Protesters Swarm City Hall After Dashcam Shows Cops Pulverize Man Over Suspended License


Euclid, OH — Following the release of a video which went viral showing police assault a motorist who was allegedly driving with a suspended license, many members of the city of Euclid, Ohio are demanding answers from police.

Dozens of protesters have taken to the street outside city hall in an apparent effort to express their disapproval of the traffic stop which, according to the video, showed police beating a man for nearly four minutes.

Richard Hubbard III is the man receiving the beat down by police. He was subsequently arrested, as TFTP reported, on resisting arrest and driving with a suspended license charges.

It’s unclear if the violent arrest was racially motivated, but in the minds of some residents, there is hardly a doubt. Rian Brown, one of the protest organizers, explained his reason for protesting outside city hall:

The reason I am here is because of the failure of leadership…The city government fails to respond to black folks. This is nothing new. This is something we are seeing all across the country.

The protest was timed to coincide with a Euclid Community Relations Task Force meeting, which took place after the gathering. According to, once the meeting started, residents did not hold back their disapproval of the way police handled Mr. Hubbard:

Those in attendance scolded the city’s leadership and the police department for not protecting communities of color equally and questioned whether the task force would actually listen to residents.

The city’s residents are also still reeling from an officer-involved shooting which left Luke O. Stewart dead, killed in March about 7 a.m. on East 222nd Street near Milton Avenue. Stewart, 23, was shot after officers responded to investigate a suspicious vehicle found in the area. Tierra Stewart, Luke’s sister is still in disbelief. She addressed leaders at the community meeting saying:

I don’t understand how they just kill somebody and don’t say nothing…It’s just not fair. My brother has two small kids who look for their father every day. All we can tell them is ‘the police killed him’… I’m just outdone.

Euclid Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail attended the meeting, took notes, remained silent, and later commented to members of the media:

I can understand the frustrations that they have…This was a starting point. I want to be able to understand that better. The police are under an enormous stress and the community is under stress when we have safety issues.

Gail reminded the community that both incidents are under investigation. However, for residents who have been rocked by not only the killing of an apparently innocent man, but have witnessed a man be beaten by police, answers are apparently not coming soon enough.

As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, police often investigate themselves when citizens are killed or beaten, often siding with their own officers, clearing them of all wrongdoing. It’s often only when citizens are outraged, participate in citizens review boards, or vote out their sheriffs that change takes place.

TFTP will continue to monitor the proceedings of the investigation in Euclid and we will bring you updates as they become available.

As you watch the video below, remember that this was not over a murder, a rape, or a robbery. The man being attacked by police in the video below was beaten and arrested for driving with a suspended license — like due to the fact that he’s been preyed on consistently and mounted so many citations for victimless crimes that he is unable to get the ban lifted on his driving privileges.

In the land of the free, poor people and minorities serve as easy targets for revenue collection. However, if you make one wrong move or even flinch during your extortion, you will be dealt with by police using extreme prejudice.

Below is the video of protesters taking over Euclid City Hall.

Original cellphone footage of the stop.

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Charlottesville reporting shows the REAL danger to America is not violent riots but a wildly dishonest media that lies and distorts everything for political gain

Image: Charlottesville reporting shows the REAL danger to America is not violent riots but a wildly dishonest media that lies and distorts everything for political gainImage: Charlottesville reporting shows the REAL danger to America is not violent riots but a wildly dishonest media that lies and distorts everything for political gain

(Natural News)
Shortly after violence erupted in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday, where white supremacists and Left-wing anarchists battled one another over the fate of a Civil War monument, President Donald J. Trump tweeted out this message:

“We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!”

To the disgustingly dishonest establishment media that wasn’t good enough. They insisted — no, demanded — that the president call out only the white supremacist organizations by name who reportedly had attended the Charlottesville protest in some capacity.

So, bending to the request Trump took time on Monday to address specifically that racial hate espoused by the KKK and other white nationalist organizations would not be tolerated.

Not good enough.

Oh, Trump didn’t condemn those groups quickly enough, the chattering Left-wing commentariat in the media complained. And when he finally did, ‘it was only because we forced him to — he didn’t really mean it and we don’t believe him!’

Like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Monday in an interview with Fox News, no matter what this president says or does, the haters are gonna hate and the Alt-Left is gonna riot.

“…[C]learly there was a hunger for him to use the specific phrases about white supremacists and about the KKK and about Nazis. He came back today (Monday afternoon), he said every single thing that his critics on the left want. So now you have crowds that are saying ‘well, he didn’t say it soon enough.’ I just want to suggest to you – there’s an anti-Trump movement in this country that will never, ever be satisfied as long as he’s president,” Gingrich said.

Absolutely right. But the former speaker reminded viewers of this nugget, too: “By the way, remember, it’s Donald Trump who, last year, in the campaign, repudiated David Duke, he repudiated the KKK and in his inaugural, he said ‘all of us bleed the same color’ and ‘to be racist is to be un-American.”

Again, not good enough. It’s Trump, after all, so the false narratives — that’s he’s racist, bigoted, homophobic — will endure no matter what.

I want to be clear about something: Yes, I’m part of “the media,” but not part of the establishment media that is responsible for ginning up and then perpetuating so much vile hatred of Trump that it’s literally making people on the Left insane.

Consider this: As reported by The Daily Caller, Left-wing extremists “doxxed” a University of Arkansas professor, Kyle Quinn, and began calling him out on social media because they believe he was one of the right-wing extremists marching in favor of white supremacy in Charlottesville.

Only, as The New York Times reported, Quinn was nowhere near the city on Friday night; he was 1,000 miles away in Bentonville, Ark., having dinner with his wife and viewing an art exhibit.

The Times noted:

Mr. Quinn, who runs a laboratory dedicated to wound-healing research, was quickly flooded with vulgar messages on Twitter and Instagram, he said in an interview on Monday. Countless people he had never met demanded he lose his job, accused him of racism and posted his home address on social networks.

He had been misidentified.

The right-wing protest marcher carrying a tiki torch Friday night that Quinn was mistaken for sported an “Arkansas Engineering” t-shirt; Quinn teaches at the facility. The marcher had a beard and similar build to Quinn as well.

But it wasn’t him.

“You have celebrities and hundreds of people doing no research online, not checking facts,” Quinn told Times, “I’ve dedicated my life to helping all people, trying to improve health care and train the next generation of scientists, and this is potentially throwing a wrench in that.”

This is the establishment media’s fault. They are responsible for creating and then enabling an outsized hatred for Trump because it empowers them and advances their anti-American political objectives. (Related: The real goal of the intolerant Left is the outright extermination of conservative White culture (and elimination of the First Amendment.)

It’s time someone held them responsible.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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Cops Suspended After Video Shows Them Beat Man’s Arm Through a Cell Door


Denver, CO — Two Denver Sheriff Department deputies have been suspended following an investigation into the use of excessive force on an inmate under their control. The deputies were seen on video using excessive force against their opponent — a single arm.

Deputy Daniel Trujillo, who’s been with the department since 2014, received a 60-day suspension for his role in the incident. Deputy Matthew Hammernik, who has only been with the department since 2016, received an 18-day suspension.

The incident happened last October when deputies were distributing food to inmates. The inmate in question happened to be mentally ill, suicidal, and was known as a problem in the jail. When it came time to get him his food, the inmate stuck his arm through the door and refused to pull it back in.

As seen in the video, once the inmate had his arm through the door, a stand off between the cops and the arm began. Lasting over 5 minutes, the deputies resorted to multiple violent tactics — instead of simply stepping back, calling a supervisor, or just waiting.

At first, the deputies began twisting the mentally ill man’s arm in an attempt to shove it back through the door. It looked as if they were going to snap his bone as they rolled it around in a futile attempt at shoving the arm back through.

At this point, a supervisor should’ve been called. However, they pulled out their nunchaku instead.

The nunchaku is used by deputies for self-defense and to control people. However, they were used to beat an inmate’s non-threatening arm in this case.

Trujillo pulled out his nunchaku and began striking the inmate’s arm repeatedly, but this had no effect.

During the struggle, the man’s arm became lodged in the door and the deputies helped him to free it. However, at this point, they wrapped their nunchaku around the man’s arm, continuously applying more and more pressure for several minutes. Finally, likely due to the fact that he was injured, the inmate pulled his arm back in the cell and the flap was closed.

According to FOX 31, Trujillo was also suspended earlier this year for not responding quickly enough to an inmate’s suicide attempt. Hammernik was recently hired as a deputy. His attorneys argue he never should have been assigned to this unit while still on probation.

As the Denver Post reports,

The incident was not the first time Denver deputies have used excessive force against an inmate who refused to keep his arms and hands inside his cell.

Earlier this year, Deputy Thao Nguyen was suspended for 10 days after he used his Taser to shock the fingers of an inmate who would not remove his fingers from a door flap. That incident happened in 2015.

In 2016, Deputy Steven Roybal was fired for kicking a cell-door flap and smashing an inmate’s fingers. The inmate had become agitated during breakfast and had thrown hot coffee and tray through the slot and had refused to move his fingers.

Trujillo and Hammernik claim that their incompetent and violent response to the man’s arm was due to the lack of training they received. Deputies told investigators they had not been trained in regaining control of door flaps from mentally ill inmates who may force their arms through them.

Trujillo and Hammernik have since appealed their suspensions according to Daelene Mix, spokeswoman for the Denver Department of Public Safety.

“It remains the department’s view the decision by deputies Trujillo and Hammernik to engage with the inmate was completely unnecessary,” Mix said. “He was in a locked cell and that greatly reduces any threat he posed.”

The deputies’ punishment certainly seems worthy given all the facts and the ridiculous video above. However, it sheds light on the lack of punishment other officers enjoy for acts of brutality far worse this one.

Ehud Halevy, 22, is one such victim of brutality, in which his attackers, two NYPD cops, were not punished. Halevy was sleeping in a back room of the Aliya Institute in Crown Heights, when a security guard called police. Although youths were sometimes allowed to sleep there, the guard was apparently alarmed because Halevy was shirtless and not wearing pants.

“When we watched the video and saw some of New York’s finest behaving in a not very fine way, brutalizing an individual for absolutely no reason, it was just something horrible,” said Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

Despite having permission to be there, having broken no law, and police having no reason for their violence — only the taxpayers of New York were held liable — not the cops.

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New Video Shows Violent Arrest in Euclid, Ohio, Of Officer Beating A Young Man

The officer is currently on paid administrative leave, and the young man is out on bond and charged with resisting arrest and driving under suspension.

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America, Charlottesville Shows We Are Being Led Into a Civil War, Do Not Follow


With quotes by Adolf Hitler emblazoned on tee shirts, remnants of Nazi regalia, chants of “Jew will not replace us,” and Confederate flags held aloft throughout the crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia, demonstrations by white nationalists against the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee coldly conjured the apparition of the Jim Crow-era American South — and then events turned deadly.

A 32-year-old woman lost her life and 26 others suffered injuries, some grievous, when a car allegedly driven by James Alex Fields, 20, sped purposefully into a crowd of protesters at a high rate of speed on Saturday — literally knocking people out of their shoes and sending them airborne — in what vocal critics, alluding to previous attacks in Europe, termed an act of terrorism.

To reiterate, an (alleged) white nationalist targeted and ran over protesters, killing one of them — after Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe declared a sweeping state of emergency, and after, according to the state’s ACLU chapter, police were told to stand down and wait for commands to intervene — providing the both the perfect storm and the perfect excuse to clear the permitted protesters and others from the area.

Seething hatred and vitriol from both sides — white nationalists and neo-Nazis affronted by perceived slights of the system, and their strident anti-racist opposition — fomented into a lethal mixture, the result of which veritably cements yet further losses of freedom for all.

The prospect of lost liberties aside, Charlottesville — in mere hours — exposed the nastiest iterations of racism minorities have opined for decades without recourse, rebranded again, but no different in substance, than a legion of hard-right socialist malefactors unworthy of mention, but whose insignia donned the sleeves of attendees, unabashed.

Any harbored illusions of unity in the United States undoubtedly fell away Saturday — and with all signs blaring the warning another civil war could break out, it’s imperative to examine how this division hurts every side of this fracas — to the perpetual benefit of the kakistocracy masquerading as our government.

A procession of politicians, including President Trump, all condemned the targeted attack and called for a return to peace and rationality at the ordinarily quiet home to the University of Virginia. Yet, none have stepped forward to call the homicide by vehicle — so reminiscent of attacks by the Islamic State in Paris and Berlin — as a terrorist act.

Considering the pandemonium resulting from the planned demonstration and opposition, the events at Charlottesville — which would otherwise go down in the annals of history as fatal, inexcusable mismanagement by officials — provide the ideal political climate for the dextrous application of dissent-quashing domestic policy.

More government surveillance, further restrictions against free assembly and demonstration, toughening of restrictions on firearms, and increased scrutiny and censorship of social media, among other nefarious actions, seem inevitably bound to surface in the halls of Congress.

Politicians — too detached from constituents and slavish to fundraising, when they do work, to find a legislative spine before Charlottesville — suddenly rush to castigate the supposed white nationalist attacker as an anomalous lone wolf, ignoring the climate fostering such malice and the vociferous counter-protest warning of it for the past year or more.

Indeed, a fastidiously-maintained blind spot ensures the State can not only continue governing despite vituperative quarreling among the people, but flourish. What law enforcement or spy agency doesn’t drool at the prospect one group of people will demand censure, restriction, and opprobrious labeling of another as a threat — since, ultimately, a program officially enacted bears the same authority of force over them both, no matter which ruler tightens the reins.

If policy even finds paper in time.

That racism finally stripped itself of pretense in Charlottesville and brutalized its opponents into the hospital and grave before law enforcement would stir itself into enforcing the law — as well as the flaccid response from Trump, the non-branding of terrorism, and jaw-dropping disparities in policing versus during predominantly Black protests — should not have come as a shock.

Black Americans have made plain for decades the extent and influence racism still exerts over the system of governance in this country, mostly to deaf and dismissive ears — perhaps, until this weekend — while a parallel resurgence of white nationalism crept in obtrusively under the monikered guise of the Alt Right.

This isn’t to farcically pin systemic racism exclusively on the backs of attendees of the largest white nationalist rally in more than a decade; nor is it to say these beliefs are held by every person of either race — but things are getting hairy. Quickly.

Much blame has been assigned over Charlottesville, but none so detrimental as the fingers pointed beforehand by everyone at everyone else, other than the government — which bears the brunt of culpability in stoking the racial divide through partisan politics and baiting the general public into believing the lie that changes would be made to benefit all.

Consider, for a moment, that the truest source of oppression — the perpetrator of stratification and breeder of strife — has a vested interest in our waging war against one another.

“When a citizenry no longer feels that it can find justice through the organs of power,” writes Chris Hedges in Wages of Rebellion, “when it feels that the organs of power are the enemies of freedom and economic advancement, it makes war on those organs … The longer citizens are locked out of and abused by systems of power the more these systems become targets.”

Civil war, to the establishment, means no possibility of a revolutionary one.

Without debate, racism should never find comfort among a people considering themselves advanced; but if the pitchforks and fury are solely directed at the racists — whose behavior, in fact, amounts to a mere symptom of a morally reprehensible system based on force — they will never extricate the bigoted root.

We’re one sour word away from an avoidable civil conflict — but it requires we cease validating malicious and bad ideas. Rationalizing brought us unchecked bigotry and a reality show host as president, as well as rumors of civil war.

Had the masses remained oblivious before Saturday to depth and scope of pain this nation still endures, the last words of the victim, now identified as Heather Heyer, citing an activist axiom in a post to social media, should leave no doubt:

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”

Are you paying attention?

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