Short-Lived US Government Shutdown

Short-lived US Government Shutdown

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Shutdowns occurred 18 previous times, the longest in 1996, lasting 21 days.

The second one under Trump in the past three weeks, occurring after midnight Thursday, was resolved quickly. Neither party wanted it to last.

Overnight, Senate budget legislation passed overwhelmingly, not before shutdown occurred after Senator Rand Paul delayed voting past midnight, objecting to GOP failure   to stick to 2011 budget caps and fiscally conservative policies.

On Fox News, Paul said Washington “spends too much money, borrows too much money, and actually we’re going to bring back Obama era deficits. I was elected to combat Obama era deficits.”

US deficits occur in nearly all fiscal years. The nation has a long history of indebtedness from the republic’s early days.

Andrew Jackson was the only president to eliminate US debt entirely. It was about $1.4 billion in current dollars. Today the national debt is $20.6 trillion.

Deficits occur almost annually, balanced budgets or surpluses rare. Deficits explode in wartime. They rose sharply under Bush/Cheney and Obama.

Because of the great GOP tax cut heist, budget experts estimate the US FY 2018 deficit at $1 trillion or more, continuing high in subsequent years.

David Stockman believes the tax cut will add trillions of dollars in federal debt. He estimates it rising to around $35 trillion by 2028, causing enormous economic harm, saying:

“Whatever expansionary impulses that do remain in the US economy are about to get smothered by the impending collision between soaring debt issuance by the US Treasury just as the Fed prepares to dump upwards to $2 trillion of existing debt securities into the bond pits.” 

“The punters on Wall Street have been so addled by years of Fed monetization of the public debt that they now think rising yields are a ‘good thing’ and reflect rebounding economic growth. No they don’t!”

“The only possible way to accelerate growth in a 104-month-old business cycle – where household consumers are impaled on a record $15 trillion of debt and other liabilities – is through an outbreak of capital spending.”

So far, companies have been largely focused on stock buybacks, increased executive pay and bonuses, along with mergers and acquisitions.

There’s no way out of “the fiscal trap…short of a thundering financial collapse,” Stockman believes.

Stockman earlier called Fed quantitative easing (QE) “high grade monetary heroin,” believing one day it’ll “kill the patient.” 

He called the current equity market swoon “a minor warm-up for the main event.” The fullness of time will tell.

Pre-dawn Friday, House members passed budget legislation, agreeing on a $300 billion increase in military and domestic spending to keep dysfunctional government running – Trump expected to sign the measure into law later today.

The shutdown lasted hours. Three weeks ago, it shut down for three days. Undemocratic Dems caved, agreeing to another continuing resolution to keep government running through February 8.

The January shutdown occurred over immigrant rights issues, notably Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), letting undocumented immigrants entering America as minors receive renewable deferred action from deportation, along with work permit eligibility.

Around 850,000 “Dreamers” are affected. Some estimates put their number at 1.7 million human beings deserving equitable treatment – not thrown under the bus for political reasons.

The issue remains unresolved, leaving them in limbo once budget resolution is signed into law – likely later on Friday, but in Washington, nothing is certain.

The proposed budget deal involves a fifth stopgap bill to fund government through March 23. Another measure will be needed to prevent shutdown.

It’s no way to run government, yet it persists, a game of chicken to see who blinks first.

A Final Comment

The deal agreed on includes:

$165 billion military spending increase;

domestic program spending boosted by $131 billion;

nearly $90 billion in disaster relief funding:

funding community health centers for the next two years;

extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program for four years;

funding for existing infrastructure programs for transportation, drinking water and broadband.

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NYT Goes Manic Over FISA Memo From ‘Stooge’ Nunes; ‘Falls Well Short’ of Scandal

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I$rael condemns passing of Polish Holocaust law, stops short of recalling envoy

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All short-haul flights from Norway could be electric by 2040

Whether it was low cost carrier Easyjet planning electric passenger flights within a decade, or Boeing-backed Zunum’s plans to run battery-powered flights out of regional airports, I have not hidden my surprise at the fact that fully electric commercial flight is being seriously considered possible in the medium-term future.

I mean, it wasn’t that long ago that I was surprised to see a plug-in hybrid Chevy Volt on my street.

But progress just keeps on going, and now numerous outlets including—appropriately enough—Life in Norway are reporting that Avinor, Norway’s major airport infrastructure operator, is aiming for 100% of short-haul flights to be fully electric by 2040 at the latest. Avinor also wants to be running test flights on key routes as early as 2025.

To be clear, we are only talking about flights of about 1.5 hours in duration or less—but that would still cover almost all domestic routes, as well as flights to nearby foreign capitals like Copenhagen or Stockholm too. There are several reasons why this would be a pretty major deal:

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, short haul flights are far more polluting per passenger mile than long haul. That’s because of the sheer amount of power it takes to get a plane off the ground. By shifting these shorter routes to cleaner, more efficient electric propulsion, we could save more energy intensive jet fuel for those longer routes that really need it. Even if longer-haul electric flight is not yet viable, this may also help develop hybrid options or other efficiency improvements that could be deployed on longer flights too.

Secondly, despite its status as an oil and gas exporter, Norway’s electric grid runs primarily on renewables. So just as its massive growth in electric car sales has created outsized climate benefits due to its greener grid, the same will be true of electric flights that charge up in Norway.

And thirdly, while Norway itself is a relatively tiny country, this sends a powerful message to airlines, airplane manufacturers and governments around the world—that electric flight is increasingly feasible, and they’d better start investing now if they don’t want to be left behind.

Now if Norway could also stop pushing oil to the rest of us…

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Medvedeva skates into 2nd in short program at European champs after newcomer & touted rival Zagitova

A debutante at the European championship, Zagitova demonstrated a near flawless skating in the short program on Thursday, nailing all of her jumps, including a rarely seen triple Lutz-triple loop combination.

The 15-year-old posted the meet high of 80.27 points, beating her personal best by several points.

“It was my season’s best performance. I am glad to have finally skated a clean short program, but there is always room for perfection,” Zagitova said. “This is my first European championship, but despite this, it was easy to perform in Moscow due to the warm support of the home crowd.”

She is followed by defending champion Medvedeva, who failed to overcome the mark of 80 points after stumbling on the double axel, which didn’t go unnoticed by the judges. Medvedeva’s performance was awarded with 78.57 points, granting her the second place in the current standings.

The 2014 Olympic bronze medalist Carolina Kostner of Italy closed out the top-three finishers in short program with a score of 78.30. One more representative of Russia, Maria Sotskova, is in current fourth place with 68.70 points.

The Medvedeva-Zagitova duel has long been anticipated by the figure skating fans and pundits, as the two, who have never faced each other before, are widely recognized as the two most technically-gifted skaters.

The skaters’ first ever encounter was to have taken place at the Grand Prix final in Japan, but the highly-anticipated battle was postponed for more than two months due to an injury to Medvedeva.

The two-time world champion was forced to skip several tournaments recovering from a fractured foot.

Both skaters have been training under the watchful eyes of Eteri Tutberidze, who previously coached Sochi gold medalist Yulia Lipnitskaya, guiding her to the Olympic podium.

Zagitova, who was unrivaled at junior level, has successfully entered senior competition this season, already winning two major titles at the grand prix final and the national championship.

She became the first skater to place all her jumps in the second part of the program, as under the current judging system all elements executed in the latter part of the program are rewarded with bonuses.

The move, however, was met with mixed reactions from figure skating experts. While some pundits welcomed her decision to earn extra points, the others insisted her programs lacked balance and beauty.

The intense battle for the European crown will continue on Saturday, when ladies will show their free programs. Trailing Zagitova by only 1.7 points, Medvedeva, unbeaten for the past two years, will definitely try to reduce the gap and clinch her third consecutive European title.

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Short List for Amazon’s second headquarters speaks volumes about cities

Amazon has reviewed the 238 submissions it received to its cattle call for its new, second headquarters, and has cut it down to a short list of twenty cities:

Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Columbus, OH
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Indianapolis, IN
Los Angeles, CA
Miami, FL
Montgomery County, MD
Nashville, TN
Newark, NJ
New York City, NY
Northern Virginia, VA
Philadelphia, PA
Pittsburgh, PA
Raleigh, NC
Toronto, ON
Washington D.C.

According to their press release,

Amazon evaluated each of the proposals based on the criteria outlined in the RFP to create the list of 20 HQ2 candidates that will continue in the selection process. In the coming months, Amazon will work with each of the candidate locations to dive deeper into their proposals, request additional information, and evaluate the feasibility of a future partnership that can accommodate the company’s hiring plans as well as benefit its employees and the local community. Amazon expects to make a decision in 2018.

Or they might follow Chris Turner’s suggestion. Richard Florida notes that half of the short list is along the Eastern seaboard, which makes some sense given that the company is now on the other coast; geographic diversity is a logical move.

I wondered about Columbus, but Richard Florida points out its virtues. He also is bullish on Toronto, but I am still a bit surprised that it (where he and I both live) got on the list. For one thing, they did not offer any incentives or subsidies of significance.

Fun? Housing costs are ridiculous. The subway is overcrowded. Taxes are high. The civic government is like a 50s time warp that spends billions on highways and subways to nowhere. Tim Horton’s sells all the watery coffee and exploits its workers. It’s freezing.

On the other hand, a lot of American companies are setting up here because Canada lets educated immigrants in. There might be some real logic in diversifying countries as well as coasts.

In the end, it would be nice if the city was chosen on the basis of merit rather than on the basis of incentives; as I noted in my earlier post, this is going to cost whatever city gets it a huge amount of investment in infrastructure, hospitals and schools. That’s why I suspect it will be in one of the bigger US cities, where the impact of such a big investment is less significant (and it cannot dominate an economy like it does in Seattle).

In some ways, Amazon is a poisoned chalice, and previously noted Why they even want a company that has done so much damage to our cities is beyond me. But hey, as they say in the press release,

The company plans to invest over $5 billion and grow this second headquarters to accommodate as many as 50,000 high-paying jobs. In addition to Amazon’s direct hiring and investment, construction and ongoing operation of Amazon HQ2 is expected to create tens of thousands of additional jobs and tens of billions of dollars in additional investment in the surrounding community.

That is tough to argue with these days.

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Seth Rich Is One Short Step Away From Justice and Trump Has Liberal Judges On the Run


The Common Sense Show has also learned that the House Intelligence Committee is also on the verge of investigating who leaked the DNC emails to Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Of course, Hillary Clinton would have you believe that it was the Russians. Mad Maxine Waters would have the American people believe it was Donald Trump and this is just one more reason that Trump should be impeached.

I have previously demonstrated, through circumstantial evidence that the leaker was none other than Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter. This means that when the Senate Intelligence Committee turns its sights on the leaked DNC emails, that this will bring the murder of Seth Rich into full view and the whitewash of this “staged robbery” of Rich, which was perpetuated by John Podesta and covered up by former DNC Chair Repressentative Debra Wasserman Schultz (D) and her Federal Washington DC prosecutor brother, Steven Schultz who derailed the investigation and destroyed the possiblity of bringing justice to the family of Seth Rich.

As they say in the world of infomercials, “But wait there’s more”, The Common Sense Show has also learned that there are multiple investigations by U.S. legal and political authorities that include, but are not limited to a DOJ criminal investigation, and three separate congressional investigations.

Before going further down this soon-t0-be historic rabbit hole, it is very important to mention that ALL of these investigations are technically directed at Wikileaks and its role on influencing the 2016 election. This sounds like the failed “Russian collusion” allegations doesn’t it? You would be correct in making this assumption.

It was investigative journalist, Liz Crokin, who convinced me to take a closer look at the possibility that Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, had been flipped and was engaged in supporting Trump by shifting the direction of his investigation into Hillary Clinton territory. In other words, the Russian collusion story is now the excuse to eventually bring in another Russian collusion investigation, the selling of uranium to the Russians by Hillary Clinton.

Crokin’s convincing took place in an interview on The Common Sense Show.  Six hours later, I was contacted by an FBI agent with the damning information of Judge Navarro and the pending order to release the Bundys’.

I freely confess, that Crokin had not fully convinced me that this was a possibility until I was contacted by a long-time acquaintance who was working with the FBI. This FBI source told me the Bundy men would be released later that week which they were. In the events leading up to the release, the trial judge, Gloria Navarro, was confronted by FBI loyalists and was told to release the Bundy men or face Federal charges related to her misconduct in this matter. Crokin contends that is what happened with Mueller.

Flipping judges and prosecutors seems to have become a strategy for the Trump administration.

From Zero Hedge:

The case against former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn has taken a strange turn, as U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras abruptly recused himself Thursday night with no explanation. Contreras is an Obama appointee who also sat on the FISA court while the Trump team was under surveillance by the Obama administration. Judge Emmet Sullivan, an Bill Clinton appointee, was randomly assigned to take over the case after Contreras’ recusal. 

Contreras was appointed to the FISA court on May 19, 2016 – before the warrant to surveil one-time Trump advisor Carter Page was issued “in the summer” of 2016. It is unknown whether or not Contreras was involved in the decision, or whether he was involved in surveillance on Michael Flynn.

In fact every single FISA Court judge was appointed during the Obama administration…

Zero Hedge goes on to allege that Judge Contreras was complicit in the illegal spying on private citizen Donald Trump. the removal of Contreras is a major victory for Trump because it sends shockwaves to every liberal judge who makes a mockery of the Constitution.

Perhaps the most significant issue related to the plethora of investigations is that Trump is making the liberals shake in their boots. Anyone that had anything to do with the murder of Seth Rich has been put on notice.

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Washington’s New Bible Museum Is Long On Torahs — But Short On Jesus

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Animated Short Reveals The Dark Complexities Of Healing Our Broken Society

BLuke Miller Truth Theory

In-Shadows is a Masterful short film from Lubomir Arsov which touches on wage slavery, sexual depravity, the pharmaceutical culture and societies attempt to turn us into mindless consumers. The incredibly powerful short film is disturbing, enlightening and motivating to heal our broken relationship with ourselves and the planet.

The film starts with the opening of a box which seems to represent the planet and a broader box than the western world is currently living in.

The film then enters the shadows of modern day society

In- Shadow Full Film

The films powerful imagery touches on boxes we have allowed to be placed upon ourselves

The unreasonable work expectations we need to keep up with to maintain any “quality” of life

The glorification of alcohol

And sexual depravity

The pharmaceutical culture that has become the norm

And indoctrination by the schooling of our children

The big hitting imagery continues with the money worshiping consumerist ideology


The film touches on many dark worldly issues, but then something beautiful happens:

The divine masculine and feminine rise up, in what would be the ideal solution to the madness which is our broken society.

An empowered society would never tolerate the current condition we have placed upon ourselves.

We are powerful! We are one! We rise together in love!

Please share this article and video! Much love, Luke!

I am Luke Miller the author of this article, and creator of Potential For Change. I like to blend psychology and spirituality to help you create more happiness in your life.Grab a copy of my free 33 Page Illustrated eBook- Psychology Meets Spirituality- Secrets To A Supercharged Life You Control Here

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If You Don’t Know Why A Plant-Based Diet Is Better For Your Health & The Planet, This Short Video Explains It

Next Story

When it comes to diet, we all know that there is SO MUCH CONFLICTING INFORMATION OUT THERE as to what it really means to be healthy and what you should do to be healthy. Especially in the realm of plant-based eating, there is no shortage of confliction, and many are left very confused as to whether or not they can get the adequate vitamins, minerals, protein and nutrients from a plant-based diet alone. Even though many swear by it, and we have some amazing examples of very strong, healthy and vibrant vegans, there are still many skeptics out there who insist that animal products are an essential factor to maintain good health.

If there is one thing we can all agree on, however, at least after doing just a little bit of research is that a plant-based diet is way better for the environment, in so many ways. The following video does an excellent job of summarizing the benefits that come from adopting a plant-based diet for the environment and yourself.

Obviously, I don’t want to tell anyone what to do. I’m not at liberty to do so, but at least the video can offer you something to consider. Even if you don’t believe that a plant-based diet is healthier for you, that’s okay. You can still see some of the benefits of consuming much less animal products. Even just changing what you eat in one day will have a significant impact over time. If everyone in the world cut out animal products for just one week, can you imagine the impact that would have on the environment and how many lives would be saved?

Frequently Asked Questions

One question that I often hear from people who are skeptical about giving up meat is, “If we stopped eating animals what would happen to all of them? We would have way too many cows, pigs, chickens, etc.” The answer to this is that we wouldn’t because right now, they aren’t reproducing naturally; they are being mass-produced for the sole purpose of consumption. If we stopped eating so many animals, they would no longer be bred and this wouldn’t be an issue.

There is a debate as to whether or not buying ethically raised, or “sustainable” meat and animal products and whether or not this makes a difference. If everyone just up and decided to switch over to grass fed, pasture-raised, organic meat and animal products, then there simply wouldn’t be enough, and it would not be sustainable. So, unfortunately this isn’t a solution. But, if everyone were to drastically reduce their consumption of these products, then this just might work.

Sure, humans evolved eating meat. This is one of the most commonly used arguments in regard to our diet. But, it is important to consider that the meat that humans evolved eating was hunted, and every single piece of the animal was used. Also, an animal that is being hunted in the wild has a free life and a fair chance to get away. Really, this is the only way consuming animals stacks up against the argument that we are at the top of the food chain and that other animals eat animals as well, so why shouldn’t we?

If you consider yourself an environmentally conscious person, and you care about the future of our planet, then this is the single most important step you can take to reduce your impact. Reduce your intake of meat and animal products. It is so simple and so effective. There are tons of resources available online, and many delicious recipes. Vegan and plant-based restaurants are popping up everywhere, and in all honesty, it’s not hard! you just have to go for it and give it a try.

Have you recently given up meat or began to cut back your consumption? Was/is it difficult for you? Share your story with us in the comments!

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Studies Show What Happens To Your Heart When You Go Vegan or Vegetarian

9 Things That Happen When You Stop Eating Meat 

Plant Based Protein vs Protein From Meat. Which One Is Better For Your Body? 

How would YOU change the future?

Will “business as usual” take our planet and civilization down the road to complete destruction?.

In this new film called Prosperity, you can learn the ways in which companies are changing the game in order to change our world. CE’s founder Joe Martino is in this film talking about CE’s business practices.

Watch the film free to see how things are changing.

How would YOU change the future?

Watch the new film Prosperity for free and learn how the game is changing on this planet. Watch now!


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