How To Survive A Spiritual Awakening

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A spiritual awakening can be a rollercoaster ride of up and down emotions, here is how you can ride the waves:

What is a spiritual awakening?

A spiritual awakening is the emergence of your essence (higher self), and/or a connection (or a glimpse of a connection) with the oneness that connects us all. We are born as this essence and as time passes we often lose a connection to this root existence. A spiritual awakening is us as an older being with a more developed (physical) mind and body reconnecting with this essence which can sometimes come as a shock.   

What can cause your awakening?

Sometimes a singular event which breaks your current routine of thought- for example, going away on holiday could force you to reflect when you are usually busy. Meeting someone who has already had a spiritual awakening can trigger one in us. A new relationship or the ending of a relationship. A new job or the ending of a job. An experience with a mind altering substance, or an experience similar which could be induced through meditation, breathwork, dancing, singing, art or anything that gets you out of your head. A near death experience, or a miracle that cannot be explained rationally. All can cause what seems like a spontaneous awakening.

It can also be a series of events, such as synchronicities that continually show up leading you in a specific direction. At times like these it can feel as if the universe is speaking with you in an unspoken language, and often it actually is.  

Sometimes the cause of your awakening is not apparent and while there is usually a trigger of some kind, it is not always obvious without us taking the time to reflect upon it.

What should you do if you have had a spiritual awakening?

The first thing is to slow down, it can be a lot when your whole life gets turned upside down, so don’t make any decisions that you may later regret. This is not to say that you should not make changes, you probably will. But in a euphoric state you can often do something drastic, expecting everything to just fall into place and this is not always how it works.

Accept that life may be different to how you thought it was, and try to take some time out and just be with yourself. Talk to friends and family who may understand, but do so without being forceful. Speak to others who have experienced the same thing, but also realise that just because someone has experienced this, it doesn’t mean they have it figured out or will have answers for you.

Most importantly (without being in too much of a rush) listen to your intuition and feelings.

How to not alienate yourself from family and friends?

It is very common to become alienated from friends and family while going through a spiritual awakening, this is often due to us becoming forceful with ideas and trying to show others what we have felt. This is not to say you should not share your experience, but to do so with people you can fully trust and to do so in a way that is not you preaching to them.

Another common behaviour is for us to isolate ourselves, as we think no one will understand. This is quite often the case with our current support system, however there are always people out there that can help to guide you.

Do things that make you happy, meet people who have similar interests to you and explore the things you used to enjoy as a young child. This is not to say you have to do the things you done as a child, but to try to remember the feelings you had and do things that could replicate them feelings.


Gratitude is something we can find no matter where we are in life. Look for what is good and water the seeds.

Ask for spiritual guidance, but also realise no one will do the work for you. This could be prayer, asking your higher self or just saying it outloud to whoever you believe could be listening.

Meditation practice can really help, simply focus on your breath and breathe deep into your stomach, while watching the breath. Make sure you keep your back straight and use the time to come into your body.

Spend time in nature. Nature is honest, non judgemental and allows you to view the world from a different perspective. Spend time with the trees and feel their unconditional love.

Slow down! Like other major events there is a transitional phase, don’t be in a rush to be at the next stage. It is a bit like when you start a new job or have a child- you may (or may not) thrive in this transition but there will be hurdles and unexpected things that arise. Resist the temptation to allow your mind to make all the decisions. Synchronistic events will unfold and sometimes you will need to not cling to your current position and allow things to be free flowing.

Trust your intuition. Your gut will tell you what is right for you in an animalistic/instinctive kind of way. Your heart will tell you if it is inline with the higher good and your mind will scream no!!! The physical brain has its uses, but intuition is not one of them, get out the brain and listen to your intuitive mind.

Write down your thoughts. This can really allow you to gain an understanding of what is going on in your head and can come in handy at a later date when you feel to reflect.


A spiritual awakening is a beautiful thing to go through as it is honest and reveals our true self, however our resistance to cling to the old can really make it a painful transition. Whatever stage you are in now is where you are supposed to be to have the highest realisations of where you are heading. Trust this moment and know that all passes. Much love, Luke  

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I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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SpaceX rocket booster defies laws of gravity to survive extreme water landing (PHOTO)

The rocket launched a GovSat-1 communications satellite for Luxembourg and satellite operator SES from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida on Wednesday. SpaceX had decided not to land the Falcon 9’s first stage booster on one of its drone ships in the sea, announcing instead that it would not attempt to recover the device after landing.

Musk later explained the rocket was testing a high-powered landing and so the company didn’t want to risk damaging one of its floating landing pads. He also confirmed the rocket went through a three-engine landing burn.

However, the rocket somehow survived its extreme return to Earth, and wound up floating in the Atlantic Ocean. Musk wrote on Twitter that SpaceX would retrieve it and try bringing it back to land.

The first stage “splashdown” in the ocean was announced during a live feed of the launch, but the host explained it was not going to be recovered.  

“It’s weirder to consider we’re not actually recovering this one,” SpaceX engineer Michael Hammersley said. “Space X has landed about 20 first stages at this point. The goal for each first stage is to last [for] tens of launches in the short term, and hundreds or thousands of launches in the long term.”

Although Space X has made a number of rocket booster recoveries, it’s normal for rocket boosters to end up in the sea. The Falcon 9 is the only rocket which is partially reusable, as the rocket’s first stage is able to land back at the launch site or on one of the company’s autonomous drone ships. SpaceX completed its first successful ocean recovery only two years ago.

The booster used in Wednesday’s launch, Core 1032, was refurbished, having first been used back in May when it made a successful landing at Cape Canaveral, NASA Spaceflight explains. SpaceX’s next launch will be Falcon Heavy in February, the company’s newest and largest rocket.

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CSS HR 3-1/20/18-Life-Saving Info-How to Survive a Nuclear Attack


We have written about this for years. Now it is time to get serious preparation. I recently interviewed Bob Griswold from Ready Made Resources and I asked this preparation expert about how we could increase our chances of survival in the midst of a nuclear attack, like what just almost happened to Hawaii. The following contains life-saving tips from an expert in his field.

If the bad guy has night vision and you don't he wins. Don't be a victim, find out more by CLICKING HERE

If the bad guy has night vision and you don’t he wins. Don’t be a victim, find out more by  CLICKING HERE  


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The CDC Is Providing a Seminar On How to Survive a Nuclear Attack?

The CDC is scheduled to give a seminar on how to survive a nuclear attack. Of all the agencies, why the CDC? Does that seem out of place to you too? Here is the complete story.



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Time to Pay Attention: CDC Begins Instructing Public on How To Survive Nuclear War

This week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that they will be holding a briefing which is designed to instruct the public on how to prepare for a nuclear war. A post on the agency’s website said that the briefing will be taking place on January 16th at the Alexander D. Langmuir Auditorium in Atlanta Georgia. The briefing will be hosted by a number of CDC representatives including Dan Sosin, Robert Whitcomb, and Betsy Kagey.

Some examples of the presentations that will be given are “Public Health: Preparing for the Unthinkable”, “Using Data and Decision Aids to Drive Response Efforts”, “Public Health Resources to Meet Critical Components of Preparedness” and “Roadmap to Radiation Preparedness.”

“While a nuclear detonation is unlikely, it would have devastating results and there would be limited time to take critical protection steps. Despite the fear surrounding such an event, planning and preparation can lessen deaths and illness. For instance, most people don’t realize that sheltering in place for at least 24 hours is crucial to saving lives and reducing exposure to radiation. While federal, state, and local agencies will lead the immediate response efforts, public health will play a key role in responding. Join us for this session of Grand Rounds to learn what public health programs have done on a federal, state, and local level to prepare for a nuclear detonation. Learn how planning and preparation efforts for a nuclear detonation are similar and different from other emergency response planning efforts.” a statement from the agency read.



This statement is ominous not only because of mushroom cloud photo featured in the post but also because it comes it the midst of escalating hostility between the U.S and North Korea. For months now President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have been exchanging threats, and this week Trump made a tweet suggesting nuclear force against the country.

“North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un just stated that the Nuclear Button is on his desk at all times.’ Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!” his tweet read.

However, despite all of these harsh words that are heavily reported in the mainstream media, there have been some positive developments recently on the Korean peninsula. This week it was reported that a line of communication was opened between north and south Korea and that peace talks have been scheduled between the two countries.

Kim Jon Un has expressed interest in making peace before the coming Winter Olympic games to be hosted in South Korea.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the North Korean regime’s establishment, and the South will host the Winter Games. This year holds significance for the two Koreas.

“The Winter Games to be held in South Korea will be a good occasion for the country. We sincerely hope that the Winter Olympics will be a success. We have the readiness to take various steps, including the dispatch of the delegation,” Kim Jong Un said.

As TFTP recently reported, China has made similar moves to prepare their citizens for the prospect of a nuclear holocaust.

Revealing the extreme direness of the situation on the Korean Peninsula, a state-run Chinese media outlet based in a province bordering North Korea and Russia — the Jilin Daily — published a “common sense” guide for surviving a nuclear war, according to Reuters.

Although the full-page article of guidelines doesn’t specifically mention North Korea, the warning was clearly a result of the increasing tensions between a nuclear-armed DPRK, and the United States.

The influential Chinese state-run Global Times described the article as a public service announcement due to the situation on the Korean peninsula.

The Chinese government has previously said that they reject military intervention, but in the event that the U.S. launches a preemptive strike on North Korea – the Chinese military WILL intervene in defense of the North.

Make no mistake that the world is teetering on the brink of an extreme nuclear catastrophe.

It’s definitely time to pay attention!

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Russia: Two boys get lost in woods, take watch shifts and cuddle with dogs to survive night in below freezing temps (PHOTOS)

Taiga forest


A walk in the woods turned into a survival lesson for two fifth graders from a town in Russia’s Urals region who were forced to spend a night out in the winter cold after getting lost.

Before disappearing Thursday afternoon, the 11-year-olds Ivan and Evgeniy from the town of Kushva, about 200 km north off Ekaterinburg, were heard speaking of plans to set up “a command unit” in the forest. The boys later said that as they were taking a stroll, one of the two dogs they had with them took off to chase a squirrel. The boys ran after their pet and at some point realized they could not find their way back.

make shift bed lost taiga twigs coat


Having nothing on them to light a fire, the boys piled twigs on snow to make a makeshift bed. As the darkness fell, one of the boys fell asleep while the other stood guard. They took turns in waking each other up so as not to freeze. Desperate to keep warm, the boys cuddled their pets to get through the cold of the Urals, where temperatures dropped to minus ten Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) that night.

More than 200 emergency services workers and volunteers combed through the forest in search for the lost children after one of their parents alerted emergency services past midnight.

On Friday afternoon, the search mission discovered footprints of the children and their dogs, with traces going straight and then straying. “They were going in circles,” the head of one of the rescue teams, Leonid Demchenko, said.

They also found one of the boys’ sweatshirts and their improvised bed of twigs and sticks before the rescuers finally found the two boys. “The dogs helped [the] children to keep warm,” Demchenko said.

When the rescuers found them some 30 kilometers away from the town, the two said they were feeling fine. But on their way back, the boys started complaining that their feet hurt. They appeared to have been suffering from frostbite and were promptly taken to hospital.

boys found safe taiga russia


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How to Survive Any False Flag Event-Bob Griswold

They say preppers should wear tin foil hats. However, preppers may be the only people that survives what is coming. I recently interviewed Bob Griswold of about surviving whaat is coming. This is a riveting interview that the readers should help go viral. The following is a riveting interview with Bob Griswold on how to survive any false flag attack.


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Plasma For Pay: Broke Millennials Sell Blood Just To Survive

There is no doubt, in a period where burdensome student loans and wage stagnation are crushing the hopes of achieving the American dream while living in their parents’ basements, the millennial generation is struggling to survive.

In recent times, we have explained how this generation is selling sex on the internet in exchange for money to pay bills. Across the United States, there could be upwards 2.5 million college students selling sex on a website to cover expenses (see: Millions Of Millennials Could Be Trading Sex For Their Next Debt Payment – Here’s How) or there is a new trend with millennial women, auctioning their virginities to the highest bidder (see: Abu Dhabi Businessman Pays $2.9 Million For 19-Year-Old Model’s Virginity.) If it’s sex, the millennial generation has made it a commodity, using the power of the internet to leverage the sale.

Besides the out of control sex advertisement on creepy websites, struggling millennials are now supplementing their incomes at blood plasma facilities across the United States.

In particular, Cheyenne Johnson, a former Lane Community College student, said“You just walk in and walk out with money.” Cha-ching. .. Twice a week, she visits Grifols Talecris plasma donation center in Eugene, Oregon, exchanging plasma for cash in excess of $25 to $150 per week. Cheyenne, 23, visits the facility on a regular basis because the job environment in the area is weak.

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Zakharova on IOC decision to bar Russia from 2018 Olympics: "We always survive"

The IOC announced on Tuesday its decision to ban the Russian national team from taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games

Maria Zakharova


Decisions made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Tuesday to bar the national Russian team from the 2018 Olympics will not knock Russia out, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Tuesday.

“One can only imagine what we have suffered from our ‘partners,'” she wrote on her Facebook account. “But they cannot knock us out. Neither by means of a world war nor by means of tearing down the Soviet Union nor by means sanctions… We always survive.”

“Global forecasts did not predict Russia’s revival as a sports power: the youth was supposed to take to drinking, stadiums were supposed to become flea markets and coaches were supposed to train others’ teams,” she noted. “But they did not work out, with a new generation of athletes coming to the fore” to demonstrate brilliant results.

“Russia organized really perfect Olympic Games. Sport has developed into a national idea realized in tens of thousands of children’s sports clubs and schools, state-of-the-art stadiums and in people’s striving to be physically fit,” she wrote. “Is it painful? Yes, very. We are with our athletes body and soul. Will we survive. Yes.”

The IOC announced on Tuesday its decision to ban the Russian national team from taking part in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea’s PyeongChang over multiple doping abuse allegations and suspend the Russian Olympic Committee’s membership.

The IOC, however, stated that doping-free athletes from Russia could go to the 2018 Olympic Games in the status of neutral athletes.

Russia has repeatedly denied all accusation of systemic doping abuses in national sport and questioned IOC’s objectivity.

The next Olympics, which are XXIII Winter Olympic Games, will take place in South Korea’s PyeongChang on February 9-25, 2018.

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