Hero Citizen Stops Mass Shooting in a Church, Cops Show Up and Shoot HIM—Media Silent


Amarillo, TX — As news of the tragic shooting in Parkland, Florida dominated the airwaves this week, a massive hostage situation—which was quickly turning into a mass shooting situation—was foiled by a hero in a church. That hero, however, is now in the hospital after police showed up to the scene and shot him.

The situation was well on its way to becoming one of the deadliest shootings in history as the gunman took over 100 people hostage inside the Faith City Mission church on Wednesday.

“They said there was a gun in the building everyone started running all different ways,” said Clay Murdock, a student at Faith City Mission.

According to WLOX, Murdock said he tried to get as many people inside their sound room as possible.

“We’re standing in there and everyone starts praying,” said Murdock. “I went outside to see what was going on if I could get more people in there and right when as I went outside the guy was standing right in front of me with the pistol.”

Murdock then ran outside.

According to the Amarillo police, the initial call came in around 8:45 a.m. and indicated that there was an armed suspect inside who was holding 100 people hostage.

Sergeant Brent Barbee told reporters that when officers breached the building, they encountered an individual who had a handgun.

The officers fired shots that struck the man,” said Barbee. “After some additional investigation, they’ve learned that the man that [had] the gun may have taken the firearm away from the original suspect in the call. The man who originally had the gun has been taken into custody.”

Later that day, police clarified that they indeed shot the wrong man.

“The initial investigation indicates that the man the officer shot had originally been in a struggle with the original suspect and had taken away the gun from the suspect. The initial suspect has been taken into custody and is not injured. No other persons were hit by gunfire. This is very early in the investigation and more details will be available at a later time,” read the report.

As Amarillo.com reports, the hero of the story is a student at Faith City Mission church. After he and the private church security officers wrestled the shooter to the ground and got the gun away from him, one or more Amarillo police officers opened fire on the student.

“Members of the security team took the gunman down and one of our students was able to wrestle the gun away,” she said. “Our thoughts are with our injured student and we praise God for his protection while honoring the heroic actions of our security team, students and everyone else involved — which prevented the situation from becoming far worse.”

The student was taken to a local hospital. The gunman, Joshua Len Jones, 35, of Amarillo was taken to jail unharmed.

Faith City Mission Executive Director Jena Taylor said the student, who was not identified, had surgery Wednesday but was in stable condition and remains hospitalized, reports Amarillo.com.

“One of our staff members visited the student that was shot and he is resting well after surgery,” Taylor said.

Predictably, this story received no coverage in the mainstream media as it is showed brave citizens in a positive light while highlighting the fact that cops shot and nearly killed the hero.

Please share this story with your friends and family to spread a bit of good news in what has surely been a tragic week of reporting.

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I$rael condemns passing of Polish Holocaust law, stops short of recalling envoy

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Virgin Trains stops selling Daily Mail, ‘concern over editorial position on immigration’

Home » Criticism, Europe, Immigration » Virgin Trains stops selling Daily Mail, ‘concern over editorial position on immigration’


Virgin Trains has stopped selling the Daily Mail because it disagrees with its editorial line on immigration, LGBT rights and unemployment.

Virgin has now hopped aboard the bandwagon of attempting to censor the British press. A statement from the company reads: “Different viewpoints are often valuable, and it’s certainly true that we choose to take our news from different sources depending on our view of the world.

“Thousands of people choose to read the Daily Mail every day. But they will no longer be reading it courtesy of VT (Virgin Trains). There’s been considerable concern raised by colleagues about the Mail’s editorial position on issues such as immigration, LGBT rights, and unemployment. We’ve decided that this paper is not compatible with the VT brand and our beliefs. We won’t be stocking the Daily Mail for sale or as a giveaway.

“We regularly review the products we have on sale for customers onboard our trains, and after listening to feedback from our people we have decided that we will no longer stock copies of the Daily Mail on services on our west coast route.”

Obviously this has nothing at all to do with the fact the Mail supported Brexit and Virgin founder Richard Branson is a staunch Remoaner who wanted a second referendum.

What a sad state of affairs when a major company seeks to silence a publication it disagrees with and stifle the free press. What will Virgin’s customers make of this?



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Re: Israel stops Palestinian ambulance arrests teen girls

Israeli occupation forces violently detained two Palestinian girls from inside an ambulance in the Hebron district of the southern occupied West Bank.

A video, circulating on social media, shows a group of armed Israeli soldiers stopping a Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance at gunpoint in the town of Halhul.

The soldiers attempt to pull people out of the ambulance onto the street, and after verbal and physical confrontations, the soldiers jumped into the ambulance and forced two Palestinians out.

A witness told Ma’an that he saw Israeli soldiers forcing two teenage girls out of the ambulance at gunpoint.

Read: Israel killed 14 Palestinian children in 2017

He added that Israeli female soldiers handcuffed the girls and detained them.

The identities of the girls remain unknown.

An Israeli police spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.

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Marco Rubio has the last laugh after Trump stops statement to drink water

WASHINGTON — President Trump interrupted a statement on Wednesday afternoon to take an awkward sip from a water bottle. It was a move he once mocked Marco Rubio for, and the Florida senator wasted little time in teasing Trump on Twitter. 

Trump took his drink in the midst of a statement in which he recounted the 12-day Asia trip that ended on Tuesday evening. He suddenly stopped speaking and bent down behind the microphone. 

“They don’t have water?” Trump asked as he came up empty handed. “That’s OK.”

After speaking with someone off camera, Trump found a bottle of Fiji water at the other side of the podium, leaned over to pick it up, unscrewed the cap, and took a long drink. He smacked his lips in satisfaction and returned to his prepared remarks. 

Donald TrumpDonald Trump

The presidential sip recalled the now infamous 2013 moment when Rubio slugged from a water bottle while delivering the GOP rebuttal to former President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. 

The president made fun of Rubio for the first water bottle moment — which became a viral sensation— during their bitter 2016 Republican presidential primary clash, when Trump nicknamed the Florida senator “Little Marco.” In a February 2016 speech, Trump dramatically drank from a water bottle before throwing it away.

“It’s Rubio!” Trump declared as he held the bottle in the air. 

After Trump’s similar sip on Wednesday, Rubio shared a clip of the moment on Twitter and reviewed the president’s technique. 

Similar, but needs work on his form. Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time,” Rubio wrote. 

Read more from Yahoo News:

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P!nk stops by ‘SNL’ to perform ‘What About Us’ and ‘Beautiful Trauma’

P!nk may sometimes perform in the air on a trapeze, but that certainly doesn’t mean she’s forgotten how to put on a stellar performance on the ground. She proved this on Saturday. 

The pop superstar stopped by the latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” to perform “What About Us” and “Beautiful Trauma,” off her newly released album of the same name.

For her first performance, P!nk delivered the catchy “What About Us” with flawless precision and displayed a type of voice control that only someone who’s been performing for over 20 years can do. Arguably, the highlight of the performance is when the Pennsylvania native walked over to her backup singers, put her arm around one of them and they all sang together. It showed a genuine connection between the ladies and displayed how they’re able to feed off each other’s talents.

The same could be said for P!nk’s “Beautiful Trauma” performance, which looked more like a party on stage than anything else.

Dressed in a hot pink bubble jacket and a long checkered skirt, P!nk danced and moved with the exuberance of a new artist performing on television for the first time. It was really exciting to watch.

The Beautiful Trauma album, which is out now, is a 12-song offering that features Eminem on the song “Revenge.”

It’s possible that he and P!nk will perform the cut when she heads out on her Beautiful Trauma World Tour, which will stop at venues like the Spirit Center in Kansas City, T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Valley View Casino Center in San Diego and the Staples Center in L.A., all in May 2018. You can get tickets to all of those dates here and see P!nk’s “SNL” performance above and below.


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"No refusal" traffic stops soon to encompass more than just alcohol testing: New technology can test fingerprints for cocaine use

Image: “No refusal” traffic stops soon to encompass more than just alcohol testing: New technology can test fingerprints for cocaine use

(Natural News)
Testing a driver who is suspected of using cocaine can be a drawn-out process that typically requires a fair degree of waiting for results. Now, however, a fingerprint test has been developed that will detect the drug’s presence in a person’s system in mere seconds. In addition, its use of fingerprints reduces the chances of a lab mix-up.

People who have used cocaine will excrete the drug as well as its metabolites through their fingerprints when they sweat. According to a study published in Clinical Chemistry, a chemical can be applied to fingerprints that does not affect the drug’s molecular traces. Researchers from the University of Surrey used this concept as the basis for tests at a drug rehabilitation facility. After instructing the subjects to wash their hands, they collected fingerprints and saliva samples from patients who were known to use cocaine.

When the fingerprints developed, the paper was treated with a solvent and placed in a high-resolution mass spectrometer. Inside the device, the mass of the molecules within the fingerprint was measured. Because cocaine has a unique molecular mass, this type of test can determine the presence of cocaine.

In tests that were carried out by the team of researchers, the technique was found to be 99 percent effective, and it took just a few minutes to get results. Conventional lab drug tests can take anywhere from several hours to a few days to return the results. It’s also far less invasive than getting samples of urine, hair or blood. Another advantage is that there is no need to deal with the biological hazards and the logistics of storage and disposal that come with collecting bodily fluids.

Dr. Catia Costa, one of the study’s leaders, said: “Paper spray mass spectrometry is gaining increasing popularity in forensic circles because it is incredibly sensitive and is very easy to set up a testing system — the units will save laboratories time.”

Test could be expanded to check for other drugs

Similar paper spray mass spectrometry tests could eventually be developed to check for other drugs like heroin and prescription opioids, and the University of Surrey researchers believe that fingerprint drug screening might become a new drug testing standard for employers, prisons and courts in the next few years. They also believe they can whittle the entire process down to just 30 seconds.

Coming soon to a traffic stop near you?

It’s likely only a matter of time before this type of test is used in “no refusal” traffic stops. These stops are becoming increasingly popular throughout the nation for alcohol. A remote warrant could be signed and sent to officers on their smartphones, for example, and the test could easily be administered.

A cut-off has not yet been established to determine how much cocaine needs to be present in someone’s system in order for the test to detect it, but it did confirm cocaine’s presence equally well to saliva testing.

It could also prove useful in emergency situations like overdoses by allowing doctors or paramedics to quickly determine which substances a person might have taken so the correct approach can be used to help them.

Sources include:





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Dutch Lorry Firm Stops UK Deliveries Due to Calais Migrant Violence


A Dutch logistics firm has said they will stop making deliveries to the UK because of the risk of attack by migrants and asylum seekers as trucks pass through Calais.

Reining Transport, which has around 500 drivers and annual revenues of €55 million, has stopped trips via Calais to the UK from September due to the violent attacks.

“It’s no longer possible,” said Gerrit Hes, the firms managing director, in an interview with Dutch daily the Telegraaf.

He continued: “Our drivers were threatened with sticks, stones flew through the front and side windows, and the drivers really had to put in everything in order not to be robbed.”

“The migrants have nothing to lose, and take serious risks,” he added, explaining how his lorries had had their roofs, bumpers, and windshields damaged.

Last month, union representatives of British lorry drivers called for the army to be sent to Calais to protect vehicles as migrants began to return to the town and attempted clandestine crossings into the UK increased.

On June 18th, a Polish van driver was killed after his vehicle smashed into lorries that had been forced to stop on a busy motorway between Dunkirk and Calais due to a roadblock of tree trunks erected by migrants.

The driver died as his van burst into flames, and nine Eritrean migrants, reportedly trying to break into Britain, were suspected of the crime.

Less than two weeks later, at the beginning of July, authorities warned of “escalating violence” in the town following two days of fighting. More than 100 Eritrean and Ethiopian migrants fought pitch battles, attacking one another with stones and sticks leaving over a dozen hospitalised.

The warning was not heeded, and less than six weeks after the first driver death at Calais caused by migrants, a trucker was struck on the head with a brick by migrants who then stole his vehicle.

Migrants have been returning to Calais in increasingly large numbers after the clearance of the infamous Jungle camp nearly one year ago in October 2016.

Some fear a full-scale return to widespread chaos in the town seen last year when 10,000 migrants lived in the camp, and roadblocks, migrant riots, and attacks on lorries were commonplace.



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Cop Stops Woman for Broken Tail Lights, Instead of Ticket, He FIXED THEM—This is Public Service


Richmond, VA — Richmond resident Chy-Niece Thacker didn’t know what to expect when she was pulled over Friday for having two tail lights out on her car. As she was looking for her required paperwork, Officer Jenkins reassured her, “Don’t worry about pulling anything out. I just want you to know that your brake lights are out.”

Thacker says she was on her way to an interview when the stop happened. After explaining to Officer Jenkins she’d been having a problem with her brake lights, she told the officer of the peace the mechanic wanted to collect $600 to test the wiring of her vehicle.

He looked at me like 😨 and told me to pop the trunk. He checked the lights in the trunk and tapped them, but they didn’t come on. So he told me to pop the hood to check the relay box then asked me to get out to check the other one.

Looking surprised, Jenkins switched gears from being a code enforcer to that of a Good Samaritan. Having a background in mechanics, he quickly checked the connections on the tail lights, and then looked under the bonnet at the relay box, where he found the problem. In just a few moments, Jenkins had Thacker safely back on the road, on her way to her job interview.

Thacker seemed impressed having nothing but praise for Jenkins who refused to ticket the young lady, fixing her car instead. She wrote:

He could’ve easily given me a ticket, but Officer Jenkins stepped out of officer role and into mechanic role to make sure I was straight. #hesablessing

Officers who have a propensity to kindness and empathy wmay see Jenkins’ actions as routine, something police officers do every day. But other law enforcement officials may be quick to criticize Jenkins for not doing his job and ticketing the young lady.

Such daily encounters with the public can and do have very different outcomes. As TFTP has reported, a broken tail light can be a death sentence for some motorists who quickly find themselves staring down the barrel of a loaded weapon pointed in their direction by the very people who are paid to protect them.

Philando Castile was shot and killed by a Minneapolis police officer, Jeronimo Yanez, as he was reaching into his pockets to take out his concealed carry license. Yanez was the only adult anywhere near the car that day who believed Castile was reaching for a weapon. As a result, Yanez opened fire, killing Castile instantly in front of his girlfriend and her child.

Body cavity searches are other ways routine traffic stops can end for motorists who get pulled over for having a burned out brake light. A Baltimore woman had her body cavity searched, presumably for drugs, after an officer pulled her over for having a burned out tail light. The incident and others were all documented in a 163-page Department of Justice report which criticized the city’s policing practices.

We applaud Officer Jenkins for helping Thacker in her time of need and we hope your act of kindness serves as a model for the rest of the nation’s law enforcement officers. It’s time to end the practice of pulling people over for broken tail lights and using the infraction as an excuse to “toss” a vehicle and see how many other misdemeanor and felony charges can be filed against a citizen motorist—all designed for one thing—to separate the citizen from his or her money.

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