Amazon charged with 4,000 counts of selling illegal pesticides

Image: Amazon charged with 4,000 counts of selling illegal pesticides

(Natural News), founded by Jeff Bezos — the current owner of the Washington Post — has been caught committing nearly 4,000 counts of selling illegal pesticides. The EPA spearheaded the investigation that revealed Amazon to be profiting from the sales of toxic, deadly substances that directly threaten the health of children. No criminal charges have yet been filed against the poison-pushing e-commerce giant, but Amazon was forced to pay $1.2 million to the EPA as part of the settlement (see below).

In a Feb. 15, 2018 announcement, the EPA describes a sting operation that caught Amazon selling illegal pesticides on multiple occasions, in clear violation of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act. From the announcement:

In late 2014, EPA began investigating online pesticide product distributions and sales through several internet retail sites including Amazon and third-party sellers that used Amazon’s online marketing platform. In March 2015, EPA inspected an Amazon facility in Lexington, Kentucky, and inspectors in EPA’s Region 10 office successfully ordered illegal pesticides from In August 2015, EPA issued a FIFRA Stop Sale, Use, or Removal Order against Amazon to prohibit the sale of the illegal pesticide products that can easily be mistaken for black-board or side-walk chalk, especially by children.

EPA issued another Stop Sale Order against Amazon in January 2016 after discovering that certain unregistered or misbranded insecticide bait products were being offered for sale on After receiving the stop sale orders, Amazon immediately removed the products from the marketplace, prohibited foreign sellers from selling pesticides, and cooperated with EPA during its subsequent investigation.

Keep in mind that any other company caught selling illegal pesticides would likely see its executives arrested and its inventory confiscated at gunpoint. But, with its CIA data contracts and Bezos’ ownership of the propaganda fake news publisher The Washington Post, was merely asked to cover the EPA’s “administrative costs.”

“Amazon will also pay an administrative penalty of $1,215,700 as part of the consent agreement and final order entered into by Amazon and EPA’s Region 10 office in Seattle, Washington,” reads the EPA announcement.

In other words, Amazon got off with a slap on the wrist and wasn’t even required to give up the profits it earned from selling the illegal poisons all across America. (More and more, Amazon’s relationship with U.S. regulators is starting to sound like Monsanto’s relationship with the corrupt USDA…)

Amazon repeatedly sold illegal pesticides that children could easily mistake for chalk or candy

As part of its profiting from illicit pesticide sales, Amazon sold illegal and highly toxic products that looked like “toys or even candy,” reports the Seattle Times. “Arriving in bright, cheery and easily opened packaging, the products look like sidewalk chalk, toys or even candy. Any child could easily open and play with them… the toxicity of the illegal products and possible appeal to children make them especially dangerous.”

In an age where children and teens are now gobbling up Tide laundry pods, the importance of making sure that toxic poisons aren’t marketed in child-attracting packaging can hardly be overstated.

It’s clear from the announcement that Amazon utterly failed to police its own product suppliers, relying solely on “self compliance” instead of actively restricting illegal products from being sold in the Amazon marketplace. Now, Amazon claims it will start training its suppliers to stop selling illegal pesticides, but makes no mention of any effort to actually force them to comply. “Under the terms of the agreement, Amazon said it will develop an online training course about pesticide regulations and policies in an effort to reduce the number of illegal pesticides available through the online marketplace,” says the Seattle Times.

Does anyone think the Health Ranger Store would be granted such easy, voluntary consequences if we had been caught selling toxic, illegal chemicals that could be eaten by children? It’s clear that Amazon enjoys a unique “immunity” from prosecution that would never be granted to smaller e-commerce companies. (Interesting, isn’t it, how Google, Facebook, YouTube and Amazon all seem to be able to get away with fraud, censorship, criminality and racketeering on everything imaginable… and these are the same companies whose left-leaning employees demand EQUALITY?)

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If Amazon openly sold dangerous, illegal pesticides that looked like children’s candy, what other toxic products is it selling right now?

All this makes you wonder: What other extremely toxic, illegal products is Amazon selling right now?

As Natural News has already documented, Amazon willingly sells food products contaminated with alarming levels of toxic heavy metals. See the article, “After being falsely accused, Natural News releases full lab test results for Indus Organics turmeric powder.”

With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods, “Jeff Bezos has created the world’s largest marketplace of untested health products contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides,” I wrote in 2017.

Now, it seems the EPA just confirmed that fact once again. Thumbs up to the EPA for running this investigation and actually achieving something useful for public health, by the way. Now if we could just get the agency to take a closer look at the Biosludge mass poisoning of America, that would be real progress.

Now it is a matter of record that sells toxic, illegal poisons in violation of federal law. Perhaps that’s why Amazon is steadily rising as one of the “most evil companies” in America (currently dominated by Monsanto, a manufacturer of toxic agricultural poisons).

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Scottish Island Uninhabited Since 1934 Is Selling For Just £250,000

By  Amanda Froelich Truth Theory

Pack your bags, Scotland beckons. Linga, a 64-island that has been uninhabited since 1934, is for sale and costs just £250,000 ($351,700).

As Curbed reports, there is a reason the island is being sold for less than half-a-million dollars. Temperatures average around 39 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and 55 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. For those who aren’t averse to bundling up, however, it could serve as a gorgeous safe haven.

Because humans haven’t lived on Linga in decades, only sheep and a pair of idyllic roofless stone cottages (approved for renovation) come with the island. However, the local council has granted preemptive approval for additional development. They include a pier, a third cottage, a few outbuildings, and wind and solar power generation.

If you need a dose of civilization, the nearest town of Walls (population 978) is a short 1,600-foot boat ride away. From there, you’ll need to take a 13-hour ferry ride from Aberdeen or Kirkwall. If that doesn’t suit, get to your destination quickly by taking a flight in and out of Shetland’s capital, Lerwick. The airport is one-half hour away from Walls.

Watch the video below to learn more:

Shetland ponies, breathtaking views, and solitude aren’t for everyone. But if they are for you, learn more by visiting + Vladi Private Islands.

Source: + Private Island off the coast of Shetland

Image Credit: VladiPrivateIsland

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Dirty Cop Busted Running Drugs, Protecting Drug Lords & Selling Police Beatdowns


Los Angeles, CA — Kenneth Collins, a 15-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, was arrested this week in an undercover FBI sting operation. Collins, along with three alleged accomplices were arrested and charged this week with conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

It turns out the drug traffickers were actually FBI agents who informed Collins they would be transporting nearly 45 pounds of cocaine and more than 13 pounds of methamphetamine. Arrested with Collins are David Easter, a 51-year-old Hyde Park resident; Grant Valencia, a 34-year-old from Pomona; and Maurice Desi Font, 56, of South Los Angeles.

In the past, Collins used to mentor ex-convicts through a program called “Emerging Leaders.” Now the career cop is forced to confront the possibility he, too, may spend time behind bars.

According to KTLA, Collins had been rumored to be a dirty cop, often accepting bribes in exchange for protecting drug dealers and their operations. The FBI investigated, set their trap, and caught their badge-wearing criminal who was believed to be the “ring-leader.”

He apparently bragged to the undercover FBI agents he could also arrange beat-downs in exchange for cash as well.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Jim McDonnell announced the arrest and stated Collins would be suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation. In a separate statement, the Sheriff’s Department called on the public to not allow the arrest to overshadow their belief in the department as a whole. The statement reads in part, “As outraged as the public may be over these accusations, I guarantee you the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department are twice as upset.” — Except for the ones who were in on the scam…

Collins believed he would be getting $250,000 in exchange for providing a police escort for the transport vehicles. He even bragged according to the criminal complaint that “he has transported even greater quantities of controlled substances in the past and is trusted by large-scale drug traffickers.”

It’s unclear whether or not the braggadocious officer was actually involved in security/trafficking operations throughout the state of California but he claims to have been providing security for drug running in LA, San Bernardino, as well as Lancaster.

Equally disturbing to some may be Collins’ claim the other men were also law enforcement officers. Valencia is a convicted felon, Easter is not, but Font’s affiliation with law enforcement remains unclear.

Collins was first contacted in August by an undercover agent posing as a wealthy investor interested in setting up an illegal grow house. Collins offered to facilitate the sale of $4 million worth of marijuana each month. Collins reportedly told the undercover agents:

by virtue of being a law enforcement officer, (he) was better equipped and adept at thwarting the detection of law enforcement…’We’re cops…All of our transports make it through’

Collins took cash from the undercover agents for various odd jobs. In addition to the $5000 good faith money they gave him for security protection, they also paid him $2000 to locate a man with which the undercover said he was having “issues.” That money was likely given to Collins to get him to use the police department’s computer system for personal gain.

United States Attorney Nicola T. Hanna described the arrests as an effort to, “root out corruption, particularly when it involves sworn law enforcement officers.” Hanna said in a statement, “Deputy Collins sold his badge to assist an individual he thought was a drug trafficker.”

The successful sting operation to arrest a dirty cop comes amid several high-profile cases involving law enforcement officers. In May, ex-LA County Sheriff Lee Baca was sentenced to three years in jail for interfering with an FBI investigation involving alleged jail abuses of inmates by corrections officers. And in June, LA police officer Robert Cain was arrested and charged with multiple felonies including having sex with a teenage member of the police explorers program.

Hopefully, the FBI won’t stop with Collins but will also turn its attention to sex trafficking of minors by police officers. As TFTP reported Jasmine Abuslin was trafficked throughout at least seven police departments in the Bay Area. Along with her lawyers, she has successfully sued and won settlements and is taking down those departments one by one. The FBI should be bringing charges against those officers, but to date, no officer has been criminally charged for having sex with Abuslin.


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Cops Destroyed for Shaming Couple Over Selling Shrimp, Forced to Delete Their Facebook Page


Monroe County, FL — In the land of the free, if you try to raise some extra money by selling a willing customer a product—you can and will be charged and arrested—if you don’t pay the state for permission beforehand. A married couple in Key West just learned the hard way that entrepreneurial spirit—the very fabric of America—will not only be crushed by armed agents of the state, but they will also brag about it on social media.

Last week, the Monroe County Sherrif’s office was so proud that they protected the citizens..ahem..their paychecks, that they took to Facebook to gloat in the fact that they detained and extorted a couple for selling shrimp.

“Couple charged with illegal shrimp sale,” read the start of the post dedicated to publicly shaming a couple for trying to make an honest buck.

According to, when compared to the rest of the country Key West, Fl has 78.6 percent more crime. This higher crime rate makes perfect sense given the fact that the sheriff’s department brags about arresting innocent people who merely forgot or felt it not necessary to pay the state for the privilege to sell another person a 5lb bag of shrimp.

Instead of applying resources to investigating rapes, murders, thefts, burglaries, or assaults—which just so happen to occur hundreds of times a year in the county—police were scouring Facebook to catch a married couple who’d dare sell shrimp without a license.

When reading the department’s post, you’d think the sheriff’s office nabbed themselves a criminal mastermind, hell-bent on fleecing the citizens of Key West. Sadly, however, the only ones hell-bent on fleecing the citizens of Key West are the ones who claim to protect them.

Deputy Seth Hopp saw the Facebook posts offering five pound bags of shrimp for $40. The Facebook accounts belonged to 41 year old Iliecer Noa and his wife, 37 year old Carolina Aviles, both of Key West. Deputy Hopp checked with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to see if either person had the proper license to sell saltwater products. Neither one had any commercial fishing licenses.

Deputy Hopp went to their residence on North Roosevelt Boulevard in Key West and confronted them. The couple said they bought a 70 pound bag of shrimp for $80 from a guy riding a bicycle on Stock Island. They made a total of $300 selling the shrimp. They said they had planned to return to Stock Island and buy more so they could keep selling shrimp.

Not surprisingly, the department has since removed their post and, it appears they have deleted their Facebook page all together.

The good news is that the overwhelming majority of the comments on this post called out the sheriff’s office actions for what they were—tyranny.

To be clear, this couple was NOT illegally poaching or otherwise stealing shrimp. They were simply trying to make an extra buck reselling shrimp they had purchased.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Without government who would harass otherwise nice hard working people. Pirates, that’s all you are. Modern day pirates,” wrote Carey Appling.

How dare they not pay tribute to the king! Our country runs on extortion, and we wonder why more people don’t start small businesses these days… you can’t even trade natural resources without being hassled by the kings guards. Next we need to go after people selling their goods in that unregulated market they call “garage sales.” Everyone knows those are a front for drugs. Same goes for lemonade stands. Those kids are clearly selling meth,” wrote Josiah Loven.

Summing up the reason for so much animosity toward police, Wesley Thomas wrote in a poignant comment,

Oh good, the fish police are here! Please, save us from unlicensed fish sales which threaten our very way of life with their cheap pricing and convenience.

Tell me, how do you people in the MCSO sleep at night knowing that everyone is laughing at you for being a complete joke?

You are exactly the sort of people who would have arrested those who were illegally freeing slaves.

Shame on you.

There you have it. Clearly, the sheriff’s department does not represent the will of the people—at least those willing to call them out on Facebook—yet the extortion continues. In America, everyone deserves the pursuit of life, liberty, and hapiness—as long as you can afford to pay the state for said pursuit—otherwise, you’ll be publicly shamed on social media and arrested. Go USA!

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SOTT FOCUS: Why is The Trump Administration Selling Weapons to Ukraine?

Javelin antitank missile


Last month, the Trump administration approved the largest US sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine since 2014 by approving a commercial license authorizing the export of sniper systems to Ukraine for $41.5 million. A few days later, the antitank Javelin missiles that the Ukranian government requested were added to the sale – the total package is now valued at $47 million. Although the US State Department announced the measure as providing Ukraine with “enhanced defensive capabilities as part of our effort to help Ukraine build its long-term defense capacity”, Russia has rightly suggested it will exacerbate the conflict. Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov stated that the US has become an accomplice in the war and that the sale makes it impossible for Russia to remain “indifferent”.

Writer Daniel Larison calls Trump “a fool” for arming Ukraine, as Russia will respond more aggressively and will always outmatch whatever support the US gives, because it has far more at stake. The situation will lead to a “fruitless and unnecessary competition with another major power” – a power that Trump promised barely a month earlier to seek a good relationship with. Likewise, Professor Stephen Cohen is right when he says it doesn’t make any geopolitical or strategic sense.

Cohen warns about the danger of Kiev interpreting the arms sale as a signal from Washington for a new offensive against the Donbass, which will end again in military disaster for the Ukrainian regime. This may bring the neo-fascists closer to power, and the new Cold War closer to more direct war between the nuclear superpowers.

Add to this the recent approval of a $133 million US anti-ballistic missile sale to Japan, which Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denounced as a violation of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty between the US and Russia, and which she sees as part of a bigger plan by the US for a “global anti-missile system.”

So why is the Trump administration backtracking on improving relations with Russia and potentially putting the entire globe in danger?

Alexander Mercouris thinks this is part of a pattern of confrontational decisions taking place “since the US military effectively took charge of the US government back in the summer”, when Steve Bannon left the White House, leaving generals Kelly, McMaster and Mattis in control. Regarding the weapons sale to Ukraine, he offers the following possible explanations:

  1. the US weapons are being supplied to facilitate a planned Ukrainian offensive to conquer the Donbass;
  2. the US weapons are being supplied as a gesture of political support for Ukraine in its continued confrontation with the two People’s Republics and with Russia;
  3. the US weapons are being supplied to enable the US to gain political leverage over Russia in the ongoing negotiations to settle the Ukrainian crisis;
  4. the US weapons are being supplied to help Donald Trump politically at home by stifling criticism that he is “giving up” on Ukraine and in order to show that he is “getting tough” with Russia.

Cohen’s view is in line with the last option. Assuming it was Trump’s decision, he says, “it was no doubt to disprove the underlying premise of the still unproved Russiagate allegations that he is a lackey of the Kremlin”, and it is in this sense that “Russiagate has become the No. 1 threat to American national security, certainly in regard to nuclear Russia.” The point being, the US intel agencies that concocted the Russia collusion story did so because by accusing Trump of being a Kremlin agent, they knew he would be forced to prove otherwise and take a belligerent stance towards Russia.

T-72 Tanks Donetsk Ukraine


While all such explanations are no doubt part of the equation, there is another possibility that while perhaps more mundane, is no less alarming. Consider that Trump has not only surrounded himself by generals, but also by former weapons industry executives:

Examples of Trump’s industry-heavy administration include Secretary of Defense James Mattis, a former board member at General Dynamics; White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, who worked for a number of military firms and was an adviser to Pentagon contractor DynCorp; former Boeing executive and now Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan; former Lockheed Martin executive John Rood, nominated as undersecretary of defense for policy; former Raytheon Vice President Mark Esper, newly confirmed as Secretary of the Army; Heather Wilson, a former consultant to Lockheed Martin, who is Secretary of the Air Force; Ellen Lord, a former CEO for the aerospace company Textron, who is Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition; and National Security Council Chief of Staff Keith Kellogg, a former employee of the major military and intelligence contractor CACI.

These are the people who have the ear of the man seeking to fulfill his campaign promise of creating jobs in the US by selling goods and services abroad and to bring down the country’s trade deficit from a six-year high of $50 billion. In fact, the Trump administration is expected to announce in the near future a “Buy American” plan that would ease rules on US military exports (including human rights and arms control considerations) and would call for military attaches and embassy staffers around the world to act “as a sales force for defense contractors, actively advocating on their behalf”.

The Washington Post reports that Trump personally approved the Ukraine sale license after being presented with a memo by Defense Secretary James Mattis, a former board member at General Dynamics and a man who openly claims that Russia is out “to undermine Western institutions” through the use of “hybrid warfare”, and who refuses any normalization with Russia until Crimea is given back to Ukraine. The latter is a position virtually identical to Joe Biden’s and that of the neocons.

If it looks like the decision to arm Ukraine lacked any (geo)political strategy or foresight on the part of the president, it may be that the president has no such foresight. As The Saker put it:

For months now President Trump has mostly ruled the US by means of “tweets” which, of course, and by definition, amount to exactly nothing and there is nothing which could be seriously called a “US foreign policy” (with the exception of the never-ending stream of accusations, threats and grandstanding, which don’t qualify).

Perhaps Trump – rather than being mentally unstable, a new Hitler, or a misunderstood savior or negotiating genius – is simply what he appears to be: a businessman with limited political insight who often makes poorly thought-out decisions based on the advice of corporate and deep state representatives who follow their own agendas, those entities constituting the real power in the USA.

Some things in US politics are systemic; they have been so for many decades and are likely to remain so for some time in the future. We should all understand this by now:

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

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Virgin Trains stops selling Daily Mail, ‘concern over editorial position on immigration’

Home » Criticism, Europe, Immigration » Virgin Trains stops selling Daily Mail, ‘concern over editorial position on immigration’


Virgin Trains has stopped selling the Daily Mail because it disagrees with its editorial line on immigration, LGBT rights and unemployment.

Virgin has now hopped aboard the bandwagon of attempting to censor the British press. A statement from the company reads: “Different viewpoints are often valuable, and it’s certainly true that we choose to take our news from different sources depending on our view of the world.

“Thousands of people choose to read the Daily Mail every day. But they will no longer be reading it courtesy of VT (Virgin Trains). There’s been considerable concern raised by colleagues about the Mail’s editorial position on issues such as immigration, LGBT rights, and unemployment. We’ve decided that this paper is not compatible with the VT brand and our beliefs. We won’t be stocking the Daily Mail for sale or as a giveaway.

“We regularly review the products we have on sale for customers onboard our trains, and after listening to feedback from our people we have decided that we will no longer stock copies of the Daily Mail on services on our west coast route.”

Obviously this has nothing at all to do with the fact the Mail supported Brexit and Virgin founder Richard Branson is a staunch Remoaner who wanted a second referendum.

What a sad state of affairs when a major company seeks to silence a publication it disagrees with and stifle the free press. What will Virgin’s customers make of this?



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Bakers Sue State Because Selling Cake is Illegal and Can Get You Thrown in Jail—Seriously


Bakers in New Jersey are fed up with the possibility of a $1,000 fine for selling a single cake, and they are coming together to sue the only state that makes it illegal for individuals to sell home-baked goods. Fines, as TFTP has frequently reported are enforced through the threat of police action. If these bakers choose not to pay the fines—they could end up in jail—for baking a cake.

The ban on the sale of baked goods that were not made in a commercial kitchen was also present in Wisconsin, where bakers could face up to six months jail for selling a single cookie, up until May 2017 when a state court declared it unconstitutional on the basis that the law had “no real or substantial connection” to consumer protection.

After securing a legal victory in Wisconsin, the Institute for Justice is now working with three bakers in New Jersey and hoping for a similar outcome. IJ intends to prove that the ban is purely political as bills to end it have passed the Assembly three times unanimously, and the only person who has repeatedly refused to allow a vote in the state senate, Sen. Joseph Vitale, has claimed that he wants to protect commercial bakers from competition—which is unconstitutional.

While it is illegal to sell baked goods, allegedly because of the safety concerns that come from bakers using their own kitchen instead of a commercial kitchen, New Jersey does make an exception for baked goods that are “prepared for sale or service at a function such as a religious or charitable organization’s bake sale.”

Therefore, either New Jersey does not care about the health of the people who are consuming the baked goods sold by charities, or the initial ban is purely political to protect commercial bakers from competition. As the Institute for Justice noted:

“The state cannot justify the license and commercial kitchen requirement with safety concerns. These requirements apply even when a baker only wants to sell goods that the state deems ‘not potentially hazardous.’ Not potentially hazardous baked goods are those that are shelf-stable, do not require refrigeration and are very safe to eat. They include most cookies, breads and muffins commonly made in home kitchens. As a Wisconsin court recently concluded, there is no report of anyone, anywhere, ever getting sick from an improperly baked good.”

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Heather Russinko, Martha Rabello and Liz Cibotariu. They are all mothers and home bakers, and together they founded the NJ Home Bakers Association.

Russinko is a single mother who lives paycheck to paycheck. She started baking 10 years ago as a way to heal from an abusive marriage. But when baking for her son’s school fundraisers turned into fulfilling orders from friends and family, she found out that she was doing something that had been deemed “illegal” by the state.

“It was crushing because I always wanted to have my own business. I believe in creating your own destiny and being self-sufficient,” Russinko told CBS News.

In order to make her dream come true of having her own business featuring her famous cake pops, Russinko would have to start by renting space at a commercial community kitchen. As the Institute for Justice reported, renting out space in a kitchen can cost around $35 an hour, in addition to licensing fees, storage fees other expenses such as child care for mothers who would otherwise be baking at home.

The current legal fight on behalf of these home bakers is nothing new. Erica Smith, an attorney for the NJ Home Bakers Association, told CBS News that they have been lobbying the state legislature for nearly a decade to change the current law.

“The bakers here, they didn’t just jump and file a lawsuit, they have been fighting for 10 years to get this law passed in the legislature,” Smith said.

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Walmart reveals the top-selling product in every US state

Despite the retail industry taking a major beating this year with multiple big-name stores across the country shuttering locations, there was one retailer that held on strong: Walmart. 

The powerhouse department store managed to crush earnings in 2017 as its online site and grocery store sales rose exponentially. The chain also cashed in on major partnerships with Buzzfeed’s Tasty app and Lord & Taylor. In short, 2017 was a great year for Walmart. 

While Walmart may be known for its affordable prices, the retail company decided to get even more specific with a breakdown of its top-selling products in every U.S. state. From Hot Cheetos to L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls, you may be surprised to learn what is flying off the shelves in your area. 

Check out the slideshow below of some of Walmart’s top-selling items in every state:  

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China Blasts US Accusation About Selling Oil to North Korea

China Blasts US Accusation About Selling Oil to North Korea 

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On Thursday, Trump abrasively tweeted: “Caught RED HANDED – very disappointed that China is allowing oil to go into North Korea.” 

“There will never be a friendly solution to the North Korea problem if this continues to happen!”

The NYT, WaPo, CNN, other US and Western media jumped on the issue, repeating Trump’s accusation, no evidence proving China is violating SC resolutions on the country.

Editorials in China’s Global Times (GT) and People’s Daily (PD) sharply denied the accusation otherwise.

PD quoted China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, saying:

“The Chinese government has been comprehensively, accurately, faithfully and strictly implementing the Security Council’s DPRK-related resolutions,” adding:

Beijing’s enforcement of Security Council resolutions is “earnest and serious (its measures and actions) forceful and effective.”

“If there is solid evidence proving that there is on the Chinese side any violation of the Security Council resolutions, China will surely deal with it in accordance with laws and regulations, and not a single case of violation should get away with it.”

Hua suggested Western media address whether governments they represent strictly implement SC resolution. Washington, NATO, Israel, and its rogue allies breach them with disturbing regularity, pursuing their lawless agendas.

In response to Western media claims about photos taken by US satellites, allegedly showing Chinese ships linking up with North Korean ones, GT said the vessels in question aren’t oil tankers or capable of carrying large tonnage.

Besides, it’s unclear what nation they belong to or where they came from.

GT: “It’s universally known that the ownership of a vessel cannot be determined from the logos and flags on it.” 

“It’s hasty to assert that the ship is connected to China just based on its appearance. Moreover, if it was indeed smuggling, it is highly likely that the vessel would use false logos.”

“What motivation would China possibly have to secretly supply oil to North Korea? How would Beijing benefit from risking its national reputation for such petty actions?” 

“Amid increasingly tough sanctions on Pyongyang, there are indeed some people smuggling for huge gains. But these smugglers might be mainlanders, South Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese, groups from Southeast Asian countries or even Westerners.”

The greater issue is why China and Russia permitted multiple rounds  of harsh sanctions on North Korea – knowing they’re counterproductive.

They don’t work, encouraging, not curtailing, Pyongyang’s nuclear and ballistic programs – most importantly, inflicting enormous harm on millions of ordinary North Koreans, victims of US-led rage against their country.

China and Russia shamed themselves for going along with Washington’s punitive agenda, its ruthlessness against all sovereign independent countries including their own.

Resoluteness demands standing up to bullies like America, challenging its regime responsibly, not acting as a willing co-conspirator against the North Korean people.

Note: Security Council sanctions on North Korea ban around 90% of refined petroleum products, not 100%.

They permit four million barrels of crude oil imports. They ban or severely limit most everything else, a policy of economic strangulation – a flagrant human rights abuse.

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My newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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