Shocked Chileans demand justice over horrific rape & death of 19 month-old infant

Justice for Ambar


The death of a 19-month-old baby girl, following a brutal rape by her aunt’s partner, has caused shockwaves across Chile. Protests have erupted demanding punishment of the perpetrator of the horrific attack against the infant.

On Sunday, the bleeding baby Ambar was brought to a hospital in the Valparaíso Region by her aunt with her boyfriend, who claimed that the 19-month-old girl had suffered an injury after falling from a bed. The doctors who battled to save the toddler’s life, however, saw a completely different, shocking story of a savage rape.

Hospital de Los Andes medics immediately figured out that the injuries suffered by the child were absolutely inconsistent with a fall. The examination revealed that Ambar had suffered from pneumoperitoneum and lesions suggestive of anal penetration.

The baby was immediately transferred to the pediatric Intensive Care Unit unit of the San Camilo Hospital, where she underwent surgery, which she did not survive. The minor died from internal bleeding and organ damage, caused by apparent sexual abuse.

Following the testimonies of the medical staff, on Monday officials from the Department of Investigations (PDI) detained 30-year-old Andrés Espinoza Aravena, the boyfriend of the dead girl’s aunt, over his alleged participation in a rape which led to the murder of a minor.

The injuries suffered by Ambar were so shocking that even the medical staff had to seek the help from psychologists to overcome what they had seen, the police report states.

Despite overwhelming medical evidence, Espinoza maintains his innocence, claiming that the girl had suffered her injuries after she fell from her bed, from a height of approximately 50 centimeters.

Information collected by the investigation so far suggests that the girl suffered from sexual abuse which occurred between 8pm on Saturday and 1am on Sunday, when the accused had been left alone with the minor.

On Monday, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Chile, Hernán Larraín, asked for the maximum penalty for Andrés Espinoza. The accused will, in the meantime, remain in prison for at least six months as the investigators complete their fact-finding mission.

Meanwhile, the public has staged rallies demanding justice for the baby victim. Some are demanding an arrest of Ambar’s aunt, claiming she must have been fully aware of the abuse the child had suffered.

“My sister knew about it, she is an accomplice, it does not fit in my head why she is not detained at this moment, knowing all the damage they did to my niece,” Ignacio Pérez, brother of the woman who cared for Ambar, told a local television outlet.

Others vented their fury against the National Service for Minors (Sename) who, for eight months, failed to decide on the custody of the baby, whose mother suffered drug addiction problems and could not provide for her.

Apparently, the girl’s uncle Pérez wanted to adopt the child, but was reportedly refused custody because of his sexual orientation. In the meantime, Ambar was temporarily being cared-for by her aunt and her boyfriend.

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State Bans Popular AR-15 Accessory, Police Shocked After Only 4 People Comply

bump stockbump stock

Massachusetts became the first state to ban bump-stocks for firearms, and after three weeks with the new law in effect, police are apparently shocked that only a few citizens have come forward to voluntarily give up their newly illegal devices.

Bump stocks, which replace a rifle’s standard stock and allow the gun to mimic an automatic weapon, came under fire in October after police claimed that the suspected gunman in the Las Vegas shooting, Stephen Paddock, had 12 rifles with bump stocks in his hotel room.

While it is not clear whether the bump stocks were used, or how they contributed to the carnage that resulted from the shooting, they became the focus of the mainstream media’s wrath, and Massachusetts jumped into action. Now, residents who violate the new law could spend anywhere from 18 months to life in prison.

The ban took place in the state on Feb. 1, and the new regulations gave residents the option to turn their bump stocks over to law enforcement with no repercussions—but so far, police departments in Springfield, West Springfield, Holyoke, Agawam, Granby and Ludlow have received zero bump stocks.

The Chicopee Police Department has received four bump stocks, and Officer Mike Wilk told 22News that he was actually shocked by the low response. “Four is surprising. I figured we would get a few more, but at least we got four,” Wilk said.

There is no incentive for residents to turn in their bump stocks, other than a pat on the back and the peace of mind that they no longer own something the state has deemed illegal. Wilk said he believes that “there are people that could transfer them out of state. If they had a second residence they could have brought them there.”

Essex Police Chief Peter Silva told CBS Boston that the one man in his city who voluntarily turned his bump stock in expressed his frustration at the fact that he paid more than $250 for the device and he was now being forced to turn it over to the police with nothing in return.

“He was a little frustrated because of the fact that he’d paid a little over $250 on this piece here, and there was no redeeming value for him on the other side to recover that money,” Silva said.

While there is no clear proof that bump stocks were responsible for the nearly 60 deaths that resulted from the Las Vegas shooting, John Rosenthal, founder of a Massachusetts-based nonprofit that advocated for the ban, told the Huffington Post that he believes bump stocks should be outlawed because, “We saw in Las Vegas the carnage, which far exceeded the carnage of any other mass shooting in U.S. history, and it made it very clear to me that there’s no purpose whatsoever for a bump stock, other than killing a lot of people very quickly.”

Rosenthal also told CBS Baltimore, “There’s no question in my mind that people won’t turn them in” if the ban became law, and clearly that was not the result.

The city of Denver, Colorado, has introduced a similar ban, which makes bump stocks illegal to sell, carry, store or possess within city limits. While residents also have the option to turn over their devices to law enforcement without repercussions, violators could be fined up to $999 and face up to 180 days in jail.

One of the main points that do not appear to have been thoroughly addressed in this debate is what happens to the bump stocks after they are turned over to police. Not only does the former owner receive no compensation, but the local police department now has a new weapon to add to its increasingly militarized arsenal. And as The Free Thought Project has reported, police in the United States have killed 450 percent more Americans than the last four decades of mass shootings—combined.

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Mutinous Tory shocked at ‘abuse’ from his own party after failing to topple Theresa May

Grant Shapps has been left reeling after Tory trolls attacked him online for trying to split the party and oust its struggling leader.

Ironically, many of those who have been bashing him have actually campaigned against online bullying.

Shapps was outed as the ringleader of a plot to overthrow Theresa May by allies close to the PM.
He claimed to have as many as 30 MPs backing his plan.

But loyalists formed a ring of steel around May, whose recent public appearances in Florence and Manchester have been awkward, waffling and somewhat embarrassing to say the least.

Shapps was called “cowardly,” “embittered” and a “fantasist.”

But the Tory mutineer, who tried to exploit splits in the cabinet, says his own feelings have been hurt after Tories hurled a shocking level of “abuse and bile” at him.

“The level of abuse and bile which has rained down since is simply unprecedented in my own experience of politics, and I’ve been a party chairman at election time, so that’s saying something!” he wrote in a leaked email, the Telegraph reports.

“Sadly, it has come from many of our own colleagues, including those who most rail against cyber-bullying. Some of whom are known to have previously held similar views on this issue of timing.”

Shapps was allegedly added to a WhatsApp group of MPs so he could see the abuse being written about him.

In his email, Shapps said he was “presented in a simplistic villain versus hero fashion” to the media when he was named as the rebel ringleader.

MPs jumped to the defense of May when it was revealed there was a mutiny on the cards.

Yet the former minister of state at the Department for International Development (DFiD) defended his actions.

“I can’t imagine there’s a single colleague who hasn’t had that conversation at some point.

“A list of concerned colleagues from varying perspectives on issues including Europe (both remain and Brexit) and how long Theresa May might serve therefore, unsurprisingly, exists.

“Rather than a list of concerned colleagues who wanted to express their thoughts to the PM, we were presented with talk of ‘plots’ and ‘ringleaders.’”

The message was leaked to the Guardian.

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‘I Am Jazz’ Star Shocked Tomi Lahren Is Civil to Show Guests

Tomi: I’m still someone that says, “I think it opens up a can of worms.”

Jessica: But the reality is Jazz is the most unsafe person in a restroom.

Jazz: If I had to use the men’s restroom, imagine, you know, the harm that does to me. When I was in my early years at elementary school, I was not allowed to use the girls’ bathroom. I had to use the nurse’s bathroom, and even at that young age, I wondered why I was being treated differently, and in second grade, I actually snuck into the girls’ bathroom, and I got in trouble.

Tomi: Were people calling you a pervert?

Jazz: No, not at all. -I was just doing my…

Tomi: You weren’t, but when they saw you going into the women’s restroom, is that the feelings that they got?

Jazz: I was a second grader who looked very innocent with pigtails. I do not think I was a pervert, at all.

Tomi: But do you think that you got that reaction? Do you think that’s why they couldn’t understand? You think that they felt like it was a safety issue? I’m just trying to understand.

Jazz: This isn’t about sexual predators. We’re discussing equal rights, and there is no right and wrong, and I don’t know how you could disagree with that.

Tomi: I know you’re not old enough to vote yet. But how do you feel about the next four years?

Jazz: You know, I don’t want to live my life in fear of being judged by someone who doesn’t even understand the content of my character, and if I couldn’t be my authentic self, like I am today, and, you know, expressing myself as a woman and being proud of who I am, then I probably wouldn’t even be here.

Tomi: Authenticity is something that we have in common. That’s what I like to say. People say, “Speak the truth. Tell the truth,” whatever. I say, “Stand in your truth.” But, you know, thank you guys for having the conversation. You know, it’s not always an easy one to have. But, you know, thanks for being here, truly, truly. Thank you so much for being here.

Jazz: While I don’t know if Tomi came full circle, I know that some of her audience members are going to watch this and be like, “You know what? Transgender people do deserve equal treatment and acceptance in society.” I feel like I toughened up my skin a little bit and had to muster up a little bit of courage in order to face someone like Tomi who I knew was going to have an opposing opinion. Okay. I feel like, off camera, Tomi is probably like, “Oh, I’m wrong.”-But…

Jeanette: -I mean, she was very different than what we’ve seen.

Jessica: It’s very hard to be that confrontational when you’re face-to-face with a kid. I did think that Tomi went home and still felt that “Traditionally-minded people,” as she called them, are entitled to demand restrooms the way they used to be. I don’t think we changed her mind on that issue. This could have gone a hundred different ways. Maybe, we could have been a little more confrontational. There were certain things that we wanted to call her out for saying, but in the moment, it felt that here was Tomi, extending an olive branch to us, and why kick the bear?

Jeanette: But you know what? Her viewers are watching this and they’re listening and they’re hearing from Jazz, who they would never have heard from, and right there is a win. Even if it was, like, one person out there that’s like, “You know what? I get it, and I accept trans people now. I wouldn’t have in the past,” that’s a win.

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