‘Family Values’ Senator Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Trafficking, Facing Life in Prison


Moore, OK — In September, former Oklahoma Sen. Ralph Shortey was accused in a federal indictment of multiple counts of child sex trafficking and child pornography offenses. Over the weekend, Shortey agreed to plead guilty to a single child sex trafficking charge in exchange for three other charges to be dismissed. He now faces a minimum of 10 years in prison but could be sent away for life.

“Mr. Shortey feels this is a necessary step in putting this painful and humiliating ordeal behind him, for both himself, his family and for the state of Oklahoma,” Shortey’s attorney Ed Blau said on Friday.

After the federal grand jury meeting in Oklahoma City returned their four indictments, Shorty, 35, originally pleaded not guilty. He wiped away tears as officials read out his child sex trafficking and child pornography offenses. However, given the evidence against him, as detailed in the graphic federal indictment, Shortey’s attorneys likely knew he had no grounds for a not guilty plea.

Despite being caught in the act at a Super 8 motel room in Moore, Oklahoma, Shortey was released after agreeing to a series of stringent conditions including wearing an ankle monitor and having his computer monitored.

As TFTP previously reported, the charges came after Shortey was busted in a motel room in March with an underage boy.

The investigation was launched when the teen boy’s parents called police after finding disturbing text messages between him and their son. When police began their investigation into the texts, they found Senator Ralph Shortey in a motel room with the boy.

As KOCO 5 reported at the time, police obtained a search warrant that was served during the investigation. Using the search warrant, police said they found the juvenile’s Kindle Fire tablet that contained conversations between him and Shortey pertaining to sexual activities in exchange for money. The tablet was seized as evidence.

During the raid on the hotel room, the boy admitted to selling weed to Shortey in the past and said he had known him for about a year. When police searched the Kindle found in the room, they found evidence of Shortey attempting to solicit “sexual” stuff from the underage teen.

Police also noted that they smelled marijuana and found a backpack with a bottle of lotion and condoms, according to the report.

Showing the bipartisan nature of sex abuse among the political elite, Shortey was also the state chair of President Donald Trump’s campaign during the primary elections. He was known as a “family values” conservative.

Sex abuse among the political elite knows no party line and those who attempt to use the abuser’s party affiliation for political gain do a disservice to the victims and guarantee no solution to the horrific problem. Sex abuse is rampant on both sides of the aisle and it exists from the lowest ranking cop all the way to the president.

Shortey resigned only weeks after the scandal began to unfold and, until now, he maintained his innocence despite the horrific child pornography found on his devices. According to News Oklahoma,

The federal grand jury accused Shortey in the first child pornography count of using his smartphone in October 2013 to email a video of a man engaging in sexually explicit conduct with a prepubescent girl.


He is accused in the second child pornographic count of using his smartphone that same month to email sexually explicit videos of young boys.


He is accused in the third child pornography count of persuading the boy he later took to the Moore hotel to send him an inappropriate picture.


He is accused in the child sex trafficking count of soliciting that boy in March to engage in a commercial sex act. The boy is identified in the indictment only as “John Doe.”

Since he was elected in 2010, the senator has led a secret double life, according to the indictment. For over seven years, through a series of fake names and fake email addresses, Shortey dealt in child pornography and began soliciting minors.

As news Oklahoma reports, federal prosecutors revealed in a court filing that the investigation found Shortey communicated “with numerous individuals, many of whom appear to be underage boys.”

Shortey’s plea deal will be entered into court records this week and his sentencing will be scheduled for a later date according to Shortey’s lawyer.

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BREAKING: Photo Shows Senator Al Franken’s Alleged Sexual Assault of Fmr Playboy Playmate


Sen. Al Franken is in the hot seat today after a photo was published online by Leeann Tweeden, who is now accusing the senator of sexual assault. The photo shows Franken reaching toward and possibly grabbing the breast area of the KABC news anchor.

The alleged assault took place during a USO entertainment tour in 2006. Tweeden says she is bringing it up now after everyone else has come forward as part of the #MeToo campaign.

As Tweeden explained in a revealing post on KABC.com, Franken had written some skits for the show and brought props and costumes to go along with them. Like many USO shows before and since, the skits were full of sexual innuendo geared toward a young, male audience.

When Tweeden returned from the tour, she found a photo on her camera in which Franken had his hands reached out to her breasts. Although she is wearing a flak jacket, Tweeden maintains that Franken “grabbed my breasts while I was sleeping and had someone take a photo of you doing it, knowing I would see it later, and be ashamed.”

“I felt violated all over again. Embarrassed. Belittled. Humiliated,” Tweeden wrote. “How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it’s funny?”

Tweeden also said that Franken wrote in a skit to the show which required the duo to kiss. She says Franken repeatedly wanted to rehearse the kiss and forcibly kissed her during the rehearsal.

As Tweeden notes, the extra part of the script caught her by surprise. “As a TV host and sports broadcaster, as well as a model familiar to the audience from the covers of FHM, Maxim and Playboy, I was only expecting to emcee and introduce the acts, but Franken said he had written a part for me that he thought would be funny, and I agreed to play along,” she wrote.

“You knew exactly what you were doing. You forcibly kissed me without my consent, grabbed my breasts while I was sleeping and had someone take a photo of you doing it, knowing I would see it later, and be ashamed,” Tweeden wrote.

“I’m still angry at what Al Franken did to me,” she added.

Responding to the news on Thursday, Franken released a statement claiming he remembers the scene differently.

“I certainly don’t remember the rehearsal for the skit in the same way, but I send my sincerest apologies to Leeann,” Sen. Franken said in a statement. “As to the photo, it was clearly intended to be funny but wasn’t. I shouldn’t have done it.”

Tweeden explains that she was afraid to come out at the time over potential backlash she could’ve faced in her career.

“I wanted to shout my story to the world with a megaphone to anyone who would listen, but even as angry as I was, I was worried about the potential backlash and damage going public might have on my career as a broadcaster,” she explained.

However, after all the other alleged victims have come forward, it now appears that she’s gotten the courage to come forward.

“But that was then, this is now. I’m no longer afraid,” she said.

Three years after the alleged assault, Franken would go on to be sworn in as a United States Senator from Minnesota in 2009.

As TFTP reported this week, a congresswoman has come forward and claimed that the U.S. House of Representatives alone has spent $15 million in taxpayer funds to settle sexual misconduct lawsuits of politicians in the last decade.

The claim was made by Rep. Jackie Speier, a Democrat from California, during an interview on Meet the Press Daily with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. When asked about the process sexual assault victims currently have to go through, Speier noted that they have to start by promising to stay silent.

“We really need to reform the entire Office of Compliance process,” Speier said. “Right now it takes about 90 days for you to file a complaint, and before actually going through the mediation, you have to sign a non-disclosure agreement and then you are not represented by counsel, but the harasser is represented by the House of Representatives general counsel.” 

The congresswoman, who is a member of the House Intel Committee, then added that the sum of those taxpayer-funded settlements is not small, and has been building up over the last decade.

“We do know there is about $15 million that has been paid out by the House on behalf of harassers in the last ten to 15 years,” she said.

Could some of this money have been used to silence alleged victims of Al Franken? Only time will tell.

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Jewish Family Values–Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And There’s Nothing Funny About It

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Hurricane Harvey, Continued–Jewish Senator Al Frankin accused by woman of sexual assault

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Leaf blower wars are getting serious as Senator Rand Paul gets mauled

Ayn Rand wrote in For The New Intellectual that “To deny property rights means to turn men into property owned by the state. Whoever claims the “right” to “redistribute” the wealth produced by others is claiming the “right” to treat human beings as chattel.” Her spiritual heir, Senator Rand Paul, apparently claims the right to redistribute his leaves on to his neighbor’s lawn. His neighbor apparently responded by tackling the Senator from behind, breaking 6 of Senator Paul’s ribs and bruising his lungs.

Now I am no coastal elitist, unless one considers that the Great Lakes have coasts, but there is no question that leaf blowers have been a scourge of humanity forever; one of my very first posts complained about them, back when our posts were short so that people could read them on their TRS-80s.

Leaf Bolwer in action© JULIAN STRATENSCHULTE/AFP/GettyImages

We wrote about them again more recently after David Dudley of Citylab called them The Devil’s Hairdryer.

The crude little two-stroke engines used by most commercial backpack-style blowers are pollution bombs. “Simplest benchmark: running a leafblower for 30 minutes creates more emissions than driving a F-150 pickup truck 3800 miles,” [James] Fallows writes. “About one-third of the gasoline that goes into this sort of engine is spewed out, unburned, in an aerosol mixed with oil in the exhaust.”

Evidently Senator Paul and his neighbor have been fighting over property rights for years; according to the Courier Journal,

“I think this is something that has been festering,” said Jim Skaggs, the developer of the Rivergreen gated community in Bowling Green, where the two men live. “… I wanted to build a place where everyone could get along, but I guess that’s just impossible.”

Especially when one of the men is armed with a leaf blower. Fortunately, the Second Amendment doesn’t cover leaf blowers, so perhaps it is time to lower the temperature around the USA every fall by banning them as noisy, noxious and unnecessary impediments to neighbors’ life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Of course, readers always complain that I want to ban everything, but I think many would agree that leaf blowers have now gone beyond being just noisy and polluting but to the stage where they incite violence. The libertarian Senator mauled Paul probably wouldn’t agree, but they are still a scourge of humanity.

Source Article from https://www.treehugger.com/environmental-policy/leaf-blower-wars-are-getting-serious-senator-rand-paul-gets-mauled.html

Facebook, Google could help US ‘retaliate’ against Russia – Senator McConnell (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, senior executives from the trio of major tech firms went before the US Congress to discuss an alleged ‘disinformation’ campaign supposedly designed to influence the election.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell has since suggested that social media and other internet services could provide the US with an opportunity to “retaliate” against adversaries such as Russia.

READ MORE: Twitter, Google & Facebook grilled by Senate, try hard to find ‘Russian influence’

Speaking to MSNBC, McConnell expressed his disappointment that key figures like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had not provided answers at Tuesday’s hearing.

He then mooted the idea of weaponizing their services. Big tech could be used, he said, to “retaliate” against Russia, whose government has repeatedly denied any allegations of attempts to influence US voters.

“What we ought to do with regard to the Russians is retaliate. Seriously retaliate against the Russians and these tech firms could be helpful in giving us a way to do that,” McConnell told MSNBC host Hugh Hewitt.  

READ MORE: MSM covers it, but RT blamed: Who started Clinton health media frenzy?

McConnell added that he wasn’t sure if it’s a good idea for a special committee to assess the relationship between US security agencies and tech companies. He said the challenge facing US authorities is balancing security with First Amendment rights, which he believes should not extend to “foreigners.”

“It certainly would help if the CEOs were willing to testify [at Congress]. But I think the big, big subject with a lot of national security implications… [is] trying to figure out how to balance national security versus the First Amendment.”

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/usa/408837-mitch-mcconnell-weaponize-tech/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Top senator expects US will exert ‘unprecedented pressure’ to influence Russian presidential polls

The United States recognizes elections as fair and democratic only when they are won by pro-western candidates,” Senator Konstantin Kosachev wrote on his Facebook page on Friday.

In the case of any other outcome, election procedures and results are anathema to them,” he added.

Judging by the increasing demagogy about alleged Russian interference [in US polls], they have already started their ‘artillery raid’ ahead of the Russian presidential elections. It is likely that the scale of pressure there will be unprecedented.”

Kosachev posted the comments in response to a statement by US Chief Envoy Nikki Haley on Thursday, in which she accused the Russian Government of meddling in US politics and politics across the world.

When a country can come and interfere in another country’s elections, that is warfare,” Haley said.

The Russian Government has made a project of turning Americans against each other,” she stated, according to Reuters.

Kosachev continued his response by saying that he felt bewildered that such statements were being made by an official representative of a nation that has the strongest economy and most powerful military in the world.

He noted that, according to its own data, the US interfered in the election processes of foreign nations 81 times between 1946 and 2000.

This number does not include their special operations and military coups that took place in countries that elected candidates who the United States was not content with, such as Iran, Congo, Chile and Guatemala,” wrote the Senator.

More than that, as demonstrated by the Arab Spring and pro-Western revolutions in post-Soviet states, interfering with the political processes of other nations is the main tool by which the US maintains its international influence.

“This has followed military experiments that were clearly unsuccessful, such as the Iraq campaign, with Colin Powell’s infamous vial used as an excuse.”

Last June, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the US of repeated and aggressive meddling in Russian politics through US diplomatic staff and NGOs.

[It happened] in 2000 and in 2012, this always happened. But especially aggressively in 2012,” Putin said in an interview with US filmmaker Oliver Stone.

Putin used the example of US diplomatic workers, who had actually campaigned for the Russian opposition.

They gathered opposition forces and financed them, and went to opposition rallies,” he noted, adding that he had raised this issue with members of the past administration, including former US President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/politics/407302-top-senator-expects-us-to/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Senator Asks Doctor For “Reputable Peer-Reviewed Study” Linking Childhood Vaccines To Autism

Next Story

Earlier this year, Dr. Alvin H. Moss, a physician and professor in the Centre for Health Ethics & Law Department at West Virginia University, testified at the West Virginia Senate Education Committee on the topic of childhood vaccinations.

As most of you reading this probably already know, multiple countries and communities around the world are now implementing mandatory vaccination policies, which ensure that if a child has not received the full amount of recommended immunizations, they cannot attend public school. This is primarily due to the belief that if the majority of a population can become “immune” to a disease via vaccination, diseases will either be eradicated or at least kept under control. It’s called “herd immunity,” and refers to a pattern of immunity that should protect a population against invasion of a new infection. It’s the backbone of pro-vaccine arguments, despite the fact that there is no science behind it, which is why it remains a theory. Measles is one example where the theory has shown to be false. Measles vaccine failures have been documented for a quarter of a century around the world, showing that we’re not really looking at a failure to vaccinate, but rather a failing vaccine.

According to Dr. Lucija Tomljenovik, a post-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Opthalmology and Visual Sciences at the University of British Colombia, “The statement that high levels of vaccination prevent disease outbreaks is not as accurate as infectious diseases do in fact occur even in fully vaccinated populations as well as individuals.”

We recently published an article regarding herd immunity, which is a completely separate topic from this article. If interested, you can click on the title below to read the article:

Why Unvaccinated Children Are Not A Threat To Vaccinated Children & Seniors

The recent proposed and accepted bills to implement a mandatory vaccine schedule for children has created even more controversy within an already divisive issue.

The Hearing

During the hearing, Senator Mike Romano asked Dr. Moss, “Are you aware of a reputable peer-reviewed study that links childhood autism with immunizations?” 

Dr. Moss replies  “the answer is yes” and then goes on to state that he could lay his hands on over 100 that directly and indirectly look at this issue.

After that, Moss emphasizes a very important point: “If we really wanted to do justice to that issue, it would take us well over an hour, perhaps several days.”

The Senator then goes on to ask again, “Has there been a statistically valid peer-reviewed study that links autism to childhood immunization?”

Dr. Moss states once more, “I believe the answer is yes.”

The Senator then asks the same question, after trying to understand the difference between published peer-reviewed “medical articles” and studies.

Dr. Moss then drops a bombshell that was, and still is virtually unknown, by a large majority of the population:

I think we need to be fair, we need to talk about the article that is quoted most widely to say there is no relationship between autism and vaccines, that’s an article that was in the 2004 issue of the journal Paediatrics, highly respected journal. The first author was Frank DeStefano, he was from the CDC, and the author in charge of the statistics for that study is William Thompson. You may or may not recall, it did make national news a couple of years ago, William Thompson is a senior at the CDC, he came out and he said “we committed fraud” with the publication of that article.

Senator Romano then deflects the point, which is hard to believe given the bombshell of a point Dr. Moss had just made regarding Dr. Thompson. It goes to show, despite the fact that the current science (much of which is still unknown to medical professionals and the population in general) is strong enough and speaks for itself to show that the science has, in fact, not settled the link between vaccines and autism, that there is a tremendous amount of scientific fraud that surrounds the approval of various “medicines,” which, unfortunately, include vaccines. The ironic part about this is that they’ve been marketed to be life saving, as tools for the eradication of certain diseases. The mainstream media narrative has made people feel inferior or crazy for even questioning the efficacy of vaccines, and that includes most medical professionals, who themselves aren’t really educated on the topic of vaccinations. They are simply given the science the pharmaceutical industry has paid for.

The autism question comes in towards the end of the hearing.

As the current Editor-In-Chief of the New England Medical Journal, Richard Horton, recently shared, because of conflicts of interest and industry ties, “more than half the (medical) literature could be false.”  

This story has been circling around since it emerged a few years ago. For example, below is another clip where Congressman Bill Posey also shares this story. The CDC scientists actually forwarded off their information to a number of people who could do something with it, since it was getting virtually no attention within the mainstream.

Posey read off the letter he received from Thompson:

“The [CDC] co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the [MMR vaccine] study. The remaining four co-authors all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard and put them in a huge garbage can.”

The study he and his co-author published in 2004 was, as mentioned above by Dr. Moss,  the most commonly cited study used by the scientific community to debunk the controversy surrounding the MMR vaccine/autism link.  (Destefano, et al. 2004)

The study concluded that “the evidence is now convincing that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine does not cause autism or any particular subtypes of autism spectrum disorder.”

Dr. Thompson admitted it was “the lowest point” in his career when he “went along with that paper.” He went on to say that he and the other authors “didn’t report significant findings” and that he is “completely ashamed” of what he did, that he was “complicit and went along with this,” and regrets that he has “been a part of the problem.” (source)(source)(source)

Quite remarkable, isn’t it?

You would think this would receive mass media attention, but it didn’t, and the story is still trying to make its way into the mainstream. It just goes to show how much power the elite truly has. If they want to silence a fact, it can be done with ease, regardless of how impactful or important it might be.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to get stories like the ones above out to the public, as Facebook has teamed up with other corporations, like Disney, to decide for us what is “fake news” and what isn’t.

Why don’t they just let us think for ourselves?

I think the answer is obvious.

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Peer-Reviewed Science Losing Credibility As Large Amounts of Research Shown To Be False 





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‘New US ambassador unlikely to hand out cookies to protesters’ – snr Russian senator

For obvious reasons, the figure of the new US ambassador to Moscow invokes serious interest,” Senator Konstantin Kosachev was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti.

It is obvious that [US President] Donald Trump had to look for a candidate who would be approved by Congress, which currently studies every move regarding Russia under a magnifying glass,” Kosachev added.

In that sense, Huntsman suited them all – he has no record of sympathizing with Russia, even though he used to have some business interests here. He has some diplomatic experience – at 32 he became the youngest US ambassador of the century when he accepted the mission to Singapore. He has some experience in working with major states, in particular China, where he has also worked as an ambassador,” Kosachev noted.

This can be seen as confirmation of the theory that Trump’s Washington is looking at Russia through the prism of China. If that’s the case, it’s a minus, because we see independent value in our bilateral relations. On the other hand, this can be seen as a plus, because the new head of the US diplomatic mission in Moscow is unlikely to spend much time in attempts to reform Russia or in handing out cookies to protesters,” the senator said.

Because of that we are ready to work with the new US ambassador and of course we are waiting to meet him in Moscow with great interest,” the Russian senator added.

In his comments, Kosachev referred to the well-known story of 2013, when US Assistant State Secretary Victoria Nuland visited the violent anti-government protests in central Kiev, Ukraine, and handed out cookies to rioters as a sign of support.

Nuland noted in subsequent comments that she was handing out sandwiches, but the expression ‘to hand out cookies’ remained in its original form. In early 2014, the ‘Maidan’ protests developed into a full-scale coup d’état that, in turn, led to military conflict in southeast Ukraine that continues to this day.

On Thursday, the US Senate unanimously confirmed former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman as the new US ambassador to Russia. Huntsman served as ambassador to China under former US President Barack Obama and was the ambassador to Singapore under former President George H.W. Bush.

Source Article from https://www.rt.com/politics/405033-snr-senator-praises-new-us/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS

Obamacare repeal’s last gasp at '48 or 49 votes,' senator says

WASHINGTON — Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., says his last-ditch attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare is only a few votes shy of 50 and could pass before the fast-approaching Sept. 30 procedural deadline.

“We’re probably at 48, 49 [votes] and we’re talking to three more,” Cassidy told reporters at a briefing Friday morning. “I’m pretty confident we’ll get there on the Republican side.”

But Cassidy, a physician representing a state that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare, cautioned that he had not done a formal whip count. He is optimistic after presenting his bill during a lunch on Thursday of GOP senators. At one point, Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., told the group he was co-sponsoring the measure even though he’s been urged to “lay low” on health care while facing a tough reelection race back home, Cassidy said. Afterwards, several senators told him they’d vote yes on the bill.

“I told my wife when I got home last night that yesterday may have been my best day as a senator,” Cassidy said.

Another of the bill’s sponsors, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is pushing the White House and GOP leadership to champion the bill, Cassidy said. President Trump released a statement earlier this week praising their efforts. “I sincerely hope that Senators Graham and Cassidy have found a way to address the Obamacare crisis,” Trump said.

The bill faces long odds, however, with Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., comparing passing it before the deadline to a “double-double bank shot” in pool. There’s also very little chance Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., would bring the measure to the floor unless it was guaranteed to pass, not wanting to repeat the spectacle when the Senate’s last attempt at repealing Obamacare failed dramatically in July.

The procedural vehicle that allows a bill to pass with just 51 votes is set to expire at the end of this month, adding urgency to the effort.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., announced Friday morning on Twitter he would not support the bill, which he called “Obamacare Lite.” If just two more GOP senators come out against it, the bill is dead, given that no Democrats support the measure.

“It would take an extraordinary lift to get that done before the deadline but I know there’s a lot of interest in our conference to get something done on that,” Thune, a member of the GOP leadership team, said Tuesday. “The clock’s ticking and it’s a pretty short window.”

The bill repeals Obamacare’s individual mandate, employer mandate and medical device tax. It then combines Obamacare’s different funding streams for states into one block grant that gives states more control over Medicaid and the insurance exchanges.

One result of the plan is that states that refused to take federal dollars to expand Medicaid under Obamacare, such as Texas and Virginia, would receive much more funding, which governors could use to cover more low-income residents. Other states, however, would lose billions of dollars of federal funds under the plan, most notably Massachusetts. (One outside analysis found 20 states would lose 35 to 60 percent of their funding compared to current law.) And Congress would have to vote to reauthorize the plan in 2026, or states would lose all of their funding.

“Graham-Cassidy does a much better job of distributing health care dollars fairly,” Cassidy said.

Paul tweeted Friday afternoon that the bill “redistributes money from [Democratic] states to republican states.”

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has not yet scored the bill, and the Senate parliamentarian would also have to examine it and make sure it’s eligible to pass under the special reconciliation procedure that only needs 51 votes. Vice President Mike Pence would likely be called in to provide the 51st vote if Cassidy and Graham are able to get to 50.

“Mitch [McConnell] has always said show me you can get 50 votes,” Cassidy said. “I’m meeting with senators. My staff is calling staff, whatever we can do to make sure we have 50.”

Read more from Yahoo News:

Source Article from https://www.yahoo.com/news/obamacare-repeals-last-gasp-48-49-votes-senator-says-151414497.html