Mutinous Tory shocked at ‘abuse’ from his own party after failing to topple Theresa May

Grant Shapps has been left reeling after Tory trolls attacked him online for trying to split the party and oust its struggling leader.

Ironically, many of those who have been bashing him have actually campaigned against online bullying.

Shapps was outed as the ringleader of a plot to overthrow Theresa May by allies close to the PM.
He claimed to have as many as 30 MPs backing his plan.

But loyalists formed a ring of steel around May, whose recent public appearances in Florence and Manchester have been awkward, waffling and somewhat embarrassing to say the least.

Shapps was called “cowardly,” “embittered” and a “fantasist.”

But the Tory mutineer, who tried to exploit splits in the cabinet, says his own feelings have been hurt after Tories hurled a shocking level of “abuse and bile” at him.

“The level of abuse and bile which has rained down since is simply unprecedented in my own experience of politics, and I’ve been a party chairman at election time, so that’s saying something!” he wrote in a leaked email, the Telegraph reports.

“Sadly, it has come from many of our own colleagues, including those who most rail against cyber-bullying. Some of whom are known to have previously held similar views on this issue of timing.”

Shapps was allegedly added to a WhatsApp group of MPs so he could see the abuse being written about him.

In his email, Shapps said he was “presented in a simplistic villain versus hero fashion” to the media when he was named as the rebel ringleader.

MPs jumped to the defense of May when it was revealed there was a mutiny on the cards.

Yet the former minister of state at the Department for International Development (DFiD) defended his actions.

“I can’t imagine there’s a single colleague who hasn’t had that conversation at some point.

“A list of concerned colleagues from varying perspectives on issues including Europe (both remain and Brexit) and how long Theresa May might serve therefore, unsurprisingly, exists.

“Rather than a list of concerned colleagues who wanted to express their thoughts to the PM, we were presented with talk of ‘plots’ and ‘ringleaders.’”

The message was leaked to the Guardian.

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Trump delivers a speech for the ages and many in America act like they cannot believe he said what he said. Why should they be shocked? This is why America elected Donald Trump! His performance was refreshing!!!

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‘I Am Jazz’ Star Shocked Tomi Lahren Is Civil to Show Guests

Tomi: I’m still someone that says, “I think it opens up a can of worms.”

Jessica: But the reality is Jazz is the most unsafe person in a restroom.

Jazz: If I had to use the men’s restroom, imagine, you know, the harm that does to me. When I was in my early years at elementary school, I was not allowed to use the girls’ bathroom. I had to use the nurse’s bathroom, and even at that young age, I wondered why I was being treated differently, and in second grade, I actually snuck into the girls’ bathroom, and I got in trouble.

Tomi: Were people calling you a pervert?

Jazz: No, not at all. -I was just doing my…

Tomi: You weren’t, but when they saw you going into the women’s restroom, is that the feelings that they got?

Jazz: I was a second grader who looked very innocent with pigtails. I do not think I was a pervert, at all.

Tomi: But do you think that you got that reaction? Do you think that’s why they couldn’t understand? You think that they felt like it was a safety issue? I’m just trying to understand.

Jazz: This isn’t about sexual predators. We’re discussing equal rights, and there is no right and wrong, and I don’t know how you could disagree with that.

Tomi: I know you’re not old enough to vote yet. But how do you feel about the next four years?

Jazz: You know, I don’t want to live my life in fear of being judged by someone who doesn’t even understand the content of my character, and if I couldn’t be my authentic self, like I am today, and, you know, expressing myself as a woman and being proud of who I am, then I probably wouldn’t even be here.

Tomi: Authenticity is something that we have in common. That’s what I like to say. People say, “Speak the truth. Tell the truth,” whatever. I say, “Stand in your truth.” But, you know, thank you guys for having the conversation. You know, it’s not always an easy one to have. But, you know, thanks for being here, truly, truly. Thank you so much for being here.

Jazz: While I don’t know if Tomi came full circle, I know that some of her audience members are going to watch this and be like, “You know what? Transgender people do deserve equal treatment and acceptance in society.” I feel like I toughened up my skin a little bit and had to muster up a little bit of courage in order to face someone like Tomi who I knew was going to have an opposing opinion. Okay. I feel like, off camera, Tomi is probably like, “Oh, I’m wrong.”-But…

Jeanette: -I mean, she was very different than what we’ve seen.

Jessica: It’s very hard to be that confrontational when you’re face-to-face with a kid. I did think that Tomi went home and still felt that “Traditionally-minded people,” as she called them, are entitled to demand restrooms the way they used to be. I don’t think we changed her mind on that issue. This could have gone a hundred different ways. Maybe, we could have been a little more confrontational. There were certain things that we wanted to call her out for saying, but in the moment, it felt that here was Tomi, extending an olive branch to us, and why kick the bear?

Jeanette: But you know what? Her viewers are watching this and they’re listening and they’re hearing from Jazz, who they would never have heard from, and right there is a win. Even if it was, like, one person out there that’s like, “You know what? I get it, and I accept trans people now. I wouldn’t have in the past,” that’s a win.

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Bystanders Shocked As Police Do Nothing While 5yo Boy Drowns


St. Paul Park, MN — “They all just stood and watched,” lamented Patrick Hedican, 28, after a harrowing incident in which he and friends, bystanders, desperately dove deep into a lake to locate and save a drowning child — while police and first responders looked on without assisting.

Submerged in the waters of Minnesota’s Carver Lake too long, the 5-year-old boy, later identified as Kendrick Jordan, Jr., did not survive.

Witnesses ordinary civilians tried to save the small child’s life — without any help from police or EMTs.

Hedican and a few friends were playing volleyball on the sandy shores on Saturday, when word traveled among beachgoers a child had gone missing — so they scoured the shoreline, hawkish for the vanished youth.

With the initial, brief search fruitless, Hedican and the others rushed into the water — swimming out from shore, and diving repeatedly — frantic to find the small child before time ran out.

“My buddy Chris, who is an ex-Marine, and me dove in right away. We didn’t see anything. We dove three times and kept going deeper,” Hedican told

Still nothing. No thrashing or disturbances on the surface. No signs of life. Then, they swam farther out — past the buoys marking the lake’s designated swimming area. A crowd gathered on land called out to the spontaneous rescuers to stop and form a human chain with them for safety — but time was running out. So they persisted.

“I thought, this kid only has a few minutes to live,” Hedican explained.

Deeper into the water they dove; but with minutes having elapsed, “me and my group of friends decided to dive in separate directions.”

Hedican — operating almost automatically on adrenaline — ultimately dove 25 feet to the bottom of Carver Lake. Looking up from the bottom, he saw the boy floating above him — suspended, motionless, at the top of a clump of seaweed.

Nearly out of breath, Hedican — himself, a father of two small children — pushed off the lake bottom and grabbed the child around his body, pulling him up quickly. As soon as breached the surface, he maneuvered so the boy’s back was to his chest and began to paddle — but they were still around 30 feet from shore.

“He was able to fit with his back on my chest, so I bear hugged him and started back to shore, kicking with my feet and using my arms to keep his head above the water,” Hedican told the outlet.

“When he got closer to the shore,” reports, “exhaustion overcame him and he started to sink from his efforts to keep the boy’s head above water. A friend swimming to shore beside him, Sierra Sewell, grabbed the boy from Hedican and put him on a flotation device. Other bystanders pulled the flotation device toward shore and carried the boy to a grassy area where paramedics were waiting to perform CPR.”

But, to Hedican, something was amiss — from shallower water, with the boy now in the hands of first responders, he realized police and EMTs had not even waded into the lake to shave time in hopes of saving the child’s life.

In fact, the bystander-turned-rescuer says the group of emergency personnel didn’t even get their shoes wet.

Woodbury Police Department spokesperson, Michelle Okada, balked at the suggestion, duly noting Hedican’s bravery, but explaining that, for police officers to “come out in the water to get them wouldn’t have saved any time.”

“Almost every single one of those responders: police, fire, EMS, almost every one of them have children,” Okada continued, “so they appreciate the high emotions that come with those situations and it does seem like time goes slower in those situations.”

Indeed, though time might have seemed to stand still for the spontaneous lake rescue squad, the minutes they spent attempting to locate Jordan made each second afterward invaluable in reviving him.

Despite bystanders’ quick thinking and lack of hesitation, the minutes trapped underwater proved too much for the 5-year-old — Jordan died after being transported to Regions Hospital.

“I just want people to pray for the boy’s family,” the distraught and irate father opined. “I don’t think I’m a hero. I just acted on what I felt. I watched people who were trained not do a thing until we brought him to them. The kid had minutes to live. Every minute counted. … At least get your knees and boots wet. Make an effort. I get out of the water and all of you are dry. He was just a baby, a five-year-old. They all just stood and watched.”

Hedican wasn’t alone in excoriating so-called first responders for inaction on Saturday — a number of outraged witnesses took to social media to explain what had happened — and condemn, publicly, inaction by personnel well-trained to handle such an incident.

“Everybody that was here just hopped in, clothes on, didn’t matter. We just wanted that little boy to be safe,” one woman wrote in now-deleted post to social media, as quoted by “Everybody EXCEPT the police And whoever said that the officer ‘coordinated’ the human chain is WRONG. We formed it before the police even got there. They arrived and stood at the shore for several minutes and looked LOST, like a deer in head lights, looking to every day citizens to save this little boy.”

Another observer wrote starkly,

“Today I witnessed several officers and EMT’s sit back and do absolutely nothing as a 5 year old boy was drowning in Carver Lake. They sat at the shores and watched as the rest of us were in that lake looking for him. After 10 minutes of us looking for him someone finally pulled the child up from the water. An innocent, lifeless little boy who was under water for over 10 minutes. And not one person with a uniform was in the water.”

Still, Okada and the Woodbury Police Department insist officers — whom she said had only been on the scene for three minutes when the child was pulled from the water — and EMTs stepping in to help would have instead interfered and worsened the situation,

“Based on the time frame, the timing from when the first officer arrived, even if he was trained to do water rescue, it wouldn’t have been productive for him to jump right in the water.

“Keeping that time frame in mind for an officer to jump in the water not knowing wouldn’t be the best use of that time. What officers were doing as they arrived on scene were gathering information from multiple people on what was going on and deciding where to focus their efforts.”

She added, “By the time they found the body it was less than a minute before CPR was started. As you can imagine it would seem like forever.”

While seconds can indeed feel like minutes during a traumatic situation, beachgoers and civilian rescuers find the trained personnel culpable of not performing the full extent of their duties to save the small child — the police department’s response, thus, flippant disregard for their concerns.

Officials asserted — in light of the concerted effort by witnesses — nothing more could have been done to save Kendrick Jordan, Jr.’s life.

A GoFundMe campaign — with a modest goal of just $10,000 — has been created to assist with funeral expenses.

That a young father of two small children and his volleyball buddies — not police officers and emergency medical technicians — jumped into Carver Lake to save a child, no questions asked, left many witnesses to the incident bitter.

“Where I’m standing,” Hedican maintained, “it was wrong.”

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Plant roots grow and spread like neurons in the human brain, shocked scientists discover

Image: Plant roots grow and spread like neurons in the human brain, shocked scientists discover

(Natural News)
A research project that was conducted by a team of researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California that was titled A Statistical Description of Plant Shoot Architecture and was published in the journal Current Biology, concluded that plants grow very similarly like neurons in the human brain.

Saket Navlakha, assistant professor in Salk’s Center for Integrative Biology and lead author of the study, said they were interested in finding the basic elements involved in a plant’s growth, noting, “Our project was motivated by the question of whether, despite all the diversity we see in plant forms, there is some form or structure they all share.”

The study showed that plants follow the same set of rules when it comes to growing – they don’t necessarily take into consideration differing conditions (for instance, cloudy versus sunny) – and the density function of plants’ branches has a Gaussian or “bell-curve” distribution.

Navlakha said he and his team utilized high-precision 3D scanning technology to find out how much young plants grow over time and assess these growing capabilities in a way that could be measured mathematically.

The team started their experiment with three agriculturally valuable crops: sorghum, tobacco, and tomato. The seeds of these plants were exposed to different conditions – shade, ambient light, high light, high heat, and drought – as they were growing. Co-author and research assistant Adam Conn scanned each plant – 600 in all – every few days for a month to digitally document its growth. (Related: New study suggests plants can hear, may be able to detect the sounds of flowing water or munching insects.)

We basically scanned the plants like you would scan a piece of paper. But in this case the technology is 3D and allows us to capture a complete form – the full architecture of how the plant grows and distributes branches in space,” Conn said.

Each plant’s digital representation is known as a point cloud, which is a set of 3D coordinates in space that can be examined computationally. With the data it gathered, the team came up with a statistical description of theoretically possible plant shapes by analyzing the plant’s branch density function, which determines the likelihood of finding a branch at any point in the space surrounding a plant.

Navlakha said they were able to discover that growing plants can be resilient to changes in their environment; meaning, the growing pattern of plants that were planted in the shade do not necessarily differ with the growing patterns of plants that were planted in the light.

Also, their research showed that immaterial of plant species or growth conditions, branch density data leaned towards a “Gaussian distribution that is truncated at the boundary of the plant”. The branch growth of the plants was the most dense at the plant’s center and increasingly became less dense the farther it got out, which is suggestive of a bell-curve pattern.

Plants also have two other growth properties: separability, which signifies that growth in one direction is immaterial of growth in others, and self-similarity, which means that plants basically all have the same fundamental shape.

Charles Stevens, a professor in Salk’s Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory said this study was able to show how plants grow the same was neurons do, noting, “The similarity between neural arbors and plant shoots is quite striking, and it seems like there must be an underlying reason. Probably, they both need to cover a territory as completely as possible but in a very sparse way so they don’t interfere with each other.”

The research project was funded by the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and a Salk Innovation grant. The team will try to determine next what the mechanisms are at a molecular level.

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Divers Shocked To Find Large Sea Animals Chained Underwater Inside Cages

Fair warning: The following images are incredibly disheartening. Divers recently exploring the waters near the remote island of Kokoya, Indonesia, were shocked to find large sea creatures chained underwater, trapped inside small cages. The animals, dugongs, are known as “underwater cows” because of their size.

Can you imagine being trapped in a tiny cage your entire life, perhaps not even being able to turn around? The sad reality is that many animals live like this because of the way humans treat them.

They were even held in separate cages rather than allowed to keep each other company.

Apparently the animals were captured by a local fisherman who hoped to turn the caged animals into a tourist attraction. The individual said, “He asked for some money if we want to see the dugong or take a picture.” He added that the divers could take photos and videos in the cage with the mother if they wanted to.

One of the divers, Delon Lim, explained, “The ropes are worn and torn. The scars and the wound on her tail are so deep. It was very heartbreaking.”

They then tried to convince him to release the animals. “When we left the island, the fisherman agreed to release them,” Lim said. However, he and the other divers weren’t confident he would actually free them, so they took to social media in hopes of creating enough backlash to compel him to do so.

The following photos were taken by the divers and posted on social media:

You can watch the video they took of the underwater trapped creatures here.

Only a few hours after the video was posted online, the wildlife authorities contacted them asking for the precise location of the animals. The next day, the authorities set the animals free.

Final Thoughts

This is an incredible example of how one person can make a huge difference. This diver saw what was happening to these poor creatures and decided to stand up for them and ensure that they get the freedom they deserve.

This is also a wonderful example of how powerful social media and the internet can be. What we post online has the power to reach so many people all over the world, and it’s proof that simply educating one another and informing people can make tangible, positive changes in the world.

That being said, it’s time that we put an end to all animal cruelty. Though this is a horrible example, other terrible acts of violence are being committed against animals all over the world every single second of the day. Factory farming, zoos, the fashion industry, restaurants, other animal attractions, and many other industries all contribute to animal cruelty.

I encourage you to ask yourselves: Do we not, as compassionate beings, have a duty to protect other species?


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Parents Shocked as School Cop Arrested for Kidnapping and Raping Student


Durham, NC — Bond has been set at 2.5 million dollars for a Durham North Carolina school resource officer accused of kidnapping a child and having sexual relations with her. Deputy Christopher Kelly, 40, was charged with, Statutory Sex Offense with a Child, First Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Second Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor, Indecent Liberties with a Child, Sex Acts with a Student, and Second Degree Kidnapping. He is currently being held for “safe keeping” in prison.

Kelly, who was fired at the end of April as a result of the charges, was the school resource officer at Northern High School in Durham. “I think like anyone else he’s nervous, he’s scared and he’s wanting to have his day in court,” said Daniel Meier attorney for the former officer who was allegedly supposed to have been protecting the students from someone like himself.

The teenage victim’s father said Kelly approached him, and much like an Uncle/niece type of relationship wanted to mentor his daughter. “It seemed appropriate at the time,” the father said discussing the relationship with reporters from Eyewitness News 11.

As The Free Thought Project has reported on numerous occasions, pedophiles will try to befriend the family of their targeted victim in an attempt to gain their trust, only to abuse their children later. According to court documents, the sexual relationship started in July of 2016 and lasted until April of 2017.

Kelly, who’s married and has three children of his own, had been with the Durham Sheriff’s Office for four years, and was considered reliable enough, apparently, to work with high schoolers at both Hillside and Northern. But placing Kelly into the schools has now turned into a scandalous mistake if these allegations against him hold up in court.

“I really have nothing to say to him (Kelly),” said the father as he seemingly choked back the tears and anguish.

Kelly will return to court on July 19th for his next appearance. However, if the charges against him are true and he’s found guilty, the damage to the 15-year-old’s life has already been done. She now has to live the rest of her life knowing someone, a police officer no less, robbed her of her innocence.

According to the Durham Herald-Sun;

Detectives discovered explicit photos on Kelly’s cellphone of a video “chat session” with a minor in which the girl is completely naked. An arrest warrant states Kelly did “induce and encourage a minor” to engage in sexual activity and take part in video chat sessions “in which the juvenile would perform sexual acts and/or the defendant would take part in sexual acts.”

Sheriff Mike Andrews released the following statement which reads in part;

When one of our own is accused of abusing the trust we work hard to earn, it is both disheartening and devastating to all involved. Our thoughts are with the family at the center of this ongoing investigation. The Sheriff’s Office will continue to work with the Durham County District Attorney’s Office, and we will respect the judicial system in the next phase of this process.

Kelly’s sick relationship with the victim goes back to the 2014-15 school year when he was a school resource officer at Carrington Middle School. It seems his infatuation with the victim led him to follow her to Northern High School where he served as an off-duty school resource officer even though he was permanently assigned to Hillside High.

Because this police officer served in three different schools, we are asking parents of children at those three schools to speak with their children about Kelly. If there are other victims out there, now’s the time to come forward. If your daughter or son was a student at Carrington Middle, Hillside High, or Northern High School, take a few moments and have that hard talk with your child about pedophiles. As statistics show it is likely that there is more than one victim.

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