Former Haiti Government Official Shoots Himself in the Head in Miami-Area Hotel

Former Haiti Government Official Shoots Himself in the Head in Miami-Area Hotel

July 17th, 2017

Via: Miami Herald:

Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official, was found dead Tuesday in a South Dade motel room in what the Miami-Dade medical examiner’s office is ruling a suicide.

“He shot himself in the head,� said Veronica Lamar, Miami-Dade medical examiner records supervisor. She listed his time of death at 12:19 p.m.

The address where Eberwein’s body was discovered according to police, 14501 S. Dixie Hwy., is a Quality Inn.

A supporter of former Haitian President Michel Martelly, Eberwein served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, better known as FAES. He held the position from May 2012 until February 2015 when he was replaced.




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WATCH: Cop Trespasses, Shoots Family’s 2 Dogs In Front of Child for No Reason


Minneapolis, MN – Sadly, there’s been another cop versus dog shooting. This time the horrific shooting took place in Minneapolis and didn’t involve just one family pet — but their two dogs.

As TFTP has noted, if citizens kill police dogs, it’s practically considered murder, and the suspects are charged with felonious assault on a police officer (dog). But since police wear a badge, they can kill our pets at will with hardly any ramifications.

Jennifer LeMay did her part to protect her home and property by installing security cameras, and we’re glad she did because the shooting of her two dogs was caught on camera.

The two Staffordshire Terriers, Cisco and Rocko are owned by LeMay and her four children, and have been in the family since they were puppies. They’re therapy dogs, prescribed by a physician to help LeMay’s two sons who struggle with severe anxiety.

The LeMay family were camping in Wisconsin when two of the children, both teenage girls, 13 and 18, wanted to come home early because the elder had to get back to work at a local fast food restaurant. They arrived home at around 8:50 pm Saturday, but when they did, they accidentally triggered their own security alarm.

The security company was notified that it was a false alarm, and the alarm was canceled at 8:54. But police were already on their way to the LeMay residence. One of the two responding officers stayed in the front yard while another officer scaled the 7ft high fence in the back.

That’s when he met Cisco and Rocko. From the video, the officer can be seen drawing his weapon as the dogs slowly approached while one is seen wagging his tail.

The officer didn’t kneel or offer an extended hand for Cisco to smell him, he simply pointed his gun at the dog and fired. Cisco wasn’t even charging at the officer when he was shot. Rocko came just as quickly, and he, too, was hit with the officer’s spray of bullets.

The officer then did what he probably should have done. As the two dogs were laying, bleeding, and badly injured, the officer jumped back over the fence. Why he did not first attempt to retreat is anyone’s guess. Now LeMay is demanding answers and footing the bill from an officer’s assault on her pets.

The 13-year-old saw her dogs get shot by a so-called officer of the peace, and was surely traumatized. The officer who was in the front of the home then did what he should have done in the beginning. He knocked on the front door.

The LeMay’s said the officers told them not to transport the dogs to the hospital because animal control would be coming over to get them but they never came.

Later that night, they were able to get the pets the much-needed surgery and medical care they should have gotten immediately following the shooting. According to the Star Tribune;

Both dogs went to the emergency vet Saturday night. Ciroc was shot in the jaw, Rocko in the side, face and shoulder. So far, LeMay has paid $900 for Ciroc and brought him home; he still needs $5,000 to $7,000 worth of surgery at the University of Minnesota, she said. Rocko came home Sunday night. A GoFundMe page was established to help LeMay pay her vet bills.

LeMay is now demanding answers. The police department sent over a supervisor to talk with the family, Lt. Derrick Barnes. And while they say he was as contrite as he could be, the pain is still very real and fresh for the family who now has to watch their dogs as they suffer through a long and painful recovery.

The pain, anguish, and anger can be sensed in LeMay’s comments when she spoke with reporters.

He was wagging his tail…My dog wasn’t even moving, lunging toward him or anything…My dogs were doing their job on my property…We have a right to be safe in our yard.

As for the attempt of the police department to reach out and express their condolences, LeMay had these words to say to Det. Barnes:

(Barnes was) as genuine and compassionate as he could be, without overstepping his boundaries.

Police spokesman Corey Schmidt issued a one-paragraph statement:

We are aware of the recent incident involving MPD officers responding to an audible residential burglary alarm and while at this call an MPD officer discharged their firearm, striking two dogs belonging to the homeowner. Anytime an officer discharges their firearm in the line of duty there is an investigation. We are in the process of reviewing the video posted online, as well as the officer’s body camera video.

LeMay did not say whether or not she plans to sue, but there have been a few victories in court when police have killed family pets in the line of duty. Hopefully, she’ll file a lawsuit and teach those officers a lesson so they won’t continue to devastate people’s lives by killing their beloved pets.

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White St. Louis cop “Fears For His Safety” & Shoots Black Off-Duty Officer


According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and local news outlet Fox2Now, a white St. Louis police officer shot a black off-duty officer from his own force after a car chase ended in a crash outside the off-duty officer’s home.

The African American officer, who has not yet been identified, came outside of his home while off-duty after hearing the commotion from a car chase that ended nearby. Despite identifying himself as a cop, the man was ordered to the ground by two officers. He complied, and soon after, they recognized him and told him to get up.

That was when a third officer entered the scene, and because he did not recognize the black off-duty cop and claimed to “fear for his safety,” shot the off-duty cop in the arm.

The Post-Dispatch reported that police are calling the incident an example of “friendly fire” due to the suspects from the car chase firing at police. The paper also reported that police initially claimed that the 38-year-old African American officer, who has been on the force for 11 years, was “caught in the crossfire.”

“This is the first time that we are aware, that a black professional, in law enforcement, himself being shot and treated as an ordinary black guy on the street. This is a real problem,” Rufus J. Tate Jr., the attorney for the injured off-duty officer, told the local Fox affiliate.

“In the police report, you have so far, there is no description of threat he received. So we have a real problem with that. But this has been a national discussion for the past two years. There is this perception that a black man is automatically feared,” the attorney concluded.

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US Shoots Down Syrian Jet Fighting against Terrorists


Earlier in the day it was reported that a Syrian Su-22 fighter-bomber was lost in Raqqa province.

Now however the Syrian Ministry of Defense has issued a statement saying the crash was caused by an American attack against the plane which was conducting sorties against ISIS. The US has also confirmed the downing.

Kurdish media agrees that the US downed a Syrian jet, but claims the Su-22 was striking Kurdish militia (SDF/YPG) positions.

The fate of the downed pilot is not yet known but there are reports that the pilot is alive but has been taken captive by the SDF.

The plane was operating in a piece of Raqqa province around the town of Tabqa where the Syrian army, ISIS, and the Kurdish-dominated SDF are all present and share front lines. Did perhaps the US bring down the Syrian jet in a “preventive” attack where the Su-22 was targeted just for coming “too close” to the American forces on the ground?

You will recall that in southern Syria the US had been “defensively” bombing Syrian army forces simply for coming within 55 kilometers of its al-Tanf base (which is itself in Syria). Meanwhile, it has been reported last week that the US had set up an artillery base not too far north (about 40 kilometers) from where the Syrian fighter-bomber was brought down.

Has the US again “defensively” attacked the Syrian army in their own country?

As you can see the US is sticking by the story where the downed Syrian plane was striking SDF positions.

Even providing that is true how come the US, which has installed itself in Syria illegally, gets to defend a secessionist militia from Syria’s legal armed forces? Also, how come when Turkey was striking the SDF (which is about every Tuesday) the US did not attack the Turkish military?

Also, understand that SDF is a Kurdish dominated force but that Tabqa and its surroundings are exclusively Arab. The SDF is very, very far from Kurdish-populated Syria here.

Moreover by installing itself on the right bank of the Euphrates at Tabqa the US-backed SDF has blocked off the main highway along the river leading towards Deir ez-Zor.

Unless the SDF concedes this area back to the government, the Syrian army, which has recently been speedily advancing against ISIS in this area, is denied the use of the highway, and forced instead to advance along second rate desert paths and even road-less desert. Obviously this greatly complicates its task of reaching and lifting the siege of the encircled city.

While the SDF does indeed fight against ISIS, they also fight against the Syrian government and that makes them terrorists according to the American definition of what a terrorist is. If right wingers for example would suddenly start fighting against the US congress with the goal to overthrow the Democrats and fake Republicans and replace them by force with their men, then they would definitely be called terrorists and not “freedom fighters” or whatever fancy term the US likes to use.

Then imagine Russia or China having an overseas military base inside the United States, helping and aiding the right wing “freedom fighters” fighting against the US government by downing US Air Force planes who bomb these “freedom fighters”.

The socialist US media repeats 24/24 that Russians meddled in US elections while failing to see this meddling and act of war for example. Can you believe the level of hypocrisy here? This is worthy of Bible verses and how Jesus slammed the pharisees as hypocrites and father of all lies. These people are the modern day version of the pharisees.



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Gunman Shoots Congressman, Police at Virginia Baseball Practice

Gunman Shoots Congressman, Police at Virginia Baseball Practice

June 14th, 2017

Via: Reuters:

A gunman opened fire on Republican members of Congress during a baseball practice near Washington early on Wednesday, wounding several people including House of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise before being taken into custody, police and media reports said.

The shooter appeared to be a white male, “a little bit on the chubby side,” Representative Mo Brooks told CNN, adding that he only saw the man for second.

Brooks said he heard 10 to 20 rounds from the gunman’s rifle before the security detail returned fire. He said there were 20 to 25 members of team at the practice in Alexandria, Virginia, when the gunfire erupted.




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Lying Cop Shoots and Kills a Family’s Dog and Laughs

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 19.23.41

Video has emerged showing a Nevada police officer fatally shoot a dog before lying to the animal’s owner by telling him it “attacked” him.

According to police, Nye County Sheriff’s Deputy John Tolle responded to the Pahrump home of Gary Miller on April 10 after his security company reported multiple panic alarms at the residence. Miller, a world-record holding power lifter and certified firefighter, had sat on his keys setting off the alarms. After realizing his mistake, Miller called his security company to tell them what happened.

That didn’t matter however. Tolle still responded to the home despite the fact that a Pahrump Central Security employee called the Nye County Sheriff’s Office and updated a dispatcher about the situation. In footage recorded by Tolle’s body camera the Deputy can be heard disrespecting motorists as he makes his way to Miller’s home.

“Oh, you’re an idiot, aren’t you?!” he said on the full version of his body-cam footage. “I mean, you’re just a new kind of stupid.”

After arriving at Miller’s residence, Tolle did not follow appropriate department procedure and entered Miller’s fenced in yard without first seeing if there was an animal in the area.

“Generally what we’ll do is bang on the gate or make some kind of noise to see if there’s a dog on the property,” Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly said. “But because of this type of call, that didn’t happen.”

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