Staged Refugee Crisis by the Jews to bring in more Muslims into Europe

See that man there, that poor refugee. He is standing up in waist deep water. Yes only waist deep, while all the others pretend to be drowning in 100 metres of ocean. They are staging this photo just a few metres from the beach. The whole thing is a scam run by corrupt media and corrupt members of governments in EU countries.

You realise that much of the refugee stories are are being faked by the zionist jewish owned media, and backed up by the bought and paid for corrupt Zionist politicians in EU countries; all for the agenda of flooding Europe with 3rd world peoples. To erase the European races and culture. To create fear and civil strife in EU nations. To bring in militarized police and rule of military style law. This is their long term strategy to weaken the unity and cultural cohesion that stands between zionists and their quest for dominion.

Problem, Reaction, Solution

staged event