrupted him with applause – but not before he hinted that his family believes in God.

For Mother’s Day, Hostin also asked Mia, “How much do you love your mom?”

Mia opened her arms as wide as she possibly could and smiled.

It was a remarkable move for The View to highlight the beauty of a child with Down syndrome, whether the show realized it or not. Last year, The View donned “pussy hats” in support of the pro-abortion Women’s March. The View crew has also called former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson “pathetic” for speaking out against abortion and slammed actor Kelsey Grammer for wearing a pro-life T-shirt. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg has also declared that abortion is legal because people are tired of “hanger” and “Clorox” abortions and insisted that there was “nothing” in the Bible about abortion.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/katie-yoder/2018/05/11/mom-kid-down-syndrome-tells-view-were-not-sorry

Erdogan tells Rouhani that US decision on Iran nuclear deal wrong – source

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani on Thursday that he found the US decision to withdraw from a 2015 nuclear deal with Iran to be wrong, a source in Erdogan’s office said, according to Reuters. In a phone call, the Turkish leader also told Rouhani that Ankara wanted the international agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program to be maintained. The statement came after US President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced that the United States would pull out from the deal.

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Anonymous Source Tells Yahoo! Trump is Top Target of Reid Suit against NFL

Colin Kaepernick’s former teammate Eric Reid this week filed a collusion lawsuit against the NFL, and an anonymous source told Yahoo! Sports that President Trump is the actual target of this new litigation.

Reid played for the San Francisco 49ers for the past five seasons, and in 2016 he kneeled in protest alongside Kaepernick. Reid is now a free agent, but he’s attracted little interest from other teams. This week the safety filed a lawsuit against the NFL claiming the league colluded against him because of his anthem protests, just as Kaepernick did last fall.

Charles Robinson has been reporting on the Kaepernick and Reid stories for Yahoo! Sports. He’s citing the proverbial unnamed source in a story claiming Reid’s lawsuit is aimed not at the NFL, but at the president:

“When Eric Reid filed a grievance against the NFL this week, it highlighted a string of legal breadcrumbs left for months in Colin Kaepernick’s collusion case brought against the league. And now more than ever, those breadcrumbs appear to be leading to one person: President Donald Trump.

“A source who has viewed Reid’s confidential collusion filing against the NFL told Yahoo Sports that Trump is the crystal-clear target in the complaint.”

Robinson’s mystery source alleges Trump is the target of Reid’s suit because he played a direct role in “aligning NFL owners against players who had chosen to kneel as a form of silent protest, an act designed by the players to raise social awareness and promote racial equality, among other pursuits.”

Additionally, Robinson’s source says Reid’s complaint is “anchored almost entirely to allegations of direct, but apparently still undefined, communications between Trump and NFL owners, which caused owners to take adverse action against Reid and other players.”

One of those players is allegedly Kaepernick, but he’s not the only one, according to Robinson’s sports version of “Deep Throat.”

The anonymous source told Robinson that President Trump had public and private communications with NFL owners that included a litany of statements the president made about kneeling players in speeches, interviews and on his Twitter account. Private communications between Trump and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (left in photo above) and other owners could also supposedly demonstrate collusion.

The source claiming to have seen the lawsuit indicated it rehashes some of Kaepernick’s collusion lawsuit, with one key difference that could make Reid’s case “more revealing.” It follows months of discovery and depositions by the attorneys representing both free agents. They now have a lot of private information that wasn’t available at the time Kaepernick filed his complaint in October.

Robinson writes: “Reid’s lawyers may feel they already have the evidence of collusion they need because it has been revealed during the course of Kaepernick’s discovery process.”

Both lawsuits take aim at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, other NFL executives and all 32 team owners. “But it apparently paints Trump as the driving force behind the depths of the league’s motivation to keep both Kaepernick and Reid out of the league,” Robinson says of Reid’s suit. It’s the key distinction between the two lawsuits. “And it suggests that during the process of discovery, the attorneys for Kaepernick and Reid have cultivated evidence putting Trump at center stage.”

Depositions of two team owners focused on the president. Jones admitted to having conversations with the president about kneeling players, and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said he supported the protests, then turned against them after Trump portrayed player protests as anti-military (something many, many football fans alleged from the start of Kaepernick’s protest). A recent New York Times story on the leaked tape of a meeting between owners and protesting players last November included several instances of owners expressing concerns about Trump’s opposition to the protests.

Robinson’s conclusion again zeroes in on the president as highly influential in collusion against Reid and Kaepernick:

“Viewed in the wider scope, the points of information are leading straight to one place. From the direction of the depositions, to the surreptitiously recorded meeting between players and owners, to a pair of collusion cases that apparently now share a unifying theme.

“Seven months ago, Trump was a strong figure in alleged NFL collusion. Today, he’s the center of it.”

Robinson’s piece personifies the overwhelming bias of sports media against President Trump. Nothing would please them more than for Reid and Kaepernick to win their respective collusion lawsuits and to have the blame for the NFL’s loss laid at President Trump’s feet.

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/jay-maxson/2018/05/05/anonymous-source-tells-yahoo-trump-top-target-reid-suit-against

WikiLeaks Tells Supporters to Boycott Coinbase for Joining US Extra Judicial Financial Embargo


San Francisco, CA – WikiLeaks has called for a “global blockade” against Coinbase, the largest bitcoin brokerage of cryptocurrency in the world, after they effectively suspended the WikiLeaks Shop’s account for allegedly being in violation of the platform’s terms of agreements—although Coinbase has refused to specify what took place to prompt the suspension.

“To protect the privacy of our customers, we do not comment on individual accounts,” a Coinbase spokesperson told The Independent.

After the suspension, the WikiLeaks Shop published a screenshot of a message received from Coinbase.

“Upon careful review, we believe your account has engaged in prohibited use in violation of our Terms of Service and we regret to inform you that we can no longer provide you with access to our service,” the message states. “We respectfully request that you follow the on-screen instructions presented when you log into your Coinbase account to send any remaining balance offsite to an external address.”

In response to Coinbase banning WikiLeaks’ online store from using its service, the organization has called for a “global blockade” of the cryptocurrency brokerage. Additionally, WikiLeaks highlighted the fact that there was “concealed influence” behind the suspension, as the transparency organization’s finances have continually been targeted by the U.S.

Ironically, the reason WikiLeaks first began accepting cryptocurrency donations in 2010 was due to a previous concealed influence operation that saw the U.S. government push Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal to engage in an extrajudicial financial embargo by cutting off all avenues of financial support for WikiLeaks.

A report by Fortune reveals how the recent move by Coinbase sounds eerily similar to that undertaken by Visa and MasterCard in 2010:

Neither Visa or MasterCard has revealed any political pressure behind their move to cut off WikiLeaks. But the two firms no doubt felt that pressure from both sides of the political aisle, as Attorney General Eric Holder has promised to explore all legal options against WikiLeaks and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and others have branded him a “terrorist.” 

Despite the financial blockade, WikiLeaks’ early adoption of bitcoin allowed the whistleblowing organization to continue to fund operations, with the bitcoin address used to accept donations having received more than 4,000 bitcoins to date, which today is worth more than $36 million.

WikiLeaks has accused Coinbase of essentially joining the financial blockade against the transparency organization at the behest of the U.S. government—and the lack of any reasonable explanation by Coinbase seems to clearly bolster that position.

While Coinbase has refused to provide any rationale for its decision to suspend the WikiLeaks Shop, a hint as to the “concealed influence” being applied by the U.S. government is the statement regarding honoring “regulatory compliance mechanisms” set forth by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, under which the platform is regulated.

The timing of these events is interesting, as the suspension of the WikiLeaks Store comes only one week after the New York Attorney General Schneiderman launched an investigation into Coinbase and 12 other major cryptocurrency exchanges.

While the New York AG’s investigation is almost certain to be a precursor to increased financial regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges, under the auspices of increased protection and security of customers, the reality is likely that jettisoning the major funding mechanism for WikiLeaks is part of some quid pro quo by Coinbase in hopes of keeping tighter regulation at bay.

“With cryptocurrency on the rise, consumers in New York and across the country have a right to transparency and accountability when they invest their money,” Attorney General Schneiderman said. “Yet too often, consumers don’t have the basic facts they need to assess the fairness, integrity, and security of these trading platforms. Our Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative sets out to change that, promoting the accountability and transparency in the virtual currency marketplace that investors and consumers deserve.”

The Guardian reported that in 2010, “US financial institutions including Visa, Bank of America, Mastercard, PayPal and Western Union, stopped accepting or handling payments intended for WikiLeaks in December 2010, after the site began leaking US diplomatic cables from a cache of nearly 250,000 it had acquired.”

At the time, both MasterCard and Visa said that they were cutting the links because WikiLeaks was “engaging in or facilitating” illegal activity, while a PayPal vice president actually admitted that he had come under pressure from the US State Department to cut payment links with the site.

While there is currently no evidence to directly suggest that Coinbase is capitulating to government overlords pressing the company to compliance under threat of investigation, regulation and/or prosecution—given the facts surrounding how events have transpired regarding the vast effort to sway financial companies to sever providing services to WikiLeaks—it is certainly not out of the question, and in fact, quite likely to be going on.

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WATCH: Mainstream Media Cuts General’s Mic As He Tells the Truth On Syrian Gas Attack


An interview between Sky News and one of Britain’s former senior military officials on reports of a chemical attack in Syria was cut short when Major-General Jonathan Shaw started to question the logic behind the narrative that the Syrian government would intentionally launch an attack on its own people.

After serving as the commander of the British Armed Forces in Iraq, Major-General Jonathan Shaw has seen a side of the United States’ War on Terror that is hidden from the general public and covered up by the mainstream media.

In the interview with Sky News, Anchor Samantha Washington asked Shaw about whether Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s denial of responsibility for a reported chemical attack last week would force the UK to seek approval from Parliament before launching airstrikes targeting the Syrian government.

You know, quite apart from all that, the part that seems to be missing from this—and this was actually mentioned by the ambassador—is what possible motive might have triggered Syria to launch a chemical attack at this time in this place?” Shaw replied. “The Syrians are winning, don’t take my word for it, take the American military’s word for it.”

The general referenced comments made by the commander of United States Central Command, Joseph Votel, during a hearing with the Senate Armed Services Committee Transcript last month. In an exchange with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, Votel discussed the current state of the war in Syria:

GRAHAM: Is it too strong a statement to say that, with Russia and Iran’s help, Assad has won the Civil War in Syria?

VOTEL: I do not think that is too—that is too strong of a statement. I think they have provided him the wherewithal to—to be ascendant at this point.

GRAHAM: Is it still our policy that Assad must go?

VOTEL: I don’t—I don’t know that that’s our particular policy at this particular point. Our focus remains on the defeat of ISIS.

As General Shaw noted during his interview with Sky News, even U.S. officials are admitting that the “civil war” between the Syrian government and the Islamic State has come to an end—so why would Assad carry out an attack on his own people that would result in greater intervention from world superpowers, such as the U.S. and the UK?

“He said that Assad has won this war, and we need to face that,” Shaw said. “And then last week, you’ve got a Tweet by Trump that America is finished with [the Islamic State] and we’re going to pull out soon, very soon. And then suddenly you have a gas attack…”

Washington then jumped in and cut Shaw off mid-sentence, insisting that they were “out of time” after he had only been speaking for less than one minute.  

This interview serves as a reminder that while the mainstream media conduct interviews with experts and officials to make it look as though it is open to sharing different voices and opinions, Major-General Shaw appears to have shared the wrong opinion and the points he was highlighting are ones that clashed directly with narrative Sky News was selling to its viewers. This was further evidenced by the fact that the UK later teamed up with the U.S. and France to launch airstrikes targeting the Syrian government that have the potential to spark World War 3.

The question over what motive Assad would possibly have to launch a chemical attack on his own people when he knows that reports of chemical attacks in the past—even though they were unverified—have resulted in increased aggression from the United States, serves as a reminder that nearly every war in U.S. history has been started based on lies and propaganda that were used to blind the American people into believing the war was being fought “for their freedom.”

Watch the full interview below:

DASH cryptocurrency and The Free Thought Project have formed a partnership that will continue to spread the ideas of peace and freedom while simultaneously teaching people how to operate outside of the establishment systems of control like using cryptocurrency instead of dollars. Winning this battle is as simple as choosing to abstain from the violent corrupt old system and participating in the new and peaceful system that hands the power back to the people. DASH is this system.

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Source Article from https://thefreethoughtproject.com/watch-mainstream-media-cuts-generals-mic-when-he-questions-the-syrian-gas-attack/

Trump Tells Baltic Presidents Not To Call On U.S. Reporters: 'Real News, Not Fake News'

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump on Tuesday continued his attacks on the media by implying that U.S. journalists are “fake news” during a joint press conference with leaders from the Baltic countries.

“Pick a reporter, please. You can pick a reporter ― a Baltic reporter, ideally,” he told Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis, while taking questions from journalists. “Real news, not fake news.” 

His remarks generated laughter from the audience.

Trump called on only one American reporter, Steve Holland of Reuters, at the beginning of Tuesday’s news conference. 

Trump has issued a number of tweets in recent days attacking various news organizations, from CNN to The Washington Post, as “fake,” part of an ongoing pattern of denigrating the press.

At other joint news conferences with foreign leaders, where each leader will typically select two reporters for questions, Trump has often called on reporters from right-wing outlets.

Political and media analysts have repeatedly warned that Trump’s constant attacks on journalism put him in the company of antidemocratic strongmen like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In August, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein, the United Nations’ high commissioner for human rights, noted that “freedom of the press, not only sort of a cornerstone of the U.S. Constitution but very much something that the United States defended over the years, is now itself under attack from the president.”

Trump has not held a solo news conference since February 2017.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-tells-baltic-presidents-not-191858221.html