Terror in Russia: Muslim shouting Allahu Akbar shoots Christians in church, kills 5 Women

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CCTV footage from the site of the deadly shooting at a Christian church in southern Russia, which claimed the lives of five people, shows a man armed with a rifle gunning down two women in broad daylight.

A Muslim bearded man clad in a black vest and camouflage pants was seen crossing the street before opening fire on two female churchgoers as they left a service in Kizlyar in the Islamic Republic of Dagestan on Sunday afternoon.

The assailant, who was identified as 22-year-old local resident Khalil Khalilov by the city administration, went right up to the victims before gunning them down. A woman walking several meters from the attacker was seen rushing away as the bloodshed unfolded.

Khalilov reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he targeted a group of worshippers leaving a church ceremony dedicated to the start of Lent for Russian Orthodox Christians, father Pavel, the church’s senior priest, told Russian news portal RBC.

Four people, all of them women, died at the scene and another woman died during surgery later. Five people, including two security guards, fatally shot the assailant as he attempted to flee after the churchgoers barricaded inside.

The attack drew condemnation from both the Russian Orthodox Patriarch and Dagestan’s Muslim religious authorities.

And all of this while Russian authorities jail Russian people for being nationalists and posting memes on social media! As we said in our previous article about Russia… Russia is just another liberal shithole country, its not the country the US Democrats think it is.



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Cop Shoots Himself, Sets Off Massive Manhunt for Innocent Man, All to Collect Workers Comp


Newcomerstown, OH — On April 11, 2017, Newcomerstown police launched a massive statewide “Blue Alert” manhunt for two suspects who allegedly opened fire on officer Brian Eubanks. Departments statewide combed the streets looking for two men in a black Geo Tracker, one wearing a red sweatshirt and the other wearing a lime green shirt. One was in a tactical vest and they were armed with a shotgun and handguns, the attorney general’s office said. Authorities even had a suspect’s name, Chaz Gillilan.

Social media took to sharing the story and prayers were sent the officer’s way. Local media kept the town updated on Eubanks’ status, and the town was relieved when they found out he would make a full recovery.

But everyone — the police departments, the state politicians, the media, and the citizens — had all been duped.

Chaz Gillilan never shot at Eubanks, nor did the other mythical suspect. No, Eubanks shot Eubanks. That’s right. The blue alert, the statewide manhunt, the deprivation of Chaz Gillilan’s rights, all of these happened because officer Eubanks shot himself — in an attempt to collect workers compensation — and then fabricated an elaborate story to cover it up.

A week after the “shooting,” Eubanks, 37, admitted to police that he lied about it after they brought him in for further questioning about the incident. He was then charged with inducing panic, making false alarms, tampering with evidence, forgery and workers compensation fraud.

He was found guilty, and this month, he was sentenced to a measly 90 days in jail—a slap on the wrist.

According to Cleveland 19, Eubanks received 90 days in jail, a $2,500 fine and 500 hours of community service for shooting himself, causing a massive lockdown, lying to countless fellow cops and reporters, and framing an innocent man for a crime he did not commit.

Prosecutor Christian Sticken noted that he went too far in naming a suspect — a real, live innocent person, reports Cleveland 19.

“He didn’t have to do that. He gave such detail, what clothing he was wearing. Things that were hard to see, they became suspicious,” said Sticken.

According to FOX 8, the sheriff’s office found Eubanks’ statements about the incident contradictory after speaking with witnesses. Investigators used an Automatic License Plate reader on Eubanks’ vehicle to track down witnesses that passed his car at the time he told police he was pursuing the gunmen, the station reported.

One key component to Eubanks’ web of lies was that the Geo Tracker had no license plate. If it had a license plate, it would’ve been picked up by the ominous license plate scanners on his police vehicle.

Not even Eubanks anticipated the police state power his vehicle possessed. Apparently, police cruisers scan and maintain a log of every single car’s license plate that passes it. Innocent or not, you are entered into a database for simply driving by a cop. But that’s another story altogether.

When police began tracking down all the people who drove by Eubanks at the time he claimed two meth heads shot him, none of them could corroborate his fictional account.

When police asked him why it was that none of the witnesses they tracked down saw anything remotely close to what he claimed happened, Eubanks was brought in and admitted to making up the lie.

What happened to Eubanks for weaving a web of lies, falsifying police reports that sparked a statewide manhunt for two non-existent suspects, and tarnishing the name of an innocent man? Well, naturally, he was sent home to his family.

Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH

As the Free Thought Project has previously reported, police officers shooting themselves and blaming others is not so rare. In fact, as we reported at the end of 2015, five cops in only a three-month period, in different departments across the country, all faked being shot and then blamed the shootings on non-existent assailants.

Like Eubanks, their false stories were then picked up in the media, or by their own departments, and used to push the idea that cops in America are under attack. Not only were these stories used to propagandize consumers of mainstream media, but massive manhunts ensued and innocent people locked down as state resources were tyrannically squandered on a wild goose chase.

One officer, in particular, Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, went to the ultimate length to make his fake shooting look like a war on cops when he actually killed himself in September 2015. An entire town was subsequently placed on lockdown and residents were subject to a brief period of martial law as Gliniewicz’s brothers in blue searched for three non-existent suspects. Gliniewicz was a criminal cop who was using the war on cops as a means of covering up his nefarious history.

Only after he was publicly outed as a criminal cop did any of Gliniewicz’s fellow officers refer to him as something other than a ‘hero.’

A month later, England Police Department Sgt. David Houser faked being shot during a traffic stop in Arkansas. Another statewide manhunt was launched for a non-existent “Hispanic man.” Two weeks later, Houser caved to pressure and confessed to shooting himself.

Before that, it was reported that veteran police officer Terry Smith was shot in the back by an unknown assailant, and Black Lives Matter protesters were implicated. However, the Houston Police Department found that it was actually his partner, Gregory Hudson who shot Smith.

In September 2015, Officer Bryan Johnson crashed his police cruiser into a tree. To cover up his terrible driving, Johnson then fired several shots into his wrecked car and then radioed into the station, claiming he’d been a victim of the war on cops.  Yet another massive manhunt was launched in search of a fake shooter.

Commerce City Police Officer Kevin Lord was also arrested in 2015 after it was revealed he faked being shot at during a traffic stop. Lord claimed he was shot at close range while making a traffic stop in the 9700 block of Peoria Street. His bullet-proof vest was credited with saving his life.

Whether or not Eubanks was actually suicidal remains a mystery. However, suicide is no joke among cops. The public must realize the dire situation and extreme scope of the mental health epidemic currently facing law enforcement. There’s an extremely high rate of suicide, a domestic violence crisis and much higher rates of addiction among police forces than the general public.

That being said, however, there are also cops looking to get a paid vacation — and a superficial wound to the arm, while blaming it on some meth heads, is an easy way to get there.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-shoots-self-manhunt-lies/

Syria Confronts New Israeli Aggression; Shoots Down Criminal F-16

Remnants of Israeli F-16 jet destroyed by Syria’s air defense system.

Syrian people celebrate the downing of the aggressor Israeli f-16 aircraft.  Earlier this morning, Saturday 10 February 2018, the Syrian air defense confronted another Israeli aggression, the second one during this week! This aggression was against our military base in the central area in Homs/ Al-Tayfor airbase. Also attacked by Israeli aggression was Damascus countryside.

Our air defense hit more than one air craft, nd shot down F-16 aircraft. Syrian air defense used our anti-aircraft missiles in thwarting the Israeli aggression, the downed Israeli warplane was shot down by Sam 5 Syrian missile. The Israeli pilots ejected the downed warplane, one of them is in serious conditions. Israel media considered the Syrian response to its warplane attack and downing it over the occupied Palestine territory as a “crack in the Israeli excellence.”

Syrian SAM 5 air defense missile.
Syrian SAM 5 intercepts Israeli F-16, deployed to protect ISIS in Tadmor.
Syrian SAM 5 intercepts Israeli F-16, deployed to protect ISIS in Tadmor.

Ironically Israel the aggressor enemy of Syria, who frequently violates  Syrian airspace illegally using the Lebanon sky to bomb any Syrian target this Zionist entity wants, like the research center in Jamraya or the airbases of our army, or even the Scientists Center in Mesyaf! Israel asked an urgent involvement of Russia and the US to contain the situation.

Moreover sirens were heard in the occupied Palestine! It’s a case of complete panic and emergency for this occupation entity, simply for downing their aggressor warplane! However for Syrians, Israel has been supporting the terrorists, supplying them by weapons, treating them in its hospitals, and being ready to bomb any region of Syria acting as an air force for those terrorists since 2011.

IDF medics bring wounded alQaeda terrorist to Rambam, for state of art medical treatment

The US led coalition by its turn this occupier in Syria, by its turn didn’t miss a way to bomb the Syrian Arab Army, twice in Deir AlZour, killed tens of tens if not hundred from our soldiers! All these Israeli and American attacks on Syrian people, Army and infrastructure were in conjunction with AlNusra Front attacks on our people in Damascus, those terrorists who are located in al-Ghouta use Israeli, American and European made weapons, missiles and they launch their hatred missiles on our people every day! Other terrorists in Idlib who have MANPADs downed the Russian jet and killed pilot Maj. Roman Filipov.

They have more advanced weapons and they are a real threat to the coastline, however for the western media they are the innocent terrorists and the UN Is always ready to use the fake and staged sarin gas attack on Idlib! How perverse to defend those monsters.

Israel after this accident was in horror and embarrassment also because of the Syrian media and the report about both first the downing of the Israeli warplane and hitting many other air crafts, second for the Syrians who were really glad for us finally replying to the Israeli aggression on the same time. Syrians recognize that Israel is the original enemy and Syrians lost too much in this eight years of war and we see that we have nothing more to lose and we are ready fight the original enemy as this enemy never hides himself and attacks us nonstop.

The Israeli aggression has  also affected more of our satellite channels! The Information Minister Imad Sarah has said that a number of Syrian satellite and radio stations have been subject to deliberate interference. Ironically, the Zionist Israel used to express in its media that they target the “pro-regime sites in Syria,” misnaming our government, the government of our people.

However all Syrians were happy to see the Israeli warplane cracked and burnt, and Syrians celebrated this success by bringing sweets to everyone in the street!

Day of sweetness for Syrians.
Allahu Akbar and pass the sweets!
Allahu Akbar and pass the sweets!
Sweet treats for drivers, too!
Sweet treats for drivers, too!
On this day, it was ok to take candy from strangers.
Sweet & happy day!

Israeli aggression against us proves it is pro-AlNusra Front in Syria!

God Bless our army; hopefully this great response from Syria on the Israeli attack, will be a gift to our martyrs souls, including those who killed by the other occupier, America.

Allah Bless Syria.

— Afraa Dahger

This week’s Israeli aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, has literally blown up, courtesy of Syria’s air defense missiles.  At least one Israel criminal bomber bomber jet was forced into flames, before being split apart, and two pilots being injured, one seriously.

In reading Israeli and NATO news, one must be cognizant that much of it is outright geopolitcal lying, and that the rare truths are distorted to switch the roles of criminal and victim.  Something fetid was afoot when Netanyahu “paid a rare visit to the Israel – Syria front,” on Tuesday 6 February.

“Israel-Syria front” is the hasbara version of Newspeak; it means that Netanyahu went to the occupied Syrian Golan Heights to visit with his terrorist ISIS troops, and to deploy them to create a provocation. One of the known provocations was an alleged Iranian drone volleyed from the Syrian Golan, to the Syrian Golan, which Israel claims as its own, contrary to international law.

Two days later, Israel bombed Syria, and Ha’aretz reported only on the reports of the bombing, and of course blamed Hizbullah as the causative factor, if the reports of the actual bombing proved ‘true.’

War crimes excuse for Israeli aggression.

Two days later, again, came a new Israeli aggression.  This one was halted by the Syrian air defense system.

Israel aggression media have been intentionally fuzzy about what happened prior to Syria shooting down its illegal bomber jets.  Its spokesmen indicted Iran for the “severe violation of Israeli sovereignty,” suggesting that the reputed Iranian drone flew from Iran into perhaps Tel Aviv.  The “severe violation” of sovereignty belongs to Israel, which illegally flies through Lebanese airspace, and has illegally occupied a part of Syria‘s Golan (for details of the Golan, read about takfiri Moti Kahana, here.).

The UK’s terrorist-loving The Guardian, while supporting the Israeli aggression, reported that the jets had returned from a bombing mission in Tadmor, a bombing mission reputedly to destroy ”Iranian drone-making facilities.”

Criminal lies of The Guardian, supporting Israeli aggression against Syria.
Criminal lies of The Guardian, supporting Israeli aggression against Syria.

In fact:  A drone was on a mission of exploration in Syria’s desert, looking for ISIS remnants, and al Qaeda’s first air force, the Israeli one, shot down the Syrian drone.  The illegal IAF jet that was shot down by Syria was part of the Israeli aggression squadron that attacked the T4 airport where Russian forces are also positioned.  Moscow has issued a ‘warning’ statement saying the endangering of its troops is unacceptable.

It is fascinating how the western supported terrorism against the SAR keeps mutating.  In the early days, the support was for the takfiri yearning to breathe free.  More recently, the terrorist support is because Iran!  and because Hizbullah!

Note to the Clintonistas:  During her campaign, Hillary’s badge of dishonor bragging was her claim that she incited Obama to obliterate Libya.  During the final presidential debate, her key point in wanting to be POTUS was to obliterate Syria, in the same fashion.  In a document released by the State Department 30 November 2015, Clinton stated that bringing down Assad..would also erase Israel’s understandable fear of losing its nuclear monopoly.

Clinton admitted that Israel has nuclear weapons, and they should have a regional monopoly on these WMDs.
Clinton admitted that Israel has nuclear weapons, and they should have a regional monopoly on these WMDs.

Palestinians, by the way, sent a photo of sweets for Syrians:

Sweets from Palestine, to Syria!

מזל טוב, סוריה

— Miri Wood

Sweet are the uses of adversity,
Which, like the toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious jewel in his head;
And this our life, exempt from public haunt,
Finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks,
Sermons in stones, and good in every thing.

Source Article from http://www.syrianews.cc/syria-confronts-israeli-aggression/

Comment on Israel shoots dead Palestinian teen near Hebron settlement by R. Arandas

A Palestinian teenager was shot dead by Israeli forces this morning near an illegal settlement north of occupied Hebron.

Palestinian officials identified the slain Palestinian as Hamzeh Youssif Zamaareh, 19, from the town of Halhoul north of Hebron.

The Israeli army said in a statement that a Palestinian stabbed an Israeli security guard in the Karmei Tzur settlement near Halhoul before another guard shot him dead.

The injured guard was taken to hospital and was reported as only being lightly injured.

The official Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned Wafa news agency reported that Israeli forces raided the Zamaareh family home following the incident, causing clashes to erupt with residents in the area. No injuries were reported.

Read: Israel forces shoot, kill Palestinian boy in Ramallah

Hundreds of Palestinians have been shot, detained, or killed over the past two years in alleged attempted stabbing attacks against mostly uniformed Israeli occupation forces.

Israeli forces have been widely condemned by rights groups for what have been deemed “extrajudicial killings”, in situations where alleged assailants could have been detained in a non-lethal manner.

Source Article from https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180207-israel-shoots-dead-palestinian-teen-near-hebron-settlement/#comment-119431

Re: Israel shoots dead Palestinian teen near Hebron settlement

A Palestinian teenager was shot dead by Israeli forces this morning near an illegal settlement north of occupied Hebron.

Palestinian officials identified the slain Palestinian as Hamzeh Youssif Zamaareh, 19, from the town of Halhoul north of Hebron.

The Israeli army said in a statement that a Palestinian stabbed an Israeli security guard in the Karmei Tzur settlement near Halhoul before another guard shot him dead.

The injured guard was taken to hospital and was reported as only being lightly injured.

The official Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned Wafa news agency reported that Israeli forces raided the Zamaareh family home following the incident, causing clashes to erupt with residents in the area. No injuries were reported.

Read: Israel forces shoot, kill Palestinian boy in Ramallah

Hundreds of Palestinians have been shot, detained, or killed over the past two years in alleged attempted stabbing attacks against mostly uniformed Israeli occupation forces.

Israeli forces have been widely condemned by rights groups for what have been deemed “extrajudicial killings”, in situations where alleged assailants could have been detained in a non-lethal manner.

Source Article from https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20180207-israel-shoots-dead-palestinian-teen-near-hebron-settlement/#comment-3746803643

As Facebook Shoots Themselves in the Foot, New Social Media Platform Pays You to Post


Last week, Facebook announced that they will be keeping all their users in happy little bubbles that won’t show them anything controversial, thus ensuring an entire social media platform devoted to pictures of what people are eating for dinner. Illustrating just how unwelcome this change was, after Facebook announced it’s changing the algorithm to focus on friends and family while excluding news and information, the company saw a near-instant drop of 4.4 percent—costing Mark Zuckerberg nearly $3.3 billion.

In a Facebook post last Thursday night, Zuckerberg said that public content from brands had inundated news feeds, overtaking posts from personal connections. By the end of Friday, Facebook shares were trading at $179.37, down more than 4.4 percent from Thursday’s price of $187.77, according to a report in Newsweek.

“Video and other public content have exploded on Facebook in the past couple of years,” wrote Zuckerberg in his post. “Since there’s more public content than posts from your friends and family, the balance of what’s in News Feed has shifted away from the most important thing Facebook can do—help us connect with each other.”

“As we roll this out, you’ll see less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media. And the public content you see more will be held to the same standard—it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.”

In a nutshell, this new move by Facebook places each user in their own bubble where they are assured to never receive anything that challenges their worldview as a means to keep them happy.

While this move may seem like a good idea to those who are easily triggered by information that may help them understand the world in a better light, it will inevitably create more divide in the future by creating these groups who constantly reinforce the same comfortable views fostering a phenomenon known as confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias or ‘myside bias’ is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses. Placing everyone in their own bubble will, in essence, create multiple bubbles of people confirming over and over what could be an entirely skewed reality. When they actually do interact with others who don’t share that same skewed reality, the result could be disastrous.

The algorithm shift goes directly against the idea of open-minded thinking as paraphrased in this famous quote by Aristotle, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

Facebook is moving to condition people to think that all information is happy and should never challenge their worldview. What could possibly go wrong?

While the future of social media may seem bleak on the side of Facebook, there is also amazing news on the side of innovation and free thought. To those who’ve been paying attention, they saw the problem presented by so many people using a similar system that is ultimately controlled by those who have an interest in mining your data for profit, controlling the political narrative, and essentially creating a personal database on billions of people, the likes of which corrupt governments salivate over.

Instead of trying to change the system of Facebook from within, several individuals came together to build a new system—which showed the obsolescence of the old. Thus, Steemit was born.

The general concept of Steemit is similar to other blogging websites or social news websites like Reddit, but the text content is saved in a blockchain. Using a blockchain enables rewarding comments and posts with secure tokens of value.

As stated in the Steemit White Paper:

Steem combines concepts from social media with lessons learned from building cryptocurrencies and their communities. An important key to inspiring participation in any community, currency or free market economy is a fair accounting system that consistently reflects each person’s contribution. Steem is the first cryptocurrency that attempts to accurately and transparently reward an unbounded number of individuals who make subjective contributions to its community.

Instead of becoming hubs for censorship and the centralization of power and wealth like other social media platforms and make hundreds of billions of dollars off content created by its users, Steemit bucked the system. Instead of leeching off the wealth created by user-generated content like Facebook does, Steemit returns most of its value back to the users by rewarding them with cryptocurrencies. As a result of this system, many people have begun to sustain themselves from the value created entirely on this platform.

According to the White Paper, the Steem community provides the following services to its members:

1. A source of curated news and commentary.
2. A means to get high quality answers to personalized questions.
3. A stable cryptocurrency pegged to the U.S. dollar.
4. Free payments.
5. Jobs providing above services to other members.

In essence, Steemit creates an entire economy out of social media in which everyone—not just the platform owners—benefit from the creation of content. It is a beautiful model that is constantly being improved and its future is bright.

If you are not on Steemit, please consider checking it out and joining in on the social media revolution. As the social media dinosaurs continue to crack down on users, censor their information, and create more division among humanity, Steemit is doing the exact opposite. Check out TFTP on Steemit today. 

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/facebook-social-media-platform-steemit/

Intel’s 49-Qubit Chip Shoots for Quantum Supremacy

Intel’s 49-Qubit Chip Shoots for Quantum Supremacy

January 8th, 2018

Disclosure: I am long Quantum Resistant Ledger (QRL). Nothing that appears on Cryptogon should be considered a recommendation to buy, sell or hold any financial instrument.

Via: IEEE:

Intel has passed a key milestone while running alongside Google and IBM in the marathon to build quantum computing systems. The tech giant has unveiled a superconducting quantum test chip with 49 qubits: enough qubits to possibly enable quantum computing that begins to exceed the practical limits of modern classical computers.

Intel’s announcement about the design and fabrication of its new 49-qubit superconducting quantum chip, code-named Tangle Lake, came during a keynote speech by Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO, during 2018 CES, an annual consumer electronics tradeshow in Las Vegas. It’s a milestone that Google and IBM researchers have also been targeting because it could usher in the moment of so-called “quantum supremacy,â€� when quantum computing can outperform classical computing.




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WATCH: Cop Removes Body Cam Then Shoots, Kills Unarmed Dad as He Complies

body cambody cam

Barber County, KS — The widow of a Barber County man has been fighting for the release of the video showing police execute her unarmed husband since they killed him on Oct. 6. Then, without any warning, months later, the Barber County Sheriff’s Department released the video—but it came with a catch.

“You know I could have been in the living room watching TV and it could have just come on. No one notified us that they had released it,” said Kristina Myers, wife of Steven Myers who was killed by police in October.

The family’s legal counsel had been fighting for the release of the video and had gotten nowhere for months.

Michael Kuckleman, counsel for the family told KSN “We don’t know why it was released. Up until yesterday, the sheriff had been arguing that it was protected under the exception for criminal investigation.”

Perhaps the reason they took so long to release the video is that they were trying to cover up the fact that the shooter removed his body camera just before firing a beanbag round at point-blank range into Myers’ chest.

Although beanbag rounds are known as less lethal weapons, when they are fired at close range—especially into the chest or head—they can and have killed people. 

Conveniently for the sheriff’s department, although the other videos show Undersheriff Virgil “Dusty” Brewer—the officer who fired the shot—none of them provide a clear enough angle to show the violation of department policy.

“Did you have a body camera?” Myers’ attorney asked Brewer at a hearing last month in which a judge would decide if the department violated the law. Brewer acknowledged that he did have a body camera. However, he then claimed that it was fixed to his sun visor on his patrol vehicle while he shot Myers.

Adding to the already controversial killing of Myers is the fact that after Brewer shot, all the other officers began turning their cameras off too.

Police say they were responding to a call of a drunk man with a “long gun” when they found Myers. However, Myers had no such weapon when he was killed.

As the Wichita Eagle notes, Kuckelman has contended that Myers was not armed and was complying with a command to come out of a shed when he was hit at close distance with a beanbag round, fired from a shotgun, that hit him in the chest.

During the hearing last month, Kuckelman asked Sheriff Lonnie Small if it was within policy for deputies to remove their body cameras before grabbing a gun and shooting someone. Small said deputies have discretion on when to use their cameras.

However, as Kuckelman noted, the policy from the department clearly states, “All officers will wear the issued ‘Body Cam’ video camera on the front of their uniform in a place that will afford the best view … to the area in front of the officer.”

The policy also states that “the camera will be utilized when at all possible on all major incidents … .”

When asked by Kuckelman if this was a “major incident,” the sheriff said, “yes,” clearly admitting that his undersheriff violated policy.

Kuckelman said that if the Sheriff’s Office had “complied with their own policies and procedures that day (of the shooting), Steven Myers would be alive.”

Indeed, had Brewer not shot a 12-gauge beanbag round from his shotgun into the chest of Myers at point-blank range—a clear violation—Steven Myers would be alive. At the very least, if Brewer would have been wearing his body camera that night, there would be evidence of his crimes and a potential to hold him accountable.

Now, a widow is going broke paying tens of thousands of dollars that she doesn’t have just seek justice for her husband’s death.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/watch-cop-removes-body-cam-shoots-kills-unarmed-man-complies/

WATCH: Crazed Cop Terrorizes & Shoots Innocent People With His Taser in Pizza Restaurant


Pittsburgh, PA — In a testament to the above the law mentality of police in America, a veteran Pittsburgh was captured on video terrorizing innocent people with his taser at a pizza restaurant. The incident shows the sheer arbitrary and callous nature of the cop as he shoots the taser prongs into an innocent worker as another innocent woman sat in between them.

Officer Ronald Hough, a 23 year veteran of the force who serves on the department’s motorcycle division is now under investigation for his assault on Dominic Reale, 46, whose father owns Villa Reale Pizzeria and Restaurant. Both the city’s Office of Municipal Investigations and the Citizen Police Review Board are now investigating.

According to Reale’s attorney, Joel Sansone, Hough is a regular customer at the pizza restaurant and the two of them had actually eaten together before the incident.

According to Sansone, the two were friendly in the context of the pizza restaurant but had no contact outside of it.

Surveillance footage captured the attack on video and it is nothing short of egregious and unprovoked. In the video, we see Reale at work in his shirt and apron as the two men engage in conversation.

The conversation lasts about three minutes until Reale walks away. Officer Hough followed Reale around the counter then circles back to the other side where he would eventually deploy his taser.

According to Sansone, Reale then stands behind a woman and jokingly told the officer he would have to shoot her to get to him.

“As a joke, he put this young woman between himself and the police officer, thinking it would dissuade this officer from foolish conduct,” Mr. Sansone said. “But when he saw it didn’t, he got out of her way and went behind the counter.”

As the video shows, Reale walks behind the counter and leans over to talk to the woman. At this point, Hough pulls out his taser, raises it over the innocent woman’s shoulder and fires it into the innocent man—for no reason.

Reale instantly collapses from the jolt of the taser, dropping his water bottle in the process. Then, in some sick and twisted fashion, Hough walks over to Reale, pulls the taser prongs out, helps him to his feet, and pats him off.

No arrest was made, no charges were filed. Hough seemingly deployed his taser for no other reason than because he could. As the video shows, Hough stays at the restaurant for another four minutes as a clearly distraught Reale paces around waiting for his abuser to leave.

“Mr. Reale is just standing there talking to this young woman and literally with zero provocation of any type or kind, this officer took out his Taser, discharged his Taser into my client’s chest within inches of the young lady,” Mr. Sansone said.

Reale explained to the Post-Gazette that this incident has left him “totally shocked.” He also noted that after the incident, which happened on October 30, multiple cops came to the restaurant to threaten and intimidate him.

“I’m terrified,” Mr. Reale said. “I’m still terrified. I’ve been threatened.”

Sansone said Thursday that “numerous” police officers had visited the restaurant and “intimidated” Mr. Reale, with some suggesting he delete the video. Mr. Sansone would not reveal specifics but said the “intimidation” began the day of the incident and continued as recently as Wednesday, reported the Gazette.

“Some want to cover it up, and some want the officer to burn,” he said. “And we have no interest in either of those. We have an interest in my client being left alone.”

Insanely enough, this was the second time in only a week Hough pulled out his taser inside the pizza restaurant. On Oct. 23, Hough was seen on surveillance video threatening a man with his taser as he fixed the cash register.

In that video, Hough pulls out his taser, points it in the direction of the man and, according to a witness, said, “If you don’t hurry up and fix that, I’m going to tase you,” Mr. Sansone said.

Luckily for the innocent cash register repairman, Hough was feeling less tyrannical that day and chose not to deploy the taser.

“When police officers abuse their power, all of us are in danger,” Mr. Sansone said. “And so we must exercise our duty as the owners of this republic to monitor and control the conduct of those to whom we give the right to use deadly force. This family is an iconic Pittsburgh small-business family that should not have suffered the abuses that they have suffered at the hands of this misguided public servant.”

Below is an example of what happens when society refuses to hold police officers accountable for their actions. Police become so detached from regular citizens that they think it is okay to threaten, intimidate, and even inflict pain on innocent people, just to get their rocks off.

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WATCH: Cop Shoots into Minivan Full of Unarmed Children—Court Says It’s Justified


Taos County, NM — Oriana Farrell, 39, of Memphis, was bringing her children across the country on a family road trip when things took a turn for the worse. A stop for a minor speeding infraction escalated to Farrell driving away from police as one of them fired off three shots at the minivan full of her five children.

Now, after a years-long battle of trying to hold the officer accountable for shooting at a minivan full of children, Farrell has learned just how big a failure the system is. A federal court, this week, has sided with the officer who opened fire on the family, claiming he did not violate their constitutional rights when he endangered all their lives by opening fire on the minivan—over a speeding ticket.

The incident began when Farrell was targeted by police for driving 71mph in a 55mph zone in October 2013. Officer Tony DeTavis was the officer who stopped Farrell that day.

After Farrell had been given a citation, DeTavis gave her the option of paying $126 within 30 days or seeing a judge in Taos within 30 days. But according to the court’s decision, Farrell said she was uncertain what to do because she was not sure where her family would be in a month and worried they may not be able to return to Taos, according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

DeTavis told Farrell to turn off the engine and walked back to his cruiser at which point Farrell made the poor choice of driving away. Realizing she’d just made a poor choice, Farrell quickly pulled back over. That’s when DeTavis began to pull her out of her car.

A chaotic scene unfolded as one of Farrell’s children got out to help his mother who he saw was being attacked by a police officer. Two more cops showed up as DeTavis smashed out the window of the minivan.

One of those officers who showed up was New Mexico State Police officer Elias Montoya. Montoya, acting with careless disregard for the lives of the innocent children inside the minivan, then began firing as Farrell drove off.

Farrell would later tell police that she feared for her life and the safety of her children, so she fled. She would eventually stop in the parking lot of a Taos hotel where she’d be arrested as her kids were all held at gunpoint.

Farrell would take a plea deal and avoid any jail time for this insane escalation of violence over a speeding ticket.

Common sense prevailed, for a short time, and Montoya was fired from his job as a New Mexico State Trooper. However, he appealed the firing, was even given a settlement and was rehired by the Taos County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy 2015.

According to Taos Co, Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe, Montoya was chosen from 17 different applicants to fill just one of two available positions.

Did the other sixteen applicants actually kill children? Is that why a person who shot at children was hired?

Insidiously enough, after the incident got swept under the rug, the State Troopers actually tried to hire Montoya back, but he refused.

Apparently, Sheriff Hogrefe thinks that shooting at a van full of children is just fine and dandy and stated at the time that Montoya has a clean record.

“Nothing from DPS [or] the training academy pertaining to his certification or qualifications…so he has a clean work history,” Hogrefe said.

According to KOB, the sheriff defended Montoya’s actions in the dash cam video, saying Montoya didn’t know there were kids in the van and that he believed the driver had a gun.

“I cannot fault anyone for making a split-second decision,” Hogrefe said.

According to Montoya’s new boss, shooting innocent until proven guilty people in the back as they flee is justifiable, as it was a “split-second decision.”

As if the hiring of an officer who shot at a minivan full of children wasn’t bad enough, now the precedent has been set by a federal court to justify similar incidents in the future.

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, the panel based its decision on its interpretation of the Fourth Amendment, determining that Farrell could not claim she was a victim of an “unreasonable seizure” because she had not been seized but instead fled law enforcement.

“As there was no seizure, there could be no unreasonable seizure, even if Montoya was using deadly force,” wrote Judge Harris Hartz, who was appointed by President George W. Bush. Judges Mary Beck Briscoe and Robert Bacharach, appointed by Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, respectively, joined in the decision.

Below is the raw video of the original incident. Americans can now rest easy knowing that their justice system has condoned the practice of police shooting into a van full of children who pose absolutely no threat.

Source Article from http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-shoots-minivan-court-justified/