Evidence Suggests America’s Foster Care System Is A Front For Child Sex Trafficking

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As much as no one wants to talk about it, it’s important that we do. Unfortunately the sad reality is that child sex-trafficking is an epidemic in this day and age. While many people would consider this crime as bad as homicide, more often than not, we as a society are turning a blind eye to this issue. In fact, I’m curious to see how many hits this article receives as this topic tends to fall under the don’t ask, don’t tell category, especially because despite the growing industry the mainstream media remains largely silent.

Yes, children are being drugged, kidnapped, and sold by actual pimps in exchange for sex — let that sink in for a moment. The fact of the matter is that turning a blind eye to this issue will never make it go away, despite how much we wish it would. What makes matters even worse is that American foster care is gravely letting us down, as it turns out the majority of children getting sold in this way come straight from the foster care system. These children, who are supposed to be protected by the state, are the ones who are suffering the most. As if they weren’t already suffering from their placement in this deeply corrupt system.

Sadly, this system includes Child Protective Services, which have the actual power and capacity to remove children from their families and potentially place them in much more severe circumstances.

In most cases involving corruption in our system, to find out the motive always follow the money, in this instance foster children are more profitable for caretakers and every state receives money directly from the federal government for each child placed in foster care. This is certainly a conflict of interest and likely because of this motive, or much more sinister ones, foster care services have been known to willingly give up children to known child traffickers and sex offenders. And, surprise, surprise, hundreds of children, yes, hundreds go missing each year from the foster care system.

Michael Dolce, Of Counsel at the law firm, Cohen Milstein summed up this unfortunate phenomenon of the statistical relationship between the foster care system and sexual abuse of minors,

Most people don’t know about our nation’s foster care to sex trafficking pipeline, but the facts are sobering. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) found that “of the more than 18,500 endangered runaways reported to NCMEC in 2016, one in six were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 86 percent were in the care of social services when they went missing.”

 The outcomes of law enforcement efforts against sex traffickers repeatedly support the NCMEC estimate. In a 2013 FBI 70-city nationwide raid, 60 percent of the victims came from foster care or group homes. In 2014, New York authorities estimated that 85 percent of sex trafficking victims were previously in the child welfare system.

 In 2012, Connecticut police rescued 88 children from sex trafficking; 86 were from the child welfare system. And even more alarming: the FBI discovered in a 2014 nationwide raid that many foster children rescued from sex traffickers, including children as young as 11, were never reported missing by child welfare authorities.” [Source]

Why Does The Mainstream Media Remain Silent?

Well, for some of you reading this it may seem obvious, to others maybe not so much. We all know how the media loves the fear/bad news/ shock value, some on one hand you would expect them to be covering this issue a lot, but unfortunately it seems quite obvious that in some way they are tied into this massive cover up. Clearly, we know for sure that this is an issue, and that it’s happening, but how often do you hear about it on the news or from your governments? This is certainly something to ponder. The lack of attention and discussion around this issue on the media and government is very telling, to say the least.

Dolce added,

Children are learning all the time, and in abusive foster or group homes they learn that their worth as humans is not intrinsic. Their worth is what the abusive caregiver gets from them, whether simply a paycheck from the state or their bodies for sex, as happened to some of my clients.

 This conditions them to be subservient to pimps—giving all they have in exchange for essential needs, like food and shelter. As one of my clients put it, after extensive physical and sexual abuse in state care, the day she turned 18 and left the system with no community support, job or money, she saw herself in one way: “There was a gold mine between my legs.” [Source]

 Final Thoughts

The fact of the matter is that the longer we remain silent around the issue the more it will continue and grow. There are groups that are taking a stand against these horrific crimes and they need all of the support, funding and attention they can receive, click HERE for a list of these organizations. We have to be a voice for the voiceless, and despite the discomfort around this issue, we need to be talking about it, we can all do your part to be the change we wish to see in the world.

As a side note, when placing this article in its appropriate category for the site, the option it fits best into is the “Alternative News” category, this should not be considered alternative, this should be mainstream and plastered all over the place until we can effectively end this issue.

Much Love

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Stress it’s not in your head – it’s in your nervous system

Traumatic Memory and How to Heal it


Have you ever been told when you’re stressed to stop worrying and just relax? That it’s all in your head? It would be nice if it were that simple. But it’s not.

Physiology research shows that the stress response memory lives in your nervous system. Take for example exposure to a stressful event. One in which you felt helpless, hopeless, and lacked control. In this case your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is engaged. This is the part of the nervous system responsible for controlling unconscious bodily actions like breathing. To be more specific, it was the sympathetic branch (fight or flight) of the ANS that kicked in while you were strained. In addition, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis of the midbrain began firing. In which a signal from your hypothalamus sends a hormonal message to your pituitary gland that stimulates to your adrenal glands.

To activate this fight or flight response, stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are released from your adrenal glands. They help our body suddenly mobilize to flee danger. According to Peter A. Levine, trauma expert in the field of psychotherapy, trauma occurs when this biological process is overwhelmed and a person is unable to release and process the stressful event. It is possible to avoid a traumatic response by discharging the energy generated. For example, shaking, crying, and screaming can allow the individual to physically process the stress.

However, if the stress response is not processed, it remains in the tissues of the body. When a subsequent stressful event that does not pose a serious threat occurs, the traumatic memory is recalled. A large amount of stress hormones are released. Blood rushes to extremities, pupils dilate, muscle tone increases presenting as tension, breathing rate increases, the heartbeats faster, and sweating occurs. Hence, the nervous system responds as if this small incident is life threatening.

This biological response is clearly beyond the ability to rationally control. You can’t think your way out of it. Chronic stress leads to dissociation or immobility, a state of sympathetic charge and hormonal release, which is health damaging. The brain-stem (the primitive part of the brain) governs emotional experience and biological response. When the brain-stem is activated by the fight or flight response, it trumps the more developed front of the brain, the prefrontal cortex. It is therefore not possible to be in the primitive state of fight or flight and also to think rationally and critically (as the prefrontal cortex would have us do).

Levine elaborates, ‘the question is: how can humans become unstuck from immobility? Moving out of this frozen state can be a fiercely energetic experience. Without a rational brain animals don’t give it a second thought, they just do it. When humans begin to move out of the immobility response, however, we are often frightened by the intensity of our own energy and latent aggression, and we brace ourselves against the power of the sensations. This bracing prevents complete discharge of energy necessary to restore normal functioning’ (30).

Unprocessed stress becomes traumatic memory that lies dormant in the body. A present day trigger can cause the stored memory to resurface. Understanding what is happening inside our body and brain, gives us compassion. Learning why our body responds the way it does, leads to awareness and empowerment. It moves us out of being isolated, fearful, victims. By caring for our bodies and understanding their self-protective responses, we can release shame. When we comprehend the physiologic process that is trying to keep us safe, from an old memory or trauma, we can replace inner judgement with kindness. Self-love becomes possible. It may not be serving us in the present but in the past it did. In fact, this same response helped us survive.

The work is then to re-train the body. This can be done by invoking practices such as felt sense oriented meditation, deep breathing, vocal toning, spontaneous movement, dance, yoga, and listening to soothing music, spending time in nature, running, or hiking. Or simply receiving a hug from a loved one, which releases oxytocin, a natural hormone produced by the pituitary gland that promotes bonding and connection. These are tools to deactivate the sympathetic response and activate the opposing parasympathetic response, called the rest and digest mechanism. The goal is to feel safe. To regulate breathing, slow the heartbeat, and circulate blood back to the vital organs.

These powerful practices change our physiology and affect our mood. The next time someone suggests it’s all in your head, you will have a different response. This knowledge empowers us to heal past wounds. Through acknowledging the power trauma plays in your life and understanding the mechanisms by which healing occurs, you can create a more embodied, joyful life.

I pray this brings some insight to the human experience!

Thank you to my beloved friend Maia Kiley for being my patient and skilled editor.

Works Cited

Levine, P.A. (2008) Healing Trauma, a pioneering program for restoring the wisdom of your body. Colorado, Sounds True, Inc.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/385543-Stress-its-not-in-your-head-its-in-your-nervous-system

California: Starting in 2020, Most New Homes Must Include a Solar Power System

California: Starting in 2020, Most New Homes Must Include a Solar Power System

May 9th, 2018

Disclosure: I sell solar power systems in New Zealand.

I’m such strident solar power advocate that, when the topic comes up, people in the room who know me roll their eyes and think, “Oh god, here we go again…”

My wife and I have had 5kW of panels on our roof since 2014 and I’ve been selling solar power systems since then.

We have the highest electricity prices in New Zealand combined with 3rd world style grid reliability. With our solar system, we have reduced our dependence on the grid by about 80%. We hope to deal with that remaining 20% with a Tesla Powerwall. The Powerwall will also provide full house backup. We export more power than we use, so we will be very close to 100% independent from the grid with solar plus storage provided by the Powerwall.

In other words: I like solar power. A lot.

What do I think about this news from California?

Solar power is a libertarian technology and it saddens me to see it shoved down people’s throats by the maniac state government in California.

Additionally, I have always been against building codes, and this is just more insanity piled on top.

If you’re looking at this solar power situation in California from somewhere else, and holding your head in your hands: Please don’t let ridiculous government policies taint your view of the technology. Do the math for yourself to determine whether solar power makes sense for you, or not.

Via: GTM:

Starting in 2020, virtually all new homes in California will be required to incorporate advanced efficiency measures and rooftop solar — in an historic development for clean energy in the state.

Updates to the Title 24 standards are projected to reduce home energy use by 53 percent compared to the current code, saving Californians $1.7 billion in energy costs over the next 30 years. This calculation, conducted by the CEC, does not take into account increased energy demands or a reductions in technology costs, which could result in even greater savings over time.

The new rules apply specifically to all new residences and major home renovations on buildings under three stories, starting on January 1, 2020. In the event a building isn’t suitable for a rooftop array, the standards require homes have access to community solar or offset energy usage through additional efficiency gains, while some homes may be exempt.



One Response to “California: Starting in 2020, Most New Homes Must Include a Solar Power System”

  1. prov6yahoo Says:

    @Kevin, Do you have your own water supply? Just curious to see if you will be totally independent after becoming power independent; although I imagine you have property taxes, but hopefully not nearly as horrific as mine (2.49% yearly)


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South Wales Police Facial Recognition System Generated 92% False Positives at Soccer Match

South Wales Police Facial Recognition System Generated 92% False Positives at Soccer Match

May 7th, 2018

Via: Engadget:

Ask critics of police face recognition why they’re so skeptical and they’ll likely cite unreliability as one factor. What if the technology flags an innocent person? Unfortunately, that caution appears to have been warranted to some degree. South Wales Police are facing a backlash after they released data showing that their face recognition trial at the 2017 Champions League final misidentified thousands as potential criminals. Out out of 2,470 initial matches, 2,297 were false positives — about 92 percent.



3 Responses to “South Wales Police Facial Recognition System Generated 92% False Positives at Soccer Match”

  1. dale Says:

    Whoa. That could be life changing. You pass a camera, then, “you have ten seconds to comply.�

  2. Dennis Says:

    Imagine the problems for the Chinese system! Perhaps cross-referencing cellphone data will do the trick.

  3. tm Says:

    Sorry “Aussies”, but you let the gov’t disarm you, so now you are completely at the state’s mercy. Enjoy your land being restored to a penal colony.


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Follow The Money: How The Monetary System Is Rigged To Enslave Humanity

Robert Chatwin–No one is immune to debt, and the majority of us are in some form of financial debt (123). Studies show that not having enough money, and especially being in debt, causes serious physical and mental distress (123). This article investigates why banks put people into debt, and uncovers why a world without any debt is completely possible.

The modern word ‘bank’ stems from the word ‘banca‘ used in Italy during the Middle Ages, but the goldsmiths of 17th Century England are often cited as where contemporary banking began (1234).

In those days, people would deposit their gold for safe keeping with the goldsmiths who issued a piece of paper (or promissory note) for the gold stored. The goldsmiths then loaned the depositor’s gold out to others in the form of further promissory notes, making good profits from the interest they charged (source).

Today, when you deposit money in your chosen commercial bank, the bank also loans out your deposited money to others. This clever system of making profits out of nothing is called fractional reserve lending and is explained simply in our video here:

However, the very first sophisticated banks can actually be traced back to the very first known civilization, the 6000-year-old ancient culture of Sumer in the area of Mesopotamia, where the Sumerian kings used a kingdom’s bank which issued clay tokens as receipts, or promissory notes, for interest repayments made with silver (123).

Kings using banks as a tool to rule over people obviously paints a much more negative picture of our monetary system than evolution from barter; yet if we critique the use of money from this perspective, it becomes clear that it is now the world’s central banks that have this sovereign power of control over kingdoms, or nations, today.

This is because central banks do not carry out fractional reserve lending of money stored in their vaults like commercial banks; instead, their role is to actually create a nation’s official money (or legal tender).

Central banks then loan out that money to the nation’s government, and the people pay back the government’s debt, as well as the interest the government incurs when it borrows the money, via income tax on wages.

The government’s debt is then expanded by commercial banks through loans to the public with further interest. Since the extra money needed to pay back all this interest does not exist, central banks need to keep creating more money so there is enough money in circulation.

This causes the value of each individual bank note to decrease, so prices go up (inflation) and people now have to work even more hours — not just to pay all the interest back, but now also to buy the things they could afford before.

The central banking system is explained in more detail in our short documentary here:

It was in 1694, when the King of England required funds for a war against France, that incredibly wealthy private individuals provided that money in return for the formation of the Bank of England.

In this instance, private banking families first gained huge direct influence over king and government (12), and by 1783, when America won its independence from England, the Founding Fathers were well aware of the perils of private central banks (12); for the Bank of England had outlawed the interest-free independent currency that had brought prosperity to the colonies, thus creating the hardship and despair that Benjamin Franklin claimed was the true cause of the American Revolution.

Source Article from http://govtslaves.info/2018/05/follow-the-money-how-the-monetary-system-is-rigged-to-enslave-humanity/

The Tunisians reject their political system

On 6 May, Tunisians were called to elect their local councils. Only 33 % of them voted, which clearly deprives those who were elected of democratic legitimacy.

In the past, municipal councils were appointed and not elected. However, the powers they were conferred with were minimal. However, a new Code regulating Local Authorities adopted last month, would appear to increase their responsibilities.

Two parties dominated the ballot: the Islamists of Ennahda (the Muslim Brotherhood) and the secular party, Nidaa Tounes. After fighting each other during the Coloured Revolution of 2010 – 11, they made an alliance on the national level, and would probably divide between themselves positions at the local level.

According to a survey taken at the end of 2017, 83% of Tunisians think that their country is going in the wrong direction.

The youth seem to have massively deserted the ballot.

Source Article from http://www.voltairenet.org/article201066.html

New Study Suggests Fracking Chemicals Harm The Immune System

By Amanda Froelich via Truth Theory

Does hydraulic fracturing (also called “fracking”), the process of pumping millions of gallons of chemical-laden water deep underground to fracture rock and release gas and oil, pose risks to the human organism and the environment? According to a new study, the answer is “quite possibly.”

As Futurity reports, previous studies have already concluded that in fracking-dense regions, health concerns, such as lymphocytic leukemia and asthma attacks, crop up more frequently among local residents. The latest study, published in Toxicological Sciences, suggests fracking chemicals also harm the immune system.

Said Paige Lawrence, lead author of the study and chair of environmental medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center: “Our study reveals that there are links between early life exposure to fracking-associated chemicals and damage to the immune system in mice.”

“This discovery opens up new avenues of research to identify, and someday prevent, possible adverse health effects in people living near fracking sites,” she added.

Approximately 200 chemicals are used for the hydraulic fracturing process. According to Susan Nagel, co-author of the study and associate professor of reproductive and perinatal research at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, at least 23 are linked to reproductive and developmental defects in mice. Nagel labeled these chemicals as “endocrine disrupters.” Essentially, they interfere with hormones and contribute to imbalance within the body.

Lawrence and her team tested the immune impact of the 23 fracking chemicals on mice. The chemicals were added to the drinking water of pregnant mice at similar levels to those found in groundwater near fracking sites. “Our goal is to figure out if these chemicals in our water impact human health,” said Lawrence, “but we first need to know what specific aspects of health to look at, so this was a good place to start.”

The results were concerning. The baby mice, particularly females, that were exposed to mixture of the 23 chemicals showed abnormal immune responses to several types of diseases later on. These included an allergic disease and a type of flu. Reportedly, the mouse pups were especially susceptible to a disease that mimics multiple sclerosis.

Based on the results, the researchers believe fracking chemicals “derail cellular pathways that control which immune cells are spurred to action.” As a result, the exposed offspring’s ability to fight off disease later on in life is diminished.

The researchers intend to continue their research and investigate how fracking chemicals interact with the developing immune system. Their ultimate goal is to understand how the controversial process affects human health.

What are our thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Source: Futurity

Image Credit: Greensefa, Flickr

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Source Article from https://truththeory.com/2018/05/06/new-study-suggests-fracking-chemicals-harm-the-immune-system/

Gate shelving system folds up or down for books, clothes, furniture

Flexible storage options are a big plus when living in a smaller space. We’ve seen various incarnations of clever shelving that stacks up like Tetris blocks, hooks onto the wall, flat pack shelving that hangs, and accordion-like flat pack shelving that unfolds.

Aiming for flexibility and beautiful durability, Kiev, Ukraine-based designer Artem Zakharchenko of Zakharchitects created this versatile shelving design called “Gate“, which is made out of rows of wooden slats that can be folded down or up, depending on the need.

Zakharchitects© Zakharchitects

Zakharchitects© Zakharchitects

Constructed by furniture maker Borisov, the Gate’s folding action is made possible by the metal rods that string the slats together at two points. At the back is a metal structure that holds everything up, while also providing a stopper for the slats. Conveniently, one can also hang clothes off of the rods, or wine glasses in between the slats — a neat idea.

Zakharchitects© Zakharchitects

Zakharchitects© Zakharchitects

Zakharchitects© Zakharchitects

The design could be used in small apartments, where one might flip an empty shelf up to gain extra space. As one can make out in the photos, one of those shelves can become flip-down seats or work tables. There are apparently add-ons galore, umbrella stands, storage boxes, tabourets (maybe something for plants or art). It could also be useful in restaurants or retail stores, where it could be utilized for displaying products, clothes and wines. This is quite an adaptable set of shelving that can do more than just store things; to see more, visit Zakharchitects.

[Via: Contemporist]

Source Article from https://www.treehugger.com/eco-friendly-furniture/gate-shelving-system-artem-zakharchenko.html

Miami Corrections Officer Charged in Teen’s Death Used Bribery System, Indictment Says

Elord Revolte was beaten to death by inmates at a Miami juvenile detention center on Aug. 30, 2015.

Dangling rewards and special privileges before young inmates, an officer at Miami’s juvenile lockup masterminded an attack on another inmate who was beaten so severely that he died, according to a federal indictment unsealed Monday.

As part of a coded bounty system known in prison vernacular as “honey-bunning” — for the sweet rolls sometimes offered as rewards — detention officer Antwan Lenard Johnson ordered the attack on 17-year-old Elord Revolte at the Miami-Dade Juvenile Detention Center in August 2015, the indictment says. The document refers to the victim as “E.R.” because he was a minor at the time of his death.

At a news conference, federal prosecutors in Miami announced charges Monday afternoon against Johnson for civil rights violations that resulted in Revolte’s death.

“This cannot and will not stand,” said Benjamin Greenberg, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida. “The United States Constitution protects every person in the country, including those who are detained in juvenile detention facilities. When an officer abuses his or her badge and violates the civil rights of another person, this office and the FBI will hold that officer accountable.”

Greenberg acknowledged that the practice of honey-bunning is commonly used at juvenile detention centers in Florida. However, he declined to comment on the specifics of any other investigations.

Johnson “operated a bounty system in order to help ensure obedience and officer respect,” the indictment alleges. He also encouraged juvenile detainees, in exchange for rewards and privileges such as extra recreational time or snacks, to assault Revolte, it says.

Last fall, the Miami Herald series “Fight Club” examined a statewide system in Florida in which officers use honey buns, candy bars and other food from employee vending machines to entice their young wards to use violence on another inmate as a form of punishment.

The Department of Juvenile Justice has previously denied that it was aware of such a system, according to The Herald. In a statement Monday, Secretary Christina Daly, the head of the department, said it was moving to fire Johnson.

“It is our expectation that any staff who jeopardize the safety of youth be held fully accountable for their actions, including criminal prosecution,” she said. “The behavior detailed in the indictment is appalling and inexcusable.”

Daly added that the department would work with the relevant agencies involved, and that it also cooperated with the Miami-Dade Police Department and the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office during their investigations, although those resulted in no criminal charges.

According to federal prosecutors, Johnson used coded language, such as “off my face,” and nonverbal gestures, including nods, to signal other juvenile offenders to attack Revolte.

The inmates took part so that they wouldn’t be targeted themselves, prosecutors said.

Johnson wanted Revolte punished because the teenager had been acting out and had questioned Johnson’s authority, prosecutors said at the news conference.

On Aug. 30, about 15 to 20 detainees punched and kicked Revolte in a part of the center known as Module 9, reported NBC Miami. While he was assessed by medical personnel following the brutality, he wasn’t taken to a hospital until another checkup almost a day later, according to a review. He died at the hospital.

The juveniles who took part were briefly locked in their cells. After help arrived, and mere minutes after the assault occurred, prosecutors say, Johnson and another guard acting under his direction unlocked all of the cells so that the juveniles could return to the common area, where they would receive their prize: watching TV.

“While unlocking the cells, Johnson acknowledged and fist-bumped the juvenile who had initiated the attack,” said Greenberg.

An inspector general’s report following Revolte’s death — the second last year involving a juvenile held in state custody — found that a system of employee failures led to the melee and that officers were not forthcoming about how many people were involved.

The report also noted discrepancies between Johnson’s testimony about what he witnessed when the fight broke out and the written reports he had filed.

Video surveillance viewed as part of the report, however, said Johnson and another detention officer appeared to respond appropriately and attempted to defuse the situation.

Following the attack, the Department of Juvenile Justice said, five employees either quit or were fired and seven other workers were reprimanded.

Three days before the attack, Revolte was arrested in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami on an armed robbery charge, according to The Herald. He had run away from a Miami Beach foster home.

Prosecutors had been deciding whether to charge him as an adult at the time of his death.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott told NBC News last fall that the allegations of detention officers exploiting juveniles to fight were “unacceptable.”

“The goal is constantly to hold people accountable, and also constantly try to figure out how can you improve so there’s less of a chance of this happening,” he said.

Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/miami-corrections-officer-charged-teen-s-death-used-bribery-system-n870196

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