Halloweenies and crybullies: Colleges tell students what Halloween costumes they can wear to avoid "triggering" others

Image: Halloweenies and crybullies: Colleges tell students what Halloween costumes they can wear to avoid “triggering” others

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You never know what you might see on Halloween, especially on a college campus. You’re sure to find more than your fair share of scary and sexy costumes, and there are always a few humorous costumes in the mix. However, there is one thing that some college campuses don’t want you to encounter this October and that is anything that could be construed as offensive.

Many campuses are providing students with memos, fliers and even workshops to ensure no one gets offended on Halloween. According to a University of St. Thomas flier, for example, wearing Native American headdresses, a Mexican sombrero, a geisha costume or blackface is unacceptable, while a guide from Northern Arizona University warns students not to wear Pocahontas costumes, Asian rice hats, or African-inspired wear.

A similar sentiment can be seen at Princeton University, where an upcoming “Conversation Circle” will allow students to talk about the “impact of cultural appropriation, Halloween, and why culture is not a costume.” At a workshop at the University of Southern Indiana, students will discuss cultural appropriation in costumes and then have a chance to create their own “culturally appropriate” costume to avoid offending anyone.

Even the younger set is being warned, with the Viamonde School District in Ontario sending a checklist to parents that helps them determine if their kid’s costume is inappropriate. It reads in part:

Does your child’s costume “represent a stereotype,” such as “terrorist” or “urban ghetto dweller?” Does it involve changing the colour of their skin? Does it allude to a culture that is not the child’s own, such as a kimono, a turban or a feather headdress? Does it “mock” transgender people? Is it based on “tragic or violent historical moments,” such as “slave” or “cowboy and Indian” role play?

As you can see, it’s a pretty broad definition. Special snowflakes are easy to trigger, so maybe everyone should stay home this year.

Taking the fun out of Halloween

This sentiment has gotten so far out of control that a conservative student group at the University of Redlands known as Young Americans for Freedom were blocked from holding a “Funeral for Halloween” last year, an event to commemorate the death of the holiday that they say was “murdered in cold blood by political correctness.” The reason the school was opposed to this event? They said it would harm students emotionally and psychologically!

The PC police simply don’t know where to stop. Halloween is an opportunity for people to express themselves how they see fit and let loose; it’s not meant to be taken so seriously. While some costumes definitely go too far, one could argue that nearly anything imaginable is offensive in some way, no matter how tasteful it might appear on the surface. Millennials are an easily offended generation, and the more we shield them, the more sensitive they are going to become.

Life is tough, and we are all going to encounter people who upset us, whether their ignorance is somewhat innocent or they take joy in being downright offensive. Learning how to deal with it and not take it personally is a valuable lesson, and the earlier in life you learn to let these things roll off of you, the happier you’ll be. Your college’s “Bias Education and Response Team” – yes, that really exists – might be successful in shutting down Halloween, but they’re not going to be there ten years from now when your boss makes an insensitive joke or your in-laws say something callous at Sunday dinner.

There are a lot of ways we might “trigger” others, but political correctness is going too far. If colleges wanted to do this generation a real favor, they’d teach them how to have a thicker skin.

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Source Article from http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-10-17-halloweenies-and-crybullies-colleges-order-students-what-halloween-costumes-they-can-wear-to-avoid-triggering-others.html

How They Do It–Israel suspends plan to set up database of Jewish students in US

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Source Article from https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/10/16/how-they-do-it-israel-suspends-plan-to-set-up-database-of-jewish-students-in-us/

[WATCH] Hundreds of Students Walk Out of New Jersey High School in Protest of Cop’s Rough Handling of Twin Classmates

Hundreds of students walked out of a New Jersey high school in protest of the apparently rough way a police officer handled two classmates.

The altercation, which was captured on camera, shows an officer grabbing a girl by the hair and throwing her twin sister to the ground.

Nyasia and Kyasia Sorrells said they were getting pizza on Thursday across from Orange High School when Officer Hanifah Davis tried to clear the corner.

Video shows Davis talking to Kyasia Sorrells and then telling Nyasia Sorrells to back up. When Nyasia Sorrells approaches, Davis grabs her by the hair and both girls end up on the ground with Davis on top of them.

A school board staff member who tried to intervene was ticketed. The twins face obstruction and resisting arrest charges; one of them also was charged with aggravated assault.

Hundreds of students marched to the police station Friday morning, chanting “We want justice!” and holding signs as they marched. Teachers were among those attending the march, and Orange Police Director Todd Warren said he applauded the students exercising their rights.

“I was proud of them, because they were participating in a peaceful demonstration,” he said.

The twins told News 4 on Friday that they thought the officer should be fired and go to jail. Their mother, Saleemah Sorrells, said the two students are both on the honor roll and set to go to college.

“It was very upsetting,” she said of the video.

It’s not clear what prompted police to arrive at the scene or what interaction the girls had with the officer before the video picks up.

Democratic Orange Mayor Dwayne Warren says Davis has been suspended pending an investigation. Officials said that the officer was also facing another, routine, investigation after he drew his service weapon. A police union representing Davis wasn’t immediately available for comment.

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Free books no more: Greek students storm education ministry after publishers suspend scheme (VIDEO)

The video shows students throwing stones and chairs at the building entrance. Police in riot gear stop the demonstrators from entering the compound, but the confrontation eventually results in scuffles.

READ MORE: Anarchists throw petrol bombs and stones in clashes with police in Athens (VIDEO)

College students in Greece usually get textbooks for free, and the ministry of education pays the publishers.

Earlier in October, the Association of Scientific Book Publishers (ASBP) decided to suspend the distribution of books to university students for the 2017-2018 academic year after payment delays from the ministry of education, Greek media reported

“The Ministry of Education has unprecedentedly delayed the fulfillment of its financial obligations,” an ASBP member said, as cited by the Greek Reported news site. 

There were also payment delays in the past, but this year the textbook industry cannot cover the costs, the ASBP member added.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/news/406677-greece-students-protest-textbooks/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Almost half of Russian students ready to vote for Putin at presidential polls

On Friday, popular Russian daily Izvestia published the results of a poll conducted by the Laboratory of Political Research of one of country’s leading economic institutions – the Higher School of Economics. The poll was conducted among students of higher education establishments across the country – both state-sponsored and private.

A little over 47 percent said they would vote for current Russian President Vladimir Putin if the presidential election was held next weekend and, of course, if the incumbent president decides to run again. None of the other potential candidates managed to receive six percent support, while 12 percent of the respondents said they would not vote at all, and 15.4 percent said they had not yet decided who to vote for.

When asked to describe Vladimir Putin, most respondents mentioned qualities such as intelligence, self-restraint, charisma, responsibility, and love for the country. They also emphasized the president’s resoluteness – a quality, they believe, has helped him implement his policies in both the domestic and international spheres.

However, some students also noted that the strength of the president diminishes the importance of other top officials, and that Putin cannot run everything on his own.

The head of the Laboratory of Political Research, Valeria Kasamara, told Izvestia that Russian students describe themselves as the “Putin Generation” because they were born and raised during Vladimir Putin’s presidency. She also said that when asked who could theoretically replace Putin, they describe potential successors who resemble Putin instead of naming real-life alternatives.

Vladimir Putin has not yet announced whether he will run in the 2018 presidential race or not. When asked about serving another term as president, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said it was too early to discuss the issue. In early August, however, when a group of villagers in the Siberian Republic of Buryatia asked Putin via TV link to register as a candidate in the next election, Putin promised that he would think about it.

In early September, Putin again evaded the question about his plans, saying that he did not want to reveal them because “as soon as they announce election campaigns in our country everyone immediately stops working.”

A nationwide public opinion poll released by state-run research agency VTSIOM earlier this month showed that the president’s approval rating was at 82.2 percent – slightly down from 85.3 percent in early September, but still very high and exceeding the approval ratings of the Russian government and both chambers of parliament.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/politics/406584-almost-half-of-russian-students/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Evergreen College sanctions 80 snowflake students and issues a guide on how to deal with free speech like an adult


Evergreen State College doled out punishments to 80 students they say were involved in an incident last spring that led to a schoolwide shutdown and a million dollar legal settlement.

They’ve also issued a handbook to students explaining, in great detail, how to handle the concept of “free speech” and what students should do if they encounter an opposing viewpoint (hint: it’s not riot until the school shuts down and harass a professor and his wife out of their jobs).

Evergreen is facing both a budget and an enrollment crisis since students attacked Professor Bret Weinstein last May, alleging that he was “racist” for choosing not to participate in an event designed to show the impact of minority students on campus – but would have required all white students and faculty to stay home. Students became so enraged at the incident that they seized control of campus facilities, driving off campus safety officers and forcing the school to shut down for several days.

Just last month, Weinstein and his wife, also a professor, settled with the school for half a million dollars, in a lawsuit that alleged Evergreen students had interfered with the teacher’s right to free speech and his academic and intellectual freedoms.

Even before that happened, Evergreen announced that enrollment had dropped off, and that the school was facing a major budget crisis that could lead to cutbacks and layoffs.

In an effort to stem the bleeding, apparently, Evergreen told local media that they were investigating 180 current and former students for interfering with campus life.

“Of those 180 students, approximately 80 were found responsible for their actions,” an Evergreen spokesperson said. “They received sanctions ranging from formal warnings, community service and probation, to suspension.”

Most have already served their sentence, the school added.

This year, Evergreen has also issued a “Free Speech Guide” to students that instructs them in the basics of the First Amendment and reminds them that they cannot shut down speech, regardless of how offensive they may find it.

“The First Amendment allows speech that you may find extreme or hateful. It’s not unusual for people to want to silence others’ speech and eliminate that which is unwelcome, disagreeable, or even deeply offensive,” the guide states, according to The College Fix. “However, it is the protection of unpopular expression that lies at the core of the First Amendment, which makes it unlawful to prohibit speech based on content.”

The booklet also outlines possible punishments that could result from acts of civil disobedience that wander into censorship or violence. If student protests interfere with school operations, damage buildings or other infrastructure, or result in the school having to engage the assistance of law enforcement and emergency personnel, students will face swift and immediate “social justice” of their own.

Such rules and regulations probably won’t go over well with Evergreen students, who attend the “alternative” school so that they can learn the basics in a “social justice” environment.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/363489-Evergreen-College-sanctions-80-snowflake-students-and-issues-a-guide-on-how-to-deal-with-free-speech-like-an-adult

Grade school teacher arrested on suspicion of choking students with jump rope

Detectives responded to reports of child abuse at the Herndon Barstow Elementary in Fresno, Florida on Thursday afternoon.

Peter Samhammer reportedly used a jump rope to discipline several children, aged between nine and eleven, by tightening it around their necks briefly before releasing them. The children were left with rope burns on their neck and shoulder areas.

“Mr. Samhammer is on official administrative leave,” the Central Unified School District said in a statement cited by the Fresno County Sheriff’s office. “Student safety is a top priority for the district and as such, we are fully cooperating with the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office and will continue to do so throughout the course of its investigation.”

Samhammer was arrested and is currently being detained at Fresno County Jail on four felony counts of child abuse.

If convicted, Samhammer faces a penalty of up to six years in California State Prison and a fine of up to $6,000 on each count.

Samhammer has worked as a seasonal employee with the Clovis Unified School District in the past.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/usa/405241-teacher-jump-rope-children/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Survey finds 4 in 10 German students don’t know what Auschwitz was


A survey of German school children aged 14 or older has found that only 59 percent of students know about the Nazi death camp Auschwitz. Experts blame the findings on a lack of history education.

The surprising results were released Thursday by the Korber Institute, who carried out the survey of 1,009 Germans aged 14 and up, including 502 school children.

The survey found that 47 percent of 14 to 16 year olds knew of the infamous death camp. While only seven out of ten people aged 17 or over had heard of the place in Poland were 1 million people were killed between 1941 and 1945.

“We are worried to see that ever fewer German states offer history as a separate subject during middle school,” said Sven Tetzlaff, head of educational research at the Körber Institute, to the Local.

“For me, this is one of the reasons why such a shockingly large number of school kids don’t know about the Auschwitz concentration camp,” added Tetzlaff.

Some 86 percent of the German population as a whole were aware of the camp and its purpose, the study found.

Source Article from https://www.sott.net/article/363214-Survey-finds-4-in-10-German-students-dont-know-what-Auschwitz-was

Ex-Liverpool art college students going back to school in celebration of John Lennon

Mersey Beat founder and editor Bill Harry, Rod Murray and Helen Anderson, all former students at Liverpool College of Art when John Lennon enrolled in 1957, will be returning to the former college on Oct. 9 on what would have been Lennon’s 77th’s birthday, Harry told AXS on Sept. 19. John Moore’s University has named the event “Hope Street – Art, Music, Fashion and John Lennon at Liverpool College of Art 1957.” The trio will be interviewed by Colin Fallows of John Moore’s University, who organized the event.

Harry told AXS.com that when Anderson first entered the college, she was approached by John Lennon who said, “Are you the bird who painted Lonnie Donegan?” Anderson had painted a portrait of the hit recording artist of ‘Rock Island Line’ and the two became friends. Lennon noticed her wearing a yellow sweater one day and thought it would be ideal for wearing on stage, so he asked her for it. He gave her an exercise book full of his drawings in exchange.

Harry and Murray were members of the Dissenters, along with John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe. The four of them took a vow to make Liverpool famous – Lennon with his music, Murray and Sutcliffe with their art and Harry with his writing. Harry went on to coin the phrase Mersey Beat and launch a newspaper of that name. He became the first person to write about the Beatles and has had 28 books on the group published, including his series of Beatles Encyclopaedia volumes that contain several thousand pages of information.

Source Article from https://m.axs.com/ex-liverpool-art-college-students-going-back-to-school-in-celebration–123282

Dr. Duke: Shocking Poll Shows 1 in 5 Students Support Violence Against Free Speech! ZioBrainwashing Must Be Exposed!


Today Dr. Duke talked about the shocking results of a new poll showing that Dr. Duke: one in five students support violence against hate speech, which is vaguely defined as speech that is biased and offensive. The rationale for violence against free speech that is being pushed by the Jewish-led academic left is that hate speech itself is a form of violence, so “communities” have the right to use violence to shut down that speech in order to defend themselves. Of course, this is a complete redefinition of the word violence, which Merriam Webster defines as “the use of physical force so as to injure, abuse, damage, or destroy.”

Dr. Slattery pointed out that while push polling (the intentional phrasing of a question in order to get a favored response) no doubt played some part, it is clear that Zionist brainwashing is penetrating the attitudes of our young people.

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