Being polite to the elderly is bad for their health; they need to stand up, walk further, carry their own packages, expert claims

Are you doing senior citizens more harm than good by offering them your seat on the bus? According to one Oxford professor, you most definitely are. Instead of giving a seat to the elderly, you should be encouraging them to stand up and become more physically active, claimed Sir Muir Gray, clinical adviser to Public Health England.

We need to be encouraging activity as we age — not telling people to put their feet up,” said Gray. He further stated that senior citizens need to “play their part” and “understand their role” in remaining healthy and physically fit.

Gray added: “Don’t get a stair lift for your aging parents, put in a second banister. And think twice before giving up your seat on the bus or train to an older person. Standing up is great exercise for them.” Other options include urging senior citizens to take the stairs in lieu of elevators or escalators, and having them carry their own bags as they walk about. (Related: Exercise Improves Health of Elderly with Dementia.)

Scarlett O’Mally, consultant orthopedic surgeon at Eastbourne District General Hospital, echoed Gray’s sentiments. As the lead author on a study about the rising numbers of elderly persons requiring care, O’Mally has gone on to state that old age shouldn’t be viewed as the period to “take it easy.”

“We need to challenge the idea that old people should rest. People need to keep active however old they are,” she said. “They need to increase activity. Every adult should do a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity every week and twice weekly strength and balance training.”

While there’s nothing wrong with promoting a healthier lifestyle among the elderly, you run the risk of depressing them with your rudeness if you refuse to give up your seat or help them carry their bags. After all, no one wants to be treated coldly, regardless of their age. We suggest offering up your seat or your assistance regardless. If they accept either, then let them do as they please; if they refuse, then don’t insist. Through this, you can do your part for them without making them feel bad about themselves.

For their part, there are a number of exercises the above-65s can perform to stay in good physical condition. These are just some of them, as recommended by the National Health Service (NHS):

  • A good 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (such as walking or cycling) every week, and strength exercises that work out all the major muscles (specifically, the arms, shoulders, chest, back, legs, and hips) on at least two days of the week.
  • At least 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity (like running or tennis) a week, and two or more days with strength exercises.
  • A mix of both moderate and vigorous aerobic activity each week. This can consist of two 30-minute running sessions and an additional 30 minutes of brisk walking. As with all other suggestions, strength exercises on two more days are needed to complement the aerobic activity.

You can take your routine to the next level with flexibility and balance exercises. Flexibility exercises are basically stretches that you do on at least two days of the week for 10 minutes, with a special focus on your neck, shoulders, wrists, hips, and knees. Balance exercises, on the other hand, can be done as often as you like as long as you perform them to maintain your stability and balance.

If all of this sounds a bit much, you can easily break it down further. Instead of opting to do your daily 30 minutes of aerobic exercise straight away, divide it into 10- or 15-minute chunks that you can do thrice or twice a day. Doing this is way less exhausting and makes exercise feel like less of a chore. Find a friend to exercise with to hold yourself more accountable and make it more fun.

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Jane Fonda Honors Colin Kaepernick At ACLU Gala: ‘Keep Kneeling Until You Can Stand Up’

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Last Sunday evening, some of Hollywood’s greatest stars gathered for the ACLU of Southern California’s annual Bill of Rights Awards Gala. Among those who were honored were Viola Davis, Gina Rodriguez, Jane Fonda and even Colin Kaepernick.

As the Hollywood Reporter shares, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback received the Eason Monroe Courageous Courage Award, in addition to a roaring applause. “He’s been viciously and unfairly criticized,” said Hector Villagra, the executive director of the ACLU. “He’s been called a traitor because too many people in this country confuse dissent for disloyalty. He took a stand knowing some would threaten him and he has had his life threatened, which is why we are profoundly honored to have him here [and] we didn’t publicize his presence tonight.”

As Kaepernick took the stage, audience members jumped to their feet out of respect. “We must confront systematic oppression as a doctor would a disease,” he said in his speech. “You identify it, you call it out, you treat it and you defeat it. We all have an obligation, no matter the risk and regardless of reward, to stand up for our fellow men and women who are being oppressed with the understanding that human rights cannot be compromised. In the words of Frederick Douglas, ‘If there is a no struggle, there is no progress.’”

Kaepernick isn’t the only star using his platform to address social issues. When Viola Davis, the star of How To Get Away With Murder, took the stage, she reflected on what it was like growing up in abject party — and vowed to do something about it.

First, she recalled a heartbreaking story about her father. “He leaves the hospital,” said Davis. “He walked three miles back home. He sits for another three days before gangrene start setting in and he walked back to the hospital and they finally admitted him. That is the dignity being taken away from you when you don’t have any money. You don’t have access to healthcare. You have no food. I scurried in garbage bins for food. I have fallen asleep within 10 minutes of being in school because I had no food. I would walk to school in shoes that had holes in the bottom, so by the time I got to school, I literally was basically walking in my socks.”

The actress knows first-hand what it is like sufficing on little to nothing. It is because of this she vowed to work and fight for the 46 million Americans who live in poverty. “I have two mottos for 2017 and they are, ‘I’m doing the best I can’ and ‘I’m gonna leave it all on the floor,’” Davis said.

Jane Fonda pitched in her two cents, as well, and threw in a few remarks concerning Kaepernick. After receiving the Justice & Equality Award, the Grace & Frankie star stated that she was proud of the professional football player. “Colin,” she said at the beginning of her remarks, “you are woke!” She ended her speech by saying, “Keep kneeling until you can stand up!”

Even though the political system in the US in a state of turmoil, it is heartening to know there are people with a platform who are willing to use their celebrity to change the world for the better. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Read more: Celebrity Mentor Exposes The Power Hidden Within Human Language & The Cancer Frequency

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WATCH: Three Bridgewater Guards to Stand Trial 8 Years After Patient’s Death

A screen grab from video shot during Joshua K. Messier’s encounter with guards at Bridgewater State Hospital.

Eight years after the tragic death of a 23-year-old patient with schizophrenia at Bridgewater State Hospital, three prison guards are slated to stand trial Tuesday on charges they killed Joshua K. Messier while forcefully strapping him to a bed in a brutal scene captured on prison video.

The trial, scheduled to unfold in Plymouth Superior Court, once seemed highly unlikely even though the medical examiner ruled that the guards caused Messier’s death. Plymouth District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz in 2010 determined there was insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges, and none of the guards was charged or even disciplined.

But four years later, after The Boston Globe reported on the guards’ rough treatment of Messier on the night he died, Attorney General Martha Coakley appointed a special prosecutor to investigate.


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Filming Cops

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Gov’t Report Now Proves Cops Were Told to Stand Down in Charlottesville and They Covered It Up

Image: ProPublica

Charlottesville, VA — There is no shortage of violent footage of clashes between neo-nazi white supremacists and counter-protesters from the Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally back in August. Multiple violent battles raged on for several minutes as blood spilled onto the streets of this college town. Only several feet away were police officers — who did nothing to stop it.

A damning report, conducted and commissioned by the city of Charlottesville on the mistakes, missteps, and failures of local police, now proves officers were told to abandon their posts and stand down, leading to deadly and disastrous results.

One such post that was deliberately abandoned led to the death of Heather Heyer after a white supremacist drove through the once guarded barricade and mowed down peaceful protesters in his car.

As the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

A police officer radioed for help as angry protesters swarmed around her: “They are pushing the crowd my way and I have nobody here to help me.”


Tammy Shiflett, who had just returned to active duty as an elementary school resource officer after two months recovering from a shoulder surgery, was the only person assigned to block traffic at the intersection where a deadly car attack began in Charlottesville on Aug. 12.


Instead of sending reinforcements, a superior instructed her to abandon her post and move the car that had been positioned in the intersection, leaving a wooden sawhorse as the only barrier keeping vehicles out of the area. Roughly an hour and a half later, a white nationalist drove his car down that very street, striking a crowd of counterprotesters and killing 32-year-old activist Heather Heyer.

Shiflett was one of many officers told to stand down during the chaos on that fateful Saturday back in August which led to wholesale public beatings and even guns being fired in public as cops did nothing. As to why the police were told stand down, according to the report, it’s was because police were more concerned with protecting their own than doing their jobs.

“Supervisors devised a poorly-conceived plan that under-equipped and misaligned hundreds of officers,” the report says. “Execution of that plan elevated officer safety over public safety.”

Not only did superiors tell the officers to stand down but, according to the report, they also tried to cover that fact up by deleting evidence of it.

The review, led by Tim Heaphy, a former federal prosecutor who now works for Hunton & Williams, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, also found:

• Despite repeated public statements by state and local officials that officers were not instructed to “stand down,” police had in fact been instructed only to intervene in conflicts between white nationalists and counterprotesters in the event of serious injury.

• A Virginia State Police commander made an “off-plan” decision to keep state officers behind barricades instead of sending them into the streets to break up fights and make arrests.

• After clashes began, Police Chief Al Thomas was heard by several people in the command center saying to “let them fight, it will make it easier to declare an unlawful assembly” and shut down the rally.

• Thomas attempted to obstruct the city’s investigation, deleting relevant text messages, attempting to hide his use of a personal email account to conduct some official police business, and creating planning checklists that were not actually used to plan for the rallies.

As the report notes, police—on all fronts—were told to take a passive stance and simply stood by as violence broke out in front of them. As TFTP reported at the time, this led to cops doing absolutely nothing as a white supremacist fired a round into the crowd right in front of them.

“Hey, nigger!” the crazed racist says right before he fires his gun. Whether he was firing at a specific person or simply trying to terrorize the crowd was unclear. He appeared to be firing in the direction of Corey Long who was in an altercation with another group of people and had made a makeshift flamethrower with an aerosol can. However, what was entirely clear was the reaction from police—there wasn’t one.

“We all heard it and ran — I know damn well they heard it,” said Rosia Parker, a community activist in Charlottesville when speaking about the police. “They never moved.”

The man who fired the shot was never arrested that day. In fact, not until two weeks later did police act. Richard W. Preston, 52, was arrested and charged on August 25 with discharging a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school during the so-called “Unite The Right” rally.

What is notable about this report is the fact that despite multiple independent reports of police being told to stand down, that notion was widely regarded by the media as a conspiracy theory. Now, however, the dismissive tactics by the corporate media have proven to be false and those who were paying attention are once again vindicated.

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Excessive Celebration: ABC Falsely Claims NFL Not Making Players Stand

World News Tonight
October 17, 2017
6:31:27 PM Eastern

DAVID MUIR: And we begin with breaking news from the NFL. The NFL Commissioner coming before the cameras just moments ago here in New York City and revealing that owners today did not ask players to do what the President wants them to do, to stand during the national anthem. Moments ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell saying they were not asked to stand, and players who were there at the meetings saying progress was made on bringing attention to the reasons some were kneeling about in the first place. There were protests outside this high stakes meeting, and ABC’s Adrienne Bankert leading us off.

[Cuts to video]

ADRIENNE BANKERT: Late today, the NFL commissioner saying he did not ask the players to do what the president wants them to do. Stand for the national anthem.

ROGER GOODELL: We did not ask for that.

BANKERT: Team owners met face to face with players at NFL headquarters in New York. Both sides saying it’s a step in the right direction.

MALCOLM JENKINS: This is the first time we really gotten a chance to sit down in front of ownership. We felt like they were receptive. We felt like there was real dialogue.

GOODELL: We spent today talking about the issues that our players have been trying to bring attention to.

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BANKERT: It comes after President Trump said this –

DONALD TRUMP: Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, “Get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now, out, he’s fired.”

BANKERT: Today, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who says his players must stand or be benched, confronted by a protester.

PROTESTOR: Look at the videos of the police getting away with murder and tell me that the players are wrong to protest it!

BANKERT: Darius Butler of the Colts who has taken a knee in solidarity with protests of racial injustice, says players will make their own call.

DARIUS BUTLER: It’s going to be an individual choice. But I think the ownership, the team and the league and the players, I think we’re going in the right direction.

[Cuts back to live]

MUIR: And Adrienne Bankert joins us live from New York City tonight, outside those meetings. And Adrienne, the question tonight, is this final? They’re planning on more meetings?

BANKERT: You know what, they are planning on more meetings. The owners and players are expected to get together again to discuss specifically within the next couple of weeks. But they’ve got to come up with something definitive. There are still a lot of fans out there who believe that players who kneel are disrespecting the anthem and the military. David?

MUIR: But so far Adrienne, as you point out, the owners have not asked those players to stand. Adrienne Bankert leading us off tonight, thank you.

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As Trump Bashes Iran Deal, European Leaders Stand Up To Defend It

European powers are racing to salvage the Iran nuclear deal after U.S. President Donald Trump announced he is decertifying the landmark agreement and leaving its fate up to Congress.

Trump spoke about his plan “to confront the Iranian regime’s hostile actions, and to ensure Iran never ― and I mean never ― acquires a nuclear weapon” during a speech on Friday, nearly two years after the deal was adopted following decades of diplomatic tensions between Tehran and the West.

Congress is now tasked with amending the terms of the agreement. If congressional leaders fail to address Trump’s concerns, he said, the U.S. will “terminate” the deal.

But Trump does not have the authority to unilaterally end the pact, which is “not a bilateral agreement,” said European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, who chaired the final stages of the milestone negotiations.

“The president of the United States has many powers, but this is not one,” Mogherini said Friday. “The international community, and the European Union with it, has clearly indicated that the deal is, and will, continue to be in place.”

Known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the agreement between Iran, the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, Germany and the EU requires Tehran to rein in its nuclear program in exchange for relief from stifling economic sanctions.

The White House is required to recertify the JCPOA every 90 days to confirm Iran’s compliance. Trump’s decision not to do so is provocative but unsurprising: He’s repeatedly called it one of the “worst” and “most incompetently drawn” deals he’s ever seen, and accused Iran of failing to uphold the “spirit” of the treaty.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said this week that Tehran is “under technical compliance” with its obligations, but Trump vowed on Friday to “place additional sanctions on the regime to block their financing of terror.”

When Trump last certified the JCPOA in July, he suggested it would be the final time, despite international pressure to keep the agreement in place.

Iranian officials have suggested that if sanctions are reimposed they will swiftly abandon the pact, sparking panic among its European backers.

Paris, London and Berlin issued a joint statement Friday afternoon to express their concern and disappointment.

“We stand committed to the JCPoA and its full implementation by all sides. Preserving the JCPoA is in our shared national security interest,” the statement says. “We encourage the US Administration and Congress to consider the implications to the security of the US and its allies before taking any steps that might undermine the JCPoA, such as re-imposing sanctions on Iran lifted under the agreement. ”

In anticipation of Trump’s announcement to decertify the deal, German government spokesman Steffen Seibert said earlier on Friday that Berlin would “work even harder with other partners to maintain this cohesion.” Germany has “a great interest” in the JCPOA’s continuation, he said.

“Keeping faith to an agreement is absolutely fundamental in international diplomacy,” said Norbert Röttgen, a top ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the German parliament. “This is exactly what the president is putting into question,” he added, according to The Washington Post.

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned on Thursday that America’s “behavior on the Iran issue will drive us Europeans into a common position with Russia and China against the USA.”

“It’s imperative that Europe sticks together on this issue,” he said.

French Foreign Ministry spokesperson Agnès Romatet-Espagne said Friday that France hopes the JCPOA will be “fully implemented by all parties involved.”

“Multilateralism is the only way to solve international problems that respects all parties involved, by way of dialogue and exchange,” she told reporters.

British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron both urged Trump to recertify the agreement this week, to no avail.

Macron previously suggested that one of Trump’s motivations for moving away from the deal is simply that it was negotiated by his predecessor, former President Barack Obama.

It’s not a good reason,” said Macron, who has aggressively lobbied in support of maintaining the agreement.

Clarification: A previous version of this story said that Congress has 60 days to amend elements of the Iran deal. In fact, the 60-day window refers to the amount of time Congress has to decide whether to reimpose nuclear-related economic sanctions on Tehran.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.

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ZioMedia Says White Football Players Who Stand up for American Flag and Anthem Hatefully Calls them White Supremacists!


Today Dr. Duke addressed an article from the Huffington Post that proclaimed that “white athletes still standing for the anthem are standing for white supremacy.” Perhaps the NFL brouhaha best illustrates the “moving of the goal posts” regarding the term “white supremacy.” The dictionary definition (or at least the wikipedia definition) is “white people should be dominant over other races.” However, as we learned from the “white supremacists” at Charlottesville, whites who simply want equal rights are white supremacists. And now whites obeying the terms of their employment and standing for the national anthem are white supremacists.



Attorney Don Advo joined the show and described the process by which California has been demographically transformed into a subdivision of Mexico through the ethnic cleansing of the whites who had built the state into such an attractive destination.

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This is a must watch video of David Duke’s latest interview.

Here is Mark Collett’s latest video:

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Alt-Left Insanity: Standing Is White Supremacy And Libs Can’t Stand It

Note: Normal people might find some of this offensive. (We hope. Dear Lord, please!)

Back in August, I warned that the left was engaging in a cultural revolution similar to the one in China in the 1960s-’70s. Sports fans now know what I mean.

The left isn’t at war just with statues. Or just with the Founders or police officers or Trump or even the NFL. The left is trying to overturn everything it doesn’t like about America, all at once.

Here’s the thing, the left doesn’t like America. Many alt-lefties actually hate America and everything our nation has done or stands for. Remember, the left is an amalgam of victim groups who feel The Man (™) has kept them down.

Sean Diddy Combs tweeted out a video of one athlete explaining why he was protesting. Here’s an actual Diddy quote: “This shit breaks my heart that mother fuckers want to keep their foots on our necks!!! God bless you brother and thank you for your candor.” Yes, Diddy thinks someone(s) are keeping their feet on his neck.

Diddy is worth $820 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Michael Thomas, a New Orleans Saints safety who was in the video, is set to earn $1,797,000. Admittedly, that’s not Diddy numbers, but it’s still about equal to what 33 whole households in the U.S. earn. And Buffalo running back LeSean McCoy, who said, “our president is a asshole” and did stretching exercises during the anthem, has a net worth of $14 million and a contract worth $41.55 million.

I don’t actually resent any of that money. (Especially McCoy, who helped me win the MRC fantasy football league last year.) But multimillionaires complaining about how hard life is when their fan base struggles to pay for tickets is outlandish. Waiting on the book, “NFL Players Are From Mars … And Fans Wish They’d Stay There.”

But the hell with the fans, right? The alt-left wants more protest. It wants the white players to protest the anthem and flag as well. And the reason they don’t? “White privilege.” According to HuffPost contributor Jesse Benn, “White Athletes Still Standing For The Anthem Are Standing For White Supremacy.” Jesse is, of course, “currently working on his Ph.D and as a teaching assistant in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.” (Note to self, don’t interview job candidates from the University of Wisconsin — Madison unless they apologize about going there.)

Actual quote: “See, for white athletes the anthem and American flag do represent freedom, liberty and whatever other amorphous American values one might ascribe these symbols. So, from their view, kneeling would be disrespectful to the privileges a white supremacist nation affords them.”

Let’s be honest here. If Jesse wants to talk privilege, there is no more privileged group in the world than celebrities — actors, entertainers, athletes and, yes, politicians. They all have power, money, fancy homes, groupies, influence and fame that ordinary people can barely imagine. That applies to celebrities of all races and genders.

Would ESPN’s Jamele Hill still have a job if she were a white conservative guy named Curt Schilling? Nope, ESPN fired him. Would Beyoncé, Lena Dunham, Demi Lovato or George Clooney have been sought out by the Hillary Clinton campaign if they didn’t have fame and cash that would aid her? Nope. Again, stars often worked hard for that fame. But don’t pretend it doesn’t put them in an elite category. Don’t pretend that they are doing anything other than talking down to America like the rest of us are the great unwashed.

Which takes us to this week’s goodies:

Haim Saban’s Staff Learned A New Dirty Word: No matter what part of Hillary Clinton top donor Haim Saban’s nutty online empire you look at, it’s an embarrassment. No, not an embarrassment of riches, just an embarrassment to journalism.

This time, we get Deadspin senior editor Diana Moskovitz’s story: “Stop Asking This Shithead Bad Questions Poorly.” The classy Moskovitz was talking about Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Apparently, even woke liberals don’t like seeing a White House filled with powerful women who dare disagree with them.

Actual Moskovitz quote about Trump: “the leader of the United States is in every sense that matters a white supremacist, elected on a white-supremacist platform, and working to make that platform a reality.” That means his press secretary is the enemy of the people or some such nonsense. Moskovitz even called her “a paid liar.”

Actual quote two: “Sarah Huckabee Sanders, as White House press secretary, has one job: Take whatever these reporters ask her, dismiss it, and then turn it into a chance to throw a piece of anger-infused hate bait at Donald Trump’s base while, if she can, also making reporters look like idiots.” Other than whining, what Moskovitz is really doing is complaining that Huckabee Sanders is doing her job holding the press at bay.

Ultimately, the article is one long whine that the press corps can’t seem to outwit Huckabee Sanders. Rather than credit a fellow woman for doing her job (Deadspin is sister site to wacky, feminista site Jezebel.), Moskovitz just seems bitter she didn’t ask all the questions herself.

Because you know she’s smarter than everyone, which is a good time to remember her headline, shake your head and chuckle.

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Wonder Woman Was Too Pretty: This is odd. Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot was celebrated across the political spectrum. Liberals were thrilled to have a female superhero who starred and kicked butt. And conservatives liked the beautiful Israeli actress who even did action sequences while pregnant in real life.

But there’s always some idiot who wants to spoil the party. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Avatar’s director James Cameron. To Cameron, she was too pretty. Here’s an actual quote: “”I mean, she [Gadot] was Miss Israel, and she was wearing a kind of bustier costume that was very form-fitting. She’s absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.”

Yeah, that will get you in trouble in Hollywood every time — being too beautiful. But he wasn’t done because after all, it’s not on message. “To me, that’s not breaking ground. They had Raquel Welch doing stuff like that in the ’60s. It was all in a context of talking about why Sarah Connor – what Linda created in 1991 — was, if not ahead of its time, at least a breakthrough in its time,” he continued.

Cameron, who is one of Hollywood’s reliable lefties, seemed disappointed “they think they have to appeal to 18-year-old males or 14-year-old males.” It’s awesome seeing someone who made Dances With Wolves in Space getting criticized from the left. But that is the alt-left. You can never be liberal enough for them.

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200 Gallons Of Urine On The Wall: Thankfully, that phrase has not replace 99 Bottles of Beer, but it has replaced actual art. The performance artist Cassils has a new show called Monumenta. Here is Out’s description: “the show centers around “#PISSED,” the gender nonconforming artist’s latest work, which is a response to the Trump administration’s rollback of federal guidelines that instructed schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.”

I wouldn’t write about goofy … crap doesn’t seem like the correct word here, but you know what I mean, without cause. Cassils is a Guggenheim Fellow, as long as you don’t take that second word too seriously. “Listed by the Huffington Post as ‘one of ten transgender artists who are changing the landscape of contemporary art,’ Cassils has achieved international recognition for a rigorous engagement with the body as a form of social sculpture.” (Pictured another Cassils work from this bizarre video.)

Naturally, “Cassils uses plural gender-neutral pronouns (they, them, their) and a single name (as opposed to first and surname.” Sort of like a transgender Cher. Here is Out’s description of the actual art, if anyone sane can call it that: “Consisting of 200 gallons of urine in a modernist glass cube – every drop that Cassils has passed since the day in February when the Trump administration announced the rollback—”#PISSED” is a powerful visualization of the literal burden that this move inflicted (and continues to inflict) on vulnerable trans children.”

Remember when art was a painting like Van Gogh’s Shoes? (For the record, this image in no way represents how great this painting is. In real life, it looks three-dimensional. Van Gogh’s talent is so great that you can’t represent it in a photo.) The problem with shoes, is they aren’t as woke as 200 gallons of urine. There’s no politics there. It’s just talent.

This is good to remember as we move into another week of liberals screwing up football. They don’t care about the sport. They only care about politics.

Please follow me at @dangainor on Twitter. I’d like to hear from you.

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CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill Admits ‘I Don’t Stand for the National Anthem’

On Friday’s CNN Tonight, during a discussion of President Donald Trump speaking out against Colin Kaepernick and other athletes who have kneeled instead of standing for the national anthem, far-left CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill admitted that he also does not stand for the anthem. Hill: “I come on here every week and talk about white supremacy — I say Donald Trump is a white supremacist — I don’t stand for the national anthem — and CNN still employs me.”

And as he appeared again on Saturday’s CNN Newsroom, he further complained that standing for the anthem is “an affirmation of the American empire,” and boasted about his willingness to label President Trump as a “white supremacist.”



A bit earlier, liberal college professor and BET host had complained that there is a “plantation logic” being applied to athletes being pressured not to protest during the anthem: “NFL owner own teams — they don’t own NFL players. But part of the problem is this plantation logic that says that somehow, because we’re your employer, we somehow own you and we can determine your actions.”

Right-leaning CNN political commentator Matt Lewis then commented that CNN would have a right to fire him for inappropriate behavior, leading Hill to both call Trump a “white supremacist” and to admit to not standing for the anthem as he responded:

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Okay first of all, I come on here every week and talk about white supremacy — I say Donald Trump is a white supremacist — I don’t stand for the national anthem — and CNN still employs me. You have a right to do that. It’s not a plantation logic to have rules — it’s a plantation logic to think that you can control people’s minds and bodies and politics which is what they’re attempting to do with Colin Kaepernick. Also, not standing for the national anthem is not inappropriate or wrong. It’s simply something you have a different point of view on.

After Lewis exclaimed, “It’s unpatriotic!” Hill continued:

Let me respond to that. … you don’t get to define patriotism for everybody else. People didn’t die for the right to stand for a flag, they died for freedom and justice. And Colin Kaepernick is putting his knee down because there is an insufficient amount of freedom and justice for vulnerable black and brown people. When somebody does in this country, we put the flag at half mast. We have a flag, and we put it at half mast, Colin Kaepernick’s body is standing at half mast every time he puts his knee on the ground because he’s saying that America is not free yet.

As Hill appeared again on Saturday night at 8:04 p.m. ET, he complained that standing is “an affirmation of the American empire.” Hill: “The fact is, Colin Kaepernick and me and many other people simply have different politics. It’s not neutral to pledge allegiance or sing the national anthem. It’s an affirmation of the American empire.”

He soon added: “What I’m saying very clearly, unequivocally, unapologetically on national television is that Donald J. Trump is a white supremacist.”

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The Beginning Of The End Of Syria’s War: Last Stand Of ISIS At Deir ez-Zor

Deir Ez-Zor, Syria

After lifting the blockade around Deir ez-Zor, the Syrian Army is just a step away from freeing a road to Iraq. As for Washington, it is gradually losing influence in Syria, while Moscow is boosting its military, diplomatic and humanitarian positions in the region, a Russian expert told Sputnik.

Commenting on last week’s lifting of the blockade around the eastern Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor in a written interview with Sputnik, Gevorg Mirzayan, Associate Professor of the Finance University of the Russian Government, specifically pointed to the event’s positive impact on the situation in Syria.

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“The lifting of Deir ez-Zor’s blockade became not only the beginning of liberation of hundreds of thousands of residents from the three-year Daesh siege, but also the start of the liberation of Syria’s eastern regions from the power of terrorists,” Mirzayan said.

    1. Bull’s Eye: Russian Kalibr Missiles ‘Destroy U.S. Israeli ISIS Defenses’ in Deir Ez-Zor

He quoted UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura as saying that a military operation to liberate Deir ez-Zor is “the beginning of the end” of the Syrian civil war and that the Syrian opposition should realize the reality: namely, they must accept that they did not prevail over President Bashar Assad.Despite the opposition’s indignation about Mistura’s remarks, many of those who sponsor the opposition, especially Saudi Arabia, have started to negotiate with Moscow, which acts as a mediator, on the terms of the peace talks, according to Mirzayan.

“As for the White House, it is reluctant to sit down with Moscow, not least because of the irreconcilable stance and the fact that the US positions in Syria are now too weak to see Washington as a party to the talks,” he said.

He added that “given that Washington does not want to negotiate in a weak position, it is seeking to weaken Assad by notably preventing him from gaining at least part of the Syrian deposits in the Deir ez-Zor province and also blocking the Iraqi roads that will link Syria to Iran.”

Deir Ez-Zor, Syria ~ Syrian government forces punishing ISIS/US/Israeli proxy terrorists near the village of al-Maleha, in the northern countryside of Deir Ezzor, on September 9, 2017

Touching upon the [small faction of] {k}urds’ possible influence, Mirzayan said that even though they’ve allegedly developed partnership ties with the United States [main body of Kurds are anti U.S./ISIS], the Americans are unlikely be ready to defend the[small breakaway faction] {k}urds currently operating in Deir ez-Zor.

[The idea of Kurds helping the U.S. is part of the propaganda scheme to bring about an image of coalition to bring about secession of Kurdistan from Iraq. This is part of the deep state’s ‘Rothschild International Central Bank’s’ plan of controlling the M.E. oil supply]

  1. Russian Bombers Surround And Destroy International ISIS Convoy Heading To Their Last Refuge In Deir ez-Zor, Syria
  2. Iraqi Dinar For U.S. Citizens Granted By Presidents Bush Obama E.O. 13303 & Iraq’s Coalition Provisional Authority Order 39

“Meanwhile, the shadow of Turkey already looms behind the Russian-Iranian-Syrian coalition, with Ankara clearly stating that the [small faction] {k}urds should not cross the Euphrates. Syria: U.S. & Israeli ISIS Mercenaries Decimated by Iraq, SAA, Sunni Kurd, and Russian Forces

President Erdogan is deploying Turkish troops to the border with the Kurdish regions and in order to start an invasion, he needs a go-ahead from Russia and the US,” Mirzayan said. [Turkey has been destroying the [small faction {k}urds aka; ISIS using the misnomer name of Kurd]

Sunni Kurds [Female Warriors] Fighting Deep State’s ISIS In Iraq, Turkey, & Syria.

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  2. Turkey Arrests 43 U.S. Deep State Bank Officials
  3. Turkey Continues Bombing U.S. Terrorist Positions In Syria
  4. Turkey Congratulates Iraq On Victory Over Israeli U.S. ISIS in Mosul
  5. Turkey Warns U.S. Of Creating ISIS Terrorist Army: Turkey Increases Military Intervention In Syria
  6. Turkey Exits NATO Aligns With Russia In Syria: Russia & Turkey In First Joint Air Strikes On U.S. Israeli ISIS

Dwelling on Russia’s regional clout, he quoted US political scientist Nicholas Gvozdev as saying that “Russia is now present in the entire Middle East.”

President Putin Of The Russian Federation

According to Gvozdev, “Israel and Egypt are building a line of communication with the Kremlin, seeing [Russian President Vladimir] Putin as a more reliable leader who fulfills his obligations.”

  1. Egypt’s Grand Mufti Upholds Deep State Muslim Brotherhood’s Ex-President Morsi Death Sentence.
  2. President Putin Allowed Netanyahu To Vent His Iranophobia: “Unfortunately, We Can Not Help You Here”

“Tel Aviv and Cairo were echoed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is also ready to bolster a strategic line with Moscow on energy, Eurasian security and the future calibration of the Middle East,” Gvozdev concluded.

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  3. Egypt’s President Kills 241 U.S. Israeli ISIS Terrorists In 5 Days

Mirzayan, for his part, said that “Moscow is dealing with solving  the Syrian civil war, both militarily and politically”; he touted Russia as “one of the most important sponsors and guarantors of the negotiation process.”

“The resolution of the Kurdish [propaganda] issue, including the [deep state scheme] Kurdish state’s possible autonomy, largely depends on Moscow. [False]

  1. Iraqi parliament votes against Kurdish independence referendum

Additionally, Russia mediates between the most implacable enemies in the region — Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as Iran and Israel. In the Middle East, especially in Syria, Russia promotes sort of a modus vivendi of all these forces,” Mirzayan pointed out.

  1. Russia Warns Israel Of Ceasefire Checkpoints In Syria
  2. Russia China Calls For East Jerusalem As Capital Of Palestinian State

Although the three-year [ ISIS/US/Israel ] siege of the city of Deir ez-Zor was broken last week, the fighting to fully liberate the area is still underway.The successful Deir ez-Zor operation was the biggest breakthrough against [ ISIS/US/Israel ] since the terrorist group first launched an offensive in the province.

The terrorists had been blockading Deir ez-Zor since 2014, with food and other supplies only being airlifted into the city. [ ISIS/US/Israel ] also took control over a large swath of the province of Deir ez-Zor and cut off roads to government-held districts.

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