University of Texas Students Are Out of Control-Where Are Their Social Justice Warriors?


Not since the days of the inhumane “Jim Crow” have we seen this kind of bias from a public institution. You will not believe what the University of Texas is permmitting on their campus.

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Students Make Home-Made Radiation Detectors Near Fukushima Because They Don’t TRUST Their Government



SCMP–Beneath the roof on the Seirinji Buddhist temple in Japan’s Fukushima region hangs an unlikely adornment: a Geiger counter collecting radiation readings.

The machine sends data to Safecast, an organisation created after the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster that says it has built the world’s largest radiation data set, thanks to the efforts of citizen scientists like Seirinji’s priest Sadamaru Okano.

Like many Japanese, Okano lost faith in the government after the nuclear meltdown seven years ago.

“The government didn’t tell us the truth, they didn’t tell us the true measures,” he said.

Okano was in a better position than most to doubt the government line, having developed an amateur interest in nuclear technology two decades earlier after the Chernobyl disaster.

He started measuring local radiation levels in 2007, so when the disaster happened, he had baseline data.

“The readings were so high … 50 times higher than natural radiation,” he said of the post-disaster data. “I was amazed … the news was telling us there was nothing, the administration was telling us there was nothing to worry about.”

That lack of trustworthy information was the genesis of Safecast, said co-founder Pieter Franken, who was in Tokyo with his family when the disaster hit.

Franken and several friends gathered data by attaching Geiger counters to cars and driving around.

“The system to do that didn’t exist and the only way to solve that problem was to build it ourselves,” he said. “So that’s what we did.”

Within a week, the group had a prototype and began getting readings that suggested the 20km (12 mile) exclusion zone declared around the Fukushima plant had no basis in the data, Franken said.

In some cases, “evacuees were sent from areas with lower radiation to areas with higher radiation”, he said.

The zone was redrawn, but for many local residents it was too late to restore trust in the government.

Okano sent his mother, wife and son away while he stayed with his flock.

But a year later, based on his own readings and after decontamination efforts, he brought them back.

He learned about Safecast’s efforts and in 2013 installed one of their static counters on his temple, in part to help reassure worshippers.

“I told them: we are measuring the radiation on a daily basis … so if you access the [Safecast] website you can choose [whether you think] it’s safe or not.”

In Koriyama, 40km away, Norio Watanabe’s teenage pupils have been building basic versions of Safecast’s Geiger counter. The girls pored over instructions on where to place diodes and wires.

Watanabe has been a Safecast volunteer since 2011, and has a mobile Geiger counter in his car.

In the days after the disaster, evacuees flocked to Koriyama, which was outside the evacuation zone, so he assumed his town was safe.

“But after I started to do the measurements, I realised there was a high level of risk here as well,” he said.

He sent his children away, but stayed behind to look after his mother, a decision he believes may have contributed to him getting thyroid cancer.

“As a scientist, I think the chance that it was caused by the Fukushima accident might be 50-50, but in my heart, I think it was likely [to be] the cause,” he said.

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Baltimore Mayor Vows To Send 3,000 Students To Anti-Gun Rally In D.C.

Ahead of the student march for gun control in Washington, D.C., planned for this month, Baltimore’s mayor vowed that thousands of her city’s students will be among the protestors.

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh said Tuesday that she will provide 60 buses to transport students to the “March for Our Lives” rally on March 24, which was organized by survivors of last month’s deadly shooting at a Florida high school.

Her announcement came as hundreds of Baltimore’s students walked out of classes and marched to City Hall to protest gun violence throughout the city and its schools. 

Once at City Hall, they were met by Pugh, who cheered them on.

Baltimore students, seen outside of City Hall on Tuesday, participated in a walkout to protest gun violence in schools and the city. (Baltimore Sun via Getty Images)Baltimore students, seen outside of City Hall on Tuesday, participated in a walkout to protest gun violence in schools and the city. (Baltimore Sun via Getty Images)

“We need to end this violence, and it needs to be heard from not just me, leaders of the city. We need to hear the voices of young people. Maybe then Congress will listen,” Pugh said, according to local station WBAL.

“We are a nation filled with too many guns,” the mayor added in a video message posted to Twitter later that night. “There is a need to control guns in our country, period, and so we want our young people in Baltimore’s voices to be heard in Washington, D.C.”

Pugh, during an exchange on the issue with Fox News’ Laura Ingraham on Wednesday night, said that funding for approximately 3,000 students’ transportation is being made available through both the private sector as well as through individual donations.

James Bentley, a spokesman for her office, confirmed that detail to HuffPost on Thursday, adding that Pugh’s office is actively reaching out to philanthropic donors for their support. As for Pugh’s decision to send students south, he said it followed the march’s national organizers reaching out late last month.

The organizers “expressed a desire to increase diversity at the march and to have the kids from Baltimore participate in the march,” he said in an email.

Students are seen participating in Tuesday's walkout to protest gun violence in schools and Baltimore.Students are seen participating in Tuesday's walkout to protest gun violence in schools and Baltimore.

Gun control in Baltimore remains a hot-button issue, with high crime and violence rates continuing to plague the city.

Last year, 88 percent of those killed in Baltimore died from a firearm. The majority of the guns used to commit the acts were illegally possessed, The Baltimore Sun reported citing local authorities said.

Another report in USA Today in January named Baltimore the nation’s most dangerous city, with the area having the nation’s highest per capita murder rate.

The Brennan Center for Justice, which reviewed crime statistics from the nation’s 30 largest cities, also reported that Baltimore saw a 16.4 percent increase in violent crimes between 2016 and 2017, a percentage that was higher than any other city. 

Students from Baltimore School for the Arts walk along Guilford Avenue on their way to City Hall on Tuesday. (Baltimore Sun via Getty Images)Students from Baltimore School for the Arts walk along Guilford Avenue on their way to City Hall on Tuesday. (Baltimore Sun via Getty Images)

During this week’s student march, the young demonstrators walked not just for those in Florida but themselves and those around them.

Student Quinn Parker, 16, marched with a sign reading “We stand with Excel Academy,” a school in West Baltimore that has lost seven students to gun violence over the last two years, The Baltimore Sun reported.

“Our city, with its history of such high homicide rates, needs to do a better job of keeping its students safe — everywhere,” Parker told the paper.

“We all need to come together and protest so that something can change,” another student, Talia Jackson, told WBAL. “I’m marching today because I think what is happening is unacceptable and it’s very disturbing.”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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Disrespectful Matthews Compares Parkland Students to American Troops Winning World War I

MSNBC’s Hardball
February 28, 2018
7:40 p.m. Eastern

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I’m not sure if he doesn’t think this is one issue that’s going to hurt him in the ‘burbs and he better be careful if he looks like the obstacle. Your thought on that, Eddie.

EDDIE GLAUDE: You know, Chris, I think if we were dealing with a traditional political actor, that would make sense. I just don’t know what Trump’s political calculus — how he thinks politically. I just don’t know what they are and so it just seems to me that it would make sense on the one hand that that choreography that you just described would suggest that he’s up to something. But again, I don’t know what’s going to happen once he gets back to the White House and what’s interesting about the room, he’s talking about gun violence in America, Chris, did you see any black congress members in there? And you think about gun violence affecting black communities in this country? And there was literally no one in the room to give you a sense of who really matters in Trump’s mind.

MATTHEWS: It could be a suburban show, too. It could be about the areas for this 2018 election’s going to be decided, but you’re smart about that. Absolute — I didn’t notice. Now, that’s the kind of thing I should have noticed, the absolute lack of diversity in that room. It was — it was — thank you for bringing that up. That’s — that’s the thing that has to be brought up all the time in any meeting in any political setting in this country the need for diversity. Thank you very much.


7:49 p.m. Eastern

MATTHEWS: Let me talk about guns with Astead. You know, it seems to me that he knows that this — I keep thinking of like when the Doughboys arrived in World War I. All of a sudden, the situation changed and Germany was going to lose and the Brits and French were going to win. This new force of these students and these teachers are so credible that they make — when they go on television, everybody stops and listen — and listens.

ASTEAD HERNDON: And they give a sense of credibility — 

MATTHEWS: And Trump knows that.

HERNDON: — to the — to the gun control issue and a sense of raw emotion. We know these are kids who just went through that and you can see in this meeting today that there — Trump at least believes that he can believes rhetorically take on the NRA.


HERNDON: We’ll see about the actions, but he’s at least saying at least to Republican senators you know, you’re in — you’re in — you are too scared of the NRA. 

MATTHEWS: Well they are.

HERNDON: It’s time to take them on. 

MATTHEWS: That’s a truth statement. 

HERNDON:  And so, you know, who knows what is actually going to come of it.

MATTHEWS: By the way, that’s not a white lie to say they’re afraid of the NRA.

HERNDON: Yeah. That’s a — 

MATTHEWS: That’s the truth.

HERNDON: — that’s a truth.

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Teen Invents Device He Claims Can Protect Students During A Shooting

One high schooler has come up with a device to prevent active shooters from getting inside classrooms – and to keep students safe.

He calls it the “JustinKase.” It’s a product made up of steel that latches to a door frame to bar entry.

“Unlike other products, JustinKase does not allow a door to open even a crack which means students & staff can remain safe while emergency personnel race to the scene,” creator Justin Rivard, a student at Somerset High School in Wisconsin, explains on his website.

Rivard came up with the idea for the safety product, which he sells online for $95, two years ago – when he was just 15. He spent months refining it.

“You can lock a door with a lock, it can get shot out,” Rivard told KARE. “You can lock a door with this, it can’t get shot out. You can’t get around it.”

The 17-year-old is now reaching out to schools to spread the word about his product.

His own school already ordered 50 of them, one for each room in the building, according to KARE.

“We immediately, within a week of having these, went through an entire drill, all throughout the building, really walking through students and staff,” Somerset’s principal, Shannon Donnelly, told KARE.

Wisconsin’s Grantsburg School District also ordered more than 50 devices.

Rivard has yet to discover anyone able to open a classroom door when JustinKase is set up.

“He truly believes that this device is going to save lives,” Donnelly said.

Rivard said he hopes no school will actually have to use it, but “just in case you need it, it’ll be there,” he told KARE.

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Palestinian students racing against the best with a car made from recycled bits

Once again Palestinian students from the hell of the Holy Land face impossible odds as they take on top Western universities at the Silverstone race circuit

By Stuart Littlewood

Young Palestinian journalist Joumana Imad, writing in Al-Monitor, reports that engineering students from Al-Najah National University in Nablus (the West Bank) will be competing against 100 other teams from around the world in the 2018 Formula Student racing car competition at the UK’s Silverstone circuit, the home of Formula One.

What makes the contest so interesting is that the Al-Najah car is made from recycled components due to scarcity and high cost of new parts and materials in the Palestinian territories under Israeli military occupation. Everything has had to be locally sourced, nothing imported.

The Formula Student Competition is organised annually by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in collaboration with some of the world’s major automotive industry players. Graduates from all over the world compete in design, manufacturing and mechanics. A member of the Al-Najah team told Al-Monitor:

I am so proud that we were able to build this car from scratch with our own effort and money, without any help. We have so much talent and ability that can be tapped to finish projects and manufacture cars but we need financial and moral support to materialize our ideas.

The manufacturing cost was about $5,000, which we paid for ourselves. This is a small amount to make a high-standard car that has qualified to participate in an international competition. But we did it. We are eager to represent Palestine abroad.

“Inspirational” race car heroes from Gaza went unrecognised. That must not happen again.

The event, now in its 20th year, aims to inspire young people and boost skills in advanced engineering. It also teaches management, marketing and people skills. The motorsport industry regards Formula Student as an ideal standard of achievement for making the transition from college to workplace. The Al-Najah team follow in the footsteps of students from Gaza who in 2011 took part in the same competition, bravely pitting their race-car design against the sophisticated machines of Western technical universities despite being obstructed by Israel from importing the necessary components. They built their car with bits and pieces salvaged from local scrapyards. 

The motorsport authorities were so impressed by the Gaza students’ effort that the Director of Engineering at IMechE, which runs the competition, said: “It really is inspirational to see a team working so hard with the odds stacked against them like this. Formula Student is a massive challenge in its own right, but to be working with almost entirely recycled parts in one of the most deprived areas in the world is remarkable. These students epitomise the spirit and inventiveness of those who take part in Formula Student.”

It’s a pity Palestinian officialdom didn’t think so too. This amazing achievement went largely unreported even by the Palestinian authorities. When I found out about it many months later I wrote a retrospective piece which included this passage:

Sadly, I’m posting this article without any contributions from the main players – the General Union of Palestinian Students UK who (presumably) hosted the Gaza team while in Britain, the Palestinian Embassy in London, and the team itself. The reason? After several requests the union said it was “too busy” to give me the team’s contact details. The embassy has not, as far as I know, issued any press releases or briefings, although it did reproduced a Daily Telegraph report on its website. I have written twice asking the ambassador’s office for information and contact details only to be ignored. After combing the internet I found a general email address for KYTC (Khan Younis Technical College). Two emails have been sent but not acknowledged.

The story is scraped together from other sources. Had I known about it last summer, I’d have been at Silverstone cheering them on.

The problem, as always, is that the people who “run” Palestine — whether Hamas or the Palestinian Authority/Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) — are pathetic at managing media relations and downright lazy about seizing media opportunities. It was UNWRA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency) which eventually provided me with basic information.

Now Palestinian youth is making a second technology bid for recognition in the outside world. So here’s a prod in the backside to the uncommunicative PA and PLO. Don’t let those youngsters down again. Reach out with news and briefings to those who are likely to use it, including us justice seekers in the alternative media. Act as if you really want independence.

Grit and determination to meet a very tough challenge

This year’s Formula Student event takes place on 11-15 July with four days of competition at Silverstone, where the teams will showcase their custom-built race cars and compete in static and dynamic tests.

Construction and use of the car itself has to conform to more than 100 pages of stringent rules and regulations. A four-stroke piston engine no larger than 710cc is used, and this is enough to catapult the car from 0 to 60mph in just a few seconds. But nowadays conventional IC engines go wheel to wheel with electric or hybrid powered vehicles. The cars are judged in a series of tests that include technical scrutiny and an examination of cost and sustainability, presentation, and engineering design. They are also put through performance and endurance tests on the track.

The year the Gaza team went to Silverstone the University of Stuttgart won. Stuttgart, as readers will know, is home to Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, so it’s no surprise that the University is renowned for its advanced automotive engineering. The Khan Younis Training Centre (KYTC) in Rafah at the southern end of the Gaza Strip, however, has no such iconic, cutting-edge benefactors on its doorstep. Nor does Najah.

After finalising the plans for their car and identifying the parts they needed the Gaza students contacted various suppliers around the world, only to be turned down time and again. Eventually a firm in Italy agreed to help, but when the parts were sent the Israelis refused to let them into Gaza, slamming the door as usual on any opportunity for the prisoners of Gaza to shine. Consequently they missed the deadline for their design and specification report and were docked a huge number penalty points.

The Formula Student team at Al-Najah University, Nablus. Project leader Dr Mahmoud Assad is second from left.

The Formula Student team at Al-Najah University, Nablus. Project leader Dr Mahmoud Assad is second from left.

So the team had to improvise by salvaging parts from old cars and machinery. The engine came from a used Honda motorcycle and the chassis was fabricated with domestic hot water pipes. This and the lack of sophisticated tools was hardly a recipe for ultimate success. Nevertheless their efforts earned considerable praise.

Anticipating that the enterprising lads from Gaza would be back in 2013, I spoke to the Lola factory which had been building race cars for 50 years, including Formula One, Formula 2, Formula 5000 and Le Mans machines. They responded with enthusiasm saying: “We will do whatever it takes to get this group a great experience here. We will do a tour for them and it will be a very educational and fun tour.” What’s more they were happy to receive staff members of KYTC even if the students couldn’t make it.

Imagine the shock to the entire motor-racing world when Lola later went into administration. But let us hope there are other firms at the leading edge who are prepared to give bright and “inspirational” lads from the hell of occupied Palestine some eye-popping insights into automotive engineering excellence… and help bring them in from the cold.

Will Palestinian “brass” and media do better this time?

Just to remind readers, the tiny coastal enclave of the Gaza Strip has been cruelly and illegally blockaded by Israel, with Western collusion, ever since Hamas won the 2006 elections and enforced their right to govern. The great democracy-preaching powers had no hesitation in strangling Palestinian democracy as soon as the “wrong” side was elected. And they continue to use criminal methods like collective punishment to make life hell.

KYTC (Khan Younis Technical College) was set up by UNRWA in 2007 to provide training for Palestinian refugees and inject skilled labour into the impoverished local economy. One of its courses is Autotronics, which includes diagnosis, maintenance & repair of automotive systems, injection & ignition systems and electronics & electrical systems. In 2009 KYTC’s first Autotronics class, frustrated at the lack of workshop materials for hands-on automotive experience, set about building a race car from recycled parts. The following year the students went one step further and built a car conforming to exacting Formula Student standards, and 11 students eventually travelled to the UK to test their prized creation.

Who were those remarkable young people? According to UNRWA many come from the sort of background the United Nations calls “abject poverty”, which means families who don’t have the financial resources to provide even the most basic necessities of life. And which means their achievement is all the more admirable.

Any new attempt on the FS Formula prize will require a totally new car. Sadly KYTC seem unable to overcome the many obstacles imposed by Israel’s blockade and take another crack at it. Their prospects won’t have been helped by Trump’s spiteful funding cuts which are having a devastating impact on UNWRA’s schools and colleges.

Hopefully the Al-Najah team will keep the Palestinian flag flying with pride at Silverstone. A photo of their car hasn’t yet been released. The team have a problem finding funds and the difficult-to-obtain materials to manufacture the body shell, so the car remains in “bare bones” form at present, hardly a thing of great beauty. It is sometimes forgotten that the West Bank too is under siege and lockdown, with nothing and nobody allowed in or out without Israel’s approval. So West Bank students also work under crushing handicap.

The project supervisor at Al-Najah University, Dr Mahmoud Assad, tells me the race car idea was dreamed up by him and one of his students while they both worked in Manchester UK. This time, hopefully, the youngsters will get the support they deserve from the Palestinian authorities, institutions and media.

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Conservative students bullied by peers advocating gun control

Trump at CPAC


Students attending the Conservative Political Action Conference this week said they feel marginalized and bullied by peers at school who support gun control, McClatchy’s DC Bureau reported.

“Not liking guns is a millennial thing, it’s the cool thing to be against guns,” said Justin Vaughn, 17, who attends a Maryland High School. Vaughn, a Second Amendment supporter, told McClatchy News he feels like he is on the “wrong side” of the gun control debate.

How did students feel at CPAC?

Vaughn was relieved to be around other like-minded conservative students from across the nation during the CPAC meeting Friday at National Harbor, Maryland.

“This is like the only place I’ve seen where kids are on my side,” Vaughn said.

Many peers at his school view his pro-Second Amendment views as: “I’m supporting killers, when I’m really supporting people who want to protect the Constitution.”

Vaughn’s comments come as student survivors of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, have launched a very visible national campaign to support gun control. The students have become a powerful force, rallying many young people across the nation to support their cause. The Valentine’s Day shooting left 17 dead at the school.

Liberty Fuchs, 19, of Los Angeles, told McClatchy she strongly empathizes with the Florida students. But she questions if their tactics are alienating others who are sympathetic toward what the students went through. Fuchs cited social media comments that imply support for gun rights is akin to supporting school shootings.

“It’s so upsetting to hear them say you’re either for gun control or dead kids,” she said. “I don’t question their motives, of course they want to do something, and it’s been so powerful, so strong. But to turn it into an attack on the right wing? It’s like the feeling when you get bullied in high school because you believe in something different.”

What about college campuses?

Jacob Thomas, a 20-year-old student at Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg, Virginia, said he feels his opinions on gun rights are being silenced.

“You can’t express that opinion, especially on college campuses,” he told McClatchy News.

The students are standing up for their beliefs, despite a growing group of peers who are planning campus walkouts and other protests against gun violence.

“The Second Amendment is what we’re protecting,” said Abby Brinkman, 22, a senior at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, told McClatchy News.

“People have been so quick to turn on gun owners rather than smart solutions,” she added.

Eric Folkerts, 20, a freshman University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, told McClatchy that he believes the Florida students are “victims being used as pawns in a way to advance a political agenda.”

“They’re 16, 17, 18, the reality is they really don’t know what they’re talking about,” he said. “Just because you go through a tragedy doesn’t mean you know the issues, the policy and the legislation.”

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Stunning development: Students bled out while emergency medical teams were ordered to STAND DOWN, delayed from entering the building

Image: Stunning development: Students bled out while emergency medical teams were ordered to STAND DOWN, delayed from entering the building

(Natural News)
You’ve probably been thinking to yourself, “Something doesn’t add up” about the Parkland, Florida school shooting. It’s becoming increasingly obvious to every intelligent observer that someone wanted to maximize the body count from the shooting. Consider the irrefutable evidence that’s been widely reported across the media:

#1) Deputy Scot Peterson stood by and refused to enter the school building even though he was armed and on-site during the entire shooting rampage. This is not in dispute.

#2) In all, four sheriff’s deputies stood down, hiding behind their cars and refusing to enter the building, according to numerous media reports including CNN’s own Jake Tapper.

#3) Their boss, Sheriff Scott Israel, is a known anti-gun Democrat who has been accused of public corruption for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to conduct “positive spin” P.R. campaigns to make himself look good. He also compares himself to Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr.

#4) Even the Coral Springs police who rushed to the scene (and rushed into the building) accused the Broward County sheriff’s deputies of “dereliction of duty.” This was reported by CNN and dozens of other sources.

Now, we learn that emergency responders were ordered to delay entering the building as students bled out, adding to the casualties.

Emergency responders were ordered to stand around and do nothing while students were bleeding out… WTF is going on here?

As reported by Brian Entin from Fox Affiliate WSVN in Miami, emergency responders were orders to stand down, delaying their entry into the school building while students were bleeding out.

An emergency responder told Entin, “We were asking to go in… why are we all standing around? …law enforcement… would not allow medical personnel in…” (see full response in tweet, below):

“The responder also reportedly told Entin that medical teams were willing to risk their lives to go inside and were asking their scene commander why they were standing around,” Fox News reported today. From Fox News:

The responder added, “I would hypothesize I could have saved lives. I can’t say for sure.”

Three high-ranking sources including a fire official told Fox News the responder who spoke to Entin could be accurate.

“The WSVN report is correct,” one source said.

“The WSVN report does not shock me given what I’ve found out,” said the fire official.

The allegations of a delayed EMS response came as Florida Gov. Rick Scott launched an investigation into the Broward County Sheriff’s office response on the day of the shooting and how the emergency was handled in its entirety.

All these delays point to a clear motive: MAXIMIZE the carnage for political gain

What’s clear from not just the tragic event itself but also the highly charged, heavily politicized aftermath of the tragedy (as pursued by fake news theater production companies like CNN) is that everybody was being ordered to stand down. When help was needed most, in other words, somebody was ordering all these officials to DO NOTHING.

Why do you think this could be? Why is almost no one in the media covering this stunning realization? How come no one is asking why the very people we depend on to arrive on the scene of an active shooter and engage bad guys with guns were caught standing around with their guns in their holsters rather than taking out the shooter? (As a side note, this once again underscores the whole reason why dialing 911 is tantamount to suicide, proving why we need the Second Amendment to defend ourselves from bad guys that the government refuses to engage…)

Dare I ask: What’s the point of having law enforcement and EMTs respond to a shooting if they aren’t allowed to enter the building and get something done? More importantly, who told all these people to stand down?

Nothing makes sense until you realize who GAINS from maximum violence

None of their actions make sense if you think the goal was saving lives and preventing casualties. In other words, if you believe the “powers that be” are interested in stopping school shootings and ending all violence against children, you’ll be utterly confused and befuddled when trying to explain the stand down orders. But the moment you flip the script and ask yourself “who benefits from school shootings?” suddenly it all makes sense. It becomes immediately clear that this violence was allowed to be carried out — deliberately and maliciously — in order to maximize the body count for political gain. (Yes, there’s nothing Democrats won’t do to demonize their political opponents…)

Yep, I said it: Democrats are happy to sacrifice a certain number of children in pursuit of their political goals of demonizing the GOP, the NRA and the Second Amendment.

John Hawkins from PJ Media dared to say much the same thing in an article entitled, “Sure, I’ll Say It: Liberals Don’t Want to Stop School Shootings.” There, Hawkins writes:

Know who else acts as if they love school shootings? Liberals. The liberals you see on TV. The liberals you read on Twitter. The liberals writing columns. What else can you think after watching the way liberals behave after mass shootings with large body counts? It’s the same thing every time.

…let me suggest something that you are not supposed to say: liberals don’t want to try any of these other things primarily BECAUSE THEY MIGHT WORK and reduce the number of school shootings. You’d think everyone would want fewer school shootings because it would mean fewer dead kids, but it would also mean that liberals would lose a useful tool for pushing the gun control agenda, and that appears to mean more to liberals than the lives of children.

Everywhere you turn in the media right now, you’ll see Democrats arguing against school security measures. The very same people who support guards at banks, guards on airplanes and guards at sporting events are somehow completely opposed to having someone guard their own children. They know that “gun-free zones” are mass shooting magnets. They know that 98% of mass shootings take place in these so-called “gun-free zones,” yet they continue to oppose school security measures that would save the lives of their own children. Ever wonder why?

Not merely incompetence… this is DELIBERATE carnage

Hawkins is elucidating an idea that’s becoming increasingly obvious to every intelligent observer of all this: If the goal were to actually stop school shootings, then armed law enforcement would have rushed into the building and engaged the shooter (at the very least with nuisance fire to pin him down and interrupt his movement). I’m trained in tactical handgun combat, and I can assure you that unloading a few rounds on the bad guy — even if you don’t score direct hits — would sharply interfere with his rampage and almost certainly cause him to lose focus and mobility.

There isn’t a sheriff’s deputy in America who hasn’t received some level of training on how to handle school shootings. “Active shooter” scenarios are, in fact, the highest priority training they receive these days. In every case, without exception, deputies and cops are trained to engage the active shooter.

There are no exceptions to this training. I happen to know lots of cops and deputies. They are all trained in this. I can assure you there likely isn’t a sheriff’s deputy anywhere in America who, left to his own decision, wouldn’t engage an active school shooter with at least some sort of return fire. There is only one situation in which deputies would fail to engage bad guys, and that’s if they are ordered to stand down.

Again, somebody ordered these officers to stand down. And then somebody ordered the EMTs to back off. The body count was thus made worse than it should have been. But why was this allowed to happen?

Now for the really weird part: Teacher describes shooter as “the police” in “full metal garb” wearing a helmet, face mask and bulletproof armor

And now, here’s where things start to go down the rabbit hole. A teacher named Stacy Lippel appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, where she described her direct encounter with the shooter. She’s a teacher at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, of course, and YouTube has been busy scrubbing this video off all channels to make sure you don’t see it. Watch the video below while you still can. Efforts are under way to memory hole this video interview from the ‘net.

In this video, she says the following:

I suddenly saw the shooter about 20 feet from me standing at the end of the hallway actively shooting down the hallway. Just a barrage of bullets.  And I’m staring at him thinking ‘why is the police here?’ This is strange because he’s in full metal garb. Helmet, face-mask, bulletproof armor, shooting this rifle that I’ve never seen before.

Notice that she immediately recognizes him as a police officer, wearing police gear. She specifically names the helmet, face mask and bulletproof armor. None of this gear was worn by Nikolas Cruz, according to all the media reports, photos and videos of his arrest. Stacy did not describe the shooter as a “student.”

In other words, this teacher is not describing Nikolas Cruz. She’s describing an armed, masked, geared-up person doing the shooting. Now are you beginning to understand why the sheriff’s deputies were ordered to stay outside the building?

Report: Another apparent witness describes a second shooter

As Mac Slavo reports from, there’s another witness whose testimony is being rapidly scrubbed from the internet by YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, all of which are now actively engaged in a massive conspiracy cover-up. Here’s how Slavo reports it:

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Alexa says she passed school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz immediately after the shooting and had a brief exchange with him.  She also said there was, for certain, more than one shooter.

Both of these eyewitness accounts fly in the face of the official narrative the mainstream media is expecting us to digest. By now, it’s evident that the media has an agenda and is working hand in hand with globalists to disarm the good American people with phony narratives and false flag attacks that become immediately about the loss of rights instead of about the gaping holes in their own story.

“The shots were coming from the other part of the building,” Alexa says, after explaining she was literally walking down the hallway, chatting with Nikolas Cruz, after the shooting had begun.

If the following video appears blank, that’s because YouTube is rapidly deleting all these videos in order to cover up all evidence that contradicts the official (fake) narrative. Watch it while you still can:

If this is the first time you’ve heard anything like this, you need to review the history of the Clinton administration

What to make of all this?

If you’re reading this website, you’re smart enough to know the real answer. The dumbed-down masses refuse to “go there” because they don’t believe there’s evil in the world. They can’t imagine anyone plotting such a heinous crime because they don’t think human beings are capable of such evil.

That’s why those same people think Hillary Clinton is a saint, by the way. And they think Jimmy Kimmel is a comedian rather than a hate propagandist. But those who have lived long enough to really witness the Democrats at work — with all their murders of Seth Rich, Vince Foster, Andrew Breitbart and dozens of others — know exactly what the Dems are capable of. The honest answer is that they’re “capable of anything” that will gain them political power and control over the next election.

In fact, 17 deaths is small time for these people. If you really want to go down the rabbit hole, take a closer look at the Bill Clinton regime, the Oklahoma City bombing, and how that was deployed against a government building with a children’s day care center in order to generate dead bodies of little children for the TV cameras. That event was used by Clinton to lay blame on Rush Limbaugh, “talk radio,” the NRA and gun owners. It was a key event in the run-up to the 1994 assault weapons ban that was step one toward nationwide gun confiscation. (That ban expired in 2004, by the way.)

As with all such mass killings, the “official story” is complete nonsense. It’s all shaped for a particular narrative that always leads back to gun confiscation, the demonization of conservatives and the desperate attempts of Democrats to gain political power. There would be almost no mass killings in America if powerful, deep state operatives weren’t actively carrying them out, in other words.

Watch this video to learn more:




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West Virginia Teachers Are Making Sure Their Students Get Fed While They're On Strike

Once it became clear West Virginia schools would close for a statewide teacher walkout this week, staffers from Nitro High School came up with a plan to keep hungry students fed while school was out.

The school normally puts out backpacks of free food on Fridays for students to take home for the weekend, leaving them in a few discreet spots so kids in need can grab them without embarrassment. This week, teachers and administrators increased the number of packs and left them out on Wednesday, so kids could make it through the strike on Thursday and Friday, then on through the weekend, without hunger pangs.

“Even when we know a big snow is coming, we [make sure] those kids will get those backpacks,” said Megan Meadows, a counselor at the school, which is in Kanawha County.

The teachers would have caught state officials off guard if they’d walked off the job with little notice. Instead, they announced their two-day walkout five days ahead of time ― in part so that undernourished students wouldn’t be left in the lurch. Roughly 1 child in 4 in the state lives in poverty, one of the highest rates in the country.

“One the reasons that we didn’t just go out overnight was to give people time to plan, to think about this food issue, and to also allow parents time to sort out what they would do with their children for two days,” said Kym Randolph, spokeswoman for the West Virginia Education Association, one of the unions leading the two-day strike. “We tried to make allowances so that no one would go hungry.”

As ABC7 reported, teachers and volunteers filled a gymnasium in Martinsburg ahead of the strike, packing donations from local food pantries to give to students on Wednesday.

“For a lot of our children, the meals they get at school are the only meals they get for the day,” Christine Campbell, president of the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia, told HuffPost.

Teachers and other public employees in all of West Virginia’s 55 counties are taking part in the walkout. Teachers have not seen an across-the-board raise since 2014, and rising health care costs mean that some teachers have actually seen their take-home pay go down. They are demanding salary raises and a fix to the state’s public employee health insurance fund so premiums don’t continue to rise.

For a lot of our children, the meals they get at school are the only meals they get for the day. Christine Campbell, president, American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia

Only three states in the country have lower teacher pay than West Virginia, according to the National Education Association. HuffPost recently spoke to one elementary school teacher who needs to work at Hardee’s on the weekends to cover her family’s bills.

Public-sector employees in West Virginia don’t have the same collective bargaining rights that workers do in most other states. The state’s two teachers unions cannot bargain directly over wages, but instead must lobby the state legislature to pass legislation regarding wages and benefits. They also do not have the explicit right to strike, although they have done so before, most recently in 1990. West Virginia’s attorney general declared this week that any walkouts would be illegal, but as of Thursday night, the state had not filed for a court injunction to order teachers back to work, according to Randolph.

Teachers plan to return to work Monday, but it’s possible the unions will continue with isolated rolling strikes, with certain counties having to shut down schools periodically if teachers’ demands aren’t met. That, in turn, would mean more meal planning.

In addition to packing food bags, Nitro High School staff also collaborated with Cross Lanes Baptist Church to host pizza lunches at the school and the church on Thursday and Friday during the closure. Some students ended up coming out to the church to help feed other students. Members of the church took pizza out to the teachers who were on picket lines.

“We want to make sure the kids are not hungry, and the teachers are appreciated,” said Brandon Carter, associate pastor at the church. “We’re not in the political fray. They’ve made a decision they need to make for their livelihoods. We’re not concerned with that. We’re just letting them know we care about them and support them.”

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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U.S. Catholic university lists ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ as words students should avoid

DAYTON, Ohio, February 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A Catholic university in Ohio has put the words “husband” and “wife” on a list of words that students should n’t use in order to meet “professional expectations.”

The University of Dayton’s (UD) website offers a “gender inclusive language” list for students. The site is under the university’s “Women’s Center” section. The school lists words deemed inappropriate because they are gender-specific, along with substitute words deemed appropriate.

Examples of incorrect, officially discouraged words to use include “mankind,” “layman,” “man hours,” “man-made,” “man power,” “middleman,” “chairwoman,” “spokeswoman,” “husband,” “wife,” “cleaning lady,” “maintenance man,” “Congresswoman,” “salesman,” “businesswoman,” “policeman,” “fireman,” and “mailman.” 

Approved words include “humankind,” “layperson,” “staff hours,” “chairperson,” “spokesperson,” “spouse,” “partner,” “significant other,” “custodial staff,” “legislator,” “sales associate,” “business person,” “police officer,” “firefighter,” and “mail carrier” or “postal worker.” 

The University of Dayton describes itself as a “top-tier Catholic research university with academic offerings from the undergraduate to the doctoral levels.”

Also, the UD website suggests that students should refrain from using words designating the gender of a professional such as a nurse, doctor, lawyer, administrator, secretary or teacher.

Students should use “generic occupational titles” to make it “easier to see that these jobs can be done by a person of any gender.”

Some university students do not like the list of approved words. 

Piran Talkington, a UD sophomore, said that the university in making such a list is “setting a precedent to start this possible, horrible future where words have lost all history and power.” 

“By changing words like ‘husband,’ ‘wife,’ and ‘mankind’ you start to erase the history and significance of the journey that has been undergone in order to get society to the point where it is today.”

Talkington said the language guide infantilizes college students. 

“Should we be inclusive? Absolutely. Should we change historical words with meaning to PC terms for no real reason? Absolutely not,” he said.  

The list first appeared on the university’s website in 2015, but did not exclude “husband” and “wife.” That update came in January, 2016. The website was updated earlier this month after public reaction to the list with a note that tried to distance the university from the list. 

“The gender inclusive language list is an educational resource — it is neither a guide nor an advisory nor does it represent University of Dayton or Women’s Center policy. It is geared to assist those who prefer to use gender inclusive language as well as those who wish to avoid assuming the gender of an individual being discussed,” the note states. 

“As a Catholic, Marianist university, we are guided by our mission to foster an educational community that welcomes and includes all people. As a Christian and educational community, we recognize that every person has innate dignity because all people are made in the image and likeness of God and we seek to create an environment where all persons feel respected, safe and valued,” it adds. 

Reaction to the list came around the same time Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came under fire internationally for interrupting a woman and correcting her for saying “mankind” instead of  “peoplekind” at a town hall event.

“We like to say peoplekind, not necessarily mankind, because it’s more inclusive,” Trudeau said. 

Contact info for respectful communications:

University of Dayton President Eric Spina​
Online contact form here
Phone: 937-229-1000
E-mail: [email protected]

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