WATCH: School Cop Repeatedly Tasers Innocent Special Needs Child for Wanting to Go Outside


Katy, TX — The family of a special needs student at Mayde Creek High School has filed a lawsuit against the school district after disturbing video showed a Katy ISD police officer repeatedly taser their son until he defecated himself and threw up. His “crime”? Trying to walk outside.

The video, taken from Katy ISD officer Elvin Paley’s body camera shows 17-year-old Jevon Washington attempt to walk out of the school after he began to have some sort of panic attack while in class.

The incident happened in November of 2016 and the video is just now being released as Washington’s mother has come forward after she says no one is answering her questions.

“This was not necessary, it was excessive force,” Jevon’s mother, Lori Washington told ABC13.

On that November day, Washington who is in special education at the school, says he was merely trying to go outside to “blow off some steam, but a male school official blocked him, asking him over and over why he wanted to leave.”

As the video shows, Washington and the school official are peacefully talk and the special needs student is pleading with him to just let him get some air. After begin denied multiple times, Washington then tries to walk out the door, but that’s when all hell broke loose.

As Washington opens the door, the officer Paley holds him back and then tasers him without warning. After the initial taser strike, the officer yells at the teen using profanity saying, “Don’t you move God damn it!”

The school cop then holds the taser to the child’s head while using profanity once again, saying, “I did not want to tase you, but you don’t run shit here.”

After he had been repeatedly tasered, Washington says her son defecated himself. And, in the video, you can hear the teen throw up once he is on the ground.

“Big kid. I got tired of wrestling with him,” Paley said, before noting that the kid had not committed any crime.

“You have any charges on him?” asks a KISD Police supervisor.

“I don’t have any charges on him,” answers Paley.

“The use of force was never necessary here because if the officer had just left him alone all that would have happened was that a young man would have gone outside,” said legal analyst Chris Tritico to FOX 26.

Washington says her son has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old and that he has trouble communicating. She said she tried to ask Katy ISD officials why her son was tasered instead of the officers trying to de-escalate. However, she never received a response.

“They don’t have the adequate training to deal with this population. This kid has been traumatized. Yea, he’s on a second grade level, but he has fears, he has feelings like everyone else,” said Special Needs Advocate Louis Geigerman.

“It’s training, training, training. I think that this officer either didn’t use his training or didn’t have enough training. This guy has given Katy ISD a black eye that they did not need,” said Dr. Bob Sanborn of Children at Risk.

ABC 13 reached out to Katy ISD to inquire about their use of force policy and if this disturbing incident sparked an internal investigation. They did not comment on this case, nor did they release any information on their use of force policy.

Katy ISD released only the following statement:

“As is the case with many legal matters, the district is not in the position to comment on pending litigation. However, the safety of all of our students is our number one priority as we focus on creating environments conducive to learning and personal growth.”

Washington says she has repeatedly asked what happened in the classroom that made her son want to walk out of the door but she says they refuse to tell her.

“And I’m not saying that everybody in Katy ISD is bad people, I just say this situation was handled wrongly and I want it corrected because I don’t want to see any other child or parent go through what I went through,” she added.

“He has nightmares. Every so often you hear him hollering don’t tase me, or stop it. We have to wake him up out of his sleep,” said Washington.

If you’d like to peacefully voice your concern over officer Paley repeatedly tasering an innocent special needs child for trying to walk outside, you can do so at the Katy ISD police department’s Facebook page, here. 

School police officers tasering, beating, or otherwise assaulting students is an all too common practice. A quick scroll through our archives will show this ominous pattern abuse.

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WATCH: Deputy Tortures Man in Restraint Chair, Repeatedly Tasers Him in the Groin—No Charges


Polk County, GA — Disturbing footage has just been released this week showing the incident that led to a Georgia jail supervisor being charged multiple felonies. In the video, Deputy Harry Dallas Battle is seen repeatedly tasering a man in the mid section while he is strapped in a restraint chair—a clear act of torture.

The man being tortured, Brandon Coffman has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the jail after he was left permanently injured by the incident. After being seen on video torturing a restrained man on July 7, 2016, Battle was arrested the following August.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Battle was charged with battery, making a false statement, and violation of oath of office.

However, even though Battle was charged after investigators watched the video, when the Polk County Grand jury heard the matter, it did not return an indictment.

After torturing an entirely restrained man—on video—and lying about it in his report, the deputy escaped all charges and was allowed to quietly resign from the sheriff’s department.

“Dallas took his taser, took the cartridge out of his taser and dry stunned Mr. Coffman while he was strapped in his chair,” the deputy in the room with Battle told Coffman’s attorney.

“As you can see from the photos,” Coffman’s attorney noted, “he suffered several burns, not just electric shocks going through your body—but the burn of the taser as well.”

Indeed, as the graphic photos show, Coffman suffered multiple burns all over his mid section revealing the horrifying nature of his torture.

Had it not been for Coffman’s attorney, Harry Daniels, the public would have never seen this video. After watching it, one is left questioning how on earth a grand jury would return a No Bill.

As the video begins, Coffman is seen strapped to a restraint chair. Next to him is another inmate who is also in a restraint chair. Although the reason for the inmates being placed in the restraint chair is unclear, what is entirely clear is that neither of them posed any threat whatsoever.

As Coffman sits entirely helpless in the chair, deputy Battle repeatedly tasers him on his bare skin for absolutely no reason. In what looks like a scene out of a horror movie, as he tasers him, the deputy moves in, grabs Coffman’s leg and puts his head next to his victim’s as if he is getting off on it.

Another video, also obtained by Daniels, shows Battle herding inmates around with the taser in their backs. The use of a taser in this fashion is not only unjust, but against all taser policy.

“Battle walks around Polk County Jail with tasers on inmates. He walks around with the taser out. It’s a show of force,” Daniels said. “It’s just like on officer on the street walking around with his gun out. That is completely against our society and morality.”

Below is the horrifying video.

If you’d like to let the Polk County Sheriff’s Office know how you feel about their deputy being allowed to resign while facing no charges, you can do so on their Facebook page, here.

Police torturing other human beings with tasers, while they’re strapped in restraint chairs, is something that should never happen in the ostensible land of the free. Sadly, however, as TFTP has reported, it does.

Jordan Norris knows all too well about police torture in America. In the extremely disturbing video that TFTP reported last year, Cheatham County Sheriff’s Deputies are seen holding Norris down with a gag while another deputy sadistically and repeatedly deploys the taser. Naturally, Norris squirmed as 50,000 volts ran through his body. His movement seemed to provoke the deputies who responded with more taser strikes.

At one part in the video, you can hear a deputy tell Norris, “I’ll keep doing that until I run out of batteries.”

These are just two of the incidents which were caught on video. How many more of these exist that have been swept under the rug?


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WATCH: Cops Forget Tasers, Use Deadly Force Instead, Shoot Mentally Ill Student Holding a Pipe


Chicago, IL — Dramatic body camera footage was released late Wednesday night of an officer-involved shooting of University of Chicago student. The student was in an apparent diminished mental state and was holding a metal pipe when the University Police Officer opened fire.

According to authorities, police were responding to a disturbance call of the 21-year-old college student, identified as Charles Thomas, breaking windows with the pipe.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, three U. of C. police officers responding to a call of a burglary in the 5300 block of South Kimbark Avenue encountered a man — later identified as Thomas — breaking car and apartment windows with a long metal pipe, university officials said in an email to students.

According to police Thomas lives in the neighborhood in which he was shot.

When police arrived on the scene, Thomas began walking toward the officer with the pipe in his hand, university President Robert Zimmer and Provost Daniel Diermeier explained in an email.

“Sir, I’m going to need you to drop that weapon. Drop that weapon,” the officer is heard saying on a police video supplied by the university. “Don’t come at me! Don’t come at me!”


However, Thomas — clearly out of his mind at the time — continued to advance toward the officer. As the body camera shows, the officer is employing what is known as a “tactical retreat” which is a practice designed to put space between the officer and the suspect in order to give the suspect time to respond to commands.

As the officer backed up, however, Thomas sped up and that’s with a single shot was fired — severely wounding the student.

Although the University is not commenting on Thomas’ mental state at the time of the shooting, it is clear from the video that he was not in his right mind. The responding officers agreed.

In the video, an officer can be heard saying, “Twenty-one, mental. He’s a mental.”

According to police, this officer was trained in crisis intervention and carried out his training exactly how he was supposed to.

As the Tribune pointed out, the university also confirmed the officer, who has been on the force for two years, fired once, which is consistent with his training to shoot to end the threat. The officer involved has had 40 hours of crisis intervention training and eight hours of mental health first aid training.

“This is a difficult incident for our community, and our concern is with all of the individuals involved and their families,” Zimmer and Diermeier said in the email issued by the university. “Maintaining our community’s safety, security and well-being is of paramount importance. Support services and resources for students will be provided by the college and Campus and Student Life.”

According to university spokeswoman Marielle Sainvilus, this is the first shooting involving a U. of C. police officer in the agency’s entire four-decade history.

After he was shot, Thomas was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. He is now facing criminal charges in connection with the shooting, including felony aggravated assault of a peace officer and two counts of felony criminal damage to property, according to Chicago police. He also faces multiple misdemeanor counts of property damage.

Although the university is claiming that the officers did everything by the book, the video shows that police likely had other options.

Three officers had Thomas surrounded, why didn’t any of them attempt to take him out from behind using non-lethal force? Thomas walked right past two officers before the third fired his gun, why didn’t either of them deploy a taser, or pepper spray, or a baton?

What do you think, was the officer justified in shooting the 21-year-old student? Let us know in the comments below.

Body camera:

Dash camera:

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Disturbing Video Shows Cops Kill Unarmed Man as Bystanders Beg Them to Use Tasers


Broward County, FL — Another unarmed citizen has been killed by police, helping to bring the total number of Americans killed by cops this year to 1,119. Jean Pedro Pierre, 42, was killed by Broward County Sheriff’s Deputy Steven Briggs after Pierre attacked Briggs’ colleague and fellow officer Sean Youngward, knocking him to the ground, and then holding his foot.

Most of the incident was caught on video. In one segment, Pierre can be seen taking a swipe at Youngward, an officer who showed incredible restraint, even though he was knocked to the ground, kicked, and attempting to fight off Pierre with a collapsible baton. His taser had already failed, apparently not making contact with Pierre’s skin.

Bystanders who witnessed the incident from upper floors of the complex also began recording. The video shows a dominant Pierre, who ultimately stopped kicking Youngward briefly while backup for Youngblood was arriving.

Several citizens can be heard attempting to reason with the deranged man in the hopes he would not be shot and killed. They told him:

Turn him loose dog…Don’t get yourself in no trouble…Bro, bro, Let go his leg, man…There’s more coming, bro…Think smart. Let go his leg bro…let him go bro. They’re gonna shoot you bro…they’re gonna shoot you, bro…Let him go, let him go! Be smart.

Quite possibly the most disturbing plea by the public was when bystanders pleaded with arriving officers not to shoot Pierre. They screamed:

Tase him. Tase him. Don’t shoot him. He don’t have a gun.

Pierre then begins kicking Youngward again. Briggs draws down on Pierre, and when the man charges him, the officer then fires three seemingly carefully placed shots into his torso. He later died in the hospital from his injuries.

The entire incident, once again, raises serious questions about how much violence police should endure before they are allowed to use deadly force. Youngward could have used deadly force. He chose not to do so and instead used a less lethal approach. He also didn’t attempt to wrestle his way out of the position where Pierre had control of his foot.

Another question which remains is whether or not Pierre was suffering from some mental break with reality, mania, psychosis, or otherwise. What is certain is that Pierre, according to his friends is:

…a loving, caring person. Loved his family, loved his kids. This is devastating to all of us, it’s not making sense.

The video quickly went viral, even before closed-circuit security footage was made available to the public which showed the first encounter whereby Pierre was seen attempting to punch Youngward.

Sheriff Scott Israel held a press conference and told the public the video being circulated did not show the entire encounter and while people can develop their own opinions they are “not entitled to their own set of facts” — facts he said which are indisputable:

Deputy Sean Youngward was attacked, attacked by Mr. Pierre. He was punched, he was kicked and he was knocked to the ground,” Israel said. It was a violent encounter.

What do you think? Could the police have resorted to “less than lethal” measures to end the incident peacefully? Should they be forced to attempt less than lethal measures first? Like, comment, and share.

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WATCH: Ohio Inmate Deaths Reveal “Torturous” Use of Tasers

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Corporal Matthew Stice pointed his Taser at Martini Smith’s bare chest.

Smith was 20 years old, pregnant and stripped nearly naked, standing in a cell in the Franklin County jail in Columbus, Ohio. She had been detained on charges of stabbing a boyfriend she’d accused of beating her. Stice and a deputy had ordered her to disrobe, take off all jewelry and don a prison gown. But she hadn’t been able to obey one command – remove the silver stud from her tongue.

“Take the tongue ring out,” Deputy Shawnda Arnold said. Smith continued struggling to unscrew the ring, inserting fingers from both hands into her mouth. No luck. Her fingers were numb, she protested: She had been cuffed for six hours with her hands behind her back.

“I will Tase you,” Stice said. The ring was slippery, Smith said, asking for a paper towel. The deputies refused. “I just want to go to sleep,” Smith cried.

Stice warned her again, then fired. The Taser’s electrified darts struck Smith’s chest; she collapsed against the concrete wall and slid to the floor, gasping, arms over her breasts.

“Why did you Tase me?” she moaned. “I wasn’t harming nobody. I can’t just take it out.”

Five days later, Smith had a miscarriage.

“It stays with me like it was yesterday,” Smith said of the Taser’s pain and the memory of her loss of the child. The charges against her in the domestic violence case were dismissed.

The 2009 incident is among hundreds documented by Reuters in which Tasers have been misused or linked to accusations of torture or corporal punishment in U.S. prisons and jails.

Reuters identified 104 deaths involving Tasers behind bars, nearly all since 2000 – 10 percent of a larger universe of more than 1,000 fatal law enforcement encounters in which the weapons were used. Some of the in-custody deaths were deemed “multi-factorial,” with no distinct cause, and some were attributed to pre-existing health problems. But the Taser was listed as a cause or contributing factor in more than a quarter of the 84 inmate deaths in which the news agency obtained autopsy findings.

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Filming Cops

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WATCH: Cop Tries To Taser Man for Refusing to Give ID, Tasers Fellow Cop Instead


Riverside, OH — In the state of Ohio, it is unlawful for police to demand your identification unless the officer reasonably suspects you are committing, have committed, or are about to commit a criminal offense or if you witnessed a party committing a felony. It is not a violation of the law to refuse to identify yourself if you do not meet the above criteria. The scenario below shows the chaos and violence that can happen when a person feels this reasonable suspicion has not been articulated.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Riverside police officers responded to a report of domestic violence. When the officers arrived on the scene, they approached a man they believed to be involved in the incident. However, as he was not charged with domestic violence, it appears from the court records that they had the wrong man.

Claiming not to have committed a crime, the man police approached, Christopher McClinton refused to hand over his identification. The woman in the vehicle with him also claimed McClinton had done nothing wrong, however, police continued to escalate the situation.

The video released by the department from one of the officer’s body cameras does not show them presenting reasonable articulable suspicion. Instead, it starts with the officer threatening to arrest McClinton for “failing to identify yourself to a police officer.” The actual law, however, is called Failure to disclose personal information and requires the criteria mentioned above.

The officers gave McClinton several more warnings that if he did not hand over his identification that he would be tasered and arrested. After he refused one more time, the officers moved in to taser and arrest McClinton.

This is where the story takes a dramatic turn. When the officer deploys his taser, the prongs split. One of the prongs goes into McClinton while the other goes into the officer’s partner. As the officer is hit with the taser, he seizes up and falls to the ground in agony, hitting his head in the process.

Before the body camera footage was released, local news ran stories of “an officer injured while responding to a domestic dispute.” They noted that the officer was “wrestling with a suspect when he fell backward and struck his head.” There was no mention of the taser at all.

For what he thought was a lawful refusal to identify, McClinton was subsequently tasered and arrested. He has now been charged with obstructing official business, failure to disclose personal information and resisting arrest — nothing in regards to the alleged domestic incident. He pleaded not guilty to the charges on Monday, according to records.

Below is a video highlighting the extreme escalation of force and the danger it presents to all involved when someone attempts to assert their rights and police respond.

As TFTP has reported in the past, cops needlessly escalating violence often ends with innocent people getting hurt. The family of an innocent 10-year-old boy filed a $4 million lawsuit on behalf of their son last year after he was shot by a trigger-happy Georgia cop. The boy, Dakota Corbitt was shot in the back of his leg while officer Michael Vickers was attempting to kill his dog.

Like McClinton claims, Dakota Corbitt and the rest of his family had done nothing wrong when they were swarmed by cops who held them at gunpoint before shooting the child.

The incident happened in July of 2014 when officers were looking for the suspect of an armed robbery and police shooting. The suspect, 19-year-old Christopher Barnett had fled to the woods near Corbitt’s home.

During Barnett’s apprehension, all hell broke loose as this innocent family had their rights violated at the hands of public servants.

According to the lawsuit, the defendants, Coffee County, Sheriff Doyle Wooten and deputy Michael Vickers, “jointly and severely deprived the plaintiffs and plaintiffs’ minor children of their rights secured by the 4th and 14th Amendments of the United States and as a direct and proximate result of said deprivation defendants’ negligence, gross negligence, and the wanton and willful indifference to the rights of the plaintiffs individually and the rights of the plaintiffs’ minor children, caused the physical pain, suffering, mental anguish and ultimately the permanent restriction of one minor’s right leg.”

Luckily, in the Riverside instance, no innocent children were present to be struck by the officer’s taser.


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South Carolina Cop Tasers 86-Year-Old Man to Keep Him Safe, Leaving Him in a Coma With a Bleeding Brain

A South Carolina cop pulled an 86-year-old man over for running a red light this week, but the man suffered from dementia and stepped out of the car and looked as if he was about step into oncoming traffic.

Kingstree police officer Stephen Sweikata said he decided to save his life by tasering him.

The taser struck Albert Hatfield, causing him to fall on the asphalt, striking his head and breaking his nose.

And now he is in a medical induced coma.

And when he awoke after several days in the hospital, he was unable to speak properly, according to the Post and Courier.

Even though the cop claims he tasered the man for his safety, Kingstree police said Hatfield said he took a “fighting stance,” which is the routine allegation when police try to justify an unsuitable incident.

Odds are, the police report will also say he “clenched his body” while acting “belligerent” because these are the common phrases police use to justify the unsuitable.

After all, the initial excuse where Hatfield was tasered while trying to walk into traffic was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in South Carolina.

According to the Post and Courier:

University of South Carolina law professor Seth Stoughton, a former officer, said Kingstree’s explanation of the encounter draws a conclusion about why force was used without giving necessary details to support it. Stoughton called the case “problematic.”

“The court has been very clear that officers can use Tasers to defend themselves or defend someone else who is being attacked,” he said. “I have yet to see an officer who would legitimately fear your average unarmed 86-year-old.”

Scrutiny of police use of force, particularly against black people, has spread nationwide in recent years. Much attention has focused on shootings, including the 2015 killing of Walter Scott by a North Charleston officer.

Taser use also has garnered criticism. The federal appeals court that oversees South Carolina ruled last year that officers couldn’t use Tasers on people just because they are a threat to themselves, a decision that forced agencies in the region to rewrite policies.
So that is why they are now saying the deputy feared for his safety rather than the safety of the elderly man, who probably could have been escorted away from the traffic without the use of a taser.

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[WATCH] Arkansas Cop Tasers Man in Back, Then Tells Him He’s Under Arrest

An Arkansas cop tasered a man in the back before telling him he was under arrest, causing the man to drop to the ground while yelling out in pain.

When the man’s friends questioned why he would taser him, Blytheville police officer Stephen Sigman said, “cause I said he was under arrest and he kept walking.”

He then looked down at Chardrick Mitchell, who was laying on the ground with taser prongs in his back, and said, “I said you’re under arrest, it’s all on video.”

But his body cam footage shows that Sigman said, “hey, turn around,” as Mitchell was walking away.

He then tasered him, then said, “you’re under arrest.”

The incident is another example of how police are so sure of themselves when they lie that they assure witnesses that it’s all on video when the video shows they lied as we saw in another tasering incident out of Georgia last week.

The incident took place on the Fourth of July after Sigman had responded to a non-violent domestic dispute between Mitchell and his ex-girlfriend, who had called the cops because Mitchell was not allowing her to enter his apartment to retrieve her clothes.

Sigman arrived and informed Mitchell that he must open the door to allow his ex-girlfriend to retrieve her clothes, but he was reluctant at first.

When Sigman then asked for his name, informing him that will probably be filing theft charges against him, Mitchell began walking away, towards his apartment, which was when he was tasered.

Mitchell later told him he was going to open the door as initially ordered to do so, but the cop was apparently unhappy because he did not verbally state he was going to open the door.

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Filming Cops

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Cowardly Cop Fears for His Life, Tasers 81-Year-Old Grandma with Dementia


Greene County, TN — Greene County Sheriff Pat Hankins is standing up for his deputy this week—noting that he supports his deputy’s decision to deploy his taser on an 81-year-old woman on Sunday. Apparently, 81-year-old women with dementia holding gardening tools are now cause for cops to fear for their lives.

The family of Beunos Erwin has now hired an attorney after police showed up to their home responding to a 911 call for help and ended up tasering the very old woman in the street.

The sheriff said he supports his deputy’s decision because the officer was forced to think fast and only had 14 seconds to decide what to do. According to Hankins, the deputy’s only options were to kill the woman or take a chance risking his life. Naturally, bravery was out of the question—apparently, so was walking backward.

As WJHL reports:

Some Sheriff’s Office reports we obtained claim she suffers from dementia and often sees things that aren’t there.

On Sunday, September 24, Greene County deputies responded to a home on Wilkerson Road in Mosheim.

Erwin’s son called 9-1-1 telling dispatchers his mother was being combative.

According to an incident report, Erwin was using a broom to beat on cars and was yelling.

That report, says she has dementia and says she often sees things that aren’t there.

According to reports, there have been more than 40 calls for help from Erwin’s home in just the last year. By all measures, police were familiar with the elderly woman. However, the deputy who responded was apparently unfamiliar with showing any type of courage in the face of the very tiny amount of danger—if it can even be referred to as such—presented by an 81-year-old woman holding a rake.

Many of the calls to 911 from Erwin’s home were actually made by her. Her dementia often caused her to see people on her property who were not actually there. However, when the deputy came this time, she could see him and so she demanded he leave her property.

According to the report:

This past Sunday, deputies left the scene but were called back about 40 minutes later.

The report says when they arrived back on scene they saw Erwin had a garden rake in her hands.

Sheriff Hankins said Erwin had already knocked out several windows with the rake when they arrived.

According to the deputy, Erwin started walking toward him saying “get off my land.” However, the deputy claims he was 50 feet from her, in the road, not on her land.

Clearly in a mentally diminished state, however, Erwin began walking toward the deputy holding the rake. To justify deploying the taser—which could’ve easily killed the 81-year-old—the deputy said she was holding the rake in a “threatening manner.”

Instead of backing up, walking away, grabbing the rake, or doing anything that required even the smallest amount of bravery, the cop made sure he wouldn’t have to risk a single little hair on his body and deployed his taser.

Erwin was 10-12 feet away when this deputy felt the need to take her out—because he thought an attack was imminent—from an 81-year-old grandma with a garden tool.

When the taser hit her, she fell to the ground. Only then did the officer move in to place her in handcuffs.

According to WJHL, EMS took her to the hospital for evaluation. The report indicates charges are pending.

Every day, in assisted living facilities across the country, elderly men and women with dementia lash out at what they perceive as a threat. And, every day, unarmed health care workers calm them down without having to taser them.

A police officer deploying a taser on a harmless 81-year-old woman illustrates the ominous training of police departments today. Do not be brave, do not risk injury, swiftly and immediately escalate force to avoid having to employ any heroic action to help an 81-year-old woman with dementia—god forbid you take a tiny risk to remove a rake from an elderly woman.

After all, when your only tool is a hammer—everything starts looking like a nail.

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WATCH: Cop Maces & Tasers Unconscious Man in His Face as He Has a Stroke—Taxpayers Held Liable


Fredericksburg, VA — The taxpayers of Fredericksburg will shell out an unknown amount of money this week in a settlement for one of the most gruesomely excessive force claims ever caught on camera. As an innocent man lay unconscious during a stroke, he was pepper sprayed, tasered in his face, and held without medical care causing him to suffer permanent damage—all thanks to untrained cops needlessly escalating violence.

In March of 2016, attorneys for the victim, David Washington, filed a suit against the city claiming excessive force was used against their client in an incident 10 months prior. The incident was a simple traffic accident.

The lawsuit requested $5 million and alleged excessive force, denial of medical care, battery and other wrongdoing by the officers, according to The Free Lance–Star. 

“Police misconduct cases, they’re difficult to win,” Alexandria attorney Donald Rosendorf, who helped represent Washington said. “I think we were satisfied, and the client was satisfied, with the settlement.”

On May 4th, 2015, Washington was driving his car down Route 1 near the University of Mary Washington when he experienced a medical emergency. He was having a stroke which caused him to black out, hit a jeep, and cross over the median striking a road sign.

The driver of the jeep called 9-1-1 to report the crash and Officers Matt Deschenes and Crystal Hill arrived on the scene followed by officer Shaun Jergens. Body cam footage shows the officers cared not about the man in obvious medical distress.

As the Free Lance-Star reports:

The suit claimed Deschenes and Hill held Washington at gunpoint for several minutes as he sat unresponsive in the driver’s seat of his stopped car. The officers asked him to show his hands and exit the car, but Washington could not do so because he had suffered from a stroke while driving.

According to the lawsuit, Jurgens arrived several minutes later and fired a Taser at Washington with no verbal warning, striking him in the face. Deschenes then holstered his firearm and opened the driver’s side door of Washington’s car, “further confirming” the suspect had no weapons.

The body cam confirms that as Jergens approached the car, the distressed and unresponsive Washington was blasted with pepper-spray and tasered.

“Get out the car or I’m going to fucking smoke you,” says Jergens after assaulting Washington.

Jergens then dragged the sick man out of his car and continued his assault by laying him on the hot asphalt. As if being pepper-sprayed, tasered, thrown on the ground and handcuffed after having a stroke wasn’t enough, police allowed the car to roll on top of Washington’s foot.

Washington was then taken to the hospital to be treated for his assault and doctors discovered that he had in fact been experiencing a stroke.

According to the lawsuit, because police waited so long to bring Washington to the hospital and because of the “unreasonable use of force” this contributed to his condition, which is expected to be permanent. According to the suit, Washington cannot stand without assistance and his speech is now impaired.

After reviewing the incident in accordance with department policy, Command Staff determined at the time that the force used by the officers involved in the incident was “not appropriate,” according to WJLA.

“The use of force demonstrated in the incident involving Mr. Washington was not in compliance with department policy or training,” said Captain Rick Pennock in a news release. “We take matters such as these very seriously and require that officers at all times exercise appropriate restraint and good judgment in their dealings with citizens.”

Jurgens resigned from the department on May 14 only to turn around and get hired as a Spotsylvania County sheriff’s deputy. Jurgens then sued the department for defamation because the chief called the officer’s actions of pepper-spraying and tasering a stroke victim in the face ‘inappropriate.’

No charges were ever filed against Jergens for his abuse. None of the officers involved faced charges for failing to stop this assault either. However, Washington was charged with hit-and-run, hit-and-run (property damage), reckless driving, and driving on a revoked or suspended license. Is this justice?

Below is the graphic body camera footage showing the unnecessary excessive force by these officers. Notice how he is in such bad shape that he is unresponsive to being tasered in the face and barely moves as the officer empties a can of pepper spray into his face.

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