MAY SNOW: Storm Dumps 18 Inches in Colorado…

A slow-moving spring storm brought much needed moisture to Colorado this week with up to two inches of water in some locations.

In Winter Park, 13 inches of snow fell in the town with 18 inches reported at the nearby ski resort as of late Thursday morning.

The snow fell just in time for the last weekend of skiing on Winter Park’s Mary Jane, which is planning to close on May 6.

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Tennis ball-sized hail smashes windows and damages roofs as huge storm downs trees in northern Texas

The ice storm only lasted 10 minutes, but hailed down with fury, covering the ground in white


A severe storm in Texas dropped tennis ball-sized hail in the Dallas Forth Worth area.

The massive storm saw thunder, heavy rain, and hail fall from the sky Friday night.

The deluge released a heavy downpour of hail around 7pm Friday for about 10 minutes, sending the balls of ice flying through the air, destroying windows and cars.

Locals shared the astonishing images of the hail on social media, where the balls of ranged from the size of a pea to a tennis ball, according to NBC.

Several people shared video footage of the torrential storm that covered front lawns in white as millions of pieces of hail fell to the ground.

In some footage viewers can hear the thuds and taps of the heavy ice balls hitting the earth.

‘Thought I was in a horror movie there for a minute,’ said Celina, Texas resident Felisha Greer said to CBS.

‘It sounded like big concrete just slamming on top of our house. It was horrible,’ she added.

She was driving home when the storm hit and took cover in the garage along with her kids.

She witnessed the hail pummel her trees and smash her car windows. Some bits even crashed into her home.

‘It’s terrifying. That’s your children. You don’t want your children in a mess like this especially as much glass as there is,’ she said.

Saturday morning crews took over the Rockwell area of Texas to clean up the debris left behind.

Firefighters were also out in the affected areas responding to broken windows and skylights, damaged cars and roofs, and downed trees, according to NBC.

No one was injured in the powerful storm that swept through the southern state.

Twitter users expressed their shock with the unusual weather.

‘Texas weather is wack- yesterday it was 82 degrees then outta nowhere we get hit by a storm with golf ball sized hail & now it’s 35 degrees in the afternoon. all I want is consistency in my life sheeeesh (sic),’ one Twitter user wrote.

‘Huge hail storm hit us a few minutes ago. Thanks Texas for having strange weather patterns. Not helping since Collin County is at the edge of tornado valley,’ another added.

‘We just got hit by a massive hail sand thunderstorm in Allen, BASEBALL sized hail. Car window shattered, we took shelter in our car on our way to church. When the hail stopped sirens flared, be safe yall,’ another wrote.

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Much of US will see below normal temps this weekend, similarities to storm of 1982 – cold expected throughout April

US north east April 5th 2018 storm



A very active weather pattern is bringing the I-95 corridor intense winds today associated with a strong cold frontal system and there may be another round of springtime accumulating snow this Saturday for much of the region. Winds could gust past 50 mph this afternoon and early evening following the passage of a strong cold front as a fresh cold air mass rushes into the region. On Thursday, it’ll be dry and quite cold for this time of year and the winds will start off the day quite strong though they will likely diminish during the mid and late afternoon hours. A “clipper-type” low pressure system will then bring rain showers to the I-95 corridor on Friday and push a cold front through the region. This front will usher in very cold air for this time of year by early Saturday and low pressure will form along the stalling frontal boundary zone and likely generate accumulating snow in the DC-to-Philly-to-NYC corridor.


A strong cold front is whipping through the I-95 corridor at mid-day and winds will soon shift to a northwesterly direction and can gust past 50 mph during the afternoon and early evening hours with isolated power outages a possibility. A line of showers and embedded strong thunderstorms is pushing quickly to the east and will reach the coastline within a couple of hours. Temperatures will fall this afternoon following the passage of the strong cold front and drop sharply overnight to near 30 degrees by early tomorrow morning in DC, Philly and NYC.

After a windy, dry and cold day on Thursday, a “clipper-like” low pressure system will then trek southeastward across the Great Lakes region on Friday and push some rain shower activity into the I-95 corridor with snow showers possible across interior sections of the Northeast US. A cold front will trail from the low pressure system and its passage will usher in much colder for the weekend which will be way below-normal (20+ degrees below normal here on Saturday). This air mass is so cold, in fact, some places in the Upper Midwest will see their coldest weather ever in the month of April with single digits likely for lows in places like upstate Minnesota.

Saturday afternoon, April 7th,


This frontal system will stall out just to the south and east of here on Saturday and low pressure will form along the frontal boundary zone and ride to the northeast. The exact storm track is still in some question as is the location of the rain/snow line and this will have a crucial impact on potential snowfall amounts. With the influx of the very cold air on Saturday, temperatures are likely to ultimately be supportive of snow all the way down into the DC metro region (DC hasn’t seen an inch of snow in April since 1924), but precipitation could start out as rain or a wintry mix before the likely changeover to snow. It is still a bit early to pinpoint the exact timing of the changeover to snow which will have a big impact on potential snowfall accumulation amounts, but several inches are on the table in much of the I-95 corridor. As is always the case with late winter and early spring snow events, elevation can play a critical role in total accumulations with higher locations possibly receiving noticeably more snowfall than nearby lower elevation spots. More cold air outbreaks are likely to follow into at least the middle of April and there may very well be additional snow threats in this on-going active and cold weather pattern including as soon as the early-to-middle part of next week.

The Madden-Julian Oscillation


April 6-7 1982 and some similarities to this weekend’s setup

Can we get accumulating snow in the Mid-Atlantic region during the month of April…absolutely, and one such example took place on April 6-7, 1982 and there are a couple of similarities with that storm and the atmospheric setup expected this weekend. The April 1982 storm turned out to be an all-out blizzard for New York City and much of the Northeast US and delayed the baseball season in many cities from Baltimore-to-Boston. It resulted in significant snow of more than a foot in many places from Pennsylvania-to-New England and winds gusted to 70+ mph in spots during the storm. Also, record cold poured in on the back side of the storm with many spots falling to 25 degrees below normal for that time of year shortly after the storm had passed.

500 mb height anomaly pattern


Two similarities from the storm in April 1982 and the atmospheric conditions expected this weekend have to do with a tropical disturbance known as the Madden-Julian Oscillation as well as the 500 mb height anomaly pattern. The MJO is a tropical disturbance that propagates eastward around the global tropics with a cycle on the order of 30-60 days. Research and empirical observations have found that the location or “phase” of the MJO is linked with certain temperature and precipitation patterns around the world. In April 1982, the MJO was primarily in phase 7 during the storm time period of April 6-7 and was on its way into phase 8. The current forecast of the MJO has the index moving from phase 7 into phase 8 – somewhat similar to 1982.

April 6-7, 1982 snowstorm


In addition to the MJO, the temperature pattern across the nation this weekend will be quite similar to that of April 6th, 1982 with below-normal temperatures dominating the eastern two-thirds of the nation. Also, the 500 mb height anomaly pattern in April 1982 featured two areas across the US with well below-normal heights with one centered over the Northeast US and another centered along the Pacific Northwest coastline – somewhat similar to the 500 mb pattern expected this weekend.

Meteorologist Paul Dorian

Vencore, Inc.

Extended morning video discussion:

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WATCH: Cops Angry Over Late Pizza, Storm Domino’s and Attack the Manager


Jersey City, NJ — Two New Jersey police officers have been suspended without pay after multiple videos showed them attacking a Domino’s manager while on Duty. Surprisingly, both of them have also been charged with multiple crimes.

Rodney Clark and Courtney Solomon are both charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and making terroristic threats after they stormed into a Domino’s pizza restaurant and began shaking down the manager.

Marina Elsamina, an employee at the Communipaw Avenue pizza shop, told The Jersey Journal in an interview that workers there received an online complaint on Tuesday evening by one of the police officers, apparently over a delivery issue, according to

Shortly after receiving the complaint, the officers showed up at the store and began attacking  the manager, Mena Kirolos. The initial confrontation was captured on employee cellphones as well as surveillance video.

After the officers threw the innocent man up against the wall, they then demanded he go outside. According to the video, Kirolos, and multiple witnesses, cops made several threats toward him while physically assaulting him and saying they were going to lock him up—over pizza.

As NBC New York reports, Kirolos said at that point, the more irate of the two officers told him “I’ll lock you up,” and the cellphone footage then shows the manager holding his hands out as if they were cuffed as he says “please do it!”

“(I was thinking) What can I do?,” Kirolos said. “He’s a police officer. I can’t do anything back.”

During the attack, the manager called 911 and the officers then left.

The dispute happened after cops claimed that the driver never showed up with their pizza. However, according to the Domino’s employees, the driver went to the address and knocked for several minutes but nobody answered the door nor the repeated calls back to the number.

Instead of simply asking for a refund, these officers used their police powers to assault an innocent man and threaten him with kidnapping.

“We confront customers every day who fight with us, but he’s using his police powers,” Elsamina said.

“The prosecutor’s office will fully investigate the allegations against these officers and prosecute in accordance with the law to ensure that justice is served,” Hudson County Prosecutor Esther Suarez said in a statement. “Officers who abuse their power and break the law must be held accountable for their actions.”

As reports, the cops in New Jersey are on a seeming rampage lately as they’ve been the subject of repeated stories of violence and corruption.

“Eleven cops, including the former police chief, have pleaded guilty in federal court to collecting pay for off-duty jobs they did not perform. Earlier this month, another officer was sentenced for striking a man with his police car during an arrest. Four others face charges related to a scheme to falsify timesheets. Four additional cops were indicted last year on charges related to a high-speed police pursuit that ended in a fiery crash on Tonnelle Avenue,” reports

Both of the officers seen in the video below have been on the force since 2015 and they are now due in court on April 11.

As for Kirolos, he just wants an apology—one that will likely never come.

“I don’t like being cursed at, being touched,” he said. “I only demanded an apology. That’s it.”

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Massive storm wth hail the size of tennis balls damages crops, house roofs in Nepal

Piles of hailstones deposited in Matsari area of Durga Bhagawati Rural Municipality, in Rautahat district, on Friday, March 30, 2018.


A massive hailstorm has severely damaged crops and tiled roofs of more than 200 houses in around a score of villages in Rautahat today.

Most of the hailstones, as big as lawn tennis balls, weighing about 500 grammes hit the villages of the municipalities — Madhav Narayan, Devahi Gonahi, Gadhimai, Gajura, Rajdevi and Garuda — including Durga Bhagawati Rural Municipality for 35 minutes since 8:00 am on Friday morning.

Piles of hailstones

Two men stand on the road to see the hailstones fallen in Pipara area of Durga Bhagawati Rural Municipality, in Rautahat district, on Friday, March 30, 2018.


People in the mid-region of Rautahat have suffered damage due to the hailstorm of enormous magnitude that hit the region at a time when the locals had started recuperating from the deteriorating conditions caused by the devastating flood last monsoon.

The hailstones have completely damaged crops including wheat, red gram, mangoes, vegetables, according to District Agriculture Development Office Chief Raj Naraya Yadav. The hailstorm has damaged crops worth millions of rupees, he said.

It would take some days to work out the loss incurred in the catastrophe, the Rautahat District Police Office informed.

A man takes pictures of hailstones fallen in Matsari area of Durga Bhagawati Rural Municipality, in Rautahat district, on Friday, March 30, 2018.


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Electric storm at 30,000ft: Airplane passenger captures astounding pyrotechnics (PHOTO, VIDEOS)

Martha Hart Mulligan was traveling home from North Carolina on Monday as the tempest hit. The pilot of American Airlines pilot flight 5566 reportedly took the long way around to avoid the storm system but it proved too big to escape as the footage shows. No-one on board was injured and the flight landed safely that evening.

“We were trying to fly south of the storm to avoid some turbulence. This is the impressive lightning we encountered, and we’re happy to report that it did not ‘encounter’ us,” Hart Mulligan wrote on Facebook.

“There has been significant damage tonight in parts of Alabama,” Governor Kay Ivey said in a statement late Monday. “We are sending state resources to those affected areas, especially to Jacksonville and Calhoun County. We will continue to monitor and respond to needs in other areas as needed.”

Strong storms battered the southeastern US on March 19 but Alabama experienced hurricanes, tornadoes and baseball-sized hailstones which caused widespread property damage, killing one person. Buildings were shredded, trees and powerlines felled and people were left trapped beneath the debris.

“This is the Long track #tornado that caused extensive damage in Jacksonville AL- fire reporting injuries- AL troopers say it’s a war zone- JSU coliseum roof took major damage. Additional law enforcement on the way,” Lt. Andy Norris wrote of the devastation on Twitter.

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‘Meteorological warfare’: Twitter blames Russia for UK’s latest snow storm (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The UK Met Office issued an amber weather warning with snowfall forecast for much of England and Scotland on Saturday and Sunday. About 118 flights have been cancelled so far, affecting some 15,000 passengers, reports the Independent.

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British Airways cancelled more than 80 flights to Dublin, Nice, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Geneva, as well as transatlantic flights to New York and Chicago. Meanwhile, Air France, KLM, Lufthansa and Eurowings cancelled several flights to Frankfurt, Munich and Salzburg.  

Due to wintry weather and restrictions at some airports we fly to and from, we have merged a small number of our Heathrow flights to ensure that the vast majority of our customers are able to travel to their destinations as planned today,” a spokesperson for BA told RT. “We are offering customers due to travel with us this weekend the opportunity to postpone their journey up until Wednesday.”

The flights were cancelled as a precautionary measure. In a statement to RT, a spokesperson for Heathrow Airport said that while the weather could cause some delays over the weekend, significant disruption is “not currently expected”.

“We are working closely with our on-site Met Office to monitor the further snowfall expected throughout the weekend,” they added. “As always, we advise passengers to check their flight status with their airline before coming to the airport.” So far some parts of the UK have received a blanket of snow, while people in areas spared the sudden snowfall have been left wondering what all the fuss is about.

READ MORE: Snow storm pounds US northeast for second time in 1 week

Many are hoping the snowfall doesn’t spark the same level of hysteria brought on by the recent #BeastFromTheEast that battered the country two weeks ago. Schools and public transport were shut down for several days and more than 300 flights were cancelled.

Westminster’s reaction to the Skripal poisoning case in Salisbury, England, seems to have inspired a corresponding blame-game on social media over the sudden cold snap. Some Twitter users are claiming the freeze is a bizarre kind of “meteorological warfare” ordered directly from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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IDF storm Islamic cemetery in Jerusalem, destroy martyr gravestones

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