Lack of Investigation Into US Strikes in Syria Proves Idlib Attack Was Staged


The US strikes in Syria without investigation prove that Idlib chemical attack was staged, Syrian deputy foreign minister Faisal Mekdad said on Wednesday during a press briefing in Damascus.

A US missile strike on a Syrian airfield three days after a chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun in April indicates that the strike was planned ahead of time and the chemical attack was staged, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told journalists.

“Based on the fabricated facts of the terrorists who said that the Syria Arab Army was guilty of a chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun, the United States immediately conducted a missile strike [at the Syrian governmental military airfield in Ash Sha’irat on April 7], even before the investigation began. They made the decision in advance, and this indicates that the attack was staged,” he said.

The Syrian leadership will provide all necessary conditions for the work of the commission investigating the circumstances of the chemical attack in Idlib, Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad told reporters in Damascus.

“The team to investigate the circumstances of the chemical attack will arrive in Damascus in the coming days. The Syrian government will ensure all conditions for its work,” Mekdad said.

On April 4, the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces supported by the United States blamed the Syrian government for an alleged chemical weapon attack in Khan Sheikhoun in Syria’s Idlib province. Reacting to the incident, Washington, which had not presented any proof of the chemical weapons use by Damascus, launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Syrian governmental military airfield in Ash Sha’irat on April 6.

On April 21, Assad told Sputnik that there was no chemical weapon attack in Idlib, adding that the reports of it were a false flag and fabrication which was supposed to justify a US missile strike on the Syrian airbase.

On June 20, the OPCW said that its fact-finding mission confirmed that man-made chemical sarin, a gas used as a chemical weapon, was used in Khan Shaikhoun in Idlib in early April, but did not determine who was responsible. None of the experts of the OPCW mission and the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism visited the place of the incident.



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Seven members of Syria's White Helmets shot dead by unknown gunmen

Seven member of the Syrian White Helmets rescue group were shot dead by unknown gunmen on Saturday, sparking a manhunt and deep suspicions in the rebel-controlled province of Idlib.

The men were killed in their operations centre in the village of Sarmin at dawn on Saturday. Two of their vehicles as well as several of their distinctive white helmets were stolen, the group said.  

Many White Helmet volunteers have been killed in airstrikes during the six year Syrian war but opposition activists said it was the first time that members had been shot dead like this. 

Photographs from the scene showed the volunteers’ bodies lying across the floor of the centre and blood splashed over the logo of the White Helmets group. All had been shot execution-style at close range. 

A member of the Syrian civil defence volunteers mourns his comrades - Credit: AFP PHOTO / OMAR HAJ KADOURA member of the Syrian civil defence volunteers mourns his comrades - Credit: AFP PHOTO / OMAR HAJ KADOUR

“The heart is saddened, there are tears in our eyes for you departure,” said Raed al-Saleh, the founder of the White Helmets. “May God strengthen us and make us patient for facing this tragedy.”

One of the men killed was Mohammed Abu Kifah, who appeared in a widely-shared video last year where he wept with emotion after rescuing a baby girl from the rubble of a bombed-out building. 

The White Helmets have been lauded by Western countries for saving civilian lives in opposition areas in Syria and in 2016 they narrowly missed out on winning the Nobel Peace prize. 

But the group also operates in areas controlled by jihadists and supporters of the Assad regime regularly accuse them of allying with terrorists.

Idlib province is now mainly controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), an Islamist rebel group that is dominated by jihadists linked to al-Qaeda. 

Activists in Idlib said they were baffled by the killings but did not think that HTS was responsible. The group has not targeted White Helmets in the past. 

One theory was that agents of the Assad regime had killed the men to create suspicion and distrust between rival rebel groups. 

The murdered White Helmets were buried on Saturday in Idlib - Credit: OMAR HAJ KADOUR/AFP/Getty ImagesThe murdered White Helmets were buried on Saturday in Idlib - Credit: OMAR HAJ KADOUR/AFP/Getty Images

HTS recently fought an open battle against Ahrar al-Sham, another prominent rebel group, and there is lingering distrust in Idlib as a result. 

“The ones who did this are clever. They want to make conflicts worse between the rebel groups and show that there is no security and no safety in the opposition areas,” said Abdulkafe al-Hamdo, an English teacher in Idlib. 

Another theory is that the killings were the work of a criminal gang, who wanted to steal equipment from the White Helmets centre. Two vans were taken from the centre as well as several motorcycles and some walkie-talkie equipment. 

One of the vans was later found burned out on the edge of a field several miles from the centre.

The White Helmets centre is close to several other houses in the village of Sarmin but neighbours said they had not heard any gunfire during the night. That raises the possibility the White Helmets were killed with silenced weapons. 

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) has released videos in the past showing its fighters using guns equipped with silencers. The Assad regime also has access to silencers through its allies in Russia and Syria.   

Mr al-Hamdo said members of the group had last been seen on Whatsapp at around 1am, suggesting they were killed sometime after that. 

Gareth Bayley, Britain’s special representative for Syria, condemned the killings. 

HTS has a network of checkpoints around Idlib province and activists said they hoped that the group’s fighters would be able to catch the killers. 

Idlib is one of the last major opposition strongholds in Syria and faces intense bombardment by the Assad regime and its Russian allies.

Many of the fighters and civilians the opposition areas of Aleppo fled to Idlib after the city fell in late 2016.  

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Israel Tried to Derail Syria Ceasefire at Secret Meetings With U.S. And Russia Over Iran

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UK – British Jewhadists in Syria trained by ‘secretive’ ISIS unit to launch UK suicide attacks

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Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Delegation Visits Syria

image-Damascus International Fair - Oman participation
Damascus International Fair

Syria on the way to healing and rebuilding and the West and its allies involved in the terrorist war waged against Syria are not invited. Oman has remained a positive player throughout the terror war spearheaded by Saudi and Qatar against Syria despite the enormous pressure exerted on it by its brethren in the GCC ‘Gulf Cooperation Council’.

Omani Chamber of Commerce delegation meets Syrian Prime Minister and officials at Syrian Investment Agency to explore cooperation and coordination opportunities for mutual benefits.

08 August 2017, Damascus: Prime Minister Engineer Imad Khamis received Said Bin Saleh Al-Kayoumi Chairman of Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and discussed with him strengthening the economic & investment relations between the two sides & the role of the private sector in this field.

Engineer Khamis presented an explanation of the government’s plan for economic development and activating the role of businessmen and investors during the coming period.

Engineer Khamis welcomed the participation of economic and commercial activities in Oman at Damascus International Fair.

For his part, Al Kayoumi stressed the importance of coordination and continuous cooperation between chambers of commerce and industry in both countries to develop mechanisms for future cooperation, including the establishment of investments, especially in the areas of oil, tourism, and real estate.

In the same context, the delegation visited the Syrian Investment Agency and discussed with Dr. Inas Al Omawi the General Manager of the Agency the status of the investment projects and the opportunities and facilities provided by the Agency in this field.

‘We were pleased to visit the Syrian Investment Agency and we were briefed on the laws and legislations in an urgent and quick presentation’ Mr. Al-Kayoumi stated. ‘We hope that in the future there will be a focus on investment laws so that there are advantages to attract foreign investment in terms of facilitating procedures and focusing on the time factor in the completion of transactions, there must be a specific time for each transaction’ he added.

Dr. Inas Al-Omawi said after the meeting: ‘The meeting was especially important in terms of exchanging views and ideas on the correct investment mechanisms, and how to reform them in a manner that best suits the actual requirements of the investor.’ She added: ‘More than one idea was put forward and more than one axis, the Agency dealt with the administrative aspect and the division of administrative procedures, and the new vision of the Agency on streamlining mechanisms and procedures for investment and all new services being launched to support investment in the country.’

On his part, Mr. Osama Mustapha, Chairman of Damascus Countryside Chamber of Commerce said: ‘The visit of the Omani delegation came during preparations for the launching of the Damascus International Fair. Oman was the first to come to Syria in the framework of the celebration of the launch of the Damascus International Fair after a halt of 6 years because of the unjust war waged against Syria.’

The Omani delegation also stressed the importance of focusing on investment laws to include features that attract foreign investments in terms of facilitating procedures and focusing on the time factor in the completion of transactions, especially for large projects.

Many projects in cooperation with countries that stood by the Syrian state against terrorists and their sponsors have commenced and many others in the pipeline. Syrians do not wait and do not depend on their enemies.

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Russia, US, Israel Talks on Syria

Russia, US, Israel Talks on Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In July, meetings were held in Amman, Jordan and Europe, focusing on establishing safe zones on Syria’s border with Israel and Jordan, according to diplomats involved.

Israeli Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, Mossad and IDF officials were involved. So were Trump’s envoys on Syria Michael Ratney and Brett McGurk. Alexander Lavrentiev and members of his team represented Russia.

Weeks earlier, Netanyahu expressed opposition to the Russia/US brokered southern Syria ceasefire deal, falsely claiming it “perpetuate(s)” Iranian and Hezbollah presence in the country near Israel’s border, “chang(ing) the picture in the region from what is has been up to now.”

Russian forces were deployed to Daraa in southern Syria to monitor and try enforcing ceasefire in the area, multiple daily violations still occurring. US-supported terrorists reject the deal.

Netanyahu’s real objection is wanting nothing altering longstanding plans to eliminate Syria and Iran as sovereign independent rivals to Israel’s long sought regional dominance.

That’s what his concern is all about, not Iranian and Hezbollah influence near its borders, posing no threat to Israel’s security.

Sergey Lavrov rejected Netanyahu’s concerns, saying they were taken into consideration in arranging the deal. It limits Israeli unilateral actions against Syria.

During Amman and European meetings, Israel presented objections to the agreement, unacceptably demanding the removal of Iran and Hezbollah from the country.

Days after tripartite talks concluded, Moscow and Washington announced the ceasefire agreement, rejecting unreasonable Israeli demands, indicating details were being finalized.

Russian upper house Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Konstantin Kosachev said the Moscow/US ceasefire deal won’t be revoked to appease Israel. It’ll have to find a way “to live with this.”

The ceasefire said nothing about Iran and Hezbollah, instead expressed in general terms the need to prevent armed parties from foreign elements entering deescalation zones to be established along Syria’s border with Israel and Jordan.

US/Israeli talks continue, unlikely to change what was agreed on.

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End Of Deep State CIA In Syria: Major Victory For Americans

Treasonist Barry Soetoro

When the definitive history of the conflict in Syria is written, the role of the United States in funding, training, and arming rebel groups in clear violation of international law will by necessity comprise a major chapter.

Washington’s announcement that the CIA has canceled its [Deep State] program to support “moderate rebels” [aka ISIS] in Syria — estimated to have cost the US taxpayer US$1billion and which has helped perpetuate a conflict in which up to 400,000 people have died, many in the most heinous way — was made recently in the manner of a multinational corporation wrapping up a failed business venture overseas.

  1. Turkey Arrests 43 U.S. Deep State Bank Officials
  2. Russia Wipes Out Entire CIA Mossad Coalition Camp In Idlib, Syria

There was no mention made, of course, that the program had been undertaken in violation of international law. No mention either of the fact it was in support of an insurgency largely been made up of non-Syrians, who over the past six years have descended on the country driven not by the desire to establish a democracy in the country, but rather to impose religious and cultural tyranny.

  1. Iraqi Forces Kill 79 Israeli ISIS Militants In Mosul Over Past 24 Hours: U.S. Helicopters Rescued ISIS Commanders In Mosul

Imagine, just for a moment, if the shoe was on the other foot. Imagine if Russia had announced that the FSB was ending a US $1billion program in support of an armed insurgency dominated by religious extremists with a penchant for torture, enslaving women, chopping off people’s heads —  whose objective was the destruction of the secular government of a multi-religious and multi-ethnic state — imagine what the reaction would be in Western capitals. The outrage would be stratospheric — and justifiably so.

America, out, out, Syria will stay free’; chanted a million-strong march in Damascus on Wednesday

As for those who argue that the West has only ever supported moderate head-chopping fanatics in Syria, never the extreme kind, this is a preposterous distinction that the Syrian people have never had the luxury of embracing.

  1. Turkey Warns U.S. Of Creating ISIS Terrorist Army: Turkey Increases Military Intervention In Syria

In a New York Times article on this story we are informed how “once CIA-trained fighters crossed into Syria, CIA officers had difficulty controlling them. The fact that some of their CIA weapons ended up with Nusra Front fighters — and that some of the rebels joined the group — confirmed the fears of many in the Obama administration when the program began. Although the Nusra Front was widely seen as an effective fighting force against Mr. Assad’s troops, its Qaeda affiliation made it impossible for the Obama administration to provide direct support for the group.”

[Rothschild Caliphate => CIA, Mossad, => Muslim Brotherhood => al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, ISIS, Hamas, KLA, Etc, Etc, Boko-Haram, Etc, Etc, Taliban, ]

  1. Time For The American People To Hunt Down And Capture The World’s Biggest Terrorists: The CIA & Mossad
  • The sheer unadulterated stupidity of US policy in Syria over the past few years is enshrined in this passage. What did they think was going to happen?
  • Did the CIA really believe their nice moderate rebels with their shiny new US-supplied weapons and equipment would slot into the conflict and remain inoculated from the attentions of the bad extremist rebels?
  • Are they really so incredibly inept and disastrously ill-informed about a region they have expended so much effort in trying to dominate over the past 70 years?

This Is Rothschild’s Present Day “Promised Land” Scheme To Control The Middle East Oil Hub. The Banking Cabal Uses A False Biblical Narrative from the Rothschild Chartered Scofield Bible ~ Of A Promised Land That “Needs” To Be Returned To The Old Testament Jew [see Balfour Agreement]. The Promised Land [real estate] Was Fulfilled And Ceased To Be After 70 A.D.

  1. C-Span 1990 Israel’s Intelligence Community: The Aman, The Shin Bet, & Mossad The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service aka; ISIS.

From the very beginning, Washington and its allies have completely and woefully misread events not only in Syria, but also throughout the region. The so-called Arab Spring caught the US by surprise both in terms of its size and the speed with which it spread in 2011. The result was panic in Washington over what it portended for US influence in this strategically crucial part of the world, producing a monumental collapse in analysis responsible for the catastrophic military intervention in Libya under the rubric of NATO.

Driving the Libyan misadventure was not pure ideals of helping to overthrow a cruel dictator and establish a Jeffersonian democracy in his place, as claimed. How could it be considering that while Gaddafi was in power the US, UK, and France — the main participants in the NATO intervention — enjoyed significant economic relations with Libya, along with normal diplomatic relations? No, NATO’s intervention in Libya was fueled by the desire of the US and its European allies to place themselves at the head of an Arab Spring that by then had run out of steam.

  1. Moammar Qaddafi’s Sin Against The Kissinger Petrodollar ~ Libya’s Confiscated Gold By NWO.
  2. Deep State NATO: When You Hit The Bottom Of Stupid You’ll ‘Believe’ Russia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Hungary, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, & Palestine Are The Aggressors!

Yet, regardless, the West staged a crude and wrongheaded intervention, one that only helped to fan the flames of a counterrevolutionary wave that saw not democracy but Salafi-jihadism prosper. Informing this strategy was an orientalist and reductive treatment of the region as an undifferentiated collection of Arab and Muslim states which are near identical in their complexion, social breakdown and dynamic, not to mention national character. Thus Tunisia is the same as Egypt is the same as Libya is the same as Syria, and so on.

There was no popular revolution in Libya, which is borne out by the fact that even though Gaddafi had no air force to speak of, and despite his air defense capability being weak and neutralized by NATO early on in the conflict, it still took eight months for the Libyan leader to be overthrown and butchered from the day NATO aircraft began flying sorties in the country in March of that year.

Similarly, in Syria, by the time the CIA program began in 2013, the country was being ravaged by an Islamic Khmer Rouge intent on implementing its very own Year Zero, involving the wholesale massacre and extirpation of minority communities that can trace their presence in the Levant back a millennia and more.

This is not to say that every militant fighting the government in Syria was and is both non-Syrian and an Islamist extremist. It is to say, though, that non-Syrians and Islamist extremists were and remain in the driving seat when it came to forging the sectarian character of the opposition, confirmed by none other than the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in a declassified intelligence report back in 2012.

Yet, regardless, the CIA still embarked on its failed program to try and locate and cultivate a third force in a country it never had any legal or moral right to operate in. Not that legality and morality have ever been constraints on an organization whose deeds throughout its history have regularly conformed to those you would associate with a terrorist organization.

Fortunately, on this occasion in Syria, those deeds have failed to produce the desired result.

Sputnik News

Rothschild Czar McCain With CIA Mossad al-Qaeda, aka al-Nusra, aka ISIS, aka Etc scheme team to get Syria’s Banking System.

Related News:

  1. President Trump Defunds Deep State CIA Ending Covert ISIS Armament
  2. Kiev May Perceive U.S. & Israeli Weapons Deliveries As Motivation To ‘Aggression’ In Donbass
  3. Russia Warns Israel, Jordan, & U.S. Of Checkpoints In Syria: Ceasefire Meddling Steadily Decreases
  4. President Trump Ukraine: No More Financial & Military Aid To Poroshenko’s Terrorist Operation Against Donbass & Donetsk
  5. German Found Dead Who Exposed CIA Bribery, Infiltration, & Manipulation of Media To Foment War Against The People In Europe & Russia

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SAA Updates North and East of Syria 07 August 2017 Morning

image-SAA Updates North and East of Syria 07 August 2017 Morning after Sukhna
SAA Updates North and East of Syria 07 August 2017 Morning

The Syrian Arab Army and allies road to Der Ezzor is now clear via 3 axes. Cleaning Sukhna, ISIS’s last stronghold in Eastern Homs Countryside was followed by the restoring of Rajm as-Saboun, Tal Abu-Qill, and Rajm al-Qinn.

Pan Arab Al Mayadeen News Channel reports: The last hours battles confirm the collapse of ISIS fortifications after the liberation of Sukhna which forced it to impose compulsory recruitment in the areas they still control to compensate its killed, and the ones who fled before the accelerated progress of the Syrian Arab Army towards Der Ezzor, from Bu Kamal axis in the east, Sukhna axis in the west, and from the northwestern countryside of Der Ezzor at Wadi Hmeimah from the banks of the Euphrates River.

The liberation of the deserts returns to the Syrian state control more than one-third of the country’s territory within the Raqqa Countryside to Tadmor (Palmyra) and from the Syrian – Iraqi borders to Der Ezzor, soon to break the siege off the SAA units protecting Der Ezzor city.

This will give back the Syrian state control over the areas with natural resources to support the economy reaching the return to the Eastern borders of the country with Iraq.

The Syrian Army’s control over the borders and its advancing towards al-Waleed border-crossing at Bu Kamal renders at-Tanf Border crossing its strategic importance useless, thus, the terrorist groups at at-Tanf were left to face its fate in an area besieged by the Syrian Army, especially after Washington stopped its program to support the terrorists at at-Tanf.

In the north of Syria, more than a thousand terrorists were killed in the ongoing infighting for influence and to control the border crossings. Hundreds fled to Turkey (Erdoganstan) while Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant) took control of most of Idlib Province from the city of Idlib to Sarmada and Bab al-Hawa to Maarat Noman and Saraqeb.

The struggle between these terrorist groups have lost its ability to take the decision to launch a military operation against the positions of the Syrian Arab Army and allies spread from Aleppo and its countryside, Hama, and Latakia countryside.

Politically, Turkey has failed to stop the advances of Nusra Front and the groups classified as ‘terrorist’ pushing it to set its focus on confronting the Kurds at its borders from Ain Arab to Manbij to Afrin.

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The secret agreement to restore Raqqa to Syria

The Syrian Arab Army, Russia, the United States and the Units of protection of the Kurdish Forces of the people have reached a secret agreement to coordinate their action against Daesh in Raqqa.

This information was published for the first time by the Qatarian press agency, Almodon on 23 July 2017, then denied, then published again by The Independent (London) [1].

At the beginning of the war against Syria, from 2011 – 2014 Kurdish militia were fighting on the side of the Syrian Arab Army. However, on 31 October 2014 when France and Turkey undertook to create a Kurdish state in Syria (a country where the Kurds have not been massively present since the eighties) and to direct the Kurds living in the Turkish Kurdistan there, some of the Kurd militia crossed sides and joined Nato. It was only then that Damascus took these militia off its pay roll and furthermore, stopped equipping them with weapons. These militia only returned to Syria when Turkey began massacring its Kurds and when the U.S. President, Donald Trump, drove through new targets for his army.

The agreement on Raqqa is the second one of the year. It follows the agreement reached on Manbij/Al-Bab by virtue of which, the territories that the Kurds have liberated from Turkish occupation have been restored to Damascus.

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Bassel Khartabil: Dark Net Operative against Syria

Syrian patriot Sudki al Maqat has been in illegal Israeli detention for most of his life.

Dark Net operative, Palestinian-Syrian Bassel Khartabil Safadi was announced dead — since October 2015 —  by his wife, via her Facebook profile, 1 August.  Safadi designates that his family background was of Safed, in Galilee.  Many persons have been deceived into viewing “conspiracy” as an insulting word.  Many refuse to acknowledge that Syria continues to survive the most heinous international conspiracy in history.  These persons might consider wondering how a Facebook status managed to evolve into 89k results — top hundreds from msm — when the previously unknown name “Khartabil” is put into a search engine.  The previously unknown Khartabil al Safadi is now added to the very long list of emotional war porn propaganda against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fleeing the deadly, Zionist Naqba of 1948, were absorbed by Syria; Khartabil’s family was among them.  According to UNHCR statistics of 2011, 526,000 Palestinians were still registered in Syria.

1948: Palestinian refugees fleeing the deadly Zionist Naqba

For those who may not know, the SAR provided Palestinian refugees with full rights except for citizenship. This decision was made by the refugees and government, together, in order to preserve the right of return.

Yarmouk “Camp” before 2011 terror campaign against Syria

In a particularly smarmy anti-Syria propaganda piece, the Electronic Intifada — the “pro-Palestinian” website oddly on the side of Israel, against Syria, in its support of the genocidal ‘Arab Spring’ — interviewed now widow Noura Ghazi. She noted that Khartabil al Safadi was working in Singapore, and had returned to Syria only for a vacation, when the two met during a demonstration.

EI’s reporting on Syria since 2011 has been in full alignment with Israeli propaganda

Palestinians in Syria have more rights than Palestinians everywhere else in the planet combined, so he was protesting that, it seems and wanted to be treated as his  peers in Lebanon, maybe. — comment by a Syrian

The Dark Net has been appropriately described as ‘home to drug and firearm sales, child pornography, human trafficking and assassins for hire.’ It also includes foreign operations launched to help destroy a sovereign nation. In 2011, the New York Times seemed pleased to announce that Obama and the State Department had increased funding to illicit black bag operations against sovereign nation states.

NYT gleeful about increased US monies into the Dark Net

The use of the word “censorship” in anti-Syria propaganda is especially fetid, demonically hypocritical, particularly coming from western countries, absurdly proud of their anemic liberties.  Increasingly, especially in social media, are NATO enforced measures of censorship in reporting the truth on Syria.  YouTube is leading the campaign — a request made to Facebook by CNN’s Amanwour, immediately after the US election, to prohibit fake fake news. Videos of terrorism, promoted by the monsters of Congress, are being abruptly censored, so as not to provide evidence of the lying politicians lying. Even the death squads known as the White Helmets attempted to censor their own Khan Sheikhoun video, after SyriaNews pointed out to SAMS the fakery of emergency care, and the appearance of torture of children within the video.

The usual criminals against peace have brayed the loudest, have wept the most bitter of crocodile tears over the unconfirmed death of Khartabil al Sadafi.  CNN, terrorists most trusted name in news, the overpaid gang of Vichy urinalists whose terrorist friends cheered the alliances with child beheaders, evacuated its eternal plausible deniability (that it was unable to confirm the death it was so passionately reporting) before making noises about “torture” and Adra being yet another “notorious” jail in the SAR. In fact, this main central Syrian prison is nicknamed Le Meridian as it incarcerates ordinary criminals for regular crimes.

Abu Ghraib: What torture looks like, for those with short-term memory deficits

The same CNN, now inconsolable over the unconfirmed death of Khartabil al Safadi, was completely mute when it came to reporting the murder of 25 year old Syrian journalist, Khaled al Khatib, by the US provided missiles and US backed terrorists, in Homs.

Khaled al Khatib’s mom carries her son’s coffin.

The notorious Amnesty Internationalthe anti-Syria ‘watchdog,’ ejaculated a very, very sad obit, about torture and freedom and liberty — because this is its purpose. Amnesty was founded in 1961, by Peter Benenson, a British attorney, with the intention “to mobilize world opinion” “effectively.”   It was Amnesty that pimped the idiotic crematorium story of Saydnaya, readily swallowed by NATO msm, of course.  It seems that Syria is a paradoxical Utopia, the only place in the world devoid of criminals, yet overflowing with notorious jails.

The US incarceration rate is the highest on the planet. With only 4.4% of the world’s population, America houses 22% of this world’s prisoners. Over the past 30 years, the female prison population has grown by more than 800%, while the male incarcerates have only grown by a mere 416%. Incarceration is the only US ‘growth industry,’ outsourced to private conglomerates which enjoy the benefits of the private side of PPP’s. US lawmakers have added in the growth, by increasing laws that criminalize, adhering to the bed count requirements by creative incarceration laws such as ‘three strikes.’

Grow, Baby, grow!

The Gulfie-owned Orient News states he’s Syrian without mentioning he’s Palestinian to show how much they’re “notorious” in their anti-Syria propaganda. — a  Syrian

Human Rights Watch has also rented its garment in grief over Kartabil al Safadi’s unconfirmed death. HRW is the Syria-hating ‘watchdog’ that holds fundraisers in that bastion of freedom, Saudi occupied Arabia, whose executive director, Kenneth Roth, receives $500k “compensation” for telling criminal lies against Syria.  In 2010, HRW bragged about plans to receive $100 million from George Soros, and in 2014, more than 100 Nobel Laureates, diplomats, and scholars asked HRW to please stop whoring around with the CIA and other criminals on Capitol Hill.

Saudi and Soros loving HRW also in grief over unconfirmed death of Khartabil al Safadi

Many of the bathetic obituaries of the unconfirmed death of Khartabil al Safadi in October 2015 note that he was given the Top Global Thinker award by the Syria-hating, and prestigious Foreign Policy colonialist rag, in 2012. One really must engage in Hollywood’s suspension of disbelief to imagine that a mere 31 year old could receive such a notable award. He was given this accolade for “insisting against all odds, on a peaceful Syrian revolution” (funded by the US, EU, Gulfie gas stations, and Erdoganstan).

He’s a Palestinian calling for revolution in Syria…!  Not only that, he was active inn anti-Syrian security activities receiving ‘support’ from abroad and organizing movements and participating in it that endangered Syrian people’s lives and led to the heavy presence of terrorist groups like the FSA and its different branches:  ISIS, Nusra, Ahrar, even the Kurds’ different forces, etc.  Would his activities, especially being a non-Syrian guest in Syria on the account of the Syrian people, be accepted if he were in Germany, working to organize protests against Germany with the support of Russia, for instance, or in the USA with the support of Russia?  If that’s acceptable in those two countries in the same narrative, then we can ask the Syrian government about his fate, if he was detained and whether executed for his criminal activities that can least be described as spying for a foreign group or organization, with suspicious funding, and working on destabilizing the country that hosted him and his family for free for decades…. 

The geopolitical hypocrisy of NATO and underling Gulfies and Levantine writers is shameless.  While this gang of criminals against peace complain about the unproven death of a non-Syrian attempting the destruction of the country which welcomed his family, it anticipates that its audience will be so well-trained as to not notice the glaring double-standards.  It demands that its audience suffer short term memory deficits, that no one will remember that in 2011, two British men were jailed for their Facebook calls for rioting in their country (no matter that they did not actually riot — unlike Khartabil al Safadi — or cause any physical harm to their country).

Two Brits were sentenced to 4 years in jail for their FB posts.

The war pimping journalists demand, also, that their readers forget the many dozens of unarmed protesters brutalized during the DAPL demonstrations.

“Rubber” bullets used against unarmed protesters against the pipeline route.

How much of Khartabil al Safadi’s “participation” led to the killings of so many Syrians, directly and indirectly? Calling “peacefully” for riots against a country at war is aiding that country’s enemies.

Compare the massive reporting on Khartabil al Safadi’s unconfirmed death, to the glaring dearth of news on Sudki al Maqat’s incarceration by Israel, a breach of international law.  Syrian born al Maqat was arrested at age 23, by the illegal Israeli forces on the occupied Syrian Golan.  al Maqat was charged with spying on Israel, an orwellian feat considering he was living in his native country, Syria (how, exactly, can a man be convicted of spying on another country, for his country, while living in country?)  After spending 27 years in jail, the 50 year old was finally released in August 2012.  al Maqat was then re-arrested by the Israeli occupiers in February 2015 and illegally detained before being tried and convicted in a kafkaesque Israeli court, again for ‘spying’ against Israel, from his own country.

al Maqat anticipated another round of draconian incarceration, noting before sentencing, the “malicious verdict awaiting me is meant to silence, punish and prevent me from exposing the truth about the support the Israeli occupation authorities provide terrorist gangs and criminals in Syria.”  These words were no hyperbole, as Israel has bragged of providing al Qaeda with more than $23 million worth of free state of the art medical care, over a two-year period.

Propaganda against Syria never ends.  Spikes in it — especially regarding emotional propaganda — tend to be inserted at specific times.  The announcement of the uncorroborated death of Khartabil al Safadi immediately followed Syria and Hizbullah on the Lebanese front winning a major battle against terrorism (the SAA has also won huge victories in Deir Ezzor, which requires a separate analysis).  Imperial powers always demand a media demoralization campaign against the Syrian people always follows important victories, and history has demonstrated how susceptible western audiences are, to emotional war pornography, particularly when the words “torture” and “jail” are used.

The sad, sad tale of the reputed death of Khartabil al Safadi is also being used as a spike in the relocation of the occupation of Palestine into the SAR (though this campaign is also ongoing, its last major putsch was in April 2015, when the UN, the Jewish Voice for Peace, and virtually all msm and faux independent media joined to make fake maps and fake history).

That “Syrian Coalition” headquartered in Turkey (formerly Qatar), filled with  Turkemen, Jordanians, Brits, and a few Syrian traitors tweeted that “the regime” has killed over 3,000 Palestinians since 2011, in Syria.  They made no mention of the Naqba, nor the ongoing occupation of Palestine, and of course offered nothing in the way of evidence to support their outrageous claim.

Erdogan’s suits are aligned with Israel against Syria.

This UAE and NATO countries funded coalition supported the takfiri savages who slaughtered more than 50 Syrian soldiers in Dara’a — and mutilated their corpses — last month.

Israel’s Ha’aretz soon tweeted one of the first NATO/NATO ally news posts on the new report on the reputed old death of Khartabil al Safadi.


Israel shoots unarmed Palestinians in the West Bank, yet mourns an uncorroborated Palestinian-Syrian death in Syria.

Rani Bornat, in Bil’in

The bottom line regarding the reputed death of Bassel Khartabil al Safadi is that corroboration can only come from the Syrian government.  Unless that happens we shall never know.

Perhaps we should concern ourselves in wonder over CNN’s mourning of an uncorroborated death in Syria, while being glib when reporting on the death penalty in the US.

CNN’s Fun Facts on the Death Penalty in the US (er, “Fast” Facts)


Miri Wood & Arabi Souri

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