Amazon caught selling portable concentration camps to imprison children at the border… cue HYSTERIA

If you’ve paid any attention to the deranged left-wing media lately, you’ve no doubt heard absurd claims that the Trump administration is running “concentration camps” at the border to imprison children in “cages.” This bizarre claim is, of course, a complete media hoax designed to whip up irrational emotional hatred against Trump for carrying out the very same border detection policies that have been routine under former president Barack Obama.

Under the new hysteria of the deranged Left, chain-link dividers and “fences” under Obama are now magically transformed into “cages” under Trump. This is the tactic of the tabloid-like Associated Press, which has pushed one anti-Trump hoax after another (including the utterly fabricated Russia collusion hoax, also known as “spygate”). Leftists, it seems, fabricate a new crisis each week, then whip up mass hysteria to evoke irrational emotional outrage against Trump.

Not to be out-tarded by other libtards, MSNBC went FULL “tin foil hat,” claiming that Trump is running concentration camps of children, literally comparing border detention centers to the Holocaust:

All across the left-wing media, truly deranged individuals have been hyping up the fear to the point of mass mental illness, claiming at one time or another that child detection centers are designed to “traumatize children” or to commit mass genocide against Latino refugees. Images of children behind “cages” (i.e. chain-link fence dividers) have been widely circulated on the ‘net, always with complete denial that illegal immigration detention centers have been a routine part of border processing for years, even throughout the administration of Barack Obama.

The shock of discovering Amazon sells portable concentration camps for children

(SATIRE ALERT) This problem of putting children in concentration camps, it turns out, is far worse than any of us imagined. I recently discovered that is selling portable concentration camp equipment to imprison children across America.

For example, this “North States” portable concentration camp is an 8-panel prison for children that can be deployed near the border to imprison innocent children and separate them from their mothers:

It’s clear from the name “North States” that the product is really about eliminating Latino children from Southern states. No doubt MSNBC will soon be reporting that President Trump is the nefarious mastermind who manufactures these portable concentration camps for children. Jeff Bezos will probably soon ban them from even being sold on, since they’re obviously used to torture and traumatize innocent children. Surely some Leftists will start circulating photos of sad children behind these “cages,” thus proving that Trump is an evil person, right?

Here’s another shocking image of a second portable concentration camp for children, now sold on As you can see from the photo, it comes in “prison camp gray” which proves it’s worse than the Holocaust, obviously. Heck, it’s practically Third Reich gray, and it’s probably made by Nazis:

I’m wondering when the Left is going to start protesting Amazon for selling portable concentration camps for children. After all, children should never be put behind dividers or denied their freedom to roam aimlessly on sidewalks and streets, right? (This is the new insane logic of the Left, which also happens to believe that parenting is evil, too, and that no child should ever be told NO. Heck, the Left is now so insane, they actually believe that fathers can get pregnant, give birth, and breastfeed children…)

But seriously, the border child shelters actually look more like preschools, complete with activities, meals, beds and more

The deranged Left is, of course, engaged in mass hallucinations with all this, seeing things that simply are not there. Remember, it was just a few weeks ago that Leftists freaked out over what they thought was a “baby prison bus,” which turned out to be a field trip bus for children.

In reality, the child shelters are stocked full of cafeteria meals, beds, children’s activities, educational classes and much more, putting these shelters as a true step up from the poverty conditions in which millions of American children now live. Here’s a tour video from a child shelter in California… see if you can spot the Third Reich running Holocaust ovens anywhere in this video:

Here’s a closer look at some of the activities taking place in these child shelters:

Yep, pizza and cookies are also exactly what the Nazis fed Holocaust victims before they were gassed, according to left-wing nut jobs. In fact, this kitchen has OVENS, just like the Zyklon B ovens used by Hitler’s army. The horror!

Stop being suckered by the deranged left-wing media’s fake news HOAXES

Bottom line? The left-wing media has become a hilarious, pathetic HOAX factory. Week after week, new hoaxes are generated by the hoax factory in an effort to destroy Trump and foment civil war in America.

Meanwhile, the same hoax-pushing media relentlessly attacks real investigations that show, for example, how Obama’s birth certificate was a multi-layered Photoshop document that some idiot at the White House forgot to flatten to a single image file. According to the left-wing media, that’s all a hoax, but children being interned in “concentration camps” is real, you see.

Oh yeah, and the Russians stole the election, even though after two years of endless investigation by the deep state, there hasn’t been a shred of evidence to support that claim.

The establishment media is fake news.

Want real news? Read The Gateway PunditNews Target or Natural News. Better yet, check out for real-time news aggregation from 12+ censored sources, including InfoWars, Breitbart and more.

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Corporations Selling Stocks And Central Banks Buying Gold: Verge Of Major Turning Point

U.S. Minute Men Turning Back British Banking Forces.

The global system is weakening and it’s not all Italy’s fault. Here’s what is causing the slowdown and what to do about it…

As a Wall Street “Unicorn” it’s current market cap is $58.2 billion, even though there are losses as far as the eye can see.

On June 12th the stock price surged 3.19% and is now up 40% from its April low, when Wall Street questioned its ability to sell more debt. Why? Because Tesla is cutting its work force by 9%.

Last week I asked if the tax changes and repatriation had kicked into gear. The speech by SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson, Jr. confirms this.

In the first quarter of 2018 American corporations “bought back a record $178 billion in stock” and CNBC points out that there is $2.5 trillion set to “pour into buybacks, dividends and M&A this year”. It seems the tax changes and repatriation has indeed, kicked into gear, pushing markets higher.

Personally, I think you should always do what the smartest guys, on any given topic, do for themselves. Corporate insiders are selling stocks and central banks are buying gold. I think that says it all.

by Lynette Zang of ITM Trading

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Robbie Williams is ‘selling his soul’ to Putin, say usual UK suspects

‘Party like a Russian’ singer Williams was confirmed earlier this week as one of the line-up to appear at the World Cup opening ceremony at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium on Thursday.

Football-mad Williams described the chance as “a boyhood dream,” and invited “football and music fans to party with us in Russia… for an unforgettable show.”

But his decision did not go down well with some of the UK’s most seasoned Russia-haters.

Leading the campaign against Williams was US-born British financier Bill Browder, who made millions from investments in Russia but was convicted of tax fraud in absentia by a Moscow court in late 2017.

He criticized the UK pop star for “selling your soul to a dictator” by appearing at the football showpiece on Thursday.  

“There’s lots of ways to make money Robbie Williams, but selling your soul to a dictator shouldn’t be one of them. Shame on you,” he tweeted. Browder is never one to miss an opportunity to rant about Russia, and the upcoming World Cup is like Christmas come early for the millionaire financier.

Several UK MPs were quick to join Browder in jumping on the Russia-bashing bandwagon over the singer’s decision.

Labour MP Stephen Doughty said: “It is surprising and disappointing to hear that such a great British artist as Robbie Williams, who has been an ally of human rights campaigns and the LGBT+ community, has apparently agreed to be paid by Russia and FIFA to sing at the World Cup opener,” according to the Guardian.  

Fellow MP John Woodcock hit out at the former Take That star for apparently “handing Vladimir Putin a PR coup” just months after Russia supposedly poisoned a Russian former double agent on UK soil.   

READ MORE: North America bid wins FIFA World Cup 2026 hosting rights

“We all want to support the England team but Robbie Williams is handing Vladimir Putin a PR coup by performing at the thuggish pariah’s opening ceremony just months after Russia carried out a chemical weapons attack on English soil,” he said.

“I understand why the national team felt they should go and compete but no patriotic public figure should be giving a thumbs up to Russia by acting in this way. Even at this late stage, I really hope Robbie will reconsider and pull out.”

Browder, 53, has led an anti-Russian campaign since having his visa annulled in 2005. His company, Hermitage Capital, has repeatedly been investigated for tax fraud, resulting in his conviction in absentia in Russia.  

He was behind the passing of the Magnitsky Act in the US in 2012, named after lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died in police custody in Moscow in 2009. Magnitsky had been working with Hermitage capital, and had been charged with collusion to commit tax fraud.  

Browder remains a wanted man in Russia, and was arrested in Spain at the end of May on a Russian Interpol arrest warrant, but was released shortly afterwards.

The World Cup in Russia runs from June 14 to July 15, and will see 64 games played across 12 stadiums in 11 host cities. Plenty more attempted party-pooping can be expected from Browder and Co. while the rest of the world is enjoying a month-long festival of football.

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Cop Suspended After Facebook Post Selling Coffee Mugs With Pics of Incapacitated Citizens

Appearing on the mug was a photo of a man whose hair was in dreadlocks. He was passed out asleep on a log, with a small seemingly empty baggie beside him. The implication was that the man got drunk and became incapacitated—so much so he was likely unaware someone was taking his photo. Also unclear is who exactly took the photo. But what is known is that the man, known as “Tanner,” is a local fixture around the town of Carbondale.

The unnamed officer’s actions are now the subject of an internal investigation. He has been placed on administrative leave with pay pending the outcome. We at TFTP interviewed a few people and asked what people thought of the mug and the way it was supposedly taken. The people we interviewed were outraged someone would attempt to profit off of the socioeconomic status of others.

Whoever took that picture of the drug addicted homeless man is just a dick,” said Jennifer H. “That guy probably had no idea his picture was being taken and if someone is making money off of his image, that person should give a large share of the profits to the man so he can hopefully get the help he needs.”

After we told her the person who is attempting to profit from the sale of the mugs is believed to be a police officer, Jennifer said, “That makes him an even bigger dick!” She told us the scene reminded her of Antoine Dodson’s news broadcast interview, which the Gregory Brothers took and auto-tuned into a viral hit. While the public reveled in the mockery of a very real attempted rape scenario, Dodson was able to profit from his interview going viral, earning enough money as he said, “to move my family from the projects.” The Gregory brothers split the earnings 50/50 with Dodson who later made several appearances on television shows.

The story of the officer who was apparently attempting to profit off of a homeless man was first reported by the Southern Illinoisan with several people commenting both for and against the officer’s actions.

To the cop apologist, police seemingly can do no wrong. A comment left by “Cato the Youngest” wrote, “A Carbondale citizen was selling coffee mugs with a photo taken in the public space. What is a problem here?” Another comment left by IRB204 said, “I agree it is insensitive but nothing the officer should be fired for.”

While it may be true that no crime was committed, the sad reality was not lost on others who took a more judgmental view. Gregg Todd wrote, “Cruel. A Carbondale cop is being investigated for selling mugs featuring a troubled citizen who appears intoxicated. Someone who treats homeless and troubled people this way should not be a cop. In the meantime, the cop is getting a vacation at taxpayer expense.”

According to a report from SILTV, the Carbondale Police Department is considering disciplinary procedures and “CPD says they take these matters seriously and claim if found to be valid, may lead to disciplinary measures in accordance with the City and Department Policies and Procedures.”

The identity of the reportedly mentally-ill alcoholic man is Jason Tanner. His identity was ascertained from comments gathered on the “WTF? Carbondale” Facebook page. Many of those who know Tanner had a lot to say about the insensitive actions of the Carbondale police officer. Chelsea Houston commented:

Are they using that money to pay for the tickets they continue to give this poor man? Probably not. Let’s exploit a mentally disabled alcoholic man for profit though. Nice job Carbondale Police Department… I also watched them not let him have his shirt back once after ripping it off of him and giving him a fine when they know he is harmless. Regardless, he is mentally disabled and doesn’t deserve to be made into a joke.

After having to defend herself from cop apologists and others who attempted to characterize Tanner as an “anarchist” and a “protagonist,” and someone who didn’t have a mental illness, Houston concluded:

Again, that’s fine, but as someone that works with people with disabilities and have witnessed alcohol addiction very personally, I find this unacceptable for the local police to get away with. Besides, fuck the Carbondale police. Tanner’s not a joke, that’s my point. He’s a solid dude that means well and deserves to be treated better than he is in his town. Okay, the cops have helped him. I have also witnessed a lot of the opposite when I was the assistant managers at RollNUp here in town. He’s a goofy dude but fuck, he still deserves respect. This isn’t respected to me. I respect everyone else’s opinion totally, personally I think it’s cruel.

No police officer should ever be allowed to profit off of the misfortune of those he is sworn to protect and serve, which also includes protecting the man’s identity from people who may want to profit from his visage. In this case, the man who is supposedly employed to protect the homeless man is actually exploiting him—all for the sake of a few laughs and a fistful of dollars. Here is the image in question:

A Carbondale police officer is selling coffee mugs with Tanner’s picture on them.

Posted by WTF? Carbondale on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Instead of making a mockery of the man’s current state, the police officer could have set up a GoFundMe page and sold mugs with uplifting messages to give or share the profits with the man so he could get the kind of help he needs to improve his life.

If you would like to contact the Carbondale Police Department to share your opinion on this anonymous officer, call 618-457-3200 or visit the department’s Facebook page.

DASH cryptocurrency and The Free Thought Project have formed a partnership that will continue to spread the ideas of peace and freedom while simultaneously teaching people how to operate outside of the establishment systems of control like using cryptocurrency instead of dollars. Winning this battle is as simple as choosing to abstain from the violent corrupt old system and participating in the new and peaceful system that hands the power back to the people. DASH is this system.

DASH digital cash takes the control the banking elite has over money and gives it back to the people. It is the ultimate weapon in the battle against the money changers and information controllers.

If you’d like to start your own DASH wallet and be a part of this change and battle for peace and freedom, you can start right here. DASH is already accepted by vendors all across the world so you can begin using it immediately.

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Amazon Selling Face-Recognition Tech to Police

Amazon Selling Face-Recognition Tech to Police

May 22nd, 2018

Amazon, a large CIA contractor, is selling face-recognition tech to police.

Via: AP:

The American Civil Liberties Union and other privacy activists are asking Amazon to stop marketing a powerful facial recognition tool to police, saying law enforcement agencies could use the technology to “easily build a system to automate the identification and tracking of anyone.”

The tool, called Rekognition, is already being used by at least one agency — the Washington County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon — to check photographs of unidentified suspects against a database of mug shots from the county jail, which is a common use of such technology around the country.

But privacy advocates have been concerned about expanding the use of facial recognition to body cameras worn by officers or safety and traffic cameras that monitor public areas, allowing police to identify and track people in real time.




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U.S. Cell Carriers Are Selling Access to Real-Time Phone Location Data

U.S. Cell Carriers Are Selling Access to Real-Time Phone Location Data

May 17th, 2018

Via: zdnet:

Four of the largest cell giants in the US are selling your real-time location data to a company that you’ve probably never heard about before.

In case you missed it, a senator last week sent a letter demanding the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigate why Securus, a prison technology company, can track any phone “within seconds” by using data obtained from the country’s largest cell giants, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, through an intermediary, LocationSmart.

The story blew up because a former police sheriff snooped on phone location data without a warrant, according The New York Times. The sheriff has pleaded not guilty to charges of unlawful surveillance.

Yet little is known about how LocationSmart obtained the real-time location data on millions of Americans, how the required consent from cell user owners was obtained, and who else has access to the data.

Kevin Bankston, director of New America’s Open Technology Institute, explained in a phone call that the Electronic Communications Privacy Act only restricts telecom companies from disclosing data to the government. It doesn’t restrict disclosure to other companies, who then may disclose that same data to the government.

He called that loophole “one of the biggest gaps in US privacy law.”



One Response to “U.S. Cell Carriers Are Selling Access to Real-Time Phone Location Data”

  1. rototillerman Says:

    Nailed it again, Kevin. I miss the old days, when the site’s motto was “It’s not that bad… it’s much, much worse.â€�


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Nissan Leaf 2.0 is selling like crazy in Europe

When Nissan first started hinting that the new Leaf would have significantly less range than the Bolt or the Tesla Model 3, it prompted me to ask a question:

Do we need shorter range electric cars? Not only would medium-range cars be more affordable, but they also require fewer resources to manufacture while still meeting something like 90-95% of most drivers’ daily needs.

What I didn’t really get into, however, is that the answer to that question will depend very much on where you live. In the United States, for example, where towns and cities are generally speaking further apart, where transit options are more limited, and where there’s a stronger cultural affinity to the motor car and the road trip—the idea of a shorter range electric car might have limited appeal. (Indeed, some of the commenters let me know that in no uncertain terms.)

In my native Europe, however, (yes, I am a firm and unapologetic Remainian) people tend to drive shorter distances, live in denser urban communities, and also have more viable transit options for intercity travel.

This difference may be having an impact on two separate stories in the news recently. On the one hand, over at Cleantechnica, we hear that Leaf 2.0 is selling like hot cakes in Europe—shifting 6,053 units in March alone, setting a European record for sales of an all-electric car. (The plug-in hybrid Mitsubishi Outlander did once sell 6,485 units thanks to an incentive change-related spike in sales.)

Meanwhile, Electrek reports that Leaf sales ticked up only slightly in the United States following the launch of version 2.0. Specifically, the company sold 1,171 units in April, up only 10% on the year before.

Of course, early sales are a little dangerous to read too much into. After all, dealer familiarity and model availability, not to mention consumer awareness, may all mean that there’s simply a lag between launch and lift off. But it wouldn’t shock me if medium-range electric cars like the Leaf 2.0 do better in markets like Europe and Japan where cars are thought of less as an all encompassing mobility tool, and more as one option among many.

What do we think—sign of things to come, or simply statistical noise leading to ill-informed extrapolation? Share your gut feelings here.

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New California law would CRIMINALIZE book stores for selling the Bible

Image: New California law would CRIMINALIZE book stores for selling the Bible

(Natural News)
Even though we’ve known for decades that the liberals are typically hostile to anything having to do with the Christian faith, most of us never thought we’d see the day when the legality of the Bible itself was put in jeopardy. Yet in the socialist state of California, that’s exactly what appears to be happening.

Assembly Bill 2943 would make it an “unlawful business practice” to engage in a “transaction intended to result or that results in the sale or lease of goods or services to any consumer” that either advertises or engages in “sexual orientation change efforts with an individual.” In the bill, the phrase “sexual orientations change efforts” is defined as “any practices that seek to change an individual’s sexual orientation. This includes efforts to change behaviors or gender expressions, or to eliminate or reduce sexual or romantic attractions or feelings toward individuals of the same sex.”

It would appear that this definition would include the Bible, since the Bible explicitly condemns homosexual behavior and defines marriage as being between one man and one woman. That means that if Assembly Bill 2943 is officially signed into law, it could ban the sale of the Bible in the state of California, which, for obvious reasons, would be an assault on not just the Constitution but on the very fabric of America.

First and foremost, the First Amendment guarantees that each citizen is endowed with the inalienable right to freely practice their religion without interference from the government. This includes not only the reading of the Bible, but also the private sale of the Bible from individuals or companies looking to spread the Christian faith. Banning the Bible, which Assembly Bill 2943 would likely do, is a clear violation of the freedom of religion as outlined in the Constitution.

Second, as a matter of free-market economics, since when does the government have the authority to control which products are sold by businesses and which are not? If California can legally declare that the sale of the Bible is prohibited, does this mean that they can ban any book that doesn’t subscribe to the progressive ideology? Can they ban the sale of the “Don’t Tread on Me” flag? Can they ban the sale of “Make America Great Again” hats? Can they ban the sale of pro-Trump and pro-conservative bumper stickers? Where does this end? Clearly, Assembly Bill 2943 would open up a can of worms, so to speak, and would ultimately lead to the state government having unprecedented authority over which products businesses can and can’t sell to the people of California, regardless of how harmless those products might be.

Sadly, this is hardly the first time that the freedom of religion and the Christian faith have come under attack in this country. Indeed, there seems to be a nationwide effort underway (perpetuated by the liberals) to drag America away from its Christian roots in the name of “tolerance” and “progress.”

Back in 2015, for instance, contractors in the state of Oklahoma began taking down a 2,400-pound monument depicting the Ten Commandments from the grounds of the state’s Capitol building. The decision to remove the monument came after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled earlier that summer that its presence violated the state’s constitution.

And that’s just one example out of dozens – in state after state, this war on Christianity continues, whether it’s in the form of dissuading people from saying the phrase “Merry Christmas,” removing religious monuments like crosses and the Ten Commandments from public grounds, or, in the case of California, proposing legislation that would ban the sale of the Bible. The longer this war is allowed to go on, the further America seems to get from its founding principles.

See for more coverage of the Left’s attacks on Christianity.

Sources include:



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Sears is closing and selling stores — here’s the list


Sears is closing several stores and selling 16 others in an online auction.

The closing stores include Sears locations in Chicago, Wilmington, North Carolina, and Youngstown, Ohio, as well as Kmart stores in Brandon, Florida, and Saugus, Massachusetts.

Sears is also likely to close its store at Tacoma Mall in Tacoma, Washington. The owner of the mall, Simon Property Group, recently revealed plans to demolish the Sears store and replace it with several buildings, including a movie theater.

Most of the stores will close in May, June, or July, according to layoff notices filed by Sears.

The stores were not included in two previously announced rounds of mass closures scheduled for this year that affected a total of 166 stores.

Meanwhile, the company is selling a handful of other stores online through a partnership with Cushman & Wakefield, a real-estate services company, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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Facebook Turned Our Economy Into a Spying Operation…Companies are selling our data to the highest bidder so we can buy more products we don’t need

George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton sold us on the idea that we no longer needed a manufacturing economy in the U.S. because the internet was coming and it would provide entirely new business models.

Now we’ve seen what that new economy looks like: spying for sale.

Facebook takes all the information you give them, which they then use to create profiles to sell advertising to people who want your money or your vote.

Your internet service provider, with former Verizon lawyer and now head of the FCC Ajit Pai having destroyed net neutrality, will soon begin (if they haven’t already started) tracking every single mouse click, reading every email, and checking out every one of your online purchases to get information they can sell for a profit.

Your “smart” TV is tracking every show you watch, when and for how long and selling that information to marketers and networks.

And even your credit card company is now selling your information—what have you bought that you’d rather not have the world know?

To paraphrase Dwight Eisenhower’s Cross of Iron speech, this is not a real economy at all, in any true sense. It’s a parody of an economy, with a small number of winners and all the rest of us as losers/suckers/“product.”

While it’s true that Facebook’s malignant business model may well provide a huge opportunity for a competitor to offer a “$3 a month and we don’t track you, spy on you, or sell your data” plan (or even for Facebook to shift to that), it still fails to address the importance of privacy in the context of society and law/rule-making.

We cannot trust corporations in America with our personal information, as long as that information can make them more and more money. Even your doctor or hospital will now require you sign a form allowing them to sell your information to third parties.

It’s been decades since we’ve had a conversation in America about privacy. What does the word mean? How should it be applied?

Much like the NFL provides solid rules for how football games are to be played, government sets the rules for how business is played. The Facebook crisis may well provide us with a great opportunity to again discuss privacy, and what should and shouldn’t be considered “private information.”

While the Fourth Amendment protects us from snooping and spying by the government without due process, nothing in the Constitution protects us from our ISPs or Facebook or our banks or supermarkets spying on (“tracking”) us and selling our private information.

But lawmakers can easily set the “rules” of business to establish new privacy guidelines for the 21st century.

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