Putin says grandfather cooked for Stalin and Lenin

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Vladimir Putin’s paternal grandfather worked as a cook for both Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin, the president said in a film posted on the internet on Sunday.

In the two-hour documentary, called Putin, the president said Spiridon Putin was a valued member of Stalin’s staff. The wartime Soviet leader, who died in 1953, conducted extensive purges during his around three decades in power.

“(He) was a cook at Lenin’s and later at Stalin’s, at one of the dachas in the Moscow area,” Putin said in the film seen by Reuters.

Interviewer Andrey Kondrashov, who became the president’s election campaign spokesman in January, said Spiridon Putin continued to cook for the Soviet establishment until shortly before he died in 1965, aged 86.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the information in the film was accurate.

(Reporting by Katya Golubkova; editing by John Stonestreet)

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‘Death of Stalin’ Director Slams Trump as ‘Quite Menacing,’ ‘Chilling’

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President during November of 2016, people in the entertainment industries across America have bashed the Republican official in no uncertain terms.

However, on Wednesday, Armando Iannucci — a Scottish-born satirist and director of the new film The Death of Stalin — went farther than most entertainers in the U.S. have been willing to go regarding the GOP occupant of the White House, declaring him and his policies “quite menacing” and “chilling.”

In an article written by our friend Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner:

A new movie about the bloody political struggle following the death of Josef Stalin in 1953 is coming under fire for comments made by its creator comparing the Soviet strongman who killed some three million to President Trump.

The Death of Stalin has already been banned in Russia for satirizing the political fight post-Stalin, and supporters of the president are now focused on the attacks [the] creator and director … has made on Trump.

“In interviews in advance of the … U.S. debut [on Friday, March 9], Iannucci — who created the [Home Box Office program] Veep — said Trump has ‘very much a … characteristic’” like Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

Bedard drew from comments made by Iannucci during an interview with The Atlantic‘s Julia Ioffe for the magazine’s March issue.

The director said he “was thinking of a fictional movie about a contemporary dictator, fantasizing about what might happen next in today’s world.”

“But then this French company called Quad came with this graphic novel, The Death of Stalin, which was quite popular in France, based on true incidents,” Iannucci noted.

“Why bother with fiction when this true story is bizarre and funny and scary at the same time?” he added before explaining that he and his crew “shot it pre-Trump, but when I started showing it to people, they seemed to think it was some commentary on contemporary events.”


The director also claimed: “There’s a lot in it about new narratives and old narratives, which seems to chime with ‘fake news’ and all that business.”

Iannucci then stated that “Stalin called anyone who disagreed with him an enemy of the people. Trump calls them unpatriotic and false.”

Asked for some examples, the director continued: “Well, Trump’s instinct is to call for jailing of opponents. If Saturday Night Live does an impression of him, he starts calling for NBC’s license to be looked into.”

Since Iannucci wasn’t asked to verify that claim, he went on: “For someone who is head of a party that’s all about government backing off, he’s very much for telling people what to think, what to watch, who shouldn’t be speaking out — he’s very authoritarian. The rule of law is his law, which I find quite menacing.”

“I have always said that if you’re doing political comedy, don’t expect it to change people’s opinion or how they vote,” the director stated. “To do that, you have to become a journalist or an activist or a politician.”

However, the Scottish-born liberal responded to a question about his HBO show by indicating: “I’m relieved I stopped before Trump — I’d find it very difficult to do fiction set in the world of government while what’s happening in reality is far more absurd.”

Regarding the Republican President, Iannucci added:

The thing I found most chilling was Trump’s Cabinet meeting where he got the cameras in and went around making everyone say how good he was.

That self-absorption was very much a Mussolini characteristic.

When Ioffe asked why Russian officials “see artists as so threatening,” the director replied: “Always beware of politicians who can’t take a joke. … The humorless politicians are the most dangerous ones, I think.”

Later, Ioffe concluded the interview by asking: “Is there anything else you want to say to our readers?”

Iannucci replied energetically: “God help us all!”

Source Article from https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/randy-hall/2018/03/07/death-stalin-director-slams-trump-quite-menacing-chilling

The Poignant Gulag Art by Stalin’s Doomed Meteorologist

The Poignant Gulag Art by Stalin’s Doomed Meteorologist

February 28th, 2018

Via: Atlas Obscura:

AN ARCTIC FOX, A HEN, wild berries, a reindeer, a single candle glowing in the darkness, glaciers floating at sea, and an aurora borealis. These are some of the subjects of delicate, precise illustrations created by a man imprisoned in a Soviet gulag during the 1930s. The man’s drawings and letters, teeming with melancholy, survive today thanks to his daughter who conserved and published them. His story, as told in Olivier Rolin’s new biography, Stalin’s Meteorologist: One Man’s Untold Story of Love, Life, and Death, is one of tragedy, but also of resilience—the kind that allows a sensitivity and love for the wonders and mysteries of nature to survive the most oppressive, cruel circumstances.




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Stalin Funded Hitler

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

After Hitler took charge of the fledgling Nazi Party on July 21, 1921, he spent lavishly on propaganda and recruitment.

There was no shortage of funds during this critical stage. The Nazis obviously had wealthy friends. But who were they?

Wall Street and German industry didn’t kick in until the late 1920’s. The German Army was financing the Nazis,  but didn’t account for the seemingly unlimited money at Hitler’s fingertips.
In the book, “A Field of Red: The Communist International and the Coming of World War II” (1981, pp. 245-246) ) the authors, Anthony Cave Brown and Charles MacDonald report that in 1923, Hitler returned from Zurich “with a steamer trunk stuffed with Swiss Francs and American dollars.” There were other mysterious sources of funds in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Latvia. 

(Chancellor for two mos. in 1932-1933, Von Schleicher was Time’s “Man of the Year” in 1932)

After World War II, US Army intelligence officers took an affidavit from industrialist Arnold Rechberg who maintained that General Kurt Von Schleicher told him in 1933 that Stalin had provided Hitler with “substantial funds.”

Von Schleicher was head of the Black Reichswehr program. The Black Reichswehr program was dedicated to rebuilding the German army, contrary to the provisions of the Versailles Treaty.

According to Walter Schellenberg, Chief of SS Foreign Intelligence, Von Schleicher also advanced Hitler 42 million Reichsmarks during this formative period on instructions from Stalin! (Memoirs, p.43) (This probably why the Gestapo murdered Von Schleicher and his wife in the 1934 purge.)  

Supposedly Stalin hoped Hitler would cause a civil war after which the Communists would take over Germany.

The truth is that Stalin and Hitler were both Illuminati. The Illuminati created Nazism as the dialectical opposite of Communism. In other words, the Illuminati created the “Jewish Marxist” world conspiracy and then created its antithesis, its supposed arch enemy, the Nazi movement, which was destined to be annihilated.

While seemingly opposed to each other, they represented the same group of billionaire Satanists determined to enslave humanity in a world government. While the evil twins duked it out, millions of patriotic opponents of world government would be killed in a false cause.


When Stalin signed the Treaty of Rapallo with the Weimar Republic in April 1922, a massive German military build-up in Russia designed to evade the Versailles treaty began. It included training and factories for production of munitions, poison gas, tanks and aircraft.  In return for Communist cooperation,  the Germans provided know-how and investment. Two prizefighters were training in the same gym for a future championship match. Thus the Illuminati economized.

According to Schellenberg, from 1929 on, Stalin directed the German Communist Party to regard the Social Democrats and not the Nazis as their enemy. There is no question the Communists assisted the Nazis in attaining power. (p.43)

The final example of this secret alliance was the Ribbentrop-Molotov Treaty of 1939 which paved the way for the Nazi invasion of Poland. Stalin ignored irrefutable evidence of the Nazi plan to attack and provided the Nazis with needed raw materials right up until the eve of the invasion.

Although both Germany and Russia invaded Poland, the Illuminati-controlled West declared war only on Germany!

Why? Because the plan was to embroil Germany in a two-front war with Stalin on the side of the West. The plan was for the dialectical devils to battle it out, and for Germany to be finished off as a nationalistic force. Both Hitler and Bormann were Illuminati agents assigned to lure Germany into a fatal trap.

In 1921, Russia and Germany were presented as two pariah states. The onerous conditions of the Versailles Treaty were designed to drive Germany into Russia’s arms. But, this was only in preparation for Germany’s revenge, WWII and the final knock-out blow.  


We live in a mental and spiritual matrix created by the Illuminati bankers and their traitorous minions. They manipulate world events and our perceptions of them. They fund the historians and own the mass media. Google “Stalin funded Hitler” and you won’t find one mention of this.

But occasionally the truth slips through the net, or used to. Today, information seems more tightly controlled than ever. But “A Field of Red” was published 30 years ago when we were still basking in the twilight rays of Christian Civilization.

The take-away is that if we have another world war, it will be planned and orchestrated by the Illuminati who always control both sides.


See Comment from Danish Observer – OJ
“Hitler took Offer Ludendorff Refused”

Source Article from https://www.henrymakow.com/did_stalin_help_fund_hitler.html